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Surely 2011 Homestuck wasn't that bad? I mean, it sounds like a gross exaggeration.

You want to hear how gross of an exaggeration it was? Because my post didn’t even do it justice.

It was March 2011 when the first semblances of Homestuck began to seep through the wood and metal of the convention circuit. The unsuspecting convention goers had absolutely no idea what they were in for as little groups of kids with grey makeup and orange candy corn horns started around the con halls. People were curious, hell I was curious, but that’s all it was. Morbid curiosity.

It was around the time [S] ==> Kanaya Return To The Core was released that people finally hitched on and started getting into it.

And dear god was it hell.

Homestuck completely invaded the convention circuit, bringing in crowds of people ages 11 to 31, and a majority of them were kids. There were meetups every month for every occasion at every place you could imagine. Homestucks started to completely take over convention halls to the point where the dealers room all but emptied out whenever a photoshoot started. Promstuck was established and became a cemented part of convention going. Gamzee’s flooded the con halls at one point after he went crazy and people tried to recreate sopor pies.

People were sitting in bathtubs trying to sharpie dye their skin grey. Karkat cosplayers were having actual literal buckets thrown at their heads. Nicki Minaj’s ‘Turn Me On’ was a national anthem that sparked a music video. Children screaming ‘Fuckass’ in the hallways as they got their unsealed paint all over the walls and floors. There was at least one hundred Dave cosplayers at every photoshoot, and Photoshoots looked like this:

You see that Squarewave in the middle of the group? That’s me controlling the crowd around me. You want another example? Here:

That Kanaya with the cape in the middle is also me. Not good enough for you? How about this:

This was convention Homestuck. This was true nightmare. If you saw a horde of Homestucks coming at you, you fucking ran. There were literally hundreds of Homestucks back in 2011.

A video of a group of cosplayers sitting in a restaraunt, passing around a bucket and spitting in it caused outrage for everyone.

And then there was the tumblr side of it.

AU’s popped up for every conceivable thing. Broadwaystuck, Circusstuck, Dormstuck, Sadstuck, Any fucking thing you could think of, you slapped -stuck onto the end of it and it immediately became a reality. There were countless ask blogs for every character imaginable and the Homestuck Hype was real.

When the Cascade flash aired it crashed Newgrounds for two days.

‘FIRST!’ cosplays were a thing, and if you managed to make one you were heralded as a god. The Alpha Kids came into existence and everyone raced to cosplay them and to see who could name them, who could be them first. Canon urls became sacred and if you had one you were god.

There was a literal fight for the jadeharley url

Updates were daily, multiple times daily. It was the start of Octopimp’s Eridan and Tavros voices, it was how he got popular. Broadwaystuck sweeped tumblr like a plague and the words ‘Let me tell you about Homestuck’ became a threat. It was around the time I formed The Rose Lalonde Homestuck Thesis. Everywhere you looked, there was Homestuck. Hussie’s girlfriend was sending cease and desist’s to fanartists, Whatpumpkin didn’t even have Tshirts on it’s website yet. People kept skipping the Intermission to get to the trolls. And then Cascade happened.

Then the fandom went on Hiatus. A Megapause, if you will.

And then things started calming down. Once 2013 started, it was as if nothing had ever happened. Homestuck was still there, sure, but it was muted. Controlled. Expectant. As if anything that could happen now wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what had already transpired. Now we are but a shadow of the chaos that once was.

2011 Homestuck is not a gross exaggeration my friend. I lived through it. I survived.

It was exactly as bad as it sounds.

Shawn's Atlanta Q&A Breakdown
  • "I feel very close to you guys. You guys know maybe too much about me." - Shawn
  • "What's one thing you've always wanted to ask a fan?
  • -Idk you guys pretty much tell me everything on twitter ahaha"
  • "Was it hard for you to stay away from drugs?
  • -*laughs* just stay away"
  • If Shawn wasn't touring right now, he would probably be at university and have no idea what to do with life
  • "Favorite song right now?
  • -"Morning" by Marc E. Bassy"
  • Shawn had to choose between making music or listening to others, and he chose to listen to their music instead
  • "Would you date a fan?
  • -Sure!!"
  • Shawn has played soccer for 5 years, and hockey for 2
  • he funniest thing Shawn saw recently on twitter, was when the fans were growing crazy about his loose curl
  • "What was your first thought in the morning?"
  • -My first thought was that I was in Atlanta!"
  • "Would you rather swim with sharks or go sky diving?
  • -Sky diving" he hates sharks
  • "what's your pet peeve?
  • - I don't know what my pet peeve is until someone does it"
  • in his free time, Shawn plays guitar and walks around the city. "It's lame, but sometimes it's just fun" in his free time, Shawn plays guitar and walks around the city. "It's lame, but sometimes it's just fun"
  • Fan: "Why aren't there any boys like you at my high school?"
  • Shawn: "Maybe you should move to Canada"
  • Shawn got his ears pierced when he was in grade 2! Woah
  • "Favorite book?
  • -Honestly, I think I've only read one book in my entire life"
love sick that is || racetrack higgins

believe the request was for some puke worth race fluff??

so here’s some cute race fluff, don’t know if it’ll make you sick but i tried

i think i broke some grammar rules but it’s all good 

enjoy and remember that requests are still open!

        You had this bad habit of blushing every time Race Higgins said anything in your direction. It was easy to cover up your rosy cheeks when you’d first become a Newsies, in the winter. But it was spring now, and the cold wasn’t harsh enough to turn you into a tomato anymore. And as you and the other Newsies became more and more comfortable with each other, Race not only spoke to you more often, he started to become more touchy-feely as well. Of course, it wasn’t anything outside of anyone’s comfort zone, he’d sling his arm around your shoulders or lean against you more when you sat next to each other, he did this to everyone. However, it made your cheeks go red and your hands shake every time he choose to do these to you. Not because it made you uncomfortable (you didn’t really have that option, given the boys you live and work with), but because you wanted more.

