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Reducto your ass (Hogwarts AU)

⌲ Description: Park Jimin was a nuisance to your existence. Even if he didn’t know about it himself. He was just so perfect in everything he did that it drove you mad. You weren’t known for being the jealous type, so why did everything about Park Jimin aggravate you so much?

♢ Pairing: Jimin x Reader

♢ Word count: 12 k 

♢ Genre: Fluff, humor

AN: Whooo, it feels like it’s been a week since I started when it’s actually just been three days. This was supposed to be a short one, but when it comes to Harry Potter I get carried away with details and descriptions a lot… This is my longest story on Tumblr so far, and I hope you’ll like it and take some time to give some feedback which i would love! I do plan on writing for each member, but it’ll take some time to plan out <3

P.S excuse my mistakes in here. I haven’t proof read it properly yet. 


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Aside from the sadness/disappointment/self-deprecation induced tears, from canon we know that Bakugou is an angry crier, Kirishima a sympathetic crier and Kaminari a stress crier, which, when you really think about it, means that once one of them starts crying the possibility of all three of them ending up in tears is pretty high


Mr. World & Media | Lemon Scented You (American Gods)

Heya everyone! Sorry for being so silent! I’ve been working super hard on the video and I’m almost done! I’ve gotten so much support and love in such a short time recently so I rushed to get it finished but unfortunately, it’s only a wip for that reason! I had a full video planned but I wanted to get half of it out to celebrate the followers milestone and save the rest of the video for the next one so that I can fully work on it! Thank you so much for 8000+ followers! I hope you’re all excited and again, I’m really happy you’re all here <3

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Never have I ever written a Hunger Games AU

Well I hadn’t, until this devious little ask came along.

sorry not sorry

Lance volunteers.

Lance volunteers in his brother’s place, when his older brother - just two years older and in his last year of eligibility for the Reaping - gets picked instead. Lance takes one look at the heartbreak on his mother’s face, the bitter desperation on his father’s and his aunts’ and uncles’ and grandmother, and makes his decision. He’s up to the front too fast for anyone to stop him, and it doesn’t occur to him until later that maybe he hasn’t spared his family from heartbreak after all.

The other Tribute from District Twelve is a young girl, just turned twelve. No one volunteers for her.

Everything happens so fast. Lance gets a few brief minutes to say goodbye to his family - and to Hunk, who yells and shakes him and clings to Lance in a hug that only rivals the one Lance’s mom gives him.

“Stay alive,” Hunk begs him, yells, “You’d better stay alive, and you have to come back and tell me everything.”

“You’re gonna see it,” Lance points out, and winces after the words slip from his mouth.

“Don’t remind me,” Hunk groans, “But all the rest, Lance - what the countryside’s like? What the Capitol’s like? What the food is like? You have to come back and tell me. Promise? You have to.”

“I promise,” Lance says, “Assuming Keith doesn’t kill me.”

“Don’t even joke about that,” Hunk says, as sharp as Lance has ever heard him. “He would never. He’s not going to be your mentor, anyway.”

“I hope you’re right,” Lance says.

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| pro hero E R A S E R H E A D |

