when i look at you i see something special

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Am I an idiot? So many people are defending Meghan on the grounds that she's "pretty." I mean, she's not a troll, but why is that a reason why she's an "good" person? Physical appearances don't make your personality, except maybe when pretty people get nasty because they're told they're something special (hmm). What I really find amusing is that Meg and her little followers are totally those people who claim that looks don't matter, yet can't see anything but.

nope. you are not an idiot at all. I was always a fan of “inner beauty.” I first saw her I thought she was ok looking not ugly at all. I have a bi racial niece so I absolutely do NOT have a problem with that. I started looking into her and was like “ok. she has some kind of background maybe she will be good for harry” and THEN people started digging and pulling out receipts and then I’m like OH HELL NO lol they started seeing her for what she is. and honestly after my own watching and reading I did too. she is the master ringleader in all of this. but people saw her different. and they wanted to defend. which is ok. I have said it before. but then they started to hate. then they started pulling out race cards. pulling out slut shaming cards. all this bullshit. they want someone to be better than Kate. it is natural to be jealous. our favorite royal finally found someone. but we did not expect it to be like this and him ending up fucked over in the process. if it wasn’t for Mama Dee NYC and KUWTBD we would still be in the dark. from what we see of Meghan’s personality she sucks. people choose to see what they want. I mean I have gotten nasty I have said some shit and lost followers. don’t care about that I’m still gonna say shit and they don’t have to deal. but she is not a good person. Meghan is disgusting to me. she may be right for someone but not Harry.

Thanks dude. Feel free to come back and discuss. :)

things i liked in the christmas special
  • how dramatic it was. for real. the songs were so overdramatic i was like “me @ life”
  • seeing everyone in their cute little winter outfits?? even tom and sabine?? adorable
  • this special warmed me up more to Nathalie’s character. you can see she does really care about Adrien.
  • CHAT LOOKING OUT MARINETTE’S HOUSE WHILE SINGING??? i can’t believe marichat is canon
  • the most dramatic scene in miraculous ladybug’s history ever??? I WAS LIKE THE HELL IS THIS INTERNAL STRUGGLES WHERE DID IT COME FROM when chat noir was about to cataclysm THE FUCKING BIG CHRISTMAS TREE?? but his mom appears in his mind so he just nopes the fuck out and destroys something with himself instead?? like that fanart??? i can’t??
  • ADRIEN OPENING MARINETTE’S GIFT: we thought that dreamy face was gonna be for ladybug but NOPE!! it’s about freaking!!! marinette!!! “she’s so kind” child ur so in love stop lying to urself
  • Adrien wishing Merry Christmas to Plagg and using the hat to keep him warm I’m so fucking????? OH MY GOD???
  • the whole little converation with Santa and Adrien giving the hat to him. He’s so precious
  • that little Ladrien moment *eyes emoji*
  • “MY LADY”
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir falling into Alya’s house AND HER LITERALLY PROVING TO BE THE LADYNOIR #1 SHIPPER
  • It’s not like that” - Ladybug, 2016
  • Alya calling Ladybug “CocciNoel” that was so funny and cute



Your boy has had a week.  I mean, c’mon, multiverse!  It all started out with H.R. getting into trouble (I knew that guy was bad news), which then led to this whole fiasco with Gypsy. I can’t say I’m a stranger to being threatened by mysterious women (looking at you, Peek-a-Boo and Golden Glider!), but something about Gypsy was cosmic… beyond any connection or vibe I’ve gotten with any other girl. I was loving that special tingle you get when you find something real, but it all got ruined when Gypsy decided to return to Earth-19.

But in the wake of it all, I saved H.R.  Cisco Ramon- gentleman, hero, and all around badass once again.  H.R. was super gracious about it seeing that I did lay my life on the line for him (who ever thought I’d do that? Safe to say I wouldn’t do that for any other Wells’!).  He insisted on treating me to a steak dinner as a thank you.  I mean, I usually want to argue about everything when it comes to H.R. but I cannot argue a free filet.  No need to twist my arm!

Somehow, H.R. snagged us a reservation at Simon’s Steakhouse – I’ve been trying to get in there for ages! I wonder how he did it… I’m sure it involved him flirting with a hostess in some way, that cheeky devil.  I’ve never stepped foot in a restaurant as fancy as Simon’s.  Most Ramon family celebrations are spent at home with wine by the dozen and plenty of Mama Ramon’s home-cooked lasagna.

