when i look in a mirror all i feel is disgust and shame

Boss's Orders

Boss’s Orders (m)

Word count: 2.6k

Genre: filth, apparently I have a thing for shameless office sex ;)

I tried a different style of writing for this one… anyway, enjoy.

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I was doing some faxing for Mr. Park, my boss. He was making me work late, yet again. He had made me work late a lot these past few weeks. Sometimes a couple of other people were with me but tonight I was the only one left.

He had gotten on to me because one of my reports was messed up. It wasn’t a surprise to me that one out of the twenty I was given, at the same time, was not perfect. Mr. Park always got pretty mad with me for unknown reasons. Or I just was around when he’d need to take his pent up anger out on someone. It was sad that the only reason I put up with him was because I needed this job… and that I was insanely attracted to him. Although, I felt especially attracted to him when he got on to me. There was something about his aggressive, hard voice that made my knees weak and my panties wet. He’d sometimes slam his fist on his desk and i’d have to bit my lip to keep from moaning.

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bad | 02

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 4 589

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, badboy!taehyung, cussing, mature

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon ↠ 

A/N: you people wanted more, so I’m here to give you more. this is not the last part. again, tell me if you want it to continue. I don’t wanna keep writing if no one cares. and tHANKS FOR 500

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phazerstorm  asked:

I just adore your art style, it's so cute! I'm thinking of making comics myself. Do you think you could give me some tips on angling or facial expressions or overall detail?

Thank you so so much! I really appreciate that! Like, a whole lot. ^^

I’m not exactly sure how much I’ll be able to help you, though I can at least give you some pointers on expressions! I’ll do my best. I’m sorry this is coming a bit late! 

I’m going to use Bendy for my examples, just because he’s super easy to draw and I have him on hand/mind at the moment. But! These can be used on just about anyone.

Keep in mind: this is just my way of doing things. There isn’t one “set” way to create great art! There’s a lot of experimenting, testing and growing when it comes to artwork.

When it comes down to expressions, there are a few things to consider: what are they feeling? How intense is this feeling? How far can, or should you push it? How can you make this feel realistic? In visual storytelling, showing what a character is going through is far more important than telling the reader. In a comic setting, there’s a very fine balance–since you have images to go with the words, but you can’t convey each minute action… At least in a reasonable amount of panels, the dialogue and the images have to work together when they’re used in tandem.

When a character is shouting, you have to push their expression further–it won’t be enough to show them with their mouth slightly open, or with a flat face. Give them wide eyes, or shut their eyes completely with frustration. Open their mouth wide, maybe even get their body language involved if you have enough room. Throw their arms in the air, have them pulling at their hair!

Likewise, if what they’re saying is quiet or somber, soften their expression. Have their gaze ill-focused, or looking to the ground. Their shoulders could be slumped, their brow could be low. Their mouth could be almost, or entirely closed. Or are they happy? Raise their eyebrows, widen their eyes with joy! Bring out that smile! Use as much variety and as many shapes as you can!

Because I’m a visual person, here are a few examples to give you a better idea of what I mean:

(I’m sorry if my handwriting is hard to read)

Which facial expressions are more interesting? Sure, the ones on the left are going through the motions of emoting, but the ones to the right REALLY show how the character is feeling!

Body language is also immensely important when it comes down to expressiveness. Every part of the body can be used to convey a message. The crossing of arms can indicate disgust, or even put a small barrier between two people. Slumped shoulders show disappointment or sadness. Every little movement a character makes can have a massive impact on their overall tone. Here are a few examples like the above:

Even minute changes to a static pose can make a BIG difference! Test around and see what works best.

I’ve noticed that some animators have mirrors near their desk. This is so they can look up at their reflection and make a face into the mirror. They project their character’s feelings onto themselves, that way they can see what sort of facial expression would be best suited to that emotion. Nowadays we can just google this, but it’s still a good idea. Don’t be afraid to look up references whenever you need them. I know I do frequently! There’s no shame in using references!

My friend linked me to this wonderful guide, which goes more in-depth than I did here. Take a look!

I’m sorry I can’t help you quite as much with angles. I feel that I’d need to do a little more research in order to be able to articulate this more fluently. Perhaps some other time I can try and revisit this and go more into depth about perspective and foreshortening, but for now, here’s another great guide that might help you along in the right direction. I use a similar structure for my own drawings! 

Speaking of foreshortening, here’s another tutorial! I don’t use this particular method, but it may work for you!

I know you didn’t ask for it, but I’d like to give you some tips about comic making. If you don’t want them, then I guess you can just stop reading, pfff. Either way I’ll put it under a cut so this post doesn’t take up so much of the dashboard.

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Self-Critical (Poly!Hamilsquad x Fem!Reader)

(So I’ve been having a super horrible last few weeks. I’ve been really unhappy with myself, physically and mentally and emotionally. Drama in my love life was making it hard for me to get inspired to write anything. So I tried to channel what I was feeling into this fic. I hope anyone who feels this way overcomes it and realizes how unique and special and beautiful you are. Love yourself, because you deserve it. It isn’t as long as the other two, but I hope you all understand. I’m getting back into it slowly and I’ll try to post something at least once a week.

This fic is SFW!

triggers: self-depreciation/insults/body-shaming 

I hope you all enjoy and I hope this makes at least one other person feel better about themselves.) 

The morning had been spent in front of the mirror. You didn’t have class today, but the boys still had to go to work. You’d woken up alone to the sound of rain drizzling on the window just next to your bed. It was cold and you felt more lonely than you had in a while to be laying in your vast bed with none of your boyfriends beside you.

Lately, you’d been hyper critics of your appearance, specifically your weight. You were silent about it for the most part, but you found it harder and harder to accept the way you looked when you had beauties like your best friends, the Schuyler Sisters to compare yourself to.

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jugandbettsdetectiveagency  asked:

27, gotta be 27! :P

I was really itching to write this one and I ended up having so much fun doing so!! I hope you like what I came up with, love!! Thanks for all the love! Right back at ya! *muah*

27.   “Stripping clearly wasn’t in the plan.”

Winter had once again settled in the small town of Riverdale, a dreadful wind twirling the dry autumn leaves under the heavy grey sky. Betty liked the scenery; it was very Tarkovsky, that monochrome of nature. Bringing a knitted blanket more up her chin, Betty smiled to herself as she was sure her boyfriend of over a year would be very proud of the cinematic metaphor in her head and sighed in content as she continued reading Anna Karenina for what seemed like the hundredth time. Whatever concentration she had previously though was now completely shuttered by the mere thought of her hot boy and his promise to drop by later, Betty feeling her cheeks already flushing at the things she already knew they were going to be doing once he’d climb up her window, like another prince charming in search for his queen. Even though their night rendezvous were anything but chaste and purity laced at this point.

Betty expected him to be naked at some point during the night. What she didn’t expect was her six feet tall boyfriend climbing up the wooden ladder perched against her window with just his dark grey boxers and his color coordinated beanie, dripping wet from the top of his covered head to the soles of his black converse.

“What the heck happened to you?!” Betty wondered in a high-pitched voice and green eyes rounded in disbelief upon rushing to open the window sill, assisting him in bringing his lanky limbs awkwardly over the small bench attached to it. He replied with a full of irritation side glance, a “don’t even ask” shade on his blue eyes behind his also wet eyelids.

“I thought you were at a bro date with Archie?” she tilted her head in confusion, scanning his absurd appearance and suppressing her need to laugh at the comical sight of him dripping on her fluffy carpet, while protectively holding his laced hands at his front, over his manhood.

“I was.” He snarled, clearly not in a mood to be tampered with, huffing at his damp raven locks that stuck against his forehead.

“And since when they strip you naked and spray you with water like a freaking Calvin Klein ad down at the arcade?” Betty scoffed amused, closing her arms over the Blue & Gold logo that was sprawled in bold letters at the front of her black t-shirt (Cooper – Jones Agency: Full murder search by day, full body search by night being printed at the back, a cheeky gift from Veronica to both of them at their one year anniversary), raising an eyebrow and really dying to hear his explanation.

Stripping clearly wasn’t in the plan.” He raised his eyebrows cleverly, a shiver running down his spine, his body now aware of the cold temperature. “Can you please give me a towel?”

“Yeah, yeah of course.” She mentally scolded herself for not thinking about his wellbeing sooner, but could you blame her? Jughead Jones in such ridiculous state was truly a sight to see. As soon as she wrapped his shoulders in a fluffy, lime green towel, rubbing his arms over it with vigor to offer him some warmth and gaining a small thank you from the boy now sitting at the edge of her bed, story time began.

“Some of those hooligans from the Greendale Panthers ambushed us when we were leaving the arcade, restrained us, took us six miles out of town, stripped us naked and then showered us with two water tanks. Not to mention that they left us to walk all the way back!” Jughead let her know in exasperation, Betty’s eyes widening in shook, as he took off his beanie and ran the towel over his wet locks, grumpy and irritated.

“What?! Why?!” she asked incredulously, eyes examining him for any other sign of damage, now catching a faint redness creeping up around his eye and a small cut on his lower lip. “And what happened to your face?” she gently turned his head by his chin for him to look at her, thump brushing over his wounded lip and making him flinch.

“I fought back of course!” Jughead narrowed his eyes in spite. “They are being a bunch of illiterate, violence-feeding bullies! Those are just pranks they play every time a game between them and us is about to take place.” He informed her in anger what he later had learned from Archie on their walk of shame home.

“You are not even in the team.” Betty wrinkled her nose in confusion.

“Highly irrelevant.” Her boyfriend threw in sarcasm, standing up to examine his face on her vanity mirror. “Ugh, this is gonna be a bitch to cover.” He groaned at the sight of the growing mauve bruise around his left eye. “Will you do your magic girl stuff?” he pleaded with a look over his shoulder, not really wanting to appear like every other cocky jock next morning at school.

Betty sighed, shaking her head with a faint, surprised smile, while walking to his side. “What else can I do since my boyfriend is proving to be more of a fighter than a lover once again?” she teased him goodheartedly, seeing him roll his pretty eyes but cracking a small smile at her words. “Maybe we should tell Sheriff Keller… or coach Clayton.” She became serious, knitted eyebrows indicating that she was ready to fight against any kind of bullying and for anyone’s rights.