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Bakushima! :D

  • who proposed: Bakugou. Kirishima never considered proposing, because he didn’t think Bakugou cared for marriages and he was happy enough with things as they were. Then Bakugou did propose and Kirishima found out he could, indeed, be happier.
  • how they proposed: they are both pro heros and they basically live together, since both have copies of one another’s apartment keys. Bakugou secretly always wanted a nice marriage, like his parents’, and, when becomes clear that Kirishima won’t propose, he takes the matter in his hands. He gets surprisingly nervous about it (it’s not like he doesn’t know Kirishima is oging to say yes, but… Fuck, this is hard.) and he stresses over it for weeks before blurting a “Why don’t you marry me already?” when they’re cuddling in bed and almost gives poor Kirishima a heartattack. 
  • who stressed more over wedding planning: Kaminari, lmao. Bakugou didn’t care as long as he got officially married and Kirishima didn’t care as long as all of their friends and family were there. That’s how Kaminari ended up taking care of it.
  • who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party: Kiri just goes out with Tetsutetsu and a couple of friends, but Bakugou? Oh boy. Bakugou is kidnapped by Uraraka and Kaminari and they take him clubing and things get… out of hand. Like Hangover out of hand. Sero loses a tooth. Midoriya drunk marries Todoroki (how did Todoroki and Midoriya ended up with them, anyway? They weren’t invited!!) and Bakugou is pretty sure Uraraka fought a tiger at some point of the night. 
  • who freaked out before the wedding: Kirishima. He got nervous, because this is it, this is happening, Bakugou and I are going to be officially together forever. And he doesn’t doubt he wants to be with Bakugou forever, he doesn’t even know what he’s nervous about. He only calms down when his friends drag him out of the room so he can take a peek at Bakugou and see that he’s also tense, but wearing his determined expression. Seeing Bakugou grounds him. Kirishima feels finally ready.
  • best man/maid of honor: Uraraka, Kaminari, Tetsutetsu and Ashido. All four of them.
  • where they got married: idk ask Kaminari
  • if/what they wrote in their vows: They write them and they make sure to make the vows as not-sappy as they can. Something like “I promise to love you and stay with you, even if you explode the TV when they cancel your favorite TV show.” “I promise to stay married to you even if your hair is so fucking pointy it almost stabbed me in the eye once.”
  • who cried at the wedding: Kaminari, again. Kirishima cries, too, but just a lil. Bakugou is more of an angry crier, so he doesn’t, but he’s so disgusting happy you can feel it even if he keeps his face stern. 
  • which song they had their first dance to: uhhhh this one?? you made me associate Dark Horse with KiriBaku!! And I love this mashup so much–
  • where they went on their honeymoon: the freaks go to the mountains. Now ask me what they do there. Ask me.
  • what they did on their honeymoon: They go fucking hiking, because they are freaks. They might or might not make out in the woods and spend the nights in a cabin super far from civilization. Bakugou is super excited about it and Kirishima loves every second. 

suddenly my favourite colour is purple

bonus: a happy cutie and his ramen dance ♡

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Mysme imagine for RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who talks in their sleep? And not cute murmuring, like scary muttering and night terrors. Tysm! ;v;

bruh night terrors sound absolutely horrifying and i do not wish that upon anyone :< this ended up being more centric on the concept of night terrors and less of sleep-talking >< sorry about that



  • nearly fell off the bed when you suddenly sat upright in bed and started screaming
  • he immediately scrambles back onto the bed and asks what’s wrong 
  • you’re not responsive though, you’re just sitting there trembling and crying
  • at this point he’s ready to cry because he has no idea what to do
  • runs to turn on the lights (and grab a box of tissues)
  • will try to wipe your tears as carefully as he can without startling you 
  • but halfway through you suddenly go quiet, lie down, and fall back asleep
  • he’s crouched on the bed with a wad of tissues wondering if he imagined the whole thing
  • quietly gets off the bed, covers you with the blankets, turns off the lights, and steps out of the room
  • frantically calls zen to relay what happened and ask for advice
  • zen has no idea what happened, but helps in searching what it could’ve been and they both come across night terrors
  • now yoosung’s crying because he can’t believe you have to deal with such a terrible thing and zen’s too tired to deal with this
  • he tells him to go to sleep and talk to you tomorrow morning
  • you’re horrified when he brings it up the next day and apologize that he had to see that
  • it’s something you’ve been dealing with lately, but you never remember when it happens
  • he declares that he’ll be your hero and help you through it though
  • cause no one should go through that alone
  • now whenever you get the occasional night terror, yoosung immediately sits up and waits for you to calm down just a bit before carefully pulling you into a hug
  • whispers “you’re going to be okay. i’m here” in your ear until the episode passes and you fall back asleep in his arms
  • you always know when you’ve had a night terror because when you wake up, he’ll already be in the kitchen trying to make breakfast


