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Surely 2011 Homestuck wasn't that bad? I mean, it sounds like a gross exaggeration.

You want to hear how gross of an exaggeration it was? Because my post didn’t even do it justice.

It was March 2011 when the first semblances of Homestuck began to seep through the wood and metal of the convention circuit. The unsuspecting convention goers had absolutely no idea what they were in for as little groups of kids with grey makeup and orange candy corn horns started around the con halls. People were curious, hell I was curious, but that’s all it was. Morbid curiosity.

It was around the time [S] ==> Kanaya Return To The Core was released that people finally hitched on and started getting into it.

And dear god was it hell.

Homestuck completely invaded the convention circuit, bringing in crowds of people ages 11 to 31, and a majority of them were kids. There were meetups every month for every occasion at every place you could imagine. Homestucks started to completely take over convention halls to the point where the dealers room all but emptied out whenever a photoshoot started. Promstuck was established and became a cemented part of convention going. Gamzee’s flooded the con halls at one point after he went crazy and people tried to recreate sopor pies.

People were sitting in bathtubs trying to sharpie dye their skin grey. Karkat cosplayers were having actual literal buckets thrown at their heads. Nicki Minaj’s ‘Turn Me On’ was a national anthem that sparked a music video. Children screaming ‘Fuckass’ in the hallways as they got their unsealed paint all over the walls and floors. There was at least one hundred Dave cosplayers at every photoshoot, and Photoshoots looked like this:

You see that Squarewave in the middle of the group? That’s me controlling the crowd around me. You want another example? Here:

That Kanaya with the cape in the middle is also me. Not good enough for you? How about this:

This was convention Homestuck. This was true nightmare. If you saw a horde of Homestucks coming at you, you fucking ran. There were literally hundreds of Homestucks back in 2011.

A video of a group of cosplayers sitting in a restaraunt, passing around a bucket and spitting in it caused outrage for everyone.

And then there was the tumblr side of it.

AU’s popped up for every conceivable thing. Broadwaystuck, Circusstuck, Dormstuck, Sadstuck, Any fucking thing you could think of, you slapped -stuck onto the end of it and it immediately became a reality. There were countless ask blogs for every character imaginable and the Homestuck Hype was real.

When the Cascade flash aired it crashed Newgrounds for two days.

‘FIRST!’ cosplays were a thing, and if you managed to make one you were heralded as a god. The Alpha Kids came into existence and everyone raced to cosplay them and to see who could name them, who could be them first. Canon urls became sacred and if you had one you were god.

There was a literal fight for the jadeharley url

Updates were daily, multiple times daily. It was the start of Octopimp’s Eridan and Tavros voices, it was how he got popular. Broadwaystuck sweeped tumblr like a plague and the words ‘Let me tell you about Homestuck’ became a threat. It was around the time I formed The Rose Lalonde Homestuck Thesis. Everywhere you looked, there was Homestuck. Hussie’s girlfriend was sending cease and desist’s to fanartists, Whatpumpkin didn’t even have Tshirts on it’s website yet. People kept skipping the Intermission to get to the trolls. And then Cascade happened.

Then the fandom went on Hiatus. A Megapause, if you will.

And then things started calming down. Once 2013 started, it was as if nothing had ever happened. Homestuck was still there, sure, but it was muted. Controlled. Expectant. As if anything that could happen now wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what had already transpired. Now we are but a shadow of the chaos that once was.

2011 Homestuck is not a gross exaggeration my friend. I lived through it. I survived.

It was exactly as bad as it sounds.

Let it Bee

Second part to Bees Sting, there will be more!

Negan x Bee (reader’s nickname)

1700 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, sexual innuendo, Bee’s mental illness

If you want to be tagged, or asked to be tagged and I didn’t, please let me know!

@negans-network, @ladyhawk4133, @jenniegs, @memphisgirl1977, @mwesterfeld1985

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Fight To Get Him Back

Written By: @albinokittens300

Rating: T

Prompt 16: Au where hijacked Peeta is told he killed Katniss and has to deal with the guilt of killing the only girl he’s ever loved, and then later once he’s mostly back to himself he’s told she’s actually fine [submitted by Anonymous].

Summary: Katniss and Prim decide to work with District 13 to try and recover Peeta form his Hijacked state. But when he is told he killed her when he choked her and goes through grief, confusion and pain, will they be able to let him know Katniss is okay? And she’s right with him through all of it, fighting for him?

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I think the reason people see Zuko's betrayal as "vital" for his redemption arc is bc not many fans realize that his fever was more than an ordinary fever. If you've ever watched Nostalgia Critic's reactions to Avatar, he and his brother talk about the betrayal and Zuko's behavior before that. Doug thought that Zuko seemed genuinely happy, but Rob got the impression that Zuko was trying to tell himself that he was happy, but deep down he wasn't. He also thought that Zuko only accepts life at

the tea shop bc he has no other option at that point, but when Azula tempts him w/ the offer of coming home, getting his honor, etc, Zuko relapses bc his obsession w/ capturing Aang is an addiction. To be fair, that’s how I saw it too when I first watched Avatar, and bc the fever is never addressed again in the series, a viewer would have no idea that it was actually a spiritual awakening and Zuko let go of his attachments. Even blind wave crew thought his behavior was disingenuous. 