“Like this will matter.” Jughead scoffed at her idealistic good-girl ways. “This is bro world; it’s a fucking zoo.” He colored the swear word with bitterness. “There’s a meaning behind naming those teams after animals. Beast mode and male ego dominance and all that stuff. It really makes my blood boil in anger.” He huffed, fuming again, messing his already disheveled locks just out of spite.

“Who are you and what have you done to my boyfriend?!” Betty retorted incredulously, a clueless grimace of confusion adorning her pretty features. “I want back my Thomas Hardy not this Rocky Balboa.” She said in fake warning and disgust, rounding a finger over his ridiculous state that depicted his whole new persona.

Jughead licked his lips, trying to hide his cheeky smile. “I’ve told you before, Betts. I have layers.” He reminded her with a wink, totally forgetting about his bruised eye and flinching instantly in pain, making Betty chuckle lightly at his dorkiness.

“Whatever.” She patted his chest in affection. “Just try not to get yourself between punches again, alright you tough guy?” she spoke to him like scolding a five year old for making a watercolor mess on the floor. “I’m very fond of that face to see it brushed every once in a while.” She grabbed his chin and shook his head lightly from side to side, before closing his cheeks between her thump and her middle finger and smooching his pushed out in a funny fishy way lips. “Grab your hidden shirt and sweatpants from the back of my underwear drawer and put something on before you catch pneumonia. I’ll get you a bag of frozen beans and something to clean this nasty cut, Robin Hood of Riverdale.”

2k followers little prompts

When talking about mental health, and depression specifically, I’ve seen a lot of talk and understanding for symptoms like social anxiety, hopelessness and a general disregard for one’s own feelings and needs. This is all good and fine, obviously, keep doing it, because we all need to hear it! But what I want to talk about right now is self care. Not drinking water, showering and looking into the mirror, telling yourself you look good. I think we’ve covered that, and we’ll continue to cover it.

Right now I want to talk about dental care. This isn’t something I’ve come across on this website, even though it’s definitely a big topic for me. Me, personally? I’ve gone through years of not giving a shit about myself (still am) which often resulted in going through a week, brushing my teeth only once. Not only that, but also eating in bed constantly. Take this, and multiply it with days. Weeks. Months. Years.

I know there’s a lot wrong in there. I’m anxious and afraid to go to the dentist. I’m afraid of rejection, maybe, but mostly I’m just fucking embarrassed and disappointed and disgusted with myself. I have cavities. I have rotting teeth. It’s a mess in there. Of course, I can argue that I wasn’t in the state of mind to take care of myself. But that doesn’t take the rot away. It doesn’t take the emotional, but also physical pain away, because my tooth hurts so bad right now.

I just feel so much shame right now, but I know I have to go to the dentist. I feel shame about having to go to a dentist that specializes in people who are afraid of going to the dentist.

But I still felt inclined to make this post. If anyone reads this, knowing that they’re in the same position as I am, please know you’re not alone. You’re not an embarrassment. You did not do this to yourself. You do not need to punish yourself with the pain and say, “I deserve this.”

I hope you find the strength within you to make that call and set the appointment. I hope you find the strength to calmly explain the situation, your fear, and your desire to start anew. Realistically speaking, dentists have seen a lot. I think they want to help you. They didn’t get into the profession to only help clients with perfect teeth, did they?

I’m still struggling with this topic, I’ll be perfectly honest about that. But I just wanted to try and talk about it. If this reaches at least one person who recognizes themselves in this story, this post will have served its purpose.

Hate That I Love You

Anon:  use this request to post some scenario that you’re dying to write!

A/N: thanks! even though i do this all the time anyways thanks for the ask! <3 This is pretty depressing not gonna lie so read if you like angst!

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Loyalty. Something everyone says they cherish. People live by it and never hesitate to label themselves as someone owning such a trait. It’s easy to believe they do. But of course, people lie whither they know it or not.

Everything started out blissfully. Life had so quickly become brighter and happier. All because of one person. You hadn’t been looking for anyone but still, he appeared. He was a friend of a friend but before you knew it you were each other’s obsession. You quickly became familiar with late night texts, adventures around the city, kisses that made your heart flutter, and days spent inside doing anything to spend time together. It was never boring and the first “I love you” was nothing but perfect.

Remembering the day you moved in together, you never missed that old apartment you used to live in. Wherever Jimin was, home was. It wasn’t long before the two of you had real fights but you always made up. You never felt as if one of you wavered no matter how loud the shouting got. Having more positive moments than negative made all the difference. Of course, the two of you had your work lives separate but it was good.

Everyone was jealous of what you had together. They all grumbled about how disgustingly cute the both of you were. It made you smile, you weren’t going to lie. No one is ever upset to have something that others wish they had.

There was always something though. If something felt or seemed perfect, there was always something hiding beneath the surface.

You knew nothing about this something. There was no way you would know since it was deliberately hidden. From you especially.

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Let Me Show You (Chubby!Reader x Obi-Wan Kenobi)

Prompt: “Obi-Wan or Padme with chubby reader?” 


You stood in front of the mirror, tracing a finger down the newest stretch mark scarring your torso. You bit your lip as it began to quiver with the weight of the tears forming in your eyes. One more mark. You’d thought you were doing better. You’d tried dieting, and exercise, and counting every goddamn calorie that wormed its way into your body, and yet here you were, in front of a mirror you still hated.

Suddenly, you were broken out of your stare-down with your reflection as you heard the door to your apartment slide open. Only one other person had a key, and you knew who it was even before he called out your name. He was home from his mission early; usually, this fact would make you smile and go rushing into his arms. But you didn’t want to see him today - or, rather, you didn’t want him to see you.

“(Y/N)?” your lover’s accented voice called out. You heard the whooshing of his robes as he walked further in. “I’m sorry for barging in, but I knocked a few times and I didn’t get an answer.”

Quickly wiping your eyes and letting your shirt fall back down to cover your stomach, you practiced smiling in the mirror before walking out to see Obi-Wan standing in your living room.

Looking up, he gave a smile of his own, though you could tell his was more genuine than yours. How could he be so happy, with someone as ugly as you as a lover?

“There you are,” he grinned, stepping closer and drawing you into a tight embrace. “Stars, I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” you sighed, burying your face into his shoulder and inhaling his scent.

You felt him stiffen, and for the first time, you cursed how perceptive he was to your moods.

“Dear one,” he murmured, pulling away to look down at you, concern written across his features. “You’re…sad. More than that, you’re devastated. What happened? Are you alright?”

You opened your mouth to speak, but you closed it as you felt fresh tears well up behind your eyelids, and you looked down, hoping he wouldn’t see.

“I’m fine,” you whispered, but your voice trembled, betraying your true feelings. Eyebrows furrowing even more, Obi-Wan gripped your chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted your head up. Upon seeing his beautiful eyes, you felt a tear slip down your cheek. He was so beautiful; he could have any woman in the galaxy. Why would he choose you?
“You’re not fine,” he insisted. “Now, please, tell me what’s wrong.”

“It’s nothing-”

“Now why would someone cry over nothing?” he interrupted. Grabbing both of your hands, he pulled you to the couch, guiding you to sit beside him. Turning to face you, he gently cupped your cheek. “Please, my love?”

Sighing, you let your eyes close, leaning into his touch, debating whether or not to open up to him. In the past, you’d somewhat expressed your insecurities, but he’d quickly shush you, telling you that you were beautiful to him and that such worries were unfounded. But you never believed him; how could you, when you’d experienced a lifetime of the world telling you otherwise?

“I…I don’t…”

You struggled with your words, wondering how you could even start to list everything that was wrong. Looking over his face, finally you simply gripped the hem of your shirt and pulled it up, revealing the newest stretch mark making its way down your side.

Looking down, you watched Obi-Wan’s blue eyes trace down it, but his face remained the same, not betraying any emotion.

“Are…you trying to tell me your stomach hurts?” he asked, and you threw your shirt down, sighing in frustration.

“Did you see it?”

“See what?”

“Obi-Wan, you know what I’m talking about.”

“No, (Y/N),” he protested. “Honestly, I don’t. Would you mind enlightening me?”

“I have another stretch mark!” you exclaimed, throwing your hands up. “Right there, running down my side.”


“So I’m fat, and my body is disgusting, and-”

“Oh, for the love of-” he sighed, rubbing his forehead. “This again? (Y/N), I’ve told you that I love your body. There is nothing disgusting about-”

“No,” you suddenly yelled, surprising the both of you with your outburst. Mouth still slightly opened, his voice fell silent upon hearing you, and you took the opportunity to finally explain how you feel.

“No,” you repeatedly quietly. “You don’t get it. I… have no idea how you can stand the sight of me, much less want me. I’m overweight and have curves in all the wrong places; I’m not pretty like other girls. And you know… People say that you need to love yourself, that you’re beautiful no matter what, but those people are prettier than me, and they don’t know what it’s like to look the way I do. And you…you’re so beautiful, Obi-Wan. You could be with anybody else; you don’t have to be stuck with a sad, fat girl who hates herself.”

For a long moment, Obi-Wan sat in silence, simply looking at you with an astonished expression you’d only seen a few times before. Sighing, you bowed your head as more tears fell, and you wiped them away with your sleeve, not knowing what else to say.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Obi-Wan get up. You didn’t move or look up, however, until you felt his arms wrap around you, and suddenly you were in his arms, being carried bridal-style into your bedroom.

“Stop,” you said, trying to push him away. “I’m too heavy.”

“I’m strong in both body and in the force, love,” he murmured, and you realized he was using the force to help him hold you. You felt even worse at this fact, and you hid your face in his chest with shame until he set you down on your feet in front of your full-length mirror.

“Look at yourself,” he commanded, but you refused, looking down at your feet.

“Do as I say,” he added, and something in his tone made you lift up your eyes. There you were, standing there with Obi-Wan behind you. You watched his hands raise up, and you felt his fingers slowly run through your hair.

“Your hair feels like silk, you know,” he whispered. “It’s one of the first things I noticed after I kissed you for the first time.” His finger moved around to your front, his wrists resting on your shoulders as his hands traced down your jawline.

