when i can't even hit a deadline

anonymous asked:

As someone who does NOT write except for when it's required and finds even 2000-3000 words difficult, I'm always in awe of your ability to 'churn out' quality chapters every fortnight. I never took it for granted knowing how much I struggle (I'm quite slow as I'm never 100% satisfied with my sentences so I spend ages lol). I suppose fully-formed, coherent thoughts come more naturally to some than others, but even so it's hard work for sure. Thank you for all you do! Can't wait for chapter 9! ^^

Honestly, writing is just one of those things that is so, so time consuming and when you get stuck you get stuck. I work well under pressure so I’ve been able to hit pretty crazy deadlines considering my wordlength a lot of the time but it is putting myself under a serious time pressure which can definitely make writing stressful at times!