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Today I talked with my professor, a truly wise woman with decades of experience in theatre.

She’s told me that she noticed that when I perform I try to please her and other professors. She told me it’s bullshit and I must stop doing that if I want to make progress.

Time of education - she said- whether you pay for it or not, is your laboratory. This is the time and space for you to find out things - what you can and can’t do, what you want, who you are.You may and you WILL fuck up, but that’s ok. You’re still learning, you’re growing, and you have to communicate with the world to do so.

She’s said she’s 70, and she’s still learning. Sometimes she stays at home all day eating chocolate, falling asleep, eating more chocolate, calling her friends who don’t pick up bc they’re too busy. Sometimes she fucks up too. And that’s fine. You have to get bad things, to learn what is good

You must eat junk food to know it’s better to get veggies. You must stay at home to go out. You must be alone to feel a difference when you’re with people.

I for example, did an utterly shit project last week and the cringe is real. But she said - girl, it was shit. But now you know what to correct. And if you don’t want to - screw it. Start a new project. With new rules, new world, new mind. Every day you can reinvent yourself.

anyway, I’m only repeating what she said. she knows her stuff tho. real inspo. will throw in some more later.

why you should watch twisted: the untold story of a royal vizier

  • it’s a musical
  • it’s by the same people who did a very potter musical, so you know it’s good
  • it’s available for free on youtube, and the soundtrack isn’t very expensive, either
  • it gives the wicked treatment to jafar from aladdin 
  • (or ja’far, to get around copyright issues)
  • (actually a lot of the ways they get around copyright in this show are really funny)
  • “and may the rats ejaculate upon you”
  • the titular song literally gave me chills
  • “why is everyone in the kingdom white????”
  • really really good costuming and sets
  • there’s a song called “orphaned at 33″ and it’s fucking hilarious
  • the guy who plays aladdin is amazingly charming yet punchable at the same time
  • poking fun at a lot of disney’s urban legends
  • the bad guys are from the kingdom Pik-zhar
  • “what’s that name, everyone?” “TIGER FUCKER!” “no!”
  • a genuinely touching and compelling love story told over the course of one song
  • a subplot that manages to make a surprisingly well-put point about consent and sex =/= love
  • “all this for a loaf of bread” (just wait until you hear it….)
  • “I noticed you weren’t at dinner, but I saw you try to poison my wine! Usually when you do that it means you want to talk, so what’s up, are you mad at me?”
  • please just watch it because in my opinion it deserves just as much attention as a very potter musical

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Why I Think Wondertrev Actually Worked

So I just got back from watching Wonder Woman. Before I saw it, I expected to enjoy it, but thought I would also have to sit through an unnecessary romance between Steve Trevor and Diana. However, that didn’t happen. Their relationship was so well done, and so adorable, that I couldn’t help but love it. When I got home and immediately looked up the Wonder Woman tag on tumblr, I noticed a trend. Most people thought they would have to put up with Wondertrev, but left the theatre loving it, and here is why I think that is: their relationship was written by a woman. Think about it. So often we get relationships written by men for men. They’re dominant, masculine, and honestly, kind of toxic. In Wonder Woman, Wondertrev was written for women by a woman. Diana and Steve were shown as equals, and Steve acted how women want men to act-not how men THINK women want them to act. He was kind, encouraging, and he didn’t try to protect her-at least, not once he realized what she was capable of. So often we get powerful women who are shown as weaker than their main love interest, but that didn’t happen here. 

 Anyway, I can’t really put it into words very well, but I loved Wondertrev because it was actually an ideal relationship for women, and not something for men to fantasize about. 

Tarjei’s interview with TV2.


Speaking - Inteviewer, Even Torgat, Sebstian Warholm, Tarjei Sandvik Moe.

I: The name “Antiteater” [translated Anti-theatre] is not a coincidence as it really isn’t theatre of the old variety that the boys are making.

E: We started Antiteateret a few years ago when I went to folkehøgskole [sort of like a college], and we saw quite a lot of theatre. And I noticed then that there wasn’t a lot of theatre that appealed to me, as a young person.

I: And these are the rules of Antiteateret:

E: That we don’t make boring theatre, and that we make theatre that is relevant to society.

I: And there’s one more you haven’t mentioned…

E: What’s that?

I: That it can’t be longer than an hour and a half.

E: Yeah, that’s also a rule we have. Can’t be more than an hour and a half.

I: The characters of the play are themselves.

E: When we started this process, we began with ourselves as the template, and then of course we’ve taken some artistic liberties in places, but that’s where we started, to make material that people could recognize themselves in.

I: Some audience members put in a little more effort than others to see the show. There’s a person coming from Korea, and I suspect it might have something to do with the guy to the right here.

T: Yeah, it’s very nice no matter who comes, but we don’t have any subtitles, so they’ll just have to understand what they understand.

I: Although he has Koreans coming to see him, Tarjei hasn’t lost his grip. He’s still down to earth?

S: He’s very down to earth.

E: He’s quite a diva.

T: I’m super down to earth!

E: He’s incredibly down to earth.

S: That he is.

I: But it isn’t only Tarjei who brings in fans - Sebastian is also recognized by many. You can’t forget Linus i svingen and Himmelblå [Norwegian shows] either, though.

S: You got me there! Can’t do that. Remember when I first came? (does take off gesture)

E: You shot up.

S: Holy fuck, yeah.

E: Yeah, that’s a problem, there’s quite a few Jul i svingen fans, all the way from Asia. From India.

I: The boys have no doubt: the premiere is gonna be a success.

E/T: It’ll be good.

S: We can’t wait.

that scene when doc notices baby notice the blood leaking out of the trunk is masterpiece theatre. baby driver has the rhythm of a comedy but that scene makes the audience realize this isnt a funny movie and forces them to re evaluate everything thats taken place up until then. movies are the most fun to watch when they force the audience to actively participate in the narrative and i think baby driver did an incredible job of that

Little things I noticed when I saw falsettos in theatres that killed me

-the light blue shirt Jason wears during a lot of act two says Camp anika (??? I think I’m not 100% sure but I’m at least 60%) on the sleeve
-During march of the falsettos Andrew says “No my shorts” when Marvin tried to pants him “Hit me” and “Hit me twice” when he’s asking the people in the pit for the cubes
-The lights during what would I do killed me honestly
-dr charlotte says “he has to stay here” to Marvin and they just kinda zoom in on Jason and he looks so worried about Whizzer and it’s terrible
-Trina wears mendels bracelet for the rest of the show after a marriage proposal
-they cut to Whizzer a bunch during making a home and I wasn’t ready for it
-Marvin cries (he just sobs) during unlikely lovers
-“I’m not a man in pants” is that a reference to in trousers????? Maybe???
-Whizzer just waltz into the baseball game and he gives absolutely zero shits and it’s amazing
-Andrews faces just throughout the entire thing like he says half Jewish during four Jews and just makes a 😬😬 face
-the way Andrew says hepatitis is amazing -the way Andrew says Petty petty petty is a blessing
-After Marvin talks about the “hairline” Whizzer just stares at him for a solid 15 seconds just like “what the hell marv stop who do you think you are”
-Jasons little dances he does so many little dances
-WHIZZERS little nods during “Whizzer do you think I should see a psychiatrist”
-“Chess ain’t how your boyfriend thinks”
-Whizzer playing chess during the chess game is beautiful it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen
-Andrew starts to cry during days like this and it’s heartbreaking wow
-Betsy Wolfe is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen


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University!style AU. Roman, Virgil, Logan and Patton all live in the same halls/dormitory.

Pre-relationship Roman/Virgil. Hurt/Comfort. Insecure Roman. Virgil helping Roman.

Content warning for: alcohol mention, homophobia, swearing.

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Later, Virgil will thank fate that he had fallen asleep with his phone under his pillow. 

Now, he wakes to the sound of buzzing in his ear, and he groans, hand searching for the phone. He fumbles underneath the pillow and fishes the phone out, groaning again when he sees it’s Roman calling. He glances at the time: 2am. The after party will have been well under way, and he prepares himself for another drunken phone call.

But, when he picks up, there’s an odd stilted silence. No shouting, no singing. All Virgil can make out is Roman’s unsteady breathing, and a jolt of uneasiness has him wide awake, sitting up in bed.

“Hey. Hello? Roman?”

“Virrr…Virgil, sorry, I think- I lost my keys…sorry. Please let me in?”

There’s the usual slur to his voice (it’s well known Roman enjoys a few too many drinks after a successful theatre run), but Virgil can’t bring himself to complain. His gut is telling him something is wrong.

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” he replies quickly. He throws on his hoodie and wiggles his feet into his slippers. “I’m coming.”

He hurries downstairs, taking them two at a time. He opens up the locked front door and sees Roman standing there, shoulders hunched, swaying slightly. When he notices Virgil, his whole posture relaxes.

