when i lift my wings he sees a little


Note: Takes place after X-Men: Apocalypse, Warren has metal wings

Warren couldn’t help but pull away, he couldn’t help but close him self off from practically everyone in the mansion. Most people relayed his tendency to keep to himself to his personality, but it was truly due to his wings. Fashioned by Apocalypse himself, made up of feathers crafted from deadly sharp metal, they reminded him was the pain he’d inflicted on others and he hated it. He hated that while incredible, they could cause such torment.

He didn’t know what else to do but pull away, he knew most people felt fearful when they saw them, spread to full length comprised of dagger like feathers. He felt lost until he met you. Something about you drew you to him, your shy personality and quiet manners. The way you tucked back your hair when you were nervous, but mostly let it fall around your face. He loved watching you bite back a smile when you were excited about something, but most of all he loved your mutation.

You had the ability to grow plants on practically any surface by simply touching your finger tips to where ever you wanted them to sprout. Warren admired it, an ability so pure, that brings life, it was all he could ever want. You, like him, spent most of your time tucked away as well, but not for the same reasons. You were naturally shy and spent most of your time outside the mansion or in the greenhouse, and while you got along well with the other mutants, you were content with alone time too.

You were working in the greenhouse, caring for the plants, when Warren approached you, out of character for him, but you were more than happy to talk with him if that was what he needed.

“Um, hi there.” He had ducked through the short opening into the house, hands tucked in pockets, a nervous look painted on his face. 

“Hi.” You pulled a loose piece of hair behind your ears and dropped your gaze to the floor. 

“Need any help.” He added after a moment of silence. You looked around the greenhouse, it was small, barely enough room for one person, let alone Warren and his wings, but you’d seen the way he shut out every person he talked to, and if you were the one to open him back up, you had to try. You didn’t believe he was a bad person, his past didn’t define who he was, just who he had been.

“I could always use an extra hand.” You smiled. His shoulders seemed to ease a little, a small bit of tension escaping his rigid form, he even managed a smile of appreciation. “What can I do?” He said eagerly stepping forward, but his slightly outstretched wing collided with a watering can resting on the battered wooden shelf next to him. The metal can hit with the floor creating a crashing sound that caused you to jump a little. “Sorry. Sorry.” Warren muttered, pulling his wings flush against his body and quickly bending to pick up the can and return it to it’s original position. You were about to tell him it wasn’t a big deal when he spoke again. “I should just go.” He turned to leave and you felt sadness creep into your thoughts. You wished you could tell him no one blamed him for the choices he made. The mansion was a place for second chances.

“Warren wait.” You finally found the courage to speak up when he was halfway out the door. He turned his head slowly to meet your gaze. You could barely hold the eye contact, but willed yourself to be brave. “Maybe we could just talk a while.” You gave him a hopeful smile. He studied you for a moment before agreeing without a word. He walked back into the greenhouse as you took a seat on the floor, criss crossed, trying to relax. You weren’t normally one to initiate conversation, but if you didn’t tell Warren he had the right to forgive himself, who would? Warren took a seat across from you. Leaning his back against the wall of the shed, his knees bent, gaze trained on the damp floor. You both sat in silence for a while, not finding the words yet, but enjoying the company. 

“Thanks.” Warren finally muttered.

“For what?” You tilted your head towards him, tapping your fingers nervously on the floor at your sides, unaware you were causing tiny sprouts to rise up between the cracks on the pavement.

“For,” he lifted his eyes to meet yours, “for not getting that look that everyone gets when they see my wings, a look that judges me for who I was.” He let out a deep breath like he’d been waiting to make that statement for a long time.

“There’s nothing wrong with your wings.” You shook your head in disbelief at him, “and there’s nothing wrong with coming from a dark place, we’ve all messed up, no one here is perfect.”

“Nothing wrong,” he laughed a little, tilting his head back against the wall, eyes angled towards the ceiling, “look at them, they are made up of blades.” You watched him for a moment before scooting closer to him until you were only inches away. 

“That’s not all they are Warren.” You smiled at him, “anything is what you make it.” You reached out your hand to touch the smooth metal, but he instantly drew them away from you. You shot him a look, urging him to relax. He finally allowed your fingers to press against the cool material, and you tapped your hand along the edges of the feathers. A small trail of flowers sprouted where your fingers last touched, their stems intertwining with the layers of steel. You smiled as you watched Warrens face brighten at the sight of the flowers blooming on his wings. A smile ghosted his lips. “See,” you finally said, drawing your hand back, admiring your own work, “beautiful.” You looked back at him. His eyes seemed to shine a bit brighter as if maybe he truly believed your words.

Clack Week Day 2: Wing

My contrbution to day two of Clack week. Of course I went with wing, because I’m not about to pass up an opportunity for wing kink. xp 

This one is still, uhh, mostly SFW but with suggestive momements, I guess (no parts are touched except for the wing, but the mention of boners comes up lol). It’s mainly fluff and cuteness again. I’m going to give myself cavities at this rate with how sweet the boys are being all the time.