I threw on my finest suit (check me out, James Bond) and had H.R. threw on his Randolf face to keep things in check. We spent the night like kings – chowing down on t-bone, guzzling some Merlot, and topping it off with a double order of chocolate soufflé. It was the dream, man. Ain’t if funny how nice a person can be once you risk your life to save ‘em? Barry totally doesn’t utilize that enough. Maybe I’ll mention it to him to consider next time one of us has to use our panic buttons!

Testosterone Boys And A Harlequin Girl (Jeonghan/Seungcheol Threesome Smut)

Summary: Jeonghan and Seungcheol always had something special. You knew, you could see it, and so could anyone else with eyes and half a brain. And chemistry like that makes for really great sex. Really, really great sex. Whether it was stars or hormones that crossed for you to know that, you weren’t too sure. But those boys had you seeing stars between their chemistry, their amazing looks, and their desire to punish you. Smut. 

(AN: FINALLY COMPLETE. I deviated so fucking much from the original request and omg I think it’s really cute when people use my name in messages. Title taken from the AMAZING panic! song that I thought was sooo fitting here and I listened to while writing. Very gay sex ahead if you’re not comfortable with that, shy away. Daddy kink. Threesome. Obvi smut warning. -Tanisha<3) 

You woke up to 56 Snapchats, 33 text messages, 24 missed calls, and 18 voice mails. With all thirteen of the boys in your contacts and desperately needing your attention, you were surprised it wasn’t more. It was Saturday morning and they had time, probably too much time, before they had to be shipped off to do a radio interview and bothering you seemed to be on the menu. All messages seemed to consist of invitations to the dorm, them asking for food, and as the timestamps progressed, just desperate pleas for you to get out of bed. And then it seemed, pointless spamming to get your attention.

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you are poetry,
a poem i cannot write.
you caressed my mind
when our lips touched
for the first time,
and i can still feel you
like youre living in my head.

i dreamed of us
in an alternate dimension,
i was still nothing special,
you were a queen,
holding your eyes on me
like a scepter,
i cried a river,
you cried a flood.
out of my dream i awoke,
holding me in your arms.

i cry when i think of
my name coming from your lips,
like a hiker who loves the forests,
out of your mouth, my name could make
a thousand trips
and i’ll come back for more.

i still stargaze when we make eye contact,
as an astrologist looks through a telescope,
and sees something nobody else has seen,
that is exactly how i feel
when you look at me.
it’s a new planet or star every time,
eventually i’ll have my own galaxy,
named after all these poems for you that i write.

i see the birth of a star
every time we hold hands,
and when you smile, i see strings
on the curve of your mouth
held up by the heavens.

when you talk, i hear instruments
from some distant land,
maybe heaven, maybe an undiscovered land,
with songs so beautiful, the creation of the universe
must have had you talk into the trees
so the wind could blow your beauty
all around, youre the stardust that makes up the earth,
and all of the beauty all around.
every wave is a laugh, every green rolling hill
is a smile. i know your feet don’t form in the sands
because you aren’t of this land.

when you hold me,
as soft as falling through a cloud,
like swimming in the sky,
i close my eyes and
you whisper into my head,
like a cool breeze on a sunny day,
your body on mine comforts me.
gives me an eternal peace.

there’s nothing like you
as far as i can tell,
you must be magic
or from another land.

i’m a white rose in the snow,
unable to feel beautiful
because the world is so cold,
but you held me with good intentions,
breathing a fire down my stem,
that you are in love with me.
and that gives me an eternal peace.

but you are poetry,
an endless book of prose,
it’ll take all the seas in the world
to fill up this book i know,
but it won’t stop me from
letting you know,
you’re a goddess divine,
in this little cold world of mine.

you are its queen,
these poems are a scepter,
and i hope you hold each very dear,
because when i leave this earth for good,
they’ll still be here to remind of the love
i feel.

you are my queen,
an alien from another land,
a magician with no tricks in her hand,
just the way you compose yourself,
a symphony played with instruments
so beautiful, they’re from another land.
your voice begs of the rain,
are you from another dimension,
because even though time
is a reality,
your love isn’t.
you must be magic
in order to transcend it.

because when you look at me,
i melt. when you say my name,
i collapse.
when you breathe,
you shake the leave in the trees.
when i think of how much i love you,
i can barely breathe.
when you talk,
your voice completely encompasses me,
fills up my eardrums as a sea of love
brings me to a river of tranquility.
everything you do
brings me to an eternal peace.

every little nuance you do,
brings me to an eternal peace.