“Thanks,” is all he says.

Virgil nods and then, from the light of his phone, spies a glint of something silver on the ground.

“Look. You must have dropped your keys.”

Roman blinks slowly. “Oh. Yeah, I…yeah.” 

He bends down and picks them up, and Virgil’s worry increases at the sight of Roman’s shaking hands. He tightens his hoodie around himself, the night air biting, and reaches for Roman’s arm.

“Come on, let’s get inside, it’s freezing.”

They make their unsteady way up the stairs, and Virgil guides Roman into the kitchen, setting him down on a chair. He goes to the sink, and begins the usual routine after any party, filling up a glass of water.

“Okay, take it easy, you’ve just had a bit too much to drink and-”

When Virgil turns around, the bottom drops out of his stomach. Roman has one hand over his mouth, and he’s shaking with the effort of keeping his sobs silent. Virgil is reeling. This isn’t Roman at all. He’s should be happy and light, loud, boisterous, not curled in on himself and hiding.

Because Virgil is all too familiar with the act of making yourself small and quiet. This isn’t right. And, as Roman continues to tremble, Virgil realises this is a practiced effort, and his heart clenches at the thought of this happening before, and no-one being able to hear…

“Hey! Hey hey hey, Roman, what the-” 

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romeo and juliet, or something like that

steve harrington x reader

(spoilers for season 2.)


“theatre class,” steve repeated. “are you kiddin’ me?”

“i can’t ask mike or lucas,” dustin replied, crossing his arms defensively over his chest. “but my mom… you know, she wants me to bring someone, and i thought…”

“hey, we ain’t friends,” steve hurriedly said, stepping out onto his front step and closing the front door behind him. “not a chance.”

“okay, steve, it’s time for both of us to stop pretending that you don’t love playing video games with me on friday nights and that babysitting me isn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to you. we both know it.”

this fucking kid.

“if i see one person from school -” steve began, but dustin interrupted.

“you won’t, steve.” dustin’s gaze was more serious than steve had ever seen it, and if this was about anything other than theatre classes, he’d probably be worried for his little pal. “come on. it’s bring-a-friend week. you wouldn’t let me go by myself, would you?”

steve stared down at dustin for a brief second before moving his hand up sharply to hit off his baseball hat - which landed on the front lawn - and ruffle his curly mop of hair.

“might wanna pick that up, kiddo!” steve chirped as he sprinted inside and shut the door before dustin could flip him off.

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Group: BTS


1k celebration: “Take your medicene.” // “Don’t argue. Just do it.” // “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

Summary: You fell in love with your closest friend and try to create a safe distance, but Jimin refuses to let you go which could prove fatal.

Genre: angst with a happy ending, fluff, hanahaki au

Length: 1.8k

A/N: i did a bad thing, but i do live for angst sooo. if you are soft and need comfort i’m sure i can try,,

(( Hanahaki disease - an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.))

The small blue petals had been plaguing you with every breath, being forced to watch them flutter from your mouth was almost as torturous as being away from Jimin. But sitting on your balcony, as you scrolled through his messages begging to know what was wrong, you knew this was for the best.

The thin stalks had intertwined around your ribs, flowers thriving in your lungs as with every petal you were left thinking of him; his full lips stretched into an infectious smile and the way he scrunched his nose when he was concentrating. You had been in this situation for almost a week but had accepted your feelings and condition very quickly because you had been expecting it for a while now.

It was obvious that you were in love with Jimin, entranced by his raspy voice and quiet confidence; but the flowers that cluttered your lungs weren’t his fault. These forget-me-nots that erupted from your mouth in an almost constant flow, and coated your floor after coughing fits might have been because he didn’t love you back, but you never expected that from someone like him.

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Hope that’s what you wanted, honey. Fluff with smutty hints ;)

Movie date with RFA + Saeran


  • Okay, while you’re in line to buy the ticket, he’s playing the critic.
  • “Oh yeah… that one has good reviews.” “Uhh, my friend did a cameo on this one, he’s good at playing comical characters, let’s see if he can handle drama.”
  • But as soon as the movie starts… man is totally carried away by the plot.
  • If it’s a sad movie, he’s crying, sobbing… and holding your hand. If it’s a suspense or terror, he’s all tense… and holding your hand. If it’s a funny movie, he’s bending and cackling… and holding your hand.
  • I don’t know if you noticed, but he just wants to hold your hand.
  • As for seeing movies he’s the star… LOL he still gets carried away by the plot.
  • “Oh my God, babe! He is totally the bad guy, isn’t he?” “I don’t know, you were there, don’t you remember?”
  • The movie can be bad, he’s still watching and absorbing all the content like it’s Oscar’s material.
  • That unless you lean on his shoulder and reach to grab some popcorn in the bag over his lap. Gurl… why are you digging to the bottom of the bag like this?
  • He has a career to maintain, so the beast has to stay sleeping… until you get home, at least.


  • He comes to the place telling he’s all ready to watch some action or terror.
  • “But we can watch some romance if you prefer, honey.” If you were a terrible person, you would insist on watching a horror just to see his reaction.
  • But since he’s so precious and you don’t want to deal with him tossing and turning in the bed at night because of nightmares… romance it is!
  • Also very caught up by the plot, but you know what he really likes? Watching your reactions as you pay attention to the movie.
  • He smiles when you laugh, puts the popcorn bag closer to you when you motion to get some and totally wants to hug and comfort you if you start crying.
  •  “Yoosung… what if they never meet again?” “They will, MC, they will…” he says, wiping the tears on his face quickly.
  • Blushing mess when you lean on his shoulder. What… what should he do? Try to kiss you? Oh, but what if you really want to pay attention to the movie?
  • When he gathers some guts to wrap his arm around your shoulder… buddy, he’s feeling like the coolest man on earth!
  • Could even start a little make-out session if there aren’t too many people at the theatre. But nothing too hardcore, he wouldn’t stop thinking about that embarrassment that it would be getting kicked off the theatre.
  • But as soon as you guys get home… boy is all worked up and inspired by all the romance from the movie, so you’re in for a night.


  •  Buys popcorn and lots of sweet treats, she can’t help herself.
  • Plays the mom a little when she tells you to avoid the super sized beverage cups or you’ll end up going to the bathroom every five minutes.
  • Don’t roll your eyes, she just wants to make sure the two of you are having fun together!
  • Doesn’t talk much, but all her reactions are written on her face. Oh, and also by the way she taps your shoulder or holds your arm when she feels the plot twist coming.
  • The person who shushes the noisy people, don’t you doubt on that.
  • Also the person who might doze off if she isn’t feeling the movie.
  • But this usually doesn’t happen, because she knows how to pick good movies and trusts your judgment as well.
  •  Because lady loves when you pick bad movies on purpose just to have an excuse to make out in the back row
  • Yeah, things can get a little heated with some hard groping here and there.
  • And if it gets too heated… the bathroom is right at the end of the hallway.


  • His initial idea was renting a screening room.
  • You begged him not to do this and just go commoner style with you, though commoners don’t have a security staff in position waiting for a ny kind of order.
  • He obliges, but insists on taking seats more in the back row.
  • Always has his arm around your shoulder, might plant some kisses in the top of your head completely out of the blue.
  • Points out inconsistencies in the plot and bad special effects, wonders where all the budget went to.
  • “I read on the news it was one of the most expensive pieces of this year, hum… such a poor management.” He’s a business man, just let him do his thing.
  • Or don’t let him, the people in the row in front of you are turning back their heads and glaring.
  • Offers his jacket when he notices you shivering due to the ac.
  • Like Zen, would rather avoid scandals and keep PDA to a minimum.
  • But just wait until you get to the car.


  • Drive-in theatre!
  • Boy probably already saw the movie, so get ready for the rain of spoilers!
  • Unless it’s some classic movie, because there can be no spoilers in “Singing in the Rain”, right?
  • Still, it’s hard to make him focus and just… watch the movie.
  • Loves throwing trivia facts about the movies “Did you know this scene wasn’t on the script? The actor improvised it.”
  • And it is really interesting, but you’re getting some “shhhhhs” from the cars next to you.
  • “That’s nice, honey! Here, have some popcorn!” you feed him. And halfway through you realize it was a bad move.
  • Because boy takes this as a chance to lick and suck your fingers lightly as he gives you this sultry gaze.
  • Heavy make out sessions with some… happy endings occasionally.
  •  The people in the car next to you actually were liking more when you two were just talking, lol


  • Let him think if he wants to be in a dark room stuffed with strangers
  • He doesn’t
  • Now let him think if he would like to be in a dark room with you just a few inches away from him.
  • He won’t be super obvious about it, but he’s so in for this!
  • His brother told him about the “pretend to stretch, then put his arm around your shoulder” move
  • Boy gets nervous and messes the order a little. He hugs you first, then he pretends to yawn, LOL
  • “Oh, is this boring? I’m sorry, you can sleep on me, if you want.” you say, making him nuzzle in your shoulder.  Ha, it turned out even better than expected, IN YOUR FACE, SAEYOUNG!
  • Gets easily flustered if your hand meets his when you both reach for the popcorn.
  •  You giggle, and he shoves some popcorn in your mouth to make you stop laughing.
  • Which to you respond by kissing his cheek, and there he is getting all flustered again.
Dunkirk Premiere - A Harry Styles One Shot

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Tonight was going to be a huge night. It was the night of the world premiere of your boyfriend Harry’s first acting debut and if that wasn’t already big enough, this was the first time that you two would been seen as a couple on the red carpet. You and Harry had been dating for almost two years, you met at an after party of an award and instantly hit it off. 

