when i first saw this scene it was hilarious

Random DA:O Thoughts - Part 7.
  • What the? Zevran is working for that bastard Loghain :O Just saw a cut scene for it. Hmm I’m confused about him now.
  • Fought a forger who ripped off 5 mages with a fake book haha. It was very hard. I had to target the mage first, he used the fire ball spell I think.
  • Aww Alistair died :( when he came back though he said his bruises had bruises now. Hehe he’s hilarious!
  • I like Wynne a lot. She’s so lovely. She’s like the Mother my warden never had. She gave me council on my feelings on leaving the circle and becoming a grey warden. Her voice is gentle, I find it soothing.
  • Alistair wants me to help him find his sister. :)
  • So I didn’t feel like doing Redcliff cause I’m scared I won’t be able to save the knights, so I thought I’d go to the forest. On the way a girl lured us into a trap. It was Zevran :O They wasted us!
  • Decided I’d go to Redcliff after all but the Zevran fight automatically loaded again. Managed to get past it okay this time. I had a few close calls. My whole team died, I had to take a million quick potions and lyrium potions whilst slowly killing the rest of them off. This game is very challenging at times. :)
  • Omg Zevran sounds like puss and boots. The one Antonio Banderas voiced. XD
  • On the way out of the area where I fought Zevran, Wynne collapsed :( I hope she is okay.
  • Sten questioned if I was really a woman. Lol wtf
  • Wow! I’d given the black grimoire to Morrigan earlier. She found out her mother Femeth raises daughters so she can later possess them. Wtf!! So creepy! So now I have to go kill her. Yikes I doubt that’s going to be easy…
  • Alistair picked a rose for me :O he picked it in Lothering. He said it was the one beautiful thing amongst the blight, that it reminded him of me. That I was unique and beautiful, like a light in a world of darkness. Wow he’s so sweet! <3
  • I’m doing the dlc with Shale now. It’s very interesting. I wonder if Shale actually did kill their master. The dust demons were creepy! I was tasked with saving a little girl. When I found her she was talking to a cat who was possessed by a demon. I love the jokey kinda responses like “the cats talking…?”. The demon wanted to possess the girl, I refused… I then did a puzzle (which was easy - I’ve done a lot of puzzles like that in the hidden object games I like). After the demon cat still wanted the girl. Luckily she got scared and ran away. The demon wasn’t too hard. I’m glad I could save her, reunite her with her dad :) He had Cullen’s voice lol.
  • When Shale said they couldn’t feel the power of the control rod, they asked me to command them to do something. I couldn’t resist ordering Shale to attack Alistair… he was like “Hey!” hahaha! Sorry Al, I love you but it was too funny!
  • Shale is super funny! Is Shale a girl or a boy? I’m not too sure. Maybe a they? Anyway I loved how Shale said: “Oh another mage! Just my luck!” hehe
  • Alistair didn’t like when I let Zevran or Shall join the team. -1 point each. Maybe he’s worried Zevran will woo me. Hah!
  • I let Alistair know I enjoyed his company. What made me go “awww” the most was the fact he said he was glad I was me, and not another grey warden. How sweet is that! <3
  • Alistair and i kissed! :D +2 to approval, Al loved the smooching. I thought I could keep kissing him and get +2 each time but you only get it once. The kiss scene was lovely. Even had smooching sounds hehe.
  • I spoke to Wynne. I found out she almost died in the mage tower. A benevolent demon saved her, joining her body. The demon is still there inside her, but growing weaker each day. So she is on borrowed time. I’m guessing I will have to help her somehow.
  • I kinda have a team I like now. Which is Alistair (take him everywhere - cause I love him and super awesome tank), Wynne (for healing), and Leliana (to open chests). When I get my specialisation I might become a healer so I can take someone else other than Wynne all the time. Like poor Doggo is getting neglected.
  • You can pester Wynne about the Griffons. I wish they were in the game!!
  • I forgot to mention this in my first random thoughts post, but when I first played I didn’t realise you could loot the monsters bodies. So I was just running past all of them lol. Luckily I didn’t do that for long and they were only spiders.
  • On the recommendation of a few people, I bought the Feastday gifts and pranks pack. :D Looking forward to seeing what happens. :D I’d love to buy the other dlcs but it’d end up costing quite a bit so I’ll prob have to get them gradually. The game is so old, they should be cheaper by now.
A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 77

This is my New Years resolution for 2017: to re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and sum it up thusly…

Title and image: Milk Should be Served at Body Temperature

Favorite Scenes from Lesson 77:

I seriously thought that was Gintoki’s baby when I first saw him. I was shocked.