—  Letter for my Queen CI. (Eternal Peace.)
Better | 01

word count: 1.987

Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, insecure Y/N, angst, fluff

A/N: My first writing ever! Hope you guys like it. PS don’t think I’m overly insecure or something. I just felt like writing this. And my first language is not English, so yeah. In the next part there will be more angst and fluffy stuff.

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The only thing in the world you didn’t want to happen today was seeing Jungkook. And let it be the day BTS comes to visit the weekly idol special.

You always had a thing for Jungkook, when your group debuted you already were attracted to him. On award shows you always blush when he looked at you. But you always reminded yourself that you were an idol and you would never stand a chance with Jungkook.

“ Chungha! Where is my bottle of water!” You shouted a little too hard than intended. You were practicing your new dance before you went to weekly idol studio. You were exhausted from practicing.
“ What are you talking about y/n, the bottle is right beside you.” She said laughing.
I realized it was indeed beside me. My mind on so many things I didn’t even could find my own water bottle.
“ Oh yeah, your right I’m sorry Chungha.”
“ Are you okay y/n unni? You look tired, you should sit for a while. We’re going to weekly idol today you should be fit.” She was right, if I continued like this I would look like a zombie on screen.
“ I’m going to wash my face for a bit thank you for the advice!”

I still couldn’t believe I was going to see Jungkook today. Most of the time there would be like 20 meters between us. But today both our groups were going to weekly idol, so maybe there would be some interaction. But what was the point of it? Him noticing me, I don’t think he knows I even exist. Most people call our girlgroup I.O.I the same faced group. I have to admit we have the same style and faces, but we are still different people. I was always thinking about Jungkook, no way he would ever think about me. BTS is much more popular than our group and they are much more successful. If he ever noticed me it would probably be because I’m so clumsy and I fall all the time at award shows.
On moments like this I wished to not be an idol. Because I couldn’t be myself all the time, always being the perfect y/n from I.O.I. I always have to look good, which is pretty hard because I’m really insecure. When we debuted, I always thought I didn’t look good enough. And the mini skirts didn’t help either, revealing my thick legs and my belly wasn’t the smallest.
Although the members always cheer me up, saying nobody is perfect but you are y/n. Chungha and Yoojung are always so caring and so sweet, I love them they are my best friends since I gave up my childhood to become an idol. Still I’m insecure, and mostly because I want to look good for Jungkook if a paparazzi photo pops up in his social media feed. But why would he even take a moment to look at me.

“ 20 minutes till we leave to weekly idol, prepare yourself girls!” Our manager yelled. Man, I was nervous. No one knew about my crush, only Chungha. She said she had a crush on Taehyung from BTS but that didn’t last for long. She has been supportive and stuff, saying that idols always end up together. But I wouldn’t even think about that, never in the world would Jungkook end up with me as girlfriend.

“ Unni, come I’m going to change clothes, our concept is cute but not too girly.” I sighed, that means skirts.
“ I’m coming Chungha, I will come in a minute” I always feel like a terrible friend to Chungha, but what can I do about myself.

“ You look so cute unni you should wear this more often.” I said to Yoojung, I always thought that Yoojung was the cutest of us. And I was right because the fans always shout cutie Yoojungie.
“ Thank you unni, aren’t you wearing skirts today?”
“ No not really I’m not really feeling like it today.” And I actually never felt like wearing skirts, but yeah that’s idol life in a girl group.

“ Leaving in 3, 2, 1! We’re leaving girls!” Manager-nim shouted.
“ I’m so excited y/n, BTS, Twice, Got7 and GFriend are coming.” BTS with Jeon Jungkook yeah.
“ I know Yoojung, I’m happy to see Momo unni again.” I replied
“ Oh my god, yeah. We haven’t talked to them for so long. Have you ever talked to the boys of BTS before. They look so handsome in their new mv. Especially Jungkook-ssi, he looked very handsome, right y/n unni?” I held my breath after she said that. Does Yoojung have a crush on Jungkook too? I wouldn’t even be surprised.
Chungha looked at me like she saw a bomb fall on my face, she looked terrified. Maybe she thought I would get mad or disappointed or something. But I would never ever be mad about a boy to my friends.
“ Yeah, Yoojungie, he is very handsome.” I said while looking down.
“ Soooo, we are free this weekend. Do you girls want to do something? Catching up with the drama or going out?” Chungha said while changing the subject fast before it would be awkward.
“ I like going out, but I don’t know. What about you unni, what do you want to do?”
“ Yoojungie always clubbing, let’s go to the club if Chungha wants too!” We didn’t go to the club often, but when we did Yoojung was always the ‘party animal’. With limits off course because we’re idols.
“ Let’s club this weekend then!” Cheungha shouted happily.