“I noticed your eyes the first time we met,” he then stated. “How deep they are, how there’s an intelligence constantly flickering behind them. And your nose…” A soft smile tugged at the corner of his lips. “Your nose is adorable to me. And your lips are perfectly shaped to fit against mine. They feel like rose petals, and the way you bite them when you’re thinking about something makes me want to steal you away to my bed and keep you there for hours.”

A deep blush tinted your cheeks. “Obi-Wan, what are you-”

“Your neck is the perfect canvas for love bites,” he pressed on, running his hands over it briefly. Then, his hands found their way to your breasts, running down them gently. “And I know you don’t like these, for some reason I’ve never been able to fathom. Personally, I think they’re neither too big or small; to me, they’re magnetic, and I could spend all day looking at them, touching them, licking them, biting them.”

His hands traced lower still, hiking your shirt up until he was sliding it completely off. Then, his palms mapped out your torso, skimming down your sides and over your stomach. Goosebumps raised up everywhere he touched, and your eyes drifted over his face in the mirror as he spoke.

“I know that this world is a cruel place,” he stated. “But they’re all idiots if they can’t see your beauty. You’re bigger than other girls; it’s just a fact. But it’s also a fact that you fit in my arms perfectly. It’s a fact that I think you’re beautiful, and sexy, and the most desirable person alive. You’re soft, and supple, and I’ll believe that, with all my heart, until we’re both old, until I draw my last breath. I love you, and I’m completely obsessed with your body.”

You let out a shuddering sigh, new tears falling down your cheeks for an entirely different reason. Turning around, you cupped his face and kissed him, pouring your heart into it, willing him to see how much his words meant and how much you loved him.

“I love you,” you whispered, finally pulling away after several long moments. His eyes met yours, and his voice nearly cracked with the sincerity behind his words.

“And I love you, (Y/N).”

Coffee on me -chapter one

A Kwon Jiyong/ G-Dragon Fanfiction

Description: You moved to Seoul in search of stardom, but after one year all you have is a douche for a boyfriend and a job at a cafe that pays minimum wage. After a particularly bad day you start to wonder if you should pack your bags and head home, but when Kwon Jiyong strolls into your cafe you begin to think things might start going your way… that is until you spill his coffee on him.

Word Count: 2.6K

Warning: mentions of alcohol abuse, fluffy introductions

A/N: AAAAAHHHHH my  first fanfic is here! Can you believe it!!! I hope you all enjoy this ride with me !

Waking up with twenty minutes until my shift starts, and living sixteen minutes away from the cafe, there’s only one chance I have at success: If I take the bus, and run at superhuman speed, I can probably make it with three minutes to spare. But that’s not counting the fact that when I look in the mirror: I see a complete mess. If I come in looking like I got hit by a damn train the other baristas will cackle at me like the witches they are.

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Blue Bloods

Jimin x Reader

Royal AU

Genre: Smut/Angst

Words: 3.3k

You’re head of the committee, a six-person council of royalty that determine whether or not people live or die, based on the crimes they’ve committed. It’s not easy, especially with an arrogant Park Jimin at your side. Literally.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

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anonymous asked:

Ok so you know how you did the mc avoiding any form of physical intimacy because she thinks she's too heavy? Well, what if she actually was heavy and it wasn't just her feeling or thinking that she was heavy? Mc is actually 190 pounds+ heavy and incredibly insecure about it because she is fat and there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it and how would they treat her? Please?

Awww anonny I truly hope that you don’t feel this way! Everyone is beautiful, no matter what their weight is! Please always remember that no matter how heavy you are, what really counts is on the inside! I also only did the RFA members since theses did turn out longer but if you wanted anyone else, please don’t hesitate to ask! Anyways, I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Even though Yoosung was expecting you to be a mirror image of Rika, you turned out to look a lot different
  • Of course, Yoosung didn’t mind but you did, especially one night when you and Yoosung were having a lazy date night at home watching movies
  • He ordered a pizza and was scarfing down slice after slice but you didn’t dare touch the greasy food since you knew eating it would make you even bigger
  • Yoosung noticed you looking upset and sat next to you, taking a hold of your hands and asking what was wrong
  • Once you told him that you were ashamed of your weight, Yoosung immediately pulled you in for a hug
  • “Please MC, please don’t ever think that you’re less then perfect! I don’t care if your heavier, I care about your heart and it’s the kindest! I want you to know that you’re the greatest person to ever enter my life, I love every part of you MC!”
  • You couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down your cheeks as you hugged Yoosung back, incredibly grateful to have a boyfriend like him in your life
  • Yoosung started cuddling you more, especially when you were feeling down, and told you all of the great things about you and how no matter what weight you were, he’d always love you


  • Dating Zen was an amazing experience since he’s such an amazing person
  • But Zen had the body of a god, an extreme amount of fangirls, and a personality as sweet as honey
  • When you looked at yourself in the mirror, you felt utterly disgusting because of how heavy you were, thinking that Zen didn’t truly love you
  • The more you stared at yourself in the mirror, the more you hated yourself as tears welled up in your eyes
  • You didn’t even hear the door opening or Zen’s surprised gasp as you felt his arms envelope you into a strong embrace
  • He asked what was wrong and you told him that you were ashamed by your weight, Zen cupped your cheeks as he wiped away your tears with his thumbs
  • “Why would you think that princess? You’re the only person to ever see me as more then a narcissist, as a person who needed your love. I don’t mind at all if you’re a bit heavier because you’re the definition of perfection to me MC!”
  • Zen began constantly telling you how much he loved your body, even starting to ask you while at rehearsals to send photos of yourself because he needed to see your beauty because to him, you truly are the most beautiful person in the world


  • Jaeheee never seemed like the type of person to judge others, making you feel a sense of security around her
  • But you couldn’t help waking up every morning, wishing to have a beautiful body like hers since you felt shame when it came to your weight
  • As Jaehee was preparing coffee for you one morning, you couldn’t help but admire her seemingly flawless figure
  • You thought that she deserved someone better, someone skinnier in her life, the idea brining tears to your eyes
  • Jaehee noticed and went to your side, soothingly rubbing your shoulders as she asked what was wrong
  • And when you told her that you were ashamed of being so heavy, her eyes widened for a moment
  • “I know that it can be easy to compare one’s own body to others, but you shouldn’t MC. I think that you’re amazing, no matter how much you weigh. You’ve helped me gather courage that I never thought was possible, so do you really think that I kind of you’re a bit heavier?”
  • After your heartfelt conversation, she started giving you advice on clothing that would accent your figure
  • Jaehee truly thought that your outer beauty, and more importantly your inner beauty, was something that any person would be envious of, a fact that she reminded you daily


  • Never in your life did you think you’d be able to date someone as loving and caring as Jumin
  • The only thing about dating Jumin was the amount of fancy dinner parties you had to go to with him
  • While the dinner parties themselves were nice, it was your own self that you hated since Jumin wanted you to wear elegant dresses when going to these events
  • The dresses were breathtaking, however in your mind, they pointed out your weight more than what you wanted
  • As you stared at yourself in the mirror, you felt that someone as heavy as you didn’t deserve someone as handsome as Jumin
  • Jumin walked into the bedroom asking if he looked alright but stopped in his tracks when he saw you crying your eyes out
  • He immediately brought you to the bed and wrapped his arms around you as you explained that you were too overweight to be with him
  • “MC, please listen to me, you’re flawless to me. Your weight doesn’t define you and I don’t like seeing you this sad. You’ve helped me through so much, how could I not be completely in love with you? I adore you MC, your weight is absolutely fine with me.”
  • Jumin started coming home from work early so that he could spend more time with you, he loved laying in bed with you and holding you close to him as he’d tell you how beautiful you are, your weight making no difference on how much he loved you


  • Not once did Seven believe that your weight defined who you were as a person, he just wished that you’d realize it yourself
  • He knew since the first day he met you that you were extremely insecure about your weight and even though he’d tell you that you were beautiful, it was tough for you to believe
  • Whenever the two of you would go out whether it be grocery shopping or out to dinner, Seven would always have random girls and on occasions guys tell him how handsome he was
  • One night when Seven finished a long day of work, he dragged you into bed with him for some late night cuddles
  • But as soon as Seven put his arms around you, you cried as all of your negative thoughts spilled out as tears
  • Seven immediately sat up and pulled you in for a hug as you choked out how you felt disgusting because of your weight which made Seven give you a confused look
  • “Do you truly think that MC? Please don’t, I think that your weight is fine! I’ve never met a person as sincere and kind before, your weight doesn’t define who you are. So please, no more negative thoughts, do it for me, okay?“
  • He attacked you with tons of cuddles that night with you falling asleep in his arms as he serenaded you with sweet words of love
  • Seven started hugging and cuddling you more, hoping that you’d understand that to him, you were the most perfect star in the galaxy that deserved all kinds of love, no matter what your weight was
The voice inside your head

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.306

Warnings: self-loathing, much self-loathing, fluff, italics are the voice in the reader’s mind

A/N: This is a request of the lovely @melconnor2007. Thank you for the request and I really hope you like it. And everyone who is suffering from self-loathing: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! AND WORTHY OF EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD! LOVE YOU!

Hi could I make a request, with Bucky and reader, where reader really likes Bucky, but she’s really self loathing, and doesn’t think she’s good enough for him, and tony throws one of his party’s, she’s gets dressed up, but she’s Bucky with another girl, and leaves the party, but what she doesn’t know is Bucky likes her and wasn’t even listening to the girl, he sees her run and goes after her and confesses and it’s all really fluffy ending

Hate. Disgust. Low self-esteem. Self-loathing. Ugly. Worthless…

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A/N: Spencer x Reader

And a bit more autobiographical than I’d like from a part of my life I said goodbye to ten years ago.

Party girls don’t get hurt
Can’t feel anything, when will I learn
I push it down, push it down

You applied your make up carefully, making sure the shadows under your eyes were covered up. You’d rolled in at around five am this morning, at least you thought that had been the time. You couldn’t actually remember even leaving the club. Prentiss and Garcia had been alarmed at the amount you were knocking back, trying to convince you to switch to water but you were having any of it. Plus, it wasn’t like you couldn’t handle it, your body was used to it now.

