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Netflix - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,997
Request: Can you plz do a imagine where Stiles and the reader have a Netflix and chill date? Oh, and smut if you would like to add it. -bye I love your writing! ❤ 
AN: Sorry this took so long! I’ve been distracted lately. Also I didn’t edit this very well so excuse my mistakes. xoxoxox Thanks to @toppunks for looking at this for me.

Kira slammed her locker door, raising an eyebrow at you. “You’re not coming to the party?”

You shook your head, your arms tightening around the books you were holding. “Nah. I’m not in the party mood.”

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Stiles isn’t going either, would it?” Lydia asked from beside you, a knowing look on her pretty face.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “No. What Stiles Stilinski chooses to do does not dictate my every decision.”

“You could have fooled me.” Malia deadpanned.

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Dalish Food Preservation: Jerky, Pemmican, and Hot-Pot

For most cultures throughout Thedas, preserved foods are a necessity. For the peoples of the Anderfels, and the Elves of the Dalish Clans, this is especially true. The Anders have to deal with the volatile climate of the Anderfels, and the Dalish must deal with their nomadic lifestyle which leaves little room for fresh food storage of any meaningful value.

One thing many cultures have in common throughout Thedas, and even our own real world, is that each cultures has some variation of dried meats. In Thedas, two kinds of dried meats are very ubiquitous throughout most cultures that still make liberal use of preservation: Jerky, and Pemmican.


Jerky is meat that has been sliced or pounded very thin, and then dried with the aid of liberal amounts of salt and seasonings. In the modern era, we usually use nitrates of some kind to aid in the curing of meats like Jerky. In Thedas, and our own middle ages, however, they would have used only salt.

The Dalish typically make their jerky using salt, ironbark syrup (which is similar in flavor to mollasses), fermented rashvine sap and various herbs and spices that are native to the area in which they are staying. For example, Dalish clans in Ferelden and the Free Marches typically use a lot of borage, bay leaf, mint, juniper berries and parsley in their jerky.


Pemmican is essentially a loaf of dried/cured meat, mixed with fat and sometimes other ingredients. Some cultures add fruits and grains, whereas others use only meat, fat and seasoning.

In our own world, it is unknown who truly invented pemmican, but the word comes from the language of the Cree, one of the many indigenous peoples of North America.

Likewise, in Thedas, it is unknown who invented Pemmican. But almost every culture has, or used to have, a variant of it. The Dalish variation is known as ghial’bradh and incorporates a lot of dried berries and wild grains.


Hot-pot, hochepot, or hodgepodge is a stew made of a mixture of various ingredients, usually whatever the cook has on hand at the time. In many cultures throughout thedas, hot-pot is made with pemmican or some other cured or preserved food as its base.

Most cultures througout thedas have a variant of Hot-Pot. In Fereldan and the Free Marches, it is known as either hodgepodge, or rubaboo. In Orlais it is known as hochepot. In Antiva it is known as either mezcolanza or misto. In Nevarra it is known as miktí, and in Tevinter it is known as farrago

Among the Dalish, it is known as grid’iathe. It is typically made with Dalish ghial’bradh along with whatever fresh vegetables, grains and herbs that Dalish clan is able to forage.


Dalish jerky is usually made from wild ram, bear, sheep or boar meat. However, some clans will trade with human settlements for mutton, pork and beef.

yield: about 1.5 lbs of jerky

  • ¾ cup hickory salt (about 6 oz by weight) (pickling salt will work fine)
  • ¼ c ironbark syrup (Maple syrup, molasses, or honey will work fine)
  • 1 large amrita vein bulb or 4 arbor blessing bulbs, crushed (4 spring onions or 4 cloves of garlic will work fine)
  • 2 large spoonfuls purified and fermented rashvine sap (2 tbs Worcestershire sauce plus 2 tbs black pepper will work fine)
  • 5 pounds fresh meat
  • spices of choice (vary by clan, so just use your favorites, or none at all)


  1. Rub the meat with the salt, making sure to cover every inch of meat in a thin layer of slay. If you need to use more than ¾ cup, do so. However, do not use less than ½ cup. 
  2. Lay the meat on a rack in a large container and allow to rest in a cold place for at least 12 hours (the Dalish usually use tightly packed snow or ice, but i’m pretty sure a fridge will work fine). Do not allow the meat to rest for more than 48 hours.
  3. Check the meat every day to check to see if any liquid needs to drained from the container. Make sure that any liquid that is drawn from the meat does not touch the meat. While there is enough salt on the meat to prevent bacterial formations, the same cannot be said for any liquid that is leeched out by the salt. Make sure to remove liquid when necessary. 
  4. After 12 hours, remove the meat and wash thoroughly, making sure to remove all salt. Then vigorously pat dry until the surface of the meat is completely dry.
  5. Once dry, slice meat into long, thin strips no larger than ¼ inch thick. Make sure to slice the meat with the grain, otherwise your jerky will fall apart once dried.
  6. Combine syrup, crushed bulbs, rashvine sap and any other spices of choice in a bowl until you form a smooth paste.
  7. Dip each piece of meat into your seasoning paste, making sure that each piece is thoroughly coated in a very thin layer of seasoning.
  8. Dry your meat using a wire rack over a low burning fire for at least 24 hours, or until fully dried.
  9. In the real world: use a food dehydrator, making sure the temperature stays between 130 and 140 degrees at all times. Dry your jerky until it is firm and stiff but not ready to fall apart.
  10. Alternatively, you can dry your jerky in the oven, making sure to use your oven’s lowest setting and leaving the oven door slightly open.


Similar to Dalish jerky, Pemmican or ghial’bradh is typically made with ram, bear, sheep or boar meat. Unlike jerky, however, it is not as salty, and usually incorporates dried fruit and grains. What results is a thick, dry meat ‘bread’ that is usually stored and then sliced to be heated and eaten later. 

Many Dalish clans will store ghial’bradh is bags made of animal hide. These bags can be made to be air-tight and oftentimes clans will bury bags of excess ghial’bradh and leave specific markers so that other Dalish clans can make use of their good fortune later.


yield: about 3 lbs of pemmican

  • 5 lbs of fresh meat
  • 1.5 lbs of suet (animal kidney fat, specifically of beef, venison and pork)
  • 2 oz (by weight) dried fruit
  • 1 oz (by weight) cup cooked, drained and dried wild rice, or wild wheat berries


  1. Slice meat very thin against the grain.
  2. Dry meat on a wire rack over a very low smokey fire for about 24 hours until completely dry. (alternatively, dry on your oven’s lowest setting with the door slightly open for about 10-12 hours. If you use a dehydrator, bake your meat strips in the oven for 30 minutes at 200, and then use your dehydrator normally). Meat should be completely dry and brittle once done.
  3. Using a mortar and pestle, ground your dried meat into a coarse powder (alternatively, you can use a food processor in the modern world).
  4. Make sure the amount of dried meat is equal (in weight) to the amount of rendered fat you have. Adjust if needed.
  5. Melt your rendered fat completely, but do not allow it to become too hot.
  6. In a large bowl, combine the cooked grain, dried fruit and meat powder.
  7. Add your rendered fat and stir until combined into a smooth paste.
  8. Pour your paste into molds of your choice (the dalish use clay bread pans) and pat down to get rid of any air bubbles. Store in a cool place until set and firm.
  9. Remove pemmican from your mold and wrap in cloth (or use plastic wrap if you live in the real world). 

Your pemmican will keep for longer if you choose to omit the fruit and grain. Many Dalish clans would choose to leave out the fruit and grain until it was time to eat, and then they would mix the pemmican with the fruit and grain in a large bowl before eating.