After arriving at the weekly idol studio, we got our name cards and were directed to the girls room. In the girls I found Hani unni from exid. Before we even debuted I was friends with Hani, she was like some big sister to me. Unfortunately we grew apart, and we talked less. But my love and care for Hani never went down.
“ Hani! Unni! I’m so happy to see you today! Are you mc-ing at the weekly idol special?”
“ Y/N-ssi! I knew you would come, I wanted to surprise you. I’m the special mc today indeed.” Being overly happy, and running to me, Hani hugged me like there was no tomorrow.
“ I missed you so so much. Have you been well? Are you eating well?”
“ Always like a caring sister y/n-ssi. Off course I haven’t been well without you.” She said jokingly, Hani was always a sarcastic one. “ But have you been well? I heard you on a radio show, your cute voice always enchanting me.” I was indeed on a radio show with I.O.I.
“ Oh, you listened to the show? Thank you unni. And yes I have been well, just stressing about our comeback next month.”
“ Starting in a few seconds, Hani mc go and prepare!” Someone shouted way too loud.
“ Well I think I have to go, let’s grab some coffee after the shooting and good luck!” Hani said sprinting to heechul who was waiting for her at the entrance.
“ Bye unni!”

It was almost time to start the shooting.
“ Girls I need to go to the bathroom I’m back in a sec!” You shouted going to the bathroom as soon as possible. You drank too much water, because of stress and because Jungkook. Speaking of Jungkook, it was funny that you bumped in to him right after you rushed out of the bathroom.
“ In a rush y/n?” He said. You were surprised he even knew your name. You rubbed your head after bumping in to him.
“ I’m so sorry, I thought I was late for the shooting. Sorry for bumping in to you sunbaenim.” You didn’t even know why you called him sunbae because you have never talked before.
“ Why so many sorry’s, it’s okay. Let’s go to the shooting.”
Arriving at the shooting a tad late, all eyes were on you two, including Yoojung’s. She looked shocked, and that’s when you realized she too had a crush on Jungkook. You could see the jealousy in her eyes.
“ Sorry we’re late, sorry manager-nim” Jungkook said while he bowed. Quickly you bowed too.
“ Alright let’s begin the shoot.” The producer said.

While filming you noticed Yuju from GFriend was pretty interested in Jungkook. She looked at him from time to time ( just like yourself ) And they even had some interaction.
Hani had introduced a game, singing a ots duet, one girl and one boy from each group.
I was teamed up with Jimin, Chungha with Jackson and Yoojung with Woozi.
And guess who teamed up with Junkook? Yes Yuju.
My duet with Jimin was pretty good. He was shy but very cute.
I felt really cringey looking at Yuju and Jungkook. She was very touchy, wrapping one arm around him and dancing to the song with him. She looked really happy and he showed no other expression than happiness. You would think they were secretly dating.

After filming the special episode I went to Hani for our coffee date, until someone stopped me, like literrally and we both tripped.
“ Sorry, are you okay… Jungkook?” I was surprised I met him again while tripping or bumping in each other. Is this my way of saying hi these days?
“ Always saying sorry for everything y/n, it’s my fault we tripped.”
“ Oh no don’t be sorry, I’m really clumsy from nature so these things happen to me all the time.” And yes that was true, I am the most clumsy person in our entertainment.
“ Well do you fall for all men like this every time you see them?” He asked with a smirk. I didn’t thought he would be so flirtatious.
“ Oh ehm.. no I think?” Not really knowing what to reply
“ I hope I’m the only one then.” He walked away sending a wink. My heart just couldn’t take this.

