when i get low i get high

the puppy bowl is the greatest invention of the 21st century. hair dryers included.
Justin Bieber - Cold Water

And I wanna lay with you ‘til I’m old /  E eu quero ficar com você até eu ficar velho.  

Everybody gets high sometimes, ya know? /  Todo mundo fica chapado de vez em quando, sabe?

What else can we do when we’re feeling low? /  O que mais podemos fazer quando estamos pra baixo?

So take a deep breath and let it go. /  Então respire fundo e relaxe.

And although time may take us into different places.  I will still be patient with you. /  E mesmo que o tempo nos leve para lugares diferentes,  eu ainda serei paciente com você. 

'Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know? It’s how we learn and how we grow /  Porque todos nós nos perdemos de vez em quando, sabe? É assim que nós aprendemos e é assim que crescemos.

You shouldn’t be fighting on your ow. / Você não deveria estar lutando sozinha.

  • Mina: [1 Missed Call from Tzuyu]
  • Mina: [Texts Tzuyu] ???????
  • Mina: YIKES
  • {Five Minutes Later}
  • Tzuyu: Jihyo's getting an amusing txt message

The further I get into the clinical years the less I want to write about them. There are intense highs and lows, but folks in the healthcare field are already familiar with most of these experiences. They pretty much get it. And it seems to me it would be pretty difficult for anyone else to really understand. Every time I try writing to explain what it’s like, either when something tragic happens or when something great happens, it comes out looking melodramatic or contrived. I invariably end up deleting whatever I’ve written because I don’t want to cheapen these stories. It’s frustrating. I have so many beautiful stories, I just can’t tell them in the right way.

Something I love (and hate) about each MBTI Type

INTJ Love: The amazing to ability to 180 and completely change your opinion once proven wrong.

INTJ Hate: Severe lack of investing in your relationships with other people.

INTP Love: Chillness, lack of shame

INTP Hate: Lack of social skills

INFJ Love: So sweet like aw! how! are! you! alive!

INFJ Hate: Not very bold, much like deer

INFP Love: Genuinely good-hearted

INFP Hate: I hate not being your favorite :(

ISTJ Love: actually intelligent, like I can TALK to you about psychophysics and you’re not lost.

ISTJ Hate: Too rigid sometimes, not very innovative

ISTP Love: FUN af

ISTP Hate: won’t judge people with me

ISFJ Love: Can set your mind and get crap done

ISFJ Hate: waaaaayyy low self-esteem. It’s terrible! Why must I always coddle you? And you actually get sad when I insult you like what?! Our relationship is super high-maintenance.

ISFP Love: loyalty yaaas

ISFP Hate: Kinda shortsighted

ENTJ Love:  You move mountains

ENTJ Hate: But you also crush people

ENTP Love: so, so, so cool. Easy. Can talk to you about random crap, or just hold eye contact for five minutes and end up laughing.

ENTP Hate: Not super outgoing or even approachable when I don’t know you

ENFJ Love: so. sugar. so sweet omfg how that’s gotta be fake but okay

ENFJ Hate: stand up for yourself okay?! You don’t always have to please other people…thanks :)

ENFP Love: Silly, funny, brightens my day plus actually smart sometimes!

ENFP Hate: Not open to my suggestions/logic

ESTJ Love: outgoing! Always meets new people

ESTJ Hate: Kinda proud, and also not as cool as you think you are

ESTP Love: so much fun, we can be loud and OBNOXIOUS together

ESTP Hate: kinda cliquey. Hard to get close to, a bit superficial

ESFJ Love: Good listener

ESFJ Hate: care waaay too much about stuff that doesn’t matter (read: popularity) and also, kinda stupid.

ESFP Love: sweet, cool, fun, crazy

ESFP Hate: too sensitive

I Should Have Cheated || Derek Luh Smut

“Yeah! It was really good to see you. We should get together sometime. You look good, Y/N.”

