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So I’m definitely reading WAAAAAAAAY too much into this but watching the notorious H.R.C. on Stephen Colbert I can’t help but notice she’s wearing a purple jacket with red shoes. If this sounds vaguely familiar that’s because there’s a famous poem that starts “When I am an old women I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.” The general gist of the poem is the author dreaming about when she’s old and she can do what she wants and stop giving a flying fladoodle FLAPJACK what anyone else thinks. Even if this wasn’t planned I like to imagine that Clinton has entered the purple and red years of her life. The years where she can declare “You know what, there are a TON of things I haven’t been able to say for DECADES because I had to be liked to get elected but now I’m retired so YOU’RE GONNA HEAR THEM ALL SOMEBODY POINT ME TOWARDS A CAMERA.”

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does anyone outside your family and friends know abt the half ghost thing? like sudden eye change is hard to hide man i bet a teacher or someone noticed

And it’s been a few news cycles since the last fight that got national attention.

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Hey there, how are you today? I'd like to ask you a few questions about what you think "happened to sigils on this site." What, in your opinion, happened to sigils on Tumblr? You make this seem like a negative thing - why is that to you? Why does this influence how someone should do their research (as in, not on Tumblr)? I am genuine curious as to your thoughts, not trying to argue or get mad, and would like to potentially start a discussion on this, if you're interested.

Hello @magic-for-the-masses, so before I begin this post I want to be clear that, I am talking about sigils in the Spare and chaos magick context (not as the Golden Dawn or other groups have used sigils, which was more like seals of spirits), many people that use sigils on tumblr use them more or less like a charm or talisman.  What I mean by that is many people on here create a “sigil” and then charging it with an intent, (which is fine), it’s just a charm or a talisman, it is not a sigil and there is a very specific reason why it is not a sigil.  
Sigils are made in a variety of ways yes, the creation process varies from person to person, but sigils are always introduced into the sub-conscious mind.  Spare’s idea, was that a sigil, is a monogram of thought and must be planted into the unconscious mind, whether that be from using his death posture, sex/masturbation, meditation, entheogens is up to the person.  
Many people don’t believe me when I say this so I am going to put some quotes from famous chaos magick authors and Spare himself explain the mechanisms behind sigils.  

“Sigils work because they stimulate the will to work subconsciously, bypassing the mind.  There are three parts to the operation of a sigil. The sigil is constructed, the sigil is lost to the mind, the sigil is charged. In constructing a sigil, the aim is to produce a glyph of desire”, (Liber Null, Peter J Caroll)

“Sigils are images that unconsciously represent your desire. The aim of sigilization is to create an image (usually a symbol of some type) that represents your magical intention. The image is made in such a way that your conscious mind will not make an immediate connection between it and the object of your desire.  Sigils work by exploiting a fundamental difference in the way the conscious and subconscious minds operate. They operate at a point halfway between the conscious and subconscious levels.”  (Basic Sigil Magic, Phillip Cooper)

“Sigils are monograms of thought, for the government of energy (all hereditary crests, monograms, etc., are Sigils and represent the Karmas they govern), relating to Karma; a mathematical means of symbolising desire and giving it form that has the virtue of preventing any thought and association with that particular desire (at the magical time).The desire is thus protected from detection by the Ego, which cannot then restrain or attach the desire to its own transitory images, memories and worries, but allows it free passage to the unconscious.” (the book of pleasure, Austin Osman Spare)

This is why I say if you are just starting out on your journey in the craft tumblr is not a good place to learn from as there is so much misinformation on techniques and history of many different schools and systems of the craft, ESPECIALLY FOR CHAOS MAGICK. And I am not saying this as a angry chaote, as I do not consider myself a chaote, I am saying it as a person who loves to do research on different areas of magick.

