when i come around

So…. when will people realize that we could take over the world together with Little Mix and Fifth Harmony if we just stuck together?

Things my pets do while I’m gone: 

-Abby (dog): 

  • gets depressed 
  • lays around all day 
  • refuses to play with anyone for awhile 
  • sometimes wont eat for a bit 
  • cries every time I call her on the phone

-Jade (cat):

  • Sometimes paces the house trying to find me  
  • cries most of the night 
  • sits and stares at my dad a lot 
  • watches my dad sleep 
  • mostly just goes outside til I return 

ha gutted that Steve Hackett invited Mike and Phil to be on Voyage of the Acolyte but not Tony hahaha I’m not being funny but to me from the things Steve have said in interviews since, he has kind of hinted at Tony being the issue (which I can totally see being the case, he’s admitted that he used to be ‘difficult’)

I just wanna go back and scream at them like ‘STOP FIGHTING’

romanimp asked:

**looks at the piles of angst I've written** **kicks them under the table** you're still rude af

I try. Wait, no. Wrong reaction. But angst is great, right? The tags are hilarious to read. I’m having fun reading people’s reactions.

But I was making myself feel sad when I first thought of the idea, so I was like, “Hey, I know what to do. I’ll share my pain.” 

High School

Ontario, Canada

(I’m a boy. Because of my disdain for gym class and long hair in high school, I am often bullied for being gay (which I’m not). I also have an account on a popular fanfiction website and write mostly romance stories, further perpetuating the bullies. One of the most prominent of these bullies sticks around in our school’s game room, where we play a popular fighting game during lunch time. He never plays and stays for the sole purpose of bullying me. I’ve arranged something with the rest of the boys who hang out in the games room for the next day he shows up. When lunch comes around, I find that the bully is already in there and the game isn’t set up.)

Bully: Well, if it isn’t the little f*****. Get your fat a** away from me, I don’t want you turning me gay.

Me: *ignores him and starts setting up the game before grabbing a controller*

Bully: What, does the f** think he’s too great to talk to me? Come on, little man. Say something. *shoves me*

Me: Actions speak louder than words, man. If you want me to say something, then play me in a one on one right now in [game].

Bully: Ha! The f** thinks he can beat me. You’re on, little man.

Me: No problemo. If I win then you have to stop bullying me.

Bully: Bulls***! There’s no wager on this because your f***ing s***ty gay a** won’t beat me.

Me: Then let’s go.

(We play a one on one and I thrash him easily.)

Bully: No f***ing fair, man! The f** is a cheater too!

Me: *under my breath* Geez, what a John.

(The guys who heard me start laughing. A John is someone who is terrible at a video game and blames his losses on his controller malfunctioning, his opponent cheating, etc.)

Me: I won fair and square. How can I prove that I didn’t cheat?

Bully: Play me again. Best two out of three! I wasn’t ready.

Me: *sighs*

(We play a second one on one and I thrash him again.)

Bully: Oh my f***ing God, you f**! Three out of five, you don’t stand a chance! I was going easy on you.

(I thrash him for the third time and he starts whining. Actually whining.)

Bully: Four out of seven, f**!

Guy #1: Dude, shut up already! He’s already proved THREE GODD*** TIMES that he’s better than you! Give it a rest and let the rest of us play!

Bully: Not a chance in h***! I’m not giving up this controller until I beat this d***.

(Guy  #2, who is very large and known throughout the school to be gay, walks up behind him and taps his shoulder.)

Bully: What the f*** do you-

Guy #2: I heard you call this kid a f**.

Bully: *nervously* W-what? N-no f-f***ing way, man! I didn’t say anything to this kid.

Guy #2: Well, I know that’s a lie.

Bully: F*** this s*** man, I’m out of here!

(Cue massive high fives from everyone else in there, even the teacher. No one else bullied me from that point on. I learned a few years later that due to not handing in a single assignment throughout the three years he was in grade 9, he was expelled, and then thrown in jail for various drug-related charges.)

rip in ripperoni;

I miss roleplaying with you guys! Sorry for the lengthy little disappearance–I’ve got finals (and stress) coming up. They’ll be done with Tuesday, but it’s been a tiring few weeks with my hand temporarily disabled. I shouldn’t be typing much, either, technically. Rip.

But for sticking around, when I come back, I intend on making another giveaway! Thank you for sticking around or following! I hope to roleplay with you soon ;u;

15 Happy Things

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1. the smell of spring, trees budding and flowers growing.
2. good conversations with people i love
3. reading a book and getting so absorbed in it i forget everything around me
4. when my dog comes and cuddles with me
5. when i get really inspired to write/paint and i end up liking the result
6. my favorite music, especially if i haven’t heard it in a long time
7. having my hair played with as i fall asleep
8. laughing so hard i can’t breath and my stomach hurts
9. a good cup of coffee in the morning
10. thunderstorms
11. putting on an outfit and actually liking how i look
12. dancing for no reason
13. finding someone who is as obsessed with something as i am and talking about it
14. swimming in a lake, at night, in the summer
15. crawling into my comfy comfy bed after a really long day

I tag: sacred-lands buyalittlemercy hateoftheunion c-ma-lune worldscomedown unevolvedpanda infinityisnothingness or anyone who wants to do this bc it’s a good mood booster!