Do remember that pemmican is very high in calories. 1 pound of pemmican typically contains 3000 calories, so it is very much not a food that you want to snack on. This is, however, the perfect food to take when you go backpacking or camping (or if you’re a constantly travelling nomadic Dalish clan).

Additionally, I recommend buying pre-rendered suet if you can get it, but if you’re interested in being a bit more traditional, check out this instructional video on how to render your own suet.

DALISH HOT-POT (Grid’iathe)


yield: about 8 portions

  • 1 pound Dalish pemmican (ghial’bradh)
  • 1 large bowl rashvine nettles, boiled, drained and washed (feel free to using stinging nettles or fiddleheads instead. Learn how to prepare stinging nettles here, and how to prepare fiddleheads here. Warning: Never EVER eat fiddleheads or nettles raw.)
  • 1 large bowl fresh elfroot, washed and drained (you can use spinach or kale instead)
  • 1 pound potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 6 large Amrita Vein bulbs, roughly chopped (or 2 large onions)
  • Any other fresh vegetables and herbs you can forage (or buy at ye olde grocery store)
  • ½ pound fresh wild rice or wild wheat berries (you can use farro or rye berries if you like)
  • 1 spoonful of lard or butter (you can use vegetable oil as well)
  • Salt to taste


  1. Roughly chop your pemmican
  2. Heat the butter or lard in a large pot. Once the butter has started to brown, add your onions. Cook until translucent, and then add all of your other vegetables.
  3. Put in another water to cover all of the vegetables by at least 2 inches.
  4. Add in your chopped pemmican and wild rice. Cook until stew has reduced to a thick consistency and pemmican and rice are fully cooked.
  5. Add your rashvine nettles, elfroot, and any other fresh greens and herbs that you wish. Cook just long enough for them to wilt and release their flavor.
  6. Season to taste and serve immediately with a large mug of fresh Dalish ale.

Your stew should have the consistency of thin chowder. If you wish for a thicker soup, simply use more grains.

Bon Appétit, or as they say among the Dalish: Son’ava!



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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Themes: high school au, badboy & fuckboy jungkook
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,081
Summary: After being labelled the school’s biggest bad boy, Jeon Jungkook chooses to live up to the title. What he doesn’t know is that his arrogance will lead him to you.


“Kookie?” He asks, straying away from the point. You cuss and apologize quickly, trying to take back your words. “It’s kind of redundant if I keep saying Jungkook but I’ll stop, I swear. I’m sorry if that was weird or something.” Your cheeks turn red and he reaches closer to removes your hands from hiding your face and you blush even more, telling him to leave you alone.

“No no no… I like that.”

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If ROCKY wrote a self-help book

Help Yourself: How to Survive Living with 5 Idiots

Chapter 1: Don’t Microwave Foil

Today, Sanha…

Chapter 2: When Your Hyung Tells You Not To Microwave Foil, Don’t Do It Again

Sanha is an idiot.

Chapter 3: Making Everyone Believe You’re An Idiot So That You Can Live Unbothered

Today I pretended to think that cleaning gloves and oven mitts are the same thing.  They’ll never ask me to run errands again…

Chapter 4: If Your Roommates Are Ever too Loud, Just Set Up Camp In The Living Room

I am no longer bothered by the three screaming children before bed.  I can get the beauty sleep I need.

Chapter 5: Face Masks Are Your New Best Friend

Hydrate (your skin), bitch.

Chapter 6: Hide It All

I’ve learned how to hide things very well.  I have to hide my snacks from Bin hyung.

Step 1) Tell everyone you don’t eat snacks.  That’ll get them to stop looking.

Step 2) If they ever catch you with snacks, say they’re for your pet rhino.  That will leave them speechless.

Step 3) If you ever catch them with your snacks, do not engage.  Instead, silently get your revenge when they least expect it.

Chapter 7: Silent Revenge

-Offer to do their laundry, mix red with whites

-Put lemon juice in their coffee

-Pull all of the laces out of their shoes

-Replace their shampoo with Nair

-Stuff their pillow with rocks

-Offer them food and when they say “yes please” eat it all yourself in front of them

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Grocery shopping

Master: I forgot to grab something while we were in the store, I’ll be right back. Don’t eat our groceries while I’m gone..

Me: I would never!

*master leaves*

Me: So much food, so many snacks, master would never know!

*grabs one of the bags*

Me: No, if I’m a good girl, Master will give me extra kisses and treats.

*puts bag back*

Me: But we got Goldfishy crackers and he knows those are my weakness..

*grabs the crackers*

*about to open them when I see Master heading to the car*

*quickly puts them away and tries to act casual*

Master: So, did you get into anything?

Me: Noooooooo.. I almost did but you ruined my moment..

Master: …what am I gonna do with you? *smiles and gives me pets*

Me: *purrrrs*

BTS reacting on having a S/O who keeps snacks in their bag

Requested by; anon

Headcanons for bts on having a gf who keeps snacks in her purse? Like Cheetos gummy bears etc but never anything important (except like money keys and her ID) my boyfriend think it’s weird when I do this 💀


  • keeps snacks with him himself
  • “did you forget your keys again?”
  • keeps your ID and keys with him
  • always give you your stuff before you leave of you forget
  • steals your snacks the entire time


  • facepalms most of the time
  • always confused where the snacks went to
  • “what are you planning to do with them”
  • leaves notes around the house for you to not forget your keys
  • feels like a stuff-babysitter


  • mocks you about you forgetting stuff
  • reaches into your bag 24/7
  • doesn’t understand how much you can fit in your bag
  • laughs every time you take food out of your bag
  • “give me a snack, please?”


  • “hey, can I have a snack?”
  • casually eats with you
  • loses his keys in your bag
  • panicks when the snacks run out
  • reminds you to take your stuff with you


  • gets really giggly when he sees you stealing his snacks
  • gets the same habit
  • has to bring you your money and ID most of the time
  • “I see you stealing my snacks!”
  • finds it way too funny


  • confused but loves it
  • “are you going to the movies or something?”
  • sneaks snacks into the movies with you
  • casually reaches inside your bag for food
  • jokingly tells you off for forgetting your keys


  • always wonders where you get that food from
  • knows you always have his favourite snack with you
  • usually has the reserve keys in case you forget yours
  • “how do you always forget the important things?”
  • ends up forgetting his own things and bringing snacks
Living with Ryuji Sakamoto

▶ Since you’re not comfortable with sleeping beside him on the same bed, and he has a mutual opinion too, you decide to either: a) let Ryuji sleep on a really comfortable sofa, or b) take turns, or c) sleep together (separated by a bolster or two)

▶ But if you decide on sleeping together, then there are, CERTAINLY, times when he gets touchy. Like, you wake up in the middle of the night because Ryuji’s SOMEHOW got his leg ON TOP OF YOU. You understand that this is okay, since he’s asleep. But lemme tell you one thing: if he manages to touch some parts that make you uncomfortable, he may be doing that in purpose..

▶ When Ryuji suffers from a nightmare (assuming it’s about his parents), which he often does, he’ll wake up and go to the living room. He usually sits on the couch, drinking soda or something, and just watches TV until the sun dawns.

One night, you find him all sad on the couch. His eyebrows sink low, his eyes can’t help but continuously stare at the ground. He seems to be in deep thought. You smile and walk to the fridge, taking two sodas of same flavor, and offers him one.

“Cheer up, will ya’?”

Ryuji takes the soda, opens it, and chugs it like crazy. “Thanks.”