You’d slept most of the day, waking up to a phone call from one of your gym buddies Heather. She wanted to go out drinking again, she’d just broken up with her boyfriend and needed to drown her sorrows. You could understand that sentiment, in fact that was pretty much your life right now. Since you’d broken up with your boyfriend Nick ten months ago you’d spent nearly every Friday and Saturday night that you could, out on the town. If Penelope and Emily didn’t want to join you, you had plenty of other friends who would, especially if you were buying.

It wasnt like you had a problem, you just didn’t particularly enjoy spending your nights alone. And it wasn’t like you were going home every night from work and getting sloshed either, just the one glass of wine or two. It helped….it helped you sleep, helped numb the feeling of loneliness you felt. It didn’t impede on your ability to work at all, although there'dbeen the odd morning when you’d had to get a cab in because you didn’t feel safe to drive. But that wasn’t a hangover, it was just a migraine. And the time you’d had to pull over to vomit into the gutter had been a dodgy burrito, nothing to do with the previous nights festivities.

I’m the one “for a good time call”
Phone’s blowin’ up, ringin’ my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

Slipping into your dress and heels you made the final adjustments to your look, sipping on the vodka and coke that you were pre drinking before calling a cab and heading out.

The bar that Heather had told you to meet her in was crowded although you were surprised when you instantly spotted a familiar face. Spencer Reid, your friend and colleague was in a booth by the door talking with another male. This was NOT the type of bar you expected to see him in on a Saturday night so you made your way over to him.

“Hey Spencer!”

“Y/N, hi! I thought you and the girls went out last night? Is it tonight, I’ll come say hello.” He and his friend stopped talking to greet you, you feeling the other man’s eyes checking you out.

“Haha, it was last night. I’m here to meet another friend actually.”

“Ah okay. Well this is Ethan, he and I were in college together,” Reid motioned to his friend.

Ah, so that was why Spencer was here. You greeted Ethan before spotting Heather at the bar, waving and trying to catch your attention. Telling the boys you’d catch them later, you snaked through the crowd to join her, seeing her lining the shots up already.

1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink

“Hey babe! Boy am I ready for tonight!” Heather kissed your cheek and motioned to the six shots in front of you.

You were always ready for a night like this. It had become your life over the last ten months. You reached for the first shot.

Throw ‘em back, till I lose count

Over the next few hours you and Heather knocked back countless drinks, some paid for with your own cash, others paid for by cute guys or not so cute guys who were trying to pick you both up.

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist

You shimmied together on the dance floor, attracting even more attention as men clambered to be able to dance with the two girls who looked to be having the best time ever.

I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry

Because that’s what it would look like to an outside. Like you WERE having the best time ever.

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

Inside though, you were crying. Inside, you hated yourself for making Nick leave you. You hated yourself for needing drink to dull the constant thud of self disgust, that feeling that you’d never be good enough. When you drank, it bought out a different side of you. The fun side, the side that didn’t give a shit.

But I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, ‘cause I’m just holding on for tonight

When you drank, you felt able to exist.

Help me, I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, ‘cause I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

As you grinded against Heather on the dance floor you caught eyes with someone over her shoulder. He smiled and raised his eyes brows at you suggestively, licking his lips at you. He looked familiar and it took you a second to realise why.

Sun is up, I’m a mess
Gotta get out now, gotta run from this
Here comes the shame, here comes the shame

Three weeks ago you’d woken up in that guys apartment, him passed out and snoring next to you. Your head had been pounding and it had taken every ounce of energy that you had to not vomit onto his bedroom floor at the overwhelming smell of alcohol and sweat that filled the air. Your body had ached and you felt like you’d spent the night riding a horse. You’d winced and grimaced as you’d wobbled around the room collecting your belongings and dressing, sneaking out into the morning light and searching for cab, knowing what a mess you must look.

When you’d stumbled into your apartment, you’d caught sight of yourself in the mirror. Purple bite marks on your neck and shoulder, smudged make up down your cheeks and your hair a birds nest from having someone’s hand fisted into it as they’d thrust into your mouth. You’d felt sick and shakey, knowing there was only one thing that could calm you right then. You’d reached into your refrigerator and pulled out the vodka.

1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink

Pulling Heather back to the bar with you and away from the guy who’s name you could even rememeber, you ordered another round of shots, noting that Spencer was still in the booth by the door with his friend. It was slightly quieter over there and they looked deep in conversation. Good for him, it was nice to see him socialising.

Proffering a twenty to the bartender, he shook it away and motioned to an older guy standing a few feet away. Both you and Heather smiled at the guy and blew him kisses before bringing the shots to your lips and drinking.

Throw 'em back till I lose count

Another hour or so passed by. You’d lost tracked of Heather, she’d got talking to a the man who’d bought you the shots so you’d starting dancing with a group of girls you recognised from various club nights, feeling totally buzzed and wasted.

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist
I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier.

You needed to pee again so you pushed through the throng of people making your way to the ladies and going about your business, tidying up your make up as you did. As you stood in front of the mirror you suddenly felt uncomfortably warm and dizzy. You ran cold water over your wrists trying to cool down, before leaving the bathroom and making your way to the front of the club and out the exit.

Once outside, you leant against the brick wall, the cool night air soothing against your skin. Your head was fuzzy and your vision slightly blurred.

“Hey baby, wanna go for another round?”

The guy from three weeks ago had followed you outside and was standing next to you. Stumbling, you moved away from him, walking to the corner of the building and shaking your head.

He followed you. “Hey, I asked you a question? Don’t ignore me. Last time was great baby, you know you want another go, girls like you always do.”

“I… I’m here with someone. I can’t leave….. Without her,” you blinked, trying to focus.

“We don’t have to leave then. This alley way here is just fine.”

But I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down, won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I’m just holding on for tonight

“I don’t want to… Not tonight.” You tried to move back towards the bar but he put his arm out, stopping you and pressing his body against yours, pushing your back to the wall.

“Don’t lie to me sweet thing. You were begging for it last time. Didn’t I make you feel good. You made me feel good.”

He ran his hand over your dress, his hand slipping up underneath the hem. The dress was short so it wasn’t long until his fingers were brushing against your panties.

“No. Not tonight.” You tried to push back, your FBI training lodged somewhere in the back of your inebriated brain. But he was stronger than you and you could barely stand up as it was. You closed your eyes. Perhaps it would just be easier to….

Help me, I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down, won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

“She said no.”

Suddenly the guy was hauled away from you and your eyes shot open, seeing the blurry figures of Spencer and his friend. His friend had thrown the guy onto the floor and he quickly picked himself up and scurried away.

“Spencer…. Oh god.” Bile rose in your throat and you turned your body to the side, throwing up on the sidewalk, as you trembled.

“Reid, I think you’d best take her home, do you know her friend’s name? I’ll go inside and find her.”

You could hear the two men talking, feeling a pair of soft hands grasping your hair back as you emptied your stomach onto the concrete.

“She lives across town, no cab will take us. Her friend left a while ago. I’m only a few blocks away. Will you hold her things and hold my badge. Just in case anyone questions this.”

Heather had left? Without telling you?

You’d stopped vomiting and was now shaking. Spencer removed his jacket, handing his FBI badge and he keys to his friend and wrapping his jacket around you.

“Can you walk, Y/N? I’m literally two blocks away from here. I can carry you if not.”

You wanted to go home but your brain couldn’t figure out how to get those words out of your mouth anymore. Your tongue was thick and the world was spinning.

Instead, you just nodded. Spencer placed his arm around your waist and you leant into him, resting your head against him and closing your eyes as your legs somehow managed to carry you the two blocks back to his apartment. That was the last thing you remembered.

On for tonight
'Cause I’m just holding on for tonight
Oh, I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight
On for tonight

You didn’t remember the walk home. You didn’t remember throwing up again on the pavement or falling over and skinning your knee. You didn’t remember Spencer having to carry you up the two flights of stairs to his apartment because you nearly sprained your ankle trying to walk.

You didn’t remember Spencer looking embarrassed as he pulled your vomit stained dress off your body, almost fighting with you to get one of his shirts onto you. And you certainly didn’t remember trying to convince him to sleep with you just because you suddenly felt like you owed him for rescuing you.

Cause I’m just holding on for tonight
'Cause I’m just holding on for tonight
Oh, I’m just holding on for tonight

All you remembered was the overwhelming shame and hatred you felt when you opened your eyes the next morning, Spencer asleep next to you and a bucket on the floor next to the bed. There was a bottle of water and two advil on the table next to you.

Snippets of the previous night came back, the shots, the dancing. Being pushed up against a wall by a guy you’d let fuck you a few weeks ago. Spencer and his friend pulling him off you because you were so wasted that you couldn’t do it yourself.

What would have happened if they hadn’t been there? You knew the answer.

On for tonight
On for tonight

You started to cry.

Tainted Love

Request: @supernaturalmarvelgirl said:
Sam x reader. The reader is with Sam and she’s secretly a stripper. She sneaks out during the night and “works.” Well one night Dean follows her and asks why she works there and if Sam knows. She says no and Dean rescues her and Sam talks to the reader about it. Thank you 😘

Sam x Reader

Word count: 2037

Warnings: reader is a stripper? Language, angst, a little fluff, implied smut

A/N: Originally just a request but ended up being for @seenashwrite 200th follower celebration because there was a line I just couldn’t pass up (in bold) congrats on your milestone, love! And as always I have to give a shoutout to my amazing beta, @avasmommy224, I miss you tons girl!! Anyways, hope yall enjoy!

You tied the lace on your thigh high leather boots, making sure the bow was perfect and checked your reflection in the full length mirror hanging on the back of your dressing room door. You fluffed your hair and took a deep, shaking breath. No matter how many times you told yourself you had to do this, it never seemed to ease the harsh sting of reality. You were a stripper, plain and simple. There was no way of sugarcoating it. Some liked to call you an adult entertainer or exotic dancer for the rich and famous.