        Race was getting a different impression from you. Every time he said something to you, you would turn away and mumble in response. Every time he touched you in anyway, even if he just bumped arms with you, you would flinch or look at him with wide eyes. This actually made him rather sad. He thought you were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and whenever you were around he got excited. But it didn’t seem like you shared his feelings. This wasn’t going to stop the curly haired fella. He was determined to make you like him. 

        One fine morning, Race had insisted that you sell with him. In fact, as soon as he saw you stirring in your bed, he’d marched right over to you and informed you that you would be spending the day with him. Well actually it had come out more as “I’m ya new sellin’ partna n’ Jojo can jus’ piss off”. Jojo, whom like the rest of the Newsies, could clearly see that both of you were trying to start something, put up no fight. You were surprised, excited that Race wanted to hang out with you and a little hurt that Jojo had just brushed it off, but you choose not to dwell on it. 

        Now you were at the Sheepshead Races, where Race had earned his name. Maybe selling with Race had been a better idea than you thought, the people here didn’t think twice about buying from a girl, eager to get back to the matches. But lunchtime, you had sold almost half of your papes. 

        “Aye (y/n/n), let’s go get sum'din ta eat, I’m starvin’!” Race said over the general commotion of the crowd. You nodded, feeling hungry as well. You followed Race out of the track’s bleachers and out onto the street. As soon as you were out of the noise zone, your stomach growled loudly. Race chuckled and you could feel the rushing, or should one say racing, to your face. “Looks sum'one’s hungry.”

        Your face was practically glowing now, you looked down, not wanting to display your embarrassment in front of handsome Newsie. You couldn’t believe your stomach would betray you like that! Well, it wasn’t that hard to believe seeing as you probably didn’t eat as much as you should, but it wasn’t like you could help it! Race’s mischievous expression fell to one of concern.

        “What’re ya sick or sum'tin? Ya feelin’ alright?” Race stopped you and felt your forehead. You didn’t know how to respond. It was either that you would have to tell him that you had a crush on him and would very much like to kiss him right here and now thank you very much, or you could lie and say that you weren’t feeling very hot. You were very tempted to go with the latter, but you knew that he would make you go back to the Lodging House and then he’d stay with you until you “felt better”. You couldn’t afford to loose the money you wouldn’t make if you lied. Not to mention that Davey would no doubt magically appear by your side and mother over you for a good two weeks. You stared into his bright, searching eyes. They reminded you of the sky on an especially clear day. 

        “You have really pretty eyes!” You blurted out. Involuntarily, your own eyes flickered down to his lips. Currently, your face could win a bright-off with the sun. Race looked taken-a-back for a moment. Then he slowly began to smirk. Your brain was frantic. ’Oh god, oh my god, this isn’t happening’. The hand that lay on your forehead slid down to the back of your head, another hand found your waist. 

        “So ya are sick. Ya love sick!” He smirked triumphantly. Part of you wanted to grin and throw something clever back, the other part of you wanted to vanish into thin air. You were debating between the two (even though you could never actually vanish), when suddenly Racetrack Higgins was kissing you. And then you were kissing back. A weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. You could tell that Race felt the same. The only reason you finally broke apart was for air. Panting slightly, Race grinned you, “Is dat why youse is always so skittish whenevers I’m around youse?” You nodded sheepishly, feeling a little bad. He must have thought you didn’t like him. Which was not the case, you more than liked him. He leaned in close, his lips almost touching your ear, “I'se suppose it’s a good ting dat love sickness is contagious." 

        You pulled away from him, cocking an eyebrow. Did he really feel the same way or did he just want a make out buddy. Of course, you would be happy to supply him with the ladder, but you really wanted something out of this. "Race, do you actually mean that or are you just using an excuse to have someone to kiss?" 

        Race blinked a few times, surprised by your question. "O’ course I means dat. I ain’t gunna use you. I honestly thinks dat you are the most beautiful goil I have ever seen an’ damn you can sell dem papes. I like dat in a goil!” You were about to say something else when your stomach reminded you what time it was. “I think we’s better get you sumthin’ ta eat”

        This time when you blushed, Race realized it was the most adorable damn thing. He released you from his hold and grabbed your hand. Tingles shot up through both of your arms. Race’s goofy grin got even wider because this time when he touched you, you didn’t shy away from him. For the first time in a long time, Race felt butterflies in his stomach. Gosh, you really must be something special.

Dogs of Future Past  - Part 22

And it’s another new part of Dogs of Future Past that’s written! Sans and Timedog attempt some form of communication, but might raise more questions than answers…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

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Creepypasta #1258: I Shouldn't Have Tried Crystal Pepsi

Length: Long

Remember a while ago when there was some big thing about people having Crystal Pepsi? I don’t remember exactly when, or what the big deal was, but I remember when my friend offered me a can.

Apparently his dad had several cases​ sitting in his work shed.

Now the thing about my friend Dominic is that his parents are weird. It was a little off-putting. His mother collected porcelain dolls and fancy plates. His father collected soda merchandise and coins. They were really intense about their collections, but they were never ones to waste money.

I don’t think anyone else in the neighborhood had near the same amount of savings as the Price family. They were extremely responsible with their money, and weren’t against selling valuable pieces of their collections. They both worked steady, well paying jobs, and they lived in a house well below their means. They didn’t spend frivolously just because they could, they planned to have a nice sum to guide them through retirement.

Dominic Price wasn’t as serious as his parents though. Part of why we were friends was his amazing sense of humor, he was one of the funniest people I knew. He was adventurous, and throughout the years we’d gotten into all sorts of trouble together. We were infamous among the neighborhood.

That’s besides the point though, because on this day all our infamous duo was doing was taking one can of Crystal Pepsi from one of the many cases that were stacked in the back corner of the work shed.