But your metas have given me so much to think about, and you’re the first person who has actually helped me make sense of Zuko’s fever and its significance. I think if more people knew that the fever was actually a spiritual awakening, they would realize that your theory of how the show would have played without the betrayal makes sense. So thanks :)

Thanks for saying that. I’m glad that I’ve been able to provide some explanation and offer some food for thought. :)

I have to admit that I always was bewildered by the argument that Zuko’s betrayal was “vital” for his development. To me it was always obvious that he underwent a profound emotional and psychological change. So when people say his betrayal was necessary, it always seems like they completely ignore his fever and his happiness at the tea shop. Like it was just a random fluke or something and not a real indication that he had changed. Or they would dismiss it, and call it disingenuous, like you have mentioned. Nobody would ever really offer a good explanation for it from a narrative standpoint when they defend Zuko’s betrayal. Like why a fever of all things? It seems so random if you don’t know what was going on. Since I have read so much about kundalini awakenings, I honestly was surprised by many people’s interpretations of Zuko’s character development during the end of Book 2 and how easily they justify his decision to turn on his uncle and go back to his father.

I was also surprised so many people did not see it as a spiritual awakening, to be honest. The show never outright states it, but there were a lot of clues to imply this. I guess this is attributable to his characterization in Book 3, which really does a poor job showing someone who has had an awakening. Because of these contradictions, it makes sense that a lot of people would not see it that way. His behavior is so different afterwards and like you said, the fever is never mentioned again. I am sure Bryke wanted to drop this concept because it is incompatible with Zuko “going bad”. But the nightmares, the hallucinations, the fever; all of that is so drastic and an obvious indication that he was experiencing something extraordinary within himself. Iroh said it was not a natural sickness, and that he was going through a metamorphosis and then afterwards he is very happy, like a brand new person. This is after releasing the Avatar’s bison. I cannot understand how anyone thought that was disingenuous or that he was still obsessed with his honor. There was nothing to indicate that to me. It was SO genuine, which is why I thought him turning on his uncle immediately afterwards so implausible.

And Zuko experiencing a spiritual awakening was not just my interpretation, either. That is official canon. This is the episode description for The Earth King from the official Nickelodeon website:

The kids battle Long Feng the Dai Li when they attempt to show the Earth King the vast conspiracy taking place in his city. Zuko becomes seriously ill and has feverish dreams as he faces a spiritual crisis.

What he experienced was a spontaneous kundalini awakening. It was unquestionably the authorial intent to portray this phenomenon. A kundalini awakening is not something a lot of people have heard of, since it is really only discussed much in esoteric literature. But the show was trying to give visual cues, and depict this in a manner that the average viewer would be able to pick up on. So it makes sense that after Bryke write him going dark immediately afterward, there would be confusion about what was going on with him. I cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would write a character experiencing a full-blown kundalini awakening, and then want to write them going bad immediately after. That is ludicrous. The fact that Aaron Ehasz wrote an episode called The Awakening, and also had Zuko mention how much he has changed before Mai dismisses him, proves to me that he had a much MUCH different vision for Zuko’s character in Book 3 than Bryke did. Zuko acts SO much differently in The Awakening compared to episodes like The Headband or The Beach. There was undoubtedly a change of plans for his character arc very early on in Book 3.

I will use the descriptions from this website:

What is a Kundalini Awakening?

A full Kundalini Awakening is a specific energetic experience that means all of the knots and issues of the psyche have been resolved. It’s extraordinarily rare. Most people who experience some type of energetic experience are not experiencing a full awakening, but the beginnings of the movement of Kundalini in the body.

People can have an energy shift that awakens level of perceptions that activate the chakras for awhile. They can move into some strange modes of behaviour. The real full-on Kundalini Awakening experience is a surge of energy coming from mulhadara up the back of the spine, over the top of the head and culminating in the forehead. The whole system has awakened.

Regardless, Kundalini Awakening – whether a full experience or the beginnings of movement – is the awakening of Kundalini energy, which resides at the base of the spine. The energy begins to move up the spine in some way, shape or form.

This awakening of energy has nothing to do with a person’s culture, religion, or country of origin. While the experience is generally described in yogic texts, it’s also known of and referred to in other spiritual traditions. It is the natural evolution of the human being, awakening to higher levels of consciousness.

What are the benefits of a Kundalini Awakening?

When Kundalini awakens, a person may experience deeper empathy with others, and this empathy can almost become telepathic. There is greater sensitivity, higher energy levels, sometimes psychic abilities or deep knowing, ageing can appear to slow down, creativity and charisma can increase, as can internal peace and knowing. There is a sense of being part of All that Is. The greater mysteries of life are no longer mysteries.

The First Day

by sunsetsrmydreams

To Jessa, who blew up our world with a tiny drabble inspired by a grocery store. Thank you for being so encouraging!  

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kc canon-ish + sure they're "just friends then" and she wasn't q u i t e ready for him to show her the world (yet), but she was hungry and that girl that she saw get a bit too handsey with klaus at the bar looked delicious okay??

okay, this turned out wayy longer than planned. almost 4k for something that was supposed to be around 1k. eh. bonnie and caroline friendship! post 5x11. no babies. actually includes some plot. smut, so nsfw.

ff. ao3.

Caroline hadn’t planned on coming to New Orleans after she’d left Mystic Falls. Not for a very long time, at the very least. She knew she would eventually. Knew she’d seek him out, but she wanted a few decades, if not more, to roam the world first. She wanted to figure out who she was.

However, she’d barely had time to enjoy all New York had to offer, when Bonnie had appeared, with wild hair and bright eyes, as she’d been roaming around the streets.

The witch had almost startled her, which was… weird, to say the least.

“Bonnie,” she’d exclaimed, before her lips curled upwards, a grin splitting her face. “What are you-”

“Are you busy?” Bonnie had cut in.


“I’m headed to New Orleans,” Bonnie had told her, “and I was hoping that my partner in crime would want to follow me.”

“New Orleans?” She’d raised an eyebrow, her voice raising slightly. “What the hell are you doing there?”