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Twin Invasion

John (left) and Nick (right) Vasquez were brothers, John was the youngest brother and Nick the oldest. Also, he was hulkier than his brother even if both of them were beefcakes. John wasn’t a stereotyped jock like his brother, in fact, during his puberty he was frequently mocked for being skinny compared to his hunky big brother. Out of jealousy, he worked out until he was enough manful but still not like his brother. It was funny because when they were children, John much more of a man than Nick, the nerd who was watching cartoons every day and was passionate by paranormal, he was even nicknamed “Dib” because he had a small dick and was more like a baby. Then a growth spurt somehow turned him into an alpha male which changed the sibling hierarchy. Unknown to John, it was half true, in the past, Nick secretly went out of his house to find proof about a 7000 foot slug monster living in the forest, instead he found a strange and glowing stone and when he touched it, his muscle mass instantly increased. It was finally his chance to be the big man, to date Natasha Irken and be the favorite son. However, his ambitions quickly grew stronger as he dumped Natasha to date sexier girls and ruined John’s adolescence. When the two of them became a pair of Adonis, they started a successful model career. However Nick was renowned for being the bad boy archetype while John was the bachelor that every girl should be lucky to marry. Soon, John and Natasha’s wedding was announced everywhere which made Nick laugh because he didn’t thrusted into that couple. In spite of, in the inside he hated that Natasha was in love with John, not because he loved Natasha but because he loved his brother. During their childhood, his little brother was the one protecting him against his bullies and when they grew up he kept being his dear brother. Maybe he was too possessive or just envious that John only needed his charming behaviour and his good looks to have a lot of fans while Nick had to break the law to be famous. No, it was more than that, Nick wanted his brother to be jealous, to look at him, to lust after him, but now it was obvious that because of his teasing, his little brother hated him. What he could do to cope with his sadness? Alcohol and orgies were the only things which worked. Besides, John was homophobic and even Nick was disgusted by his feelings toward someone of the same gender. But today it was different, he would reveal his love to him, so he picked the lock of his brother’s house and waited for him.

Meanwhile, John was exiting his studio to jog as the flamboyant photographer wanted a real sweaty man for art, it was more because he wanted his queer dick to look at some real man, thought John. Then, he put his earphones and ran around the studio. As he was about to return to the studio, he saw a glowing light in the forest and head toward it. Close to it, he noticed a rock with numerous holes but the light had disappeared. As he leaned his head near to the rock, he was hypnotized when the glimmer returned, but nothing could have warn him about the thing inside it.

-What the fuck is that little shit?

-Hey! Bow in front of me, the Great Zim! You miserable and insignificant human!

-Hahaha! I can’t believe that! I must shoot this!

-Stop it! My picture only deserved to be represented by the most skillful painters of the Universe!

-Ha! What would you? Tickle my balls?

-Ggrrrr! You leave me no choice, lesser rank specie. It’s time for the INVASION!

The tiny green man grabbed his advanced gun and shot a giant net which captured John and pinned him to the ground. As he was squirming and groaning, Zim pushed a button on his gun which electrified the net as John screamed. Consequently, Zim smiled and jumped into his open mouth. His eyes widen as the alien crawled into his brain and digged itself in it. “AHHH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! NNGGGG!”. John groaned and convulsed before cooling down and smirking as he torn off the net. “Hmm. This vessel is strong, it would be useful… I hope you enjoy your point of view, because Zim the Invader just have invade your body! You should be honored to be the host of an intergalactic conqueror! *Sniff* What a virile scent you have and that voice, yesss… but this body needs more hair.”. Zim/John searched into his meteorite and found a syringe that he injected in his neck which developed his hirsuteness.  

-Much better.

-Finally Jonh, we found you! Bring your dull butts here, we have some pics to shoot!

-Silence, human! You shall respect your emperor and call him and only… Well, I have a new form now and it would be a shame to waste this excellent piece of meat… I agree, vermin. But you shall call me by this only name, Great great emperor king with the royal and majestic and humongous staff.

-Alright… Follow us then, Great great emperor king with the royal and majestic and humongous penis.

-What’s a penis?

-… You know, we can talk about that after our work, gorgeous.

-Fine, I’m pleased to see that you are ready to serve your sovereign.

-Every time.

The photo shooting was unusual yet more lustful than expected. Zim didn’t listen to the photographer and instead explored his new body in front of the aroused cameraperson. As the extraterrestrial was possessing a human body for the first time, his reactions were real unlike the past John’s acting. The best was probably the pic where the model flexed his bulky biceps and shown his amazing hairy armpit whereas sweat poured from his messy hair to his tank top.

-I don’t know how you get all of that hair but I love it!  

After that, he left the studio and used his host’s memory to return at his house which was curiously unlocked. When he entered, he raised an eyebrow when he saw someone looking almost like him.

-Fascinating! Is that a new type of mirror?


-*High pitched* AHHH! I mean… *manlier* AHHH! Who are you?

-Don’t laugh with me John, it’s important!

-Fine… Hmm… Eric.


-Yeah Nick… Dear brother.

-Alright weirdo John… It’s kinda complicated but… I love you.


-And? What do you think about that?

-I think nothing, it’s your problem Nick if you want to lose time with foolish emotions, I have a planet to conquer!

-What are you talking about, John?

-Haha. The man you called John is my prisoner and my vessel, his body is mine just like the Earth! I am Zim the Invader! Supreme ruler of the Solar System and even more!

-John are you alright? You sound like a space being.

-What a… This is what I’m telling you since the beginning you dunce!

-Come on John, extraterrestrial doesn’t exist!

-You’re sure?

John grinned and use his net gun on Nick who couldn’t do nothing as he watched his little brother falling on the floor before a greenish creature exited his mouth.

-What the… Who are you?

-I AM ZIM! Do you hear that?! Your brother is mine forever!

-Noo! I will break free and squish you like a bug!

-Haha! Try!

-Ooh, my head… Nick? What’s happening.

-Well well, looks like my host is waking up, not for a long time!

Zim rushed into John’s shorts and into his member which made John yelling in pain as he gripped his penis.


-JOHN! No please! Take me instead!



-Bone… bone boo bone bone, BOONY-BOONY-BONE, bone bone… BONER! Yes! I found the password of this human’s mind. Boner! Now I know everything that little Johnnie know, big bro. Did you know that because of you, your little brother was really sad? Boo-hoo. Fortunately he lifted iron and became this handsome dreamboat! Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for daddy and mommy, it was always you the favorite son, even if you were a hooligan and a womanizer. So poor Johnnie had to prove that he is a respective man, not like you! Are you really thinking he cares about that Natha-slut? Hahaha! He wasted his whole life because of you, big brother! But now it’s finished, no more little Johnnie, only iron John, the lady-killer!

-Wait-wait! Could you at least release me?

-Don’t worry Nickie-boy, I’m sure that my big brother is strong enough to free himself. You know what? Maybe I need a little training before the real deal!

The new and hairier John took off his top as he rubbed with his large hands his burly torso, travelling on his light chest hair to his nipples and pinched them which made him moan as they were touchy, twisting them between the grip of his rough fingers.

-OOh! This receptacle is really sensitive but so entertaining.

-Don’t call my little brother a receptacle!

-Why? This what he is, a flesh container for my noble self… But I have to admit that I prefer this new skin over my past one.

John smirked with an arrogant smile that wasn’t his, he continued his provocation by sticking out his tongue and thrusting the air as his hands travelled on his sculpted abs and his hard package. It wasn’t his little brother anymore, he would never let his body being that hairy and unclean and that face, no it wasn’t him. It was nothing but a haughty and libidinous sexual beast. The filthy creature pursued by tearing off his short which revealed his hard member as he placed his dick between his hands and run them backwards and forwards to spin it like a fire stick. Nick tried to remove the net but he wasn’t strong enough and was forced to watch the whole scene. John groaned as he grasped his penis and fondled it. Nick couldn’t believe it, his brother always wanted a shaved body, but Nick had to admit that he loved the way of his precum falling into his pubic hair and on his hairy legs, he wanted to suck it for him, but he was disgusted by own thought. Finally, John roared as his dick shot loads of jizz straight on his brother’s sickened face.  

-Ahhh… Lick it old man.

-What? But…

-I told you to lick it. Or do you prefer that something happen to your pretty little brother’s face?    

-No no! Fine…

Nick moved his tongue around his cheeks as he tasted the mix of manly hormones and salt, he wanted to spit it but John abruptly pushed his hand on his lips, closing them.

-Swallow it, whore.

Nick swallowed the semen whereas his brother passed his finger on his nose and picked on the cum on it before putting it in his mouth and savored it.

-Hmm… Taste better than any juice in the galaxy.

John caressed softly his brother’s cheek before leaving. During the whole night, Nick asked himself about his brother’s safety. Whereas, the thing inside John was fucking every girls in a nightclub, he was amazed by the stallion’s stamina and when he came back to his house, he was covered by sweat and his own cum, totally naked, Nick was begging him to leave his little brother which made him laugh.

-Are you kidding me? I’m doing you a favor, because if it was the real John, he would reject and dump you! But with me in control, it’s not the same… Let’s have a deal, you let me inside your little brother and your secret, is a secret.

-What kind of secret? I just love you like a brother love…

-Tatata. Don’t play with words big brother. You know I am a nice little brother, so I wouldn’t tell that you are a faggot.

-I am not! Why would I…

-Shut up! Now clean my house. And if I notice you looking at me, I will beat you up you little shit! Understand?

-Yes, sir.

Without any effort, John removed the net as he flexed his muscular guns and licked his sweaty armpits before forcing his big brother’s mouth on it.

-Hmm. This host is full of interesting flavors… Start by cleaning my dirty underarms, maid!

-*Choke* B-but…


Nick grudgingly licked his little brother’s pit as he was disgusted and turned on at the same time. After that, a turn of events occurred. Indeed, John dumped Natasha and destroyed his neat facade with his various indecencies. Contrariwise, Nick stopped his bawdiness and followed his little brother everywhere, their parents were thinking that it was adorable that Nick was looking after his little brother, but in fact he was his slave. He enjoyed being abused and beaten by the pretty face of his perfect little brother, he felt like he deserved it for what he did and his “perverted” love toward him. Furthermore, he also loved that his good little brother was corrupted and perverted by a gruesome creature, he often peeped his little brother’s room as he banged pussies, taunted his reflection or fought for control. With time, John became more muscular while Nick lose some of his muscle mass. Nowadays, the brothers were more like twins and their career were more fruitful, John even registered them into dominance porns where, ironically, John is portrayed as the submissive one. Of course at home, the possessed little brother would use that as a reason to abuse his older brother. The new Nick would do everything to make his tormentor and brother happy. For example, in this photo Nick stay in the background to not ruin his brother’s selfie.

