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Medicine in the (Post-Apocalyptic) Wasteland: 1 / ?

Hey everyone. I get so many asks about post-apocalyptic scenarios that it’s I’m going to build you a series of posts, dealing specifically with medicine after the collapse of civilization.

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Yes, this borders on sci-fi. Yes, a lot of things will be very different in your story, depending on the hows and the whys and the social structure that exists after the apocalypse. Things will also be incredibly different based on when your story is set, because things will likely collapse in a particular order. So your story is going to change a lot depending precisely when you’re writing about, in relation to The Catastrophe (of whatever type).

The difference between this and sci-fi asks is that there is very much an area of medicine devoted to this type of care. It’s called Austere Medicine, AKA Wilderness Medicine. It’s studied. There are resources. There are people who work in villages that may not have had an apocalypse, but have limited funds, access to power, access to diagnostics, access to drugs, and they do it every day of their lives. This is sci-fi with modern parallels. This is interesting.

For the purposes of this article, we’re assuming two major problems: no / extremely limited electricity, and no / extremely limited gasoline.

That first one throws out most of modern medicines. Hospitals. Surgeries. MRIs, CT scans, even the humble X-ray goes by the wayside. Providers have to go back to doing medicine with their hands and with their ears.

Oh, and a lot of people are going to die.

Enter Dani Disaster.

She’s smart, but moreover she’s resourceful, and she can think outside the box that modern medicine has tried to put her in. Maybe she was a doctor, or a nurse, or a paramedic. Now she’s a healer, a Jane-of-all-trades of medicine. She barters for what will help people in the short term, and shakes her head and sighs when she realizes she can’t help a lot of the people she used to be able to.

One thing I want to mention is that Dani will definitely want to keep someone around, preferably an intimidating, armed someone, to protect her. Because people will want things from Dani; everything from begging her to fix their dying-of-something-she-can’t-fix husband, to demanding she be personal medic to the Warlord King (or whatever brute is rising to power in your world).

The First 6 Months

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Most people don’t have more than a month’s worth of their medication on hand. Even most pharmacies would run out of the most popular life-saving medications inside of a month or two, assuming they aren’t simply raided by bandits. And in a world without gasoline, the odds of restock are very, very low.

That means no blood pressure medications, no blood thinners, in an ever-increasingly-stressful world. That means no insulin for diabetics, no immunosuppressants for those with autoimmune diseases, no antiepileptics for those with seizure disorders, no antibiotics for septic patients. No pressors to give and no pumps to hang them on. Even IV fluids, literal salt water, will run short.

I will be straight up with you all, keyboard-mashers: a lot of people will die in the first 6 months of an apocalypse, and I’m not even talking from the fighting. I’m not even talking about starvation. I’m just talking about chronic illness. Heart attacks. Diabetes. Blood clots. Strokes. I’m talking about the elderly, who can barely make it a block to the store. I’m talking about serious respiratory patients who need steroids and who have serious trouble walking distances. Cancer patients won’t get chemo, or radiation, or maybe even food. Patients with HIV will run out of antivirals, and then run out of T cells, and die from the common cold.

There are going to be a lot of deaths in the first 6 months after the apocalypse, friends, and it will be ugly as hell. Remember that for most of human history, the lifespan was about 40 years. In a world without organized medicine and the pharmaceutical processes to make medicine, there’s precious little that can be done to expand the lifespan.

Congratulations: You’re the Surgeon. And the Infectious Disease doc. And the Midwife. And the Wound Care Specialist. And the Anesthesiologist. And the…

Look, healthcare is a wide field, and no one person is going to be good at everything. No one person is actually interested in everything, either. There is no one type of healthcare provider who can do everything, although Emergency Medicine docs probably come the closest; and before The Thing That Happened, Dani may have been an ICU nurse, tweaking ventilators, or a paramedic who’d never thrown a stitch before, much less amputated a badly gangrenous leg.

What I’m saying here is, there’s a learning curve for the actual technical things she’ll need to do, in addition to re-learning how to do everything with nothing. And some of it might be way, way outside her wheelhouse, especially at first.