Even though the world knew that you and Harry were a couple, the two of you were still very private, as much as you could be when you both were very well known in the industry. You two always arrived separately at red-carpet events and were never seen leaving them together. When you both went to the other’s concerts or appearances, you both steered clear of any cameras or lurking eyes. 

So, when Harry approached you the night before the premiere asking you to walk the red carpet with him, you were a bit shocked. 


“Are you sure?” You asked. 

“Yes,” he said. “Tomorrow night is going to be huge deal for me and I want my girlfriend by my side the entire night.” 

“But do you really think that’s the best thing?” You asked. “I just don’t want me being there to distract everyone from why you’re there.” 

“Well, something thinks a lot of themselves, don’t they,” he joked.

You laughed. “You know what I mean. Everyone knows we don’t flaunt our relationship around and so it would be a big deal for us to walk the carpet together. Plus, you’re going to have interviews to do, I would just be in the way.” 

“You could never be in the way,” he said. 

“What if I just walked in with your  Mum and sister?” You asked. 

He sighed. “If you really want to do that, you can, but it’d mean a lot to me if you walked in with me.” 

You bit your lip as you contemplated everything. “Okay, I’ll walk with you, but only because I love you and it’s your night, so if you want me there at your side, then that’s where I’m gonna be.” 

He smirked and jumped onto you and started kissing you all over your face. “I love you. I love you. I love you. I loooove you,” he said. 

You laughed trying to push him off. “You’re so weird,” you said. 

“Maybe, but we both know that you think it’s sexy,” he smirked. 

“Uh, sure,” You said. “Let’s go with that.” 

“Hey!” He said looking offended. 

You just laughed and shook your head. 


You had just finished getting your hair and makeup done and now you were zipping up your dress. Your dress was a custom made gown inspired by the 1940′s with a little bit of a modern day twist to match the suit Harry would be wearing. Your hair and makeup was also inspired by the World War II era. 

When you were ready to go, you walked out into the room where Harry was currently putting his suit jacket on. He adjusted it to fit it him perfectly and then looked behind him at you. 

“Wow,” his dimples showing as he smiled widely. “You look fuckin’ amazing, love.” 

You blushed. “Thank you,” you smiled. “You look so handsome.” 

He smiled taking your hand and pulling you into him. 

“Let me get a picture!” Anne said quickly. 

“Mum,” Harry groaned. “We gotta get going.” 

“Hold on, it just takes a second,” she said. 

“We’re about to step in front of hundreds of cameras and you’re whining about letting your Mum take one picture,” you laughed. 

“She’s got a point,” Gemma said. 

Harry rolled his eyes and you all headed out the door and into the cars. On the way to the theatre, you held Harry’s hands. 

“I’m so proud of you,” you whispered. 

“Thank you,” he blushed. “I just hope everyone likes it. The film is about something really important and I hope everyone thinks we did it justice.” 

“From what I saw on set, you did. Everyone did. Any of those soldiers that are alive today, I’m sure they’d be so proud of  it,” you said. 

Harry smiled kissing your forehead. 

“You ready for this?” You asked. 

“With you by my side of course I am,” he smiled. 

The car pulled up to the carpet and the security opened the car door. Harry got out first and the fans and cameras went crazy. He turned to hold his hand out for you and helped you out of the car. Once you were out of the car and Harry wrapped his arm around your waist, the fans and cameras went even crazier. 

Both you and Harry were waving to the fans and walked over to where they were standing. You both took pictures and signed some things for a few fans. 

“You two are the cutest couple ever!” One of them said. 

“Awe, thanks,” Harry smiled. 

“How proud of Harry are you?” Another asked you. 

“Words can’t describe how proud I am,” you smiled. 

You two then waved bye to the fans and made your way down the carpet. Harry and you stopped to take pictures for the cameras. Harry had his arm wrapped around you and turned to whisper in your ear. 

“Thank you for being here baby,” he whispered. 

‘There’s no place else I’d rather be,” you smiled. “I love you.” 

“And I love you,” he smiled kissing your cheek. 

When it was time for Harry do his interviews, you stayed back a bit while he talked to reporters and answered their questions. Once he was finished with those, he grabbed your hand laced your fingers together and you two walked towards the entrance of the theatre where Anne, Gemma, Jeff, and Glenne were waiting. 

Anne walked over to Harry pulled him into a tight hug. “I’m so proud of you!” She gushed and kissed his cheeks. 

“Mum,” he laughed. 

“Oh stop, I don’t care if your some movie star now, you’re still my baby,” she laughed. 

You all laughed and headed inside. 


When the film was over, Harry had a few more interviews to do before you all were able to leave. Once it was time, you got into car and you noticed that Harry had the biggest smile on his face. 

“You did it,” you smiled. 

“I know,” he said. “I never thought this day was going to come and here it’s happened.” 

You laid your head on his shoulder and he kissed your forehead. 

After you all went out for dinner, you and Harry went to the Bleach London makeup launch to support Lou. It started to get late, so you and Harry headed home. When you got there, you put your heels, which you had taken off hours ago, on the floor and went into the living room to lay on the couch. 

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted,” you laughed. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever talked that much in my life until today,” he laughed joining you on the couch. 

“Me feet are killing me,” you yawned. 

He brought your feet onto his lap and he started rubbing your feet. 

“Tonight was your night, I should be the one massaging your feet,” you laughed. 

“I’m not the one wearing heels,” he pointed out. 

“True,” you said. “Although that might be a good look for you,” you smirked. 

“I don’t think so, I’m already pretty tall, I don’t need to be any taller,” he joked. 

You giggled and closed your eyes. After a bit, Harry stopped rubbing your feet and you looked up at him. 

“There’s something I want to give you,” he said. 

“Me? What’s there to give me?” You asked. 

He took something out of the pocket in his trousers and it was black velvet box. He held it in his hand as he looked at you. 

“Y/N, these past two years with you have been the best of my life,” he said. “We’ve been through ups and downs, we’ve been apart for months at times, but we made through. Having you by my side tonight, I realized that as long as I have you in my life, I can do anything or be anything because I know you’ll be right there supporting me and giving me a pep talk when I’m second guessing myself. And I want you to know that I’m here for you too. I’m going to support you with anything and I love you so much. That’s why I bought this,” he said opening the box and revealing a ruby and diamond ring. 

“Now, don’t freak out,” he said quickly. “It’s not an engagement ring, not technically. It’s a promise ring that one day when we’re both ready, we’ll get married because honestly, you’re the only person I want to grow old with and have by my side for the rest of my life.” 

You gasped as tears filled your eyes and you looked at him. It was good thing the night was over because you were sure eye makeup was all over the place by now. 

“I… wow,” you whispered. “I-I don’t know what to say and you know me, I always have something to say.” 

“Don’t I know it,” he joked. “But you don’t have to say anything other than you love me and that you’ll wear this ring until we’re ready to take that next step.” 

“Of course, of course, I love you and I’ll wear this ring always,” you smiled. 

Harry smiled widely again before putting the ring on your finger. You looked down at the ring and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. 

“I love you,” he whispered leaning into kiss you. 

You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around him. He picked you up from the couch and walked you into the bedroom. 

A Kiss | Montgomery De La Cruz

Originally posted by knightlley

I sat in the cafeteria next to Clay as we chatted about our history assignment that was coming up, I watched as Clay tensed and slowly stopped talking, I felt a person sit next to me then rolled my eyes seeing who it was, Bryce Walker, a jock who thinks he rules the school just because his parents let him do whatever he wants, especially since his daddy can pay to cover his mistakes.

“Hey y/n you coming to my party this weekend?” He asked wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

I instantly shrugged it off and moved away from him, “Of course not, just the 500 other parties you’ve invited me too.”

He smirked and moved closer to me again “I love feisty girls, y/n did you know that? So this attempt of driving me away is just attracting me more to you.”

