when i focused all my attention to him

So…. Bull rider Keith? 

I was just writing up the next chapter to my fanfic when I just unthinkingly brought up the idea of it… and then I drew it… and now I can’t get it out of my head. So here is my AU”

Lance is a foreign exchange student from Cuba going to Texas… of all places. Not too thrilled to go there instead of somewhere like California with all the babes or whatever, his attention is drawn to the high school solo boy- Keith. Known for his dangerous bull riding. 

His new friends tell him to save his time since Keith never dates anyone and only ever focuses on his bike and bull riding, and since Lance is only there for a short time, he tries to ignore him. 

BUT! Of course I have to have a pining Keith, who can’t help but think the Cuban boy is gorgeous and GODDDDDD It’s Klance. SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEE

And yeah, there we go. I will possibly write this fanfic. Or draw some comic pages for it. Either one…

The Kirishimas are awesome

I was re-reading the chapter 116, Rize’s last appearance, and I was only focusing on her when suddenly Yomo starts talking and he says something that catches my attention, something that I can totally relate with Ayato’s personality right now in :re.

The fact that Kaneki was feeling weak because he thought that all of the strength he had was coming from Rize, and Yomo interrupted by telling him that he was strong, that he was not weak, that he trusted in him, it reminded me of how Hinami was saying that she was weak and Ayato thought she was not.

I just think it’s very sweet how both Ayato and Yomo give strength to the weak ones, filling them with confidence and encouraging them to be stronger and trust in their own abilities. Kaneki and Hinami felt weak, but Yomo and Ayato made them understand that they were wrong. 

there are so many prompts/requests in my inbox rn but I’ve been feeling this idea and need to get it off my chest so w/o further a due : ANDRIEL NAIL PAINTING (also recently i’ve been really vibing w/ this small font anYWAY)

  • So it all starts when Neil is hanging out with the girls, they’re all watching a movie and and allison is simultaneously painting renee’s nails. 
  • Neil isn’t really interested, except the smell starts to distract him and it’s so strong that he ends up focusing his attention on the source of the smell only to be really surprisedby what he sees
  •  bc.. wow, Renee’s nails look really pretty, like really pretty. 
  • it’s not that neil hasn’t seen painted nails before either, it’s just that there’s something interesting about the process of a bare, plain looking nail being painted, it’s almost like it makes the whole hand look nicer
  • he looks down at his own hands & physically recoils as he always does when he concentrates too hard on them. 
  • they’re covered in ugly scars holding ugly memories and he averts his eyes back to Renee’s hands, subconsciously pulling the sleeves of his sweater down to cover more of his hands.
  • of course… renee and allison notice because they’re like hawks how could they not.
  • allison finishes off renee’s nails quickly (a black with a slight shimmer in it, neil notes that it contrasts really nicely against her hair) and she’s looking towards neil, expectedly
  • “what..” neil feigns confusion but his nerves are nibbling at him, it’s obvious allison saw him staring
  • “you’re gonna make me ask, huh?” she sighs and neil waits, “neil, would you like me to paint your nails?”
  • neil ponders for possibly way too long, thinking about everything he’s been taught to think about nail polish, that it’s too ‘girly’— feminine, which he wouldn’t mind on himself— it’s just, what would other people think. Neil josten is fairly new and still trying to figure himself out, hell he doesn’t even swing
  • thankfully Renee decides to speak up, “Neil, it’s okay to try it out, you can take it off right after if you want” and ‘yeah that sounds good, I’ll take it off’
  • except he doesn’t 
  • Allison paints his nails a pale yellow color as per neil’s request, (at first she held out something dark -maroony, but he shut it down, he wanted to paint his hands with something light and happy)
  • after Allison’s finished it’s unbelievable how happy neil is to look down at his hands, the calming color distracts him from the countless scars and raised pink cuts and gashes, he has to admit.. they almost look, — pretty. how could he ever take this off. 
  • Andrew’s reaction when he notices is to kiss neil’s fingers, (neil is blushing and giggling so fucking hard at this bc WHO ARE U??) except andrew doesn’t ever really say anything else about them.
  • not until a week has passed, when the nail polish starts to chip, they’re freakin’ exy players it was bound too happen.
  • neil cringes a little every time he looks down at his hands now, missing the color that distracted him for a whole week. 
  • so one day, they both get home from practice and before either of them can take a shower or anything, Andrew makes neil sit down on the couch while he rummages through his sports bag in search of something
  • he comes back with nail polish remover, cotton balls, and a pastel blue nail polish
  • “holy frick” — neil abram josten (ok he doesnt say this but ??? he definitely thinks it)
  • andrew starts by taking the remaining nail polish off of each of neil’s fingers, neil winces a few times as the alcohol get’s in to little cuts
  • then the goodstuff begins, andrew carefully paints each and every one of neil’s fingers, he can’t help but look up at neil’s face every so often to steal glances at the way he absolutely lights up every time andrew finishes one
  • neil is also swooning bc it’s the most care he’s seen andrew put in to anything 
  • when he’s finished neil is ravaging him with cheek kisses and hickeys and what not 
  • and andrew is like “hey, idiot, your nail polish’s still wet, don’t fuck it up.”

