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Mysme imagine for RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who talks in their sleep? And not cute murmuring, like scary muttering and night terrors. Tysm! ;v;

bruh night terrors sound absolutely horrifying and i do not wish that upon anyone :< this ended up being more centric on the concept of night terrors and less of sleep-talking >< sorry about that



  • nearly fell off the bed when you suddenly sat upright in bed and started screaming
  • he immediately scrambles back onto the bed and asks what’s wrong 
  • you’re not responsive though, you’re just sitting there trembling and crying
  • at this point he’s ready to cry because he has no idea what to do
  • runs to turn on the lights (and grab a box of tissues)
  • will try to wipe your tears as carefully as he can without startling you 
  • but halfway through you suddenly go quiet, lie down, and fall back asleep
  • he’s crouched on the bed with a wad of tissues wondering if he imagined the whole thing
  • quietly gets off the bed, covers you with the blankets, turns off the lights, and steps out of the room
  • frantically calls zen to relay what happened and ask for advice
  • zen has no idea what happened, but helps in searching what it could’ve been and they both come across night terrors
  • now yoosung’s crying because he can’t believe you have to deal with such a terrible thing and zen’s too tired to deal with this
  • he tells him to go to sleep and talk to you tomorrow morning
  • you’re horrified when he brings it up the next day and apologize that he had to see that
  • it’s something you’ve been dealing with lately, but you never remember when it happens
  • he declares that he’ll be your hero and help you through it though
  • cause no one should go through that alone
  • now whenever you get the occasional night terror, yoosung immediately sits up and waits for you to calm down just a bit before carefully pulling you into a hug
  • whispers “you’re going to be okay. i’m here” in your ear until the episode passes and you fall back asleep in his arms
  • you always know when you’ve had a night terror because when you wake up, he’ll already be in the kitchen trying to make breakfast


  • when he first heard you screaming, he thought someone was breaking into the house
  • leapt out of bed and grabbed one of his bedside trophies it was a sculpture of him, ready to fight someone
  • when he was fully awake, he realized it was just you and him in the room, except you were definitely not fine
  • instantly gets back into bed and gently grabs your shoulders, trying to get you to focus on him
  • tries to wipe your tears away with his sleeve 
  • you aren’t responding and he’s ready to full-on panic when you take a deep breath and fall back asleep
  • he sits there baffled and terrified, still holding you up
  • aggressively cuddles you for the rest of the night
  • you wake up completely tangled in his arms and you actually have to fight to get out
  • he wakes up at the movement and immediately starts fretting and asking what’s bothering you
  • you have no idea what he’s talking about until he mentions what happened
  • you’re embarrassed it happened in front of him, but you tell him it’s something that happens once in a while and that it should go away on its own when there’s an episode
  • he’s upset when you suggest that you can sleep in a different room so he doesn’t have his sleep disturbed
  • insists that he’ll stay near you and comfort you whenever it happens even if you’re not actually “awake”
  • every time you have night terrors now, you wake up buried in his chest
  • he’ll dote on you extremely for the rest of that day prepare for endless cups of tea and hugs/kisses


  • the concept of sleep is foreign to her so she’s still at her desk when you had a night terror
  • she ran over when you started screaming, thinking you saw another spider or bug
  • but you’re just there trembling under the covers and mumbling something
  • assumes it’s a nightmare and gently tries to jostle you awake
  • she’s confused cause it looks like you’re awake, but you won’t respond to anything
  • panic starts settling in her stomach but she focuses on trying to make out what you’re whispering
  • but halfway through you go quiet and she realizes you’re asleep again
  • well there goes any chance for her getting an ounce of sleep after that
  • abandons work and spends the rest of the night searching up what might have been affecting you
  • you’re surprised in the morning when you see she hasn’t left for work
  • even more surprised when she says she requested a day off jumin was shook at how adamant she was
  • you think she just wanted to rest but then she’s suddenly sitting on the bed and going through a list of possible causes for your nightmares
  • you’re like “nightmares???” and she mentions what happened last night
  • you’re reluctant but you tell her it’s actually night terrors and she’s like “wut”
  • she needs a few more minutes to go and research what that is
  • offers that she’ll look up some places to try and make them better but you tell her you’ve already tried them before, and they should improve with time
  • she’s not really on board with letting them be, but trusts your decision
  • you have the occasional night terror since then
  • when they happen, she gets up from her desk and sits by your bedside holding your hand until it ends
  • will then wipe your tears and adjust your blankets before going back to work
  • except she’ll bring her laptop on the bed with her so she could be near you


  • he didn’t even know the feeling of fear existed in him until he heard you having a night terror
  • bolts up in bed and immediately turns on the lights
  • you’re sitting up in bed, head between your hands and mumbling something between sobs
  • like jaehee, he thinks it’s a nightmare and instantly goes to carefully grab your shoulders and let you know he’s there
  • “my love, it’s just a bad dream. wake up.”
  • you haven’t moved from your position, the crying reduced to ragged breathing, but you make no indication you heard him
  • he slightly freaks out yet another emotion he didn’t know existed and sits helplessly while he tries to figure out the best way to approach the situation
  • when you suddenly fall back asleep, he carefully places you back down and immediately calls someone
  • you wake up in the morning to quiet talking from the kitchen, and see it’s jumin and another man sitting at the table
  • the man’s jumin’s personal doctor, and he says that he was called to attention by a severe nightmare you seemed to be having last night
  • oh god that’s embarrassing you apologize for causing a scene but jumin’s having none of that
  • he wants to help you with it, since he wants you to be nothing but happy
  • you eventually tell the doctor it’s night terrors though, and that past treatments have only helped slightly
  • the doctor suggests talking to a psychologist for further information, since this is more their field
  • jumin gets a psychologist to his house in less than five minutes
  • the psychologist suggests that some sort of psychotherapy might help, and to make sure you’re getting enough sleep
  • jumin literally escorts you to bed every night now and makes sure you’re tucked in at a proper hour
  • one time he was on a business trip so he had one of his guards order you to go to bed talk about awkward
  • pulls you into a hug every time you have a night terror and showers you with kisses until you fall back asleep
  • he usually stays awake a bit longer after that just watching you and making sure you’re fine
  • if you thought he was possessive already get ready cause that wasn’t even his final form