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I just saw a photo of Leo looking at Ravi all happy and in love, while Ravi wasn't paying attention, and you're doing this prompt thing; can I request "Things you said when you thought I didn't love you back?" or something around that? Thank you in advance.

It didn’t take long for Wonsik to gain the sense that he’d done something wrong. The whole dorm seemed to know it from the way Taekwoon was explicitly avoiding him. It had him thumbing through his recent memories, all the time they’d spent together, for some kind of fuck up. He couldn’t find anything though; in fact, Taekwoon seemed more than happy to be around him.

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Dogs of Future Past  - Part 22

And it’s another new part of Dogs of Future Past that’s written! Sans and Timedog attempt some form of communication, but might raise more questions than answers…

–Dogs of Future Past–


First | << Previous | Next >>

Masterpost and FAQ

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So, you mentioned a Wayne Tech science fair. So, of course, this means Bruce would have to meet smol Alex. Can you tell us about the scenario were Bruce's is like "this kid's good" and Kara is all "YOU CAN'T HAVE HER, BATS"? (Meanwhile, Diana has wandered over and is now instructing a tiny, gleeful Danvers on the finer points of swordplay)

Of all the things Kara expects to see at the WayneTech Young Innovators Expo…

Bruce Wayne is not one of them.

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It Wasn't Getting Drunk I Loved, It Was Being With You (Rafael Barba)


Request for anon: im the one who requested either carisi or barba for the friends to lovers and i would love a drunk kissing one!!! that like maybe turns smutty when they get sober WUT. lololol 

A while back, @moresvuheadcanons was going through some hard stuff, and I promised I’d write her a little something about Rafael comforting a reader (I actually think I still have my handwritten notes for that fic somewhere). Since nothing I was trying to wrote for that was working, Caitlin, this one’s for you and I hope you enjoy it! 

Also, thanks to @am-i-right-counselor for her help!

This didn’t turn smutty, but I think i was able to make it gender neutral? I don’t think I added any pronouns.

Originally posted by sherrykinss

When you first made your move from Vice to SVU, you weren’t quite sure how handling these types of cases would affect you. You were determined to never get too close to a case, though, and you were fine, for the most part. The cases were disgusting and disheartening, you dealt with the absolute worst kinds of perps, and witnessed things that made your stomach turn, but still you pushed through, case after case. However, after one particularly sickening case involving a neglected child and the Department of Child Services, you reached your breaking point.

After the trial, you found yourself at a bar, nursing a drink. The trial went well, considering; the DCS was going to undergo a revamping, but still, you felt as though justice had not been served. Keisha was still dead, and poor Bruno was in foster care. He was better off there than with his dead-beat mother, but you still felt for the kid. It made you sick.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw someone take the bar stool next to you. You turned your head to see that Barba had taken it, and was shimmying out of his suit jacket, “Looks like we had the same idea, detective.”

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Wasn’t Expecting That


Summary: Poe flirts with Finn, but he barely reacts.

A/N: Based on this prompt. Sorry if the cheesy ending makes you cringe. I hope you’ll like it nevertheless.

Words: 1 794

Poe would like to think he was a rather straight forward person. Subtle just wasn’t a word that he was frequently associated with. He was aware of this, and it didn’t bother him. Trying to remain mysterious would just be time consuming, and unnecessarily so, as he found it both boring and frustrating. But he’d noticed that Finn was making it very hard to be clear about his feelings without having to sit him down and practically tell him. Poe had his own reservations, after all, and he prefered flirting with people just to see if the sentiment could be somewhat reciprocated before he put all the cards on the table.

The problem was that he couldn’t read Finn’s response, and thus he had no idea how he felt. He’d always found it annoying that other people weren’t as transparent as he was.

“You’re up early,” he told the younger man in greeting as he entered the kitchen.

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Wasn't Expecting That~Peter Parker x reader~Part 2