I glared at him and shook my head at his idiotic words “And do you know this is harassment, you have been doing this since the year began, just because you think I ‘grew up well’ doesn’t mean you get to say such sick things to me or any other girls in fact. I know what you do at parties Bryce, all those innocent drunk girls, whose lives you ruined. Nothing is ever going to be enough for you is it?”

Bryce looked shocked but quickly laughed and brushed me off, getting up from the seat and walking to his friends “Whatever y/n, you’re still invited, if you can turn up in short tight dress for me”

I rolled my eyes and out of the corner of my eye I notice Monty watching me, I offer him a smile and blushed looking down at my food, getting back into my conversation with Clay but my mind wandered to Monty.

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Notorious (pt. 02)

Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Angst, future Smut & a bit of Fluff…
Word Count: 9k

Summary: Kim fucking Taehyung was notorious for being a pranker, a player and an asshole, and you hated him for it.

Pt. 01  |  Pt. 02

“Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights

Tell me more, tell me more
Did you get very far
Tell me more, tell me more
Like does he have a car”

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Reaction to You Having An Eating Disorder // Trigger Warning

A/N: For anyone that feels as if they are not perfect the way they are, please do not hesitate to inbox me to talk, I’ll help you through it as much as I possibly can. Please do not feel as if you would need to do this to yourself or go through this alone. I promise that everyone is extremely beautiful on the outside. Do not feel as if you need to starve yourself to look a certain way. Seek any form of help, it’s okay to ask for help I promise. xo.

You stared into the mirror before stepping into the shower, noticing all the stretch marks that covered the curves on your body. Biting down on your lip while you moved and watched the slight movement underneath your skin. The chub on your arms, stomach, thighs, ruined your mood completely as you tugged on your hair in frustration with your looks.

That was the final straw for you, you needed to shed off the weight somehow because you didn’t feel pretty enough. You already hated the fact that you weighed more than your boyfriend, never wanting to sit on his lap, fearing the discomfort it would cause him. You started by cutting out sugary things, things that had too much fat, or wasn’t lean enough. Then you started cutting out one or two meals every day, just before you pretty much stopped eating in general.


Originally posted by tuanmarkers

Mark was excited to have you in his arms again, he peppered your face with an endless amount of kisses when he returned back from got7’s three month tour. He held you at arm’s length to look you up and down because he hadn’t seen you in so long. That’s when he did notice that you’d lost a noticeable amount of weight. Even though he noticed it at first, he wouldn’t think too much about it, praising how good you looked.

Since he had a successful tour and had been gone for so long, he would want to treat you to dinner and a movie. When he noticed that you didn’t want your usual popcorn and buncha-crunch candy at the theatre and said you were too tired to eat dinner; it would raise some concern.

Sooner or later he would notice how tired you would get, not having enough energy to go out much with him and the guys. He would notice how you would already say you’ve eaten and brush off the meals he offered you. Mark would know something was wrong when he offered you your absolute favorite dessert and you rejected it. I mean, you both loved to eat, so rejecting food was a red flag.

He then would confront you about it, being upset that you thought you weren’t beautiful the same way he thought every aspect of you was perfect.

“Please eat jagiya, I’m begging you..” he would say with sadness lingering in his voice.


Originally posted by got7gifsg


Jaebum would not be fucking having it. After returning from tour, he would hold you close to him, noticing how much smaller you seemed in his arms. He wasn’t going to complain, having your warmth close to his heart, but he loved you the way you were. He would ask you straight forward if you’ve been losing weight since he’s been gone. You would respond that you have, happy with your progress although you took an unhealthy approach.

He would constantly ask how you’ve been losing weight, being upset with the fact that you felt that you needed to in the first place. Even though you lied to him, he wasn’t stupid. With his observant nature, he would tend to notice how you would skip actual meals, only eating a granola bar in the morning and lounging around the house most of the time because you had no energy to go off on.

He wouldn’t let this go on for long, and would sit you down to talk to you about it and from then on, he would watch you and make sure that every meal you ate, you ate together. He would be a bit controlling about it, but he only wanted you to stay healthy since he couldn’t bare seeing the one he loved so much cause themselves pain.  

“Jagi, you need to be eating; it’s not healthy when you don’t and I want you to be around for a long time.”


Originally posted by noirahgase

He would FUCK YOU UP..

This energetic ball of happiness would immediately notice how you’ve changed. You weren’t as energetic as before and seemed smaller than before. He would be somewhat disappointed that your thighs weren’t as squishy as before, the way he really liked them. At first he wouldn’t think anything was wrong, being interested in your weight loss he would want to know how you did it.

After you didn’t have a confident enough answer for him, it would raise some concern for him. He would then begin watching your eating habits, noticing that you wouldn’t eat like before.

It wasn’t until he found you in the bathroom one night when you thought he was asleep. You were staring at your body in frustration, tears silently streaming down your face as you pulled at the chub still grazing over your body, feeling unsatisfied with your progress even though you’ve already lost nearly thirty pounds. You would take your toothbrush, but before you could even try to get yourself to throw up, Jackson had his arms around you tightly discouraging you from harming yourself.

“Don’t do this jagiya. This isn’t healthy. You’re perfect, your body is perfect, why would you want to change that?”

“Jackson~ah..” you responded weakly, sobbing against him.

“If you wanted to lose weight, this isn’t the way to do it, do you want me to lose you? Promise me you won’t do this again..promise me..”


Originally posted by jypnior

This boy is too smart for you to fool him. Upon returning, he would want to spoil you with your favorite clothes, movie, dinner, snacks, and desserts. Once you rejected eating, he would know what’s wrong immediately. He would insist that you would eat, trying to use reverse psychology, pouting that he just wanted to spoil you and bought all this stuff and wanted your night to be perfect since he got back.

You would give into his request, but soon after found yourself in the bathroom, forcing yourself to vomit all the contents of the night, tears streaming down your face as you did so.

Jinyoung would be rubbing your back with instant regret from forcing you to eat, but concern about the fact that this proved that you weren’t eating. He would want you to get help, and promise to be there for you every step of the way.

“Princess, please don’t do this anymore..I never want to see you in pain ever again.”


Originally posted by yjarssunshine

Here come the water works.

He wouldn’t notice that you weren’t eating, he would just notice that you felt smaller in his arms when he would cuddle you. The other boys had to ask him if you were okay. Confused by what they meant, they would explain to him that you’ve lost a lot of weight, and that you didn’t come along with them to eat. Jackson would explain to him that you might be suffering from an eating disorder just by putting two and two together.

You would be sleeping when Youngjae came in, he would hold you, calmly crying while he kissed your cheek repeatedly, not intending to wake you but he did.

“Sunshine? What’s wrong?”

“Jagiya..why aren’t you eating?” he would pout, rubbing your back slowly as he looked at you intensely. You wouldn’t know how to answer him, so you just stare back at him with remorse.

“Please eat, for me? I can’t lose you, eating is important. We’re going to eat every meal together from now on..promise me you’ll eat princess.”


Originally posted by chattyang

He wouldn’t know what to feel when he found out you weren’t eating like you should. He would offer you snacks and ice cream and would get even more upset every time you would refuse. It would get to the point where he wouldn’t beg you, but he would show you how much he appreciated you for you. The way you were was perfect for him and he didn’t understand why you couldn’t see that. He would surprise you by placing compliments all over the mirrors at the studio. They all expressed how beautiful he thought you were, how perfect, how aesthetically pleasing to him.

He would bring out flowers and offer to take you to lunch for you to eat a proper meal. Finally breaking down, you would agree and hug him, apologizing for causing him and yourself so much harm.

“It’s okay babygirl, but please don’t do this to yourself ever again..”


Originally posted by yugyeomism

He wouldn’t really notice at first, being very positive he wouldn’t think anything was wrong. It wasn’t until he would spend a whole day with you and noticed that you hadn’t eaten all day. He would kindly offer you dinner, upon you rejecting he would uncomfortably look at you, finally noticing all the weight you’ve lost over the last few months he’s been gone.

This boy wouldn’t know how to confront you about it, only pushing the idea for you to eat sometimes. When you would brush it off like it wasn’t a big deal and that you would eat later, which secretly you knew you wouldn’t, he would get even more concerned. He would ask his hyungs for help of how to approach you.

It would become an intervention, he would allow Jinyoung and Jackson to lead the discussion of how unhealthy you were becoming. You would finally notice how much it was hurting Yugyeom seeing you broken enough that you would consider starving yourself.

“You’re beautiful the way you are. Please eat something so you can be my healthy jagiya. I love you too much to lose you and see you hurting over your weight,” he would say as he finally broke down into tears.

Keep on living (chapter 1) Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Summary: You work at the Richard Rogers theater as the assistant to the musical director as Hamilton hits Broadway, and it’s while working there you develop a friendship/crush on Lin who is your nerdy workaholic nerd in arms. Meanwhile you hide the other secret part of your life from Lin and your friends,  keeping secret your abusive partner until you can’t hide it anymore. Expect some angst. 

