when i have art block i don't question what i draw as long as i'm drawing something

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I'm sorry, I have no clue who you're calling out with the drawing black people post, but honestly? Have you heard of the same face syndrome? It has nothing to do with racism, some people just aren't good enough at drawing to correctly represent a real life person and all the variation a face can have. And that's because drawing is fucking hard. I might be able to draw a photorealistic eye but only In one shape cause I only practiced that one shape. Please don't just scream racism w/out reason

Why is it that people who have an issue with my posts about representation in fandom always hop into my inbox in order to condescend to me about how fandom, writing, and (now) art works?

Also Congrats! You’ve helped prove my point that when people read the word “racism” they just… stop paying attention to the rest of the content. Accusing me of “screaming racism without reason” despite the fact that I didn’t say who was failing at drawing Black features (like did you see me single out a specific group, or nah?) is kind of ridiculous. 

Like I am actually super embarrassed for you because of your art-splaining and general point-missing.

I put “fandom racism” in the tags because I need to pretend that I care about keeping my blog organized and you respond like it’s a personal attack on your favorite artist… Please chill out. It’s not actually that serious. 

Don’t worry. I just want people to learn how to draw Black features and for them to put the same effort into references and accuracy as they do the white characters in their same shows/books/comics. It’s not that deep… As a Black person in fandom, it’s kind of something I get to do. I get to ask for fandom to be better and use the resources that they gladly use for other characters on Black ones.

I mean… that’s basically the lowest bar ever? And yet a post easily boiled down to “Hey can you draw Black characters with their Black features” has you all up in my inbox lecturing me about sameface syndrome like I’m not a DC comics fan?

Wow. Rude.

And hey:

Instead of assuming that I’m specifically calling anyone out for racism (and then rushing to scold me for it because I’m clearly an uneducated pleb that doesn’t get how art works), maybe you could’ve put yourself into my shoes and thought about what it feels like for me as a Black woman (because to send me an ask, chances are you had to see my face in my sidebar or profile pic) to constantly see artists fail at drawing people with MY features.

Empathy is everything, kid.

And if you were so intent on refusing to extend some to me, you could’ve ignored the post when it came across your dashboard. 

You could’ve blocked me when you saw the post since it bugged you enough that you had to bug me. But you didn’t and now I’m mildly annoyed

Please think hard about any messages that you want to send me in the future because I don’t really feel like further dealing with someone who came to my inbox ready to lecture me about something they themselves don’t understand or experience. 

Thanks and have a blessed day.

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Wait so you dont go to art school.. Yet you're so amazing at art ;__; how... I go to art school but I'm a little unsatisfied with my work and i was thinking about doing the same thing cause college costs a lotttt... practicing a lot is obvious but like.. How did you just.. Go about with your art?? (If you don't mind me asking that is)

I don’t mind the question at all, though please excuse me for answering it at like 3 AM haha!

Personally, I’d love to go to a private art college, but I know its hugely expensive and it’s just not something I can afford right now. I don’t know what year you’re in but if you can plan your financial budget to make it through, with financial aid and whatnnot, I highly encourage you to do so! Honestly you can learn anywhere I’ll give you that, but college is a great place to be exposed to new things, meet new people, and make connections. In fact, I personally think these are just as important as what you’re taking in the classrooms!

Obviously if financial needs deem it necessary, there’s no shame in taking whatever time you need to make the money to go back. But if you can find any way to support yourself, please stay!

In terms of how I go about with art, my mentality is that regardless of who or what or why I’m drawing, I’m going all out. I kind of like to play this game of pretend of treating stuff I do like little assignments or jobs, like “okay even though this comic is for myself I’m going to do so many pages by sometime,” etc etc. Also I spend a lot… of time drawing like, it’s pretty much the only thing I do… I’ve sacrificed a lot of things like hanging out with friends and uh, in highschool let’s just say I’m not very well versed in some subjects I personally deemed unnecessary… And tbh drawings not always fun, sometimes it is work, but at the same time when I feel like one drawing is becoming work, it’s usually cause I just feel like drawing something else.

So long story short drawing pretty much consumes the majority of my life, but here’s the kicker…I still feel unsatisfied with my work a lot of the time, and to be honest, it’s pretty natural. It’s tough, because art changes all the time and the more variety of art you see the more uneasy or unsure you’ll feel about your art. Whether you’re in school, our of school, or thinking about going to school, the feeling of not being good enough well… It’s always there. I still feel like I wouldn’t make it to schools I’d want to go to to be honest, but you’re there and that means you’ve already proven to yourself that you have the drive and ability to pursue the arts. But again that’s just how I see it!

Anyway, what I guess I’m trying to say is that if you can, stay in school. Feeling a lack of confidence doesn’t mean you’re not ready, it’s just a natural road block of development, so try not to let it hinder you. Keep drawing, and realize sometimes you’re going to have to make sacrifices to do what you love; decide whether it’s worth it, and then you’ll know.

I hope this helps even a little bit, and I wish you the best!