when i finished looking and put my grabs on the checkout table

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2146

Authors Note: I finally finished the first part, and I think it’s pretty good! I hope you all enjoy it! I want to thank @thelittlestkitsune and @nothisisstiles for encouraging me to make this into a fic, @smutandahalf for helping me with some ideas and proofreading, and @stilinski-jpeg for also giving me advice on how it should be structured, and if it was any good or not! Thank you all so much. I love all of you!

I’ve known Stiles and the pack for about a year and a half now. I first moved to Beacon Hills around the middle of junior year. Stiles and I met in a unique but cute kind of way.


I went to the grocery store for my mom the day after we moved, because she was too lazy to go herself. As I walked around the store I had to get my absolute favorite thing to eat, which was chicken flavored ramen. I found the isle that the ramen is stocked in looking for the specific flavor. There was only one package of chicken flavored ramen left and as I go to reach it my hand touches with someone else’s. I jump slightly looking to my left seeing a boy my age reaching for the same package of ramen. I blush slightly seeing how attractive this guy that’s now in front of me. He’s got this gorgeous soft looking brown hair that spikes up in the front, gorgeous amber eyes, an adorable nose, and his lips that look hella soft and pink. My eyes rake down his body slightly checking him out. I already like this guy since he’s wearing a flannel. Ahh I love flannels. There just so comfortable and warm. I’d wear them all the time if I could. As I’m about to speak I notice the guy grab the package of ramen.

“Wait! You’re really not going to be a gentleman and let the girl have the last package? Especially since it might be her favorite?” I ask with slight hope in my voice. The guy looks at me in shock and his cheeks start to turn pink.

“I-uh-I was gonna ask if you wanted it,” he says as he slowly hands me the package.

“O-Oh. Well thank you, so much,” I stutter slightly taking the package out of the guys hands. Our fingers brush against one another’s slightly as both our cheeks turn a darker pink. He turns around to continue his shopping when I yell out to him.

“Wait!” I run up to him and he turns around looking down at me.

“Um would you maybe, um we could eat this together? I’m new in town and I don’t really know anyone so, I was wondering if maybe you’d wanna watch a movie or hang out and we can eat ramen together?” I ask playing with the package in my fingers.

“Oh! Uh yeah,” the guy holds out his hand for me to shake, “Stiles.”

“Y/N,” I smile at him and shake his hand. I dig through my mom’s purse for a piece of paper and a pen. Finding both I put my first and last name on it along with my number and give it to Stiles.

“Just text me and we’ll figure out when we’ll hang out, but I really have to go. It was nice meeting you Stiles,” I give a little wave before walking to a checkout line.

*Flashback over*

I smile at the memory of meeting Stiles as I look at one of the picture frames in my room. I pick it up gently seeing the picture my mom took of Stiles and myself. It was one of the family barbecues my parents had hosted for my family, and I invited Stiles so I didn’t have to be alone. We were sat at the patio table and because there wasn’t enough seat I had to sit in Stiles lap. Since my mom told me that morning she always shipped us, so when she saw that I was sitting on his lap she wanted a picture of us. As she got the camera ready Stiles wrapped both his arms around my waist as I had wrapped one of my arms around his shoulders and linked my hands together as if we were hugging. I remember loving the feeling of his arms wrapped around my waist and even though we sat like that for maybe an hour, it was the best hour of my life.

I put the picture back down checking my phone to see if Stiles had messaged me. The pack was supposed to meet up for a meeting but I haven’t heard anything yet. There’s been so much going on lately with the dread doctors, Theo and his stupid chimeras that are bugging the fuck out of me. Lydia was stuck in Eichen House and the doctors there are doing who knows what with her. I can tell Stiles is super worried about her, he always has been. I wish that he had that amount of worry towards me, but I’m just his best friend. I sigh as I violently wipe the tears that escaped onto my cheeks. I hate crying, and I hate the fact that Stiles can make me cry so easily. I got a text from Stiles saying that he needed help with the research on the dread doctors. I grab my coat and car keys heading out to my car. I drive over to Stiles’ house letting myself in since the Sheriff absolutely adores me. I head upstairs to his room not seeing Stiles present.

“Stiles?” I ask looking around checking in his bathroom but there’s nobody. “What the hell?”

“Sorry, but it looks like Stiles won’t be joining us,” a girl that I recognized as Tracy mentions as she stalks towards me. I walk back towards Stiles’ door ready to run out of it and as I run towards it she beats me to it slamming it and pushing me up against it. She bares her teeth at me with her hand wrapped around my throat. My heart beats erratically as I try to pry her hand worried she’ll kill me. I feel her take her hands off my throat and I breath out in relief until I feel her claws stab into my side as I gasp for breath looking down at her hand whispering out, “why?” as I fall to the floor holding my wound. Tracy walks out the door leaving me for dead and I look up towards the bed seeing my phone go off and I try to crawl towards it but I wince at the pain in my side increases. I lay on the floor of Stiles’ bedroom staring at the ceiling as a few tears slip from my eyes.

Stiles’ POV

I follow Parrish to a car lot and see him look into a white van seeing the two dead chimeras. He closes the object they’re placed in shutting the van doors before taking off in the van. I tried calling Scott when Theo showed up in his black SUV and he jumped out fast walking over to me.

“Sorry, I got here as fast as I could,” Theo says.

“We gotta go. Now. Parrish has got the bodies,” I say to Theo as I head towards his car.

“Okay, wait up. Stiles wait.”

“Parrish is out and he’s got the bodies. We’ve gotta find Scott and tell him,” I tell him opening the car door.

“Stiles!” Theo yells and I close the car door walking a little bit towards him.

“I don’t think Scott wants to talk to you right now.”

“Yeah, thanks. I’m aware of that,” I start to head back to the door, “It doesn’t matter. He needs to know about this.”

“Stiles,” Theo warns, “Scott doesn’t want to talk to you, but I think your dad does,” he says holding up my school ID.

Theo was walking away from me as I was following telling me, “Your dad was looking for you Stiles. He found me instead.”

“Where is he?” I ask with a little bit of anger and concern in my voice.

“I covered for you. This was taken care of. If Melissa didn’t find it at the hospital. I guess even the son of a cop can make mistakes,” The states as we walk around in a circle.

“Did you hurt him?” I ask.

“I never lied about why I came to Beacon Hills. I’m here for a pack. I came for the werecoyote. The one whose first instinct is to kill, I came for the Banshee, the girl surrounded by death, I came for the dark kitsune, the beta with anger issues, I came for Void Stiles. That’s the pack I want, unfortunately it doesn’t include Scott,” Theo yells at me with anger and determination in his voice. “Your heartbeat is rising, Stiles. It’s not because you’re afraid. Nogitsune is gone, but you’ve still got more blood on your hands than any of us,” Theo says smirking at me.

“I’m about to get more,” I say angrily.

“I’ll tell you where your dad is,” Theo says placing my ID on the hood of the car, “if you promise not to help Scott.”

I punch Theo in the face out of anger. He stumbles back laughing menacingly.

“There he is! That’s Void Stiles,” Theo mentions excitingly, “it felt good, didn’t it?”

I punch him in the face again as I stumble back and Theo falls to the ground. He sits up and spits blood out of his mouth looking up at me, “We won’t tell Scott, because you can’t lose your best friend right? Even though we both know, you never needed him.”

I grunt landing on Theo gripping his coat as he eggs me on, “You hate me now, but you’ll get it eventually. This is the hard part, because you can’t help Scott and save your dad’s life, or maybe even Y/N’s life. You still got time Stiles.”

“Y/N? What did you do to her?!” I yell angrily.

“I didn’t do anything personally. Although, Tracy might have met her at your house. Choose who to save Stiles. You’ve got time.” Theo says and I stand up and start running towards my house dialing Melissa’s number.

“Stiles, I can’t really tal-,” I cut her off with worry in my voice.

“Melissa you gotta go find my dad! He’s hurt and Y/N’s hurt I need to get to my house, but please. Please find him,” I plead to her as a few tears escape my eyes.

“I will Stiles, I will.” Melissa says and hangs up.

I put my phone in my pocket finally getting to my house bursting through the front door. I look everywhere downstairs first before yelling out her name.

“S-Stiles,” I hear her whimper from upstairs.

I run up the stairs into my room finding her bleeding out on my floor. I instantly kneel next to her grabbing her free hand taking my phone back out calling 911. I tell them I need an ambulance at my address immediately and they told me they’re sending one out now. I hang up throwing my phone onto the bed and runs my other hand through her hair.

“You’re going to be okay Y/N. J-Just stay with me okay?” I say to her as she nods weakly. I hear the sirens get closer and I wipe the tears that spilled onto my cheeks.

“D-Don’t cry please…” Y/N says trying to lift her hand, but she’s too weak. I nod leaning down kissing her forehead as I go let the paramedics in telling them she’s upstairs.

They get her on a stretcher and bring her to the ambulance and ask me if I want to ride with her. I nod immediately, getting in, and sitting beside her. I reach for her hand stroking her soft skin with my thumb. We arrive at the hospital in about ten minutes and the doctors told me I need to wait in the waiting room. I was notified that my dad arrived a few minutes before we did, and he was going into surgery. I went up to the registration desk giving the nurse information on my dad.

“Stilinski, right?” The nurse asks me, “you said his insurance was with the county? He’s a deputy?”

“No, he’s the sheriff, he’s the county sheriff. Okay. He’s covered. I mean he should be covered,” I sigh and Melissa comes up behind me telling that nurse that she’ll take care of it. She pulls me to the side to talk to me but my eyes keep gravitating towards Y/N’s room.

“Is-Is she going to be okay?” I ask looking back at her.

“She’s going to be fine. You got there in time before something worse could’ve happened,” she says smiling sadly at me.

“Ca-Can I see her?” I ask with slight hope in my voice.

“Yeah, c’mon.” She brings me to her room letting us be alone and closes the door as she walks out. I slide a chair over to her bedside as she smiles weakly at me.

“Hi,” she says softly and I take her hand into mine smiling at her.

“Hey. How are you feeling?” I ask her.

“Better than before that’s for sure. Thank you Stiles, for saving my life.”

“If I had only known this was gonna happen I would’ve made you come with me,” I sigh bringing her hand to my lips placing a small kiss on them.  


“You really don’t wanna have people sneak pics of you buying a pregnancy test, do you?”

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// Just Pee!

March 22nd, 2019

“You should wait in the car,” Sophia said while checking her face in the little mirror of her visor.

“I need some stuff, too. I’ll come with ya,” Harry said while he watched Sophia trying to get her hair under control and furiously dabbing her thumbs under her eyes to get rid of mascara smudges.

They’d worked out together that morning and Sophia had been sweating like a pig trying to keep up with Harry and the result was that ten minutes in her makeup had started running down her face and her hair had tried to free itself from the headband and bun she’d tried to contain it with.