  • when he first heard you screaming, he thought someone was breaking into the house
  • leapt out of bed and grabbed one of his bedside trophies it was a sculpture of him, ready to fight someone
  • when he was fully awake, he realized it was just you and him in the room, except you were definitely not fine
  • instantly gets back into bed and gently grabs your shoulders, trying to get you to focus on him
  • tries to wipe your tears away with his sleeve 
  • you aren’t responding and he’s ready to full-on panic when you take a deep breath and fall back asleep
  • he sits there baffled and terrified, still holding you up
  • aggressively cuddles you for the rest of the night
  • you wake up completely tangled in his arms and you actually have to fight to get out
  • he wakes up at the movement and immediately starts fretting and asking what’s bothering you
  • you have no idea what he’s talking about until he mentions what happened
  • you’re embarrassed it happened in front of him, but you tell him it’s something that happens once in a while and that it should go away on its own when there’s an episode
  • he’s upset when you suggest that you can sleep in a different room so he doesn’t have his sleep disturbed
  • insists that he’ll stay near you and comfort you whenever it happens even if you’re not actually “awake”
  • every time you have night terrors now, you wake up buried in his chest
  • he’ll dote on you extremely for the rest of that day prepare for endless cups of tea and hugs/kisses


  • the concept of sleep is foreign to her so she’s still at her desk when you had a night terror
  • she ran over when you started screaming, thinking you saw another spider or bug
  • but you’re just there trembling under the covers and mumbling something
  • assumes it’s a nightmare and gently tries to jostle you awake
  • she’s confused cause it looks like you’re awake, but you won’t respond to anything
  • panic starts settling in her stomach but she focuses on trying to make out what you’re whispering
  • but halfway through you go quiet and she realizes you’re asleep again
  • well there goes any chance for her getting an ounce of sleep after that
  • abandons work and spends the rest of the night searching up what might have been affecting you
  • you’re surprised in the morning when you see she hasn’t left for work
  • even more surprised when she says she requested a day off jumin was shook at how adamant she was
  • you think she just wanted to rest but then she’s suddenly sitting on the bed and going through a list of possible causes for your nightmares
  • you’re like “nightmares???” and she mentions what happened last night
  • you’re reluctant but you tell her it’s actually night terrors and she’s like “wut”
  • she needs a few more minutes to go and research what that is
  • offers that she’ll look up some places to try and make them better but you tell her you’ve already tried them before, and they should improve with time
  • she’s not really on board with letting them be, but trusts your decision
  • you have the occasional night terror since then
  • when they happen, she gets up from her desk and sits by your bedside holding your hand until it ends
  • will then wipe your tears and adjust your blankets before going back to work
  • except she’ll bring her laptop on the bed with her so she could be near you


  • he didn’t even know the feeling of fear existed in him until he heard you having a night terror
  • bolts up in bed and immediately turns on the lights
  • you’re sitting up in bed, head between your hands and mumbling something between sobs
  • like jaehee, he thinks it’s a nightmare and instantly goes to carefully grab your shoulders and let you know he’s there
  • “my love, it’s just a bad dream. wake up.”
  • you haven’t moved from your position, the crying reduced to ragged breathing, but you make no indication you heard him
  • he slightly freaks out yet another emotion he didn’t know existed and sits helplessly while he tries to figure out the best way to approach the situation
  • when you suddenly fall back asleep, he carefully places you back down and immediately calls someone
  • you wake up in the morning to quiet talking from the kitchen, and see it’s jumin and another man sitting at the table
  • the man’s jumin’s personal doctor, and he says that he was called to attention by a severe nightmare you seemed to be having last night
  • oh god that’s embarrassing you apologize for causing a scene but jumin’s having none of that
  • he wants to help you with it, since he wants you to be nothing but happy
  • you eventually tell the doctor it’s night terrors though, and that past treatments have only helped slightly
  • the doctor suggests talking to a psychologist for further information, since this is more their field
  • jumin gets a psychologist to his house in less than five minutes
  • the psychologist suggests that some sort of psychotherapy might help, and to make sure you’re getting enough sleep
  • jumin literally escorts you to bed every night now and makes sure you’re tucked in at a proper hour
  • one time he was on a business trip so he had one of his guards order you to go to bed talk about awkward
  • pulls you into a hug every time you have a night terror and showers you with kisses until you fall back asleep
  • he usually stays awake a bit longer after that just watching you and making sure you’re fine
  • if you thought he was possessive already get ready cause that wasn’t even his final form