A/N:Errrr, I was cringing while writing all of this. It will start to have more romance between the reader and Peter in the next chapter… Hope you like this one!! Part One~https://immortalfic.tumblr.com/post/160560924634/wasnt-expecting-that-peter-parker-x-readerWarning~ swearing (it’s impossible to have Deadpool in anything without swearing), overprotective Tony •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• “Ok, there’s this guy right?” Big guy, fucking loaded. He actually paid me some of the fee when we met.“ Wade pulled out a stack of money and smelled it, "smells fresh-” Y/N leaned over and taken the money from his hand, examining it and said, “you sure we can trust this guy?” Wade looked over Peter, who was still unconsciously propped against the wall and rolled his eyes, “hell yeah we can! Do you not see all that fucking money? Like I said, this guy is rich! You see that shit in your hand? Yeah? Well, that right there is only one fucking quarter of what we get in the end.” Y/N threw the money onto the glass table that was placed in between the two couches, “how does this guy even know that this kid is Spider-Man?” Wade laughed at Y/N and started shaking his head. His gaze landed on the window and squinted he’s eyes, “looks like someone wanted to pay us a little visit!” Wade turned around with a smirk, putting he’s mask on he grabbed a gun from his black holster. Y/N looked at her dad extremely confused, “wait… what do you mean? Who is paying us a visit?” Wade, who was ignoring her, swung the door open. Y/N was trying to peer over her fathers shoulder. As the metal door came to a stop, all she could hear was a familiar voice that she couldn’t put her finger on. “Well, well, well… who do we have here? I heard from a certain someone that you have my Spider-Kid.” Outside of the door stood Tony Stark. Wade looked back at Y/N quickly and stated, “watch the kid! I’ll be right back.” Tony looked over Wade, seeing Y/N he said with a smirk on his face, “you know what? I think I’ll just come in here.” Wade giggled, “be my guest! Hope you used protection.” (A/N: that’s my attempt at a dirty joke. I’m cringing right now, but I couldn’t help myself. Sorry if you don’t understand it…) Tony walked over to Peter and sighed, “did you really have to knock him out? You’re really starting to piss me off. First, you steal my private jet and now you steal my Spiderling? That’s just not cool man.” At this point Peter was starting to wake up. Seeing Tony he started to shake out of he’s daze, “w-where are we Mr. Stark? My head is pounding, ugh…” Peter started looking around the dimly lit room, but stopped when he saw Y/N, “what did you do to me!? I feel like I got knocked in the head with a rock!” Wade stepped in, “it was a gun actually!” Peter looked over at the Deadpool, immediately recognizing him said, “oh god! Please tell me I’m dreaming right now?” Wade looked offended, but Y/N couldn’t tell if he was faking it or not. “What the actual fuck? C'mon, kid! We’ve been through so much together and only now do you suddenly hate hate me? You’re fucking messed up if you ask me.” Tony and Y/N shared a look. Tony clears his throat to break the tension but it didn’t seem to work. He then grumbled words under his mouth before speaking up, “you all are getting off topic!” He pointed at Peter who was still glaring at Wade, “I’m here to save your ass!” Tony turned to look at Wade and Y/N, “but, now I’m also here to ask you two a few questions! All of you sit! Peter that includes you.” Everyone shuffled around the small room, Peter knocked his knee on the glass table trying to sit down. Y/N laughed at this, “wow! Who could have guessed that Spider-Man could be so clumsy?” “I-I told you, I’m not Spider-Man! And I’m not clumsy… I just didn’t see it there” Tony sighed and put his hands on his head.he mumbled, “oh for the love of god…. Kid! It’s obvious they know, or we wouldn’t be in this situation now would we?” Y/N was sitting next to Peter, she knocked her knee against his, “sorry! I didn’t see you there.” Wade laughed at his daughter while Tony glared at him, “stop encouraging her! Ok, whatever. I don’t care for this anymore, Peter come on, we have things to do and none of which includes having tea with a man in a red suit!” Y/N snorted, “yeah, Peter! It includes, washing the shoes of a man in a metal suit.” Peter smiled at the girl trying not to laugh, “I don’t wash Mr. Starks shoes!” Y/N faked a sigh and stood up, “keep telling yourself that kiddo.” Peter looked at Y/N dreamily and Tony was having none of this, “well, would you look at the time? I guess, Peter and I should be leaving!” Tony reached into his pocket, and place a pile of money, 5 times the size of the one from the ‘loaded’ guy. “Hope that will keep you quiet! I don’t even want to know who told you to steal Peter… I think I have an idea already.” Wade smirked at all the money and played innocent, “Peter who?” Tony hummed, “exactly!” Peter walked over to Y/N, “It was nice meeting you, I guess.” Y/N smiled and reached into her pocket, she lowered her voice, “call me sometime alright?” She slipped a ripped piece of paper into his hand. “When-?” “Don’t even ask.” The girl walked back over to the couch and sat down. Wade watched the two teens and made a singsong voice, “looks like someone is falling in looooove!” Tony knew, this wouldn’t be the last time they had to deal with each other. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I thought this would only be a two-part story but I’m thinking I will make this into a series. I have a lot of ideas for this but I would love to hear your ideas! Requests and tags are open. I’ll be adding the people who asked for a tag after, I currently don’t have my laptop with me so I have to use my phone and for some reason it’s not working. I’m really sorry!

French Perfume Part 3

Crowley X Reader

Word Count: 1.2K

Summary: Female reader receives a package from an admirer.   She also learns about her special gifts.

Warnings: language, angst, mild petting

Catch up: Part 1; Part 2

“Well, well you returned.” Dean’s voice had that sarcastic tone. “Did you have fun?”
“Yes, mate, we enjoyed ourselves.” Crowley replied, kissing you gently in front of the boys.
“Oh God that is just disgusting!” Sam scrunched his face.
“Are you going to tell them, Dean?” Castiel inquired.
Dean stood up and gestured to you and Crowley, “Oh yeah this, this is over!”
You huffed, “Dean!”

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Playing With History

I was inspired by Kusanagi’s birthday illustration for Yona to write a little time travel story, however, it turned into something slightly different than planned. Young Yona travels back in time and meets a boy her own age who misses his father.

“Su-won, where did you go?” Yona demanded. “I couldn’t find you and I looked for ages and ages!”

“Um—” Su-won shot a nervous glance in the direction he’d come from. “How long were you looking for me?”

“Well, I guess it was just a few minutes. But it felt like a long time!” Yona insisted. “You were right in front of me and then you disappeared!”

“Did I really?” Su-won asked. “You saw me disappear?”

“I saw you turn a corner and there was only one way to go and you weren’t there! So you must’ve disappeared,” Yona reasoned.

“But it was just a few minutes?” Su-won asked. He sounded surprised. “Oh! In that case, I…I need to go check something.” He turned around and darted away again before Yona could catch him.

“Hey!” Yona called after him. “You’re not allowed to do something interesting without me!”

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Essays in Existentialism: Christmas

If you’re not to busy, Id love to see thanksgiving turn into a series. Jake definitely confronting Clarke before she leaves after thanksgiving because he knows she wasnt entirely truthful about hers & lexas relationship but he definitely approves of Lexa & he & Abby invite her back for Christmas & kinda force her into agreeing in that way parents do, without even consulting Clarke. & then getting to see their relationship grow through the different holidays. Christmas, New Years, Mardi Gras, etc

Previously on Thanksgiving

The salt kicked up in the traffic, through the slush of the dingy snow that remained on the highway while the fields and town itself was covered in the purest kind of precipitation that added to the picturesque feeling of the season. Yards were adorned with reindeer and santa’s and wishings for good tidings, while the town was wrapped up like a present, ribbons on street signs and wreaths on every door available. 