Sophia hated working out and the only reason she’d agreed to go with Harry when he sprung the idea on her was because he promised later in the day he would hold her hand while she would be waiting for two fine lines to appear that could change her life forever. Had she known it would be this exhausting, she wouldn’t have agreed. Or at least taken off her makeup beforehand.

The “two-week-wait”, as her gynaecologist Dr. Ferraro had called the time frame it can take the uterus to accept the fertilised eggs, was over and she couldn’t wait one day longer to find out if the procedure had been successful. The second she woke up that day, she felt tense and nervous and all kinds of nauseous. At first, she blamed it on the prospect of having to take a pregnancy test, knowing the result could flip her world upside down or break her heart on the spot. Then, she realised she had been feeling nauseous for a couple of days but she didn’t dare hope that the need to vomit she’d been feeling was actual, pregnancy-related morning sickness.

Now, sitting in Harry’s car outside a drugstore after their workout, the nausea came back full force. She looked at herself closely in the mirror, her slightly damp hair was falling over her shoulder in thick, dark waves. She ruffled it once more and put on some chapstick. It wouldn’t get any better than what she saw right now without a shower and she regretted not having showered at the gym like Harry had. She sighed deeply. At least her face didn’t resemble that of a panda any longer.

“You really don’t wanna have people sneak pics of you buying a pregnancy test, do you?” she asked him, pushing the visor up and out of her face and turning her head to look at him.

“What?” she asked Harry as she noticed he’d been looking at her already. She reached her hand up immediately to comb through her hair again, self-conscious under his gaze.

“Nothing,” he said accompanied by an awkward cough. He really was peculiar sometimes, Sophia thought.

“Just tell me what you need and I’ll get it for you.”

“Are you sure you wanna go alone? Maybe no one will notice.”

“Come on, you know that if we go in there together at least one sneaky pic will end up on the internet. And it only takes one person taking a closer look into my basket and they will twist it and make it seem like you’re making your hook-up buy her own pregnancy test or something else equally as dumb.”

Harry chewed on the inside of his cheek as he listened to her. He hated that she was right. All he wanted was to be a good friend and go in there, buy a pregnancy test or three and support her like he promised, from start to finish. But, like she said, chances were high someone might spot him and if they saw what the two of them were going to buy, they’ll spin this into something it’s absolutely not.

They’d been there before. Ever since Harry and Sophia had become friends, there’d also been rumours about them dating. Harry could, according to the media, not be in close proximity to women without them tripping over themselves to get into his pants and vice versa. Every now and then a fame-hungry journalist would turn any of their coffee runs into a romantic date and up until now it was easy to ignore these rumours.

However, now that there was maybe, hopefully, a baby on the way, Harry felt more protective of Sophia than ever. It was a subtle change at first, that he noticed about himself. He’d check twice if she was buckled in properly when she rode in his car with him. When they crossed the street, he’d caught himself holding his arm out in front of her body until he was sure walking on was safe. The other day he even insisted on carrying her groceries upstairs for her. He hoped she hadn’t picked up on it because, frankly, they didn’t even know if she was pregnant yet and also Harry had no clue why suddenly he felt the need to take care of her. Then again, wanting to take care of your friend is not a bad thing so he decided not to think about it too much.

“So, what do you need?” Sophia asked again.

“Uh, it’s fine. I can get it tomorrow,” he mumbled.

“Oh Harry please what is it?” Sophia groaned in exhaustion. He could be so difficult sometimes.

“It’s nothing. It’s not important, forget it. Go and get your pregnancy test,” he said and pushed a button that unlocked the car’s doors.

“What is so embarrassing that you cannot tell me?” She teased and laughed at him, his cheeks colouring slightly. “Come on, just tell me! Don’t be a baby.”

“I said it’s fine and now please leave my car or I will flick your forehead,” he grumbled.

“It’s condoms, right? You ran out of condoms?” she teased him further and the pink flush adorning his cheeks was answer enough.

Harry refused to acknowledge her and Sophia rolled her eyes but did as she was told. Inside the drug store she came to think that it was odd that the pregnancy tests were in the same aisle as the condoms. If you were in need of getting a pregnancy test you definitely should have thought of the condoms sooner.

Because she was a little shit and getting Harry flustered was a beloved pastime activity of hers, she grabbed a pack of Trojan Magnum condoms for him. At the checkout, the cashier looked at her and Sophia knew the girl was thinking the same as she’d been minutes before.

‘Too late to be thinking of condoms, innit?’

Of course the cashier couldn’t have known that Sophia’s situation was different so she just shrugged and bagged her stuff after paying and jogged back to Harry’s car. She got in and put her bag on her lap, reaching her hand inside.

“I got four different kinds, just to be sure,” she explained. “And I got these for you.”

She grabbed the condoms and dropped the box into his lap, giggling to herself. Harry’s eyes were wide as they flickered between her and the XL-sized condoms in his lap.

“What is it? Did I get the wrong kind? Do you prefer flavoured or ribbed ones? You know, for her pleasure,” she teased and her giggle had now turned into a dirty cackle.

“You’re a pest, you know that right?” he asked rhetorically and threw the box of condoms behind him onto the backseat. “But at least you got the right size,” he added with a smirk.

Now it was Sophia’s turn to blush.

She and Harry had never been that kind of friends. Of course Sophia wasn’t blind, though. He was gorgeous and fit as fuck and also seriously packing. She’d known since he was Miley Cyrus for that one Halloween party years ago. Drunk Sophia had ogled him all night in his tight and tiny orange briefs that left nothing to the imagination, and dreamt of a world where he wasn’t one of her best friends and she could just go for it, even if it was just to scratch an itch.

“Please, the whole world knows you’re packing. It’s hardly a secret,” she said but kept her eyes forward. She knew if she looked at him now he’d have one of those crooked smiles on his face that ever so often made her knees go a tiny bit weak.

“Good to know that you know, too,” he said and started the engine.

Sophia rolled her eyes again and willed the blush in her cheeks to disappear.

An hour later, after Sophia had showered and changed clothes, Harry and her were both sat on the sofa with the four different brands of pregnancy tests on the coffee table in front of them. Harry watched Sophia closely, her eyes wandering over each box several times. He could see that she was nervous and he wanted to offer some comfort but he felt his own hands shaking with nerves and had no idea what to say.

“I’m scared,” Sophia finally said and it was Harry’s cue to wrap his arm around her shoulders.

“No matter how this goes… we’ll find a way to deal with it. I’m here, okay? All the way,” he spoke softly and pulled her closer.

“Alright then. I’ll start with this one,” she said and grabbed the test on the far right of the table.

“Good luck?” Harry offered, his face contorting into a grimace that was actually kind of cute but Sophia didn’t have time to think about it.

She locked herself in the bathroom, pulled her joggers and knickers down and sat down on the toilet. With shaky fingers she pulled the test out of the box it came in and placed it on the counter next to her. Of course she knew how a pregnancy test worked but just to be sure, she read over the instructions once. And then a second time and a third. Just in case.

She was just about to hold the stick to where she needed to pee on it, when she heard a shuffling outside the bathroom door.

“Harry?” she shrieked.

“Y-yeah? How’s it going?” he asked through the wooden door.

“How’s it going?” Sophia shrieked even louder. “Get away from the door, you creep!”

“‘M not a creep,” he argued and she could tell he had rolled his eyes. “Just checkin’ up on you.”

Hadn’t it been a super weird situation with her sitting on the toilet about to pee on a stick that would determine her whole future, his concern for her could have almost counted as sweet. Almost.

“I can’t pee with you standing right outside. Go away!”

“Come on just do it!”

“Harry… GO AWAY!”



When she was sure he was finally keeping his mouth shut, she placed the test back between her legs and closed her eyes, attempting to just pee.

“I just zipped my mouth with an invisible key and threw it over my shoulder,” Harry spoke again suddenly. “I realised you couldn’t see so-”


“Mouth zipped and ears covered. Now pee,” he said and Sophia waited a minute or so to be sure he actually kept quiet.

When she was done, she took a bit of toilet paper to clean herself up and then some more to put the test on top of on the counter. She quickly washed her hands, got rid of the joggers around her ankles and pulled up her knickers before she rushed to open the door. As he’d promised, Harry stood there with his mouth closed and his large hands covering his ears. He even, unnecessarily, had his eyes closed and Sophia smiled at the dork in front of her.

“Harry,” she called and his eyes flew open.

“Are you d-”, he stopped mid question when he noticed she wasn’t wearing trousers. He really didn’t want to look at her legs as long as he did but he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

Harry had always thought she was beautiful. When he’d first met her she was a pretty girl who he thought was far too cool to be friends with him. Over the years she’d grown up to be a gorgeous woman, a good portion of her body covered in ink, and more intriguing to him than she probably should have been. He’d only ever caught glimpses of the tattoos on her legs when she’d worn shorts, or on a rare occasion even a dress, but now he got the full view and, well, her legs were a sight to behold as were the few tattoos that covered parts of her skin. He’d never tell her how beautiful he really thought she was because they were friends and he was afraid she’d take it the wrong way. It would remain a secret only for him to know.

“Can you get the other ones for me, please?” she pulled him from his thoughts.

“Yeah.. sure,” he mumbled and hurried down the hallway and into the living room.

Seconds later he came back with the three remaining tests and Sophia took them from his hands. When she looked up, he smiled softly at her.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he said and pinched her cheek softly.

Sophia took a shuddering breath and locked herself in the bathroom again.

“Remember, love, just pee,” Harry said and without needing to remind him, she knew he’d covered his ears, shut his mouth and closed his eyes.

// Did It Work?

“The two minutes are well over now, Soph, you sure you don’t wanna have a look?”

Sophia shook her head no, pacing her living room frantically. It had been half an hour at least since she’d done all four tests.

“I can’t. Not yet.”

“Okay, then we’ll wait,” Harry suggested and leaned back on the sofa, his eyes not leaving Sophia’s face. He was dying to find out if her biggest wish would come true but it wasn’t his place to push her.

Suddenly, she stopped pacing. “I’m gonna get the gun out. Take off your shirt.”

“What?” Harry asked through a laugh.

“I need to calm down or else I’m going crazy. We could do the little guitar you wanted or something else… I don’t care. Just… please let me doodle on you,” she made puppy eyes at him and hoped he was weak enough to give in.

“Alright, go get your gun,” Harry agreed, just like that.

“Really?” Sophia asked while already grabbing her kit from the sideboard.

“Yeah, let’s do the little guitar,” Harry clarified before he took off his shirt.

It wasn’t the first time Harry let Sophia tattoo him when she was nervous or in need of a distraction. Tattooing always calmed her down and took her mind off things. She was never as focused as when she did what she did best. It was like she was an entirely different person when she held her tattoo gun in her hand. Harry didn’t mind offering his body as her personal doodle pad. He’d lost count of how many tiny, often silly, tattoos Sophia had given him over the years, apart from the numerous bigger ones, but he didn’t regret a single one of them.

