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Imagine spending a lazy day with Pride. 

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You were still in your pajamas, watching Dwayne walk around his kitchen, cleaning things up from the breakfast he insisted on making you. Sitting at the island, with your chin on your hand, you watched the agent move this way and that. “You know, I think you might be incapable of doing nothing.”

Dwayne shot you a look, smirking at your words. “Is that so?” He asked.

“Yes. I try to stay in bed, and you get up to make breakfast. When breakfast is over, I want to go lie back down, and you’re cleaning every inch of the kitchen.” You explained, lowering your hand to playfully glare at Pride. “Next thing I know, you’re gonna be wanting to go on your morning run.”

He blinked a few times, glancing away guiltily. And Dwayne smiled slightly when you gasped. “You were going to go!”

“No, I wasn’t.” Dwayne lied. It was always so easy to tell when he lies. He dropped the washcloth into the sink, coming around the island with a hand held out. “I’ll prove it right now; let’s go back to bed.”

Clumsy Passion

Request: Please can I request a seungcheol smut where he finds out you have a biting/pain kink? Thank you!x

Member: Seventeen’s S.Coups x Y/N

Type: WARNING smut

The sound of my bare feet echoed against the wood floors of the Seventeen dorm as I padded down the hallway. I tried to stay slow, conscious of my motions, as I nervously tugged down on the large, white t-shirt I had borrowed from Seungcheol. The thin fabric stretched toward my hips in a not so subtle attempt to cover my butt, and I held it there, just in case I came across one of his members in my trek. 

I leaned against the wall and peaked around the corner, making sure no one was in the kitchen before I continued forward. I shuffled to stand before the fridge, pulling open the door, and reaching in deeply to grab the bottle of water Coups had requested. 

“Aish!” I gasped, clutching my chest as I spun back around. I smacked into the bare chest of Seungcheol as he smiled down at me. His face was soft and sweet as he wrapped a lazy arm around my waist. “If you had planned on getting up, why did I have to get you water?”

“Because it tastes better when you get it,” Seungcheol chuckled, taking the bottle with his free hand as he placed a gentle kiss on my temple. 

“You suck,” I grumbled, pulling away from his grasp and returning to the bedroom I had came from. 

“But do I swallow?” Seungcheol cackled behind me. I shot him a weary eye as I reached the doorway. Before I turned back around, I could hear his feet smacking the floor quickly before his body force slammed into me in an ill attempted tackle. 

I screeched as my face landed with a thud onto the thin mattress and Seungcheol landed on top of me. “What the hell?” I groaned, flopping around beneath him. He smiled, proceeding to attack my face with kisses. 

“Coups!” I gasped, giggles flying past my lips. “Calm down!” 

“Can’t, rehydrated,” he chuckled, throwing his bottle to the floor. He nibbled along my neck, biting and sucking the sensitive flesh until he finally bit down a bit harder than usual, causing me to hiss in surprise. 

“Jagi, are you okay?” he gasped, immediately pulling his face back, concern coating his features. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bite that hard.”

I sat for a moment, slowly blinking as the burning twinge began to dissipate into my skin. I bit my lip, eyes half lidded as I looked up at him. He was so nervous as he watched my movements, his jaw twitching in anticipation of an answer. 

“Do…do it again?” I whispered lowly, scared of his reaction. 

Coups blinked a few times as well as the time passed between us. Trying to internalize my words, he furrowed his brows and let his lips float only inches from my neck. I felt his warm breath as he hovered like a vampire, his gaze never leaving my skin. His eyes remained open until the very last second when his teeth hit my flesh, where he closed his eyes and bit with just as much tension as he had previously. 

“Mmm,” I hummed. My mouth fell open in a light gasp. Coups didn’t seem to notice as he continued to work on my neck, every bite harder than the last. His eyebrows were knit together as he continued down my flesh. 

“Aigoo,” I sighed, tangling my fingers in his hair. He reached up, sliding his fingers beneath the thin cotton of the t-shirt he had lent me. His nails raked along my skin, leaving thin lines of contact as he went. I hissed, enjoying the sensory overload as a slow heat began to build in the pit of my stomach. 

Seungcheol remained relatively calm, his breathing slow and even as he worked over my skin, diving to my shoulders and back to my collar bone. “Does that feel good jagi?”