  • being one that hardly sleeps, he’s busy on his computer when you’re screaming from the other room
  • heart literally drops to his stomach and he books it for your bed
  • completely panics to see you crying and shaking
  • he doesn’t even know if he should touch you
  • does an awkward pace-like run along the perimeter of the bed while he tries to figure out how to approach you without making things worse
  • when you go quiet, he finally chances a step and reaches for your hand
  • he’s about to ask what’s wrong when you promptly lie back down and fall asleep
  • actually so upset because he barely did anything to help
  • he could do everything he could to keep you physically safe, but not when it comes to something inside your head
  • ignores his work obligations and spends the rest of the night lying in bed and holding you close against him
  • you’re shocked in the morning to see him in bed for the first time in like so long
  • then you’re worried at how serious he looks before he sits you up and asks what kind of nightmare you had last night
  • looks terrified when you say it was probably a night terror cause wtf the name itself sounds horrifying
  • you have to urge him to not worry and get back to work since he has a deadline for tonight
  • even then, he’ll send you a funny picture or cute cat video every so often to brighten your mood
  • programs his robot cat to waddle into your room and say “i love you” 
  • but whenever there’s a night terror, he without fail runs to your room and hugs you for the rest of the night


  • he doesn’t even think, his body immediately moves to grab you when he hears you screaming
  • his first priority is getting you to calm down and not be afraid
  • will sit there hugging you and caressing your head for as long as it takes for you to fall asleep
  • afterwards he’ll lie down in bed again with you, but he can’t fall asleep
  • so he just closes his eyes and listens to your breathing
  • you’ll wake up to him giving you a warm cup of tea
  • he’s reluctant on bringing it up because it seems like a touchy subject, but does so because he’s concerned
  • even when you tell him they’re probably the night terrors you get once in a while, he’s pretty calm about it
  • of course, he’s worried, but he doesn’t want to panic and make you feel anxious
  • says he’s willing to do whatever you want in terms of how you want to treat it, even if you say that they should improve on its own
  • this angel never complains whenever your night terrors wake him up in the middle of the night
  • it’s the same routine of hug, comfort, and then tea in the morning
  • you feel terrible about it since you never remember it happening, but he says he’d rather be able to help you through it instead of having you go experience it alone
  • whenever you feel really exhausted from an episode, he’ll laze around in bed with you and show you his old photo albums since they always calm and relax you


  • at first he doesn’t even react because he thinks the screams are from one of his own nightmares someone hug this poor child
  • but he eventually realizes they’re coming from you 
  • he was used to nightmares, but for some reason it felt even more painful when he saw it happening to you
  • he’ll go to wake you up, although he’s a bit more aggressive about it since he wants to stop the nightmare as quickly as possible
  • he’ll shake your shoulders a bit, he’ll call your name loudly, but you still don’t respond
  • it’s almost a bit haunting to see you staring blankly at the blankets with tears streaming down your face because it reminds him of his past self
  • and it bothers him to no end
  • he doesn’t react much when he realizes you fell back asleep, he’ll quietly lie you back down
  • except he ain’t sleeping anymore
  • you wake up and he’s sitting cross-legged next to you
  • why is he glaring did you kick him in your sleep 
  • “uhhh, saeran…? whatever i did, sorry?”
  • “do you always have nightmares like that?”
  • you’re confused as to why he’s persistently asking about the cause of your nightmares until you realize they’re probably the night terrors
  • he frowns even more when he hears your explanation, since it seems like there’s nothing you can do to immediately stop them
  • “so you just let these happen?”
  • “i never remember them, though… maybe they’ll go away if you buy me a teddy bear to chase the night terrors away, saeran~”
  • “stop that, you’re not a kid”
  • you laugh and apologize again for waking him up, and say that you can always sleep somewhere else if it becomes too bothersome for him
  • he gets so salty that you’d even suggest such a thing oops
  • the second time you wake up in the middle of the night with a night terror, he’ll awkwardly pull you against his side and rub circles on your back until you fall back asleep
  • that morning you wake up to pans clattering in the kitchen and a brown teddy bear propped up next to your pillow
  • saeran got lots of hugs that day he’d act annoyed about the barrage of physical contact, but you note he never made a move to escape your hold
| pro hero E R A S E R H E A D |