To keep a short story short, we drank a can in the shed. It tasted weird, and it was just a general waste of time. There was one interesting thing I noticed in the shed while we looked around, it was an old keychain with the Pepsi logo on it. It was pretty cool looking.

Dom suddenly picked up the keychain and tossed it at me. “Want it? Dad’s got a million, he’ll never notice.”

I nodded and pocketed the keychain as we left. I knew I shouldn’t have taken it, but I did anyways. It was almost like it was a gift from Dom. Anyways, I walked out with a neat trinket, and Dom finished off the gross pop. I didn’t think much of our little shed escapade, except to worry that Mr. Price would find out and be upset.

It was a week later when I sat down with the Price family for dinner, and my anxiety over being caught was validated.

“Have you two been in my work shed recently?” Mr. Price spoke casually, as though he was used to people entering his shed without permission.

I looked to Dominic for his reply, because I had no idea if we planned on telling the truth.

“Yea, we tried out one of the Crystal Pepsi’s last weekend,” he admitted.

His father nodded, and asked that we get permission before going into his shed. The rest of dinner went smoothly, but I couldn’t help but still feel nervous that Mr. Price knew about what I’d taken.

When I left the house that night I could swear Mr. Price glared at me as we said goodbye. I didn’t sleep well that night. I brushed it off as guilt over the petty theft, but the sounds freaked me out. I kept hearing a noise which sounded like someone pacing outside my bedroom window.

Over the next week I wished my room was located on a higher floor, because I swore that something was outside. It tapped and scratched at my window, and several nights I saw a silhouette standing out on the lawn. I was afraid, I thought that maybe Mr. Price was trying to scare me into a confession.

If that was the case, it worked. I showed up at their home on a Saturday afternoon, but Dom was out. I admitted that I was actually there to see Mr. Price. We walked into his living room together, and each sat in a chair. I pulled the keychain from my pocket.

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Hate You (Wonho)

Originally posted by the-xclan

Chapter 2

Previously: |Chapter 1|


Wonho x Reader

Genre: Romance

“Well, you’re no ray of sunshine to be with either,” Wonho grumbled. Instantly, rage flowed through me. Maybe I wasn't a ‘ray of sunshine’ to him because he was constantly rude to me. Constantly irritating me. Who does he think he is?

I stomped past the shelving unit on my way to him. He’d decided to stretch out on the love seat. Selfish bastard. “Excuse me?” I waited for his reply while he leaned his head back against the wall, but all he did was close his eyes and laugh. Nothing angered me more. ”Why are you ignoring me,” I demanded.

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Let it Bee

Second part to Bees Sting, there will be more!

Negan x Bee (reader’s nickname)

1700 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, sexual innuendo, Bee’s mental illness

If you want to be tagged, or asked to be tagged and I didn’t, please let me know!

@negans-network, @ladyhawk4133, @jenniegs, @memphisgirl1977, @mwesterfeld1985

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anonymous asked:

Scenario of Akashi when his s/o is kinda sick or in some kind of physical pain and refuses to eat or even talk due to discomfort, but when Akashi checks on her later on she's trying her best to eat the food he brought her because she feels guilty for making him sad about her condition or smth, I hope that wasn't too detailed lol thanks ;)

woah that was rly soft fam my heART

“Please, at least take a few spoons.” he begged. 

You’ve been going through a hard time ever since the surgery you got and as much as he wants to give you your time and space, you weren’t making it easy for him. 

Not when you won’t even drink or eat anything to help yourself get better sooner. You weren’t taking care of yourself properly and he hates seeing you like this. You looked tired, frail and weak.

As happy as he was you were finally out of the hospital and back home, he wished you wouldn’t slack on yourself but make sure you’re getting and doing everything you need to become better.

You were the one person he’d do anything for, literally. He just wants to see you happy and healthy in life.

“I know you’re going through a hard time right now, but you cannot keep doing this. As much as I wanna see you become better and help you, you’ll need to wanna help yourself first.” he sighed.

You didn’t say anything but instead avoided looking him in the eye.

He put the food he had brought for you earlier on the table in front of you and stood up.

He gave you a kiss on the head and whispered “I love you.” before leaving the room to give you some time alone. 

You wanted to cry for having such a sweet and wonderful boyfriend. You truly did appreciate everything he’ve done and keeps doing for you. You wouldn’t trade him for the world. 

You know you haven’t been the greatest to him lately, you barely even said a few words to him. You just hated being like this, not being able to do everything together like you used to. You hated feeling weak and unable to have as much fun as you used to.

You knew it was only a matter of time until you get better and become your normal self again, but right now it was a bit hard to act like your usual self.

As much as you hated feeling this way, you hated seeing Akashi worried a whole lot more. 

You grabbed the food he got for you and started eating it.  

Little did you know Akashi was actually standing there all along. It’s true he did leave but not too far away, just enough to check up on you where you couldn’t see him. 

The minute he saw you reach out for the spoon, his lips formed into a smile and his heart felt at ease once again. 

He was so lost in his thoughts until he heard your voice. 

“Owwwwww. Ahh, ouch!” you groaned. 

You were sitting on the couch as he ran to you and bent down, cupping your face in his hands.

With his face full of worry, “What’s wrong? What is it? Where does it hurt?” he asked.

You started giggling and cupped his face back. 

“Did you really think I had no idea you were there all along Sei?” you laughed.

You jumped onto his lap and hugged him as tight as you could. 

“I’m really lucky to have you, you mean the world to me Seijuro.” you whispered.

The One Who Corrupted Thomas Sanders (Part 1)

Warnings: None… I think

Tag list: @musicphanpie-b, @imin-loveanon, @ordinary-chaos, @sandersandthesides, @ajumbleofwords, @demonickittykat, @zadi-jyne, @serenefreakgeek, @fandons-mangoes, @leesacrakon, @gayfagg, @tree4life25, @ilovemygaydad, @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet, @kittyboof8

Notes: And here it is! Another series! I’ve had this idea for a long time, but I couldn’t figure out a way to start it. Until a few weeks ago. I’m really excited to see all your reactions to this new series (: enjoy!

