when i noticed this in theatres

I met this guy on tinder. He was charming, handsome, and very well off financially. We messaged for about a week and decided to go out for a movie, and if that went well maybe to dinner. I promised myself I would never actually meet up with anyone on tinder and He was quite a few years older than I (me being 18, him 26), so I was a little timid to go through with it but I said what the hell. Let me first say that when I left my house, I noticed my battery light in my 1994 Chevy pick up truck go on. I brushed it off and figured it would be fine…I was wrong.
I finally get to the movie theatre (which was an hour away) to meet him and things went very well. We decided to go to grab some dinner and he tells me to follow him. We get to the restaurant and it ends up being closed so we get back in our cars and try a different place.
As I’m pulling out of the parking lot my truck stalls. He sees that I’m stopped in the middle of the road and turns around to come help. Neither of us has jumper cables so I get in his car to go to Meijer. We get back to my truck, he jumps it, the charge lasts for maybe 3 minutes and then stalls again. He ends up taking me to Meijer AGAIN to get a new battery and changes it for me right then and there. Once the battery was in and my truck was running fine, we had a quick make out sesh in my truck until we realized it was then 3am and we both had work in the morning. I thanked him, promised him a second date, and went on my way. Half way home the new battery dies and I have to call a tow truck to get me to an auto place near my house. 9 hours and $400 later, I’m finally home and promised myself to never go on a tinder date again.

concept: a vampire novel about a theater tech who gets bitten by a vampire and begins to turn and they have to keep it a secret and they’re like “oh no how will i ever keep this from my family and friends what will i do angst angst angst”

but no one notices for ages

and finally when someone does find out, the tech is like “how did you never notice that in the past year, i haven’t gone outside when it’s daylight, eaten anything, or let anyone take any pictures of me? or that i’ve gotten sickly and pale or that i’ve been staying up all night? or that i’ve been distant and avoided human interaction?”

and their friend is like

“dude you were always like that”

“…fair point”

NOTICE: Expired by April 8th

It’s that time again, babies!

We’re finally starting run throughs and tech rehearsals for our spring production. I’m having very busy, long 13-14 hour days.

That means a few things:

• My in game activity is going to drop during weekdays to a hiatus point. So you’ll only see me on tumblr or on weekends!

• I might not have the energy to reply to roleplay posts/reblogs until the weekends when I get some rest.

• I am going to be INCREDIBLY irritable. It doesn’t mean you did anything. It means that my energy is so unbelievably low from all the rehearsals and sleep deprivation. I hardly have time to even eat during what us thespians call “hell week”.
I am head of the costuming for this show, and I am doing 98% of all of the costumes by myself, on top it that I have a lead role so I have to pause what I am doing, run on stage for my parts and do all costumes in between. I’m very behind on them so It easily stresses me out.

And to add to it, I’m still a student and have rigorous academic work to maintain.

• I will cry at literally anything. For no reason. I will be emotionally PERFECT. But my body is going to be beyond tired, stressed, and anxious. I will be in tears and tell you I’m fine and mean it, crying is just how I expel stress. It happens every show. It’s OK. ❤️

• If you don’t message me, you MIGHT not hear from me. No, I haven’t lost interest in you. I don’t dislike you. I’m not avoiding you. Honestly I’m either working or sleeping. I take every opportunity I can to catch some Zzz(s) during hell week.

BUT I WILL BE BACK SOON AFTER (like always) It’s only about two weeks away and then it’ll all be over! ❤️

April 8th, ladies and gents!

Until then, see you on the weekends! Hang with me!

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So I never noticed this before...

In the scene in the movie theatre in CA: The First Avenger, during the ‘join the war effort’ advert, we get a quick glance of this woman:

sitting across the aisle from Steve(perhaps one row behind as well, perspective isn’t my strong suit).
But she’s clearly teary-eyed and upset, and I don’t doubt that her husband or boyfriend or brother got drafted or enlisted, and is probably overseas(notice the empty seat next to her in what appears to be a packed theatre? Feels like a subtle nod to me, but maybe I’m reading too much into it)

And then look at her reaction when Steve asks the man to quiet down:

Like, Steve speaking up clearly meant something to her, because she probably wanted to herself and 1) didn’t trust her voice, and 2) probably wouldn’t have gotten far thanks to the era’s sexism.

Idk I just really like little details, especially this one because even small, Steve Rogers was impacting people, even if it was just a little bit.