Hani and I were walking to the cafe, should I tell her what happened?
“ So y/n why were Jungkook and you late at the shooting? Did something happen?” Damn she is good.
“ No I just went to the bathroom but I happened to bump into him, so we walked to the shooting together.”
“ Tell more, I know there’s more y/n.”
“ Okay, after filming, he and I both tripped again. And wel yeah, he was really, like really flirtatious.” For a moment she was still, she wanted to say something. Looking at her it wouldn’t be something good.
“ What is it Hani, why you looking so serious?” I was scared she would tell me she dated Jungkook or something but no, she told me:
“ Y/N, I know you have a crush on Jungkook for 2,5 years now, and I never told because I thought it’s just a little crush and would go away after a while…”
“ What Hani tell me.” I was getting a little impatient because she started talking slower and slower.
“ He is like a kind of idol fuckboy y/n, he will hurt your feelings don’t get attracted to him.”
I couldn’t believe what I heard, a fuckboy? Why have I never heard of it ever before. And more important, there are no dating rumors about him at all.
“ How, what do you mean Hani?”
“ Well, he doesn’t date idol girls, but more like…ehm. He just fucks and goes let me say that.” Fucks and goes? Since when did this happen?
“ I haven’t heard anyone talking about him, this is not true unni.”
“ Y/N believe me, he is a fuckboy.”
“ Why would I believe such thing?” I was getting angry, it sounded like Hani didn’t want me to like Jungkook or to even think about him.
“ I haven’t told you this, to not hurt you. But I had dated Jungkook a year ago and he cheated on me, with multiple girls.”


Requested By: @babybirdahgase- GOT7’s manager accidentally left the door open, causing Coco to run away. Mark & YoungJae misunderstood the situation and they were mad at Y/N. Not knowing that she wasn’t the cause, Y/N spent the night in the rain looking for Coco and managed to find her but Y/N ended up falling sick. 

Length: 2022

AN: What is this madness? I actually wrote for a request??? This may be the start of something new -.0 I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t follow the request exactly. I hope you still like it! <3

You walked up to GOT7’s dorm with a handful of groceries. You planned on making them dinner tonight as a special treat, since it had been awhile since you got to see everyone. You were especially looking forward to seeing Mark. Nothing had happened between you two yet, but you could tell that Mark liked you by the way he was always sneaking glances when he thought you weren’t looking. You thought that maybe tonight would be the night you could push things forward and maybe start a relationship.

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[A tiny birthday fic for @overcaustically, smol because of late notice but I wanted to do something because you have been so nice about all my stuff ;-; I hope you enjoy!


Shiro used to look at Keith as solid ground, steady and whole, packed earth that was warm beneath the sun. Their friendship special, but limited to just that, and Shiro was content with it.

But somewhere along the way, his vision changed; the screen flickered, the colours sharpened, the details became apparent.

Now, this is how he sees Keith: the strength of his arm when he yields his bayard, the light in his eyes when he sees a new planet, and oh, how his boy smiles.

(Not his, too much to call Keith his. Presumptuous and preposterous, and the hope makes Shiro sick.)

The tilt of his lips in a smirk, the spread of his mouth in pure joy, the tightening of his eyes and that adorable squeak of suppressed laughter. Captivating as watching stars live and die, magnificent as every galaxy Shiro has seen, and all those as yet undiscovered by the human race.

It is enough, Shiro thinks, for a starving man to live off.

(It was enough for him, in that cold, dark cell, to have him fight for home.)

It is enough. And Shiro won’t ask for more.

Because this is how Keith sees him: his best friend, as close as a brother, but nothing more than that.

When Shiro looks at him and says “I love you,” it is with every force and fibre of his being, every deep crevice and hidden cavern of his soul. But when Keith echoes the words back, it is as his friend, only skin deep, shallow when Shiro would happily drown.

He thinks, I will never have you, and he lets himself be at peace with it.

And seasons change.

Shiro’s love does not. But now, now? Now, he is allowed to see and admire the view, a front-row pass instead of furtive glances and aching hearts. Now, it is the glitter of stars in the sky with Keith’s hand in his, it is Keith’s eyes in the dark before he slips to sleep.

(This is what he didn’t see before: the way Keith smiles when they meet, how Keith’s gentle fingers tug on his sleeve to get attention, the steady glow when he murmurs, “I love you, ‘Kashi.” More, so much more than what he had thought.)

Keith’s breath is fire in his heart, slow and comforting and warm.

Keith’s love is enough for Shiro to fight to bring them home.

Keith moves, and Shiro moves with him. Keith loves, and Shiro loves as he stands beside him. On bad days or the glad nights, Keith’s promise stays the same: “I’ve got you, 'Kashi,” with his fingers soft as his heart.

Shiro thinks, and I will always have you, and his love makes him come to life.