Six Months to Five Years: The Rise of Dani Disaster

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If Dani is lucky, and she gets to the raiding of pharmacies early on, she’ll stock up. On anything she can get, of course, but especially on three things: antibiotics, analgesics and sedatives. Why? Because they’re what will save lives and be useful as hell for trading. Here’s why:

Antibiotics: infection will probably be the single group of preventable deaths that are worth looking at, from a supply-vs-life-years-saved perspective. A single course of antibiotics will save someone’s life, but a diabetic will need insulin, every day, for decades. Also remember that with system breakdown comes water supply breakdown, which means a return of diseases like typhoid and cholera and diptheria and polio.

Antibiotics are an art all of their own, but frankly, they’re boring. Broad-spectrum antibiotics will be most useful; including amoxicillin/Augmentin, Cefaclor, Keflex, Levaquin, erythromycin or clarithromycin or azithromycin, Cipro, or doxycycline. 

Oral antibiotics are going to have benefits over IV antibiotics, for a number of reasons, mostly portability and ease of administration; IV-only drugs haven’t been listed here. Some meds may come in a form that can be given IM; this may be helpful for conditions that severely upset the GI tract (and thus prevent people from absorbing them, because the pill will either go up or down, depending.)

The thing you have to realize is that in austere medicine, common things happen commonly. No one cares if your patient has a pulmonary embolism, or a cool dysrhythmia, because with complex conditions, one of two things are going to happen: They are going to get better, or they are going to die. Heart attacks, a major focus of modern medicine, are essentially untreatable without the risk of dying.

Instead, the most important things Dani will be treating are things that, in the developed world, should be handled in urgent care clinics: gastroenteritis (the shits) and broken bones and infected wounds and yeast infections. A friend of mine went to Haiti after the quake, and within 24 hours she could diagnose a yeast infection by the way a woman was walking.

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Diflucan. She will need LOTS OF DIFLUCAN.

(It’s worth noting that Haiti was very hot and very humid, which is where fungi like to grow; other areas may see other climates, and thus less yeast infections.)

Analgesics: If she’s smart, Dani will take anything she can beg, borrow, or steal. Common, over-the-counter meds like Advil/ibuprofen and Tylenol/acetaminophen/paracetamol, and pill opiates like Vicodin and Percocet and Morphine and Dilaudid. All of these have their place, but mostly this is a “whatever I can get” sort of a thing.

If Dani is really smart, she will go out of her way to find every bottle of ketamine in whatever hospital she raids. We’ve talked about ketamine before, but it’s worth mentioning again, in that it can be used to sedate the crazy, ease pain, or put someone under for short surgical procedures like an appendectomy or amputation. (It’s also a single agent; it controls pain and causes sedation. It doesn’t act as a paralytic, but hopefully she won’t need one).

Lidocaine in a Big Fucking Bottle is optional but beneficial for topical procedures, wound care, suturing, etc.

However, all of these things will eventually run out, no matter how judicious she is about using them. And that’s when we get to….

Five Years Plus: Back to Herbalism It Is

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There are a lot of allopaths–those who practice Western medicine–that believe herbalism is complete and utter horseshit. I am not one of those people. A lot of medications have their origins in natural remedies and plants, and herbalism is how we treated, well, everything, for quite some time.

The poppy plant begat opium, which begat laudanum, heroin, morphine, and fentanyl. The foxglove plant (digitalis) begat, Digoxin, whose actual name is digitalis. Curare is one of the original paralytics used for surgery. The list goes on and on.

Now, an allopathic education doesn’t typically lead to an in-depth knowledge of medicinal herbs. But fortunately, there are these lovely things called books, and there are, in fact, some really good ones on this topic.

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My personal medical-herbalism reference is James A Duke’s The Green Pharmacy (Amazon link, but available everywhere; not an affiliate link). The author ran the medicinal herb research at the US Dept of Agriculture for a good long while, and the best part about his book is that it is organized by disease (so you don’t have to read about 5,000 plants to find one that treats allergies), and he grades his evidence base for each recommendation. However, there are also field guides to medicinal plants.

Once the allopathic meds run out, Dani Disaster is going to become, basically, a witch doctor, without the witchy aspects. (Or with, depending on her faith and whether or not she practices the craft; no one is judging here.)

