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My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

Ouat Con Chicago 2017 - Rebecca’s Panel
  • Bex is singing"Wicked always Wins" and I’m crying! (x)
  • “The coffee has kicked in. SURPRISE!! OMG this was so much fun” - Bex about singing Wicked Always Wins (x)
  • Bex says her parents are supportive and were kinda supportive about her becoming an actress but thought she was nuts (x)
  • “Life is too short” - Bex says people should do what they want to “people say i can’t sing… I’M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY” (x)
  • She’s talking about the process of becoming the Wicked Witch and that it takes up to 3 hours (again….) (x)
  • Rebecca about Hades: “What a rubbish boyfriend!” (x)
  • If Zelena was sent to the Underworld her unfinished business would be to ruin Hades if he was there (x)
  • Bex was Dorothy for Halloween once but now her favorite character from The Wizard of Oz is The Wicked Witch (x)
  • “Here I am giving other children nightmares, I’ve come full circle.” (x)
  • “I think Zelena is happy now” (x)
  • When asked which other character on OUAT she would like to be, she said “Me. Sorry” (x)
  • If Zelena had a free day, she’d probably do just like Bex: “Netflix and chill” (x)
  • “What was your favorite scene to shoot with Lana?” “All of them!” (x)
    • She likes especially the emotional scenes with Lana, like when we found out they had known each other all along (x)
  • Bex said that if Zelena was apart of the first curse, she’d still be a fake midwife (x)
    • Rebecca said that Ginny Goodwin really liked Zelena as the fake midwife (x)
  • “My favorite thing about the fandom are the conventions” (x)
  • Her sister doesn’t believe her when she says sometimes people are shaking when they meet her (x)
  • Fans sang For Good to Bex! “Thanks for making me cry! That was lovely. I’m so lucky” (x)
  • “That’s gonna be hard to top, but I’ll try” - Bex about Wicked Always Wins (x)
  • “A lot of bloopers are cut out because they’re very rude” (x)
    • ex swears a lot when she forgets her lines “that’s not very pretty or DVD appropriate” (about the blooper reels) (x)
  • “No one has ever asked me if I have kissed a girl. Which I have… but only on TV” (x)
  • “Working with babies… it’s not fun” (x)
    • I was nailing that and the baby ruined my take! (x)
  • Who would win the fight? Zelena or the Smoke Monster (from Lost)? “Definitely me” (x)
  • If she could visit any realm, Bex would visit the world of Frozen (x)
  • Zelena would stab the smoke monster wth her broomstick and send it to the underworld to destroy Hades. (x)
  • Bex loves to make fun of Colin (x)
  • Bex made fun of Colin for breaking his foot while singing. Says she loves making fun of him. (x)
  • Bex said Zelena would run over Hades fast and with a truck if he came back (x)
  • “Go out there, believe in yourself and sod everybody else” (x)
  • “I’ve got so many more friends now from being on Once Upon a Time” (x)
  • “What’s your favorite part about playing Zelena?” “Maybe I should write a book” (x)
  • Becoming a mom, finding out she had known Regina all along and meeting her mom changed Zelena (x)
  • “How did you feel when you found out you’d play the Wicked Witch?” “I screamed OMG SHUT UP! I knew you’d make me someone horrible” (x)
  • Bex’s favorite Zelena outfit was the iconic Wicked Witch dress with the hat and broomstick (x)
  • “We’re like twins, we’re joined at the hip” - Bex talking about her and Marc  love them! (x)
  • “I hope her magic is not gone for good, I have to do everything by hand, it’s very pedestrian” (x)
  • Bex said she’d come back to OUAT if asked (x)
  • “I gave myself many mini heart attacks” - Bex used to forget she had green makeup on and get scared when she saw her reflection (x)
  • “Who is your best friend on set?” “Lana. And Emilie. And Sean. And Colin” (x)
  • “I like to go to Lana’s trailer, she makes really good tea” (x)
  • Bex was giving advice about auditions (x)
  • Bex would like baby Robin to be aged up so she could go to work. (x)
  • She doesn’t have any musical background, the musical episode was her first experience (x)


(x) (x)

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hey cherry wife! how did you react when you found out david was trans? ((i ship you both so hard omg))

I always get so excited when I get asks in my inbox. Well, David and I met two years ago. Gender never really came up in our conversations, and at the time he went with a pretty neutral nickname. Even after our first skype call, I assumed he was a cis male. When he told me we wasn’t, I was a little shocked, but it didn’t phase me at all. That’s because I loved him for who he was, and gender doesn’t matter to me. ALSO THANK YOOOOUUU!!! All the support means the world

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Aaa Hi! I love your art and your one of my biggest insparations, so i hope you never stop drawing!! I originally found you on YT and I fell in love with your style omg, when I found out you had a tumblr I flipped out omg <3 So now I'm crying a lil lol, your art is just a blessing to my eye balls! Alright, love you Apple!! <3

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Oh my lord you big sweetheart! 
I’m happy that you enjoy my work so much! 
I love you!! ♥♥♥

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When I found out you were young I was just like " omg I've been requesting smut from this poor child what kind of sinner am I "

Nah, it’s cool. I’m the sinner, I don’t mind. You’re good. :)

AAhHH (kinda late but) Happy Birthday, Azura!! Her voice is so beautiful I sometimes don’t even press next so I can hear more of her singing. (I don’t have a scanner with me now, so just a photo ;;)

Drew for #FE_69min on Twitter!

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Omg 1) I actually love your blog! 2) when I found out you guys were south Indian I wanted to SCREAM omg guess who's telugu too ;)) 3) it was Krishnashtami yesterday, did any of you celebrate? 4) Happy Independence Day!!

1) we love you too 2) eyyy 3) i know thya celebrated, but i went to an abhishekam instead lmao 4) happy independence day to you too!