when i first read this i had no idea who subaru was

Olicity/Arrow--Fast & Furious AU oneshot

A/N: Okay, so some of you may have seen the Olicity/Fast and Furious AU prompt post that I posted recently. I have no intentions of writing that fic at the moment, I don’t have the time, but I couldn’t help writing a quick oneshot from that universe. This is how I imagined the scene where Oliver and Felicity meet for the first time at one of the street races and it is very much inspired by the scene in the movie when Brian meets Dom. If anyone is interested in continuing it from here or writing a completely different interpretation of their own, I would be more than happy to read it. I’m also here if anyone wants to bounce ideas off each other, cause I’ve got plenty regarding this au. There’s also another scene from this verse that I have in mind and will probably end up writing sometime in the future. Anyways, enough with my babbling and on to the fic. Enjoy! :)

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It took three days before Oliver finally got a tip on when the next street race was going down. Thea hadn’t been too happy about his sudden reappearance in town which is why he hadn’t heard about any races until now; not only was she pissed that he hadn’t bothered to come visit for the last 5 years, but she also wasn’t too happy about him getting back into the racing scene. Oliver had assured her that he wasn’t looking to fall back into old habits, he was just curious to see how things had changed since he left.

When he got her text at 9pm telling him where to go if he wanted to check things out Oliver quickly threw on a plain t-shirt and jeans before grabbing his keys and jumping in his all black Subaru Impreza, courtesy of John Diggle, Starling City PD Chief who was helping on the case.

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[1/3] Enstars: Animedia November 2015

Trickstar interview, Special cast message, and character relationship featuring Trickstar and UNDEAD members!

At last, eight idol units of Yumenosaki Private Academy are making their long-awaited debut. Among all these idols who seem to whip up a new storm in the music industry, we had an interview with Trickstar, who decorated the cover of this issue of Animedia. We had the four of them to speak up their thoughts about the debut CD, and about each other.

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