Read on AO3 here

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Fight To Get Him Back

Written By: @albinokittens300

Rating: T

Prompt 16: Au where hijacked Peeta is told he killed Katniss and has to deal with the guilt of killing the only girl he’s ever loved, and then later once he’s mostly back to himself he’s told she’s actually fine [submitted by Anonymous].

Summary: Katniss and Prim decide to work with District 13 to try and recover Peeta form his Hijacked state. But when he is told he killed her when he choked her and goes through grief, confusion and pain, will they be able to let him know Katniss is okay? And she’s right with him through all of it, fighting for him?

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thetourguidebarbie  asked:

kc canon-ish + sure they're "just friends then" and she wasn't q u i t e ready for him to show her the world (yet), but she was hungry and that girl that she saw get a bit too handsey with klaus at the bar looked delicious okay??

okay, this turned out wayy longer than planned. almost 4k for something that was supposed to be around 1k. eh. bonnie and caroline friendship! post 5x11. no babies. actually includes some plot. smut, so nsfw.

ff. ao3.

Caroline hadn’t planned on coming to New Orleans after she’d left Mystic Falls. Not for a very long time, at the very least. She knew she would eventually. Knew she’d seek him out, but she wanted a few decades, if not more, to roam the world first. She wanted to figure out who she was.

However, she’d barely had time to enjoy all New York had to offer, when Bonnie had appeared, with wild hair and bright eyes, as she’d been roaming around the streets.

The witch had almost startled her, which was… weird, to say the least.

“Bonnie,” she’d exclaimed, before her lips curled upwards, a grin splitting her face. “What are you-”

“Are you busy?” Bonnie had cut in.


“I’m headed to New Orleans,” Bonnie had told her, “and I was hoping that my partner in crime would want to follow me.”

“New Orleans?” She’d raised an eyebrow, her voice raising slightly. “What the hell are you doing there?”

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angelface273  asked:

Can I ask why the guidance counselor's assistant wanted to fight you to the point of stalking? This wasn't Recruiter Scott or whatever his name was, was it? Why did you have multiple adult stalkers that's really fucked up btw

You are thinking of a different blog with the stalker recruiter story sorry, I’m like 98% sure it was @ gallusrostromegalus. 

But anyway- the Assistant. It was a brand new job for her and she wanted to do Really Well. There were a couple of guidance counselors at the school, and I’m not sure if she was working for all of them or just my specific guy, but. I was apparently the only transfer student or something that year (10th grade) so she literally latched on to me. It was so weird. Like at first it was just sorta, oh, okay, she just wants to make sure I’m adjusting to the new school well, okay. But then she just…wouldn’t leave me alone? Like she kept showing up outside of my classes to talk to me, and she kept pulling me out of lunch to make me eat with her so we could discuss how stuff was going. But then she’d be like…Molly, you aren’t making any friends! What’s the problem? And I’d be like, you literally keep pulling me out of lunch where I have an entire table full of friends who are wondering where I am! But she never believed me??? Because I was sitting at an all senior table (two of the girls I knew thru theater) and she like. Didn’t believe seniors would be my friends or something?

And she just kept doing stuff like this like…I got into an academic problem at one point because my history teacher forgot to grade an important essay, but before my meeting with him she was on a tangent about how my grades are constantly in peril of failing (they weren’t) and even after the teacher showed up and literally said, “Sorry, this was my mistake, I remember Molly’s essay on Roanoke very well, I can’t believe I forgot to enter the grade” she was like…still acting like it was my fault? Like I acted irresponsibly somehow that made him forget to enter the grade for a paper I turned in and he read? And she did this with all my classes. Like she just kept really over exaggerating how bad I was doing in them (Like, I was only really having any issues in math and science, and none of those issues were Failure Worthy, like, I was still a pretty average student?) She kept trying to call Academic Emergency Meetings™ with like me, my mom and the teachers and every time they’d be like “She’s fine why are we here” it was so weird. 

I think the problem was she probably had a hold of my transcripts- when I switched school’s they made me come in to take an aptitude test or an iq test or something, and I got a REALLY HIGH score on that and the school was all excited and kept telling me about their honors programs, but then they got the transcripts of my grades and were like “oh. Well. Why don’t we start you off in a nice normal class”. And I think she must’ve probably saw that and determined I wasn’t applying myself or something, but the actual problem was just I Was That Unfortunate Kid Who Did Bad On Standardized Tests No Matter What. Like, give me a paper or a report and I’m fine, but tests just never worked out for some reason, it was so annoying. But of course that’s a Ridiculous Excuse, Molly, and I think she must’ve come up with the idea that like if she can make me try harder I’d be an amazing student and she could take all the credit for it? 

So it gets to the point where this woman is following me from class to class, badgering me the whole way about how I must be the laziest student she’s ever seen, and then she keeps pulling me out of lunch to complain even more about how I’m not applying myself or putting myself out there enough and that’s why I can’t find a place to fit in at the school, because obviously the fact some woman was stealing literally ALL of my free time had absolutely nothing to do with that, that’d be ridiculous. This went on the ENTIRE first semester. 