“Yes,” I groaned simply, only managing one word as his hand brushed up against my breast. Noticing my reaction to his fingernails earlier, he grabbed roughly at my chest, digging his fingers into the soft flesh, and chuckled as I moaned. I never realized until this moment that this gentle pain had brought our experience to another level. It was more intense, more vibrant, more raw and real. 

Almost as if reading my thoughts, Seungcheol pulled his lips from my neck and rushed at my mouth. He kissed me desperately, our teeth knocking together in clumsy passion. He was aggressive in his motions, reaching down to pull at my bum and scratch his fingernails down my thigh. He moved to situate himself between my legs and hitched my leg against his hip. His free hand reached up, taking a handful of my hair and pulling it softly. I hummed a quiet moan in response, giving him the pass to pull a bit harder. 

“Seungcheol,” I growled, my eyes fluttering open as I felt him begin to grind against my core. I could feel him growing harder and harder by the moment. The hand that was attached to my hip fell to my waist, moving my panties gently to the side. 

Coups let out a low growl as I looked up to his face, noticing his eyes were darker than normal, his breathing intensified. He unlaced his fingers from my hair and pushed down on my hips with an incredible amount of pressure. He tugged impatiently at his sweatpants, quickly revealing his length. He pushed his body so it was near flush against my core, biting his lip as he let the tip slide slowly against my opening. He pushed slowly, then all at once, causing me to let out an unexpected scream, more from surprise than pain. 

Normally, Coups was gentle, slow and careful in his motions when we were intimate. Asking him to bite me a little rougher than normal, run his nails along my skin, seemed to ignite something inside of him. I couldn’t lie, this newfound fierceness was more attractive than I could have ever anticipated. He reached up, sliding his coarse hands along my stomach and up my chest, resting at the base of my neck. After a few moments he took another handful of hair and tugged, his pulls lining up with each swift push into me. 

I groaned, my stomach in knots as he completely filled me, slamming into me in a way he never had before. I gripped tightly onto the sheets around us to prevent me from moving as I rode along with his rhythm, getting lost in the sensation of having all of my senses overwhelmed. 

He continued his rhythm this way, rearing back and pushing into me with an occasional sloppy curse falling from his lush lips every now and again. He gripped at any skin he could get ahold of, digging his nails deep into me and leaving marks wherever he went. My core was bubbling over with anticipation, only a few more motions away from plunging over the edge, meeting a mind blowing abyss of pleasure. Seungcheol was hitting every right place in my body, angling me in ways he had never dared tried before. His breathing had become shallow and rushed as he continued rocking, his pushes becoming less rhythmic than they were only moments before. He grunted as he continued his thrusts. 

“Seung-seungcheol,” I panted, hardly being able to hold on any longer. 

“Just just a few more sec-” Coups hissed, digging his fingers into my hip bones. I groaned at the pain as I knew I would be covered in tiny bruises by morning. Tiny battle scars to commemorate an unlocked moment of lust. The pressure was enough to send me reeling, causing me to begin shaking underneath him, overcome by the tidal wave of feeling traveling through my body. I shuddered between his legs as he pulled out quickly, allowing his seed to cover my stomach, narrowly avoiding his shirt and bedsheets. Seungcheol struggled to catch his breath as he looked down at me, a hazy smile tugging at his lips. 

“Is this going to happen every time I bite you?” he whispered. 

I giggled, as he began to wipe at my stomach with a spare shirt he had pulled from beside the bed. “Maybe if you bite just hard enough.”

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Sleep Tight


Rated G

The door inched itself open with the help of a small push guiding its way. Joshua quietly slid himself into the dark room and made his way towards the bed, quiet, as to not disturb his love from waking. Saying it was another late night would be an understatement. Joshua could barely remember when the last time he went to bed at a reasonable hour was, let alone remember what having a full night’s rest was like. 