Zack ran his hand through Cloud’s hair as Cloud stirred. There were dim cracks of light just starting to seep in past the curtains – morning, then, but still early.

“Hey,” Zack said. “Feeling better?”

Cloud groaned quietly and buried his face into Zack’s chest. “I have a killer crick in my neck. I thought we swore off falling asleep on sofas.”

Zack chuckled. Cloud had recovered enough to regain his sarcastic sense of humour – that was a good sign. He wouldn’t even complain that Cloud had been the one using him as a pillow the whole time, and Zack’s arm felt like it would be numb for days.

Cloud gave a shuddering sigh, and his newly mutated wing twitched and stretched against the coffee table. Cloud froze.

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Touching The Sky

Note: A quick little something I banged out for the first day of Sheith Positivity Week Day One “Sky”. Enjoy.

They never talked about it. Never discussed how the wing the Galra replaced was a hundred times more lethal but far too clunky and poorly shaped to lift a human off the ground. They all knew Shiro’s time in the arena had grounded him. There was no need to bring up the single worst thing that could happen to a human. No need for Keith to ask what was wrong, when he could so clearly see the longing in Shiro’s eyes every time one of them touched the sky.

The Black Lion had helped. Letting Shiro see through her eyes and feel through her sensors as they flew through the air, but the sensation wasn’t a replacement for the real thing. The wind tickling your feathers, the good strain of muscles holding you aloft,the sun on your skin, these were things the lions couldn’t emulate. That no one could emulate.

The idea first came to him during a celebration on an recently freed planet. The local race lacked humanities wings, but they’d invented a toy to give them a taste of what they could not have. Something called a wind tunnel, a device that blasted air straight upwards at such speed that it could even hold the locals aloft. None of the tunnels were big enough to fit a human with fully spread wings. Without room to maneuver they might as well be a room on the castle with the gravity turned off, but the thought stayed in the back of his mind.

Then he found them. He doesn’t remember what led him to read that particular entry in the Castle database, but the Kaiven Cliff, one of the wonders of the universe, were exactly what he’d been looking for. Keith had a plan.

“So can I have a hint about this big surprise?” Shiro peered out of the cockpit window. Nothing but barren rock greeted his eyes. Slightly pretty in a deserted landscape sort of way, but possibly the most inhospitable place he’d ever seen. What could possibly be out here that Keith would drag them out of the Castle on their one day off to see.

Keith smiled and shook his head, “Nope, I can promise you’ll like it though.” Red shook slightly, and Keith corrected with the controls. The winds here were extraordinarily strong. Keith had assured him this was normal for the area and not a sign of a incoming mega storm, but he still had his doubts.

“Alright, this is close enough,” Keith set Red to auto-stabilize in their location, “Follow me.” Keith stood up and headed towards the door to the cockpit. They were hovering in mid-air a hundred feet above the ground. The only landmark a monstrous cliff face nearly a mile away. What in the world was going on? Keith stopped and looked back over his shoulder. Face going soft as he saw Shiro’s confusion, “Just trust me okay. I checked everything before coming out here. We’ll both be perfectly safe.” He did trust Keith, with his everything. He smiled and followed the Red Paladin out.

A little bit of maneuvering around Red’s innards later, and they were standing in the Lion’s mouth. The wind that had shook the ship while they flew in was roaring past them. Keith had to cup his hands around Shiro’s ears to be heard over the din, “I’ll be right there with you the whole time. Just remember to open your wings.” Keith wrapped his arms Shiro’s waist and Shiro returned the favor on reflex, then Keith started walking them both to the edge.

Was Keith planning on flying him around? He’d done so before. The smaller man was a deceptively strong flyer, and didn’t even seem to feel Shiro’s weight when he lifted him in the past. If that was the plan, then why come out here, Keith didn’t need a special location to fly, and why tell Shiro to open his wings? They’d only get in the way of Keith’s own. None of this made sense.

He didn’t get long to think on it. As soon as they reached the edge, Keith tipped himself backwards dragging Shiro along with him. Shiro’s stomach dropped. They were falling, through open spaced. Wrapped around each other as they plummeted. Flaring his wings was more instinct, than remembered instruction. He nearly sent them into a deadly spiral. One wing catching the air so much better than the other, but instinct took over again adjusting them.

There was a pull in his back as his wings evened out the load, slowing their decent then stopping it all together. Keith was heavy and laughing in his arms. The only thing holding him up was their grip on each other. The only thing holding either of them up was Shiro’s…wings. The wind was still rushing by them. An updraft so strong even Shiro’s fake Galra wing could be supported by it.

He was flying.

The Traitor And The Winchester

Gadreel x Reader

Author: @justcallmeyourgoddess

Reader: Female

Warnings: Swearing, Uber-Mild Violence

Word Count: 2789

Note: Theory in the beginning, I credit to @kiterious for the idea of what Gadreel did as his crime with the garden. Thought it was so cool, I couldn’t write it any other way. & i made this too long ommg. BE TEE DUBS : if it is unclear, reader is middle child. born after dean, but before Sam. for @sammat97

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