And as I mentioned in the post I referenced this lady in- I had a partially torn Achilles tendon that wasn’t healing properly, so I was really slacking in gym class. Like, I just really need to paint the picture of why I was putting off gym class: I was told to stay off my feet as much as possible. But this was a BIG SCHOOL (the distract blew like all their money on it making it the huge and ridiculous with way too many features and then they were like ‘wow oops suddenly we’re poor’). I had classes all over the school. So even if I didn’t have gym one day, it’d still be enough walking that my ankle would be swollen by the time I got home. And the gym classes were like “run laps for six minutes and then do ridiculous amounts of stretches until the teacher gets bored and then get shoved into a game of soccer or whatever with the most competitive kids in the school”, and then the big ‘final’ grade for the semester was to run the mile in however many minutes. And if I can’t get through gym class without tapping out or heading to the nurse’s office, there’s no way I could have run a mile. So, I kept putting it off. The gym teacher’s still weren’t accepting my story without a doctor’s note, so I just, uh, started getting the stomach bug on days they rescheduled it to. And here’s the thing- like 97% of gym class is just showing up. By all means, I was passing gym class. If I just didn’t run the mile, it wouldn’t have even brought me to a failing grade, it just wouldn’t have been a grade up to the standard’s of this ridiculously fitness obsessed high school (I remember when I told them my 9th grade school didn’t have gym class, they all looked like they were gonna have a stroke from the sheer shock of it). 

So this lady, who is 100% stalking me by this point, to the point where teachers and other students are asking me wtf is going on, I’d walk out and see her and literally feel sick I was getting so annoyed- but she’s loosing her shit about this gym thing. She kept trying to convince me that I was making the biggest mistake of my life by ditching the mile (and like first off, she had no proof I hadn’t been sick, so I was insulted by that), that not running the mile was going to leave a permanent stain on my record, this was totally going to effect my entire academic career, they were going to SUSPEND me if I didn’t run it, and like…I am a shy ass person!!! I couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone for help with this situation because the concept of talking to people was scary!!! Like, my mom new it was a Problem but she figured it was just because I was a new student. I definitely knew what was going on was an issue, but I was like 15 and couldn’t figure out how to stand up for myself and get her to leave me alone. I take ‘being polite’ to the point of a character flaw, sometimes. 

So, one day, after pulling me out of class like five times to tell me I absolutely have to go to this mile run, because it’s the last after-school scheduled one before they like, I don’t know, kill me and sacrifice my body fat to the gods or something, I’m trying to sneak onto the bus because dude. My ankle was visibly throbbing. You could literally SEE it moving it hurt so bad. This woman intercepted me and like practically dragged me to the track- which was, of course: To the front office, out a secret side door, across two parking lots, up five different flights of steps, and down a winding path before we FINALLY get to the track- and I’m trying to like, not be forced into this, like hey teachers, would you just literally look at my leg for a moment- And this woman fucking snaps. Starts going off like, I’m a bitch and an awful student and incapable of making friends, I’m too lazy and I’m never gonna succeed in life, she spent like!!! 10 minutes telling me that I’m the worst person to exist!!! It was so fucking ridiculous. I tried to speak up for myself at that point, which just enraged her more and like, you could tell she was getting ready to physically fight me. Like this woman was literally going to pounce on me, one of the teacher’s made her leave at that point and she just stormed off. So I’m like, Totally Not Crying and can barely walk and just almost got punched by a guidance counselor, but, oh, well, you missed your bus, and in the time it’ll take for your mother to come get you, you might as well just run the mile!!!! 

I was LIMPING by the end of it (and I finished like, 20 minutes after the other students that had to make it up, so I got a bad grade on it ANYWAY). I was then left to my own devices to get back to the front of the school where my mother was to pick me up, and I wasn’t very well acquainted with the outside of the building yet, so after getting turned around more times than I’m proud of I finally get there, literally crawling and Totally Not Crying. 

My mom called my guidance counselor the next day and like- honestly, this poor man. He was this tiny old, Mister Roger’s knock-off who barely spoke above a whisper. My mom literally M U R D E R E D him oh my God the other people in the front office could hear her yelling through his phone. 

I don’t know if the lady got fired or if the school just did a Very Good Job at keeping her away from me, but I never saw her again after that. She was not missed. 

anonymous asked:

Seen what GRRM said about Beric Dondarrion? He said he's a fire wight. So Jon having been resurrected in the same way, by a R'hllor's priest too is a fire wight himself (he's not ice and wasn't revived in ice in spite of what D&D have been trying to push). He's undead. Beric and LSH don't need to eat and don't feel cold. They're undead and so is Jon How can he have a sex drive and be able to get it up and produce kids? Another one of D&D's own inventions that make no narrative sense.

So Beric and Jon died and were resurrected by R'hllor through a fire priest. It’s canon that Beric is a fire wight, unbeating heart, blood doesn’t flow, doesn’t eat, drink, sleep. He’s an undead. So how come neither Jon’s body nor his personality has been affected by his death? He didn’t even warg into Ghost to keep his soul intact on the show. Yet another case of D&D flunking it, making something pointless. It’s a cop out. How can he be fertile and his dick even work when he’s an undead?

Jon is an undead, confirmed by GRRM. He can no longer feel love, his organs don’t function, he doesn’t have sexual needs, he can’t impregnate a woman. He’s a wight revived in fire. He’s ice and fire. Ice (Starks, The North, The Wall) and Fire (Targaryens, fire resurrection, R'hllor’s champion).

Okay, so I am going to answer all three of you wet blankets with one anon so I don’t spam my followers haha.

1.    First thing I am going to address is the idea that since Beric and LSH are fire wights, Jon must be one. This is not necessarily true.

In show!canon we have already seen, as you three eagerly point out, that like Beric and LSH, Jon was revived by a priestess of R’hllor. So that being the case, why doesn’t GRRM mention Jon in this interview when he is discussing fire wights? If anyone resurrected by R’hllor is a fire wight, shouldn’t Jon be one too? But GRRM doesn’t mention Jon. Because anyone paying close attention can see that that isn’t the case.

When Beric is resurrected numerous times by Thoros, no sacrifice is required for this to take place. It is an almost commonplace occurrence. But Jon’s resurrection is different. We know from Mirri Maz Duur that “death pays for life.” That being the case, Shireen’s death paid for Jon Snow’s life. We see her executed with fire by Melisandre/Stannis and then we see that R’hllor offers nothing to Stannis or his army for this sacrifice. Melisandre’s reward for that act is the ability to restore life to Jon.