“Where do you want it?” Sophia asked while putting on a pair of black rubber gloves.

“Dunno,” Harry shrugged and inspected his arm. He turned it slowly before he spoke. “The wrist’s crowded already so maybe the shoulder? What do you think?”

“I think I found a spot,” she said and stepped closer, sanitizer in hand and a pen held between her full lips.

Harry swallowed. He’d always found it kind of hot to watch her work but again, he kept that thought to himself. She sprayed the liquid onto a spot at the back of Harry’s shoulder and wiped it off after a few seconds. She tossed the paper towel in the bin and gave Harry instructions on how to sit and hold his arm. Then, she kneeled next to him on the couch, took the cap off the pen and put it back between her lips. Harry watched her every move, fascinated by how focused her gaze was. When he felt the tip of the pen glide across his skin, a shiver ran up and down his spine. He loved getting a new tattoo and everything that came with it. He especially liked getting tattooed by Sophia. It was an intimate affair, letting someone mark your skin in an (almost) irrevocable way, and having a friend do it made it even more special.

“Okay have a look in the mirror and tell me if you like it and if the placement’s okay,” Sophia said after a minute and Harry got up to check out the sketch on his skin in the mirror in the hallway.

Sure, the tiny guitar she’d just drawn on him wasn’t one of the more difficult designs she’d drawn on or for him but it still stunned him how she could conjure up almost any image and transform it into art he’d carry with him for the rest of his life. Of course, he loved this little one just as much as all the other little ones. All the small doodles she’d done on Harry had been done free-hand. It was kind of their thing.

“Alright, Willis, let’s go,” Harry said and sat back down on the sofa. Sophia made him turn his upper body a little so that she had full access to the designated spot and then pushed the pedal of the tattoo machine down slowly, the gun buzzing in her hand.

Sophia took a deep breath and got to work. About five minutes later, she was done and sent Harry to check out the result in the hallway mirror. Unsurprisingly, he loved it. He smiled as he inspected it and then his eyes fell on Sophia who had come to stand behind him.

Their eyes met in the mirror. “I think I’m ready to find out,” she said, her voice steady.

Harry thought it was incredible how tattooing never failed to calm her down and brought her focus back. For him it was similar with making music so he kind of understood but it still fascinated him to see that same kind of passion in her.

He lead the way to the bathroom, still shirtless. The tests all sat on the counter, neatly placed side by side. Sophia had followed on his heels, basically hiding behind his tall frame.

“Can you look and tell me?” she asked, her voice small.

Harry looked at her over his shoulder. Her wide eyes and nervous expression made him want to reach out his hand and caress her face but he just nodded instead. When he turned back around, he felt Sophia wrap her arms around his middle and then she pressed her cheek to the spot between his shoulder blades. Besides hugging each other as a greeting or leaning on each other when they were tipsy, their interactions usually weren’t as physical but it was an unusual situation they found themselves in and Harry didn’t mind her touch at all. They were sharing a secret - Sophia still hadn’t told anyone else about her plans - and it was something they’d bonded over even more over the last two weeks. He smiled to himself before he looked down.

There, lying side by side, were four positive pregnancy tests.

“Did it work?” Sophia asked from behind him.

Harry exhaled. “You’re gonna have a baby.”

Within seconds, he felt Sophia’s hot tears against the skin of his back and then a sob wracked her body. He spun around and pulled her close to his chest, one arm holding her body steady against his and the hand of the other arm cradling her head.

“I’m g-gonna… I- I’m gonna be a- a mum,” she sobbed.

Harry let his own tears fall. If he had a reaction this strong, he couldn’t even begin to imagine how Sophia must have felt in that moment.

“You’re gonna be a mum,” he confirmed and when Sophia heard him sniffle, she looked up.

“You’re crying,” she said, her eyes glistening and full of wonder.

“So are you,” Harry said and wiped away a few of Sophia’s tears. “I’m really happy for you, Soph.”

“Thank you,” she whispered. “And I’m sorry I got snot on you.”

They both giggled and Sophia wiped away the moisture she’d left behind on Harry’s chest. He couldn’t have cared less.

Baking with Tom:

-  You’re happily curled up against the arm rest, his head in your lap, him playing with the ends of your hair as he asks you if you can show him how to bake

- “What do you mean ‘show you how to bake’? Don’t you know how to bake?”

- “Not exactly.”

- “Not exactly?”

- “Okay, so not at all.”

- “Well what would you wanna bake?”

- “Can we make cupcakes? Please? I wanna make cupcakes”

- Going to the store with him to get ingredients and he insists on holding your hand because he doesn’t much time to be home with you that often seeing as he’s constantly travelling for work 

- “Tom I need to get the sugar off the shelf.”

- “Use your other hand.”

- “I’m holding the shopping basket.”

- “That’s not my problem darlin.”

- Him being so curious about all the different types of flour

- “Darlin what’s the difference between corn flour and rice flour?”

- “I don’t know, they’re made of different things I guess.”

- “Yeah but what are they used for? And why is self raising flour called self rais-”

- “I don’t KnOW TOM”

- As you browse through the different icing mixtures, he reads through all the packets to help you choose one

- “This one is lemon flavoured love, I know you like lemon.”

- “Tom, you hate lemon.”

- “But you love it darling.”

- Getting to the checkout and you’re emptying the stuff onto the register and he’s snuck in a bottle of red food coloring and a bottle of blue food coloring

- “What’s this I though we were doing plain cupcakes?”

- “Change of plan, we’re doing spiDERMAN cupcakes!”

- Getting home and he rushes to get the groceries out of the car boot and rushes inside like the most eager of children because you’re dating a big child

- “Darling where do we keep our aprons?”

- “We don’t have aprons Tom.”

- “But I don’t have any baking attire.”

- Don’t tell me this boy wouldn’t think there’s certain BAKING ATTIRE 

- Him being really excited to start and nagging you asking what he can do first

- Giving him some ingredients to measure out but he doesn’t understand the concept of cups as a unit of measurement 

- “Well what sized cup darlin? We have like mug sort of cups, or- does a wine glass count as a cup?”

- “BOi I swear.”

- So when he finally realizes you mean measuring cups he starts trying to pour the flour out of the bag into the cup and you just KNOW he about to spill that shit everywhere 

- “Tom do you want me to do it?”

- “I’m good, I’m good.”

- So you go back to doing what you were doing and you just hear ‘PPHFF’ 

- This BITCH got flour all over his jeans and you just roll your eyes at this FOOL

- “Take them off. Give em to me.”

- “Darling really? In front of the cupcakes?”

- You put his pants in the washing machine so now he’s legit just measuring out flour in his underpants what a SIGHT

- Him sneaking in between you and the kitchen bench while you’re working on the icing mixture, pushing the fly-aways out of your face-  “Shall we put some music on darlin?”

- “Go on then. Also I know you just got flour in my hair Tom, don’t try and hide it with your smeyes.”

- The first song that starts playing is ‘Like A Star’ by Corinne Bailey Rae, one of your favorites and you sing along to yourself while you keep doing what you doing 

- “Just like a song in my heart. Just like oil on my hands. Oh, I do love you.” 

- “How’s the icing mixture going love?”

- “It, is- just about down.”

- “C’mere.”

- This boy tip toes over to you, taking the mixing bowl and spoon out of your hands, putting them down. He spins you achingly slowly around his own fingers, lacing them with yours. The late afternoon glow trickling into your kitchen, you slow step on the tiles in his embrace. He’s humming the tune now. You’re giggling at his lack of clothing, the whole situation seeming absolutely ridiculous. Your faces are so close that your noses are only just touching. Your mouth reaches carefully for his, coming together, fitting together so perfectly.

- “…..You taste like lemon darling. I hate it, but I love it. “

- You just wipe the icing of his lips with your thumb, turning him around, you smack his butt

- “Go add that flour to the batter Thomas. Get!”  

- “OI! Naugggh-TY”

-You pretty much finish everything off, pouring the batter into the tray, putting it in the oven,  but he feels so accomplished because he measured out the flour and added the food coloring

- “I think I’ve done a pretty bloody good job for my first time baking.”

- “Tom you didn’t eve- don’t worry.”

- Like he is SO proud of what he managed to do you can’t hurt his feelings

- “How much longer love?”

- “About 15 minutes Tommy”

- His little disappointed CHILD frown when you tell him how much longer they’ll be 

- The timer going off and him snatching up the oven mitts before you can even think about grabbing them 

-okay but his HANDS in OVEN MITTS

-He’s hands are shaking as he pull the cupcakes out of the oven 

- “woaHwoHOAHW”

- They lowkey look terrible because he just mixed the red food coloring in with the blue food coloring so they’re just an ugly purple color but he still looks so proud

- “My firsst everrr baking suCEssss wOO!!”

- You let him pipe the icing on and he keeps eating it

- “What happened to you hating lemon hm?”

- “I’m a lemon convert leave me BE BABE.”

- The cupcakes look a little sad but he forces you to sit at the dining table while he makes you both tea to have with your cupcakes 

- “Go sit down love, I’ll bring it to you”

- The cupcakes are horrible, but you try and smile through it

- “Did I put too much flour in love?”

- “No they’re great Tom, you did great.”

- “You’re lying aren’t you love?”

- “Yes.”

- “They were Spider-Man cupcakes too :(”

- “You’re all the Spider-Man cupcake I need Tommy.”

- “Well Spider-Man is having the cookies he saw in the pantry. ‘nother cuppa darlin?”

- “Yes please Spider-boy”
- “It’s spiDER-MAN!”

I wanna make shitty cupcakes with Tom UGHHH

Let me know what you think xx

Auston Matthews - Part 25

Though I’m not entirely sure he wants to, Auston spends the rest of the afternoon helping me put together my bedroom, closet and bathroom. I let him take a break after he makes a small noise in the back of his throat when I ask him to move the shelf he just finished organizing to the other side of my closet. He’s currently napping on my bed with both my dogs sprawled out beside him, the traitors. I eye them a moment, Auston has his sweatshirt back on and the hood pulled up over his eyes though I can see his lips parting slightly every time he breathes.

My stomach growls and I still need to get groceries before the day is over. I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly seven already. I quietly wake the two dogs and usher them out of my room before going back to my bed, climbing on it gently so I don’t wake him that way.

“Auston,” I murmur, putting my hand on his stomach and pressing slightly. “Wake up,” I whisper but I know I’m being too quiet and gentle.

“Hey,” I say a little louder this time and he twitches though he doesn’t wake. I sigh and curse how cute he looks sleeping and I don’t have it in my heart to shake him awake. I sit back on my heels and eye him a moment, straying down to his pants and a wicked idea comes to mind. I lay beside him on my side and place my hand on his thigh, not bothering to being so gentle this time, his eyes remain closed. Slowly running my hand along his thigh I kiss his lips softly, he stirs slightly beneath me, no, beneath my hand.