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Bakushima! :D

  • who proposed: Bakugou. Kirishima never considered proposing, because he didn’t think Bakugou cared for marriages and he was happy enough with things as they were. Then Bakugou did propose and Kirishima found out he could, indeed, be happier.
  • how they proposed: they are both pro heros and they basically live together, since both have copies of one another’s apartment keys. Bakugou secretly always wanted a nice marriage, like his parents’, and, when becomes clear that Kirishima won’t propose, he takes the matter in his hands. He gets surprisingly nervous about it (it’s not like he doesn’t know Kirishima is oging to say yes, but… Fuck, this is hard.) and he stresses over it for weeks before blurting a “Why don’t you marry me already?” when they’re cuddling in bed and almost gives poor Kirishima a heartattack. 
  • who stressed more over wedding planning: Kaminari, lmao. Bakugou didn’t care as long as he got officially married and Kirishima didn’t care as long as all of their friends and family were there. That’s how Kaminari ended up taking care of it.
  • who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party: Kiri just goes out with Tetsutetsu and a couple of friends, but Bakugou? Oh boy. Bakugou is kidnapped by Uraraka and Kaminari and they take him clubing and things get… out of hand. Like Hangover out of hand. Sero loses a tooth. Midoriya drunk marries Todoroki (how did Todoroki and Midoriya ended up with them, anyway? They weren’t invited!!) and Bakugou is pretty sure Uraraka fought a tiger at some point of the night. 
  • who freaked out before the wedding: Kirishima. He got nervous, because this is it, this is happening, Bakugou and I are going to be officially together forever. And he doesn’t doubt he wants to be with Bakugou forever, he doesn’t even know what he’s nervous about. He only calms down when his friends drag him out of the room so he can take a peek at Bakugou and see that he’s also tense, but wearing his determined expression. Seeing Bakugou grounds him. Kirishima feels finally ready.
  • best man/maid of honor: Uraraka, Kaminari, Tetsutetsu and Ashido. All four of them.
  • where they got married: idk ask Kaminari
  • if/what they wrote in their vows: They write them and they make sure to make the vows as not-sappy as they can. Something like “I promise to love you and stay with you, even if you explode the TV when they cancel your favorite TV show.” “I promise to stay married to you even if your hair is so fucking pointy it almost stabbed me in the eye once.”
  • who cried at the wedding: Kaminari, again. Kirishima cries, too, but just a lil. Bakugou is more of an angry crier, so he doesn’t, but he’s so disgusting happy you can feel it even if he keeps his face stern. 
  • which song they had their first dance to: uhhhh this one?? you made me associate Dark Horse with KiriBaku!! And I love this mashup so much–
  • where they went on their honeymoon: the freaks go to the mountains. Now ask me what they do there. Ask me.
  • what they did on their honeymoon: They go fucking hiking, because they are freaks. They might or might not make out in the woods and spend the nights in a cabin super far from civilization. Bakugou is super excited about it and Kirishima loves every second. 

~there’s no more everyday. 

Reshop, Heda.

The Daughter of Hades ( Part One )

summary: taken at a young age by HYRDA, you became their lab-rat and weapon. When the Avengers find you on a mission and offer to help, a familiar face stops you from making a decision. Things don’t go too smoothly. 

pairings: Eventual Bucky x reader

thoughts are in italics

warnings: torture, experimenting, captivity, angst, swearing, murder? (it’s not the usual bullet to the head but it is quite visual). 

word count: 3119  // I get carried away when i write soz

Author’s Note: this is my first ever fic; the idea came to me when watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I hoped to turn this into a series but I’ll either get carried away and finish it now or wait for responses :) hope you enjoy my angst :)

Originally posted by augustinexnightmaresx

Two large hands, one on each arm, dragged you across the cold wet floor of the dark hallway which was occasionally lit by the flicker of white lights. You tried your hardest to break free but to no avail. This wasn’t exactly new but you still hadn’t got used to the pain. They made sure of that. The low echo of metal colliding with metal was the only sound you heard - the only sound you let yourself here. The first few years here, you were filled with hope, and that made it even more unbearable. So no matter how many times they dragged you to hell, accepting your fate was the easiest way to go.

You had no memories to think of in these times and no one by your side you would want to stay alive for. You were taken from your home when you were 6 years old after they discovered your powers; the ability to increase the growth rate of plants and heal small wounds on any living thing was quite impressive. But ever since your capture you were never taught how to enhance these powers and was forced to practice hand-to-hand combat; as well as using knives and firearm. They had also decided to give you a new name - well you think it’s a new one you weren’t sure, you were too young to remember. They called you Melinoë.

When they finally brought you to the room, you started replaying to moment out in your head. It was an instinct your brain had kicked in to distract your mind, it was the only thing that took care of you. No one else did.

You would here the loud screech of the metal bolt that held the door shut; the two hands would grip you tighter now in case you tried to escape and they would almost throw into the room. A clank of metal would come from behind you, indicating that the two guards that brought you here had left. Yet your ‘freedom’ was short lived as two new hands raised you quicker than your body anticipated, leaving you to dangle in their grasp. 

They placed you - more like shoved you - onto a cold metal chair - why does everything have to be cold, metal or both? - then you would be strapped to it with leather. Two on your forearm and wrists, and two on your thighs and ankles. It would make you itch and the skin underneath feel raw. There would now be a harsh prick at your arm. You looked quickly, seeing a rather large needle inside you - its transparent blue contents disappearing into your body.

It made every inch of your body burn, and of course this has already happened before. As much as you wanted to scream, you didn’t want to seem weak, even if there was no one to be disappointed in you. Blood started trickle down your hands as your nails dug into your palms, beads of sweat ran down the creases of your forehead and your heart rate was increasingly fast. Then the surging pain moved to your heart and lungs, you were struggling to breath and everything started -

You were pulled back to your surroundings - your brain distracted you - and were already being hoisted up out of the room by the two previous guards. The took you back down the same hallway except this time you were walking, your bare feet coming into contact with cold concrete, water and a thicker substance - most likely blood.