As Always

The philosopher Descartes believed he had found the most fundamental truth when he made his famous statement: “I think, therefore I am.” He had, in fact, given expression to the most basic error: to equate thinking with Being and identity with thinking. The compulsive thinker, which means almost everyone, lives in a state of apparent separateness, in an insanely complex world of continuous problems and conflict, a world that reflects the ever-increasing fragmentation of the mind.
—  Eckhart Tolle
Gorillaz interview with Spex Magazine, May/June 2017

I really enjoyed this interview but I couldn’t find it anywhere in English. I wanted to share this with you so I translated it from German and since English isn’t my first language I hope you can forgive me if there are some mistakes.

(This took me several hours so I hope you enjoy it! :) )

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The Date

Hello! I hope that this was what you had in mind! Also, I apologize for taking so long, I had a lot of school work on my plate. And I’m sorry if this is crappy. I kinda suck at writing.


WARNINGS: Swearing, maybe a bit OOC Levi?

It was supposed to be perfect. Levi finally worked up the courage to ask you out on a date and they just had to ruin it. Hange and Erwin. Levi had asked them for help planning out the date since he had no experience with relationships at all. What a mistake that was, he should’ve just done it himself. However, the fear of you hating the date, hating him, was too much to bare, and he had asked for help. 

At first, everything was going just as planned. He took you out to the shops, then you went out to dinner together. Both of you hadn’t realized that Hange and Erwin followed you guys out here to “supervise.” They had followed you around the shops, and were now two tables behind you, looking at you from the top of their menus. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” murmured Erwin to Hange as he put the menu down. “I feel like we’re violating their privacy. It is Levi’s date and it did seem very important to him. Maybe we should leave before we mess anything up.”

“Stop worrying! It is my duty, as Levi’s best friend, to make sure this date goes absolutely perfect. And we won’t mess anything up! We are just simply observing them. Plus, we’ll be extra careful, so Levi won’t even know we were here!“ Hange exclaimed. “I don’t think Levi-” Hange cut Erwin off, “Shhh! They’re talking!” Hange let out a small squeal of excitement before quickly being shushed by Erwin.

“And then Mikasa just punched Jean in the face!” You exclaimed, talking animatedly with your date. You looked up at Levi and he had that blank look on his face that he always had, but you could see in his eyes that he was truly paying close attention to you and that he was very happy to be with you. You had always had the biggest crush on your captain, but you never mentioned it in fear of him not liking you back. So it had been a relief when he asked you out. You were brought out of your thoughts when Levi did his famous tsk. “Am I so boring that you blank out every five seconds?” 

“Uh, sorry Heichou.” 

“How many times have I told you to call me Levi?” 

“Um…” You started counting on your fingers, putting a finger up for every time he had told you to call him by his first name. “Exactly three and a half, Hei- Levi.”

“A half?”

“Well, there was that one time where I called you Heichou and you started to tell me to call you Levi but then cut yourself off because you were so exasperated..”

“I expect you to obey my orders the first time, since I am your Heichou and all~” Levi smirked. Your immediately start blushing,”I can’t he-” You were cut off as somebody bumped into your table, spilling your tea all over the floor, causing poor Levi, who was drinking his tea, to spill it all over himself. It also caused for your slice of cake to fall off the table and into your lap. Both you and Levi stood up, him looking down in disgust because he got his shirt dirty, and you looked down in sadness, you had just washed these pants. Levi looked up, to see if you were okay, and saw your pants stained with the frosting of the cake you were eating, as well as a few crumbs sticking to your pants. He immediately turned to the person who had bumped into your table, only to see Hange and Erwin, who both looked extremely guilty. “Oh Levi, I am so so sorry!” Hange and Erwin apologized profusely to both of you, but it was obvious that the date was over, mainly because you both needed to change. You think that was bad? Oh, it got worse, some innocent bystander walked by and slipped on the tea, causing his slice of cake to fly up and land in your hair. You stood there in shock, before running out of the restaurant in embarrassment. Levi watched you leave, before turning around to yell at Hange and Erwin. He then decided that he would deal with them later, grabbed their hands, and dragged them to the Survey Corps HQ, where he then put them both into his office. “Stay,” Levi growled, before walking out to get a change of clothes and take a shower.