-Big bro, why are you far away from me? Are you angry?

-But John, you…

-Come here my dear brother.

Nick gulped as he approached his little brother, he was fond of those armpits, it was so boring that he kept shaving them. Suddenly, John yawned and put his arm around Nick’s shoulders, a surprised Nick listened to his brother as he whispered in his ear and even bit it.

-I’m watching you darling brother and if I notice a bulge in your shorts until the end of our selfies, I will beat you up.

John faked a smile as he laughed and tried to refrain his erection but his brother kept making cute and seductive face at him, he could drown himself into his blue eyes and those so kissable lips. Plus John loved the way the alien inside John change his brother, he perfectly shaped his furry eyebrows and let the hair proliferate on him, he wanted a bulge and his brother beating him up, forcing him to lick those wonderful armpits and it was the closer their relationship could get to.  

-Come on Nick, I know you want it, let your snake slither inside your pants, for me.

His little brother faked that he couldn’t take the selfie, whining and biting his lips as a results of that, but it was to excite Nick who resisted against his taunting. Tired, John took the selfie and slapped his big brother’s bubble butt, accidentally causing a giant boner.  

-What?! It-it didn’t… I mean, it’s already the end of…

-Shh. I didn’t post the selfie on tumblr, so it’s not the end of the selfie yet.


-I know you want it old man, tell me, beg me for it.

Nick chewed his tongue but his brother was so close, almost kissing him and his husky voice was so enthralling, it was too much.

-Please sir, beat me up in your den.

-Ha. Good boy.

John patted his big brother’s hair before rushing to their sport car and as Nick arrived, he locked the doors.

-John, I’m still outside.

-Of course I know, you think that I’m blind, repulsive queer?

-No no. Of course not, but how am I supposed to come back home?

-What a dumbass… I refuse to share my vehicle with a lower being like you. Plus I like my beloved brother all sweaty. Rrrr.

-Oh yeah sir, I will be sweaty for you.

-And you better run, I won’t wait for something inferior as you.

John laughed before leaving while his big brother jogged to his house. As a matter of fact, John sold Nick’s house to buy his own things and his past owner was forced (apparently) to sleep in a dog basket in his little brother’s room and when he was “busy” with some chicks he was forced to do the household chores even if he already made them. Zim explained that his invasion of John allowed him to manipulate his feelings and memories, including the one related to his older sibling. In fact, his hatred against Nick is a merging between John’s jealousy and Zim’s dislike toward humans. Consequently, Zim/John constantly harassed Nick by saying that it was his fault if John was possessed because if he wasn’t envious of his brother, he wouldn’t wanted to do everything to be the best at his job and wouldn’t have jog in the forest. Nick lamented a little before entering in his brother’s house who was lifting enormous barbells. All of a sudden, when he saw Nick, he threw the barbells to the ground and rushed to him.

-Ah you’re there! I had to wait for you faggot! Why you didn’t entered in the car with me? Now you’re sweating like a nasty pig!

-But you sa…

-Shut up! I’m talking! You humiliate me in front of everyone, lusting after an alpha male like me, your own brother! You’re disgusting!

-I’m sorry.

-Oh, you will be.

John lifted his fist against Nick who closed his eyes as he was ready to be punched, but nothing happened. His little brother was just standing there, smiling innocently.

-Follow me my precious half.

Soon, they arrived in John’s workout room who showed numerous pictures of John and Greek-like statues of him. John tapped his brother’s back before he moved behind a punching bag and grabbed it.

-Come on my one and only brother. Spit your loathe against me.


-It’s what punching bag are made for, right? Do it.

With a smug face, John glanced at his brother who started to reluctantly punch.

-What a lame hit, old man, is that all that you can do?

-I can’t Nick, I-I…

-You pathetic, disgusting and decrepit fag, you’re burden for me since I possessed this brainless meat sack! Show me your loathe!

-Bu-but… AHHH! I’m sick of you! I want my little brother back! I-I’m not a faggot! Leave my brother the fuck alone you gross creature!

In his frenzy, Nick unintentionally (perhaps) punched John who smiled evilly and licked the blood from the cut on his lips which quickly healed by itself.

-I’m sorry John, I didn’t mean to…

-You call that strength? Let me show you what it really means.

John grabbed the punching bag and detached it from the ground where is was supposedly stuck. His biceps and triceps were flexing into two gorgeous representations of a powerful manliness and the light was shining on his beefy pecs and delicious underarms hair. Nick fell and crawl on the floor as he was scared to get crushed by the bag, instead John roared and threw it on a cement wall who was destroyed.

-Home-run! What a fucking stud! Check out those big guns!

-John! You damaged your house!

-Slow-witted fool, I sold this house yesterday while you were asleep.

-Why?! John loved this house, he always said that…

-Are you talking about that mundane past John again? Are you suggesting that you prefer this stupid old John over me?  

-NO no! I’m sorry.

-Good, we have a boat waiting for us.  

Nick was confused when his brother told him to go on a boat, but he quickly followed him to show his obedience.

-John? Are you sure that this is okay? The weather seems a bit…

-Shut up… Tell me hideous maid, have you made my breakfast?  

-Yeah… Sadly, it’s still in the house that you sold.

-You useless piece of shit! Lucky for you, there is a small kitchen in my boat, you have 2 minutes to make it.

-But your hot chocolate is only warm after 2 minutes…

-Do as I say! Now it’s 1 minute and 59 seconds!

Nick panicked and rushed to the kitchen and when he finished, he brought the platter full of delectable food.

-Peel the banana for me.

-Which banana?

-The one on the platter, you moronic buffoon!

Nick peeled the fruit and when it was finished, John caught it stormily before licking it as he took off his shorts with the other hand. Then, he placed his index finger and his thumb around his rod moved the skin on. Nick drooled and admired his brother who stirred his lips on the fruit as his voice thundered while his member shot tons of cum on the platter. John eyed ravenously at his brother and scoured the banana on his wet dick before putting it on the platter.

-Enjoy your breakfast.


-Haha, my cherished yet naïve brother, I said, ENJOY YOUR FUCKING BREAKFAST!

John banged his fist on the boat which encouraged Nick to “enjoy his breakfast” whereas his voracious brother was watching. First, he took the butter croissant coated with semen and ingested it in one mouthful. The vienoisserie was crisp and melted in his mouth thanks to his virile brother’s semen. Next, he drank the chocolate until the mug was empty and even lick the manjuice around it, it tasted extraordinarily warm with the mix of spicy jizz and sugar. At the end, he took the banana and began to eat the “tip”. Unknown to him, his little brother was eating the other half which resulted in a kiss. Nick tried to withdraw his mouth but John grabbed his hair and pulled him more against him as they both fell on the ground and clashed their toned body together. John moaned as their tongues were in a tussle, scuffling together and sharing his luscious semen. Thereupon in their sexual rage, John pushed his huge Mr. Dick into his big brother’s asshole and rammed it as muffled grunting echoed between them. John digged deeper into the boypussy as the sissy lad cried in pleasure and clenched his boycunt at every thrusts. Suddenly, Nick’s torso began to glow just like the rock of his past did.

-I knew it. You’re the one.

-Knew what?

-You’re the one who stole my muscle growth energy inside that falling rock, right?

-Your energy? You were late with a delay of numerous years!

-Yeah yeah, my spaceship had turbulences. Now, it’s time to claim my muscle growth energy!


-Well, with a delightful way.

-What are you… AAHHH!

Nick screeched as he felt something creeping in his anus, he tried to escape but John’s grip was stronger.

-UNNGG! What is this?!

-It’s my seed of course and soon, there will be a lot of me inside you, haha! *Thrust*. Oh Yeah harder! *Thrust*. You know what’s funny? *Thrust*. If you hadn’t discovered my muscle energy, I would never have needed a host. *Thrust*. But your selfishness allowed me to found a comfier and sexier choice. *Thrust*. And now, a second one would be mine.

The former delinquent futilely wiggled his backside, but his possessed little brother grabbed his cheeks and slapped them which allowed more corrupted fluid inside him. Soon, his toned legs were paralyzed and he screamed as couldn’t move them. His wailing became more high-pitched when he felt the goo infesting his rumbling abs, his breathing was difficult as his chest was filled with the liquid. Then, his healthy arms inflated and trembled as he could nothing but to shriek and cry.

-OOoooh fucknoo, PLEASE! Stop it!

-Yesss! You’re enjoying that, right?


Nick arched his back as his brain was drown with space semen, absorbing it. With one more scream, Nick fainted as his younger brother kept humping him while he was unconscious. Without warning, the alpha twins began glowing green as they both screamed, John reaching the peak of his orgasm and Nick’s brain overloading with outer space parasites, injecting mutated testosterones forcing his brain to give eyeteeth for devious sexual practices while his homophobic thoughts and probity were imprisoned. After some sensuous time, Nick opened his new green eyes, just like his brother and grinned at him as he flexed his biceps.

-I should have possessed this one earlier.

-Maybe, but it was so much fun to play with him.

-I’m right, now me and my brother are finally one.

-No more Nick and no more John, only Zim the Invader.

One Year Later, a reporter was visiting Nick’s boat, searching for something as they followed the sound of moaning and groaning. When they arrived in the right room, they watched in horror as the two brothers were fucking together, Nick was drilling his big brother’s hole whereas John pushed his whole hand into his little brother’s one. Their toned and sweaty body were touching as they kissed and bit each other all over their soft face, burly necks, square shoulders, muscular pecs and six packs. The former brothers and now twins were almost identical, the rare differences were that Nick was the dominant one with a deep roaring baritone while his older brother was more of a bottom boyslut with high pitched groaning.

-AAHH fuck yes!

-Oooh, there is our journalist brother.

-Do you want to start the interview later?


-Alright… What do you think about your famous and incestuous relationship?

-Haha, it’s so fucking greaaAAAATTT! My big brother is the only one who can FULLY and DEEPLY, ARRGHH… understand me.

-Okay, huh, how your parents reacted when they discovered the bond between their two sons?

-Well, at first they were thinking that it was so cute how much we were close together. TheeenNNGG!… at one point, they found us naked and docking in our childhood bed.