She’s going to have a garden of medicinal herbs, and she’s going to learn to prepare poultices and teas and tinctures and creams. Basically, she’s going to bring an allopathic ideology back to herbalism, preferably with some form of evidence base. Willow bark tea is going to be a Big Deal™, because willow bark tea contains an active ingredient very similar to aspirin.

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But she’s also going to have to be, in part, a home chemist. If she does enough research she can learn how to make her own ethyl alcohol, aka ethanol, aka boozeahol, but this can be used as a disinfectant and antiseptic. (Hell, in a pinch regular ol’ wine can be used to clean out wounds, apparently.) 

She can also learn to make her own bleach, her own IV fluids (0.9% Normal Saline, anyways), her own oral rehydration solution (aka Pedialyte / Gatorade), and perhaps even her own ether, which is a crap anesthetic but better than nothing.

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That’s It…. For Now

This is just a small snippet into the world of austere medicine. (Be careful with Google searches on this topic; Doomsday Preppers are very, very scary and their websites can be… uhhh….. ill-informed.) There’s still plenty more to talk about, so stay tuned for more posts! (I’m especially drooling over the idea of writing a post on the ethics of medicine in the austere environment–stay tuned!!)

I hope this was useful, but remember also this poem by the greats of old:

When the world ends, now
is the time to be sure I
read the disclaimer.

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See you in the wasteland. xoxo, Aunt Scripty

History will always repeat itself.

So when this stupid fucking wall is built, I hope after 4 years we all get together on both sides and tear that shit down like they did the one in Berlin and drink cervezas and dance all night atop its ruins. 


working on aqua’s look when he still lived on and served homeworld and his backstory a lil. (EDIT: i added one w no color correction so u get a better idea of his past palette)

summary: a less valued cousin to other beryl gems like emerald and bixbite, aquamarine is still a very sturdy and appealing stone making them just bordering upper middle class. most aquamarine’s are used in navigation and anthropology/biology, specifically exploration of other galaxies and solar systems and are tasked with studying the culture and appeal of other species. a natural dauntless aura, strong intuition, and the curiosity of a child make these gems resilient and the perfect specimen for astronomical exploration and cultural anthropology and an innate leader.

specifics: when aquamarine lived on homeworld he was more reserved and refined, but only somewhat. a captain of a ship and leader of one of blue diamond’s exploration teams, aqua was like an informant to blue diamond’s court on possibly habitable planets and the behaviorism and societal tendencies of any intelligent species he and his team came across. but when sent to earth to take a few organic samples and do a routine “check up” on the evolutionary progress of humans, he fell in love with everything he saw. he had only ever heard of earth before and what he witnessed humans create with their own minds and two bare hands had him completely baffled. homeworld was centuries, posssibly even millennia ahead technology wise but homeworld’s sole purpose was to conquer and grow like a hive. he fell in love with how humans went from relying on what they created to keep them alive and knowing only practicality to inventing and building just for shits and giggles. having a strong curiosity for all things new and unique aqua felt right at home. he kept his distance at first but over time adapted to what he saw and started to take on more “human” mannerisms, explaining the sarcasm and horrible fashion taste of current aqua.

The past 24 hours have been a lot to digest for many people of color, so to the folks today who are hurting or confused in the wake of this election, I send warmth and love. You are not alone. What feels like the triumph of hate, greed, and oppression yesterday does not mark the beginning of the end, it marks the beginning of a renewed commitment to the very old struggle for equality and justice.

Malcolm X once noted that people act when they get angry, and so they did. White America, which overwhelming voted for Trump, got angry about Natives resisting theft and genocide, about Latinos reclaiming the border, about Black people claiming humanity, so they empowered a fascistic demagogue full of hate. For those intimately aware of U.S. history, this was less shock and more reopening of old wounds.

But for those of us in pursuit of a brighter world, we should never forget that we have our own anger, our own resilience, and we are full of hope still. It is time we mobilized it. There is an old saying in activist circles who have long fought for the end of oppression: “Don’t mourn, organize.” It is imperative that from young to old, across all racialized and gendered lines, we do both.

I love when people upload cartoons slightly sped up and with a border to get over Youtube Copy Right take downs.

The frame around the video being an empty theater with the lights on is good way to make me feel even more alone.


Favourite places in Finland -  7/??