  • being one that hardly sleeps, he’s busy on his computer when you’re screaming from the other room
  • heart literally drops to his stomach and he books it for your bed
  • completely panics to see you crying and shaking
  • he doesn’t even know if he should touch you
  • does an awkward pace-like run along the perimeter of the bed while he tries to figure out how to approach you without making things worse
  • when you go quiet, he finally chances a step and reaches for your hand
  • he’s about to ask what’s wrong when you promptly lie back down and fall asleep
  • actually so upset because he barely did anything to help
  • he could do everything he could to keep you physically safe, but not when it comes to something inside your head
  • ignores his work obligations and spends the rest of the night lying in bed and holding you close against him
  • you’re shocked in the morning to see him in bed for the first time in like so long
  • then you’re worried at how serious he looks before he sits you up and asks what kind of nightmare you had last night
  • looks terrified when you say it was probably a night terror cause wtf the name itself sounds horrifying
  • you have to urge him to not worry and get back to work since he has a deadline for tonight
  • even then, he’ll send you a funny picture or cute cat video every so often to brighten your mood
  • programs his robot cat to waddle into your room and say “i love you” 
  • but whenever there’s a night terror, he without fail runs to your room and hugs you for the rest of the night


  • he doesn’t even think, his body immediately moves to grab you when he hears you screaming
  • his first priority is getting you to calm down and not be afraid
  • will sit there hugging you and caressing your head for as long as it takes for you to fall asleep
  • afterwards he’ll lie down in bed again with you, but he can’t fall asleep
  • so he just closes his eyes and listens to your breathing
  • you’ll wake up to him giving you a warm cup of tea
  • he’s reluctant on bringing it up because it seems like a touchy subject, but does so because he’s concerned
  • even when you tell him they’re probably the night terrors you get once in a while, he’s pretty calm about it
  • of course, he’s worried, but he doesn’t want to panic and make you feel anxious
  • says he’s willing to do whatever you want in terms of how you want to treat it, even if you say that they should improve on its own
  • this angel never complains whenever your night terrors wake him up in the middle of the night
  • it’s the same routine of hug, comfort, and then tea in the morning
  • you feel terrible about it since you never remember it happening, but he says he’d rather be able to help you through it instead of having you go experience it alone
  • whenever you feel really exhausted from an episode, he’ll laze around in bed with you and show you his old photo albums since they always calm and relax you


  • at first he doesn’t even react because he thinks the screams are from one of his own nightmares someone hug this poor child
  • but he eventually realizes they’re coming from you 
  • he was used to nightmares, but for some reason it felt even more painful when he saw it happening to you
  • he’ll go to wake you up, although he’s a bit more aggressive about it since he wants to stop the nightmare as quickly as possible
  • he’ll shake your shoulders a bit, he’ll call your name loudly, but you still don’t respond
  • it’s almost a bit haunting to see you staring blankly at the blankets with tears streaming down your face because it reminds him of his past self
  • and it bothers him to no end
  • he doesn’t react much when he realizes you fell back asleep, he’ll quietly lie you back down
  • except he ain’t sleeping anymore
  • you wake up and he’s sitting cross-legged next to you
  • why is he glaring did you kick him in your sleep 
  • “uhhh, saeran…? whatever i did, sorry?”
  • “do you always have nightmares like that?”
  • you’re confused as to why he’s persistently asking about the cause of your nightmares until you realize they’re probably the night terrors
  • he frowns even more when he hears your explanation, since it seems like there’s nothing you can do to immediately stop them
  • “so you just let these happen?”
  • “i never remember them, though… maybe they’ll go away if you buy me a teddy bear to chase the night terrors away, saeran~”
  • “stop that, you’re not a kid”
  • you laugh and apologize again for waking him up, and say that you can always sleep somewhere else if it becomes too bothersome for him
  • he gets so salty that you’d even suggest such a thing oops
  • the second time you wake up in the middle of the night with a night terror, he’ll awkwardly pull you against his side and rub circles on your back until you fall back asleep
  • that morning you wake up to pans clattering in the kitchen and a brown teddy bear propped up next to your pillow
  • saeran got lots of hugs that day he’d act annoyed about the barrage of physical contact, but you note he never made a move to escape your hold
“Je crois à toi” vs “Je crois en toi”