Fake us - Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 2

Title: Fake us

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 3,610

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hii can u do one kinda like the french mistake but in reverse where J2 are sent to the spn world (dean and reader have feelings for each other but don’t know yet) and in the “real world” jensen is married to the readers actress and dean is jealous xo

Part 1

@jodyri @starswirlblitz @liger26 @yaya-snowflakes

“And-” you swallowed thickly, looking back at Jensen “-How did we- I mean you and your wife-”

“We. It’s fine” he smiled softly at you, making your heart skip a beat.

“Kinda long story” he chuckled, lowering his voice when Dean shot him a glare.

“Well… we have time” you smiled softly and he nodded his head with a grin.

“We- it’s not something special, or romantic I guess. Although she sees it as that.” he laughed softly, shaking his head and you bit your lower lip smiling.

“That I will get to decide. Spill it” you laughed and he chuckled as well.

“She- You were casted during the fourth season, ment to play a family friend for the guys. We hit it off very quickly. You-were always easy to hang around with. At least for me I guess” he breathed out a laugh, shrugging “I had no idea how you could put up with my craziness like it was nothing.”

“Oh that was nothing. Better question how she cut up with you being a stuttering mess and still manage to realize what you wanted to say!” Jared pointed out and a small giggle left your lips at Jensen’s wide eyes.

“Are you reading that book ok what?!” he shot him a look and Jared raised his hands in the air, making Sam laugh as well. Not Dean, certainly not him.

“Ye-yeah” Jensen cleared his throat looking back at you “That too. A little. Ok maybe a lot.”

You giggled at his obviously embarrassed expression and red cheeks “That is a sight I would love to see”

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Harry Potter Preference: Pick-up Lines


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Girl, I know you’re not a dementor, because you definitely don’t suck. 


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Girl, I hope you like Quidditch, because I’m definitely a Keeper.


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Hey, I’d let you Slytherin to my bed any time.


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When I look into the Mirror of Erised, I see you giving me your number.


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You know you don’t have to say Lumos to turn me on.


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Do you specialize in getting rid of Boggarts? Because you’re making my heart feel Riddikulus.

A/N: Credit to the creator of these pick-up lines! They are hilariously fabulous. I decided to post something short and funny in honor of Valentine’s Day. I was going to post a longer preference, but I wouldn’t have had it finished before Valentine’s Day. :/ I am going to start an imagine though, so look out for that! 


BTS Reaction to finding your Special FX make up

Requested~  Can you do a text of BTS finding Special effect makeup stuff at your house

Jin (Seokjin): *confused* Jagi why would you want to make your beautiful face look ugly?? *not impressed*

Suga (Yoongi): *already planning how to scare the others with your help* this is gonna be hilarious

J-Hope (Hoseok): *slightly terrified when he sees what you can do with the make up* JAGI PLEASE DON’T WEAR THIS WHEN I’M AROUND, it will give me nightmares

Rap Monster (Namjoon): *impressed* wow you’re really talented! can you teach me something too?

Jimin: OH MY GOD JAGI CAN YOU MAKE MY FACE LOOK SCARRED?!? I wanna scare Hobi!! *mischievous*

V (Taehyung): *thinks it’s bad ass* so you can put fake scars on yourself? that sounds like so much fun !

Jungkook: whooaaa how cool! can you make me look like a zombie??? *totally loving it*

Credit to the gif owners~


(Chuck x Reader)

Request:  I was so happy to see you write for gossip girl😂I was wondering if you could do one where chuck cheats on the reader with Blair because he thinks Blair can give him something special that the reader can’t, but in the end he realizes he was wrong. You can decide if the reader forgives him or not. PS, I absolutely adore your writing💚💙

The apartment looked empty when you came home, lights turned off and no one to be seen. You yelled hello into the dark room but got no answer. You put down your bag and headed over to the fridge to get something to drink, that’s when you heard voices coming from the bedroom.

„Chuck? Didn’t you…“ You open the door and step inside, only to be greeted with a view you really didn’t wanna see, „…hear me.“

„Y/N…shit wait!“ He struggles to put on his clothes and runs after you. You’re already outside when he finally catches up to you.

You angrily spin around when he grabs your wrist, „Let go of me, Chuck.“

„You weren’t supposed to see that.“

„Oh? Thank you, that really makes it better.“ You were gone for one week. One week! And your boyfriend had nothing better to do than to cheat on you. With Blair of all people, that was what made it even worse. They always had this strange connection but when Chuck had told you there was nothing going on you believed him. Now it seemed like you shouldn’t have. Joke’s on you for trusting someone like him.