Kummakivi (“Strange stone”), Ruokolahti

“According to Wikipedia, Kummakivi is a large balancing rock in Ruokolahti, Finland. The 7-metre long boulder lies on a convex bedrock surface with a very small footprint but so firmly that it cannot be rocked with human force. Kummakivi has been protected since 1962. A pine tree originating from the 1980s grows on top of the boulder. The boulder is located in a forest in the western part of the Ruokolahti municipality, near the border of Puumala.

There’s no way to describe the feeling I got when I experienced this place. We were so deep into the forest it was dead silent. We had to cross an old moss bridge to get there and walked past a beatiful forest lake before finding the stone. No photo can ever do the place justice, you just have to experience it yourself.”
- hallanvaarat

just mickey fucking mickey :(


(*art by @jingleyams)


this is pretty feathertawny heavy, follows Tawny’s life and Feahtertail’s death and the aftermath

1. Borders
2. Never Give Up
3. Running with the Wolves
4. Bird Set Free
5. Live Like Legends
6. Storm
7. She Keeps me Warm
8. Meet me on the Battlefield
9. Daughter of the Moon (aka feathertail’s song)
10. This Goodbye
11. I Can’t Breathe
12. When the Darkness Comes
13. The Dark 
14. Clouds (the group saying goodbye)
15. Flares
16. Holes in the Sky
17. Do You Remember?

No one agrees where The First came from… though the story goes he appeared in the skies when the sun first rose above the land.  

For WHATEVER reason, Geoff gave me the hardest time. I’ve never redrawn one picture so many times before - whether it was his clothes, his pose, his cape, the background - and don’t even get me started on the colors of the border. This easily could have been done last week, BUT. That’s all apart of living, right? RIGHT. But here he is, and I’m relatively happy with how he turned out ;P 

King Michael | King Ray | King Geoff | King Gavin | King Jack | King Ryan

Latinamerican Representation

As a latinx person I hope for representation, as a child I would cling on to every character with brown hair, because that’s the closest thing I could get. When I was 10 I wanted white features, because that way I would look “attractive” and like the people on TV. It took me 3 years to accept my features and find myself beautiful. I started for searching for representation, good representation where girls weren’t sexualizes or seen as bad or simply exotic. Where men weren’t seen as the “sexy exotic boy with the accent”, where we weren’t sewn as drug dealers and the punchline wasn’t that we hopped over the border. Where our punchline wasn’t our goddamn accent and they wouldn’t the character seriously because of it. I wanted goo representation. I still do. I got tired of seeing the same troupes and features because we are fucking diverse.
I want to see latinamericans as respected professionals that are seen just as competent as the white man.
I want black latinamericans that aren’t told that they aren’t “really black” or that they have to choose.
I want white passing latinamericans that aren’t told that they aren’t Latinamericans.
I want latinamericans that aren’t sexualized.
I want aromantic latinamericans.
I want latinamericans that aren’t touchy feely.
I want mentally ill latinamericans.
I want latinamericans with strong indigenous features.
I want latinamericans that aren’t ridiculed for their accents.
I want latinamericans that aren’t question for their lack of accent.
I want half Asian half latinamericans (they are prominent in some places) that aren’t called “chinitos”.
I want religious latinamericans that aren’t ridiculed or stereotypes.
I want atheist latinamericans.
I latinamericans with different religions.
I want latinamericans that have small families.
I want latinamericans that have big families and it isn’t seen as a joke.
I want latinamericans that don’t speak Spanish and told that they “aren’t really latinamerican”
I want latinamericans that were born in the US and get respected.
I want biracial latinamericans that aren’t told tel choose or that are “watered down versions” of either their race or ethinicty.
I want latinamericans whose main language isn’t Spanish.
I want latinamericans that are nb and that have to struggle the pronouns in Spanish, but that their main story arc isn’t that.
I want trans latinamericans who are supported.
I want nb latinamericans that don’t struggle.
I want queer latinamericans.
I want questioning latinamericans.
I want brown latinamericans that aren’t stereotypes.
I want latinamericans that are geniuses.
I want poor latinamericans that aren’t seen as dumb or drug dealers.
I want rich latinamericans that still have their culture.
I want open minded latinamericans.
I want latinamerican representation like Poe and Cassian.
I want latinamericans that prefer American food but love latinamerican music.
I want latinamericans that love tortillas and such but love American music.
I want fat latinamericans that are still seen as beautiful and respected.
I want skinny latinamericans that aren’t called the top model of sex or are insulted.
I want latinamericans that are sewn as white passing in their country but in the US are seen as brown.
I want muscular latinamericans.
I want sensitive and emotional latinamerican men that aren’t made fun of or seen exotic.
I want latinamerican women that aren’t fetishized.
I want the punchline of the crossing the border to end.
I want indigenous people in Latin America to stop being seen as savages an instead seen as a people protecting themselves from white invaders.
I want latinamericans that are /respected as much as white people/ .
I want us to be represented correctly. Every type of latinamerican. Because we are diverse. We are NOT all the same. We all deserve to be represented. I want a little latinamerican kid to look at the TV and be happy, because there’s someone that looks like them. And I want it in this century. In this decade. And if not in this one the next.
We deserve this. Every minority deserves this. And if I missed anyone I’m sorry.