The two of you spend the entire night drinking soda whilst attempting to comfort each other by making stupid jokes and laughing.

▶ Although this is not always the case, you’re the one who usually cooks, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or midnight snack. You’re not particularly amazing at cooking (Ryuji points that a whole lot), but he seems to have gained interest in it. Maybe that’s because he thinks everything is delicious when he’s hungry. You love it when he eats your food tho, because he looks so happy.

But sometimes you get lazy, and just order a delivery. He too sometimes. But it’s always you who pays. (What an asshole I love him so much.)

▶ Assuming you love staying indoors, sometimes Ryuji leaves without leaving a note or message. This drives you insane at first. After he comes back home, you’re like “wHaT tHE fUcK wERE yoU tRYinG tO dO tO mE?”

But after a while, when you go home and find out he’s not available, you’re just: “I AIN’T give a sHiT about you, aSS-.”

▶ Ryuji gets really sweet sometimes. He’d go home with some weird candy or food and talks the way outta you, forcing you to eat it. The outcome is either: a)it really is delicious, or b) IT’S CHILLY AS FUCK RYUJI WHAT THE HE

▶ But when you’re really in the mood to go outside, he’d be happy to accompany you. He’d be like, “hell yeah, man! Let’s go!”

▶ There’s this time when you and Ryuji ride a bike together, in a park. He goes fast, and although you won’t admit it, you like the feeling of fresh air that passes you as you lay your back on his’s. You gaze upwards, staring the towering trees and the green leaves. You feel so relaxed. He smiles afterwards, saying “don’t sleep here, okay?”

▶ And then there’s this one time when you and Ryuji decide to have a walk together at Shibuya in daylight. It’s raining tho, so both of you share a transparent umbrella and walk closely to each other, almost holding hands. You feel so warm beside him. At that point, both of you know everything about each other. You appreciate him, and he appreciates you too.

▶ You love him. Very much. But you don’t know his feelings for you though. He gets all romantic one day and the next it disappears. Although it may hurt, you don’t care. As long as you two remain close and intimate, albeit it is of no status, you will always treasure him.

A summary: living with him is like riding a roller coaster.

Struggle -11- Suga au

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Struggle - Suga Story AU

Parts: Masterlist, | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 |

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst, Romance, Action,  AU

Word count;  4.371

Synopsis: Seoul was swarmed with gangs and in order to protect your little brother you made sure you could protect him and yourself but one night you followed your best friend into a club, which led your right into the arms of one of the biggest gangs.

You got back to Seoul way to fast and as you left the car, you couldn’t help but feel bitter, this was not your home, this was just a place where bad stuff happened. You looked around and saw that it was still the same, the house still had the same sad color and the streets were still looking gloomy. You turned your attention on the door, as it opened and in the door opening stood Namjoon, with his usual smirk and as you balled your fists, you were startled as Yoongi put his hand over one of the fists.

“Namjoon, is her room ready?”

“Of course it is.” you were curious enough about what they were saying, why wouldn’t my room be ready because it had to be the same one as it was when you left. “What room?”

“It’s just we can’t take any risks of you disappearing again, so we changed your room.”

“What do you mean?” He didn’t meet your eyes so you knew that they had done something and you had an inkling but then again they wouldn’t do that right? “We made some adjustments, that is all.”

“Whatever.” you shrugged and grabbed your bag and walked towards the front door, Namjoon didn’t step aside but I went with a different approach, instead of hitting him you decided to ignore him, which must be even more frustrating, so you waited patiently till he stepped aside and when he finally did you walked right towards your room and when you saw what they had done to the door, you couldn’t help but snort, as they had put extra locks on the door. “Really? Locks, how pathetic.” was all you said before entering the room and the minute you walked in, everyone left except for Yoongi, who followed your every move and as you let yourself fall on the bed you closed your eyes just to block Yoongi out.

“You won’t be able to leave this room and you will only be allowed to go out when you have to fight, do you understand me?”

“Whatever, just leave.” you waved him off and you felt terrible whilst being this rude because you still loved him to death but there was no use in loving him, as he only wanted to use your fighting ability to win this fight, so you had to be like this, it was for the better really.

“I will make sure you get everything you need, just let me know if you want something.” you opened your eyes and rolled them. “Just give me snacks and food, other than that, don’t bother.”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“I will get you some snacks.” with that he left and sure enough you could hear them turn the locks and you couldn’t help but chuckle at this, it was probably just because you were losing your mind so you didn’t really think something of it and as you got up, you inspected the room and sure enough there were camera’s and this pissed you off and without a single thought you broke them, it was bad enough that they forced you back here but to have them spy on you, was even more ridiculous and something you didn’t accept. You changed your clothes and started working out because when you escaped to Busan you never exercised and with fights lining up for you, you had to do this but now you had to bother them, so you put on some music and put the volume at its max.

Whilst working out, you noticed that your head started hurting after thirty minutes, which was odd, as you never had this problem before, maybe I was something you got from the last time you fought, which brought you in a coma, so you decided to ignore it and just continue the work out and after an hour you stopped as someone was entering the room and to your surprise it wasn’t Yoongi but Jungkook, he held up a few bags and you saw that they contained a lot of snacks.

“I’m just bringing some snacks, please continue your training.” he didn;t look at you as he put the snacks on your desk, it was almost as if he was scared of you, which was stupid because you would never harm him, as he reminded you of your brother. “Thank you JK.” you mumbled as he passed you. You saw him smile and you knew he was going to brag about this kindness you had just shown him but this kindness was reserved for only a few people and JK was one of them. You decided to stop and just have some snacks and as you were digging into a bag of chips, the door opened again and this time it was Jin, which surprised you but then again he was probably going to check if you were healthy enough to enter your first fight.

“Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Well you walked in, so go ahead.” you didn’t move from your place on the ground though, because why would you? “Can’t you sit though?”
“Nope, I’m staying right where I am.” you heard him sigh and he knew you weren’t going to be easy to approach but that was not your problem. “Fine, I want to know if you are hurting?”

“Well I’m not sure, would you be hurt, when the love of your life tells you, he just used you for his own goals and then forces you to come back with him, to basically get yourself killed?” He just stared at you right now and you were wondering if you crossed some line because he was older and you weren’t really treating him with respect, but he asked you if you were hurt so why lie?

“I’m not talking about that, how are you physically?”

“I’m perfectly fine, no need to worry.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure and why do you care anyway? We both know I’m not coming out alive.” you shrugged feigning disinterest. “Of course you will come out alive.”

“Keep telling yourself that, I know that there is no way, I will survive this but who cares right, so just tell Suga sunbae that I’m perfectly fine and please just set the first fight.” He stayed silent, which normally would annoy you but now you just closed your eyes whilst putting a chips in your mouth, waiting for him to just leave and when you finally heard the door lock, you sat up and walked into the bathroom, at least they hadn’t removed your bath so the next hour you just sat in the tub, whilst soaking your muscles, it made you lazy though and without any warning you fell asleep, only to be woken up by someone who was panicking.

“Y/N, please wake up!!” it was definitely Yoongi and this was the Yoongi you once knew, the loving and caring Yoongi but you weren’t falling for this and as his hand connected with you cheek, you opened your eyes and just looked at him, you know your face was blank as he tried to control his emotions, which apparently was a struggle. “Next time you hit me, I will hit back.” you threatened him and his eyes went big at that remark but this was the only way to keep your emotions under control. You know the bubbles had disappeared, which meant he could see every inch of you and you could see him struggle with this as well because it must’ve taken a great deal of strength to not look down. You were contemplating whether to stand up or not but then again your body didn’t really look that good as it had bruises and scars all over, so you just stayed and pulled up your knees.