Something I recently noticed about the Kingsman knights

One detail in Kingsman: the Secret Service I’ve paid attention to since the very first time I saw it in a movie theatre is the lack of seats in the dining room above the shop. As many people will have noticed, there are only nine seats besides Arthur’s.

Although the number of knights does vary in Arthurian legend, the most established and smallest number of knights is twelve. For some reason I’ve always written the reduce number in the movie off as a random inconsistency, until last night, when I noticed two things.

Number 1: There are nine recruits in the Lancelot try outs, which corresponds with the seats at the table: one candidate is chosen by Arthur and an additional one by each of the knights shown at the table above (seeing as Lancelot is dead and the one being replaced, that makes another eight).

Considering Merlin is the one to put them through the tests, it makes sense that he can’t enter a candidate, but that still leaves a shortage of 2 candidates, if there are twelve knights.

Number 2: Then there’s the matter with Merlin. He seems to have a very different role from the knights at Arthur’s table. Unlike them he isn’t an active field agent even though he obviously has the training for it. He does have the occasional moment out in the wild (the last stage of the 1997 recruitment and obviously the entire latter half of the movie), but that is definitely not what makes up most of his working hours.

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He seems to run a lot of things back at the base: agent recruitment, tech/transport, information, all sorts of stuff. What’s interesting to note is that he doesn’t have a seat at the table, despite being a knight, which opens the possibility of there being another rtwo knights that - for a very particular reason - aren’t at that table either.

Now, I’ve thought about this all day, and I’ve come up with two main theories, both related to Merlin’s position at Kingsman. A lot of people have pegged him to be the Quartermaster of Kingsman, which has led me to wonder whether one of the other knights could occupy a position as Chief of Staff, similarly to Tanner in Bond movies. I’m not at all convinced of this though, because of the role Melrin plays in recruiting new agents (which I think would fall under the responsibilities of a CoS??).

Of course this theory leaves another slot to be filled and this is something I’ve really broken my back over. I think the most plausible larger sector to take charge of would be information processing. Kingsman is an international agency, but someone’s got to cross reference, process, translate, and sort out information from various branches in order for mission support to run smoothly. The way I see it, Merlin does most of the knights’ mission support and tech back up, so this could easily be a separate tech branch that’s run by another knight. However, Merlin is also the one to provide all the intel and updates to e.g. Harry and Arthur in the dining room, so perhaps all of the incoming and outgoing streams of information are his to handle and provide updates on.

Which leads me to theory number two. If Merlin is really doing all of the jobs that are implied to be his in the movie, he is running one hell of a machine. Even with a whole fleet of subordinates this would be too complex a system to be left to its own devices for, say, the amount of time it takes for a normal human being to sleep. In fact, I think this would be the sort of 24h, high pressure job that constantly needs someone on top of their game pulling the levers. And what would work better than a long standing rota of eight hour shifts divided among three Kingsman knights?

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I’m hoping we’ll gain some insight into this matter in the next movie, but until then I’d love to hear some thoughts from the fandom.

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I’ve never really been too excited about the live action Disney movies. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Disney movies but I guess I’m a old school kind of girl, loving the animated cartoons from my childhood. But I knew that when my all time favorite og them all, Beauty and the Beast, would become live action as well, I knew I had to see it at the movie theatre. Expectations going in: high.

Expectations after: succeded!

I had tears in my eyes most of the time, either because it was beautiful, funny or sad. A true rollercoaster og emotions for me personally.
Sure, it was different in several ways but a lot of it for the better, especially the insights to Belle’s and the Beast’s separate backstories, giving answers you always wanted.

I also noticed they didn’t sing “Ten years we’ve been rusting” in Be Our Guest but changed it so it didn’t specify a time. I can’t remember the exact words, but it doesn’t make the Beast’s age a problem as the prologue doesn’t mention his 21th birthday either. And the spell making everyone they cared about from outside the castle forget about them. Details like that I’m very pleased with. My heart grew several sizes, making all the feelings that much stronger.

I’m just glad it didn’t ruin anything for me, and I really want to see it again soon!!

always-tete  asked:

Oh my gosh, you're the only person I've ever encountered who's noticed the racial biases in the trading community. I mean, it has to do with the larger racism of musical theatre (both the industry and fan communities) but damn, it was exhausting to deal with when I was a trader.

Yeah, obviously racism is present everywhere, on all layers of society but that’s just so painful to observe because you just know that most of these people wouldn’t consider themselves racist at all.