Of course those goddamn gringos only care about themselves. I hope it happens during Trumps candidacy so he cam fucking deal with it and suffer.

Que sus vidas sean lindas, y su día hermoso.

Dating Newt 2

Note: Some of these headcanons are repeated, I just think they’re appropriate for the request :)

• He always call you love
• Gets overprotective way too easily, tries to play it off and fails
• He doesn’t like kissing in public, because of his reputation, but loves hugging and holding hands with you 24/7
• When you kiss, you love tangling your fingers in his hair
• Only you are allowed to touch it
• Minho finds you both so cute that it borders on creepy
• It’s obvious that you’re staring at Newt, because your eyes always follow his arms and your face goes slightly dreamy
• His accent sometimes makes you forget to breathe
• You constantly complain that it’s unfair how attractive he is
• One time a Greenie was checking you out, and Newt picked him up and carried him into the Slammer
• Alby let him out when he realised what had happened
• But the Greenie stayed away from you, as did every other boy in the Glade
• Until you made Newt apologise so that the Gladers weren’t scared to talk to you
• On the night of the bonfire, you always look out for each other
• You stopped him from falling into the fire once
• He also broke up a drinking competition you were having with Gally
• That night you both cuddled outside and watched the fire burn down
• Constantly reminds you just how much he loves you
• The whole Glade finds you absolutely adorable, but try to hide it
• Before you got together, you caught them taking bets on whether Newt would ask you out or the other way around

I get really annoyed when people say “Hawke saved Kirkwall, the Warden saved Ferelden, and the Inquisitor saved Thedas.” Because the Warden didn’t just save Ferelden, they saved all of Thedas too.

Hold up sorry, I wasn’t aware that the darkspawn were just gonna stop at the borders and not cross into the rest of Thedas because they don’t have a god damn passport. But honestly, the Warden did more than just save Ferelden, the Warden stopped the Fifth Blight, which is an apocalyptic event, in the timespan of, what was it, a year? And with no resources to start off with and a bounty on their heads! The Warden is my favourite DA protag, they crawled up from nothing and saved Thedas. It wasn’t JUST Ferelden.


So in case anyone gives a shit (jk I’m just excited), this is the pairing that will HOPEFULLY produce my next girl!!

GCh Wildblue Essential (top two)
GCh Avatar’s Unwrap the Chocolate Bayshore

I also feel the need to clarify this as well: yes, I’m getting a show line BC next.


So first of all, I have a REALLY good relationship with Aero’s breeder, who is half of this pairing. She is a behaviorist. She’s been doing this MUCH longer than I’ve been alive. I really trust her opinions. I am happy to trust her to pair me with a puppy because she knows what it’s like in my house, my struggles, my goals, etc.

I want to do agility, rally, and dock diving with my next dog as well. Could a working line or sport line BC do those things? Ofc!! So, that’s irrelevant.

In my very anecdotal experience, show line collies seem to be a little less… edgy. I mean that in terms of bad quirks, NOT performance or drive. Some people try to say that show line BCs act like Goldens, which is absolutely not my experience. Are they different from other lines? Yes! Do they retain a lot of the same characteristics? Yes! Are they the same breed? Yes! Can you throw them in a USBCHA trial and expect them to win?… meh, you’re better off trying that with a working line dog. I know that they differ, you’re right! But at this point in my life, I don’t NEED a working dog. I don’t have stock, I don’t plan to get stock.