“Thank you, Jace. So do you and you’re right, we should get together and do something. Maybe make it a double date. You and Alanna and me and Derek? Bowling maybe?”

“Bowling would be great. Is your number the same? I don’t know if you changed it after we broke up.”

I felt kind of bad that he thought I changed my number. Even though he’s my ex, I don’t hate him. 

“No, it’s still the same. I better go, but text me with when we should all get together.” I go to hug him goodbye, but before I could raise my arms high enough to hug him, I feel a tight grip on my arm and hear a low, harsh whisper in my ear.

“Get your ass in the car. NOW.”

I turn slightly to my right and see Derek glaring at me while trying to control his breathing. I can tell he’s trying extremely hard to not go off on me or Jace in the Starbucks we were in. Before I could get another word out or even attempt some kind of gesture, I’m pulled out of the coffee shop and placed in the front seat of the car. The short 5 minute ride home felt like 500 hours. The tension was so thick that it could be cut with a knife. 

We got back home and before I could even say anything to him, I heard the bedroom door slam. I decided to sit at one end of the kitchen table and let him cool off before I talk to him. It’s been about an hour and I’m scrolling through my Twitter mentions when I see Derek sit at the other end of the table. I can feel him during a hole through my face, so I decide to put my phone down and wait for him to explode.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?” He questioned. I averted my eyes to meet his, and just as I expected, they weren’t pleasant.

“So tell me, what’s going on between you and that piece of shit ex-boyfriend of yours? I suggest you not lie to me. That way this conversation can be over faster.”

“Excuse you? Since you are so entitled and need to be in my business every second of everyday, you’ll be happy to know that absolutely nothing is going on between Jace and I.”

“That’s not what it looked like at the coffee shop. Looked you were ready to get down on your knees and suck his dick in front of the fucking barista.”

“Well Derek, to be completely honest, I don’t give a flying shit what it looked liked. It wasn’t anything,” I shot back at him.

“You know Y/N, I don’t care for your tone right now. There’s no need to get defensive. If you’re cheating on me, which I figure you are, there’s no need to keep lying to me and yourself. Just tell me now,” he said as a matter of factly.

“ I don’t give a hot, wet monkey’s ass what you care for, Derek! I AM NOT CHEATING ON YOU!”

“So you’re really going to sit there and pretend that you’re not fucking him?!” Derek yelled at me across the table. 

“YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU SAW! YOU ARE MAKING HUGE FUCKING ACCUSATIONS ABOUT WHAT YOU WANTED TO SEE! What, is it to make you feel less guilty? Trying not to be the only bad guy? Huh? Is that it, Derek? Let’s not forget about the skeletons that ACTUALLY live in your closet. And I believe that closet was in Houston?” 

“So we’re back to that?”

“I’m just stating facts, baby.” My phone dinged and I opened the Twitter notification. I put one ear bud in and watched the video. I snickered and closed out of the app. I leaned forward and put my arms on the table while crossing my fingers.

“We done here, Mr. Luh?”

With that, he was on my side of the table, with a hand on my throat, all while slamming me against a wall.

“First you cheat on me, then you decide to be an ornery little bitch? Tell me, all those times you said you were going out to the club, you were just going to fuck him,” he said looking me in the eyes.

“Aw, baby. I had to get a good fucking from somewhere because it sure as hell wasn’t coming from you,” I challenged, not backing down from him.

Instead of saying anything else, he let go of my throat and roughly pulled my shirt over my head. I slapped him and pushed him off of me.

“You do NOT get to call me a cheater and then think you’re going to fuck me,” I yelled at him while I walked up the stairs. I heard fast footprints and I knew he was running after me. I ran the rest of the way up the stairs, but before I could close the door, I was thrown on the bed and the rest of my clothes were taken off.

“You really think you can deny me, Baby? All I did was tear your clothes off and you’re already fucking wet.”

“All Jace did was look at me and I was ready to cum.”