When you entered another familiar room, you were met with the sounds of metal clanking and the struggle of a fight. Two men were in the center of a run down room full of rubble and metal, there were also men in lab coats and suits against the wall. Your eyes fell on the one who clearly had the upper hold, an arm made of metal enclosed around the smaller mans neck. You knew you were next, but the problem was that you would be the one in the choke hold.  You winced slightly, seeing him snap with no inhibition - the lifeless body now sprawled on the floor. Your gaze returned to the broad man and saw no emotion - he didn’t seem to be aware of what he had just done. One of the guards behind you pushed you further into the room as the other handed you a pair of boots

At least I’ll have some extra warmth before i die. Through all of the experiments you have been through you always seemed to keep your humour and cockiness.

After you secured on the new boots you were once again pushed forward before the two guards left the room; having brought you to your destination. Once you watched the door close behind them your eyes trailed back onto the man, his blue eyes piercing through your skull - he was already in his fighting stance. 

You were too distracted by the onlookers to notice that the man was already stalking towards you until the last minute - the sun reflected off his metal arm into your eyes as he lifted it for a punch. It was all abrupt, but thanks to the morning experiments your senses and reflexes had been enhanced - allowing you to dodge the punches and kicks that came pelting towards you. A loud whirring echoed through the room before his metal arm made a harsh swing towards your head - you quickly avoided it by ducking underneath it and prepared for the next swing. A minute or two passed of countless blocking and dodging, yet you never laid a finger on him; afraid it would anger him or he would grab a hold of you and take you down.

The energy was slowly being drained out of you and you could barely take in a full breath before you had to dodge another fist or foot. He managed to notice this and took advantage of it, kicking you in the chest and sending you back a few feet. You were pretty sure this was the end now - instead of dying on a cold metal chair surrounded by smirks, you’d die at the hands of and emotionless weapon. Fear started to creep up on you and growing by the second - he never waited until you were standing and back in your stance, his frame trailed after you after each attempt. He wasn’t going to stop unless he was ordered to or you were dead at his feet.

Your eyes searched frantically around the room for something that could give you the upper hand; you saw a small glint on the opposite side of the room - a large metal pole underneath a small pile of rubble. Thinking quickly, just before his metal fist collided with your face, you slid under it and lunged for the pole. In the distance you can hear his heavy footsteps stalking towards you and you struggle to free the metal. He was getting closer and the pole wasn’t budging. Then you hear the same whirring from before - his metal arm. The sudden realization sent a rush of fear and adrenaline through your body; just as his fist was about to pound you into the ground the pole broke free and you instantly swung it across his face.

When you vision refocuses you see that he is arched over and watch the blood trickle down the side of his face - anger spread across his steel blue eyes.

“Stand down.” One of the suited men says from against the wall while others take notes.

You swallowed harshly, trying to re-hydrate you throat as you panted heavily. The man in front of you straightened up and looked directly at you, the anger replaced with stoic stare. He stood completely still.

1 week later.

A loud thud echoed through the room as you landed on your back; you shivered as the sudden rush of cold air reached the back of your head. As you stood, you took a few steps back and reached up to feel the large gash and the blood that oozed form it, as well as small crumbs of clay brick that caused it.

That would have to be taken care of later as the thought of pain was replaced with the repeating mantra that was keeping you alive.

Kill or be killed.

Your vision was staring to fade and you were feeling light headed, but you were still conscious enough make out the figure that knocked you down, trail after your stumbling steps. 

It had been a routine that occurred for the last week; after that injection they would bring you here every day at noon to fight. He’d knock you down, you’d get back up and throw a few punches and kicks, and it would stay that way until the observing men had seen enough and ordered you both to stand down.

You glanced down to see your trusty pole; you kept your eyes on the target as you bent down to pick it up. Although you were pretty sure you were the target. With every session you had used the pole at one point in the fight; at first the observers look pretty concerned with you reliance on it, but were impressed in the many different ways you used it. This time you decided to use it as a distraction and threw towards ‘The Asset’- you’d learnt that one training session when he was about to take out a scientist for getting in the way.

Things didn’t go as planned however. He caught it with ease and bent it into a boomerang shape and threw it to the ground, rendering it useless. But you were a quicker thinker and slid towards him, took out his legs, grabbed the pole from behind him and held it to his neck in a choke hold. 

This was the first time you had accomplished this, and by the looks from around the room; the first time ‘The Asset’ was in this position.

“Stand down”

You released him from your grip and the both of you stood up, staring at each other blankly. By this point you had started to turn emotionless yourself. 

The next thing you know you are being dragged out into the all too familiar hallway like the old days.

“I can walk you know?” The two men holding you force you up so that you are on your feet without saying a word. “So. Where are we off to?” You say with a small smirk. Clearly the two are annoyed by you speaking and pull you away harshly. Seems like no one here is big on speaking. 

This journey was unfamiliar to the countless ones you have taken before; instead of taking a right turn you were dragged left down a flight of stairs to a lower level. It reeked of something you were unfamiliar of but as you got further into the new hallway you could guess it was burnt and rotting flesh. On your right the length of the wall was replaced with cells that were occupied one person per cell. Each one either held down with chains or left to die behind the metal bars.

At the end you could see a tall man in a grey suit; a guard in black tactical gear on each side, standing in front of an open cell. No words were exchanged from the moment you arrived to the moment you were put into a metal chair very similar to your other one.

While a couple of scientists strapped you down, the cell doors were closed and the man in the grey suit approached you.

“My name is Warren. I am very impressed with your increasing improvements, Melinoë. You are proving to be a worthy asset to HYRDA.”