Now that I think about it, who has he been sleeping with that he would think he could have a baby with???

Kagura is so adorable.

Random Okita cameo is always a good thing.

This is just too adorable.

Ships Tally:

GinKagu (she wanted to be the mommy to Gintoki’s “baby”. That has to mean something, right?)

GinTae (well, poor Sa-chan thought so)

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so darn amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, so I am truly grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


anonymous asked:

I don't think Rebecca is going to have Rob's baby. I think it's all too neat and nicely gift wrapped. Look at how well they kept the ONS under wraps. I think they are giving us the worst possible scenario so that they can shatter it and make us all so relieved and hopeful for the boys again. It's the 'push and pull' that Danny was talking about. They do something horrible, they dangle the possibility of making it worse, but when they don't we are so relieved that the first thing seems better.

You know, it’s funny you say this anon, because I was thinking yesterday about this idea yesterday - of how what we’re really reacting to, for the most part, right now is that tiny little last scene on Thursday.

If it had ended at Robert going in for a kiss and Rebecca walking away… well, my first instinct when I saw that scene was like… this hilarious level of relief. And then 5 seconds later I realised the episode wasn’t over and it was like being punched in the face.

(And then I sat there hiding behind a pillow muttering “NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE” to myself while I made this face 😬 lmao)

Anyways, my point being - everyone had been going on about them sleeping together for so long that the relief I felt at Robert still fully trying to sleep with someone and getting rejected was so strong. Like. In that scenario, Robert has STILL MASSIVELY FUCKED UP. The difference between that scenario and the one we actually got was Robert being manipulative and probably some actual p in actual v. But ultimately… in terms of Robert character development is it really that much worse than what we were expecting?

It was worse for us to watch, worse for us to have to experience the fallout of, but… the best case scenario for us was still going to be horrifically bad for Robert. I don’t think it would have felt that way though, because of the sheer relief everyone would have felt at little Robert not getting action with anyone whose name doesn’t begin with ‘A’ and end with ‘aron’.

Like. The idea that I was ready to basically celebrate Robert drunkenly trying it on with his ex and getting rejected is… sort of hilarious to me lmao.

It’s just so weird that such a tiny, tiny little scene could cause this much carnage, isn’t it? Idk I haven’t had coffee yet so I don’t know if I’m explaining myself properly. But. Yeah.

If they could just. Not go with the worst possible options going forward that would be much kinder on my heart 😂 I like your thinking though 😌

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When I started seeing the Nazaré meme on tumblr I freaked out, cause the first time I saw it was actually from someone who wasn't brazilian hahaha she's one of the most iconic soap opera characters!! I think it's more or less 15 years old now, but I remember watching it when I was just a kid (which I shouldn't, she literally killed 2 people pushing them down the stairs). Actually, just last week they started showing the soap opera again on the afternoons

I never gave a ton of thought to where it was from, I figured some movie (I thought the calculations were actually part of a scene!).

But it’s hilarious that she’s a Brazilian soap actress!  Wonder how she feels about the meme :)


Confession: when I saw the scene for the first time, my first thought was that the Ultimate Imposter was holding the real Ryota Mitarai captive and was forcing him to draw anime so he could pretend to be him at school.

I quickly realized that was not the case, but it’s still hilarious to me.

anonymous asked:

Could you make a manga cap post of Konatsu ripping the photograph of Kiku and Sukeroku in their play outfits in half (after remarking that Sukeroku was cool/good looking) from the first volume? (I forgot what chapter it was in, but I laughed so much when I saw that part)

Heck yeah, you got it anon (it’ll be up in just a second)

I almost forgot about that scene but it’s hilarious and i love it


“Remember where we parked the car.”

Okay wow. This looked a lot better in person than on camera. So I took three pictures of the same drawing so that it’s easier to see and all that good junk.
Anyways, I chose to do this scene from Zanta Claws 2 for the contest because it was the very first episode that I saw when I was 10 years old. And little me at the time thought that 6 planes stacked on top of each other with the gang’s car at the top was hilarious and made me hit the subscribe button.
I’ve enjoyed every Eddisode that has appeared and I can’t wait for The End part 2. It’s been one hell of a ride.