Levi walked back to his office, where he found Hange and Erwin, right where he told them to stay. “I am so so so so sorry, Levi! I didn’t mean to bump into your table and cause all of that!” Hange was near tears now,”Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to! All I wanted was to make sure that you guys had a wonderful date and I ruined all of it!” Erwin walked over to Levi,”I am very sorry, Levi. For ruining your date, for violating your privacy, and for everything else. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.” Hange was sobbing by now, pleading for forgiveness. “It won’t ever happen again!” And that was when Levi snapped. “You’re damn right it won’t happen again,” said Levi, eerily calm. Nobody noticed (Y/N) slowly walk up and lean against the doorway. “Because (Y/N) will never want to see me again after what happened.”

“Levi, I’m so sor-” Hange started. “I DON’T WANT YOUR DAMN APOLOGY! DID YOU SEE (HER/HIS) FACE?!” Levi took a deep breath before calming down. “All I wanted was for this date to go well!” Levi quickly became angry again. “THAT’S IT! AND YOU HAD TO GO AND RUIN IT! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET ME BE HAPPY! WHY CAN’T ANYBODY LET ME BE HAPPY!” 


“Who said you didn’t have another chance with (Y/N)?” You say as you stood up from your position and walked over to them. “Because I think, you still have a very good chance with (her/him).”

“(Y/N)?” Levi asked. “I am so so sorry about what happened.”

“It’s all good,” you say,”No harm done.”

“But (Y/N)! I RUINED YOUR DATE! I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Hange sobbed, holding onto you. “I also apologize for my actions today,” Erwin said, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Yeah, well, this has all been great but, can all of you leave my office? Except for you (Y/N),” Levi said. After both Erwin and Hange left, Levi walked up to you. “Are you okay?” He asked. You ran a hand through your slightly damp hair,”Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Would you consider going out with me again?”

“Oh, I don’t know, will somebody spill cake over my head next time?” You say, as Levi wraps his arms around you.

“No promises.”

Was that good? I feel like it sucked.


“I’ve been accused of being obsessed with my privacy and it’s true that I am. People stare at you when you’re famous. They’re observing you and that’s understandable, but it’s not always easy. If you were to ask me why I wear sunglasses in public as often as I do, I’d tell you it’s because I simply don’t like to have to constantly look everyone in the eye. It’s a way of concealing just a bit of myself. After I had my wisdom teeth pulled, the dentist gave me a surgical mask to wear home to keep out germs. I loved that mask. It was great - much better than sunglasses - and I had fun wearing it for a while. There’s so little privacy in my life that concealing a little bit of me is a way to give myself a break from all that. It may be considered strange, I know, but I like my privacy” –Michael Jackson

causing trouble | alfie solomons

i got a couple anons who wanted a reader who was deaf and i kinda combined them?

Tommy furrowed his brow and lifted his head as he realised the sound he heard coming down the corridor was laughter. As he was led closer to the door the laughter got louder, and he couldn’t help but crack a little smile at the sound. Whoever they were they were truly enjoying themselves.

The housekeeper knocked lightly on the door as she pushed it open, leading Tommy in behind her. Alfie was sat at his chair, a woman on his lap, with her back to him. He was moving his hands around, face dancing as he spoke, and at one especially animated point the woman burst out laughing again, snorting as she dropped her head to his shoulder.

Alfie smiled, tucking his hand in to her hair and turning to kiss her ear. He sniffed as he turned back and leant forward, bringing his hand down her spine as he lifted them to sitting. She leant back as well, and with a nod from Alfie turned. There was a little gasp before she threw herself up, fixing her skirt as she grabbed at the bottle on the desk and tucked it away in a drawer. She slammed it back with her hip, crossing her arms over her chest and desperately avoiding Alfie’s stare.

He was smiling softly, watching her every move and she shook her head at him, still refusing to meet his eyes. After a few seconds she closed her eyes, tucked her lips between her teeth, as though she was trying to hold in the laughter, and then she broke down. Her fingers came to cover her mouth, trailing over her chin as she tucked her tongue into her cheek and coughed to contain herself.