Dres Van and Nerwan were working on a large project together, with Joshua and Leonardo holding onto the reigns of the whole ordeal. With insane flights back and forth between the two countries, both princes decided it would be less exhausting if one of them just stayed at the others home in a guestroom for an extended period of time, and then alternate. This week was Joshua’s turn to host. It’s not that he didn’t mind sharing a roof with the man, but more of his wife sharing of roof with him as well. No matter how jam packed his schedule was, he made sure there was always time for breakfast. That was the one thing he refused to compromise, after all it is the most important meal of the day, and also because if he had to spend countless hours with Leonardo and not have time alone with his love, he would go insane. Of course, if there is such peace, Leonardo must disrupt it. At first the invitation to have him for breakfast was a more formality on his part, but intercepting a romantic morning between the prince and princess was too good of an opportunity for Leonardo to let slip away. He does so in the most cunning way that even Joshua cannot say anything. What does he do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He doesn’t make a move on the princess. He doesn’t flirt. He doesn’t say anything that could imply a double meaning. Instead, he’s pleasant, almost as pleasant as Edward. Even the princess has no objections about his attitude.  Oh that sly fox. How Joshua would have liked to kick him out the second he stepped foot in the same room as his wife, but he can’t even if he wanted to because of that pleasant facade he has on. There was no way of winning. Still, through all the stressful meeting, he always loved to come home to wife, even if she was already halfway to dreamland.

She stirred in her sleep when the cold air swept under the blanket as Joshua lifted it up to let himself in. She laid on her side, facing the opposite direction of him. As much as he would have liked to reach from underneath her, and pull her close, he feared she might wake. His soul ached for the feel of body pressed up against his, missing the way she filled his hugs. At best, he could lie very closely to her, as close as he could without touching her, letting only his warm breath gathering at the small space between them be the only thing connecting them.

Propping himself up on his hand, he huddled over her body, silently smiling to himself watching her sleep. The way her chest would slowly lift up and then sink down, all the while a small breath escaping from his slightly parted lips, it made Joshua feel so safe, so at peace, so at home. It was a sight only he could see, and that to him meant more than she would ever know. She’s so beautiful.


His ears perked up when she made a sound. Did he say that out loud?

“Joshua…” she rolled onto her back, quietly calling his name in her sleep. Joshua panicked at the sight, scared that, despite all his efforts, she would wake. He crawled slowly backwards, giving her room to make herself comfortable again. When he saw her chest slowly moving at its rhythmic pace again, he let out a small sigh before letting out a soft chuckle.

“Am I with you even when you’re asleep?” he quietly asked. Can such an adorable person exist?


Maybe not. Did he hear right? Did she really just utter the very name belonging to enemy of his life in her sleep?

“Leonardo, you’re so…”

So? So what?


“NNGH.” Joshua tried to stifle his laugh. Indeed this was the woman he loved! He planted a soft kiss on her forehead before laying back down on the mattress, closing his eyes.


He smiled, feeling so proud and happy that he was still appearing in her dream. He suddenly felt the bed move.

“When did you get back?”

He shot open his eyes. He found her sitting up right, yawning and rubbing her eyes.

“I just got back,” he slowly sat up next to her.

“Welcome back,” she gave him a small lazy smile, her eyes still closed. Despite her best efforts, he could tell she was already falling back asleep while sitting upright.

“What am I going to do with you?” He slowly took her by the hand, and led her to lay back down with him. He pulled her hand across his waist, letting it rest around his hip before letting go before doing the same with him. She nestled onto his chest, hearing the fast beating of his heart.

“Your heart is beating very fast. Are you nervous about something?” she asked him, becoming more comfortable in his arms. He tightened his arms around her body, not allowing a single space to be left between them.

“I’m just so in love with you,”

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Holding Hands in TRF: Coincidence or deliberate?

I’ve always loved this moment in The Reichenbach Fall. Sherlock and John have just become fugitives and are running off together to go solve this issue with Moriarty (they hope). Them handcuffed together is a clear indication of that unity: They are chained to one another, in literal surface ways, but also in a figurative sense.  

Here’s the thing: Someone somewhere along the way made the choice to film this moment this way, with a close up on them joining hands (as they run off into the night). 

(The above gif is further cropped to emphasize that hand-holding more [awww, johnlock] so here’s a full screen shot:)

They didn't need to do this. Sherlock says, “Take my hand!” to John, so we don’t need a close up; we know what’s happening. And, even as they leave the camera/viewer behind, so to speak, we can still see that their hands are joined. It begs the question: Why the close-up? Why choose to zoom in on just their hands? 

In fact, narratively, this whole situation doesn't really make sense. Let’s deconstruct the scene a bit: 

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