HYRDA? What the hell is that? 

“What do you want?” You say stoically as you stare at the bars in front of you.

Warren moves so that he is blocking your view and lowers his head so that you are forced to look him in the eye. “You already have incredible powers, but you are still only proving to be a good asset. We need more.”

With that he walked into the corner of the cell as a scientist took his place, shining a small torch into your eyes. He moves to a small table on your right and holds up a large needle filled with a thick black substance; as it enters your arm you only look on in confusion. The liquid is always blue? 

You tried your best to hide you fear - but then it started. It felt like you were burning form the inside with a thousand needles pricking at your heart. You couldn’t help but let out a blood curdling scream that echoed throughout the whole hallway. As you sat there in agony Warren retook his place in front of you.

“We always had these intentions for you; we had them the day we named you - Melinoë. A name from Greek mythology. A goddess. The daughter of Hades. Bringer of nightmares and madness.”

You continued to howl as much as your lungs would let you, you knuckles had now gone white from how hard you griped onto the chair. Warren looked on stoically at your helpless figure. An even stronger wave of pain took over your body.

“I call upon Melinoë, saffron-cloaked nymph of the earth,
To whom august Persephone gave birth by the mouth of the Kokytos,
Upon the sacred bed of Kronian Zeus
He lied to Plouton and through treachery mated with Persephone,
Whose skin when she was pregnant he mangled in anger.
She drives mortals to madness with her airy phantoms,
As she appears in weird shapes and forms,
Now plain to the eye, now shadowy, now shining in the darkness,
And all this in hostile encounters in the gloom of night.
But, goddess and queen of those below, I beseech you,
To banish the soul’s frenzy to the ends of the earth,
and show a kindly and holy face to the initiates.”

Even in your state you looked up to Warren an gave him a look of confusion.

He simply says, “The hymn of Melinoë.”

Once you are satisfied with the answer you let the pain continue. This time you’re certain death is near.

“Even though her father is technically Zeus. She adopted many traits that were close to Hades” 

The wave of pain stopped as quickly as it started. You panted heavily and shut your eyes in relief that the pain had ceased. As you sat there you were faintly aware of your wrists being untied. You were about to faint until Warren yanked you out of the chair by your hair, though you were too exhausted to even make a sound.

A table of assorted plants were rolled in front of you You looked at Warren questioningly.

“Make them grow” He said lowly.

You raise your arm towards the plants, and with all the energy you had left you try to make them flourish. Expecting them to burst into colour and grow in size your faced quickly filled with confusion and anger as the plants turned grey and withered up.

As one of the doctors approaches you to write down results you glare right through him. “What did you do to me?”

The scientist gave you a large grin, happy that his experiment worked. It sent shivers down your spine and turned your confusion into rage. “I reversed your powers. Instead of giving life and healing wounds, you bring death, making you a much better asset to HYRDA.” He proceeded in taking notes.

Now you had no control. You were completely filled with rage and needed to let it out. Your target being the naive scientist next to you. A sudden surge of energy started flowing through you and you raised your left arm to the level of his throat. What seemed to be a black cloud formed around your hand; flares of red and orange that resembled fire.

All colour from his face drained and his cheeks started to hollow out. He dropped the pen and files he was holding and clasped his hands around his throat as he gasped for air; it was as if he was chocking. His long brown hair was now a platinum white, starting at the roots and flowing down to the ends at an inhuman speed.

 A loud thud echoed through the cell as his lifeless body dropped to the floor. The unique structure of his face was all but unrecognizable now, if you were to look at him you wouldn’t think he was human.

Warren hummed in content from behind you as two guards approached you cautiously. You continued staring in front of you as the rage still streamed through your body. When you didn’t resist they grabbed a hold of you and pulled you out of the now open cell doors and into the hallway. You passed a couple of occupied cells before you were thrown into an empty one; the cell doors were slammed shut behind you.

You sat up and shuffled backwards until you hit the wall behind you. As you sat there you cradled yourself; you felt like you were either going to explode or fall apart. Warren crouched down in front of you and looked though the bars.

“You will be HYRDA’s finest, Melinoë. You and your partner will shape the generation.” With that he and the guards walked away.

Even though Warren just implied that you would be staying alive and doing their dirty work; you couldn’t help but feel like they had left you there to die like your new neighbours.

You wanted to look down at your arm in disgust for how you killed the scientist, not just because you killed him. But when you look, you can only feel disgusted at the state you’re in.

Every vein in your left hand had turned black and traveled up your arm in a meandering maze. However the vein that stuck out to you the most was the one on your ring finger. It was a lot darker than the others and traveled further up you arm and onto your chest and slowly faded away - right above your heart.

There was a strong pounding in your head and black dots started to cloud your vision; soon enough you were slipping into unconsciousness as you lay curled up on the floor. 

Now I want to die…I’m a monster, and I look the part.

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Dylan Smut

-God I always get carried away when it comes to smut…..

You are used to Dylan’s antics. You’ve been dating for long enough that you were used to his innocent act outside the house but, you weren’t used to his rough and tumble attitude when it came to– 

 “Sex. Let’s do it.”  Dylan grins one of his ‘I know you want to’ grins. He leans against the kitchen counter with his arms crossed, dressed for once in normal civilian clothes. His jeans were low and you don’t believe he’s wearing anything underneath. He never does when he invites you over for a fuck.                 