“I thought that you did something to yourself.”

“I was just sleeping, I’m not that desperate.” he didn’t have to know, that you actually did think about it and the only reason you hadn’t done something like that was because you had a little brother who wanted you back safely. “Can you leave as you know I’m naked.” his head jerked a bit and you could see the battle he was having with himself as he got up and walked away, he actually slammed the door, so that probably meant he was frustrated as hell, well that serves him right. You got up and quickly dressed and walked out “So what do you want this time Sunbae?”

“You know I don’t want you to call me that.”

“Too bad Sunbae, so what do you want? Or are you here to tell me when the first fight will be.”

“The first fight is set in two days.” you nodded and sat down behind your desk, you couldn’t help but check him out and when you noticed his body language, it was clear he was uncomfortable, he was definitely hiding something but it wasn’t your place anymore to care, so you ignored it. “Okay, you can leave now.” you turned your back towards him and as he walked to the door, you heard him sigh deeply and it took everything in you not to turn around because it sounded so sad, you really just wanted to hug him, at least your heart wanted to hug him, your head was stopping you. “You know, I wish things were different.”

“But they aren’t,” you mumbled back and with that, he left and the door got locked again. They were really serious about you not getting out and you couldn’t help but sigh about this because you were already getting restless but you had to endure this, at least you could get a lot of sleep and with that mindset you decided to go to bed and as you lied down, you were surprised that it was a new bed, it was exactly the kind of bed you wanted and as sleep was overtaking you, you welcomed it because at least this way, you didn’t have to deal with the loneliness.

“Wake up Noona.” you opened one eye to see Taehyung standing at the end of your bed and he was actually carrying a tray with breakfast.

“What are you doing here?”

“Jin Hyung send me in and told me to tell you that you needed to eat.”

“I’m not hungry, please leave.”

“Jin Hyung told me that if you didn’t eat it yourself, I should help you eat it.” you narrowed your eyes at this threat and calculated Taehyung’s strength but somehow you had to laugh about this because Taehyung wouldn’t stand a chance. “You can try that but just know, there is a reason I’m here fighting your god damn battles, so please just leave and leave the tray.” you could tell he was also calculating his chances and it was really cute to see the realization on his face that he couldn’t fight you. “Okay but please just eat it.”

“Just leave.” you dismissed him and he knew that he was beaten and as you saw him put the tray on your desk, you noticed a few things and to your disbelief, you discovered a new set of cameras. “You’re kidding me right!” you mumbled as you got out of bed and before removing them again you started to undress, until you were only in you underwear and before disconnecting the camera’s you showed them your middle finger and as you put on your training gear you couldn’t help but smile at that move but maybe it would teach them a lesson about spying on people. You were maybe locked up but that didn’t give them the right to spy on you.

Half way through the day, they tried again but this time they send in J-Hope, who tried to approach you, with his energy, as he was trying to get you to laugh but you just stared at him. “What are you doing?”

“I, well I’m trying to make you laugh.”

“Right, not gonna happen, leave please, as you disturbed me in my training.” you felt bad about this because J-Hope was a literal ball of sunshine and to see him walk away with sagged shoulders, well that wasn’t something you ever wanted to see. You let yourself fall on the ground and yelled out some curse, which made them panic as the door flew open again and this time it was Yoongi himself, looking worried and this is what irked you, why did he have to pretend that he cared, it would be so much easier if he wasn’t playing the nice guy but here he was running to your aid the minute you yelled. ”What’s wrong?!”

“Jezus, nothing, I was just frustrated.” you sat up and looked at him, he was definitely worried and not sleeping, the shadows under his eyes were awful. “I see, I’m sorry for barging in like this.” you shrugged and stretched before getting up. “Can’t you stop doing that?”

“Doing what?”


“Like this?” you did it again and his next move you couldn’t have foreseen it but the second you stretched he grabbed your waist and pulled you against him and before you could protest he pressed his lips against yours, this kiss was definitely violent and he even bit your lower lip and hard but as soon as you regained your self-control you pushed him off you with all the strength you had, this resulted in him falling hard. “ARE YOU CRAZY!” you yelled this time, it wasn’t only because you were angry but also because it had turned you on big time, your heart was beating like crazy and you had to keep yourself in check before you ripped his damn clothes of his body.

“You asked for it, I warned you,” Yoongi stated as he got up, he didn’t even look guilty but you could tell he was frustrated and not only because you were being headstrong but it was obviously also sexual frustration. “I needed to stretch, it’s part of my training because if I don’t my muscles will get stiff.”

“Maybe the first time but you know damn well the second time was on purpose, you know I’m only a man.”

“I’m only a woman but nobody cares about that right!”

“Whatever, next time you provoke me, I won’t stop.” with that he slammed the door and locked it again and you just stood there touching your now swollen lower lip and a breakdown followed as you started to laugh uncontrollably, this was too much, your heart was about the burst out of your chest and the tears were streaming down your face but you couldn’t stop laughing, you had finally broke and the only way to stop it was just let it all out and that’s what you did, you screamed and broke stuff until the room was one big mess and the only reason you stopped was because you fell asleep out of pure exhaustion.

The next morning when you opened your eyes you expected to see a big mess, which you had to clean but no, the room was spotless, it was weird to see and the fact that you were actually lying in your bed, didn’t escape you. They must’ve come into the room and cleaned it and even put you back to bed. “Damn guys,” you mumbled as you got out of bed, you walked over to the breakfast tray and ate it purely out of guilt. You didn’t spend much time eating though because you really had to train before tomorrow’s match and to your surprise nobody came in to disturb you and you had the feeling they had put back the camera’s again but today you didn’t care about it because the only thing you could think about was that first match and as it grew darker outside you knew you had to stop and just go to sleep but the minute you stepped into your bed the door was opened, showing the only person you never wanted to see but as you decided on a new approach, you just watched him as he walked towards you.

“Tomorrow at 9 am you will fight and please win.” Namjoon was standing right in front of you and again he was acting inferior, which you absolutely hated but you didn’t want to waste any time on him. “Okay.” was all you said before lying down and turning your back towards him in the hope he would understand the hint but he just kept standing there. “What?”

“Why are you acting like this?”

“Like what Sunbae?”

“You’re not even trying to hit me.”

“Do you want me to hit you?”

“No, not really but this is odd.”

“Just leave, I have to get some rest if you want me to win tomorrow.” you kept your voice low to make it sound as friendly as possible, which was not an easy task to be honest because you wanted nothing more than to hit him hard. “Okay.” and he finally left the room and as he left the room you could finally relax.

The next day you were already awake by seven and started stretching right away, knowing that you wouldn’t get the time for that before the match and as the time went by, the door got unlocked showing Jimin, Jin, Namjoon and JK, you sighed as you put a sweater over your fight clothes and as they made room for you to leave, you couldn;t help but hesitate slightly, it’s not that you couldn’t fight but there was fear of getting killed, you hadn’t forgotten what happened last time. “LEt’s go1” Namjoon demanded as he grabbed your arm and it took everything to not hit him, he must’ve noticed the strain of your muscles because he quickly let go of you and ordered Jimin to bring you to the car and as you walked through the house, you walked by Yoongi who was watching you and it looked like he wanted to say something but he didn’t do anything.