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How do you unlearn bad habits? I didn't and still don't have a good vibrato, but being in theatre, I forced one out. Problem is, my head shakes like I'm a small puppy when I try and its very noticable and unattractive. Not only that, the vibrato hurts my throat after a while and sounds forced and clipped and squeezed like its not loose and free. I want to learn proper safe vibrato, but I should unlearn the bad stuff first, right? How do you stop something you've do for so long?

I truly believe the answer is going back to basics and starting at a very basic, raw place.  This is why people often take lessons for a bit and then back out–it’s scary to feel like you’re getting “worse.”  We all have bad habits, many of which make us sound somewhat “polished” in our singing, and when a teacher challenges you to take that away and go back to square one, it feels like you’re getting worse.  You’re not, but it’s so vulnerable that people are quite resistant.  An issue like manipulated vibrato is so complex–it involves so many facets of singing technique that it’s virtually impossible to just fix on its own.  It is a very tangled web of issues, so it takes really backing up to square one and making raw, unpolished sounds and building back up from there to fix.  

Guys, I just saw Beauty and the Beast and I can honestly say that this truly done the original movie so much justice. Dan Stevens truly brought the darkness and heart of the Beast. I don’t watch a lot of Emma Watson movies, but I can clearly see that she’s matured from Hermione to Belle and she definitely stayed true to who Belle is and her inner ambitions. And gay Lefou! Holy Christ I was impressed. There was never a dull moment with him onscreen. And lastly the iconic ballroom scene. I kid you not when I say that I was deceased. Im truly in love with this live action Disney movie (probably even more than Jungle Book hehe). In the theatre, there was a little girl sitting next to me and I couldn’t help but notice her smallest comments on everything and hearing her just sing along with the music. It truly brought me back to when I was a little girl. I grew up watching Belle and she was/still is everything I wanna be: Fearless, headstrong, and wise. I saw myself in that little girl and I will never forget the feelings I felt in that theatre. They will harbor in my mind for evermore.. (see what I did there?😏)

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Once my mom, step-dad and I went to go see a movie together. 30 minutes in and I left the theatre because all the “haha Mexican gardners/maids”, “dumb blacks”, and “ching-chong Asian” jokes pissed me off while my white parents were laughing their asses off.

I remember sitting in the theatre lobby, waiting for the movie to end, seconds away from confused tears because; here was my mother, who had married and had 2 children with my Mexican father, laughing at jokes made at his, my, expense.

So there I am, when a little old black lady comes out of the bathrooms. I hold my breath, hoping that she won’t notice me. But she does. She sees a near-tears 15-year old on a bench and she walks up to me and asks: “Are you okay hun?”

I shake my head. “I’m fine, thank you.”

She walks closer. Looks me in the eyes. “Are you okay?” she asks, firmer this time.

I crumple. The tears fall. She sits next to me while I sniffle and stutter my way through an explanation. I finish babbling and she sits there and thinks for a moment. Takes a deep breath and tells me something that has stuck with me to this day.

“Your mother loved him, I’m sure she did. And she loves you. But, sometimes, a person can love someone and not their race. I’m not saying that’s right, I’m not saying your mother is right. But for now… for now that’s how some people in this world are.”

She gave me a hug, told my to dry my eyes, and went back to her movie. I waited for my parents to come out of the theatre. We never talked about it. But every once in awhile, when my mom says something especially offensive, I remember that woman in the theatre. I remember her words and how somber she sounded when she told me that’s just how the world is right now.

I take a deep breath. Look my mother in the eyes. Tell her that she’s wrong. And even if she doesn’t believe me, even if she tell me off for “talking back”, I do it again the next time. Because I never want to have to tell a child that’s just how the world is.

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ok so they don't technically address Washingtons death in the songs but I remember listening to The Room Where It's Happening podcast and one of the hosts, Travon, has seen it like 5 times and he said that people kinda like gather around the stage and it looks like a funeral during one last time?? idk exactly how to describe it bc i don't remember noticing it when I saw it but?? and he said he talked to Leslie about it and he said that's what it's supposed to be. so that's a thing, i guess??