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.  I wrote this originally as a fluff piece for myself but I realise it doesn’t come across as fluff!

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings: I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count:  2715


You were late again to rehearsals, that’s when he first noticed that something was wrong.

You were known for your punctuality, often getting to the theatre hours ahead of everyone. You used your tiny office in the basement to write, to go over notes, and to listen to recordings from the sound desk from the previous night’s show. After years of working shitty jobs this was your first job as musical director’s assistant and you weren’t planning on wasting the opportunity. You’d been with Hamilton since they made its transition to Broadway, you lived and breathed this production, and the Richard Rogers was practically your home.

So when you showed up 2 hours late that afternoon hiding behind a pair of oversize dark glasses, you were greeted by Lin’s fake gasp of surprise.

“Aaaaand what time do you call this Y/N?” he called as she skipped over to you, a wide grin on his face while he playfully put his arm around your shoulder. “You bailed on Oak’s birthday drinks last night. I can’t believe you left me in a bar singing karaoke by myself after you promised me a Disney duet medley!.”

He pouted and gave you puppy eyes. Ordinarily you’d laugh along with him and tease him about his failed disney duets (last time the gang had gone out for karaoke he drunkenly sang A Whole New World with Chris but Lin had naturally taken over singing both Aladdin and Jasmine’s parts leaving Chris and everyone else in fits of laughter at the over-excited disney nerd now serenading himself  in front of them) but today you were caught off guard.

You pushed the glasses tight against your face.

“Um sorry, I had an emergency, h-had to leave a-and get back home. I uh should get downstairs, there’s um some charts I was supposed to amend for Alex this evening.”

You put your head down and pulled away from Lin’s arm, fumbling for the door to make a quick getaway. Lin, sensing something amiss instantly transitioned from Goofy Lin to Serious Lin in a heartbeat, and ran around placing himself in front of you.

“Hey, sorry Y/N, is everything ok? Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Has something happened?” He placed his hand on your shoulder, giving you a squeeze as he lowered his head trying to meet your gaze while you stared at the floor.

You pushed his hand away, too scared to look him in the eye, knowing that if you did you might unravel at any moment.

“I’m fine, sorry, just in a rush.”

You quickly scuffled away, aware of Lin’s eyes following you. You felt like a dick.

You knew how weird you sounded and how rude you were being. You’d looked forward to Oak’s birthday drinks along with everyone else, and ordinarily you’d love to spend the afternoon joking around with Lin. There was even a time when Lin skipping over to give you puppy eyes would have made your heart flutter. You’d developed the most embarrassing crush on him during your first few weeks on the job which left you shy and unable to speak, but you’d pushed those feeling aside, choosing to be as professional as possible. Nobody would have taken you seriously with a silly crush on Lin.

Pippa had once called it the ‘Lin Effect’:

“ Everyone falls in love with Lin” she’d said during those first few weeks of rehearsals.

“He makes everyone in the room feel important and who can’t help but fall in love with that, it’s the Lin Effect!”

Lin had overheard Pippa saying this and for days afterwards he joked with anyone on stage who forget their lines or missed their mark that their lack of concentration was down to the Lin Effect. When you’d accidentally hit play on the sampler during a heart-wrenching rehearsal of Quiet Uptown, accidentally filling the studio with deafening hip hop beats, the cast had erupted into giggles and Lin punched the air and yelled ‘Lin Effect!’ and winked at you. Once you’d seen this goofy side you became less nervous around him and more like good friends. The crippling shyness was gone and in it’s place was an incredibly nerdy friendship born out of long days and nights, rehearsing, and thinking/talking/breathing music with him. And sure, he could still make you feel special just with a look, or by getting excited when you let him hear your own compositions for a half finished music project you’d been kicking around. They way his eyes lit up and got excited, the way he’d smile at you with a mixture of pride and and warmth could make your day. Even as just good friends, the Lin Effect was real.

But you couldn’t think about anyone just now. You just needed to stop and breathe and get to your office before anyone else saw you.

You practically fell into the office you shared with Alex, surprised to find Chris sitting there on the beaten up couch with Pippa, both in fits of giggles as each of them shared an earbud plugged into Chris’s phone. You’d hoped to find an empty room to be alone.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realise you guys were in here” you said with your hand quickly reaching behind you for the door handle ready to leave.

“Hey Y/N!’ Pippa called, ‘we were waiting for you, come and listen to this!’

You slowly edged your way over to the sofa on Pippa’s command. She scooted up and patted beside her gesturing for you to sit. ‘Here you gotta listen to this, it’s an old Freestyle Love Supreme recording, it’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, check it out!” She pulled the ear bud out of her ear and thrust it towards you. You took it from her practically in slow motion, looking at the ear bud like you’d never seen an ear bud before.

“Ooh check out the glasses, does someone have a hangover?” laughs Chris. “Man you must be feeling ROUGH today huh!”. You nod along meekly without saying a word, leaving an awkward silence in the air. Pippa looks at you with concern then gently nudges Chris who puts his hands up “Ok ok, I’ll leave you two alone, sounds like someone is in desperate need of some coffee!”

As Chris slipped away you felt Pippa’s eyes narrowing on you

“Y/N what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sorry I’m just tired. Hungover.” You stammed.

Pippa’s eye’s lowered to meet yours, you were looking down in your lap, something was wrong. “Hungover? But you weren’t out with us last night though, we looked all over for you. Where were you?”

Hearing the concern in her voice was almost overwhelming and you could feel tears in your eyes. You slowed your breathing trying to steady yourself so you didn’t fall apart there and then.

“Y/N talk to me, what’s happened.”

You breathed, swallowed, and raised your head to meet hers. Slowly, you reached up and took off the oversize sunglasses that had shielded your face. As you took them off you still couldn’t bring yourself to make eye contact with her and you stared down at the sofa as you heard Pippa breathe in sharply.

Your face was bruised. Your left eye was swollen and bloodshot, your eyelid was purple, and there was a small cut on the top of your cheek, the skin was tinged yellow as the bruise faded out across your face.

“Oh my god Y/N are you ok? What happened? Oh my god who did this?”

You felt exposed.

You couldn’t tell anyone. He’d apologised, he hadn’t meant to. He wasn’t a monster. You didn’t want people to see that side of him. You weren’t making excuses for him, but he didn’t mean to hurt you, he just got upset and lost control, and it never meant to happen.

You’d been dating Mark for 3 months now. He was amazing, a talented musician, he was so smart, he was creative and enthusiastic and loved you. He really loved you. But he struggled too. His mental health wasn’t great and lately his dark moments had become dark days and dark weeks. He felt so scared of losing you and felt jealous that you were working in your dream job when he was still struggling. He hadn’t wanted you to go out last night, he was convinced you would cheat on him, that you’d drink too much and go home with someone else, scared that your ‘new dumbass theatre friends’ (as he called them) would convince you to leave him. You’d got annoyed, you’d snapped back at him, you hated someone so controlling, you just wanted one night out with your friends. And he’d hit you. He’d actually hit you. You couldn’t tell anyone.

“Y/N who did this?”

“Nobody. I mean.. someone tried to mug me, it’s fine, they didn’t take anything and I got away, it’s totally fine, I’m just tired.” You were bad at lying, your voice sounded strange and you were sure that she knew. You regretted saying it was a mugging instantly.

“Oh Fuck! Y/N that’s horrible, you poor poor thing. Did you call the police? I can come with you to the police station, what do you need?”

You made eye contact with Pippa for the first time since sitting down, her kindness felt so unbearable.

“It’s fine, honestly. I’ve already spoken to the police. I’m ok, I’m just tired.” You even cracked a smile to try and show just how ok you were pretending to be. You were the worst liar. She reached out and pulled you into a hug while she continued to say nice reassuring things. You couldn’t concentrate and you just closed your eyes hoping for some quiet calm soon.

Your eyes snapped wide as the door to your office swung open and Chris stood there.

“Hey I forgot my phone…” He trailed off as he saw your face and you quickly pulled your hair over your face feeling exposed.

“Y/N what happened?” He begun, but luckily, Pippa sensing your desire for the ground to swallow you up, instantly  jumped up pressing his phone into his hands and shooing him out of the office urging him to leave you alone for some quiet time and saying ‘yes she’s FINE’ over the top of his protests while shutting the door in his face.

“Oh god thank you.”

“That’s ok, although people are gonna be concerned. In fact I don’t want you going home alone tonight, I’ll take a cab with you. No ifs no buts.”