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Gotta ask, what was Iwan like? I've loved him since Misfits

Ahhh I love this question haha.

Okay, Iwan was amazing and wonderful. I never thought he would be like his character or anything because WOW that would be crazy. But he is even more charming, funny, and just nice than I expected.

When we were all waiting in the photo line, they had things set up kind of differently from the way I remember the arrangement from other cons. The photos didn’t take place behind a curtain so we could see it all. He took a moment to say hi to each person which in itself is something I haven’t seen from the other celebrities I have met at cons.

Then the staff did something sort of odd. There were Valyrian Pass holders (VIP) and regular pass holders in two separate lines. At other cons they usually clear out the VIP line first and then move over to the regular line. This just makes the most sense. It is one of the things you pay for with the VIP price, and the VIP line is usually shorter anyway. But what they had with Iwan was two totally separate backdrops and two photographers and they were making him alternate between the two setups–take a photo from the VIP line, then walk over and take one from the regular line. It had him constantly moving and posing and it made the lines go very slowly. But his smile didn’t waver and he stayed in a good mood. I just think that’s a testament to his personality because to give another example, one of the times I met Jon Bernthal he didn’t even remove his sunglasses for our photo… So Iwan is very patient and accommodating.

Also when it was my turn to have my photo taken I was a nervous wreck, as I always am when meeting any sort of famous person haha. I said, “Nice to meet you,” even though neither of us had introduced ourselves or said anything at all really. He just kind of laughed and said, “Nice to meet you too,” complimented my shirt (it was a cool, really colorful Westeros map), and shook my hand. He thanked me for coming and said have a nice day. Basically he didn’t flinch at my weirdness and made me feel more at ease.

Then when I went to have my photo signed there was no one in the line. So I had plenty of time to stand and chat with him–and I did :). He was really kind and easy to talk to. He commented on my name and how it is much easier to spell and pronounced than his haha. And he asked about the stuff I had seen and done so far at the con that day, where we were from (I was with my mom :P) etc.

Then at his Q & A panel he kind of saved the day again. Maybe this was just me but I felt like there were some lulls in the conversation and that the guy asking him questions (there was a girl and a guy) was a bit awkward. But he never missed a beat and was constantly cracking jokes and telling really funny stories.

When asked about what villains inspired his portrayal of Ramsay he mentioned Dennis the Menace which to me was one of the best moments of the con. And he was very humble and honest about having gone for the part of Jon and lost it to Kit. Made us all laugh when he talked about it and just seemed really normal and down to earth. I also remember him saying his dream role is Bilbo Baggins.

When it was the fans’ turns to ask questions of course one girl had to make it super awkward and she asked him if he had a girlfriend. When he said yes she asked him if he was free for dinner. It was so uncomfortable but the best part was that he was like extremely flustered, way more than I would have expected haha. He was SO RED and like turning away against the back of the couch laughing. It took him forever to even get it together enough to answer, which I thought was really adorable and hilarious, basically just showed that he was genuinely surprised and flattered and that being famous and having girls swoon over him hasn’t gone to his head or anything haha.

Anyway sorry this is such a long post but I really enjoyed meeting and listening to him so I had a lot to say. All in all I think he was a lovely person and the only person we enjoyed more was Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn), surprisingly enough. Thanks for the ask!