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burncold  asked:

If you're still taking prompts for your ficathon, here is my suggestion: AU, where Derek and Boyd/Erica/Isaac take the same bus as Stiles everyday. The bus is so crowded and noisy, Derek and co. decide to just speak in ASL, instead of shouting. Stiles sees Derek do this, assumes Derek is deaf, and begins to learn ASL so that one day Stiles can ask Derek out. Cue awkward meet cute when Derek tries to order as drink and the cute barista (Stiles) starts try and sign to him. Derek is charmed.

Well, it took me forever, but let’s see how it turned out! Also, Signing Savvy, an ASL video dictionary, was very helpful here.

(5/10 for my 1k followers ficathon thingy! Oh man, I need to get a move on. I’m already nearly 300 followers past and I’m still not done…)

Right, so. He’s probably being creepy. Like, really really creepy. Seriously, what sort of person stays up until two in the morning watching youtube videos on basic ASL in order to talk to the hot guy on the bus who probably doesn’t even know he exists?

Well, Stiles does, apparently.

Because he’s a creeper.

God, this is a horrible idea.


“Heeeey, Cora, light of my life,” Stiles says as he vaults over the counter at the coffee shop. Really, he’s kind of surprised he made it this time without injuring himself. The last time was a disaster – which probably means he should stop doing it, now that he thinks about it.

“What do you want?” Cora sighs, looking at him warily. “Also, if you don’t cut that out you’re going to get fired.”

“Deaton loves me too much,” Stiles scoffs, pinning his nametag to his uniform.

“I’m pretty sure he’s nearly fired you nine times,” Cora snorts, which, yeah, is probably true. “Now, what did you need from me?”

“Why are you assuming that I need something from you?” Stiles asks, his tone as innocent as he can possibly make it.

“You called me the ‘light of your life.’ You need something,” Cora answers, giving him an unimpressed look.

“Fine, fine,” Stiles sighs. “I need you to teach me ASL.”

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Before the Battle of New York, Steve found the old files of his comrades from the war. ‘DECEASED’ the dreadful faced-red stamp he kept seeing across all of them. All of them but one. The ache in his heart transformed into the shocking hope of the prospect to see her again. Peggy was still alive. Still alive. The words didn’t exactly registered in his brain but his eyes were already scanning the document to find an current address. There was none. Nothing since 1958. No MIA mentioned, no transfer. It’s like she vanished. Fury came along to offer him a mission the following day.

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theonewoody  asked:

Hold up! Just had a prompt idea if you're still doing them. You know you see those comedy videos of people high on pain meds after having their teeth out? And they are alternately cute AND hilarious because they're so out of it? Elsa has to go get her wisdom teeth out. Anna is there filming it for posterity as she acts all out-of-it and adorable/ridiculous. Just a thought :p

“Yer…heheh…Yer purdy…”

Anna’s cheeks hurt from the force of her smile, trying to keep the camera steady as Elsa flashed her a dopey grin. Two hours of this, and it was still just as funny to see the normally regal blonde like this. “Awwww…thank you, Els!”

Her girlfriend giggled, shaking her head a lot harder than someone normally would. “I wa’n’t talkin’ t’you,” she slurred, swaying a little and pointing a finger at something behind Anna. “Was talkin’ t’tha’ purdy lady o’er there!”

Anna scrunched her eyebrows, confused since she was the only other person in the room, and turned around to see…

“Elsa, that’s a plant.”

“And she’s fucking gorgeous!” her girlfriend suddenly exclaimed, words clear as her grin became far too adorable for her own good. Anna nearly arched an eyebrow at the surprising use of profanity before an irrational surge of jealousy passed through her.

Elsa sounded so sincere.

“Hey, hey…I’m your girlfriend, remember?” she reminded the giggling blonde, trying to make her tone light, but unable to help the hint of authority in it. “Not some…house plant. Elsa, she’s not even your favorite plant!”

Wait…why am I giving a plant pronouns?

Yer my fav’rite plant,” Elsa giggled, booping Anna on the nose, blue eyes alight with mirth. “Yer a banana.”

Well, at least she changed the pronunciation to suit my name… “Elsa, bananas are–”

“Hey, d’you wanna marry me?” the blonde suddenly asked, the grin falling to frown as she furrowed her brow.

And Anna’s thoughts abruptly ground to a screeching halt.

“’cos I wanna marry you. Like, soon. But I dunno if you wanna marry me too,” Elsa continued, rocking back and forth in her chair like a kid with too much energy. “I got a ring ‘n’ everythin’! ‘course, I’m nervous ‘n’ stuff. ‘cos I don’t wanna mess up.” She paused to giggle again, a hand coming up to hide the wide grin that threatened to form on her face. 

“’cos I really really really really really love you.”

Anna dropped the camera.

Epilogue: Anna excitedly says yes; crying and confusing the hell out of high-on-meds Elsa. When Elsa’s no longer high on meds, she barely remembers what happened, and is confused as to why Anna’s so happy and flashing her these looks like SHE KNOWS AND OH NO WHAT DID I SAY–

One week later, Elsa formally proposes.

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can you please do steggy + drunk and accidentally revealing to everyone about their secret marriage? :-)

Peggy prided herself on being able to handle her liquor.