“Auston,” I whisper again, my lips brushing his jaw. I push down a bit harder with my hand and make quick work of his button and zipper just as he had me. This time when he moves below me his hood tips back and reveals his brown eyes fluttering open lazily. “Hi,” I grin down at me him and he eyes me a moment before rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

“What do you want now,” he mutters though he smirks up at me.

“I want a lot of things,” I reply, my fingers resting just inside his jeans.

“Name one thing in particular right now,” Auston says, putting his hands back behind his head.

“Ben and Jerry’s,” I say, giving him a serious look.

“I don’t think that’s the top of your list right now…”

“You didn’t say top, you just said ‘one thing’” I remind him and flex my fingers, his body responds automatically and I smirk.

Auston doesn’t say anything more though his eyes narrow and he breathes in deeply. I stop my movements and my breathing comes to a halt. That look… In a split second I’m suddenly beneath him and his mouth is on mine. Though I don’t think Auston realized how close to the end of the bed I was because the moment he shifts his weight over me, we tumble to the floor. We stare at each other in shock for a moment, a tangle of limbs and burst out laughing.

“Suppose there are worse ways to wake up,” Auston says, and I remember one of the first nights I spent in Toronto and saying those exact words to him.

I laugh again and climb off of him, helping him back to his feet.

“You can stay here if you want but I need to get myself some groceries,” I move to my closet and drag out a clean set of clothes. I hesitate a moment, eyeing Auston who is still watching me. “Turn around or go out in the hallway,” I shoo him with my hands.

“Really?” Auston asks raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, really!” I snap, my cheeks flushing.

“Y/N, I’ve seen you in a bathing suit, I don’t see how this is much different,” he says seriously and I consider it for a moment.

“That’s different,” I start. “Bathing suits aren’t an intimate item of clothing.” I walk towards him, placing my hand on his chest and forcing him backwards out of my room and into the hallways. “Be down in a minute,” I blow him a kiss and close the door on his annoying smirk.

I meet him downstairs in the living room where Auston is being terrorized by my two dogs bouncing around him.

“Coming with?” I ask him, grabbing my coat and purse from the foyer.

“Of course,” he says and I grin.

Grocery shopping with Auston is much like taking a small child, I remind him on more than once occasion that I’m shopping for me, though he pouts enough when I tell him to put a thing of muffins back that I set it back in my cart, much to his excitement. By the time we get to the checkout line I think that over the half the items in my cart are what Auston convinced me to get. Although he does make up for it by loading everything into the trunk of my car, again by carrying everything inside for me as I get set on organizing.

I’m surprised at how easy and comfortable it is being with Auston all day. I pause at the sink, rinsing the plates we used for dinner before placing them in the dishwasher. Auston notices and eyes me warily.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

“I just realized, I haven’t been sad or lonely for a second since my parents left me yesterday,” I say softly, turning and looking at him. “I was so sure that I wouldn’t even be able to function…” I smile up at Auston. “Maybe this was supposed to be my home all along.”

“Only one way to find out,” Auston says, nodding towards my backyard. “Ask your star.”

I blink at him, surprised he even remembered the conversation we had a week ago over the phone. I had been babbling about a meteor shower that was supposed to happen and somehow had gotten on the topic of the story my dad told me about Polaris. He gives me soft smile and takes the plate from my hand.

“Go on,” he pushes me gently towards the backdoor.

I listen and grab his sweatshirt that was still resting on the couch where I left it last night. Pulling it over my head and stuffing my feet into my boots, I step out into the bitter cold of a Toronto winter. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness, though when I can finally make out the stars in the distant sky my breath leaves my body. Being slightly away from the lights of the city had been high of my list of requirements for a home, standing here in the backyard I remembered why.

There’s thousands of twinkling lights above me, my trained eyes immediately fly across the sky, finding different sequences and constellations. When they finally fall upon Polaris I tilt my head slightly in consideration.

Auston looks up at me from the couch when I clamber back inside, kicking my boots to the side. He’s lying across my couch, head propped up on an armrest, watching the Habs and Bruins game.

“So?” He asks, watching me as I make my way over to the couch, perching on the edge by his hips.

“I learned one thing for sure,” I nod at him and he raises his eyebrows.

“What’s that?”

“To wear gloves when I go outside,” I say and before he can pull away or flinch, I put my hand against the sliver of his exposed stomach.

Auston lets out a hiss and tries to jerk away from me but his back is already against the couch. So he reaches down and pulls my hand free of his stomach while I erupt into a fit of giggles. Rolling his eyes at me he brings my hand to his mouth, kissing my knuckles.

“You aren’t going to tell me, are you?” Auston muses and I wink.


I go to stand back up but he holds my hand tight.

“Where are you going?” Auston asks, tugging me back down onto the couch.

“Um, I was going to go sit over there,” I nod my head at the chair beside the couch.

“No stay here, Mitch and the other’s will be here soon,” Auston says. Earlier Mitch had been snapping both me and Auston and yelling at me because Auston wasn’t playing COD with him. So to calm him down I told him he could come over, he then invited all the others who play COD online together.

“And when they get here, I can’t do this,” he pulls me down so I’m lying next to him and kisses me, his hand on my neck. I respond and hook my leg over his, though this isn’t one of our steamy make out sessions, I just don’t want to fall off the couch.

Almost immediately lights flash across the wall behind us and my dogs start barking that someone is here.

Auston lets out an annoyed sigh against my lips as I laugh.

“To be continued,” I wink at him and get to my feet, setting off to wrangle my hounds.

Thirty minutes later there’s boys everywhere and I have suddenly become the mother to seven grown men. They all brought their own food, and some for Auston and I wish we both already ate but we don’t tell them that, so there is a mess of food on my coffee table and one of my dogs already stole someone’s biscuit.

Morgan and Mitch are arguing over by the T.V, trying to get their game system that they decided my house needed set up. I had asked them why I would need it and they all had looked at me like I was an idiot.

“So we can play here…” Morgan had said slowly like I needed time to process his words.

“Did I say you could play here?” I had retorted and a silence had fallen over the room, they looked at each other like they hadn’t considered it. Auston then looked up at me from his place on the couch.

“Can we play here?” He asked and a wave of heads turned to look at me, my face flushed.

“Yes, you can play here,” I muttered and I had busied myself with forcing a paper towel into Mitch’s hand, he already have spilled something down the front of his shirt and he was sitting on my favorite rug. Like I said, literally a mother to seven man boys.

“And so Auston can play here when he’s shack-,“ Will starts and I throw a dagger look at him.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence,” I say to him and he smirks.

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” he says shoving a forkful of food into his mouth, all the while grinning at me.

I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly 10:30 already.

“Isn’t it past your bedtimes?’ I ask the room and Morgan pipes up.

“Hold up, I’m older than you. You adopted Mitch and Will when you started dating Auston so you can only boss them around.”

My face reddens at the word “dating” is that what we are doing? Auston and I hadn’t talked about it and it’s not like he asked me to be his girlfriend. Though we did say we were exclusive. My mind whirls a thousand miles an hour and Morgan frowns at me.

“Uh I was just kidding…” he says slowly and I realize I must look offended or something.

“Oh no, I was too, I just… uh…” I look anywhere but at Auston.

“Are you not dating? Did I make something awkward?” Morgan asks, his eyes flashing between Auston and I and I want to fall into the floor and disappear.

“I uh…” I stutter. “I’m going to take a…” I point to the stairs and back towards them, trying to keep my face calm and clear before turning and bolting up them. Feeling Auston’s eyes on me the entire way.

Mitch POV

Everyone stares at Y/N’s retreating back as she scrambles up the stairs.

“Nice one, Morgan,” I snap at him. “First time you meet her and you pissed her off already. New record,” I lean back against the couch as I finally get the system working on Y/N’s T.V.

“I didn’t mean to!” Morgan retorts and looks at Auston.

“Are you not dating? I honestly thought you were,” he tries to defend himself, his eyes flashing to the stairs again.

“Well, I mean… I think so,” Auston stammers, looking at me like it’s a question.

“What do you mean you think so?” I ask him, and the controller is ripped from my hands by Zach, who has little interest in the current conversation.

“I guess we never said it but I thought we were…”

“Dumbass,” Morgan says and I nod in agreement.

“Doesn’t look like she thinks that, Matts,” I say, taking the controller back from Zach while he isn’t looking.

Auston looks a little lost at what he’s supposed to do, his face clearly showing his confusion. I hear the water turn on upstairs, which I assume means Y/N is taking a shower.

“Good luck, buddy,” is all I say to him. Auston rubs his face with his hand which is what he usually does when he’s stressed.

Though he stands and makes his way to the stairs, but not before hitting Morgan over the head with the back of his hand as he passes by.


I take my time in the shower, letting all the hot water rinse away the stress and tears that I’ve shed the last few days while moving. By the time I turn off the water my bathroom is steamed up and my skin is a slight pink. I wrap myself in a towel and step out into my bedroom, I’m halfway to my closet before I realize there is someone sitting on my bed.

Squealing, I clutch the towel even tighter around myself. Auston looks up from where he had been staring at the floor and meets my eyes. To my surprise his gaze never falls down to my towel.

“What are you doing?” I finally manage to get out, my heart calming down against my ribs.

“I wanted to talk to you about what Morgan said,” he says simply, looking back down at his hands and I’m guessing it’s so he doesn’t let his gaze slip to my towel.

“While I’m naked?” I ask, one of my hands darting down to my leg to make sure the towel is actually covering all of me.

“That was an unexpected bonus,” Auston admits, his eyes flashing to me for just a moment and my cheeks warm.

I glance at my closet but I don’t want to wait Auston wait any longer to say what he wants, he looks like his head might explode. Hesitantly, I make my way to the bed and after being positive that I can sit modestly, I lower myself down next to him.

“So talk,” I say.

Auston shifts next to me, looking comfortable.

“I was under the impression that we were…” he starts and I think I hear embarrassment in his voice. “I thought that we were, you know… together…” he rubs the back of his head.

“I was under the impression that you can only say you’re with someone is if you actually ask them,” I say right back.

Auston shifts again next to me and looks at me at a loss of words. I wait, not saying anything.

“Right now?” He asks incredulously.

“Ask me,” I whisper.

“Wanna be my girlfriend?’ he asks awkwardly and I erupt into a fit of giggles.

“Mitch is going to hate me now,” I say through my giggles and he rolls his eyes at me.

“I’m taking that as a yes,” he says and then his eyes flash down to my legs and I realize my movement from laughing made my towel slide up, exposing the tops of my thighs. I quickly reach down and pull my towel back down.

“Look at that, I call you my girlfriend and you’re already naked,” he smirks at me and I swat his arm.