When you finally got to the building, you looked up first and said a little prayer inside your head. Jimin pulled you along though and as you got to the locker room, they gave you, your privacy for a few minutes, telling you to hurry up, as the match would start in ten minutes. You quickly changed the clothes and sat down at one of the benches. This was absolute torture and the fear you were feeling, was pressing down on your lungs, you couldn’t breathe properly and knowing you had a panic attack didn’t help as well and having nobody to help you, made it even worse and eventually you had to look for a bag to get your breathing back to normal and when that happened Jin opened the door and as he saw the bag in your hands it was obvious what just happened and the worry on his face showed but there was no time. You were sweating from the panic attack and a bit weak but there was nothing you could do now, so you walked by Jin and as you entered the ring, you finally saw your opponent and you knew your fear would become real, as he was bigger than you.

“She’s back.” you heard the whispers and it was upsetting that they knew who you were and that they actually thought you were dead. You sighed and blocked them out by focussing on the guy in front of you. This was going to hurt and as the referee gave the start sign you didn’t even have time to defend yourself as the guy already hit you and you actually had to give your everything to not fall back but it did give you a view on his weakness because he didn’t waste time and tried to beat you down right away meant that he wasn’t in shape and even though you weren’t in the best shape yourself, you could endure it for a long time. When his hits were slowing down, you finally took your chance and hit him right where it hurt the most and as he grabbed his stuff out of pain, you didn’t stop and hit him again but this time on his sleep because you didn;t want to go on as you began to feel the pain from his hits, so you again hit him on his sleep but the second you hit him there he actually connected his fist with you knee and this made you go down, it wasn’t enough to make you pass out but it hurt like hell and the only way to win this was to hit him so hard against his sleep that he couldn’t stay up, the second you had your chance you grabbed it and as he connected his fist with your eye, you connected your fist against his sleep and behind this move you had put every inch of strength you had and sure enough he went down and stayed down.

“Y/N, is the winner!” the referee pulled up your arm but you couldn’t smile as your body hurt everywhere and you just wanted to go home, you know you must look like a zombie but you didn’t care and just walked off stage and as there was chaos over the fallen guy, you could’ve run away but knowing Namjoon he probably had foreseen this so you just changed into comfortable clothes and waited till they came and as they did, they tried to look not to shocked and Jin even tried to help you but you just ripped the stuff out of his hands and tried to do it yourself. “I don’t need your help.” you snapped at him but you were in pain and just wanted to rest when suddenly a car rammed you. “Shit, take this!” Namjoon threw a gun your way and as you all left the car, you had to crouch down when you recognized the guy, this was one of the leaders Yoongi tried to get.

“Where is she?!” they all turned to look at you and you shook your head, hoping they wouldn’t sell you out but Namjoon actually pulled you up by your collar and pushed you to the front and as you stood there, you held the gun pointed at the guy, who was smiling by now. “So they are using you, what a shame.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You know you are quite the fighter, I get why they use you, you are quite distracting aren’t you?”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about, these are just my managers.” 

“Really, so it wouldn’t matter if I killed them right?” he pointed his gun at JK and your heart skipped for a second. “Don’t!” he smiled creepily and you were starting to wonder why you always got in this kind of messes. 

“Look he is my little brother, so please don’t kill him.”

“Well because you’re asking so nicely.” he then aimed at Jimin, which you also stopped, please don’t kill any of them, they are my family.”

“Do you really think I care?”

“No I don’t but I can always try right?”

“You’re cute even though you are covered in blood.” and that’s when he aimed the gun at you, it was as if time stood still but you didn’t let him see your fear as you raised your gun as well. “Why do you want to kill us, I just fought, I really don’t see the problem.”

“The problem is that you are fighting against my people and I don’t like it that you are winning, you’re just a woman after all.”

“What’s wrong with me being a woman?”

“You are not supposed to win.” you shrugged and this apparently pissed him off even more and he actually got in your face and as he pressed the gun against your head, you were reminding yourself not to panic and whilst doing that you pressed your gun against his stomach, this shocked him because if he pulled the trigger you were dead and he would only be hurt.

“What is it about you that Min Yoongi likes so much?”

“I don’t know.”

“You are brave, I really have to give you that.”

“Whatever, just let us go.”

“That’s when he suddenly lifted his gun and shot someone behind you and time stood still when you heard Jimin’s voice, he was the one that got hit. You turned around and saw him fall to the ground, whilst holding his chest. You didn’t hesitate and ran over to see if he was okay but when he turned white your anger reached its boiling point and before you could stop yourself you aimed your gun and shot at the guy and when he went down, you had time to pick up Jimin and ran for it. This was not an easy task as people were running after you whilst shooting at you and you being hurt from the fight earlier, you really needed a miracle but with your luck it probably wouldn’t come so you just kept running after JK, Jimin, Jin and Namjoon and when you finally turned into your street they had caught up with you and the first one tried to hit you and that’s when you hit him so hard on his nose that you could hear it break but at least that was one guy down and as the others were still running, you were holding the other guys off and as you fought them off you were surprised to see Taehyung and J-Hope appear on both your sides and they brought in the big guns and started to shoot. “Run!!” Was all that J-Hope said and you didn’t hesitate this time as you turned around and ran towards the house and as Taehyung and J-hope covered you, you finally reached the door and when J-Hope and Taehyung passed you to go inside, you pulled the door shut, when you suddenly got pulled into a hug.

“You’re safe!”

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EXO Embarrassing you when they pick you up from school


*It’s a rare thing for Minseok to want to embarrass you but when he does, you can’t even get mad at him. It’s nothing big, just cute gestures that gets people looking at the both of you.*

“(Y/n), come on! Act cute with me. You don’t want to? Is it because you know that I’m obviously the cuter one?”

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*Embarrassing as a dad and he definitely knows it. He’d make hand hearts (sometimes adding kissing noises) and hold it up towards you until you reach him.*

“My love, my hearteu, my pretty darling…”

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*Doesn’t even know he’s embarrassing you. All he’s focused on is you approaching him. He’d make his hands into hearts and look through them like they’re binoculars.*

“She’s my pretty baby~ Model material.”

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*Forever being loud. The moment he sees you leaving the building, a big ass gin would appear on his face and whatever he is thinking at that moment, comes out of his mouth.*

“There is my beautiful girlfriend! Hey! She’s my number 1!”

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*He’s always doing this. Whenever he gets out of practice early, he’d go pick you up and it’s been his mission from the start to embarrass you.*

“Aye aye, where is my girlfriend? Is she looking for me? Well…I’m right here! BOOM, babe, how do I look? Oh? What’s with that face?”

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*Also like Jongdae. This becomes his routine to embarrass you. He knows you lowkey love it. He’d always act surprised as if it’s the first time he’s seen you.*

“Oh my goodness, you’re so pretty. How are you so pretty all the time, (Y/n)? Your boyfriend is such a lucky man, oh wait..that’s me!”

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*If he ever does embarrass you, it’s by accident. There are days when he’s feeling very good and excited, those are the days. He’d throw his hand up high and wave enthusiastically.*

“I’m over here! Yoohoo! Behind you! Hi, (Y/n)!”

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*He accidentally arrives like, an hour earlier than the time you get out so he went to go buy some snacks from across the street. When he came back, you were just leaving the building so, hes waving like a little kid, in one hand a bag full of food and the other holding some couple hats that he bought.*

“Look! Look what I bought! I forgot that you come out at this time and not an hour earlier…my bad…here, wear this cute hat.”

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*No hesitation or regret. Knowing you can’t possibly get mad at him so when he sees you, he’d make a big reaction like cover his mouth and act surprised.*

“Oh! Look at her, she’s the cutie with the booty! Boys, back away, (Y/n) is my girlfriend. Don’t even think about her booty.”