He tore off his clothes and slammed into me while holding my arms above my head. The whole time he was looking me in the eyes, taking me rougher than he ever did before. I shed a few tears as I came from pain, pleasure and because I knew what happens next. He slammed into me balls deep, emptying every last drop of cum into my sore, but very satisfied pussy. 

I laid there for 5 minutes, going over every memory. Every ‘I love you’. Every time my heart skipped a beat because of Derek James Luh. My heart shattered because I knew it didn’t mean anything. Not now. 

I finally have the emotional strength to sit up and turn away from him.

“I should have cheated.”

“What?” He questions.

“I know now why you want to believe that I’m cheating on you. It is to not be the only bad guy. That way we would be square, on even playing fields if you will and I would have nothing over you anymore.”

 I finally turn and face him, “You don’t trust me when in reality, I shouldn’t trust you. How do you expect to have a healthy relationship like that? It took a while, but there is a God looking out for me because the missing piece in all of this was finally placed in my lap.”

“Y/N, what are you talking about?”

I stood up to get dressed. “Everything you’ve accused me of, turns out that’s you. That’s all you. You really do have some loyal fans and thankfully they are loyal to me too. I saw the video of you at your concert in Cleveland. The one where you grabbed a girl from the front row and dry fucked her face. But let’s not forget after the show, when you signed her ass and then gave it a nice slap. It was a nice ass. I know you thought so too because the way your eyes lit up when you saw it, reminded me of the light that flashed in your eyes when you look at me. I refuse to share that light with anyone else. So now, your conscience is cleared. No need to lie or feel guilty. I realize I deserve better.” I finished putting on my shoes and headed towards the bedroom door.

“Give me a chance to explain, Y/N! Give me that, please,” Derek pleaded.

“I gave you everything. There’s nothing left to give, Derek.” With that, I closed the bedroom door and headed towards my car. I plugged in my AUX chord and chuckled as the words came blaring through my speakers. 

First of all let me say
You can’t accuse me of all the things
you know that you are guilty of
And I see that it is easy for you to blame
everything on me
If that’s the case I should go have my fun
and do all the things you say I do
Boy I can’t continue to take this from you

As much as you accused me of cheatin’
As much as you accused me of lying
As much as you accused me of clubbin’

I should have cheated

Did he nearly faint?”

“I didn’t faint,” Sherlock grumbled.

John shook his head and pushed up to stand. “Who knew our consulting detective was a swooner.” He held out a hand, pulling Sherlock unsteadily to his feet. “You alright with that one?”

Lestrade smiled. “Yeah. Best you’re not here when he comes to. Best he’s actually in a cell when that happens.”

“Right,” John slung Sherlock’s arm over his shoulder. “Come on, you. Let’s get you home so I can take a proper look at that knock you took.” He started to lead Sherlock out of the laneway. Maybe they’d get lucky with a cab.

“I didn’t faint,” Sherlock insisted loudly. “It’s the… I have high vagal tone.”

John tilted his head to get a good look at Sherlock’s face. “High vagal tone?” he dropped his voice low so only Sherlock would hear. “If you faint every time I kiss you, we are going to have a problem.”

Sherlock stumbled over his own feet.

John laughed. “Thought so.

—  Ewebie, Vagal Tone
Sing to me

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pairing-Sebastian smythe x  fin  twin sister!reader

Sebastians P.O.V

Since Dalton academy has a day off today i decided that i would surprise (Y/N) at mckinley high. ( i know how unfortunate). I walk into this hell and head straight towards the choir room. When i get there i see that the New directions are sitting there miserably while Mr. Schue is talking about some 60’s showtune.

“Hello losers getting ready to lose?” i say while half way expecting (Y/N) to scold me.

“ What are you doing here? Kurt and I see enough of you at our house.Plus (Y/N) is not even here.” Finn says annoyed.

“Oh well where is she” I say snarkily(?)

“She is at home sick with a cold.” Kurt says

“ Finn, pull out your car keys and hold them by the house key.” I instruct. He does as i say but he kinda looks scared.