As it turns out, grammar does matter, and Hugo knew it damn well. Something has always bothered me about this sentence, and now I know why. The difference doesn’t exist in English translations, because both “à” and “en” translates to “in”, hence Grantaire’s “I believe in you”. But it isn’t the case in French :

“Je crois à toi” isn’t grammatically correct. In French, you don’t believe “à” someone, you believe “en” someone. “Je crois à” is restricted to things and fictional beings, as in :

  • Je crois à la Petite Souris (I believe in the Tooth Fairy)
  • Je ne crois pas à la Révolution (I don’t believe in the Revolution)

There are a few exceptions (because otherwise grammar wouldn’t be grammar) but one thing is certain : “à” can not be used to introduce a noun or pronoun referring to a real person :

  • Je crois en lui (I believe in him)
  • “Je crois à lui” sounds wrong, as wrong as “I believe to him” sounds

Then, why does Hugo use both? Because Grantaire knows the difference as well. Grantaire is good with words and proves it more than once. Remember this quote : “Who has been unhooking the stars without my permission, and putting them on the table in the guise of candles?” ? Grantaire says it drunk. DRUNK. If this man can be that lyrical while smashed to high hell, why would he forget fundamental grammatical principles, all of a sudden?
Answer : he wouldn’t. He does it on purpose.

He’s mirroring Enjolras’s speech :

“Tu ne crois à rien.”
“Je crois à toi.”

This may sound insignificant and, yes, considering the length of the brick, it may be but bear with me. Grantaire is having a laugh, in this passage. Yes, he is serious, he does want to prove his value to Enjolras, but at the same time, he’s Grantaire. He can’t help himself but to play with words. And my best guess is that he’s teasing Enjolras, hence the “Be serious” “I am wild” that comes soon after.

Then what about “Je crois en toi”? Well, it’s a question of context. Look at the description preceeding Grantaire’s declaration :

“Grantaire,” [Enjolras] called, “go and sleep your wine off somewhere else. This is a place for intoxication but not for drunkenness. Don’t dishonor the barricade.”

The sharp rebuke had a remarkable effect on Grantaire, as though he had received a splash of cold water. Suddenly he was sober. He sat down with his elbows on a table by the window, and looking with great sweetness at Enjolras called back:

“Tu sais que je crois en toi”

“Go away.”

Grantaire is serious this time. This isn’t a joke anymore. This is a real declaration he’s making here. Enjolras is yelling at him, and yet, Grantaire’s attitude is all but belligerent. I would even argue that “great sweetness” is far from the reverent and loving “inexprimable douceur” from the French text.

Unfortunately, Enjolras is so used to his lack of faith and seriousness that he dismisses it. Grantaire has disappointed him more than once by that point in the brick, so his attitude is understandable. But if Grantaire lacks faith in the cause, he doesn’t lack any in Enjolras. The tragic thing is that Enjolras doesn’t realise it and Grantaire’s serious profession of faith is dismissed. One last nail in your coffin? Look at what comes after :

“Grantaire, you are incapable of believing or thinking or willing or living or dying.”
“You’ll see,” said Grantaire gravely. “You’ll see.”