You wished you hadn’t blurted out a lie about being mugged. If anything that was just gonna bring more attention on yourself. And it wasn’t the same: people who got mugged were victims of something awful, you weren’t a victim, he said this was something you had done, that you’d made him this angry. Was this your fault? You slipped the glasses back up to your face, wishing for invisibility. You didn’t want any more attention, and you didn’t want anyone walking you home, you couldn’t run the risk of Mark finding out that you’d shown anyone your black eye. He’d wanted you to keep it hidden today, he was so sorry for what he’d done.

“It’s fine honestly Pippa. Mark’s coming to pick me up later so I won’t be on my own. And anyway I’m not sticking around for the show tonight, it’s my night off, i just came in to work on some charts for Alex for a couple of hours, so I’ll be home before dark anyway.”

“Well…ok. Sorry, I know you don’t need babysitting, I’m just so glad Mark will be with you, he’s a good guy, he must have been so worried about you.”

You zoned out as Pippa started praising Mark but hopefully that was enough to keep her from accompanying you home tonight. You made her promise not to tell anyone else what happened but you realised that was going to be impossible, but Pippa had at least promised to tell people not to ask you about it. You regretted lying so much, and what a shitty lie it was.

After much reassuring her that you were fine, she eventually left you to it. And in the quiet of the office you could finally breathe and concentrate on the charts Alex had asked you to work on. For the next couple of hours you worked on transposing music for new chorus members, tinkering with arrangements and for those two hours things were easy. You could get lost in your work, and notes and squiggles on a page were easier to deal with than real life. The two hours flew past in a whirlwind and you piled your folders together and grabbed your bag ready to head out before the evening crowds assembled for showtime.

As you made your way quietly down the corridor hoping to avoid speaking to anyone as you slipped out, at least until tomorrow, there was Lin. He was completely unaware of you as he sat on the floor near one of the prop rooms. His oversize hoodie was pulled over his head and he was staring intently at his laptop, bobbing his head in time to a beat through his headphones. Looking at him now with strands of hair hanging in his face as he absent-minded tucked them behind his ears he looked so lost in his music, so happy. On any other day you would have joined him and wasted time sharing songs and ideas, bouncing off each other until showtime.  On any other day you could have silently stolen a glance and noted how cute he looked while in full concentration mode. But today wasn’t any other day and you needed  a hot bath and some sleep and to figure out what to do.

You breathed in pushing the sunglasses tight against your face and left through the back door silently. The noise of the street hit you immediately and you realised you felt scared. You felt scared to go home, you felt scared to see Mark. You breathed in slowly, it felt like everything was in slow motion today.


You turned round and there was Lin. He’d followed you out, with his hood pulled down and his headphones hanging round his neck,. “I was waiting for you but you snuck out before saying goodbye”

“I’m sorry, it’s been a weird day, I just need to get home”

You eyes darted around, too scared to look him in the face. Did he know? Had Pippa told everyone?

“You’re not sticking around tonight?”

He looked disappointed.

“It’s my night off, I’m not feeling great. I’m just gonna go home.” You forced a smile but it came out a grimace.

“Has something happened?”

Did he know? You didn’t think he knew. But his eyes narrowed and his mouth tensed with concern.

“It’s nothing. I’m fine, it was nothing you don’t have to worry.”

You turned away, just wanting to escape but you felt his hand reach out to grab your arm. You winced as his hand slipped and he ended up grabbing your wrist. Your wrist was sore and tender from last night, where Mark had grabbed you, digging his fingers and thumb into your wrist to stop you from leaving. You gasped out in shock of being touched.

“Sorry I…” You looked back to see him glancing down at your wrist where faint red finger marks on your skin seemed to give you away. His eyebrows tensed and he looked up at you in shock. You quickly pulled your arm away, embarrassed.

“I need to go…” you began.

“Wait, Y/N..”

“Seriously, can we do this another day?”

Your turned to leave once again, only this time to find Mark walking towards you both, his mouth pursed and his eyes sullen. You hadn’t lied to Pippa, he really was coming to pick you up after work. It was something you’d been dreading.


“Hey.” He said, not looking you but staring intently at Lin. Lin broke his gaze away from you, and he turned to face Mark. You couldn’t tell what he was piecing together in his mind from your mood, the sunglasses, and now your wrist. His face was solemn and gave nothing away, gone was the cute smile and soft eyes from just a moment ago. He swallowed and smiled and put his hand out to Mark.

“Hey man, you must be Mark, I’ve heard a lot about you.”


Part 2 coming soon.is here

Teacher Taeyong

Request: Can I ask for an teacher!Taeyong scenario, who’s really interested in you but can’t do anything because he’s your teacher?

A/N: this is short & bad im sorrry :-(

  • this could be a new series aw
  • a cute idea!!
  • and im sorry im writing it in markdown format because i feel like it’s easier??
  • but if you want me to do a scenario based on this you can request again!
  • hopefully this goes well
  • okay let’s go

  • so you’re currently in university

  • so he’s your korean teacher
  • and he’s the youngest teacher there like??
  • he’s only a few years older than you, probably 4-5 years
  • first day he came in to class your eyes couldnt leave him at all
  • and everyone’s shookt
  • because how can one be so good looking?
  • and when he smiled your heart just melted!!
  • “good morning class, i’ll be your teacher for the year, hope we’ll go along well”
  • and his eyes catches yours and you smile at him
  • and he gives you the sweetest smile back and you just??
  • “what did i do to deserve such a handsome teacher it’s gonna be a great year”
  • class starts and you cant keep your eyes off him
  • and occasionally he’d catch eye contact with you
  • not anyone else but
  • you
  • they’re intense yet warm
  • and he gives you a small tiny smile every time
  • after a long two hour lesson his class finally ends
  • and you’re the last to leave because you had a lot of things to pack
  • plus you wanted to stare at him even longer
  • so of course he notices
  • and he gives you a smile again, but this time different
  • it’s much brighter and you can see his cheeks flaring up
  • they’re all pink and he’s trying to hide it but it’s so obvious
  • but you were also blushing like mad
  • “so… how was my lesson?”
  • “ah haha it’s great!! really fun and surprisingly i didn’t doze off”
  • “glad to hear! haha, uhm…”
  • “oh and im Y/N btw!”
  • “nice to meet you Y/N! i hope we become closer throughout the year”
  • “sure uh-mr lee”
  • “lee taeyong, my real name haha”
  • so after that incident your head is just full of him
  • same for him, he’d stare at you a lot in class
  • and for some reason your korean wasnt improving
  • and you had to do well for the exam
  • so you had no choice but to ask taeyong to give you extra lessons
  • and since the school would be closed, he suggests to go to the library
  • and being the nice person he is, he’d agree right away
  • probably also suggesting to treat you to lunch
  • throughout the whole session you cant even concentrate because he was so close to you
  • but he was fully focused on helping you out
  • much more sincere than when he’s in class
  • for some reason he’s much softer? and he’s also very sweet with his words
  • eventually extra lessons turned into small little dates at cafes
  • and he even asked you out multiple times to watch movies together
  • he buys you gifts
  • and tries to help you out be it with school work, or personal problems
  • five months of all that
  • and you could already feel yourself falling for him
  • when you know you shouldnt
  • but you couldnt help it
  • likewise, he was falling even harder for you
  • yall were more of friends rather than a teacher-student relationship, and only your close friends knew
  • you have his number saved as “taeyong 💘”
  • while he has yours, saved as “y/n!! 💖💖”
  • but of course each of you dont know
  • you dont know how much his heart races everytime he looks at you in class
  • and how he tries to concentrate on teaching
  • but he gets so distracted by you he often blanks out
  • “so this word means- uh… it means…”
  • awkward silence
  • “mr lee? what does it mean?”
  • “o-oh it means …”
  • and you know it’s because of you because he’s straight up facing and looking at you
  • after school ends he always waits for you so he can pick you up and send you back home
  • even when you have extra classes or activities, he was willing to wait
  • by this time you could tell he was in love with you
  • and you knew that he noticed your feelings too
  • after that time yall subtly held each others hands in a movie theatre but acted as if nothing happened
  • so one day after school he’s waiting in his car like always, for you
  • and when you get in, he gets all nervous and flustered
  • his eyes are shifting around a lot
  • and suddenly he takes up the courage to tell you
  • “y/n i know a lot of things have been going on between us throughout the past few months and im sure we both know how we feel about each other. but i cant go against the school’s rules but at the same time i cant bear to not be with you, i just- im so confused as what i should do i really really like you-”
  • before you know it you shut him up with a kiss on his lips
  • and he stares at you with his enlarged eyes
  • and blushed up cheeks
  • “i need to be with you too”
  • this is very bad i sincerely apologise that yall had to read this

To Fill Me With Electricity (Ben Platt x Reader)

Request: Basically, Reader is Mike’s lil sister and he notices that you and Ben r pretty close + some fluffy shit