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I hope this was enjoyable since I’m not going to be posting scenarios. T^T. I’m open to reaction scenarios though.


Thanksgiving fattening (FFA fiction)

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. Well, scratch that. Everything from Halloween to New Years is my favorite because A. It starts getting a bit cold out and B. My already fat boyfriend really starts gaining. The only problem is that my family and I are going out of town this year so I’m disappointed I won’t be there to feed him. At least there will be leftovers. I stayed over at his apartment last night and I woke up early to make him a fattening breakfast of biscuits and gravy with hash browns, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. “Hey cutie,” he emerges from his room and wraps his arms around my waist from behind so his fat belly squishes into my back. “Hey fatty,” I reply as innocently as possible. “Damn. All that’s for me?” He asks, a bit surprised. “Well it’s definitely not for me!” I laugh considering I’m a mere hundred pounds and he’s hovering in the 400s as far as we can tell. He takes a plate of food and heaps on at least 2 servings. “Thanks babe. I’m starving.” “You always are,” I somewhat joke and he smirks deviously. He finishes his plate so I pile more food on and he complains “babe…I’m stuffed.” “I know,” I say innocently. “Don’t you want to get bigger? For me?” I tease him and sit on his lap, facing him. “God, yes. Of course.” His hands wrap around my waist gently and I feed him a forkful of pancakes. “Mm, that’s so good, Les,” he closes his eyes, savoring the flavor. He already feels fatter since we started dating just a few months ago. Even when he’s stuffed his belly is soft and jiggly which shows just how fat he is. “Keep eating.” I demand as I notice him start to slow down. He nods reluctantly but complies. “So what are we doing for thanksgiving? I want you to make me fatter.” God he’s so sexy. “I can ask and see if there’s room for one more…well you’re closer to the size of 3 people,” I jiggle his belly and he smiles. “Damn right! Thanks to my skinny girlfriend.” I’m still sitting on his lap, straddling him so he lifts and flops his belly onto my lap. One of the sexiest feelings EVER. Unfortunately I have to leave and when I get home I talk to my mom about him tagging along for thanksgiving. Unfortunately, she’s not a huge fan of David because she’s quite the health fanatic and thinks “I deserve better”, which is ridiculous. Im worried that if she lets David come with, the rest of my family will react similarly but I think it’ll be okay. Finally I convince her to squeeze in some room for David and I let him know. We’re leaving tomorrow so I stock up on fattening snacks since I know he’ll be hungry with the lack of food around my mother and I. He’s sleeping over so we can leave first thing in the morning and he’s so wide that he doesn’t completely fit on the couch. “Is there a weight limit on this thing?” He asks, somewhat serious. “I hope so. Please break it. I’d love to see my moms face when I explain that one.” I reach over and slide my hand under his shirt, exposing his massive, soft belly. His stomach growls which is great because we just ate about half an hour ago but I knew it wouldn’t be enough for him. “Don’t tell your mom,” he laughed and slapped his belly. I showed him my stash of junk food I got for the trip and his eyes lit up. “Wow you really do want me to get fatter!” He stifled a laugh. I had an entire bag packed of unhealthy snack foods like little Debbie cakes, mini donuts, Oreos, cinnamon buns, candy bars, Pringles, potato chips, everything. My boy has the biggest sweet tooth. We cuddle up on the couch and there’s no hope of him fitting on it when he lays down so we watch TV with his arm around my shoulder for a while and my hand discreetly under his shirt. I pull up the blanket over his belly so I can squeeze it without anyone noticing. I know he’s still hungry so I grab some candy from my stash for him and he eagerly starts eating. “Dinner wasn’t enough?” I joke. “Dinner? I thought that was a snack.” He jokes back. I throw a frozen pizza in the oven and he smiles, “thanks babe.” I walk back over and whisper “you’re going to be fatter before thanksgiving even comes.” “I hope so.” He replied, guiding my hand back under his shirt. “You will be.” I assure. He eats the entire pizza himself (with a little help from my encouragement) and falls asleep. Next morning we load up the car and I sneak out to Dunkin Donuts to grab some donuts and a breakfast sandwich for him. “God, you’re not even trying to hide the fact you’re trying to make me fat.” He whispered as I returned with the food. “My mom doesn’t know.” I replied hastily. “Let’s go in my room just to make sure she doesn’t wake up and see that these are all for you.” I catch his eyes widen because I’m sure he wasn’t expecting all dozen donuts and the sandwich to be his. He follows me to my room and I push him onto the bed and his fat jiggles for a second. “Eat.” I demand, guiding a chocolate frosted donut to his mouth. He opens willingly and takes a huge bite. As I’m feeding him with one hand, my free hand reaches for his shirt and I lift it so it’s sitting on top of his massive belly. He starts jiggling and squeezing it, teasing me. “Mm,” he practically moans. God, I’m so turned on watching him greedily eat the donuts I keep offering him and watching him play with his fat for me. “Mmm,” he moans a bit louder and eats a little quicker. He knows just how to turn me on. I hand him the donut he’s halfway finished eating and my lips gently kiss his soft neck. My tongue glides down to where his collarbone must be buried in fat and back up to his double chin. I move down and start kissing his massive belly as he continues eating and I leave a couple hickeys. “God, you’re so fat.” I say in between kisses. He just nods because he’s struggling to finish the donuts before my mom wakes up. He only has a few left so I’m encouraging him as much as I can. “You’re gonna look so sexy, you know that? With even more fat than you already have.” I whisper in his ear and kiss his neck. He eats faster and jiggles his belly some more. “Keep eating. Don’t stop. You’re almost there.” I take a handful of fat and squeeze, feeling it squish in between my grip. He finishes and I give him a glass of milk mixed with cream and he finishes the whole thing. “That’s my fat boy.” I kiss his cheek and clean up quickly. My mom’s up now and thanks us for loading the car and we head out once she’s done getting ready. It’s about a 5 hour drive so I’m glad I packed all those fattening snacks for David. Within about 2 hours he’s already discreetly snacking on some candy bars. I text him so my mom doesn’t hear and ask “thought you were soooo full from the donuts earlier.” He texts back “oh please that was hardly a challenge.” I roll my eyes and he pushes my arm playfully. We’re almost to my aunt’s house when my mom asks if we want mcdonalds and I immediately accept her offer, only of course she doesn’t know both orders are for David. He wants to eat a lot before thanksgiving dinner so he doesn’t look like too much of a pig. He wants to make a good impression but I’m sure he will, he’s perfect. We finally arrive and almost everyone’s already here. I jump out of the car to start unloading our bags when David whispers, “I’m actually pretty nervous.” I wrap my arms around him and reply, “babe you are perfect. If they can’t see that then it’s their loss.” “But what if I’m too fat? I just want your family to like me.” He looked so anxious I felt awful. I wish he didn’t have to worry about this. “Hush. They’ll love you. How could they not? You’re sweet and funny and you actually have your shit together unlike me.” I laughed and saw him stifle a smile. We followed my mom into the house and were greeted with hugs and introductions. “This is my boyfriend, David,” I tell my aunt and uncle. Their faces are hard to read but they’re respectful. It’s a bit warm in there and I notice David’s already sweating. “Well this is embarrassing,” he muttered. “I’m sure they don’t notice, it’s fine.” I reassure. A few of my cousins are here and they’re nice enough to David but they keep glancing at his stomach which he is painfully aware of. I can tell he’s trying to suck it in so i feel awful. “Babe, it’s okay. You don’t have to.” I gently touch his belly and he tries to smile. “Sorry.” He relaxes a bit. My grandma’s