Even Carice van Houten has confirmed that Shireen’s sacrifice is what brought Jon back. She mentioned in an interview that she believes that fandom has forgiven Melisandre for the horrific act of killing Shireen because it allowed her to bring Jon back. And death pays for life, suggesting that Jon is alive.

2.    Jon shares none of these symptoms of undeath that you all mention. If fire wights don’t eat, drink, or sleep, can you please explain to me why we see Jon sharing a pint with sis?

Or why would he be eating the Night’s Watch food, the food that is apparently disgusting (since Sansa stares at it suspiciously and Edd apologizes for the quality)? Jon isn’t eating for fun or to put on a show for anyone. These are his closest friends and allies. He’s eating because he has to. Because he’s not undead.

Additionally, if none of Jon’s organs are functioning, how is he healing? We know that Beric’s eye doesn’t heal, that LSH’s horrible neck gash doesn’t go away. But Jon’s facial scar heals.

Check out this progression from the moment of resurrection through season 6.

^Episode 6.02

^Episode 6.04

^Episode 6.10

Below is a shot of Jon in the “Long Walk” promo for season 7. You’ll notice his scar is healed considerably, almost gone.

And below is another season 7 promo still of Jon. Scar is faded drastically from early season 6.

So it’s clear Jon’s body is functioning.

As to the claim that Jon, “can’t feel love,” I absolutely don’t believe that either, and there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Would a man who can’t feel love give long, lingering hugs to his sister?

Would he gallop across a battlefield alone to save his doomed little brother?

Originally posted by weiledudrink

No. No, he wouldn’t. But Jon does both those things because he’s still Jon. He’s still the man we know and love. He’s not some zombie.

3.    Jon is the Prince that Was Promised. There is a lot of evidence of this in book and show and this post is more about why Jon is not a zombie fire wight than it is about TPTWP so I won’t go into too much detail but if you believe that Jon is TPTWP (which I do) then it follows that he is a magical sort of being who is obviously more than a simple fire wight, and who would be an exception to any of the normal rules of resurrection. Melisandre believes he is TPTWP and she is the one who was able to revive him. This matters.

And let’s say just to be fair to you that Jon is some sort of fire wight. We know that there are exceptions to wight rules and rules about the undead in general. All ice wights we have seen are pretty much just zombies, completely enslaved to the will of the Night King. All except one—Benjen. So if Benjen is able to be a sentient ice wight who follows none of the rules of ice wights, then Jon, our main character, can be resurrected in the mode of fire wights and still absolutely be a living, breathing man who is still capable of sex and love.

Thanks for the asks!

P.S. @mudinyourlungs I saw someone asking your about this and @oadara I’m sure you’ll get similar asks so maybe my thoughts would be of interest to your guys :)

The First Day

by sunsetsrmydreams

To Jessa, who blew up our world with a tiny drabble inspired by a grocery store. Thank you for being so encouraging!  

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ultranos  asked:

So, you mentioned a Wayne Tech science fair. So, of course, this means Bruce would have to meet smol Alex. Can you tell us about the scenario were Bruce's is like "this kid's good" and Kara is all "YOU CAN'T HAVE HER, BATS"? (Meanwhile, Diana has wandered over and is now instructing a tiny, gleeful Danvers on the finer points of swordplay)

Of all the things Kara expects to see at the WayneTech Young Innovators Expo…

Bruce Wayne is not one of them.

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It Wasn't Getting Drunk I Loved, It Was Being With You (Rafael Barba)


Request for anon: im the one who requested either carisi or barba for the friends to lovers and i would love a drunk kissing one!!! that like maybe turns smutty when they get sober WUT. lololol 

A while back, @moresvuheadcanons was going through some hard stuff, and I promised I’d write her a little something about Rafael comforting a reader (I actually think I still have my handwritten notes for that fic somewhere). Since nothing I was trying to wrote for that was working, Caitlin, this one’s for you and I hope you enjoy it! 

Also, thanks to @am-i-right-counselor for her help!

This didn’t turn smutty, but I think i was able to make it gender neutral? I don’t think I added any pronouns.

Originally posted by sherrykinss

When you first made your move from Vice to SVU, you weren’t quite sure how handling these types of cases would affect you. You were determined to never get too close to a case, though, and you were fine, for the most part. The cases were disgusting and disheartening, you dealt with the absolute worst kinds of perps, and witnessed things that made your stomach turn, but still you pushed through, case after case. However, after one particularly sickening case involving a neglected child and the Department of Child Services, you reached your breaking point.

After the trial, you found yourself at a bar, nursing a drink. The trial went well, considering; the DCS was going to undergo a revamping, but still, you felt as though justice had not been served. Keisha was still dead, and poor Bruno was in foster care. He was better off there than with his dead-beat mother, but you still felt for the kid. It made you sick.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw someone take the bar stool next to you. You turned your head to see that Barba had taken it, and was shimmying out of his suit jacket, “Looks like we had the same idea, detective.”

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anonymous asked:

I just saw a photo of Leo looking at Ravi all happy and in love, while Ravi wasn't paying attention, and you're doing this prompt thing; can I request "Things you said when you thought I didn't love you back?" or something around that? Thank you in advance.

It didn’t take long for Wonsik to gain the sense that he’d done something wrong. The whole dorm seemed to know it from the way Taekwoon was explicitly avoiding him. It had him thumbing through his recent memories, all the time they’d spent together, for some kind of fuck up. He couldn’t find anything though; in fact, Taekwoon seemed more than happy to be around him.

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Wasn’t Expecting That


Summary: Poe flirts with Finn, but he barely reacts.

A/N: Based on this prompt. Sorry if the cheesy ending makes you cringe. I hope you’ll like it nevertheless.