“I may be naked but your best friends are downstairs. So, you go back down there and I’ll be down in a few minutes,” I tap his nose with my finger and stand up.

“But…” Auston starts and I cut him off with a quick kiss.

“Later,” I whisper against his lips.

Auston pouts for a moment before standing and shuffling to the doorway, giving me one last longing look before closing the door behind him. I wait until I hear the top stair creak before jumping around my room like a giddy high school girl.


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The best solution to a dank, cold, dark, dreary day had to be cookies.

It wasn’t cleaning. It wasn’t sleeping. It wasn’t washing laundry or folding clothes. It wasn’t paperwork.

Therefore, it had to be cookies.

Chocolate chunk bars, peanut butter blossoms, oatmeal raisin circles, Russian Tea cakes, nut cups (the name would forever make her grin naughtily into her shoulder), Almond press cookies.

She’d made them all and eaten them all at some point in her life but right now, she wanted them all.

And she had an entire day to do it.

Mulder was off with the guys doing unintelligibly mumbled ‘fact gathering’ which she wanted absolutely no part in but made her keep her phone within reach and $400 for bail by the front door … just in case.

A baking frenzy the size of Scully’s ambitions necessitated a trip to the grocery store, which she did with clenched teeth and slightly combed hair stuffed under winter cap. She hated the store, she hated dealing with vibrating carts and things too far back on the top shelf which required her to either scale surreptitiously or fetch a lovely man attached to an annoyed woman to reach things for her and by far, she hated waiting in that damn checkout line with random people discussing random things to pass their time while invading hers.

Making it home alive and considerable lighter in the bank account, she set her wares down, slapped her hands together and dug out every bless-ed bowl she owned.

This was going to be fun.


Ten minutes into her cookie making orgy, she cranked her CD player up, sounds of Bryan Adams, Alanis Morrissette, Billy Joel and Journey intermingling on shuffle, herself singing quietly as she buttered, egged, floured, sugared and powdered.

First batch in, cooking well.

First batch out, burned to a fucking crisp.

First batch 2.0, cooking well.

First batch 2.0, burned to a fucking crisp.

Twenty minutes later, oven declared on the fritz and Scully pissed at the entire damn world.


Her mother wasn’t a scrap of help, considering she was out of town and seemed to have taken the power along with her, her house dark and cold, transformer across the street still sparking, electric company truck just setting up for what she could only assume was going to be a very long day.

At least she hadn’t unloaded everything from the trunk of her car.


Hauling all that crap upstairs put her in an even more foul mood but for God’s sake, she would be having homemade cookies and nothing was going to stop her.

Freaking soggy ass elevator, soaked socks, stringy hair, wet wool reeking hat, sodden coat, ripped grocery bag whirlwind of a shit day so far.

Mulder, at least, had power.

Granted, there was no Mulder, but she had a key, a working oven and the will to make one edible cookie.

It only she had remembered the mixer.

One God-damned cookie.

That’s all she wanted.

1,000,000 spoon strokes later, her shoulder was numb and her fingers stiff but she had chocolate chip cookie dough ready for chocolate.

Fuck Nestle and the forgotten bag of chocolate chips still sitting on her counter.

Digging around Mulder’s cupboards, she found Reese’s Pieces and M&M’s, sketchy in their expiration date but not to tooth breaking stage so she went for it, stirring them in with a vengeance, needing a cookie like humans need air and Mulder needed a keychain every new place they went.


He walked in his apartment just as she burned the living hell out of her fingers, his hot pad collection leaving something to be desired. The free-formed cursing made him smile even though he couldn’t actually see her around the corner but since he smelled heaven-sent desserts, he didn’t question her motives for invading his apartment but rather strolled into the kitchen, hesitating only a moment before moving towards her, pulling her fingers from her mouth and running them under cool water in the sink.

“I’m buying you hot pads for Christmas.”

He continued massaging her fingers under the faucet, “hi.”


Finally letting her go, he looked her up and down while she wore a pair of his warm socks and long sleeved t-shirt, hair sprinkled with flour, “so, what brought on the Betty Crocker invasion?”

“I just wanted some damned cookies. My oven broke, mom doesn’t have power, burned my finger, I’m tired, cranky, hungry from lack of aforementioned cookie and I want to throw everything out your window.”

Reaching around her and fingering a large chuck of dough, he popped it in his mouth, “so, what you’re saying is you need to go sit down while I bake things.”

Intake of air, exhale of giant sigh later, she leaned back on the counter, scooping her own dollop of raw dough, licking it slowly, “I have the recipes in my head so you can’t make what I want but you can help, if you’d like.”

“If I help, do I get to eat?”

“As many as you want.” Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, she gave him a smile, “I had plans for five different kinds of cookies but I’m thinking my ambitions run higher than my abilities.”

“Compromise at three?”


It took until he had nearly sliced the end of his finger off while chopping pecans for her to ask, putting down her measuring cup and taking the knife away, “what are you doing here, anyways? I thought you were with the guys all day? Secret surveillance, sketchy sources, soaking wet back alleys and skulking monsters …”

Chuckling, “it was going so well then you threw in monsters and negated the beauty of the entire alliteration.”

“Yeah, I know … that’s the kind of day it’s been … add a cup and a half of flour, please.”

Mulder returned to the original question as he carried out orders, “Langley’s got a cold and Byers wouldn’t let him go out in the rain so we called it off. Frohike sent him to bed with a double dose of Nyquil. When Byers mentioned formatting hard drives, I ran like hell and never looked back. I was coming here to grab a few things then I was going to interrupt your afternoon.”

Adding pecans to the brown sugar filling, she bumped his thigh with her hip, the height difference killing her at times, before handing him a large spoon to stir his concoction, “you might change your mind about hard drive formatting when you reach your 200th stir.”

“Shit. I don’t own a mixer.” Looking at her, “can’t I just go to the store and buy you cookies?”

“No, now stir.”


Three hours later, it was incredibly dark and foreboding out, lightning flashing, thunder rumbling, curtains open so they could watch the torrential monsoon in progress. Settled on the couch, cookies were piled high on the table before them, glasses of cold milk standing tall, blanket spread out across folded legs, Mulder having changed into sweats and thick socks and long sleeves as well. Holding out a Russian Tea cake to him, “thanks for all the help today.”

As he bit down, eyes closing in delight and powdered sugar puffing all around, “you’re welcome.” Another bite finished it off and he reached for his milk, “and I have a confession to make.”

“Should I be nervous?”

Shaking his head with a smile, “Langley wasn’t sick and there wasn’t any hard drive formatting.”

Peanut butter cookie bitten, she cocked her head, looking at him in curious inquiry, “then why did you come home?”

Shifting his hand from its place on her knee to her swollen belly, “I missed you guys.”

“You were going to see us tonight regardless.”

“And your point is … ?”

Now she laughed, snuggling closer, settling her head on his shoulder, “we missed you, too.”

I Want To Write You A Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 21)

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Part 20

A few days later, you were back in the studio. Harry had some interviews that morning, but he would be stopping by once he was finished. He had been super busy these past few weeks and it was only going to get crazier with his album coming out in a few days. 

It also didn’t help that you two had been on the outskirts a bit, but after the other night, things were looking up. The few arguments that you two had since coming to the UK were really the only ones you two had as a couple. You both are just glad that they made you stronger instead of tearing you apart. 

However, there was still one major issue that had gone unspoken about and that was if you would come and stay in London with Harry. Harry knew that it would be a huge step for you, especially since you two had only been dating for a few months, but he couldn’t imagine between half a world away from you. 

He was sure that the distance would more than likely drive you apart. 

He had been in interview after interview that morning and was finally free. Before heading to the studio, he decided to grab some lunch, smoothies, coffee, and cupcakes to bring for everyone. He knows how grueling it could be in the studio, so he wanted to bring in some refreshments for a bit of a break. 

After getting everything, he got into his car and drove straight to the studio. When he got there, he carried all the stuff into the studio and went into the recording booth you were in. He nodded to the producers and put the food on the table before making his way towards them. 

“How she doing?” Harry asked. 

“Amazing,” they said. “We’re just about to start another take.” 

Harry nodded and listened as the music started up. 

“You’re the light, you’re the night. You’re the color of my blood. You’re the cure, you’re the pain. You’re the only thing I wanna touch…” you sang softly. “Never knew that it could mean so much, so much.” 

Harry smiled as he watched you. Your eyes were closed as you belted out the rest of the song as you apporached the end of the song the notes were getting higher and higher and Harry couldn’t help, but feel a little turned on. 

Once you hit the highest note, everyone in the studio was blown away. Harry had the biggest smirk on his face before taking off his shirt and practically stripping. He knew that you would laugh and plus it was getting hot in there. 

You had finished the song and looked out into the studio, where you saw your half naked boyfriend with his arms in the air and shouting. You laughed shaking your head as you took your headphones off and walked out of the booth. 

“Uh, what are you doing?” You laughed. 

“Nothing, nothing,” he smirked wrapping you in his arms. “You’re were fucking amazing and damn sexy.” 

“So, that caused you to get naked?” You giggled drinking some water. 

He laughed pulling his pants up. “Yep,” he smirked. “Anyway, I brought some things if you all would like them.” 

“I thought I smelled food,” one of the producers smirked. “Let’s take a good break, shall we?” 

“Sounds good,” you said walking over and grabbing some food for yourself and  joining Harry on the couch. “How did your interviews go?” 

“Okay, I was mostly asked the same questions over and over again,” he laughed. 

“You should just do a press conference and get it all out of the way,” you laughed. 

“I don’t exactly have the best experiences with those,” he joked. 

“True,” you giggled. “I’ve seen the videos.” 

“But back to you,” Harry said. “How do you feel with everything?” 

“I feel…great,” you smiled. “I don’t know, I can’t really describe how I feel.” 

“I’m really proud of you baby,” he whispered. “And I can’t wait until I’m able to hear the entire thing. Just sitting back with a glass of wine and having it play in the background.” 

“Well, you might be waiting a while for that,” you said. “I’ve only gotten about three songs recorded… I have plenty written, but I don’t know if they should go on the album.” 

“I could help you, if you want,” he said. 

“Are you sure? I know your schedule is going to be hectic these next few weeks,” you said. 

“Yeah, it well be, but baby, I’m here for you when you need it,” he smiled. 

“Thank you,” you smiled. “And thank you for giving me the push to do this.” 

“I only did it because I knew deep down that you’d want this,” he smiled. 

“I love you,” you whispered leaning towards him. 

“And I love you,” he smiled. 

“Okay! Break’s over, let’s listen back over this track,” the producer said. 


After you left the studio, you and Harry decided to head to the store and grab some things to make dinner at home. 

“So, what should we make?” You asked. 

“I’m making a surprise,” he smirked taking the shopping cart from you and walking through the shop. 