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Favourite blog(s)? Love your blog~♡ and you of course!

hi nonnie. I love you !! <3 if ya want any fic recs, shoot me another ask, okay? :)

before I dive in, I’m just going to disclose that I’m really deep in the ‘oh my god I love my friends so much???’ mood so it’s likely I’m just going to ramble at you for a wee while. I’ll try n keep it short. bottom line is, follow everyone I’m about to rec. also, I split the list into (approximate) fandoms to make it easier for myself aha. FOLLOW THEM ALL!

UPDATE: this took me an entire hour. I’m not kidding. I really…I really love my friends. it also ended up being so long that it required a keep reading…

Dylan // Teen Wolf (pretty much…):

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Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

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To Be a Jedi

They dropped out of hyperspace above a brown-tinged world that definitely wasn’t Naboo.

“Padmé, where are we?” Bail Organa asked, leaning over the console to check the navicomputer. “Did you put in the wrong coordinates?”

“No,” his fellow Senator responded as she instructed the shuttle to enter the atmosphere, “we’re right where we need to be.”

Bail frowned as he found the name of the system they’d arrived at. “But – this is Aargonar.”

The Aargonarian leadership had recently asked the Senate to send delegates to ease tension during the transfer of power ceremony. The existing governor was stepping down in objection to the Republic’s treatment of Confederacy of Independent Systems, and his successor had been selected due to his interest in exchanging the planet’s neutral status for a Separatist one.

He looked at her sharply. “What are we doing here?”

Padmé focused on adjusting the controls. “The governor requested for mediators to be present, to make sure things don’t get out of hand.”

“And the Senate voted to deny their request on the grounds that they are Separatist sympathizers,” Bail reminded her. He paused as they rocketed through the upper atmosphere, the shuttle humming slightly as they broke through and began slowing down. “From what I hear, they won’t be a Republic system much longer. Padmé, what are we doing here?”

Padmé hesitated. “I received intel that Senator Bonteri’s husband, Claydon, is here, seeking to establish a Separatist base.”

“Have you reported it to the Chancellor?” Bail demanded.

Padmé offered a small chuckle. “You think the Chancellor doesn’t already know?” She grew serious. “The Chancellor plans on issuing a strike force to wipe out the base. I’ve got to warn Claydon. I owe it to Mina.”

As much as he wanted to be angry with Padmé, he couldn’t. She loved Senator Bonteri, and Claydon was a good man, in spite of his political allegiance. Before the war began, Bail had actually become fond of the senator’s husband, finding him to be an excellent conversationalist during otherwise tedious dinners.

“They’ll hardly let two Senators waltz into a new Separatist post,” Bail pointed out gently. “I’m afraid we won’t get close.”

“Aargonar still holds the Jedi in high esteem, and would do anything they ask.”

“Well, yes, maybe. But we don’t have any Jedi with us.”

Instead of answering, Padmé turned the controls over to Bail and rose from her seat, exiting the cockpit. Bail let out a breath. Padmé was one of his closest friends, and he knew her well enough to realize that he was about to get roped into one of her escapades.

The cockpit door hissed open and he flicked on the auto-pilot. Bail turned to find Padmé holding out a bundle of clothes to him. Suspiciously, he took them and let them unfurl. A tunic, some leggings, a utility belt, a long cloak –

Jedi robes.

It took him two more beats before it sank in. He rounded on Padmé. “Oh, no. No, no, no. You can’t be serious!”

“Of course I am.”  

“We can’t pose as Jedi!”

“Why not?”

“It’s illegal! Have you forgotten that?”

“I’m sure the Jedi Council will understand.” Padmé smiled slightly. “You don’t have to come with me, Bail. You’re free to take the ship once I’ve landed, if you promise to return for me in three days.”

“I can’t leave you here alone,” Bail exclaimed. “I – Padmé, this is ludicrous. We don’t have Jedi abilities! If something goes wrong, if they ask us to prove ourselves, we’ll be caught.