Words: 1 794

Poe would like to think he was a rather straight forward person. Subtle just wasn’t a word that he was frequently associated with. He was aware of this, and it didn’t bother him. Trying to remain mysterious would just be time consuming, and unnecessarily so, as he found it both boring and frustrating. But he’d noticed that Finn was making it very hard to be clear about his feelings without having to sit him down and practically tell him. Poe had his own reservations, after all, and he prefered flirting with people just to see if the sentiment could be somewhat reciprocated before he put all the cards on the table.

The problem was that he couldn’t read Finn’s response, and thus he had no idea how he felt. He’d always found it annoying that other people weren’t as transparent as he was.

“You’re up early,” he told the younger man in greeting as he entered the kitchen.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Maven! I'm not sure if you've talked about this before, or if this is too personal a question, but I was wondering how your asexuality played into your love of vampires growing up? And I'm talking even before Twilight. Was the equation of vampires with sex, and the assertion of "sex as a basic need we all must have" bother you at one point? Or was it just a thing you accepted even if it wasn't necessarily what drew you to vampire stories in the first place? I hope this question makes sense!

Hmmm that’s a really interesting question. Though, first off, “even before Twilight” as if I had a Twilight phase?? I was 23 when I read Twilight. I was well past “growing up” thank you :P 

But seriously, hmm… To be honest, I was MUCH more into Phantom of the Opera growing up than I was into Vampires. And Phantom is a WHOLE discussion when it comes to sexuality, but I won’t go there for now. I was super into Christopher Pike’s The Last Vampire series at a very formidable age, though (13ish?) so I’m going to focus on that as I consider this question. 

The Last Vampire stars Sita/Alyssa as a 6000 year old sexy blond sexually secure vampire badass. I idolized her because she was POWERFUL and I think her security in her sexuality was definitely part of that. But it wasn’t the sexy/romantic stuff that appealed to me, it was the POWER. And I think a lot of my relationship with sexuality comes back to power. As I matured and saw all my peers becoming involved in hormones and such, and felt separate from it, it gave me a sense of power to be “above” all that. I felt like they all had a weakness I was immune to. This made me a total snob, and kind of a bitch at points, but thankfully I eventually matured out of that. But growing up in a society that equated sexual desirability with value, I was conditioned that if I were to make myself sexually desirable, I would therefore be more valuable, even if I did not find any enjoyment in the means to the end. But looking at a vampire like Sita, I could also equate that sexuality with a sense of power that DID excite and appeal to me. Even though nothing about it was arousing, it was still attractive. Does it make sense that those can be completely separate? You can think something is really cool and awesome and desirable without it being a turn on in ANY way, you know?

Another aspect to the vampire is something I discussed in one of my recent videos. The nature of the vampire often REPLACES sex with blood drinking, and even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I think this is definitely part of what made me feel a kinship with them. This is most major in Anne Rice vampires and I got super into when I was 16-17. To imagine that there was this other “thing” that one could magically be made to “feel” by the act of becoming a supernatural creature that was analogous to the “thing” I don’t feel but everyone else in the world around me seems to feel was appealing. Like there was an imaginary way to be “involved” without actually having to endure the thing that repulsed me. Of course, this is totally weird because the literal thought of drinking blood DOES repulse me. But the idea that it WOULDN’T if one was a vampire, and would in fact be suddenly magically this amazing experience, was intriguing. So I wrote a lot of fanfiction about it…

As far as what drew me to vampire stories in the first place… It was always the characters and their relationships. These complex amazing people (Sita, and the Anne Rice characters) who just HAPPENED to be vampires. I think it was just good writing. And a gothic atmosphere. That atmosphere has always appealed to me even back before I discovered Phantom (which, lbr, was my gateway into most things). I’ve had an affinity for the dark side since way before I can remember… Though my mom reading me Edgar Allen Poe as bedtime stories might have had something to do with it. 

ahumanfemale  asked:

Ahem... in the episode Sheltered Outcast I really feel like Sonny wasn't treated very well by his team members. Rollins was really the only one showing him any real concern and that just feels wrong to me. He's him and he's great and he deserves better. Could you write something about Sonny sharing that with Rafael once he's home and Barba trying to provide comfort while hiding that he's actually furious? xoxo, AHF


Poor sweet baby. That whole experience really took a toll on him. He deserves to be appreciated and worried after, and Rafael does both oh so well for him.

Literally the first night that Sonny’s home once the case is closed is spent on the couch, Sonny safely tucked away into Rafael’s arms. He sleeps most of the night, because baby’s exhausted of course, but it’s fitful and Rafael can tell that he’s having nightmares. Sonny will start whining in his sleep, or moving around against Rafael’s chest, and Rafael has to hold him down and press his lips firmly against Sonny’s temple to get him to fall back into some semblance of sleep.

It tears Rafael apart, seeing Sonny like that – knowing that the horrors of what he had to say and what he had to do are still so present in his mind that he can’t even escape them in sleep. The man never knew that one’s heart could so tangibly ache inside of one’s chest until he opened the door and saw Sonny standing there for the first time in so many days, dark circles under his eyes and shoulders hunched as he stood.

And Rafael didn’t want to make him talk about it, not right then, not when he so clearly needed food, and sleep, so as he pulls Sonny back from another nightmare, he promises to himself that he’ll ask Sonny about it tomorrow.

Rafael, unfortunately, doesn’t have the next day off like Sonny does, so he leaves his boyfriend at the apartment that morning with affection and a promise to leave the office early for once in order to cook them both dinner later.

That little promise does, at least, bring a glimpse of a smile to his sunshine’s face.

He arrives home in the evening, bearing groceries and a bottle of wine, to an apartment that’s altogether too quiet considering the fact that Sonny’s home. Rafael sets the groceries on the kitchen counter, worry growing by the second until he hears someone yell out from the direction of the bedroom.