Warnings: it’s extremely cheesy and kitschig

As some people say, you recognize lovers pretty fast. The way they speak to each other, how their eyes light up, when the other person talks about something they love. How their body language changes, once the other one arrives and sits next to them. When they look at each other for a brief second, exchanging one glance to their eyes – that’s all you need to realize somebody’s in love.
Well, that’s all your older brother thought, when he watched you laughing and smiling with Ben. It was the 200 shows celebration party and Mike decided to take you there. The whole evening, you were by Ben’s side. Drinking, telling stories. Laughing, until tears streamed down your eyes. Both of you were smiling brightly, as if the world was standing still, only to give you two this one moment together. Throughout all the hectic chaos on the party, you two resembled a quiet place. And you felt fine, hanging out with Ben, hoping that maybe he would feel the same about you.
“…so, I just sneezed in their faces”, Ben ended his story, making you laugh louder and uncontrollably.
“No! Oh God, you’re kidding?!”, you exclaimed.
Ben also laughed, shaking his head.
“Got sneezed in the face by Ben Platt. That sounds like a great fucking adventure in New York City, huh?”, you said, putting your hand on his knee. You didn’t even know why you did that and wondered whether he thought it was weird. You just blamed it on the alcohol.
“I bet ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ will forever be stuck in their memory now.”
Ben laid his arm around your waist. You were sitting so close to each other, looking the other one right in the eyes. A small glance might be enough, to fall in love with somebody. A small touch might be enough. Right now, a small kiss on your lips would be more than enough and more than anything you have ever wanted to have in your life.
You moved a bit closer to Ben.
“So, 200 shows.”, you said quietly, ignoring every other person in this room. In that moment, it was just you and Ben.
He hold you tighter.
“Yes. I still remember the first one.”
In his mind, he was angry at himself for saying this. God, how stupid he thought he was. You didn’t mind. You only wanted to kiss him now. Just kiss him, just tell him how much you liked him.
You put your hands on his neck. Your lips were almost touching.
“Hey Y/N. We gotta go now.”
The voice of your brother brought you back to reality. Quickly, Ben let go off of you and you immediately stood up, your face blushing.
Mike noticed that and smirked at both of you.
“Wow, I hope I didn’t interrupt you while…doing something important”, he said in that teasing kind of manner, every older brother has.
You looked over to Ben, who was also blushing. He shook his head hesitantly.
“We…no. Just talking. About life. We were not doing anything.”, he stuttered. In that moment, Ben became Evan for a brief second, making Mike laugh a little bit.
With a begging look in your eyes, you hoped that your brother would notice that you wanted to stay for some hours more.
“So, we’re leaving now. It’s late and I’m so tired!”, he faked a yawn, before grinning again in that brotherly asshole kind of way. You turned around to Ben, smiling and blushing once again.
“See ya.”, you nearly whispered, before walking out in the cold, dark night.

Throughout the whole way to your apartment, you two did not exchange one word. You were slightly angry at Mike. No, you were totally furious. Of course, he was your older brother and teasing you was sort of a standard job for him – but why in that moment?
“You’re so quiet.”, he said.
“Pretty fast at noticing things.”
He sighed. “Are you still mad at me, because I interrupted your almost-kiss with Ben?”
You kept your mouth shut. You just did not want to talk now at all. Especially not about the guy, you fancied since the day you first met.
“You kinda like him, right?”, Mike asked.
Again, no answer.
“And I think he kinda likes you.”
You walked a bit faster, hoping that you would finally arrive at your apartment building, but Mike grabbed your shoulder, hindering you into nearly running away from his question. You two stopped walking.
“Alright: what the fuck, Michael?”, you exclaimed. He let out a loud laugh.
“Just answer it. Do you like him or not?”
“I really wanna go home now.”
“Simple question, Y/N. Simple answer.”
“You can leave now. I can find the way to my home on my own, right?”
“No, I’m gonna be all worried then. Now, come on. Do you love him?”
You rolled your eyes.
“He’s okay, I guess.”
“Oh, oh, oh!”, Mike hollered, “you totally have a crush on him.”
You instantly blushed once again.
“No, I have not!”, you protested, crossing your arms.
Mike aped your reaction, before laying his arm around you.
“Oh, my little sister is in love.”, he sang in a happily tune.
“I am not!”, you said quietly. No, you’re not. Just blame the alcohol for all your actions.

The following morning, you woke up to a text message from Ben. Your stomach made a drop and there was this tingling feeling in your tummy out of sudden.

“Hey, sorry about yesterday. I hope ur not mad or something. But maybe we should still talk about it. Come to the theatre later on?”

Ignoring your massive headache, you let out a small scream. Ben wanted to talk. With you. About yesterday. Alright. You already knew, your heart will either be broken today, or it will all go well. You were hoping for the latter, of course.

The day of opening night of “Dear Evan Hansen” was the first time you met. Mike took his family with him and introduced you to Ben. After the performance, you two spent the whole evening together. Every time, he looked at you, you felt how your heart beated faster and your knees were weak, when he slightly touched you.
There was no doubt, that you had feelings for him.

“Alright, see you later on xx”

You looked at your response. It seemed quite a bit desperate. Two hugs? Oh dear God.
But you can’t just show up at the theatre, as you’re not even part of that business. There was only one way how to get into the backstage, to finally speak with Ben.

You heard him giggling at the other end.
“I should just casually take you with me? After literally everybody saw what you were doing?”
“Mike, please!”, you begged in your phone. Your voice sounded so hopeless.
He sighed. “Alright, come with me today. I’ll pick you up in like…half an hour. But promise me one thing.”
“Use protection.”
“You’re a dickhead.”
“I’m your brother, what else should I do?”

An hour later, you two arrived at the theatre, your hands shaking due to fear of the upcoming encounter with Ben. Hesitantly, you knocked on the door to his dressing room. You breathed in. And out.
The door opened and the first thing you noticed was, how quick Ben’s facial expression changed, when he saw you. Now, he was smiling.
He welcomed you in. His dressing room was big and very clean. Well, at least cleaner than the one of your brother. Some decoration and presents from fans made the usual boring and white room to a nice, inviting place.
“So, uh…sit down?”, he said, more in an asking tone, pointing to the sofa. He was not wearing his costume yet and didn’t have the cast on, which is just waiting to be signed by your brother.
He sat down next to you. There was an unwelcoming passage of silence between you, which made the whole situation inconvenient. Ben was tapping with his foot on the floor.
“We need to talk about yesterday. Look, that…that was just…wrong”, he started.
You nodded your head, your throat was all tied up. He thought it was a mistake, that you two almost kissed.
“We were just really drunk”, you said, smiling a bit.
Ben also smiled, but there was something about it. Something sad. In that moment, he knew that he made a mistake and he couldn’t undo it anymore. He was in love with you and you were in love with him. So, why was it so hard to finally confess it to each other?
“Let’s maybe not talk about it”
You nodded your head. “Yes, let’s just do this.”
Again, silence.
“Uhm, do you want to drink something? Or maybe eat? I have a bag of chips still lying around here, somewhere.”, he asked, hoping he would make the situation a bit better.
“No, no! I’m fine.”
Ben scratched his head.
“I don’t want to make – this- between us any weirder, you know? I really like you. And I don’t want to destroy that.”, he sighed.
“I also don’t want to change a thing about us.”
Oh, how you wished, that things were different. That you could kiss him anytime you want, that you could hold him anytime you want. You just couldn’t. And that made everything bad.
Suddenly, Ben nudged you. You exclaimed a very high-pitched tone, as you were utterly surprised by that.
“Did I hurt you?”, he immediately asked. You laughed.
“No, god. I was just not expecting that. I’m very ticklish, you know?”
“Oh, really? You are?”, Ben said, raising one eyebrow.
Either now or never.
There was this tension between you two, that no word could describe. He moved closer to you and put his hand on your knee. He knew exactly what he was doing and god, you absolutely fell for it.
“So, you’re ticklish?”
You nodded your head.
“Wouldn’t it be a shame, if somebody would tickle you then?”, he yelled, while nearly jumping on you, and started to tease and tickle you. Instinctively, you bursted out in laughing and of course, kicking around you. That’s the closest you two had ever been. Ben hovering you, his hands on your entire body, your hands around his neck. You two were laughing. Loudly. Uncontrollably. Being absolutely happy.
Then, Ben suddenly stopped. Both of you were breathing heavily. You stroke his cheek with your hand and before you could realize it, he pressed his lips on yours, pulling you closer to him.
It felt as if a firework went off between you two, until he suddenly backed off a bit.
“Wait, is it okay that I kiss you?”
“More than okay”, you whispered, before kissing him again. But this time, it was no longer this cute and shy little kiss. It almost was, as if you were just holding on to each other and as if the world around you nearly disappeared.