 You rolled your eyes and went back to washing the dishes in his sink. This was a normal thing for you, cause you usually can’t stand the messiness of his apartment. You try not to react when Dylan loops his arms around you and pulls you against the bulge in his pants. But you blush a bright red anyways because for all your harping and complaining, you were a total introvert on the matters of sex.

“Oh my god Dylan, you do this every time.” you muttered. You felt him grinning against your neck. Probably because he knows exactly what it does to you. He gently bites your neck, slowly licking the sensitive skin after. His hands are starting to pull you away from the sink and you groan in annoyance (reluctant interest). You manage to turn of the water before turning around flicking the water in his face, happy when he flinches a little.

“Do you even know how horny I am?” he whines while rubbing his hips against yours. You clutch at his shirt and mutter in embarrassment, “I know…I can feel your…thing…” You won’t say it because it’s too nerve-racking, and it seems to amuse Dylan. He smirks.

“My erection~” he supplies, swooping down to kiss you, nibbling on your mouth, pulling your bottom lip between his teeth. You blush even more and he chuckles. “I want you so bad,” he bites your earlobe, feeling you tremble against him. His hands travel into your shirt and grazes over your back, unhooking your bra before you can even explain. He licks the shell of your ear, “I want to fuck you hard…like an animal…want you so bad my cock actually hurts.” He chuckles throatily as he watches your face explode into a fierce red.

“D-Don’t say stuff like that,” you say, trying to pull away. But he clutches you tighter, moving his hands to cup your bare breast. Twisting and squeezing your nipples. Your shirt is being lifted a moment later, Dylan’s mouth moving to your breast. You grab his hair and tip your head back.

Dylan is suddenly touching you everywhere. Licking your chest, kissing your skin, his fingers rubbing against your core…you can’t breathe, and don’t even know if you want to. “You’re so shy,” he murmurs licking your nipple again, casually kissing back up to your lips. His hand is know in your pants and you’re unconsciously spreading your legs, letting him stroke your wet pussy.

“But you’re just as horny as me, admit it,” he says. Although his voice is light, his words are nothing short of an order. He’s got three fingers into you now. You’re clutching him tight, thinking you might fall down any moment. You whimper out in a gasp, “Y-You’re right.” He chuckles. 

He pushes his pants down, nodding at his erection. “Get those off,” he speaks. You do, fingers trembling all the while. When his pants are pooling at his feet and his cock is curling in the air, he decides he can’t wait any longer. “Turn around,” he tells you, nudging you aside. You swallow thickly but does as he asks, turning around and spreading your legs. He settles between them, rubbing his hands over you back and smoothing them over your bottom, pulling the globs of flesh apart.

He watches lustfully as your back arches into a beautiful tilt. He growls, “Do you want my cock?” You whimper when he rubs his stiff member against your ass. “I want to hear you say it, y/n.” By now, you are aching so fiercely that you don’t care about your pride or shyness. You just mumble a response that Dylan can barely hear. He presses his tip against your opening. “Louder,” he growls breathlessly, “say it louder.” You do with a harsh tremble as he pushes all his length into you. “Y-Yes! I want your cock~” your words turn into a muffled drawn when he quickly pulls out of you and rams back in.

His thrust are delicious. He grips his hands against your waist hard, with tight bruising fingers, pulling you against him with each thrust. His hand reaches in front of you rubbing your clit, intent on having you finish first. He knows when you’re about to finish too, knows it because you only get this way when your about to cum all over his hard cock.

“Fuck, you gonna make me cum,” he mutters pounding into you hard. “Me too! Me too, fuck Dylan! God- I’m cumming!” Your eyes roll back as you both finish. He sighs as his pace slows, then stops all together. His hands rub over you soothingly, pulling his softened member out of you. You shakily stand up, turning around and wrapping your arms around his neck.

Having A Child With Kai Would Include

Requests: “Having a child with Kai would include? PS: I adore your blog ( ˘ ³˘)❤” (Sorry its so long I just get carried away when I picture Kai with kids!) 

Having a child with Kai would include:

  • Going with you on your check ups
  • Asking the doctor lots of questions
  • “Oh my god, is that its head?” 
  • Getting everything you need when you’re tired or hungry
  • “Oh my god its kicking.” He smiles and rubs his palm over your stomach
  • Freaking out on the delivery day
  • “Can I hold her?” When he sees your baby girl wrapped in her blanket
  • “We made this.” He smiles at you
  • Your newborn wrapping her hand around his finger
  • Catching him asleep stretched out on the sofa with your newborn across his chest sleeping as well
  • “Don’t eat that! She’s so much like me as a kid, Y/N help me!” He yells but you only laugh at him
  • “Mommy, Daddy lets get a puppy!” 
  • Kai having someone to teach magic to
  • Her favorite magic trick happens to be when Kai lights candles with a ‘secret spell’ he claims as he teases her
  • “Daddy, show me a magic trick!” 
  • “Sorry, Sweetheart but a magician never reveals their tricks.” 
  • Your child always getting confused when Kai shaves or grows his facial hair out
  • “That’s not daddy!” She cries and pushed her unshaven father away from her
  • “Kai tell your offspring I said no!” You yell but Kai gives permission anyway
  • Spoiling your only child with whatever she wants because he got nothing as a child
  • “Daddy you bought me a teddy bear?!” She cheers and claps her hands
  • “Of course, for my little snuggle buddy.” Because she always cuddles with her father while watching her cartoons on the sofa
  • Finally telling your child what Kai actually is
  • “Dad, tell me the story behind all of your rings.” 
  • “Dad why does my nose bleed when I practice some of your spells?” 
  • “You have to get stronger, my spells take a lot of practice.” 
  • “Y/N lets have another.” 
  • “Another?” You gasp
  • “If you ever hurt my daughter, I swear I will track your ass down and kill you.” 