Jin: Jin wouldn’t mind that you were in fan love with Harry Styles from One Direction, he knew that you really loved him. One afternoon seeing you scroll through your tumblr with Harry all over your dash, Jin would ask teasingly, “What do you think Babe, should I grow my hair out too?”

Suga: Suga would only have one question for his girlfriend when you kept insisting that Harry Styles was talented. “Can he spit fire like Min Yoongi?”

J-Hope: Hobi wouldn’t like how much attention you were focusing towards your new bias from One Direction, Harry Styles. He thought you should pay more attention to him since he was your boyfriend. Hobi would annoy the shit out of you with his aegyo and antics to get you to focus on him. 

Rap Monster: Namjoon literally had no idea who Harry Styles was, you had kept asking him about his thoughts on Harry’s outfits to the latest British award show. Not knowing what to say, Namjoon would go for a simple “He looked fresh-faced”, before looking up facts on Harry Styles. 

Jimin: Jimin didn’t understand what was so special about this Styles guy. His hair looked greasy and he needed to work on his skin routine, but you wouldn’t stop obsessing over the guy so Jimin had no problem leaving. “Whatever Jagi, I’m going to hang out with the bae.”

V: “Bitch me too, the fuck?”

Jungkook: Kookie would be flustered at the daunting task of having to up his game when he saw your bias from a British band called One Direction. Harry Styles was a lot taller than him so he would have to invest in some lifts, and growing out his hair was going to take a while, but if it kept his Jagi’s eyes on him then so be it. 

I’m a huge 1D fan so I was really interested in completing this request, I kind of jumped on it the moment I saw it. Hehe. Well, enjoy and keep on requesting.

- Admin Jade

Self Worth

This is something that I’ve been mulling over in my mind quite a lot recently. A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with my internship supervisor at lunch about how hard it is to juggle my schedule. As many of you know, I am a full time graduate student studying music therapy, I am at an internship 15 hours a week, teach 9 flute students, work part time at J.Crew, and perform in a semi-professional wind ensemble. My supervisor had a similar work load when he was going through the same program and I often reach out to him when I find that things are becoming unmanageable. In his midst of his “you can do it” spiel, he talked about how he had no life when he was in grad school. He didn’t mean that he was super busy all the time, but actually that he focused all of his attention on his self and didn’t feel bad telling someone that he couldn’t go out with them because he was busy.

This was a massive lightbulb moment for me. Being someone in the music therapy field, it isn’t surprising that I place people’s needs before my own. It wasn’t until my supervisor said all of this that I realized that I wasn’t valuing myself at all. I too easily drop the massive amount of work that I want to get done to do something with my boyfriend or friends. It wasn’t until then that I realized how not okay that is. I need to take care of myself and my needs. I need to be able to sit at home with my boyfriend home and tell him to leave me alone so I can get work done. My needs are worth something, too.

I want to be a strong, independent female. I feel like I cave far too quickly and have a hard time standing up for what I need. This needs to change. Like, immediately.

What I like about Smallville, as opposed to Once Upon a Time, is that Smallville covers all its bases when it comes to heroism in a way Once does not. Like Snow and Charming do in Once, Clark focuses his heroic attention on the things and people that most closely affect him: the well-being of his town and his friends and family and has a very optimistic view of heroism and the world. There’s nothing wrong with that. But it makes my heart sing when Oliver Queen comes along in season six and says, “It’s cool that you do your heroic thing to save those closest to you, but you also need to look outside your own little bubble. With your abilities, you could do a lot of good for the broader world, and I could help you with that.” That just…the fact that they have a character point out that Clark’s way of looking at the world and his notion of heroism is incomplete (Ollie calls him “boy scout” and Chloe points out that his lack of caution when barreling into situation where he feels he must be heroic is mentioned, and Lex points it out too) is nice, and that Ollie (and others) are brought in to help the people that Clark can’t focus on himself (because hey, one man, no matter how powerful, cannot save everyone)…it’s just a really good and practical balance. And I wish Once would have someone point out the same thing to Snow and Charming when it comes to their habit of saving those closest to them, but leaving others in the dust. It would be nice.

25 Days of Outlander: Day 15 Favorite Injury/Recovery - John Wayne

Claire tending to Jamie’s wounds and setting his hand after BJR’s abuse at Wentworth is a passage I have read countless times.  Watching Claire’s two selves - detached clinician and devastated, scared wife - warring with each other takes my breath away every time. 

Despite the risks to both Jamie and herself, she puts her husbands needs first and goes to that detached place, when I feel like all she wants to do is hold him and assure herself that he is all right.  
And Jamie, who is a hair’s breadth from death or permanent maiming - focusing his attention on making sure that Claire is OK, not wanting her to worry, and ensuring that Murtaugh will put her safety first - even making jokes.  John Wayne, indeed. 

If ever there were a “relationship goal” - this is it.  Complete and utter devotion to each other - no matter the circumstance.

Apologies in advance for the long passage..but I love it from start to finish.  

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