when i do picture myself happy it's with you

When down do something that entertains you
  • I love crossdressing. Putting on a wig and makeup on, I don't know why I think it's fun.
  • I'm very happy as a male obviously and very comfortable with myself too (obvious xD ) but damn, I love looking fabulous sometimes and taking pictures haha xD
  • I'm weird I guess.
  • Here I am typing this with make up on and a long ass wig xD
Tag me in your classroom setup pictures!!

I loooooove seeing pictures of other people’s classrooms…grade doesn’t matter, subject doesn’t matter, nothing matters – I want to see them ALL because they make me feel good and happy. Or, if you don’t want to tag me then tag them as “classroom setup”, because that’s where I always look for them anyways…but if you tag me and I see it then I’ll reblog them. :)