Oh I saw the musical twice in bootlegs and it’s basically a farewell ceremony, it’s his goodbye, it’s sad, and all… I personally don’t see it as a funeral but the beauty of theatre is being able to have different interpertations of it <3 

Seeing Hamilton Live

Things I Noticed

opening- theatre goes wild! amazing energy everyone is so so happy to be there the whole time waiting for it to start is electric
story of tonight: wow are they going to ever stop hugging? (no) Laf laurens Alex and Mulligan are all hanging all over each other
Schuyler sisters: OMG SQUAD GOALS when they put their hands in the middle THE TURNTABLE Peggy omg omg the enseMBLE BURR IS SO FUNNY he’s trying to keep up with Angelica on the opposite turntables it’s hilarious
helpless: Eliza oh my gooooood beautiful all the liGHTS a literal angel also Lin???? holy shit omg his expressions and body language WOWOW This was so impressive and it’s crazy to see such a huge amount of plot go by in like. 3 minutes and it’s all so easy to follow they’re so good
farmer refuted WOW HES SO CUTE also this was literally so hilarious like mulligan egging ham on omg they’re all cheering for Alex except burr who is at this point already like Kill Me Now
you’ll be back: what the fuck??? this was so funny he barely moved at all but his expressions and tiny little things made it hilarious wow
right hand man: WOW EVERY SINGLE WASH SONG WAS SO POWERFUL AND MOVING AND INCREDIBLE Hamilton is a literal jumpy baby he’s bouncing on his toes aww Chris Jackson is a literal God on earth and there was so much going on in this he was so REAL the struggle of Washington that he showed was so amazing wowowooww
story of tonight reprise: does it get any gayer? who knows. also Anthony does that thing (u know the thing the ‘u got a special someone on the side’ thing) right in Leslie’s ear like he’s almost eating the side of his face it’s so funny also he’s obviously trying to keep Alex from getting into a fight on his wedding night
wait for it: wowowowowowowowowowow leslie what the fuck the amount of emotion and power in this song was so incredible and I cannot believe… the lights in this were particularly stunning
stay alive, ten duel commandments, and meet me inside: I’m crying. I’m literally crying ok the confrontation between ham and wash was so emotional and cool they were all stiff and cold unlike having before where they had been really animated except when Alex goes “well I don’t have your name” and he kinda explodes
and the duel was so gay when Laurens survived Hamilton was crying (he like scrubbed his face) and wOW also the other cast members are always up top? watching what’s going on? and it’s so cool
that would be enough: Eliza is the best 2kforever ok wow holy shit this is so sweet and Lin is practically crying his voice breaks and gah the emotion!!! he doesn’t think he deserves her! wahh
guns and ships: ITS LIT ITS SO LIT DAVEED IS ACTUALLY SO TALENTED HIS ENERGY AND PRESENCE IS UNFATHOMABLE I CANNOT TELL YOU I wanted to watch this over and over because there was so much motion it def captured the chaos of battle
history has its eyes on you: wow ok so Hamilton comes back and he’s so beautiful? like yeah ok also this was so nice in the theatre like.. surrounding u with the music GAH
Yorktown, aka where do I look everything is amazing and this should probably be rated r because this is porn: I can’t even begin to describe this… there was so much going on and everyone was so good and there was this line thing w the ensemble and the bayonets and WOW
(I no lie thought this had to be the end of act 1 it was so powerful)
dear theodosia: the lights???? the emotion??? they’re so cute???? it’s so simple and sweet and I’m in love Burr is sitting in his chair and Alex is behind his and they’re lit in little squares of light and it’s so cool bc for once neither of them are trying to be in the spotlight but they still feel the pressure yessssss
Laurens letter: oh no. oh no oh no oh no Anthony is standing there and he is so proud and sad and angry and Hamilton is devastated like aCTually crushed and then he just INTERNALIZES IT AND GOES “I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO” AND WOW
non-stop: yes? yes yes yes the law scene is so good, when he meets burr Leslie is so done he’s so exasperated this whole song and it’s so good and everything about this was sO GOOD