I can’t believe i made a comic-thingie only to justify that outfit. Afterwards realized it was my first time drawing Lancer. Idk what that last panel means lol.

SVT Reaction: You Wearing High Heels

A/N: I reread the request again after I had finished writing scenarios for everyone and saw that it said “dancing in high heels” instead of “wearing high heels” but either way I think their reactions would be somewhat similar. If you’d like to request again when the request box is open again I’ll gladly write it for you!

Warning: A bit of kinky talk because wow I get carried away when I’m hungry.

-Admin B


You two were invited to your family reunion at a really fancy restaurant. S.coups was in the living room, fixing his hair in the mirror and adjusting the tie of the tuxedo he was wearing before noticing that you two were going to be late if you didn’t leave at that moment. He walked to the bedroom you two shared with each other and saw you attempting to put on a necklace, with was difficult without messing up your freshly styled hair. You hadn’t noticed him there yet, you were preoccupied with the annoying clip on the necklace you couldn’t see. S.coups took in your appearence, the black dress you were wearing fix your body in all the right places but the only thing that caught his full attention was the way your legs looked in your high heels. He’d seen you dress up before, but you’d always worn flats and never heels. He liked the change in your style.

“Are you trying to impress me our your family?”


Being the younger sibling of a big time fashion designer, you’ve helped your older brother tons of times. Giving your honest opinion on his work and helping dress the models up backstage was most of it, but you’ve never modeled his work on the runway until tonight. You were originally against it, claiming you were too shy. But after he begged you and gave you the puppy dog eyes, you caved. Finding yourself in your living room, practicing walking in 6 inch heels was a struggle, but when your boyfriend comes home and sees you walking like a newborn deer, his teasing isn’t helping much at all…

“I knew you were cute like a deer, but this isn’t what I meant.”

“Shut up Jeonghan and help me keep my balance!”

“Ok ok, jeez you’re cute when you’re mad.”


Says nothing, until you catch him staring.


*low key thinking pervy thoughts*


It was you guys’ anniversary and when you told him you had a surprise for him he rushed though his work and drove home, not forgeting to buy flowers for you. He fumbled with his keys to unlock the front door and when he did he ran through the whole house to find you in the bedroom, wearing nothing but a kinky outfit and heels.

“I like where this is going… come to daddy.”



This kitten would be so shocked. Yes, you looked good. In fact, he almost didn’t recognize you. He knew you didn’t like wearing heels so when he picked you up for the date you two were having, he wanted to confirm you identity.

“Who are you and what have you done with my Y/N” (He’d be joking of course)


“I can be sexy too, babe.”


He’d get super super super shy. You two had been together for a few months, almost a year at that, so you both were a little awkward with each other. For some odd reason, you wearing heels would give Woozi the confidence to make the first move to cuddle you. Which was something you both secrelty wanted for a while.


You and DK were both idols, but what no one else knew was that you two were dating. When your group and his group were sceduled for a collaboration concert, he struggled to keep his composure the whole time you sang with him. Your group’s concept at the time required you to wear dresses and heels, which you weren’t used to doing since you were known as the tomboy of your group. After the concert everyone went into their own interview rooms and DK was asked about you and why he seemed so close to you. Apperently he hadn’t kept his composure as well as he thought.


You were a bridesmaid for your sister’s wedding and your boyfriend Mingyu took you to the wedding venue and stayed to see you in your dress, without you knowing obviously. When you stepped out of the dressing room in your purple dress that was identical to the other bridesmaid’s dresses and white heels, Mingyu couldn’t help but to look at you. He loved your tomboy personality, he also found a new admiration for this new side to you.

“Mingyu, what are you doing here?”


He’d be too busy looking at you to hear you talking.


He’d just be hella proud that you’re his and if guys started staring at you he’d be the type to swoop in, wrap his arm around your shoulder and say, “She’s mine.”


Total tease. When he opened his door to see you all dressed up for an event you both had to go to, he’d joke around a lot.

“Hello there! You must be one of Y/N’s friends! She’ll be here in a few minutes but you’re welcome to sit down until she’s here!”

“Your a jerk you know that?”

“But you love me.”

“You right.”


(A/N: I use this gif wayyy too much but oh well…)

He’d be too busy staring like some of the other boy did. He’d find you cute and sexy but he wouldn’t know how to tell you without getting flustered.


It was the homecoming dance and neither you nor Dino had a date so you two agreed to go together as friends. Jeonghan made Dino go all out, claiming it’d be better if Dino got you a flower thingy (which I googled the name of, it’s a corsage) that matched his rose on his tux and came to pick you up and all that jazz. Dino had always had a slight crush on you, but he ignored it, being a teenager and all. He knocked on your door, expecting you to walk out in a dress but wearing leggings and converse like you’d said the day before. What he wasn’t ecpecting was you coming out in a white dress that stopped just before your knees and a pair of white heels.

“Do I look wierd?” You asked when you caught him staring. He snapped out of his trance and answered quickly.

“No! I mean, ugh, you look beautiful.” He blushed before giving you the corsage and walking you to the dance where he ended up confessing his feelings for you in the middle of a slow dance and kissing you while the spotlight shown over you two.

(A/N: Dino totally isn’t my bias idk what y’all are thinking but *nervously sweats*)

My friends and family wonder why I am so sarcastic and moody…

Mate I idolise a weed smoking cupcake, who’s vocabulary ranges from ‘fucking’ to 'shit’; who claims he is 5,9" yet everyone knows he is only pocket size and he shares complimentary matching tattoos with his platonic best friend.