When she was growing up, she had doubled, sometimes tripled, the money she earned from her Saturday job by betting her brother and his friends that they couldn’t outdrink her (Michael learned quickly not to take her up on her challenges, but his friends were slower on the uptake). With proud defiance she would admit she had also used that tactic when she first joined the SOE; punching wasn’t always an option when it came to male officers who weren’t convinced that women would make suitable field agents, but drinking them under the table usually left an impression they wouldn’t forget.

And anyone who had met the Howling Commandos knew exactly what kind of praise it was when they were told that Peggy had spent years working with them in Europe and had only once been out-drunk by Dum Dum Dugan - and that, she liked to point out, was on a home brew the ingredients of which were still a mystery to her. Perhaps the only person she could never outdrink was Steve, and he was a genetically enhanced super soldier who couldn’t actually get drunk, so it was hardly a fair contest.

So all in all, Peggy was hardly a lightweight. But as the room starting spinning around her, the edges of her vision blurring like the world was shifting through a kaleidoscope lens, she couldn’t help thinking probably should have taken Steve a little more seriously when he warned her about drinking with Natasha Romanoff.

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  • (A NaLu Fanfiction, also my present to my 200 followers! Thank you all for following my black ass into craziness. Small Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza and Elfgreen)
  • Many years have passed, people grew up and new people showed up. There were many small little changes but Fairy Tail has never changed, except maybe one little thing.
  • Lucy: NATSU!
  • As the pink haired dragon slayer turns around he sees a blonde, beautiful girl running at him. Before he can react she jumps at him with a hug. They look at each other, both of them smiling.
  • Lucy: You're back! How did the quest go?
  • Natsu: It was a piece of cake like always!
  • Lucy: How many houses did you destroy...?
  • Natsu: Eh?! N-None...
  • Lucy: You sure...?
  • Natsu: *Nods rapidly*
  • Lucy: So the newspaper about a pink haired boy destroying more than half the village wasn't you.
  • Natsu: ...Uhhhhhhh.
  • Lucy: It's okay you big klutz, did you miss me?
  • Natsu: M-maybe I did, maybe I didn't!
  • Happy: Oh he missed you, he was like "I am going to spring back to my Lucy".
  • Natsu: HAPPY!
  • Lucy giggles as she gives him a kiss on the cheek. They hold hands as they enter the guild. It is loud as ever, and it only increased as Natsu entered.
  • Gray: Good job firebrain! Another village that needs fixing! Natsu:Shut it stripper on ice! It wasn't my fault!
  • Gray: Suuuuure it wasn't!
  • Juvia: Aww Gray-sama, you're so cute when you're angry~
  • Gray: J-Juvia not now...
  • Juvia: Hai Hai, Juvia will wait here for your loving embrace when you're done.
  • Gray: Shhhhh...not here.
  • Natsu: What is that Gray? Not man enough to hug your woman?
  • Gray: What did you say?
  • Levy: *sighs* Can you two just be peaceful for one day, look at my Gajeel. He knows how be mature.
  • Gajeel: OI SALAMANDER! Where is the song you promised huh?!
  • Natsu: That was years ago!
  • Gajeel: Yeah and? Write it now or else I make you eat some first rate metal!
  • Natsu: Bring it!
  • Lucy and Juvia: You were saying?
  • Levy: ...Nevermind.
  • Throughout the years, many new couples have been formed. To nobody’s surprise Elfman and Evergreen got together, followed by Erza and Jellal as they finally cleared up his name and joined the guild. Jellal doesn't get away that easily though as he is being teased about lieing to Erza. Then followed by Gajeel and Levy and in the same day Gray and Juvia. Natsu and Lucy took the longest. They were both unsure if the other had felt anything for each other. They tried giving each other signs but those were completely misunderstood. One day they just yelled their love at each other simultaneously and were both surprised and happy. Everybody is happy for them as well, Mirajane the most as she predicted this would happen. That was 2 years ago, they are still together happily. Jellal walks in with a pink box in his hands.
  • Jellal: Well well, fighting like always I see.
  • Erza: Of course *she walks to him* if they didn't then you could say that something would be wrong in this guild.
  • Jellal opens the box with a smile that just says "You like what you see".
  • Erza: J-Jellal! That..That is...You shouldn't have!
  • Jellal: Yes it indeed is your favorite cake, Strawberry.
  • Erza's eyes sparkle and before you know it she is already at a table with the cake and enjoying it. Jellal sits next to her and puts an arm around her as he watches the other quarrel...with magic of course. Jellal blocks any debris that is flying towards them so Erza can have a peaceful eating time.
  • Juvia: Go Go Gray-sama!~ heart emoticon You are making Juvia heart melt with your bare chest and...Gray-sama your pants are missing.
  • Natsu: To think that we thought you had gotten over that habit.
  • Gray: Shut up ash breath...Juvia, you don't need to strip too.
  • Juvia: Aww, but Juvia wants to.
  • Gajeel: Shooby Doo Bop!
  • Gajeel smashes his guitar into Natsu face. His head is on fire filled with rage.
  • The day goes on like that, the girls are smiling as their boyfriends try to beat each other. Erza enjoyed her meal and finished the fighting but that didn't last long as she joined in herself. The guild, once again was a complete mess at the end. Everybody said their good byes and walked home. Natsu and Lucy are walking towards their home. Happy said he will go to Carla and try his luck once again since he felt left out of the couple circle. As they reach Lucy's apartment there was a shield of the Landlady being gone for the weekend. They enter her room.
  • Natsu: Ahhh back to a comfortable and knowing place.