what’d I miss: I literally cannot tell you how much I love this song like i thought I liked it before? nope wrong daveed diggs is a magician and every movement he made made me laugh even harder and that coAT OH MY GOD gAH every punchline perfectly delivered hhhhhhhhh the whole cast too just adding little eye rolls and flippant gestures it’s perfect
the cabinet battles!!! everyone cheered when Washington was like “for a cabinet meeting, huh?” and it was so fun Lin is such a bouncy puppy also Madison Oak’s total switch is so impressive and?? he keeps wiping his nose with a handkerchief I’m crying
take a break: Angelica and Eliza as best people ever ok they are so kind and they’re so cute together when they’re hugging and trying to get Hamilton to come and ANTHONY HOLY SHIT AS PHILLIP HIS MANNERISMS COMPLETELY CHANGE FROM LAURENS AND AT FIRST HES THIS SHY LITTLE KID SND THEN HE GETS MORE CONFIDENT AND WAAAAAA HAM PLEASE
say no to this: I cannot believe… this was so well done, not even close to weirdly sexual, and it doesn’t portray maria badly at all she’s in love with him it’s so sad ahhhhh and James Reynolds is SO GOOD AND THE LIGHTING AND ITS SO INTIMATE AND WELL DONE WOWOW (also it all happens in a street setting? like there’s street lights it’s really cool because it was the first publicized affair)
the room where it happens: I’m still gay, it was just as good as you would expect, Leslie has so much emotion I can’t tell you
Schuyler defeated: tiny little Laurens. that’s all
one last time: this is actually really sad? wow also Lin does so well, when he goes “teach them how to say goodbye” and it’s like he’s accepted it and GAH CHRIS IS SO SO POWERFUL IN THIS I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE
I know him & the Adams admin: King George is literally insane and I love him. he sits in for AA and does this funny little dance what the heck I love them all
we know: ok. ok so daveed diggs is amazing ok? ok. the tension is palpable in this scene and it’s so well staged and woW it’s so neat how they’re all on one side of the desk and it’s very formal and aggressive they’re all leaning in and for once Hamilton is not. the one moving an excessive amount which is really cool bc it’s like his whole life freezes at this point and then…
hurricane: I cannot. I cannot do this justice. the lighting, the slow moving hurricane of papers and furniture, the GODDAM TURNTABLE BLESS thIS you have to see live
the Reynolds pamphlet: let’s be clear; this is the actual hurricane and I want to watch it over and over. every single character gets a reaction, including the king and Anthony (sobs) and it’s so crazy, tossing papers everywhere, SO COOL you can feel the beat in your chest it’s incredible
burn: ok. um. cry. just cry now because Eliza didn’t deserve this and also phillipa’s voice is like silk and it’s heartwrenching ok the dynamics are incredible
blow us all away: I love Anthony ok. that’s all. (also the show staging bit is so good George is on the balcony and everyone else watching the show keeps turning around in their seats ahh) and when he goes “your fathers a scoundrel and so it seems are you” he looks him up and down and Phillip is literally just a little boy trying too hard to act cool I’m sorry
the election of 1800: um I’m pretty sure tjeffs dabs when he gets the endorsement which is. pretty much this whole thing plus some really amazing choreography and a fantastic burr yes? he is so much more animated here (“I learned that from you”)
yr. obt. servant: this is so sassy??? so sassy the people sending the letters are so sassy the whole thing is just sass™
best of wives and best of women: oh nooooo those glasses he’s so smol and tired and they are so sweet together wow he just holds her as he’s sitting down
the world was wide enough: ok so the death scene… slow motion bullet, amazing amazing amazing seeing all the other characters, wow this literally couldn’t have been done better
row him across the Hudson is so cool too?? and then he ascends up the stairs to the other dead characters and I’m GAY
wlwdwtys: wow ok so this is like a love ballad to Eliza? and when she sees the audience at the end it’s so sweet I cANT TELL YOU HOW GOOD THIS WAS