“I thought we were supposed to make this together,” you laughed. 

“You can make the salad and dessert, but I’m cooking the main course.” he smirked. 

“I think you’ve already offered dessert back at the studio,” you joked. 

“You know you loved it,” he smirked looking at you. 

“Oh yeah, so if I ever get interviewed about the recording process, I’m going to have to mention my boyfriend getting naked in the studio,” you laughed. 

“And the bedroom,” he smirked wrapping his arm around your shoulder. 

You rolled your eyes. “Anyway, let’s get the food and get back to the house because I’m hungry.” 

He leant down to kiss you quickly before heading over and getting what he needed to get. 

You had gotten everything you needed for your salad and then got some fruit and melting chocolate for desserts. You met Harry up at the checkout counter and started putting everything on the counter. You just so happened to look over at the magazine rack and saw your face in the corner of it. You were confused, so you reached over and grabbed it. 

“Harry Styles Dating Secret Songwriter? But Is She Using Him To Get Fame” Was the headline that was below your picture. You opened it up and started to read the article that went along with it, while noticing pictures of you and Harry at his Mom’s place. 

“Did you see this?” You said to Harry as he took his card out of his wallet to hand to the cashier. 

He looked over and saw the article. He sighed. “No, I didn’t. Don’t worry about what it says,” he said. 

“It’s not just what it says, but the pictures are of us from your Mom’s,” you said. 

“Are you serious?” He said looking over at the pictures. “I can’t believe this.” 

You put the magazine back on the rack and you both grabbed the bags once Harry paid for them. 

“So, I take it you didn’t know about any of this?” You asked. “No one asked you about them in your interview?” 

“No, but it could be because my personal life is blacklisted for interviews,” he said putting the bags in the car. 

“The headline on the front is questioning whether I’m using you for fame,” you sighed. “But how did anyone find out about my past songwriting jobs when I’ve been writing under a pen name.” 

“They probably went searching and sleuthing because it’s been over a week since those pictures were taken, so they had to find something to write up with the pictures,” he sighed. “Are you okay?” 

You shrugged. “I mean… it’s a little weird, but it’s not like it’s saying anything bad other than I’m using you for fame, which we both know I’m not,” you said. 

Harry grabbed your hand and kissed it. “And that’s all that matters,” he smiled. 


Once you got back to Harry’s house, you both took the bags inside and starting prepping for dinner. You washed all the greens and veggies before chopping them up and throwing them in a large bowl, while Harry was cooking his meal. 

After you finished with the salad, you put it in the fridge and started making the chocolate covered fruit. You heated up the chocolate and dipped the fruit one by one in the chocolate before putting them on the plate. You had grabbed a paper towel to wipe up some of the mess, when you saw Harry stealing a strawberry.

“HEY! That’s for after dinner,” you laughed throwing the towel at him. 

He smirked at you with a shrug and a wink before going back over to the skillet on the stove. 

Soon everything was ready and you both brought everything to the table outside in his backyard, while he opened a bottle of wine. You smile and sat down at the table and Harry joined you. 

“Does this look amazing?” He smirked. 

“Yeah, the salad is top notch,” you said. 

“Well, yeah, but what about my chicken?” he said. 

“Eh, it’s alright,” you joked.

“Hey! You’re so mean to me,” he pouted. “You know there aren’t a lot of boyfriends out there who’d cook such an amazing meal!” 

You giggled. “I’m just joking, it’s really good.” 

“I knew it,” he smirked taking a bite. 

“This is really nice,” you smiled. “Having a date night like this.” 

“Yeah, it does. I like having date nights at home because we don’t have to worry about other people. We can just be together,” he smiled. 

“Which is good because I’m sure had we went out for dinner or something tonight, we would have been photographed or something since that article came out today,” you said. 

“I’m sorry about that,” he sighed shaking his head. 

“It’s not your fault,” you sighed. “Besides I sort of knew that would happen eventually when I said yes to going out with you.” 

“I wish it wasn’t though,” he said. “Just because you’re with me shouldn’t subject people finding out every little thing about you.” 

“I know, but I mean… eventually it would have happened right?” You said. “I’m working on my album, which is going to put me in the spotlight, so if it didn’t happen because of me dating you, then it would have happened then.” 

“I guess that’s true,” he nodded. “But either way, nobody should have to know everything about us.” 

You nodded taking his hand into yours. “So, I’ve been thinking…” 

“Uh oh,” he joked. 

You laughed. “Stop, I’m trying to be serious,” you said. 

“Sorry, sorry, continue,” he said. 

“I’ve been thinking about how you had asked me to come stay with you in London,” you said. 

“Okay,” he said looking over at you. 

“I’m not sure about it,” you sighed. “I’m worried and nervous about it, but I don’t want us to be apart and I don’t want you to come back to LA just because I didn’t want to live here. Instead of just saying no to it completely, I’m willing to give it a try for a few months.” 

“Really?” He smiled. 

“Yes, unless, you… don’t want me to anymore,” you said. 

“Yes, yes, of course I want you to,” he smiled. “Of course I want you to stay here in London with me. But I don’t want you to feel like, you have to do this.” 

“I don’t feel that way at all. It’s just hard for me to do things out of my comfort zone and to be quite honest, being with you was the beginning of learning to get out of there and then standing up to my parents and making my own album, this is just something else I need to do for myself,” you admitted. 

“I’m really proud of you baby,” he smiled. 

“I’m proud of myself,” you smiled. 

Harry leaned over and kissed you. You smiled into the kiss and soon pulled away. 

“I think it’s time for dessert,” you smiled. 

“How about we enjoy your dessert and a different kind of dessert in front of the fireplace?” He smirked. 

“Hm, I think that could work,” you smirked. 

“Hot damn!” He joked before getting up from the table and cleaning everything up, while you got the dessert from the fridge to bring it over to the living room, where you two spent the rest of the night. 

anonymous asked:

♟ for pynch pls?

  • ♟: Patching up a wound

anon! this was one of the first ones I got so I’m sorry it took so long but I couldn’t decide how I wanted to do it! in the end I’ve set this probably somewhere within the bllb timeline or maybe early trk. but either way it’s before the kiss. I hope it’s okay! <3

please, for the love of all things holy (and also my sanity), don’t send me anymore :)

The drive back to Henrietta from Singer’s Falls is as good as muscle memory for Ronan now, even in the dark. He barely even registers the journey sometimes, it’s that ingrained. Instinct takes over and all of a sudden, he’s back.

Nine times out of ten however, ‘back’ ends up being St. Agnes, where Ronan finds himself stomping up the steps to Adam’s little apartment and knocking on the door. Even if it’s unintentional. Even if he’d meant to go back to Monmouth.

Let it never be said that Ronan Lynch isn’t a glutton for punishment.

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Life of the Movie Party

Prompt: Writing prompts #13: “Um, it’s not exactly a party … but you can come anyway, if you want.”

Fandom: Be More Chill

Pairing: Jeremy Heere X Reader

Summary: You hear your friends Michael and Jeremy making plans with lots of snacks and you can’t help but be curious. Good thing Jeremy just happens to have a giant crush on you and Michael is an awesome wingman.

Word Count: 3,035

Warnings: Some language? Mr. Heere in his bathrobe? Nothing really.

A/N: This takes place like pre-squip? I mentioned a few different movies, I tried to stick to the classics that most people have seen or heard of, but I don’t go into detail about them, so it’s fine if you haven’t seen them (definitely recommend them though). I don’t really know how this turned out, it’s my first time writing for Jeremy, so feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!


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#112: “Why are you bleeding?”  &  #115:  “That wasn’t funny.”   -Roman Reigns.

Thank you to @ziasaph for the request! I hope you like it! 

Tagging: @kaitlynwwefan, @panic-angel3314, @reigns420, @littleprincess1621, @m-a-t-91, @luckygillblog, @finnbalorsbabygirl, @unabashedwwesmut, @blackwidow2721, @wrestlingimaginesposts, @wweburnitdown, @thirstiswet, @princesstoniii, @birthday-prinxess

If you would like to be added to the tag list, let me know! :) 

Originally posted by grizzlybearowens

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Birthday Girl

Fem!Reader x Josh Dun | masterlist

AU: Josh plans a birthday surprise for you.

Warnings: None

A/N: This was a request from @through-the-sounds-of-life, I hope I wasn’t too late writing this for your birthday! I’m sorry, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. Hope you guys enjoy! (Y/F/M = Your Favorite Movie) 

You woke up to an empty bed. You frantically felt for Josh, wondering where he had to be so early. You sat up, rubbed your eyes, and noticed a note on his pillow.

Good morning, birthday girl. I have a long day planned for you. So get up, get ready, and head to your car.

You smiled at his thoughtfulness and did as he said. As you were getting ready, you realized no one had ever planned something like this for your birthday. You were so excited.

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Something Sweet

Chapter 1

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: swearing, food 

Prompt: Bakery AU

It was one of those days that you read about. The sky was bright and blue with the sun hanging obediently overhead, and not a cloud dared to pass in front of it. A stiff breeze blew through the city, but not so heavy to be a nuisance. Just light enough to blow your hair around and make the street signs flap, advertising all the local businesses to the wind.

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Cookies or Nah - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Cookies or Nah – TW Imagine

Prompt: You were planning on baking some cookies and brownies for Isaac’s welcoming home party while Stiles stays over for abit.

A/N: I really liked writing this Imagine! I’m going to start writing more Stiles Imagines since his character is so cute and adorable to work with! I hope you liked this Imagine :) <3

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1516

Originally posted by cosmicwhiskers

Your POV

You received a call from Isaac this morning on how he was flying in from London and going to meet you and the pack at his place. You were so excited to see your best friend tonight! You decided to head out to the store and grab some double chocolate brownie mix and sugar cookies box. You were planning on baking some food to bring to the welcome home party. You were heading to the self-checkout, trying to hold all your ingredients and food together in your arms. You forgot to take a shopping basket when you came inside the store, so you just held everything in your arms. By the time you had everything you needed, you remembered about the basket. You were at the payment stage on the self-checkout machine, you were grabbing some cash out of your wallet when you realized you didn’t have enough. You just needed five more dollars.

“Oh crap!” You tried going through your purse to find some loose change, you didn’t have any luck.

You started to panic. People that came after you were already finished paying and had left before you. You were thinking on bribing the staff employee to let you go until you were interrupted by a familiar voice, Stiles Stilinski. He was your best friend as well, you were more closer with him than Issac. After all, how could you not love that adorable dork. He cleared his throat.

“Hello there old lady, do you need some help with payment?” He asked with the cutest smile on his face.

You looked up and down at him, looking at what he was wearing.

“Stiles… Why are you wearing your pajamas at 4?” You giggled.

He was wearing the pajama set you got him last year that was a dark blue color with pictures of Star Wars printed on them all around.

