when i get hungry i usually get

When I get home from class each afternoon, I’m usually exhausted, hungry, and not in the mood for buckling down and getting work done. But we all know that doing homework and studying right when we get home is way better than saving the work for late at night, or blowing it off all together. This afterschool routine will give you time to rewind from a long day and stay productive.

1. Right when you get home, bring your bag to your study space. Take out your planner and make a detailed list of everything you plan to accomplish in that afternoon and evening that is school-related.

2. In your study space, take out everything you need to accomplish these goals and put it all into one pile. (As you complete tasks, you can refile papers and put things back into your bag.)

3. Change into your comfy “at-home” clothes. It’s much more relaxing to be at home with fresh, soft clothing.

4. Get a snack and a drink. Eat before you start working, and use the time to chill, listen to music, and get pumped for productivity.

5. Go to your study space. All your materials should be laid out for you already, so all you have to do is turn off your phone, find a playlist, and get cracking!

6. Take a timed 5-minute break in between tasks. Use this time to refill your drink, stretch, use the restroom, and check your phone.

7. When it’s time for dinner or another scheduled activity, use that time as a mental break. Don’t rush to get back to work unless you know you’ll be pressed for time.

8. After eating dinner and leaving other commitments, finish up your work and then get ready for bed.

9. Take ten minutes to look over notes for the next day, tidy up, and get everything ready for the morning

10. Reward yourself for your productivity with Netfilx, pleasure-reading, or whatever else feeds your soul. Then, get a good night’s sleep!

Things you need to survive long hours studying in the library

1. JACKET!!! - you may not feel cold when you just settle down but it will get freezing cold afterwards!! I personally bring fuzzy socks too as my hands get really cold easily. Yes I use fuzzy socks as gloves to keep my hands warm. If you are wearing shorts you can bring an extra jacket to keep your legs warm.

2. BIG WATER BOTTLE - duh get a big one so you won’t run out of water.

3. Snacks- being bread, bring muji crackers so that when you get hungry you can just walk out of the library and have a quick snack. Bring a pack of candy to keep yourself awake too! I’m sure eating candy in library is not a big deal.

4. Your stationaries!!! -Bring pens of different colour, I tried memorizing by writing down things I want to memorize using pens of different colours I don’t usually use. Like for e.g. I usually use black to do my homework so for memorizing i’ll use red or purple. It really helps!!!

5. Earplugs or earpiece- if you’re the kind of person who can’t study even if there’s just a little bit of noice, bring earplugs or earpiece!!! There’s always those ppl that come with their friends to the library and instead of studying they start talking so annoying!!

6. Things you want to work on -your textbooks, notes. Don’t bring too much!!! I always bring too much and end up regretting as I don’t even have time to even go through all.

7. Charger! - to charge your phone or laptop duh.

8. Bring your lined papers or blank papers - must have. So that you can jot down anything.


So now I’m going to talk about how cannabis can help you even when you are sick.

THC is known to put you to sleep and make you hungry which definitely is an amazing thing when your body is not feeling well. I prefer edibles when I’m sick because my stomach gets really sensitive. I usually just take enough to sleep through a fever. But if I don’t have any usually dabbing is the way to go for my stomach. I don’t take over the counter meds so it’s a huge relief to get sleep. I do get achey headaches that unfortunately can not be relieved by THC but I find strains high in CBD can make that awful pain go away. It’s amazing.