Also meeting the cast at the end:
Daveed is so kind and soft I gave him a hug and he was so obviously tired but he was still so happy and grinny and he kept complimenting people he said he liked my jacket!!
Chris was so! nice! he actually stopped and talked with us for like?? a minute and said he would like to visit virginia (mount Vernon) and he was so friendly
AHHH just everyone was so nice this is so long already I’m sorry it was just AAHH these people

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So, I’ve noticed recently that there’s a lot of disdain for Rent in the theatre community and I haven’t really been able to understand why until I saw How to Survive a Plague, The Normal Heart, and Larry Kramer in Love and Anger.  We have forgotten the historical context under which Rent was written.  Jonathan Larsen began developing the musical in 1989; right in the thick of the AIDS crisis.  George HW Bush was the recently inaugurated president and he was no better than his predecessor, Ronald Reagan, when it came to talking about and dealing with the AIDS crisis.  Mayor Ed Koch had only recently been ousted as Mayor of New York, but NYC landlords were still evicting HIV positive residents of the West Village.  Some landlords would even shut off the heat in the apartments of HIV positive (and frequently LGBTQ) tenants so that they would die faster.  And the majority of Americans were either fearful of infection or did not care. Either way, no one was talking about it.  No one was being educated.  

Jonathan Larsen was living in the thick of the West Village in the late 80′s/early 90′s, surrounded by struggling artists, addicts, and gay men and women.  He was living what we watch in How to Survive a Plague. Then, with remarkable insight and empathy, he transformed what he was seeing into a piece of theatre.  What’s more, it was a risky piece of theatre.  AIDS, homelessness, drug addiction, and homosexuality were not popular topics of conversation in 1989-1994, let alone entertainment.  But he did it anyway.  And its politics were hardly subtle.  When the show was produced, the casting was kept intentionally race neutral.  The original cast only included five white cast members out of a cast of about 20.  Touring productions of the show started almost immediately after the show began it’s Broadway run, expanding the reach of the show across the country and later, all over the world.

I saw Rent when I was in 5th grade (my parents don’t have a great concept of what’s appropriate for an 11 year old).  It was a transformative night in the theatre, but one that left me with a lot of questions.  My mom spent the car ride home from the theatre teaching me about the AIDS crisis and homophobia and drug addiction.  It was the first time I encountered Queer relationships in fiction and it was certainly the first time I’d seen a Queer couple of color in any kind of media where their love was treated with absolute dignity and respect.  Most importantly, it made me care: about AIDS, LGBTQA rights, the disease of addiction, and poverty.  It took issues that were completely foreign to me and made them personal and important.  That is what great political theatre can do. In my mind, that’s what all get theatre should strive to do.  

Random Berena Thoughts of the Week...

Re: Brave New World

1. Damn, Catherine Russell.  You had me at “Morning….”

2.  Anybody notice the way Bernie keeps flexing her fingers over the coffee cup when they’re walking down the corridor.  Like…a lot.

3.  We see Bernie toast to “keeping it in theatre” but we never see her drink afterwards.  Where I’m from, you have to take a sip or the toast doesn’t count…I’m just sayin…

Re: Spoilers for Say a Little Prayer

1. “a happily engaged patient and her partner present a vision of what might have been for Sacha and Essie”  Sounds like two ladies to me.  And what if Serena happens to wander down to Keller while they’re there and gets inspired by the possibilities?

2.  Maybe that’s how Ric Griffin finds out she’s no longer an option

3.  As fun/silly as the idea is, I can’t picture Serena singing “If I loved You” because the notes seems too high for someone with such a hot n’ husky voice, but I’d love to stand corrected…

4.  Instead, I picture Serena keeping it “in theatre” - maybe she helps Bernie get suited up for Rafe’s surgery…moves in close and reaches behind her to tie up the strings of her gown…whispers something in her ear like  ‘I can’t stop thinking about you - tell me you don’t feel the same’ …nothing too inappropriate or forward…just enough to let Bernie know the conversation isn’t over…

5.  Alas: another distracted week with too little work done and too much time spent on the interwebs…oh well…at least I’m in good company  :-)

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Fuck Me Up
  • ME: Man I'm so ready for college, I can't wait to major in technical theatre and-
  • Me: *scoff* You're majoring in theater? Psh ok, have fun working three other jobs to support your 'career.' Come talk to me when you get a real job.
  • ME: Sorry but incase you didn't notice theatre requires way more fucking skills then "Hello? Yes, please hold." Theatre incorporates math, science, english, history, psychology, anatomy, and being able to push yourself above and beyond. I don't see you doing that in your cubicle.
  • Me: Whatever, theater people are just kids who aren't smart enough or are just too lazy to-
  • ME: REALLY? Cause I know a 47 year old man who could tap dance circles around you while singing the entirety of the musical Hamilton while you get out of breath walking from the couch to the kitchen.
  • Me: Ok, but it still doesn't change the fact that you guys stay broke most of your lives, maybe you'd all have money if you did television or film, though you failed which is why you guys do theater right?
  • ME: Sorry?! While theatre and film has its differences, most start out in the same place, MAJORING IN ACTING OR THEATRE, so why don't you shut the fuck up you uncultured incompetent cock waffle.
Reylo shippers, can we discuss a thing?

So, I went to the theatre the other day and rewatched The Force Awakens and I noticed something.  When Rey wakes up in the torture chamber, Kylo Ren is kneeling before her.

I am trying to figure out why.

Is it an intimidation tactic so that when he stands up he looms larger?

Or is in an unconscious acknowledgement of Rey’s superiority?

This ship - incest and bondage/domination - already goin’ to hell, just pumpin’ that gas…

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