-Yes, so hot. Those fossils disinherited us, what a joke!

-I can understand. After all, you two are now one of the wealthiest couple and twin brothers in the world.

-And the Universe baby.

-Yeah… Can I ask you one more question, who is John and who is Nick.

-FUUUCKK!… This is simple… I am John and Nick.

-And I am Nick and John.

-We are each other at the same time.

-I-I don’t really understand…

-Hahaha! Don’t worry, this is just a thing between us. Would you like champagne, handsome?

-I’m not sure if… Wait?! This champagne is unique, it-it cost so much!  

The journalist raced to the glass of champagne and gulped it. The twins stopped in their sexual rush and watched as the reporter fell on the ground and convulsed, grinning from ear to ear with their eyes glowing green.


I put some clues about Invader Zim in the story, how many clues did you needed to guess that this story would be about him?

Thanks rodchangescameron for the idea.^^

Also, this story was inspired by Vchris1989, Jim and Zim.

Intact (Dean Winchester)

Originally posted by soluscheese

Pairing: Dean/Fem!Mermaid!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Drowning, slight nudity, self doubt
A/N: I hope you enjoy. sorrry the ending seems a bit rushed, I finished this at like 1 am on monday when I have s c h o o l. rip me but i love writing at unreasonable times.
Request: can you write one where you are a mermaid living with the boys (cas knows but keeps it a secret) and has to save Dean on a case by transforming? the reader is scared dean will hate her but confesses to loving her?

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feels like home - two

bughead fanfiction – unbeta’d – chp 2/2 - based off this post thread


“It’s a funny thing coming home.
Nothing changes. Everything looks
the same, feels the same, even
smells the same. You realize what’s
changed, is you.”
—Eric Roth


Jughead knows exactly what happened, but he asks anyway.

Leaning against his office desk, staring pointedly at the twelve-year-old across from him in his chair, his daughter sits, her face pinched with guilt and irritation at being questioned.  

“So,” he crosses his arms over his chest with a stern face. “Let’s hear it.”

“What?” Julie grumbles, mimicking his position and leveling her gaze with his.

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natasha, pierre & the great comet of 1812 sentence starters (act 1)

(twigger warning: alcohol and domestic abuse mentions)


  • “There’s a war going on out there somewhere…”
  • “_______ isn’t here.”
  • “You’re gonna have to study up a little bit…”
  • “Everyone’s got NINE different names!”
  • “_______ is young.”
  • “_______ is good.”
  • “_______ is old school.”
  • “_______ is HOT.”
  • “He/She/They spends his/she/their money on women and wine…”
  • “_______ is a slut.”
  • “_______ is fierce, but not too important.”
  • “The war can’t touch us here!”
  • “_______ is crazy!”
  • “_______ is plain.”
  • “_______’s family… totally messed up.”
  • “_______’s just for fun.”
  • “What about _______?”


  • “It’s dawned on me suddenly, and for no obvious reason, that I can’t go on living as I am.”
  • “I used to be better.”
  • “His/Her/Their purse is always empty because it’s open to all.”
  • “I drink too much…”
  • “Right now, my friend fights and bleeds.”
  • “I never thought I’d end up like this!”
  • “The women/men/people all pity me cause’ I’m married but not in love.”
  • “He/She/They is charming, he/she/they have no sex.”
  • “There’s a ringing in my head…”
  • “There’s a sickness in the world.”
  • “I’ll sort it out later.”
  • “How many men before me, good men believing in goodness and truth, entered that door with all their teeth and hair and left it toothless and bald?”
  • “You empty and stupid contented fellows!”
  • “I’m different from you! I still want to do something!”
  • “Do you struggle too?”
  • “I pity you, I pity me, I pity you.”


  • “I’ll take you where you must go.”
  • “What are you dawdling for?”
  • “Bring some rum for the tea!”
  • “______, you’ve grown plumper and prettier!”
  • “My cheeks are glowing from the cold!”
  • “How beautiful you looked in the snow!”
  • “I can’t bare this waiting!”
  • “He/She/They loves me only.”
  • “Dresses, dresses! We’ll buy what we can afford!”
  • “How wonderful to have you here instead of these gossips and crybabies.”
  • “You’ve hooked a fine fellow!”
  • “The old fellow’s crotchety!”


  • “I’ve aged so much.”
  • “I forget things…”
  • “I live in the past.”
  • “People enjoy me though.”
  • “Such a majestic and agreeable spectacle.”
  • “Bring me my slippers!”
  • “Bring me my wine!”
  • “I have no friends!”
  • “Stupid girl/boy, all my friends are dead!”
  • “I can hurt you!”
  • “I can hurt you but I never ever would.”
  • “He/She/They could beat me or treat me like a dog, make me fetch wood or water and that’s just how it is.”
  • “I know they’ll like me, everyone has always liked me!”
  • “Is this all I make of my life?”
  • “Maybe I’ll marry someone myself…”
  • “Oh, that offends you, does it?”
  • “Where are my glasses?!”
  • “He forgets things…”
  • “And I dare to judge him, I disgust myself.”
  • “I disgust myself…”


  • “O-Oh… Oh, hello…. Won’t you come in?”
  • “Too fashionably dressed.”
  • “I know at any moment he’ll indulge in some freak!”
  • “I am not afraid anyone.”
  • “Too plain and affected.”
  • “Not much to look at…”
  • “What have I said?”
  • “What have I done?”
  • “Oh, they were so awful…”
  • “It all hurts so terribly.”


  • “First time I heard your voice, moonlight burst into the room.”
  • “You are so good for me.”
  • “I’ll never be this happy again.”
  • “You and I, and no one else.”
  • “We’ve done this all before, we were angels once. Don’t you remember?”
  • “How can anyone sleep? There was never such a night before!”
  • “I feel like putting my arms around my knees and squeezing tight as possible and flying away.”


  • “Stop moving and moaning, we’ll miss the curtain!”
  • “Welcome, to the opera.”
  • “________, smooth your gown/shirt.”
  • “I’ve never felt like this before.”
  • “Look, there’s _______, home from the war at last.”
  • “He’s/She’s/They’ve changed, dear me!”
  • “What a headdress she/he/they has on!”
  • “They’re all looking at me, they’re all talking about me!”
  • “Now all the ladies/men/everyone are mad about him/her/them.”
  • “No, I am enjoying at home this evening.”
  • “Oh, those pearls!”
  • “So beautiful! What a charming young girl/man/person!”
  • “Have you been here long?”
  • “He/She/They never used to forget us.”
  • “There’s a woman/man/person one should stay far away from.”
  • “Oh, I’d tickle you all if I could.”
  • “He/She/They moved with a swagger. Which would have looked ridiculous, had he/she/they not been so good-looking.”
  • “Mais charmante.”
  • “How handsome he/she/they is!”
  • “He/She/They is talking about me.”
  • “Every time I look at him/her/them, he’s/she’s/they’re looking at me!”
  • “Bravo, bravo!”


  • “I have longed wished to have this happiness.”
  • “How do you like the performance?”
  • “He’s/She’s/They’re as handsome up close as at a distance.”
  • “You ought to come, please, come!”
  • “I know for certain he’s/she’s/they’re taken by me.”
  • “I fear he/she/they may seize me from behind and kiss me on the neck!”
  • “You will be the prettiest there.”
  • “Do come, give me this flower as a pledge.”
  • “It’s alright, _______, I’m here.”
  • “I-I cannot speak.”
  • “There’s nothing between us.”


  • “I have known her/him/them since she/he/they was a child… I have long carried affection for her/him/them.”
  • “Yes, charming.”
  • “Drink with me, my love! For there’s fire in the sky and ice on the ground!”
  • “Vodka and wine are dangerous for me.”
  • “Keep drinking, old man/woman.”
  • “She’s/He’s/They’re first rate but nothing but trouble.”
  • “It doesn’t matter, I don’t give a damn.”
  • “Just as a duck is made to swim in water, God has made me as I am.”
  • “All I care for is deity and women.”
  • “God! To think I married a man/woman/person like you!”
  • “Don’t speak to me, wife/husband/spouse.”
  • “There’s something inside me. Something terrible and monstrous.”
  • “Here’s to the health of married women/men/people and their lovers!”
  • “How dare you touch her/him/them?!”
  • “You can’t love her/him/them!”
  • “I challenge you!”
  • “Oh, a duel? Yes, this is what I like~.”
  • “He/She/They will kill you, stupid husband/wife/spouse!”
  • “So, I shall be killed! What is it to you?!”
  • “________, my guns.”
  • “Oh, this is horribly stupid!”
  • “________, hold your fire! Not yet!”
  • “No! Shot by a fool!”
  • “Oh, my mother. My angel… My adored angel mother!”
  • “You are a fool.”
  • “Well, you certainly bring out the beast in them!”
  • “Come on, let’s get you home.”
  • “Be happy, we live to love another day.”


  • “Is this how I die?”
  • “How did I live?”
  • “I taste every wasted minute… Every time I turned away from the things might have healed me.”
  • “Was I kind enough…? Was I GOOD enough…?”
  • “Oh, why have I been sleeping?”
  • “They say we are asleep till we fall in love, we are children of dust and ashes.”
  • “When we fall in love, we wake up.”
  • “We are god and angels weep.”
  • “All of my life, I spent searching the words of poets, saints, prophets and kings! And now, at the end, all I know that I’ve learned is that all that I know: Is I don’t know a thing!”
  • “All the things I could have been! But I never had the nerve!”
  • “Life and love? I don’t deserve it.”
  • “All right, I’ve had my time.”
  • “Bury me in burgundy, I just don’t care.”
  • “Such a storm of feelings inside of me!”
  • “Why am I screaming…? Why am I shaking?”
  • “Oh, God. Was there something I missed?”
  • “Was happiness within me the whole time?”
  • “Don’t let me die while I’m like this!”


  • “I see my face.”
  • “Don’t be silly!”
  • “They say you can see your future in the long row of candles in the depths of the mirror.”
  • “I see a shape in the darkness!”
  • “I’m so frightened!”
  • “I suffer now more than before…”
  • “The rudeness of that man/woman/person! I’ll straighten him out!”
  • “I’ll shut myself in my room and try on new dresses/clothes.”