“We go in and make it clear that we are only there for deterrence. That’s a large portion of a Jedi’s job anyway; their presence alone is enough to make most beings back down. We’ll earn the trust of some government official who knows about the Separatist base, and we’ll ask to see it. It’s a reasonable request, and they know Jedi would never use subterfuge to destroy it. It’s still at the stage where a Jedi could claim diplomatic immunity. I can get in contact with Claydon and… well, whatever he does with the information is up to him.” She looked up at him, determined. “I have to do this, Bail. I have to try.”

Bail sighed and shook his head. There was no argument that would sway her; she was, of course, right. “Very well.”

“Then get changed. We’ll be landing soon.”

*                             *                             *

The tunic was a bit small, but it would serve. The boots Padmé provided fit reasonably well, but didn’t match the arch of his foot at all. Bail hoped he wouldn’t have to do any running in them. His shoulders sagged.  I’m with Padmé. Of course I’ll have to run.

He caught himself as the ship touched down on solid land. He returned to the cockpit to find that Padmé had already donned a set of robes. Used to seeing her in senatorial garb and evening gowns, he found it strange to see her in the unembellished tunic.

“Where did you even get these?” he asked, peering at his own clothes. The darker color reminded him of Master Skywalker’s robes.

“Mine was made my seamstress. Yours I had to – ah, borrow.”

He shot her a look. “And you’ll return it, of course?”

“Of course,” she responded, avoiding his eye. “One last detail.” She reached into a crate at her feet and pulled out a smaller box. She opened it carefully and turned it towards Bail. Inside rested two lightsabers.

What?” Bail recoiled, his eyes widening. “What have you –?”

“They’re not real lightsabers,” Padmé said quickly, picking one up and showing him. “Captain Typho designed it. If you hit the main button here, it releases a blaster bolt. Jedi don’t carry blasters, but he refused to go along with this unless I had some type of weapon. And this knob here, if you twist it, it emits a thick smoke that would give us some cover if we needed to escape.”

Bail took the false lightsaber gingerly. “I suppose we do have to look the part.” He clipped the weapon onto his belt, then spread his arms. “How do I look?”

Padmé regarded him thoughtfully. “Uncertain, uncomfortable, but the costume almost makes up for it.”

“I can’t act like a Jedi.”

“Just act like your normal self, Bail. You already carry yourself much like I’ve seen Jedi do. Just throw in some wry remarks and you’ll convince them.”

He caught her by the arm as she went to pass him. Irritation flashed across her face, but vanished a moment later. “Are you sure about this?” Bail asked quietly. “You’re putting yourself at risk.”

“So are you, by agreeing to come,” she said.

They stood in silence for a long moment. They were both nervous, Bail knew. Trying to go undetected into enemy territory impersonating Jedi was nerve-wracking enough, but if they were discovered to be Senators, here without the Senate’s permission, they would be accused of treason, or…

“Thank you.”

“You know I’ll always be here for you.”

She smiled. “Let’s go.”

Bail let her lead the way down the shuttle’s ramp. Waiting for them at the platform was a bald human male with a full beard and a blaster at his hip. Two security guards flanked him, black helmets masking their faces. The man stepped forward.

“Welcome to Aargonar, Master Jedi. I am Deean Corre, head of the governor’s security force. I must say, we were not expecting your arrival. We had been under the impression the Republic would have nothing to do with our world and its democratic processes. We are honored to have you here, Masters –?”

Padmé bowed. “Sola Naberrie, sir.”

Bail followed her lead, bending at the waist and dipping his head. “Giles Durane, at your service.”

Padmé clasped her hands in front of her. “We apologize that we did not announce our intention to arrive sooner. The Chancellor asked that we keep this matter under wraps, to avoid any unnecessary attention.”

“Of course, of course,” Corre responded hurriedly. “I understand the precaution. If you would follow me, Master Jedi, I shall escort you to the governor’s chambers. I am sure you will have much to discuss.”

Bail exchanged a glance with Padmé. She gave an encouraging smile. Bail allowed himself a deep breath. “I’m sure we will,” he responded mildly.

**A submission for @finish-the-clone-wars writing Wednesday prompt, Infiltration**