„Look I don’t know what to say.“ Sorry would have been a good start, even though that wouldn’t have done any good to make you less angry or hurt.

„You don’t have to say anything we’re done.“ You storm off and get into the next best taxi you can find.

Chuck thought he got what wanted but in the end he realized that had been a huge mistake. Blair had been a temptation when he wasn’t allowed to have her but now he wished he never had cheated on you. He missed you. He really did. Though he knew all too well that he had royally fucked up this time.

„Hello gorgeous.“

„You got to be kidding me.“ You start to walk faster and shake your head. The he had the nerve to show up here and talk to you like nothing had happened.

„Y/N wait! I wanted to apologize.“

„Apology accepted, now leave me alone.“ You were nowhere near ready to forgive him but you just wanted him to go away.

„You know…that’s not a very forgiving face you’re making.“ No…you were more into kicking his nuts but stopped yourself from doing what was really going on in your mind.

„You said your apology, I accepted. What more do you want?“

„I made a mistake, can we talk about this?“

„Yes you did and no we can not talk about this just because you suddenly developed a conscience.“

Maybe you could talk in a few weeks, you didn’t know yet. Right now you definitely weren’t in the mood to have a nice chat with Chuck.

„You don’t have to talk then just listen.“

„Sorry but I’m late for my date. I’ll see you around.“ You hoped the comment stung and he felt at least half as bad as you had when you saw him with Blair.

And so, I say to you, when you start to compare yourself to other people, please change the channel in your mind to something else. Because I think that when it comes to how we see ourselves, other people are really mean, but we’re REALLY mean to ourselves. So it’s easy to get confused; and when you do get confused, and you start feeling like you’re not special, or you’re not different, or you have nothing important to say - we all feel like that sometimes.
What I want you to do right now, if there’s one thing you remember from tonight, remember what I’m about to say. You need to look into a mirror in the morning and NOT tell yourself that you’re not special, or you’re not good enough, you’re not pretty or you’re not awesome.
I’m gonna tell you right now the things you actually are not, okay, these are the things you really are not. You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you. You are not damaged goods just because you’ve made mistakes in your life. You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. Those are the things you actually are not; now, I want to tell you what you are.
You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile, that’s what you are. You are someone who is wiser because you’ve made mistakes; not damaged, wiser. You are somebody who is going through whatever you’re going through in your life that’s stressing you out, or confusing you or making you upset, but you got out of bed, and you put on an awesome outfit, and you came to a concert and now we are all having the best time ever on a Wednesday night.
You know it’s not about perfection. It’s about just getting on with things sometimes. Sometimes you just get credit for getting up and going on with things and you don’t have to do it perfectly. And I think that we mistake our mistakes for damage, and we think other people will judge us for them. But I want you to know that the way I see mistakes, they don’t make you damaged. They make you clean.
—  Taylor Swift, 1989 World Tour Manchester, 24th June 2015

First of all, I think it’s really important for you to get to know yourself. I feel like a lot of the times we’re so hard on ourselves and we kind of don’t realize that we don’t see each other at the moments where we’re the most beautiful and we’re the most special, like you don’t see yourself talking about something that you’re passionate about and the look in your eyes when you talk about something that you’re excited about. We don’t see ourselves with our biggest fears and things that really makes us who we are and makes us special. So I think it’s important to realize that those are the things that make you, you. And what you have isn’t what everybody else has, it’s different so that’s what to think about and also …


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I’m Here To Rescue You

Originally posted by neymjr

Pairing: Poe x Reader

Warnings: none

Prompt: I wanted to write something fluffy

A/N: Nothing to special, just wrote this quickly, because I had an idea and wanted to write it. It you, Poe and your child just having some fun. Wrote this really quick. Hope you enjoy.

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You looked up from making dinner when you heard the sound of giggles erupt from the lounge room. You see your child on Poe’s shoulders with their arms outstretched and Poe’s fighter helmet on their head. Poe was making fighter sounds as he pretended to fly your child around the room playing out a fictional scene for some much needed fun.

“Commander Dameron there are five tie fighter’s on your tail, what will you do?!” Poe shouted making his voice crackle like it would over the coms. The child laughed as Poe dipped and dived, simulating them dodging from enemy attack.