Rafael rushes down the hall, only to find Sonny, thrashing about in bed, the covers thrown completely off of him as his arms and long legs fly, yelling out once again.

Without a second thought at the hazards that Sonny’s flailing limbs present, Rafael sits down on the bed next to him, putting both hands on Sonny’s face and shushing him. 

His movements get less violent at the first whisper of Rafael’s voice, so Rafael continues with that until Sonny’s stopped moving altogether. He just continues to shush him, and whisper, and hum, saying, “Sonny, you’re okay. You’re okay, you’re here, you’re with me. You’re okay, sweetheart, try and relax.”

Once Sonny’s settled down, he starts to wake up a little bit at the sound of Rafael’s voice, eyelashes fluttering open groggily as Rafael tries his best to muster up a smile for his Sonny to wake up to. 

He presses his lips to Sonny’s forehead gently, whispers playfully, “Hey, look who’s awake. I got things to make dinner. Shrimp scampi, you’re favorite. I’m going to go start that now, and you take all the time you need in getting up, okay? Come out to the kitchen when you’d like.”

So Rafael leaves him there with another press of lips, and makes his way back out to the kitchen to give himself a moment to breathe and to start cooking their dinner.

Eventually Sonny makes his way out of the bedroom, and he looks at least a fraction better than he did the night before – the circles under his eyes aren’t as dark, and he’s standing up straighter, but Rafael can still see the haunted look in his eyes that tells him that he’s not the Sonny that left the apartment all those days ago, and Rafael will be damned if he doesn’t help Sonny through that.

So he checks the shrimp and the pasta once more to make sure that they’re cooking properly before turning to Sonny, who’s leaning against the counter across from him, and asking softly, “Will you talk to me about it?”

Sonny sighs, and sags further against the counter, not meeting Rafael’s eyes as he asks, “What do you wanna know?”

Rafael reaches forward and circles his fingers around Sonny’s bony wrist to pull him closer; only once he has Sonny pressed against him, Sonny safe in his arms does he continue, “Everything. I want to know everything. Every single thing you had to say, or do, that’s so clearly hurting you inside. You can’t bottle this up, okay? So I will sit here, and listen, and shut my mouth for once because I want to know what happened that has my sunshine hurting so much.”

Sonny still looks wary at the idea, but Rafael saw that quirk of the lips – he knows that Sonny loves it when he calls him “sunshine”, as ridiculous as the nickname is. He knows that Sonny loves being the sole thing that holds Rafael’s heart enough to actually pull such a saccharine nickname out of him.

So Sonny talks. He tells Rafael everything.

He tells him about having to pretend that he had a “secret thrill” for looking at pictures of children, he tells him about having to cozy up with the some of the most vile creatures that he’d ever known, he tells him about his guilt for feeling sorry for Casky, he tells Rafael everything with tears in his eyes, and Rafael knows that his fingers are digging into the small of Sonny’s back hard enough to bruise, but he doesn’t care.

Rafael didn’t think it could get any worse until Sonny says, “And–and you know what the worst part of the whole thing was, Rafi? I don’t think the lieu or Fin gave one lick about how I was handling the whole thing. And it’s like…I know that it was my job, I know that they were both focused on us catching the guy who was hurting those girls, but…it just stung, you know? I’m not the new guy anymore, and I know it’s only been a year, but we’ve still been through a lot together, all of us. So I guess it just…I dunno, would’ve been nice if they’d asked me how I was doin’ once or twice, you know?”

Sonny looks at him with sad, watery eyes, then, and Rafael doesn’t think he’s ever been so enraged in his entire life.

That his Sonny – his Sonny – was made to feel this way.

To feel as though he was disposable to the squad that he’s worked so hard to prove himself to, to feel as though no one cared, to be have felt alone while he worked through hell to bring justice and closure to the victims that had already come forward.

Rafael can’t think of anything to do but to hold Sonny’s face in his hands, eyes desperate as he says, “You know how much you mean to me, right? How these past few months have meant everything to me, yes? That I worried myself sick, every single day that you were gone, wondering how you were doing, how you were handling the whole thing, if you were feeding yourself properly because my sunshine forgets to eat?”

That gets a smile, a watery one at that, and Sonny nuzzles a little into Rafael’s touch while he tries not to make it too obvious that he’s wiping Sonny’s tears from his cheeks as he continues, “You are so important to me. And those girls, Sonny, they are all getting justice because of you. Because of what you did, no one else. And the squad can all go fuck themselves for all I care. I will make sure to be extra bitchy towards them come Monday, you just wait and see.”

And that makes Sonny laugh, which makes Rafael’s heart burst, as his sunshine says, “Rollins, though, Rafi, she kept an eye out on me. Even sent me a few pictures of you looking super hot in court. So don’t be mean to her, okay? Or at least, not anymore mean to her than you already are.”

Rafael smiles, whispers, “I promise.” before pulling Sonny down into a firm kiss, palms still spread over his cheeks.

He tries to put everything that he’s felt the past few days into the kiss – his love for Sonny, mainly, and the worry he’d felt at not being able to know how Sonny was getting along inside of the shelter, and the relief that he’s felt so freely in his chest at having his Sonny home once again.

After a few minutes he pulls back, keeping Sonny close to him as he says, “Now, we’re going to get some food into you, okay? Because somehow, you seem to have managed to lose a few pounds while you were gone, and you’re already skinny enough as it is, sunshine. And then we’re going to cuddle together on the couch, and watch movies, and relax, and you’re going to fall asleep against me, and I’m going to hold you for the rest of the night, because I’ve missed having you in my arms. Okay?”

Finally, finally, there’s that grin – the one that Rafael always finds himself falling in love with over and over again, as ridiculous as that is.

The one where Rafael swears that Sonny is sunlight, reincarnated, sent here to bring light to everything around him.

Sonny only gets to whisper, “Okay.” before Rafael is kissing him again.