That moment, you two felt the absolute calmest. There was no stress, no harm, no worries – only you two and that was all that mattered.

A concept: Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill and the It’s Kind of a Funny Story musical take place in the same city, maybe even school, but Evan is too busy with his lie to get involved in junior drama to notice the squip problem, and Craig is in the hospital when the whole thing goes down


Written for Day 6 of @zutaraweek

Inspired by this post

Disclaimer: I own as much as Jon Snow knows

Katara’s soulmate tattoo was…unconventional.

For most people in her tribe, the first words their soulmate would say to them were profound, romantic, and magical. Even Sokka had a simple yet sweet one; Very nice to meet you.


Man, I can’t believe Shu died.

For the longest time, Katara worried about this Shu person and their inevitable death. Who were they? What was their life like? Did they have any idea what was coming? Who would miss them when they were gone?

Then, when she was twelve, on one of the Southern Water Tribe’s trips to negotiate trade deals, everything became clear.

They were in the city of Omashu when it was announced that a prestigious Earth Kingdom theatre group, as a special gift to their guests, would be performing a four-part production (‘one part every year to keep you on your toes’ as the…eccentric King Bumi put it) of the history of Omashu; namely the tale of the city’s founders, Oma and Shu.

Katara fumed.

For the next three years when she and her family and the other nations’ representatives would go to the theatre to watch Oma and Shu meet, fall in love, learn earthbending and build their secret tunnel, she would sulk in silence, knowing that the whole tale was ruined for her thanks to her stupid soulmate.

Finally, it got to the penultimate part and Shu ended up dying, to the surprise of everyone but Katara. She left the theatre in a foul mood, ignoring the chatter of everyone around her about how they ‘weren’t expecting that at all’.

In her peripheral vision, she saw dark hair and a red scar, when all of a sudden, she heard it.

“Man, I can’t believe Shu died.”

Katara gritted her teeth; rage welling up in her at those words as her arm tingled, confirming her suspicions. Without thinking, she whirled around and jabbed her finger at the guy who had spoken.

“You! You’re the one!”

The guy’s eyes – which she now noticed were a lovely shade of gold – widened. Slowly, he reached down, rolled up his sleeve, and read the words tattooed there before looking back up at her, a blush coating his cheeks.

“That’s not really how I imagined that being said.”

Fizzy Drinks

I felt like writing something, but I wasn’t feeling inspired to work on any of my WIPs. I asked @aloemilk for a prompt and she gave me “theatre”. Here’s a bit of Sunday evening fluff!


It had been Hermione’s dad’s idea, which was unexpected.

It had taken The Grangers a few weeks, several heated arguments, and even more tears to accept what Hermione had done to protect them, but they’d finally made their peace with it and resolved to rebuild their family.

However, the one thing that still seemed to be a point of unease was the fact that Ron and Hermione were dating. Of course, given that Ron had made the trip to Australia, and how much of a support he’d been to Hermione, they had quickly put the pieces together, prompting the young couple to confirm that they were officially together.

Her mum was pleased with the development, but her dad had remained eerily quiet on the matter. Ron had felt, more than once, that the older man was sizing him up. Not that Ron blamed him—he hadn’t really been able to clearly articulate to them how much he loved their daughter.

Little did he know that it was obvious to her parents, especially after Hermione had explained their goings on during the past year.

They’d cried during those heart-wrenching moments at Malfoy Manor, hugging Hermione tightly as she recalled the intense pain she’d endured and how Ron’s screams fueled her hope and allowed her to keep fighting. Mrs. Granger had even hugged Ron after that, thanking him profusely for saving their only child.

All of this flew through his mind when her mother piped up during dinner one mid-June evening in Sydney, asking Hermione about their first date.

“Honestly, Mum, between everything at the end of the war, the… the funerals, and then coming here to find you, well… we haven’t really gone on a date.”

Her parents were surprised, seeing how that was usually the first step in establishing a proper romantic relationship.

Ron gulped, not wanting to seem like a disappointment. He badly wanted to take Hermione on a date, hundreds of them, really. It was something he’d been dreaming about for years, if he was honest with himself. Hermione was right, as usual. Between the weight of everything they’d done since Harry beat Voldemort, their moments together had been filled with grief and support. Yet he still worried; he wanted so badly to make a good impression.

An awkward silence descended on the group.

“The theatre,” Mr. Granger suddenly blurted out. “You should go to the theatre. That’s where I took your mum on one of our first dates. Hamlet, wasn’t it, dear?”

Her mum nodded and smiled, a faraway look on her face.

Ron paled. He remembered Bill talking about the theatre once when he was taking Muggle Studies. A bunch of poncy gits dressing up, acting out a story, and speaking a bunch of nonsense. It sounded ridiculous. He was also aware that it could be rather pricey, and his funds were rather limited. Of course, he knew well enough not to say anything out loud.

Hermione spoke up, after noticing the subtle change on Ron’s face. “Thanks for the suggestion, Dad. I think maybe the cinema would be a better option for Ron and I.”

Blimey, he loved this woman.

Ron nodded excitedly. “I’ve heard a bit about the cinema from Hermione and some of the other Muggleborns at school. It sounds brilliant. But…”

“But what, Ron?”

“I… I wanted to do this properly.” His ears flared red as he focused on his girlfriend. “Hermione, would you go out with me?”

Ron heard Mrs. Granger sigh, and Hermione beamed. “I’d love to.”

Ron even chanced a glance over to Mr. Granger, who had an odd look on his face. Making eye contact, he gave Ron a genuine smile and a slight nod, approving of his actions.

After finishing up their dinner, Ron looked up at the clock. He had no idea what time the cinema closed.

“Well, I guess we’d better get going then.”

“Ron!” Hermione screeched. “I have to get ready first! My hair is a mess, I need to change…”

Ron’s confusion was evident. “Why? You look beautiful.”

Hermione blushed. “Well, I’m glad you think so, but this is our first official date and I want to look… you know… special. Mum, will you help me pick something out?”

“Of course, dear.”

Mrs. Granger’s eyes were shining as the two women dashed up the stairs of the small house, talking non-stop and giggling, leaving the two men watching in awe.

Mr. Granger clapped Ron on the shoulder. “These women, eh?”

Ron nodded, suddenly dreading being left alone with Mr. Granger.

“Now, Ron, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this—seeing how we let you two share a room here—but if I hear a single word about you not treating my daughter with the utmost respect, I won’t be very happy.”

“Of course, sir. Besides, Hermione would probably hex my bollocks off if I did anything she didn’t want to do.” Ron’s eyes widened, mortified at using such crass language.

Mr. Granger snorted. “I’m sure you’re right, son.”

A silent understanding seemed to take place between the two men, both of whom loved the bushy-haired witch upstairs. After an awkward moment, Hermione’s dad spoke up again.

“So, you’ve never been to the cinema before?”

“No. From what I understand, it sounds like a bunch of people sitting in a dark room, watching a giant television.”

“Well, I suppose that’s an apt description of it. But it’s more about the experience of enjoying something together. Not only that, but between the big screen, the sound, and the treats, it’s quite fun.”

Ron perked up. “Treats? What kinds of treats?”

Mr. Granger smiled, knowing of Ron’s penchant for sweets—much to his professional disapproval. “Yes, there are a number of things we typically eat at the cinema, including popcorn, candy, and,” he visibly cringed, “fizzy drinks.”

“Fizzy drinks? Sounds interesting.” Ron realized anything that made Mr. Granger look so disgusted was probably full of sugar and, and most likely delicious. He couldn’t wait to try it.

Mr. Granger chuckled to himself. “One time, when Jean and I were dating, we went to the cinema and I accidentally spilled a drink all over her dress, halfway through the film. She was furious, so we missed the rest of the show and I took her home. Luckily, she still wanted to see me, and we laughed about it a few days later. It’s a good thing too, because I was already quite taken with her.”

Ron let out a laugh. “Magic certainly would have been useful there!”

As they came down the stairs, Mrs. Granger and Hermione was stunned to see the two men laughing jovially.

Ron caught Hermione’s eye, and sucked in a breath. “Blimey. You look incredible!”

She’d pinned up her hair, and had changed outfits, opting for a black knee-length skirt, warm stockings, a dark blue jumper, and a denim jacket.

She touched her hair self-consciously, as Ron continued to stare. “It’s nothing, really.”

“Looks like I’m not the only who’s quite taken,” joked Mr. Granger.

Ron watched as Hermione approached, holding out her hand. He took it and stood up, pulling her into a hug and gently kissing the top of her head.

“Ready to go?”

He nodded, nerves suddenly exploding throughout his body. He was going on an actual date with Hermione, something that a few weeks ago seemed like an impossibility.

“I promise I won’t spill a drink on you.”

She looked up at him strangely, not understanding why her parents burst out laughing “I hope not.”