here and she gasps when she sees him. Thankfully, he didn’t notice. “Oh my,” she seemed taken aback. “Um, this is my boyfriend, David,” I motioned. He stood up from the couch to shake her hand and she was standoffish but smiled weakly. David sat back down and brushed it off. He took up at least 2/3 of the couch which made him look even more massive and I squeezed myself next to him. “You’re perfect.” I reassure. “Could everyone stop looking at me like I’m going to eat the entire turkey or something?” He shook his head, clearly distraught. “I’m so sorry. They like you though, they do.” I tried to assure him but he just looked down. “They keep staring at me. God, they probably think I’m rich or something since that’s the only logical explanation of why you would be with me.” He folded his arms and stared straight ahead. I traced my fingers along his back and promised he had nothing to worry about. I got up to get some water and I overheard my uncle talking to my mom in the kitchen. “We should have gotten another turkey, he’s huge!” He erupted in laughter only to see me scowling at him. “Oh hi Les, we were just…” I cut him off. “I know what you were doing.” I stormed out but didn’t tell David because he was already insecure about my family’s perception of him. I slipped my hand in his and admired his handsome face, double chin, and massive body. I don’t care what my family thinks. He kissed the top of my head and looked a bit more eased. Before dinner a few more family members congregated in the living room with us and tried to keep from staring. “I need some air,” David heaved and stood up and I followed. “I’m sorry. I thought they’d be better than this.” “It’s not your fault. I should’ve known by the way your mom treats me.” God I feel awful. I wish I could do something. “I should’ve known. It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have known since my mom acts so rude. I’m so sorry, David.” I apologized. He wrapped his arms around me and held me. “It’s okay. You didn’t know. I’m not mad at you I just want them to like me.” I can only imagine how hard that is for him and we went back inside. The tension eased a bit and he started talking to my aunt and cousins about his premed studies and everyone was quite impressed. I’m so proud of him. We all talked a bit more before dinner and David seemed much more relaxed. When he came back from the bathroom he looked pale and upset. “What’s wrong, babe?” I asked. “Can I talk to you?” He asked flatly. “Yeah, sure. Is everything okay?” “Not really. Your drunk uncle just ‘politely’ asked what I did to get you and then proceeded to laugh when I said I didn’t do anything to convince you, you just happened to like me too.” God I could kill everyone in this room right now. “I-I’m so sorry. That’s not okay. I’ll go talk to him,” I started but David pulled my arm. “No, no. It’s okay. He just said what everybody’s thinking.” David scoffed. “I’m so sorry.” I placed my hands gently on his belly and he shook his head. “Come on. Let’s go. I’m fine, I promise.” He followed me back to the living room and avoided eye contact with everyone. Words could not describe how angry I was at my family. they disrespected him as if he was nothing. I want to scream at them but that would make for an awkward dinner, to say the least. David stood up and went to the kitchen and offered to help set the table. He’s too sweet. He set the table and smiled weakly at me. “Thank you.” I hugged him and he nodded. Everyone started playing up their food and David sheepishly took a small serving. My family was dispersed through the house now and a few were already sitting. David and I brought our plates and sat down. One of my aunts muttered something under her breath so I called her out. “Oh I was just joking. Your friend can take more food if he wants.” She said. “He’s my boyfriend.” I corrected. Then of course my cousin chimed in “looks like he’s gonna need it! I’m just playing, dude.” He smacked David’s arm and David finally lost it. “Seriously? I just can’t win. It doesn’t matter that I’m premed, or that I volunteer at shelters, or anything. I’m too fat, right? I could cure cancer and I still wouldn’t be good enough for Leslie!” He threw his napkin on the table and stormed off and I was right behind. “Baby, baby I’m so sorry.” I was following him out the door and he kept shaking his head. “I don’t know what I expected. I’m sorry I yelled at them.” He apologized but he had every right to yell. “It’s not your fault if they can’t see the guy Im in love with.” We were sitting on the curb and I wrapped my arm around his neck and he rested his head on my shoulder. “I love you.” He kissed my cheek. “I love you.” I squeezed him tight. We awkwardly went back in the house and David was flooded with apologies. “Thank you guys, I appreciate it.” He said graciously to everyone. It was still awkward but we were all eating and talking and David kept flashing little smiles my way. After dinner, David and I had to pick up pumpkin pie since someone forgot it. I grab the keys and I hear David’s stomach growl. “Hungry?” I asked. “Always.” He grabbed his belly where no one could see. He better not try turning me on right now. “Let’s go, sexy.” I grab his hand and lead him out the door. Once were at the car he abruptly pushes me against it and squishes his belly into me. “I’m so hungry. Please…please I need food.” He practically moaned. Fuck. Now I’m turned on. “Get in the car.” I demand. He obeys and we’re in the way to the store when I say “I hope you know I’m buying more than just pie.” “I’d hope so.” He grinned devilishly. My hand was firmly planted on his jiggly thigh when I noticed him unbuttoning his shirt. His fat spilled out more and more with each button he undid. My hand crept higher up his thigh and we made it to the grocery store. I wanted to buy food to stuff him with but I’m so turned on I don’t want to wait. I lean over and he pulls away, teasing me. “Nope. Food first.” “You’re going to regret saying that.” I warn. “Is that a promise?” He teases. “Just button up your shirt, fatty.” And he does. We quickly browse the store and buy 2 pies, a pre-cooked dinner for 2, and fries and onion rings from the deli. Before we even make it to the car he’s already eating the fries. His appetite is insatiable. I unbutton his shirt as he continues eating and plant kisses down his massive, jiggly belly that’s sitting on his thighs and pouring out in between them. His chair’s leaning all the way back and his belly still looks huge. I take my time sinking my hands into his fat and watching him melt as I jiggle and rub it. It’s so soft that my lips sink into it with the slightest pressure and he’s using one hand to press my face deeper into his fat belly. My hands grab and squish his love handles covered in stretch marks and I climb on top and start grinding my hips into his giant body. I sit up a little so I can see his fat belly jiggling, bouncing, and swaying each time I grind into him. He finished the fries and onion rings and takes handfuls of the pie and eats greedily, even though I know he’s getting full. “Feed me.” He breathes heavily and I oblige. I shove my fingers in his mouth and he gladly sucks them until they’re clean and it feels so good along with his fat pressing into every inch of me. “You’re so fat. God, just look at you. You can hardly fit in this seat.” I’m breathing heavy too now and he wraps his arms around me, squishing my small body into his obese one. “Feel how fat you’ve made me.” He demands. “You did this to me. Look at me.” He’s so out of breath which makes me grind that much faster. “You’re going to get so much fatter. I promise.” I’m about to climax and he’s so fat and out of shape that he’s sweating and desperately trying to keep grinding and he climaxes just as I do. His breathing is more like panting “oh god, oh god, you’re so sexy.” I mumble, trying to catch my breath as well and still holding onto his huge love handles. “That’s you.” He slaps my ass and pushes me into him again. “So…you ready for some dessert?” I ask, referring to the pie we still have to deliver. “Ughhhh babe!” He moaned in protest. “I warned you that you’d regret teasing me.” I smiled wickedly and he kissed me hard. “My stomach’s going to regret it.” He breathed. “I’ll be the judge of that,” I grabbed it and lifted it to watch it plop back into his lap, making even his surrounding fat jiggle.

chibichiree  asked:

Can I have head cannons for yandere Allen and Klaus sharing an SO ?