  • “Oh, my enchantress… Oh, you beautiful thing!”
  • “These dresses suit you!”
  • “Anything suits you, my charmer.”
  • “You are such a lovely thing, where have you been?”
  • “It’s such a shame to bury pearls in the country…”
  • “If you have a dress/suit you must wear it out!”
  • “How can you live in _______ and no go no where?”
  • “So, you love somebody! That’s no reason to shut yourself in!”
  • “My brother/sister/sibling/friend dined with me yesterday but he/she/they didn’t eat a thing because he/she/they was thinking about you.”
  • “A woman/man/person with a dress/suit is a frightening powerful thing!”
  • “You are not a child when you’re draped in scarlet and lace.”
  • “Your fiance` would want you to have fun rather than be bored today!”
  • “My brother/sister/sibling/friend is quite madly in love with you, my dear.”
  • “It must be all right…”
  • “There’s a ball at my house tonight, you must come!”
  • “You must come!”
  • “How the thought of throwing them together amuses me!”


  • “How I adore little girls/boys, they lose their heads at once!”
  • “There is no barrier between us!”
  • “I don’t know good from bad…”
  • “I’m so frightened!”
  • “You are enchanting!”
  • “Don’t lower your eyes, I love you.”
  • “I am in love, dear, I am in love.”
  • “Don’t say such things, I love another!”
  • “Don’t speak of that when I tell you that I’m madly in love with you!”
  • “Is if my fault your enchanting?”
  • “I don’t understand anything tonight!”
  • “Is it possible I will never see you again?”
  • “I have nothing to say!”
  • “Tell me, what just happened…?”
  • “I-I’m trembling…”
  • “I love you… Of that there is no doubt.”
  • “How else could we have kissed?”
  • “I could not help loving you.”
  • “I will love you, _______.”
  • “I’ll do anything for you.”

ireadtoomuch252  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader has a tattoo no one knows about and one day everyone finds out? And everyone except for Lance is cool with it, but Lance is freaking out because how could someone so sweet have A TATTOO???? P.S. I love your writing.

FLATTERY WILL GET YOU EVERY WHERE AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH I TRY SO HARD Also I am sorry this took so long, I work on weekends and I spend most of Monday catching up on cleaning so its late monday/tuesday that I really get to catching up on my writing (And did I take this in a weird direction? I feel like I took this in a weird direction but once started I couldn’t stop!)

I hated being hot. I hated it with every fiber of my being and would rather freeze to death then deal with being sweaty and gross and hot. Unfortunately with the castle’s temperature control completely on the fritz it was impossible to avoid the almost desert like conditions. Luckily Coran had been kind enough to show everyone to a planet renown for its beaches where they could relax until everything was fixed. Everyone had been more than enthusiastic, even Princess Allura had seemed thrilled at the idea of a day off. She called it ‘an opportunity for team building and connection’ but I had a feeling that she just really wanted to get out of the castle for once.

 Unfortunately for me the temperature here had not proven to be much different than that back on board. Of course the crash of the waves outside was more than inviting but the thought of burning sand was unappealing at best and literal hell at worst. I could already feel the heat coming from the sand creeping its way towards the wooden floor of the changing room. But my dire need to hide in here forever was being pushed back by the delighted screams from my friends out side. Finally the fun on the other side of the door finally seemed to win out and I forced myself to take the walk of fire at a run.

It wasn’t actually as bad as I had expected. In fact it was much much worse. I wasn’t sure what this alien sand was made out of but it was more like walking on freshly blown glass then sand. On the other hand I was a huge baby with a passion for drama so perhaps I could have been exaggerated. So I may have also been exaggerating when I say that diving into the water was the best thing my skin had ever felt. I gave a great sigh and floated on my back and was glad that the space mall had bathing suites that fit me. I hadn’t really wanted to wear my one spare change of clothes into the water and it had been far too long since I had been able to show off my tattoo.

It was a shame really that the day I had come to join the paladins that I was wearing something so covering, my tattoo had taken too long and cost too much to keep out of sight for so long. It was one of my proudest pieces of art as well, a winding lacy design that followed my spine and curled around my waist to circle around my navel. I had designed it myself, spending hours looking for inspiration on the many faceted design with no two parts mirroring each other. It was an extensive labor of love and I was anxious to now show it off.

So when I was suddenly splashed with the unbelievably clear water I couldn’t even be mad, I was ready for the shocked and awed faces. “Yo (y/n) what took so long, this water is the best. All I am missing is pineapples and pizza and oh pineapple on pizza of course,” Hunk said rubbing his stomach with glazed over eyes. 

“Wait are you telling me you actually like that warm monstrosity of fruit on junk food? That is blasphemy and unforgivable,” Lance said with mock fury as he jumped on top of Hunk for a small mini wrestling match that resulted in Lance just about drowning until the others came over and pulled the two apart. “Hey I was telling nothing but the truth! Wouldn’t you agree (y/n) surely you side on the side of goooo oh my god what is all over you!” he cried out in surprise, someone finally noticing the line work all over my body.

The others all joined in with their oh’s and aws. Allura came over and traced her fingers down my back with admiring eyes. “Wow this really is quite beautiful. And I never knew! They remind me of the intricate marking our ancestors would make on their faces when they became warriors. Do these hold some of the same meaning?” she asked politely.

“Actually many cultures on Earth use tattoos as a marking for special events. Its most commonly used as a coming of age ceremony of sorts and has become quite a way for individuals to express significant moments in their life for everyone to see,” Pidge chimed in squinting harshly without her glasses and facing ever so slightly away from the rest of the group.

I was more than happy to explain myself but between everyone’s compliments and questions one person had remained quiet, Lance. It was a bit unnerving since his mouth was never shut but I hoped it was from awestruck admiration. However I was quickly proved wrong. “Tattoos are also totally badass and how did YOU get one! Well I mean I know the how but well how could you have one? You are so sweet and innocent and now you just drop a bomb that you are all inked up like some, some inked up hooligan?!” he demanded taking me by the arm and pulling me for closer inspection “Or was this a someone died and this is how I remembered them thing cause I am drawing a blank on how someone like you has something this large.”

Now I had people question me about my tattoo before, it rarely made me do more than roll my eyes and tell them it was none of their business. Yet some how Lance’s reaction struck a nerve with me. As much as I told myself that others opinions didn’t matter I knew that when it came to Lance it was a slightly different story. Out of all the people in the universe I could have had a crush on I had to chose this loser and this loser had to go and be one of those types. 

I pushed him away from me with a scowl and unconsciously cover the art on my waist with my crossed arms. “No its a I thought it was pretty and didn’t realize I had to enter a debate about my choices about my body every time someone sees them. I think they look great but apparently I don’t have a good enough reason to have them for you,” I snapped with more anger then was probably deserved. I doubted that Lance really meant much harm, his mouth tended to run when ever he was caught off guard. Its just that I had really wanted them to like them.

I waded away from the group, muttering a thanks to everyone who hadn’t insulted me, and could practically feel the tension in the air. I could feel the shift in the water that let me know that everyone had just turned to give Lance the mix look of glare and you’re an idiot exasperation. I resisted the urge to walk backwards, not wanting to offend his delicate disposition with the full view of my tattoo, mostly because I didn’t want to reveal my now burning eyes. If anyone asked I would say that it was the overly salty water but I wasn’t sure if they would believe me anyway.

I resolved that helping Coran would prove more fruitful then hiding in the dressing room but only made it to the doors of the fitting room. “Hey (y/n) wait!” Lance called out, huffing and puffing as he leaned onto his knees and held out a hand towards me. “OhmygodIhatesandsomuch, okay woo okay I’m back … (Y/n) wait. I erm made an idiot out of myself,” he started but I cut him off before he could apologize, not wanting to hear it. Mainly because I wasn’t sure I would have the will power to not instantly forgive him. Cure his cute face.

“Yeah per usual but I am not going to stand there and disgust you so much with my skin. If it makes you feel any better you are never going to be seeing it again. You made it pretty clear it didn’t suite me,” I spat venomously at him, letting anger rush over me. it was better than admitting to myself that I cared so much about his opinion. I prepared myself for a fight, ready to let myself explode in anger and hopefully break this crush I have been suppressing, but instead I saw Lance blush and look away. He was never the shy type, never afraid of an argument so why he was pulling away now was making my heart flutter.

“You far from disgust me (y/n), I think that you are literally the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. I am not really poetic but all those poems we were forced to read in school about seeing someone and thinking that they must be the god/goddess of beauty or an enchanter/enchantress or just them hallucinating their perfect person? Yeah I think I probably get that, hell I might even be as gushy to say if I heard a romantic rock ballad I might just understand it as well,” he said peeking up from underneath his eyelashes like he was almost afraid to look at me. I had to pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

“And before you ask, yes I am aware I said literally the worst things possible. But well I can only be super smooth around people that I find cute. Not around people that you know … I actually have … feelings for,” he muttered, squinting at the ground like he was trying to pronounce words in another language. “So um yeah there you have me being an idiot again. Bottom line is you look awesome, I think you are awesome and er I am going to go ask Shiro to bury me in a hole,” he added sounding much more like his old self, though his face was bright red.

I almost didn’t stop him, so convinced that the heat had finally gotten to me. But when Lance stood there like a sad puppy, obviously hoping I would stop him from leaving I couldn’t help but laugh. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. And the only thing that might have stopped Lance from running away with his tail between his legs was when I pulled him in for a surprise kiss. A kiss that was sloppy and giggly but sweet none the less. I pull back and hiccuped from my laughter and was met with the most confused look one could ever have. “Erm do you have a fetish for idiots or did my words drive you crazy?” he asked with a grin now creeping onto his face.

I grinned back and grabbed his hand “Perhaps a bit of the first but mostly its just because I have a stupid crush on you and am glad I don’t feel the need to go find the space equivalent of laser removal. Or more likely brainwash you to fall deeply in love with me at the sight of them,” I teased him, a shiver running up my back feeling his fingers tracing over the swirls and twists.

“Hey for all I know maybe you did because as soon as I saw them I knew.”

“Knew what?”

“Knew that I was falling for a gorgeous and baddass (insert preference). So when are you going to add my name somewhere?” 

“There you go again being an idiot. Its a good thing I love idiots.”

“And I love you (y/n)”

“And I love you.”