The existence of one type does not negate the other. Also, 90% of BCs in AUS/NZ are what we know as “show line” since that’s where they originate from- but I don’t see anyone persecuting owners from the Southern Hemisphere.

Anyway. I like these dogs and I love my breeder. I would be happy owning a working line too! In regards to my current needs, a show line dog is what ever so slightly fits my needs better. End of discussion.

I lined up another sketch~~(*’∀’人)♥

in Mutual Bonds Al gets a cat as soon as he comes back from Xing the first time in 1919. Her name is Miki. She gets adopted by him on the trip back, close to the Amestris-Aerugo border. Being Miki extremely clingy of him, when Al keeps traveling (to the west this time) she refuses to stay with the Rockbells and tags along with him on the adventure. Not that Al was very enthusiastic to leave her behind anyways :0

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you found out Mickey makes it safely across the border to Mexico?

Happy… There’s something kind of funny about rooting for someone who has broken out of prison and is on the run, but overall, I was really happy that he made it, and he gets to, hopefully, set up a new life for himself, one that revolves around him being who he actually is this time. I’m quietly hopeful for Mickey.

he loves mickey so much i’m a mess thank you noel for giving us mickey

Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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INFJ Confession

I hate that I’m too open with the few amount of people I’m open with. It sucks because I don’t easily express my emotions on the regular as an INFJ, and definitely not with just anyone. When I find someone who gets me (which is rare) I get too excited and overdo it. I get too attached or I unload too much on that person. It is so hard for INFJ’s to find souls we are comfortable with, much less, comfortable exposing our thoughts and feelings with. When I do, I have a tendency to say too much.

I find that I am too genuine and honest to a fault, I have no filter once I am comfortable expressing myself with you. My closest friend right now is an ENTP and our friendship borders on soul mates. But I hate the feeling I get after burdening too much of my inner thoughts and personal feelings even on just one person. They always seem safer inside my head. It is good and healthy to express yourself once in a while, by talking with someone. In fact it is essential for the growth and mental health of the INFJ as we naturally gravitate towards internalizing everything. But even so. Not everything is meant to be shared. Even with the few we do choose to share with.

Stubborn Keith Burrito

Anon: Keith being an angry bean burrito and Lance trying to fuss over him but he’s being stubborn.

A/N: Keith cannot resist the burrito.





Lance frowned. His boyfriend always did this. No matter how many times Lance proved to him that being cared for felt nice, Keith was always adamant about being independent. Even when he could barely stand due to the shivers his fever was giving him, the Red Paladin insisted that he could do it on his own.

This left Lance more frustrated that not. He stood there holding a large blanket, trying not to get angry. “Last time you really liked it.”

Keith shook his head, expression bordering on a scowl, “Last time I was a lot worse off. I wasn’t in my right mind. I’m only 102 now, you said it yourself.”

“It doesn’t matter what state you were in. It helped you feel better.”

“I feel fine.”

Lance felt like he was going to blow a gasket. He loved Keith, he really did, but god damn it if he hadn’t fallen in love with the most stubborn person in the known universe.

With a deep breath, he sat down next to Keith.

“If you let me do this, and you don’t like it, I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll leave you alone to do whatever you think is best, okay?”

Keith considered this for a moment. He knew Lance was only doing his best to be considerate and helpful, but Keith was the type of sick person who wanted to be alone and sleep the entire thing off. Had this been a more extreme illness, he’d be more compliant to Lance caring for him. But this was only a slight fever. He could handle it.


Lance grinned. In one fell swoop, he wrapped Keith in a hug from behind, bundling in him in the large blanket. He pressed a kiss against his cheek and tucked his arms into the blanket. With a few gentle nudges and adjustments, the Red Paladin was encased in the puffy blanket, only his head and legs sticking out.

To put the cherry on top, Lance sat behind the Keith bundle and gave him the biggest hug he could manage with his slender arms. But the breaking point for Keith were the kisses on the back of his feverish neck.

“What’s the verdict, patient?” Lance asked.

Keith sighed and closed his eyes. This isn’t how he expected it to go. He gave the answer as quietly as possible.

“…it’s really nice…”

“Told you.”