when i first realized this

Batman is gay

I just realized even when Batman first came out people thought he was gay. I mean, he and Joker did have some pretty spicy moments. The creators were so desperate to make him straight that they attempted to make him a love interest. Batwoman. She was disliked and in later comics was a lesbian. So now I’m just imagining Batwoman coming back to Bruce because she need to save her girlfriend or something and Robin and all the sidekicks freak out because she’s been out of the business forever. Imagining her being batmom is adorable. To top it off, Joker sees them, and gets super jealous. Then Batwoman proceeds to be like, “Me? I’m super gay. Even if I wasn’t- Batman? Really?! Nah, he’s all yours. He obsesses over you and dedicates almost every moment to you.” Then she winks to a facepalming Batman. Then wingwomen Harley show up and is all like, “FINALLY! Someone else gets it!” Because in original and some more recent comics, Harley is gay with Poison Ivy and is Joker’s gay best friend and sidekick.

So to sum it up: I want Batwoman and Harley to be gay best friends/wingwomen to Batman and Joker.

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Ducky, how did you realize you were bisexual? If you don't mind me asking?

I think I realized it when I first learned the term. When I found out what bisexuality was I was like “you know what that might be me”

There were signs like in elementary school, there i was giving a presentation in front of a woman and when she leaned down to hear me, all I could do was stare at her cleavage. 

In highschool, after I learned the meaning, I was still unsure because I was only attracted to guys so I felt like I had to force myself to like girls so I was a bit confused. Maybe it was the pressure of society and my parents telling me I should only like guys. Maybe there was no cute girl that I was attracted to in highschool. I don’t know

Actually, it’s only recently came to terms with my bisexuality (though I might be pan technically because I’m attracted to non binaries too). 

Being comfortable and accepting your sexuality isn’t an overnight process. It takes years and experiences to fully accept who you are, so be patient with yourself :) 

So my boyfriend came out as trans last night and I realized something… back when we first started dating we identified as lesbians, then I came out as trans and consequently realized I’m bisexual, and now I’m in a gay relationship. So what I’m trying to say is that I have actually been LGBT as a singular person. Every single acronym. I have ascended and reached gay nirvana


Pidge the pigeon got a slice of bread stuck around her neck yesterday, so she asked other pigeons of Instagram to do the #breadslicechallenge to help her feel less embarrassed. Miu was very happy to participate!

instead of getting nicky to text neil incessantly, andrew figures the best way to get neil accustomed to his phone is to sext him. 

He’s – not wrong.


Happy Birthday David Tennant!

Featuring David on his birthday in 2006 and 2016
(and a 2008 photo of the cake from his Doctor Who cast-and-crew birthday party)

David Tennant Appreciation Week - Happy Birthday!


It was at this moment when I first read this comic that I realized the potential of Kory’s character

[Teen Titans (2003) #13]


At that moment, he realized seeing his two favorite people smile at the end of the day was his refuge. His safe haven. As long as he knew they were happy, he could endure the pain a little while longer. 

The Feysand and Nessian Mating Bonds

Future Feysand Child: Mom, dad, what was your first thought when you realized you were mates?

Rhysand: I thought the Cauldron must have made a mistake. There was no way I was worthy of someone so pure and warm…

Feyre: I thought- and still believe- that the love I felt for him was greater than anything in this world or the next~

Future Nessian Child: Mom, dad, what was your first thought when you realized you were mates?

Nesta and Cassian: Kill me now.

Cassian: But then I thought about it and was like “Yasssssssssss!”

Nesta: I’m sticking with “Kill me now.”


Madeleine’s prom night, complete with awkward smiles and ugly corsages. I was tagged by the wonderful @ice-creamforbreakfast​ for this. Thank you for thinking of me. I really enjoyed it! :D

And as I sat there next to you, I realized just how beautiful you really are, both inside and out. First, I fell for your shy but cute confidence when we first met. And then I realized that under that mask, you have a truly beautiful heart. I fell for your kind, loving personality and humor. I wanted your heart, and all of it. When we met up alone for the first time, my heart was pounding right out of my chest, my hands were trembling next to yours, and my mind was racing with questions and emotions. Then, when you looked deep into my eyes and flashed me that smile, it’s like the whole world just stopped. It was only you that I wanted, just you and I, together. I think that’s when I truly fell for you; When I realized that our broken pieces fit together, and the parts of me that I had once lost, I had now found again with you. Maybe we’re just another cheesy, sappy love story, but that’s okay. You’re worth more than just a couple pages. You’re worth the world; so I decided to give you mine and make me yours.
—  falling for you…
monday // 12.12.16
I’m the kind of person that people like you date after their first love breaks their heart because they need to remember what it feels like to be alive.
—  Things I realized when I stopped lying to myself, part III