I take the house key off the ring and walk out. When i get to my car i drive to 7/11 and grab ramen, ice cream, Dr Pepper.

*At the hudsummle household*

I unlock the door and walk straight to (Y/N) room. When i walk into her room I see so many tissues wadded up on the floor and scattered around her on the bed. (Y/N) is curled up on her bed in a burrito of blankets, she lifts her head up to see who walked in.

“Hey ba-*intense coughing*

“Awww my poor baby” i cooed as i kiss her head. “I brought you ice cream, Dr Pepper, and lots of kisses” I strip off my hoodie and shirt and toss them in my corner leaving me in only my sweat pants. Then i climb into her bed and wrap my arms around her cuddle her like a teddy bear.She cuddles further into my chest and snuggles her face into my neck.

“Sing to me please” She says

This is nothing new to me, (Y/N) always asks me to sing to her i don’t know why but it is really adorable.

“What song?” i ask softly.

“Missing you by All time Low” she says in a small voice.

“ Okay baby” i say and start singing.

“ I heard that you’ve been

Self-medicating in the quiet of your room,

Your sweet, suburban tomb.

And if you need a friend,

I’ll help you stitch up your wounds.

I heard that you’ve been

Having some trouble finding your place in the world.

I know how much that hurts,

But if you need a friend

Then please just say the word” I sing into (Y/N)s ear until i notice that she is asleep

“Sweet dreams love” i whisper and close my eyes and let sleep take over my body.

This year for me, started off with a broken heart, and a too tired soul. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I didn’t want to go out, I stopped writing songs, and I was just a sad person. This year was probably the hardest year of my life. I went through heartbreak after heartbreak wondering when am I ever going to be happy? People just kept leaving and hurting me. And I felt like I couldn’t bear it. It tore me apart. But this was the year I found ultimate happiness. I guess to get incredibly high, you have to fall incredibly low, and that’s what I did. I sank to my lowest point. But then I realized something. That happiness, it isn’t something that has to be found in another person, or something that you’ll gain some other time. Happiness is a choice you make. You choose to look within you and find you, you choose to be content with your life, you choose to wake up in the morning and you choose how your outlook will be that day. It’s all a choice. And happiness is something that is in us all, but sometimes we just don’t know that we have it. If it’s one thing I learned this year, it’s that happiness isn’t in a person or a thing. Happiness is within you.
—  2016 I found happiness (via young-wild andfresh)

anonymous asked:

hi darling please help how do i stop craving food? i'm always hungry n cant fast for more than a day cause i get crazy hungry n i could eat a whole horse then! any tips to stop hunger?

Hi craving are caused because of “sugar addiction”. When you eat food high in carbs and sugar, your blood sugar gets high, then it drops, and youll crave more sugar. Its like a continous crise. What you have to do is eat foods low in carbs and high in fiber, so your blood sugar gets evened out and you wont crave more! Its a long process, dont worry its okay if you sometimes eat high carb foods! Imagine it like putting down smoke, its a long and hard progress, but definitely worth it for your health! Stay safe❤


‘ you’re doing this to avoid 5 minutes of work? ‘
‘ yes, concerned parents can be so annoying. ‘
’ when did my signature get so girly? ‘
‘ next time you want to get my attention wear something fun. low-rise jeans are hot. ‘
’ any recent shootouts at your high school? ‘
’ this may seem incredibly controversial, but I think sexual abuse is bad. ‘ 
‘ yeah, he probably got restless and shifted one hemisphere of his brain to a more comfortable position. ‘
’ you know another really good business? teeny tiny baby coffins. ‘
’ i hear he tortured kittens. ‘
‘ Ii’m bad at search parties, and i’m bad at sitting around looking nervous doing nothing. ‘
‘ why does everyone always think i’m being sarcastic? ‘
‘ i am older, certainly, but maybe you like that. ‘
‘ show of hands. who thinks i’m not in my right mind? ‘
’ yeah, pain’ll make you do stupid things. ‘
‘ just thought i’d toss you a really inappropriate question. ‘
‘ i’m a people person. ‘
’ how’s your hooker doing? ‘
‘ if they don’t know what you look like they can’t yell at you. ‘
’ you’re an ass. ‘
‘ don’t be condescending. ‘
’ if i don’t keep busy with trivial things like this i’m afraid i might start to cry. ‘
‘ why are we getting hung up on what i did? ‘