  • Lucy: Were the houses you guys stayed at not good?
  • Natsu: It was filled with bed bugs, I showered by a nearby waterfall.
  • Lucy: How very man like~
  • Natsu: What is that supposed to mean?
  • Lucy: Oh nothing~
  • Natsu: You're weird Luce, you know that.
  • Lucy: You know you love my weirdness.
  • Natsu mumbles as he blushes, Lucy giggles. The sun outside is slowly setting. The room fills with a beautiful orange color. Natsu puts his bags down and stretches, when he looks at Lucy he sees what he always loved to see. A smile, it was the best for him, he never wants that to be gone for any reason.
  • Lucy: I am going to take a shower and change okay? NO PEEKING!
  • Natsu: I won't! How did you come to that idea!
  • Lucy: Just a feeling...
  • Natsu: Eh?
  • She walks into the bathroom and winks at him before closing the door. Natsu sits down on the floor, placed his hands behind his back and stares at the door. He did see her a couple times naked so its not so surprising that she would get suspicious that he would try it again.
  • Natsu: Some of them were accidents though... Oh well, can't blame her.
  • A couple minutes pass and the shower is quiet now. There is the sound of a hair dryer and the door slowly creaks open. Lucy looks out with one eye.
  • Natsu: Is something wrong Lucy?
  • Lucy: N-NO! Can you...please close your eyes?
  • Natsu: Why?...
  • Lucy: JUST DO IT!
  • Natsu closes his eyes quickly, he hears the door of the bathroom closes and she is stepping forward. He smells something sweet coming from her.
  • Lucy: Y-you can open your eyes now...
  • He does and boy is he surprised what he saw. Lucy is wearing very revealing and seducing underwear on. Black stockings, black rose bra and a black panties. She has red lipstick on and she shuffles around very nervously.
  • Natsu: L-L-L-LUCY?!
  • Lucy: SHHH DON'T YELL!
  • Natsu stands up, staring at her with a bright red face, her face turns red as well and she places a closed hand in front of her mouth and looks down at the ground.
  • Natsu: But but but
  • Lucy: I KNOW!...I know but you were gone for so long...and I really want this weekend to be special...
  • Natsu: Special? Wait...you don't mean...
  • Before he can finish his sentence, Lucy leaped at him, making him fall on the bed. They stay there for a minute when Lucy sits up on his lap. She looks down at him, rubbing his chest. She wiggles her hips around and Natsu gets flustered.
  • Lucy: Oh...Looks like even you can be in moods like this.
  • Natsu: I-I don't know w-what you mean!
  • Lucy: Don't worry, I show you...
  • Lucy takes off her bra, takes Natsu hands and places it on her breast. First Natsu hesitates but then he slowly gets into it. Most likely because Lucy let out a small moan when he moved his hands.
  • Natsu: Did I hurt you?!
  • Lucy: N-no silly...it feels good.
  • Natsu: Is that so...what if I...
  • He wrestles Lucy down and places his mouth on of her breast, the more she moans the more he gets into it. He seems to understand what to do and she is definitely enjoying what he does.(Since this is 200 followers special fanfic I won't go into great detail on what they did unless ya request that from me one day xD Too bad, too sad). The night has passed, both of them are sleeping naked, cuddling close to each other. They wake up, give each other one long kiss and smile.
  • As weeks passed Lucy seems to be very nervous about something. Natsu realizes she often leaves the house to go 'have a girls night' but when she comes back she smells like she came back from a hospital. Natsu's curiosity gets the best of him and he grabs her from behind and places her on his lap.
  • Natsu: What's wrong Luce? You seem to be hiding something.
  • Lucy: Oh ehm...I don't know how to tell you this Natsu but...god...I am kinda surprised myself and... I don't know how well you will cope with it.
  • Natsu: Well tell me and we will see.
  • Lucy: Let me just say that whatever I am about to tell you, I am very happy about it and I hope you will be too.
  • Natsu: Okay so its nothing bad.
  • Lucy shakes her head, she stands up. Turns a couple times in her room before facing Natsu while taking a deep breath. She looks him in the eyes, blushes and she says 3 words that made Natsu wide eyed.
  • Lucy: I am pregnant.
  • Silence. Natsu just stares at her, he looks like he just saw a ghost and is trying to understand what he saw. His
  • mouth just closes and shuts.
  • Lucy: Don't leave me in the dark like this! Say something!
  • Suddenly Natsu starts to sweat and smiles nervously. He is grabbing Lucy's tea cup and tries to take a sip but his hands shake so much that it just splatters all over him. He slaps his cheeks and looks at Lucy.
  • Natsu: That...that...THAT IS AWESOME!
  • Even when saying that he is shivering, shaking and sweating.
  • Lucy: You sure? You seem awfully nervous...
  • The cup he is holding catches on fire. He throws it out of the window.
  • Natsu: I w-w-will get you a n-n-new cup.
  • Lucy: Natsu...what is wrong? You're not happy for us having a child.
  • Natsu finally manages to pull himself together.
  • Natsu: No Lucy it's not that. Its that I can't imagine that we will have a child. I will be a father, you'll be a mother. Maybe some guild members will be the uncles and aunts. I want to be a good father, I need to be a good father. A good man too. I don't want to mess this up but I guess through that I-
  • He keeps on rambling and rambling in a quick manner. He counts on his fingers on things that he wants to do. Lucy first was surprised but she starts to smile and giggle.
  • Lucy: Is the big, strong Dragonslayer scared of taking care of his own child?
  • Natsu: W-who is scared?! M-Me? Noooooooo.
  • Lucy: You are adorable when you are confused and nervous.
  • She gives him a kiss on the cheek, they look at each other and smile together. They spend the day together in her room. Happy flies in and hears about the big news and flies off to tell everybody else. The next day the guild organized a big party for Lucy and the upcoming baby.