I learn from the finest.

Wanna bet?

#8 Wanna bet? 

So, this is my first oneshot that includes a little bit of smut.
I kept it modest and did nothing too explicit but that may change after a while I don´t know, I somehow get carried away when writing smut. :D
I would like to offer you to request something once again and show you with this particular piece of writing that I do smut too. 

Warning: Smut! (I would give a warning about swearing but let´s face it, swearing just always happens in my oneshots so screw it! #sorrynotsorry )

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(Where does this GIF come from? I like it :D)


“I´m telling you Dean, you´re not the only one who can get laid”, you said angrily.
You and Dean were arguing for over fifteen minutes now.
You didn´t even knew exactly how it started, you just knew that you and Dean were always arguing in the last time and that when you made a remark about a guy in the bar you sat in being hot,
you two somehow started fighting again,
Dean put his beerglass down forcefully: “I never said you couldn´t get laid, I just said that this guy is out of your league.”
“Guys…”, Sam tried to calm you down but you interrupted him: “Well that pretty much implies that I´m ugly.”
Dean laughed: “If you´re so sure he´s going to screw you, go over there and try getting in his pants, but you´re not going to be succesful.”
“Dean, I…”, Sam tried again but his brother just continued:
“I mean look at his finger, he´s married, you never gonna get that one.”
You raised your eyebrows: “Wanna bet?”
“Stop it!”, Sam shouted and banged his fist on the table so that everybody was looking at you.
“What the hell Sam?”, you shouted.
The younger Winchester glared at you: “You two are insane. I don´t know what´s gotten into you lately but you´re always at each others throats and I can´t deal with it.
And you are certainly not ruining some poor guys marriage because you both are immature jerks.”

A moment nobody said anything until Dean laughed:
“Don´t worry Sammy, she won´t ruin his marriage because he will never say yes.”
You stood up: “Okay that´s it, I´m doing it.”
You ignored Sams shout: “(Y/N), get back here”, and made your way over to the guy who was sitting at the bar, sipping at his drink.
You slided in the seat beneath him and smiled: “What has a girl to do to get a drink from you?”, you said, making sure he got a good look at your boobs.
He grinned a sexy smile: “Oh I can think of a couple of things, but sitting there like that will do it for now. Get the lady here something to drink!”, he shouted at the bar tender.
Satisfied by his reaction you leaned to him: “Can I tell you a secret?”, you asked.
“Of course sweetie!”, he said and touched your leg.
The next thing you knew was Dean being all over the guy, beating him.
“Dean! What the hell is wrong with you?”, you shouted and watched as Sam and the bartender tried to part the two fighting men.
When they both were standing again, the hot stranger said to Dean: “Put a leash on your little slut then.”
You saw Dean trying to pull away from Sam, who was holding you back: “Don´t call her a slut asshole.”
“We´re leaving. Now”, Sam said and dragged Dean out of the place.

“What the hell were you thinking?”, you shouted the minute you got back to the motel.
But before you could say anything else Sam slammed the door:
“Okay that´s it. I´m sick and tired of you two fighting all the time.
I said I don´t know what´s going on but I do. You two are so full of sexual frustration and tension that you can´t do anything else then bash each others heads in all the time.
But I won´t deal with it anymore.
Either you two finally start banging each other so you can get it out of your system or you suck it up and go back to being friends, but I´m so done with you right now.”
Then he left and you heard the wheels of the Impala screeching when he drove off.

For a few seconds you stared at each other, before you said simultaneously:
“He´s nuts.”
“I would never ever do it with a dick like you”, you shouted and he yelled back: “And I would never ever do it with a stuck up bitch like you.”
And then you were kissing, unleashing all the frustration that had build up in you.
He forcefully pressed you against the door and kissed you, while he ripped your blouse open simultaneously.
While the buttons of your shirt flew in all directions you yanked at his shirt and he pulled it over his head without stopping to touch you.
You started roaming his back with your hands and clawed at his back.
He continued kissing you aggresively and then ripped your top over your head.
“I hate you”, you stated between the kisses and he lifted you up, your legs wrapping around his waist immediately.
“Good”, he said and carried you to the desk were he sat you down and pulled down your jeans, leaving you only in bra and panties.
You started fumbling with the sipper of his pants and finally you let them slide to the ground with his boxers.
You could see that he was equally as aroused by this as you were and when he ripped off your panties too, he could feel your excitement.
“For someone who would never do it with a dick like me, you´re incredibly wet”, he stated and you couldn´t even respond because he slammed into you at that moment and you let out a scream:
He grinned: “That´s more like it baby.”
You started digging your nails in his back again, while he thrusted into you, hitting all the right spots.
You felt your climax building up and you whimpered.

“That´s right baby, cum for me, and say my name when you do it.”
His hoarse voice in combination with his words sent you over the edge and you actually screamed out his name.
Several times.
That was the moment when you felt him finish too and he groaned in your ear.
When he pulled out you jumped from the desk and he pulled up his pants while you took on your clothes again.
“Well…”, you said and let your voice trail off.
He grinned: “Well…”
“Maybe I don´t really hate you”, you said and he just continued smirking at you:
“Oh no, please do.”
You shook your head: “Why would you want that?”

He grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you to him: “Because I like having hate-sex with you and I´m just getting started.”
You smiled: “Maybe I could hate you a little while longer”, and then you kissed again.