Ugh, shorts

They’re terrible & the bane of my existence but they’re a v necessary evil when your environment regularly lives in the high of 110 low of 92 area for a few months.

I finally had a few pairs that worked and I was getting into a fitness shape I wasn’t hating with the amazing Las Vegas Valley YMCAs. But I went and had another baby and moved so now there’s no fitness and my body shape is again round and lumpy and weird.

So where do y'all get your shorts? Last year I kept rocking the maternity shorts until winter. I’m not opposed to it, tbh. But I’d like regular ones. I’m around 200lbs avg about a size 14 depending on the cut & brand.

I don’t really want Bermuda shorts to my knees. But I’m in my 30s with 3 kids so I don’t need the 1" inseam bullshit popular with pretty much all stores I shop at and that are available to me.

anonymous asked:

The media is cracking down of sugar in drinks (soft drink, juice, etc) and it’s really getting to me. I know processed sugar isn’t healthy, but they go on saying sugar, carbs and fruit causes weight gain, and then I feel like I shouldn’t eat high carb. I know the low carb diets are all sh*t and would never go down that path, but I keep doubting myself. How do you stand strong against such things?

Idiocy like this has been going on for decades, if not longer.  We will outlive all this insanity & resulting death from it.  People will get sicker and fatter based on banning sugar & politicians who spearheaded these efforts won’t get reelected.

  When Tate is old enough to be doing his own thing I am going to run for something & do my part to enact positive political change for my community.  Or if some island nation or Native American Tribe wants to welcome us into their community to make a difference we will go where people care & are ready to no longer let politicians or corporate greed/media ruin their lives. 

 A lot of these isolated communities are crippled by diabetes & dietary disease from 1st world foods.  A small group of willing participants video’d making the changes and sharing their lives will get a larger group & then a larger group & so on to follow.  The brief window in time we have with social media to get our message out above the trillions of $ against us held by mental sickos who pass laws to prevent you from hearing this message & fund million $ studies to create doubt to keep people sick along with billion $s in advertising that looks like news in the main stream media that is completely owned by them all to ruin your families for $ they don’t even spend in our community has to end & hopefully with as many of them in prison and penniless as possible.  

Mark my words, these companies will come out with a total barrage against veganism on social media.  The fearful will flea.  For me that just means we fight harder & create more community.  Trillions of $s at stake, they will pay off social media stars to say anything.  

Your minds are for sale.  The purchased your parents & grandparents for the low price of the cover of Time Magazine.

There’s always been those times when I needed a breather, when I might need a quick break from being the leader. ‘Cause I’m just human, you gotta feel that. We’re all just here to learn and everyday we are put up to bat. If you feeling down, no you ain’t alone. And if you feeling all confused, no you are not on your own. Don’t stress. Yeah, we’re too blessed. Someone once told me babe when the tide is high, you just get low. Hold your breath and take it slow. Yes, I might get wet. I might get thrown. But I’ll resurface all on my own. I’ll be alright, be alright, just go with the tide. I’ll be alright, be alright. I’ll be doing fine. Be alright, be alright, just go with the tide. I always have those days when I feel unworthy, when I sit back and ask God why he chose me. ‘Cause I’m just human, just like you are. We see the same ol’ sky, at night we see the same stars. So, if you feeling down, no you not alone. And if you feeling all confused, no you are not on your own. Don’t trip, baby just live.
—  Be Alright, Kehlani