“Well, I was on my way to get Issac a surprise present.”

You looked at what he was holding, milk.

“Milk? Seriously Stiles? Milk?” You started to giggle again, slapping stiles arm ever so lightly.

“What? He’s gonna need all the calcium for stronger bones when he fights some evil villain with his were wolf strength.” He shrugged his shoulders.

The staff employee that was watching over the self-checkout area came up to you and tapped you on the shoulder.

“Excuse me Miss, you’re going to have to hurry up with your payment.” She encouraged.

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Im Sorry - Part Eight

A/N: So i wrote this while watching The Bachelor so i was a little distracted, I know its short, its really just a filler before the action comes, enjoy xx Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, Crowley(Shortly), Lisa(mentioned) 

 Warnings: Language, blood? 

 Word Count: 1030

 “I’ll see you soon darling” Crowley softly spoke after pulling away from the kiss that sealed your deal, straightening his suit, snapping his fingers and poofing out. 

 It was weird you thought how powerful demons were, how they could do and get anything really they wanted, as much as you hated them for the shit they did to your family, your friends, for what they do to innocent people, but you were still intrigued by them, wondering what it would feel like to be one of them, of course you never wanted to tell anyone that and certainly not Sam or Dean. 

You felt like a knew person, after all your wounds were healed from the deal you just made with Crowley, Still covered in both yours and Lisa’s dried up blood. 

“Lisa” you breathed out, looking around the roof for her body, only to remember Dean carried her out but still you just wanted to know if Lisa was alive, if Crowley held up on his end of the deal.

 Sighing you made your way off the roof towards who knows where, you ended up walking for what felt like hours, you finally made it to a motel, still having your fake credit card and ID stuffed in your coat pocket you ending up only getting a room for one night knowing that once the boys knew about your deal and surely they already did if Lisa was alive they, well Sammy would come looking for you.

 Once you got to your room, the first thing you did was strip off all of your clothes, wrapping the motels provided robe around yourself, throwing your clothes in the tub you did your best to scrub all the blood out of them, it was easy to do the fact they were all black, so it didn’t matter if it stained. After you finished you laid them out to dry on the table by the window, not long after you jumped in the shower making sure it was scorching hot to scrub all the dried up blood off of you. 

 After you got out, you made your way to the mini fridge crossing your fingers that there would be cold bottles of water, as you opened it you closed your eyes mumbling “please please please” to yourself, opening your eyes, screaming out “Yes!” seeing several bottles of water. 

Reaching out opening the cap jugging one after the other, till what felt like finally your endless thirst was finally quenched. Plopping down on the bed not even bothering to shut off the light you let sleep take over you. 

 Waking up to the sun beaming through the window, your eyes fluttered open, brushing your hair of your face, reaching over grabbing a bottle of water jugging it again, looking over your realized your checkout time was in 30 minutes “fuck” you mumbled out. 

Jumping up throwing on your ripped black skinny jeans, the black loose fitting AC/DC shirt Dean got you for your 26th birthday, sighing sitting on the edge of the bed tying your combat boots, standing up shrugging on your leather jacket. 

You had no idea where you were going next, but you knew you wanted to know if Lisa was alive, pulling out what little change you had in your pocket, finding the nearest payphone you put a dollar in before dialing Sammy’s number. After it rang three times you heard a muffled “Hello?” at the sound of his voice you let out a sad squeal followed by a batch of tears. 

“Hi Sammy” You breathed out 

 “Y/n?!” Sam spoke, you could hear him calling someone over before your heard distant voices followed by a clicking sound, you assumed he was putting you on speaker. 

 “y/n?” you heard that raspy deep voice you grown to love. Not wanting to talk to them for long because you knew they would track you down to here and you wanted to have enough time to hotwire a car, and be long gone before they figured it out where you were. 

 “Is Lisa alive?” you cried out 

 “What did you do y/n?” Sam spoke softly concern lacing his voice 

 “Sammy, please answer my question” 

 “Yes she’s alive”

 You let out a loud sigh of relief “Okay” 

 “Did you make a deal y/n?” Dean sternly spoke out You had this deep rush of hate run through your body, of course you loved Dean, but after everything he said to you and everything you just did for him, he couldn’t even say thank you? Ignoring your question you realized you’ve been on the phone for too long already “You’re welcome Dean” You growled out “I gotta go, bye boys, be safe” 

Before you hung up you heard Sam and Dean shouting out your name. Sighing you hung the phone back up on the latch. Scanning the parking lot for a car you could hotwire you ended up finding some old school 60’s style truck that brought back memories of your own that sat back at the bunker.

 Picking the lock to the door ducking down when you heard voices approaching, your heart started beating so loud but calming down once you seen the couple get into the car a few ways down from where you currently were. Getting the door open you knelt down popping the wires out from just above the pedals, something Dean taught you, you twisted the green and red wires together before your heard the orgasmic sound of the truck starting up, jumping up in excitement only to hit your head on the steering wheel “Ye-FUCK” you screamed out. 

 Rubbing your head where you could feel a bump already forming “Only me” your grumbled out, not long after getting in the driver side, putting your foot on the gas pedal pulling out of the motel’s parking lot. 

Reaching over to turn the radio on only to have the boys and your song to come on, tears rolling down your face as you softly sung out “Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don’t you cry no more..”

fleurs sauvages (1.7k, pg-13)

Wherein Cas falls in love with flowers and Dean falls in love with Cas.

When all is said and done, when it’s as over as it’s gonna get for them, Cas fills the bunker with plants.

It starts off small—just a potted columbine on the table in the library—but when Cas tells Dean later that, “It symbolizes faithlessness,” in a sad sort of voice it makes Dean want to tear down the world just to put things right.

He’s starting to learn that maybe that isn’t possible though, that maybe Cas is okay with being practically human again. Not many people would be all right with giving up practically everything they are to save Dean, but Dean thinks that if there was someone then that person would be Cas. Cas eats and sleeps again now but he laughs too and smiles and watches movies. And Cas is so important, having him here is so vital, that Dean looks at the flowers and says, “Huh. It’s… nice. Very purple.” And Cas looks at him like he knows Dean’s talking a load of bullshit but he appreciates the effort anyway.

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Come Back My Valetine-- Joshaya

This could be read as a sequel to my other fanfiction “Valentine’s Day” or as a standalone one shot.


“Where is he?” I ran into the room frantically. I had to see him. I had to see if he was okay.

Everyone looked up at me, in despair. It wasn’t good. That much I could tell. Riley walked over to me and hugged me.

“The doctors say he’s stable right now, but he’s in a coma.” I looked over to Josh laying peacefully on the hospital bed.

“Do they know when he’s going to wake up?” She shook her head.

“They said it could be tomorrow or in years. The accident took a large toll on him.” She too looked at him.

I went over to him and looked at his peaceful face. Was this becoming a tradition? Last year it was I who was laying in this hospital bed. Now it’s him. Why?

I quickly spun around ready to leave the room. “Maya, where are you going?” Riley was shocked that I would leave Josh’s side.

“I need to get a few things.” I said as I headed back home.

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The series is as follows :

Mama Scully’s Party …. MorningUnderwearsMapsNachosFoul BallPromisesStayPhone CallsFlannel InterruptionAwakeningFriendly CompromisesScrabbleApart …  A Long WeekLightningMissing YouInterimStuffWaitingGoingHandsUnsteadyFearFastSlowRegardlessInto the DarkLightSurfboardsCurbsShowersBordersCanyonsSoakedIce CreamNever HappenedDeep SouthAlmostBlue-Suede ShoesUnwelcomeRemarkableStarsDoorbellsM&MsKneesHome


Neither of them managed to wake up in time for checkout but the manager didn’t seem to care when they left an hour and a half after they were supposed to, the man barely looking up from his crossword puzzle as he took Scully’s key card. They proceeded to the morgue next, Mulder settling at a stool at the end of Scully’s exam table this time, watching her work, avoiding looking too much as what she was removing from the body on the table. He normally enjoyed watching her in her element, as disgusting and terrible as it was. Today, however, regardless of how efficient, succinct, graceful she was, he could do nothing but wish he could get her as far away from there as possible.

She began asking him questions, things about his family, the past week he’d spent with his mother, the Gunmen’s poker night, Thursday cards with her mother. At first, he answered, then he paused, “isn’t this distracting you?”

“Yeah, I need it to.” Turning her head towards him, he could see the tears clearly glistening in her eyes, “this girl has nearly the same tattoo as Melissa in nearly the same spot and I’m dying inside so keep talking, please.” So, he did, smoothly transitioning from one story to the next until finally, she stepped away from the table, setting her last instrument down and turning towards him, her eyes now clear and dry, “all done.”

“Want me to go grab some sandwiches for us while you do the paperwork?”

“No, I just want to get this done, if you don’t mind waiting?”

He gave her a smile, “I never mind waiting.”

Two hours later, she handed her final stack of paper to Colton, who, with infinite wisdom, took one look at Mulder and took the pile from Scully with a profound and heartfelt thank you for all her help. He also shook Mulder’s hand, not asking why he was there but simply nodding, then turning to carry on with the investigation.

Summarily dismissed, they headed out the front door of the building, Scully stopping once her face was full in the bright sunshine, “ooh, that feels so good.”

“Want me to just leave you here? Rotate you as the Earth spins?”

“Yes, please.”

He smiled at her, then took her hand, “come on. Let’s get going. I need some food.”

With a deep breath, she followed at his side, “I am in the mood for a chicken sandwich with avocado and bacon and the largest sweet tea we can find.”

“And giant milkshakes, preferably chocolate?”

“It goes without saying.”


Eventually, they were three hours out of Oakton, Scully driving and both snacking on roadside peaches, “hey, Mulder?”

With the windows down, they had to talk a little louder to be heard, “yeah?”

“Where are we going?”


“Do we have a destination in mind?”


“Good.” Suddenly she pulled over to the side of the road, knee-high corn lining the quiet highway on both sides and Scully putting the car in park, then pulling out the keys, leaving them with only the sounds of early summer around them.

He took another large, juicy bite before he unclicked his seatbelt, twisting in his seat in order to see her, “what’s on your mind?”

“Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to get out of the car and watch the sunset.”

Indicating through the windshield with his half-eaten peach, “then let’s do it.”

Soon, they were sitting on the hood of his car, feet up on the bumper, watching the kaleidoscope of color wafting across the sky, changing every few moments and Scully watching it all intently, her face lit up, her mouth relaxed, her cheeks pulling her mouth into the smallest of smiles.

Mulder walked his fingers over to her, then walked them slowly up her arm, scooting close enough to settle his arm across her shoulders. Immediately, she shifted, her head leaning into his shoulder and her hand capturing his knee.

The sun was long down and the sky was a deep purple before either one of them thought to move. Finally, however, Mulder’s butt was too numb to sit any longer. Resting his head against hers briefly, he told her quietly, “I can’t feel my ass and will be sliding off the car in about five seconds.”