  • Gray: Well well well, looks like ash breath managed to add a family member without anybody teaching him.
  • Natsu: You want to go, ice cream boy? So far I know you Juvia is still waiting for a child.
  • Gray: Oi oi, keep your nose out of our relationship.
  • Juvia: Juvia can wait for Gray-sama until he is comfortable with doing it...although Juvia don't mind seducing Gray-sama.
  • Gray: J-juvia! Shhhhhh.
  • Gray blushes strong and puts a finger on her lips. In the mean time Natsu went to Levy and whispered something in her ear. She nods and leads him to the library, she gives him multiple thick books. He goes and hides in a corner and starts reading them.
  • Lucy does not know that Natsu is in the library and this routine goes on for a couple days. Lucy wonders where he keeps on going and why Natsu is so tired all of the time. She secretly followed him. After a couple minutes he fell asleep by the books and she sneaks by to steal a quick glance. They are all books about how to raise a baby, how to be a good father and how to prepare for birth.
  • Lucy: You adorable little idiot~
  • 8 Months pass, Lucy stomach have grown and Natsu has become less nervous about the baby. He does all the shopping so Lucy doesn't need to overwork herself. He sends Happy to look for good baby stores and then goes there to buy all the necessary equipment. Diapers, pacifier, baby milk, a small little bath tub etc. etc.
  • Lucy: Natsu, you should rest a little too, you are overworking yourself.
  • Natsu: I am still full of energy and I will do everything to make you and our child happy.
  • Lucy: That is very sweet of you~ We still need to find a name first.
  • Natsu: Oh god that is difficult...
  • Happy: I think Nashi would work for a girl.
  • Natsu: Nashi?
  • Happy: You know it almost sounds like your name and Lucy's name in one.
  • Lucy: Why not! What if it is a boy.
  • Natsu: Luigi.
  • Lucy: No!
  • Natsu: Aw come on!
  • Lucy: We are not calling our child Luigi and thats...OH!
  • Lucy leans down, holding her stomach. Natsu runs towards her and holds her by her shoulders. She breaths heavy and holds her stomach. Natsu knows from the books he read that the baby is kicking and might be even ready to come out. He uses a communication Lacrima to call a doctor to come to the house and help Lucy. 10 minutes later the doctor is at the door, he walks in with 3 nurses, they prepare the entire room to be ready for Lucy to give birth. Natsu starts sweating again like he did 8 months ago.
  • Doctor: Now sir, your wife will be fine and you don't need to be nervous.
  • Natsu: N-Nervous? W-Who is n-nervous?
  • Doctor: Sir...the couch is on fire...
  • Natsu: O-oh that? I like my couches warm
  • He immediately throws the couch piece by piece out of the window
  • Natsu: I w-will get a new one...
  • Nurse: Do you want to be by your wife side or rather outside.
  • Natsu: I won't leave Lucy!
  • He walks over to Lucy and holds her hand. She presses it very tightly. He is staying strong for her and she is being strong for him. Seconds pass that feel like minutes and minutes pass that feel like hours. Lucy groans and bites her lips so she won't scream. Natsu keeps her hand clamped in both of his, keeps on looking back and forth.
  • Finally, Lucy breathes heavily she doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. There is a cry of a child.
  • Doctor: Congrats Sir. Its a healthy baby girl.
  • Natsu walks over, the baby has been cleaned. She has a little pink fluff on her head, her eyes are like Lucy's. Natsu carefully holds his child in his arms, he smiles softly. He starts crying and walks over to Lucy.
  • Natsu: Lucy look...our child.
  • Lucy: She sure...is a...cute one.
  • Natsu: Lucy why am I crying? I am not sad.
  • Lucy: Dummy...those are...happy tears.
  • They both start crying in happiness.
  • The baby crying with them. Happy snapped a photo and he also gets a little teary.
  • As time flew by, Natsu has shown excellent work at being a father. Almost beating Lucy in her love as a mother. He plays with her, changes her diaper (although at the beginning he had difficulties with that), feeds her and puts her to bed. He thought he was already the happiest man, having a beautiful woman by his side, a cute daughter and friends that he will see everyday. Though one thing has not prepared him for what happened next.
  • Lucy is holding Nashi in her arms as Natsu walks into the room, he has returned from a short quest.
  • Lucy: Welcome home honey~ How did the quest go.
  • Natsu: Let me just say it’s boring without you. Can't we just take Nashi with us?
  • Lucy: And put her into danger? Never.
  • Natsu: ...I protect her?
  • Lucy: A no is a no.
  • Natsu: Okay I understand Miss boring.
  • Lucy: You are such a child!
  • She giggles and Nashi opens her eyes, Natsu comes closer to Lucy and gives Nashi a quick kiss on the forehead.
  • Natsu: Daddy is back Nashi.
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Have you been a good girl and made mama happy?
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Did you not grab Happy tail too strong this time?
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Should I stop asking questions because you won't answer yet?
  • Nashi: Da...Daddy.
  • Natsu: Thats what I thought! So...Wait...
  • Lucy: Did Nashi just...
  • Natsu: NAH! We must have misheard!
  • Nashi: Daddy!
  • Natsu: Nice job Happy! However you are doing this!...Happy is not here...is he?
  • Lucy shakes her head, she puts Nashi down and she walks slowly but steady to Natsu, she trips but grabs hold to his pants. She looks up with a smile. Small little fangs showing just like her father.
  • Nashi: Daddy!
  • Natsu: Its actually you...YOU ARE CALLING ME DADDY!
  • Lucy: Meh! I am jealous~
  • Natsu holds Nashi up and gives her a soft hug as he laughs. The sun shines bright into the room, Lucy smiles at both of them. A happy family.