Yandere Al and Klaus Sharing

  • These two actually get along
  • This may or may not become a Poly relationship
  • More so a forced Poly relationship for the S/o
  • Of course, they still fight and argue when one of them leaves marks on the S/o
  • Klaus is the nicer and lenient of the two
  • During Al’s punishments (Involving no food)
  • Klaus sneaks them some snacks
  • Klaus is more gentle in bed
  • So depending on how the s/o likes sex
  • Well they certainly have choices between rough and gentle
  • Klaus will let you see your friends and family as long as Al or him are there
  • Al has to make the compromise to allow this rule
  • But only if he’s allowed to kill the family/friends if the s/o tries to escape
  • Klaus approved
  • For the most part things are pretty good
  • Though some days they fight over the s/o
  • The S/o just hides until they stop because it can get scary violent
Harry-- Pillow Stains

“I’m so tired,” I whined as Harry pushed open the front door.  His suit was disheveled, partially unbuttoned and wrinkled from a full night of award show festivities.  My heels were in one of my hands as I held the hem from my far too expensive dress up off the ground.  Not for the first time that night I wished I was edgy enough to have just shown up barefoot, period.  “Whoever invented traffic can go straight to Hell.  Right along with whoever decided women should wear heels.”

Harry chuckled as he made his way towards the kitchen.  He was long accustomed to my grumpiness following award events.  I didn’t like using my show face for that long, especially when I was wearing uncomfortable clothes.  It was exhausting having to match Harry’s level of fashion forwardness.  “Would you like some tea?” he questioned over his shoulder.

I wrinkled my nose as I suppressed a yawn.  “That’ll only wake me up and it’s already stupid early in the morning.  I’ve got to get up to go get the girl-child from your mom by ten tomorrow.  It won’t do for me to kill us both in a crash caused by my semi-comatose state.”

“I think there’s still some coffee cake in here,” he said nonchalantly as he ignored my prattling.

I froze, watching him warily before sighing.  “You’re a bad influence.  My mother was right about you and your bad boy rockstar ways.”

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Top surgery supplies

So like.. I’m trying to keep an ongoing list of things I’ll need for pre- and post op care, because of who I am as a person. I need to feel overprepared otherwise I’ll feel completely unprepared.

1. Anyone have any recommendations? Things you needed? Didn’t have but wish you’d had? Had and couldn’t imagine not having?

2. When.. Should I start getting these things? I think a month or a couple of weeks in advance seems reasonable? This coming from a person who packs 3 outfits for an overnight trip, so…

3. What kinds of foods/snacks should I stock up on? Like I know healthy and easy to eat/make stuff but I want to keep an actual list.

If you have any items, activities, snacks/foods you recommend having for post op leave them in the reblog or replies, please!! I want to feel as overprepared as possible.

Misconceptions Chapter 3- Misdemeanors

Fandom: Little Witch Academia | Pairing: DianAkko / DiAkko

Word Count: 2,090 | Read Time: ~ 9 Minutes

Chapter 1: Misconceptions | Chapter 2: Misdirections

A.N: Takes place right after episode 12 and before Episode 13

Bonus art by @azurathemagician

Unwinding after classes or school activities usually meant that the green and red teams would hang out somewhere, either in red team’s room or out in the courtyard. Most of the following shenanigans were practical jokes played on each other and occasional daring missions that stemmed from gossip. The current one was that somewhere in the library existed a secret room, and all one needed to do was pull the proper book from the shelf to access it.

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anonymous asked:

heyy i was wondering if you could write a pentagon reaction to their gf getting really scared so she ends up shedding a few tears and cuddling them fjsknds tysm in advance!

Jinho: “Woah! H…Hey, what’s the matter, babe?” He holds you close, wrapping an arm around you. Once you explain that you’re scared, he gives you a soft smile and sings slow, calming songs just for you. After he sings for you, he’ll order some takeout for the two of you to eat.

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Hui: He holds you close in his arms and presses a kiss to the crown of your head. Hui gently rubs your arms, “It’s okay, sweetheart.” He cups your face and wipes your tears away, “You’re with me.” The rest of the night is spent laying in bed with him as he holds you near.

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Hongseok: Protective Mode Activated. Hongseok is the go to guy if you’re scared or feeling sad because he’ll baby you so hard. He probably makes a soothing dinner for you and then holds you all night. “I’ll fight anything that scares you!” He jokes, pulling a “manly” pose. 

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E’Dawn: Okay, Hyojong is a bit awkward with feelings, but he’ll try his best. He probably tries to make you laugh and puts on a funny TV show or movie for the two of you to watch. He’d have an arm wrapped around you as he makes snarky remarks at the movie. 

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Shinwon: Cuddles!! Shinwon is the cuddle master and he’ll wrap you up in his arms for almost any occasion, especially if you’re scared. He’ll whisper you soft praises and brush away any tears that you have. If that doesn’t work, than he’ll start telling you bad jokes to make you laugh or cringe.

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Yeo One: First thing he does is give you his hoodie because he knows it relaxes you. “Baby, everything is going to be okay. Just listen to me, I’m here for you.” He’s such a softie, he’ll do anything to see you happy. 100% going to sing for you with his angelic voice.

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Yanan: A true, pure romantic, Yanan’s heart will break when he sees you start to cry. “Are you alright? Do you need anything at all?” His voice is soft and full of concern. After getting you what you need, he’d hold you close to him, making sure not to leave your sight. 

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Yuto: Another one who’s awkward with feelings. He’d wipe away your tears and get you some tea and a some snacks. Yuto tends to be silly, I can see him silently wrapping you up in blankets like sushi to keep you nice and secure. After that he’d turn on Ghibli movies for the two of you to watch as you cuddle. 

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Kino: Hyunggu’s solution? Food! He brings you some soup and tea to keep you warm and calm your nerves. He’d also sing to you for a bit. Once you finish eating, he’d definitely hug you for the longest time as he listens to your problems and fears. 

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Wooseok: “Are you…Crying? Babe, what’s the matter?” This big teddy bear is going to be so worried. After getting you some tissues and a blanket, he’d pull you into his lap and hold you gently against his chest, slowly rocking you back and forth.

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GAHHH IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!! i’ve had marching band performances every weekend so i couldnt work on them T-T but i stayed home from school today so i got around to finishing this!!
thank you so much for requesting and being patient with me <3 


             Modern AU: Video Blogger Lafayette x Reader

Word count: 3210 (I got very carried away.)

Disclaimer: Google Translated


    A notification lit up your phone while dinging. Rolling over, you mentally smack yourself in the face as the time read ‘1:00 AM.’ Checking the notification, a “Youtube” logo took over the screen then followed by a black and white screen. 
        “Hello mes amours!” a stunning man appeared on screen. You fiddled with the volume so your roommates, Eliza, her boyfriend Alexander, and your freckled friend John Laurens, wouldn’t wake up. The video continued on after you pressed play. 
        “Exciting news! I get to go to America to visit mon meilleurs amis (my best friends)! Oui! Je suis très excité (I am very excited)!” the man beamed on, smiling a wide, toothy grin. “There is Eliza, elle est une femme très intelligente et merveilleux (She is a very intelligent and beautiful woman) and she is letting me stay with her so I don’t have to travel far from my two other friends Alexander and John!” You couldn’t decide if you were to grin or let your jaw go slack.
        “Is Lafayette, the man I’ve been talking to everyday since last year, talking about MY Eliza and MY John Laurens!? The grinning, French heart throb is going to be rooming with us!?” You unknowingly, let your jaw go slack. In the room next to yours, you hear a man verbally groan then slam his fists against the wall. 

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