Scully snorted her laughter, then moved, letting go of his hand as she dropped to the ground, “you need some help?”

“Don’t laugh. My left leg is numb as well, actually. I might be splayed on the pavement for a few minutes. No pictures, please.”

Her hand under his arm, she held him steady while he wiggled, stomped and winced his way to functioning body parts. Once that was finished and Scully stopped shaking her head in amusement, “so, I’m tired. How are you?”

“Exhausted. Should we find a hotel?”

“Thought you’d never ask. Get in the car, Novacaine boy.”

“That is not a good nickname.”


Mulder was snoring before she got out of the bathroom later that night, her face mask cleaned off and her flannel pants dragging on the floor in grey and blue puddles. As she reached out to turn off the bathroom light, she stopped herself once she saw his head resting in between the two pillows, spread eagle in the center of the beds.

After a moment, she found herself leaning against the doorjamb, head tilted, studying him, memorizing him. She stood there so long, Mulder moved, bringing her out of her reverie and she switched off the light, climbing into the other queen bed, the mattress soft enough to make her moan in happiness as the prospect of getting a full night’s sleep.

It wasn’t long before she felt Mulder sneak in beside her, mumbling something about the cold mattress and her warm feet.

She fell asleep with a smile on her face.


She slept like the proverbial log, miles and hours from a pit filled with bodies and inches and seconds from her solid partner with his safe hands and his languid limbs that fit with hers better than any puzzle piece in the world. Not even realizing he was gone, she only woke up to use the bathroom and even then, so intent on her task she didn’t notice the note until she finished up. Eyebrows knitting together in wonder, the crypticness of his words didn’t help her deduce anything except he really needed to slow down when he wrote things, his scrawl only decipherable by her and possibly some well-trained archeologist somewhere in the future.

It looked like it said he’d be back soon and would bring her breakfast in consolation for leaving her stranded … or that he’d be back by noon and would bring her rakes to consume for heaving her brandy.

She would go with the first interpretation and shower in the interim.

Drying her hair while standing in the middle of the room with her jeans and tanktop, he burst through the door, stopping short when he realized he could very well have caught her naked and true to his personality, the first words that tumbled forth were, “I totally should have gotten back here five minutes earlier.”

She nearly tossed the towel at his head to distract him from his ogling, which she didn’t mind in the slightest, but opted to keep rubbing her wet head, “where did you go?”

“Bought a Jeep.”

Scully rolled her eyes at him, “are you going to make me sit here and guess because if I’m doing that kind of work, you better not have forgotten breakfast?”

Mulder gave her a grin, “I’m not kidding. Come on.”

Following him out, wondering what she was walking into and just slightly nervous, she was met with Mulder unlocking a dark blue, hardtop Jeep. Moving her eyes from the car to him, “you weren’t kidding?”

“Nope. I was feeling cramped yesterday and I decided that if we’re going to be in the car for the next two, three weeks at least, I’m getting a bigger one.” Waving her over, “we passed a dealer yesterday with a ‘major sale, trade-in minimum’ nonsense sign and I woke up this morning and decided I’d go see what I could get for the Taurus. The guy gave me more than I ever would have expected so I got the Jeep.”

He looked so proud of his purchase that Scully had to chuckle, running her hand along the front fender, then opening the passenger door, “how’s it handle?”

“Better than the Taurus ever did. Want to pack up and head out? I’ll let you drive.”

Honestly, she was kind of excited not to be crammed into the smaller car anymore and she nodded, “eat first, then go. Did you remember food or do we have to go get some?”

“In the back.” Pulling out a takeout bag, “we should probably also figure out a destination while we eat this.”

“And I need to switch my insurance.”

“Such an adult these days, new cars, insurance … my mother will be so proud.”

Indicating the door to the room still hanging open, “just get in there and eat.”


Food eaten, destination picked, Jeep packed, they were filling up at the gas station before heading out of town. While Mulder stayed at the pump, Scully headed inside, returning a few minutes later with a small brown bag and a large Scully smile. Strolling up to him, she pulled something out of the bag, settling a pair of sunglasses on her nose, cheap plastic black frames with neon pink sides.

Mulder was highly amused, “I like ‘em.”

“Good, ‘cause I got you a green pair.” Pulling them out next, she gently slid them on his face, then stepped back to survey him, “that is definitely your color.”

Taking a glance in the tinted back window of the Jeep, “then I’ll wear them always.”

Scully turned on her heel, heading to the driver seat, “almost done? We’ve got stuff to see and times a ‘wastin.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

New Faces

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1,651

Request From thetalesofmooseandsquirrel: Oh my Chuck! So excited! Okay you can totally tell me if this is to specific. So the reader owns a store that carries ingredients that the boys need for spells and such. One of the boys volunteers to come more often than the others maybe the rest of tfw teases him about this. I was thinking maybe the reader has healing abilities but doesn’t know where they come from because she’s a nephilim. Whoever you think will work best with the story. I don’t know work your magic, I know it will be amazing.

Okay, there’s going to be another part. I have a handful of ideas and I didn’t want to squeeze it all in to this one. I guess you can consider it a thank you for everything you’ve done for me @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel, at least one of many. So, Enjoy you guys, and expect another part soon. 

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it all began with a tree; a deancas au

SPN Writing Challenge | @padaleckhi​ vs. nephilimeq
Prompt: Christmas Tree
Pairings: Destiel
Word count: 4k+
Tags: Teen and Up Audiences, Fluff, Christmas Fic, Friends to Lovers

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When Dean looks back at how he got here, he realizes that it all began with a tree.

It was a cold, snowy Christmas Eve when he first met Cas. Dean was working their family Christmas tree stand outside the local Walmart because Sam just had to run off to meet Jess’s parents for the holiday in California. His brother was probably wining and dining with the Moores while Dean was busy trying to keep his fingers attached to his hands. The little heater that he’d bought from the store earlier was no match for the fifteen degree weather, and as a car drove by and sent an arc of slushy snow in his direction, Dean just mumbled to himself and flipped off the driver.

“Damn it all,” Dean muttered under his breath as the wind picked up and rattled him. He bundled down into his wool scarf and rubbed his hands together. The gloves Sam gave him before leaving for California did nothing to warm his frozen fingers, and if Dean didn’t get a customer in the next ten minutes, he was going to pack up and leave. Getting an extra fifty bucks for a wilted Christmas tree wasn’t worth the frostbite, in his opinion.

In an effort to get warmth back in his body, Dean began pacing the tree farm and examined the Christmas trees that were left. Most of their inventory had been picked over days before, and only the ones that looked like they belonged in a Charlie Brown Christmas special remained. It was dumb, but he always felt bad for those trees. They were the rejects, and after the Christmas season was over, they’d be discarded and chipped for mulch without ever having a family to love on it. He trailed his fingers over the branches of one tree that was only four feet tall. It was hidden between the bigger ones, and no one had ever shown any interest in it. A gust of wind almost blew the poor thing over, and Dean reached down to lean it against another tree.

“It’s okay, baby,” Dean cooed to the tree. “Someone will pick ya, I promise.”

“Um…” a voice called out from behind him, “can I get assistance?”

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Secretly In Love - Louis T

http://gracefuldispute.tumblr.com/post/125802643206/secretly-in-love-part-2Louis imagine where he has a gf, but you are secretly in love with him?:-) thnx!!

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“Thats definitley the one , she’ll love it” I say , smiling brightly .
Louis smiled . “You think?” He asks , clearly nervous .
“Louis , it’s your year anniversary , if I was dating someone i’d love a gift like that” I say , ignoring the tug in my heart.
“Why aren’t you dating anyone? It’s been a while don’t you think?” He teases , both of us walking to the checkout area.
I shrugged my shoulders . “I just haven’t found anyone yet , and clearly nobody has found me” I sigh , desperatley wanting to find a new topic of conversation .
“Hey” Louis says as he puts the items on the checkout table before turning to me.
“You’re lovely Y/N , any and I mean any guy would be lucky to have you as a girlfriend” He says , staring into my eyes .
I look away as I feel a hevay blush creep up to my cheeks .
“Okay , enough about me” I mumble and he chuckles .
We grab our things and walk out of the mall , after an annoying hassle of Louis trying to pay for my things .
“So are you doing anything tonight? I was thinking we go see that new movie we’ve been seeing on the telly for forever” I say , smiling up at him .
“Oh yeah we’ve been dying to see that movie ! But I can’t tonight love I already promised El i’d be home early” He says and my smile fades , which he quickly notices .
“Oh” I say , before clearing my throat .
“Well that’s okay , maybe another time?” I question , and he nods .
“Listen , i’ve got to run so I’ll call you tomorrow okay?” I say
“Alright love , drive safely , love you!” He says as he pulls me into a hug .
“Love you too” I reply
But I wish you loved me the way I loved you.
“Hey Y/N” Louis says as I answer the phone .
“Louis , it’s five in the morning , what could you possibly need at this moment” I grumble , my eyes slowly starting to close again .
“I’m bored , I wanna go explore” He says and I groan .
“Right now?” I ask , and I can just imagine him smirking on the other side of the phone .
“Right now”
“Pick me up in twenty minutes” I yawn before hanging up the phone .
The things I do for this man I swear .
I roll out of bed and head straight to the bathroom , brushing my teeth and slapping my face a little to look more awake .
I walk towards my closet and pull on some jeans and a sweatshirt , Louis’ favorite sweatshirt that he gave me, and sliding into some toms .
I decide to leave my hair in the messy bun it’s in , because honestly I was not in the mood to doll up .
I grab my phone and keys before walking to the front door and opening it , just in time to see Louis pull up .
I close and lock the door before running to his car , glaring at him as I got inside .
“You look lovely” He teases and I scowl at him.
“How can you be so energetic right now Louis .” I mumble , resting my head against the window and closing my eyes .
“Because I found a place last night that i’ve been dying to go back to , I couldn’t even sleep thinking about it” He says excitedly , and I raised a brow .
“And you’re taking me instead of your girlfriend because ..” I ask , holding my breath for the answer .
“Because..” He pauses .
“Because this is our kind of thing . I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone but you” He finishes , and my heart soars.
“Lovely” I say quietly , before closing my eyes and letting sleep take me .
“How did you even find this place?” I ask , looking over the city , the lights and sunset taking my breath away .
“I dont know , I was just driving and I immediately thought of you when I found it” He says simply , and I smile
“Its beautiful” I say , looking up at him .
He looks down at me and the smile on his face dissapears , all of a sudden serious and nervous .
I bite my lip as I struggle to find my breath under his intense stare , and all of a sudden his lips are on mine .
Before I could savor the moment we both pulled away , shocked as ever .

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PART 2 - http://gracefuldispute.tumblr.com/post/125802643206/secretly-in-love-part-2