“I’ll shoot them all!” Your child said, pure joy spread across their face as they threw their arms up and down trying to simulate the turning movements of an xwing. You laughed to yourself and was glad that Poe was finally home to spend time with you both. Though he would only be able to stay for a few days, you were happy he made the most of the time he had with you both, playing games and having fun.

Poe ran around and pretended to line your child up for each shot making pew noises when they wanted to fire. Slowly taking down each fictional Tie as they went along.

“Dameron I don’t know how you did it?! You took them all out!”

“I’m just like my daddy! The best pilot in the galaxy!”

“Oh no, they fired a homing shot on you!” Poe smiled and laughed as he picked up the small child from his shoulders. Nothing made him happier than hearing that his child was proud of him and aspired to be like him. He missed you both dearly when he was away, but the thought of coming back home to you both kept him pushing on. “Oh no you’ve been hit!”

Poe began to move the child around in his arms simulating a certain crash. Your child began to laugh uncontrollably knowing what their fate was soon to be as Poe began tickling your child pretending to torture him as if they had been captured by the first order.

Your child had grown up on stories of Poe’s missions and escapes and often played out each story with you, but today was a rare treat. They could reenact the stories with none other than the hero himself. You were not left out of today’s adventure just standing by for your cue to step in.

You were to play Finn in this story and help your child escape from the dreaded first order.

“You’ll never get anything from me!” The high pitch voice came out as squeals and giggles as Poe continued to tickle them relentlessly on the lounge. Finally he let them go and walked over to you. His hand ran through his hair, trying to push it all back into its respective place after being messed up by the fun. His curls not willing to oblige fell back to his face. He pulled you close before kissing you. Hand around your waist he winked at you and said “you’re up,” signally it was your turn in the little game. You run over the the couch and shouted “I’m FN2187 and I’m here to rescue you!” as you scooped the small child up in your arms and begin to run around the house. You quickly ran into the kitchen to find Poe staring at you both, a serious, yet playful look in his eyes. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Uh oh,” was all you heard from the child within your grasp and they squealed again as you began running through the house trying to escape from Poe aka the dreaded first order. Eventually you wound up trapped in your bedroom. Poe on one side of your bed, you and your child on the other. You watched as Poe’s chest rose and fell heavy with each breath, his exhaustion now showing through. You smiled at him, thankful for his efforts and he winked back. You watched his tongue dart across his lips before he bit down, his face studying you both as he thought. He was planning something.

Quickly Poe climbed across the bed and grabbed you both within his arms sending you all down onto the bed on top of him. Your child began squirming as he was now the middle of your family sandwich. Unable to move they gave up and settled with hugging Poe instead.

“I missed you daddy,” you felt tears well up in your eyes as your heart filled with warm light. You wished for more moments like these. But you knew they couldn’t happen until Poe’s job was done. Until that day your child would have to settle for bed time stories and a loving mother.

What If - Baekhyun/Chanyeol

Pairing: Reader/Baekhyun/Chanyeol  + Yixing as a very wise friend.

Summary: Based on the song What If by EXO (obviously)
When Baekhyun is hopelessly in love with his best friend but then Chanyeol comes into picture.

word count: 7533

a/n: this is the longest scenario I’ve ever written and the one I’m most proud of. Seriously, if you read it, please send in any kinds of reviews because I put my life in this fic and this is something I’ve never tried before, so…

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서로 바라보는 시선
eyes looking at each other.

They were always there, their gazes on each other. He knew it and she did too. Ever since that day when he first laid eyes on her, Baekhyun knew, she would take a special place in his life. And he was sure, she could see the attraction between them too. Their eyes met just once and that was the start of their precious relationship. Just one glance was enough for them to know – they would need each other in life.

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when the members know

You know what is the thing that I love of shipping something that I know has something special going on… 

When you aren’t the only one who notice all that, and no. I’m not talking about my fellow kaisoo sisters <3, I’m talking about the EXO’s members that we all know and love. 




4. Kyungsoo talking about Kai, look at Baek face 







If I could begin to be,
Half of what you think of me,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love.
When I see the way you act,
Wondering when I’m coming back,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love like you.

I always thought, I might be bad,
Now I’m sure that it’s true,
‘cause I think you’re so good,
And I’m nothing like you.

Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special

If I could begin to do
Something that does right by you
I would do about anything
I would even learn how to love

When I see the way you look
Shaken by how long it took
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

Love like you…

Love me like you