  • Remus knows that Sirius’s favorite flowers are red roses, he likes herbal tea and wants to get a dog someday. His best friends’ names are James and Peter, the only living creature in his flat except Sirius himself is a small violet and he is allergic to cinnamon.
  • What Remus doesn’t know is why he knows so many things about Sirius Black while he doesn’t actually know Sirius Black. And it all is Regulus’s fault.
  • It started three painful months ago when Regulus, who went to college with Remus and was on the same course, suddenly found it abnormally interesting to talk to Remus about his brother and their newly rebuilt relationship. For an hour. Without any explanation why (they never talked before) whatsoever.
  • And if Remus thought he did a good job at giving some advice and letting Regulus say everything that came to his mind and could be free now, he was wrong. Regulus seemed to be satisfied with their first conversation, but who said it was going to be the only conversation? Right, not Regulus at any point. But the only topic he ever brought up was Sirius and that was kind of weird.
  • By the end of the first month his coworkers at the bookshop were pretty sure he finally got a boyfriend. Watching Marlene’s face go all smug and giggly whenever Regulus came in, exclaiming something like, “I need your help with my big brother again, I ordered us a table for dinner. What the hell are you doing, are you trying to hide behind this book? Remus!” was hard. Listening to her, “Yes, Remus, what do you think you’re doing? Tells us all please!” was even harder.
  • So, one month went by and Regulus still appeared at his work at least twice a week with the weirdest questions like, “He asked me to come for dinner, should I wear a tie or not? If yes, what color? You know, his favorite is blue. Or yellow. Or… Oh, he loves all colors, isn’t it cute?” and didn’t seem to care about the fact that Remus didn’t have any siblings and couldn’t be much help. The looks from Marls and Alice never stopped and they pouted when Remus tried to explain that they weren’t dating.
  • In the middle of the second month, Remus gave Regulus his number. No, not in a romantic way, in a “My friends think we’re dating and hate me because I keep denying it, you don’t have to come to my work, can you please just call next time?“ way.
  • Poor boy, that was a mistake. Regulus called him every single day and Remus didn’t even notice when his usual complaining turned into stories about what Sirius likes and what an amazing human being he is and how much Remus would like him. When one day “would” became “will”, Remus knew it wasn’t going to go well. Regulus’s determination was strong enough to win over the world, but somehow he preferred to place it in getting Remus to meet his brother.
  • This is why when three months later Remus sits at the table in a nice café and waits for Regulus, he is almost not surprised to see him not alone. Another man, looking a lot like Regulus but with long hair and sharper features, walks beside him and damn, Regulus forgot to mention his brother was possibly the most gorgeous person Remus has ever seen.
  • “Um, hi,” Sirius says with a big smile when they approach, “So, you’re that famous Regulus’s friend who I am absolutely going to like?”
  • “I am a friend then?” Remus raises his eyebrow at Regulus. Oh, well, maybe they actually are friends. He’s seen Regulus more often than Mary, whom he considers one of his bestest friends, in the last months, so they probably are.
  • “Who else?” Regulus rolls his eyes. “Okay, guys, enjoy your time!”
  • He turns around to go away after it and what?? Is Remus the only one who doesn’t understand anything here?
  • “Sorry?” Sirius catches his hand, frowning. Good, Remus is not the only one. “Where are you going?”
  • “Oh, didn’t I say?” Regulus smiles innocently, but Remus can see amusement in his eyes. “I have a meeting with my tutor. Gotta go now.”
  • “Then why did you ask us to come here now? Didn’t you know about your meeting?”
  • “Well, you two don’t have to go anywhere, right? Enjoy!”
  • And he almost runs away before Sirius or Remus can understand something. Regulus Black is officially the worst matchmaker ever.
  • “Or maybe the best,” Remus thinks when Sirius sighs, but smiles quite genuinely at him and offers to order something.
  • Regulus was right, Remus definitely does like Sirius. And from what he can tell, Sirius likes him too. He doesn’t need to know how he and Regulus met just yet though, Remus needs to think of revenge at first.
  • But when Sirius holds his hand in the park two days later, cooing at every dog they walk by, Remus wants to say thanks to Regulus instead.
  • And when Sirius confesses that he liked him for quite a while and Regulus tried to help like that, Remus laughs and remembers not to ask Regulus to do something, ever. He thinks of the weirdest solutions.
  • A week later Sirius comes to pick him up at work. Remus can never forget the look Marlene gives him. He’ll explain later. Or at least try to.

Yesterday I went to the Doctor Who World Tour in NYC and this incredible thing happened - I got to meet Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, and present them with a portrait I did of them! (More photos at my Twitter and Instagram!) OH MY GOSH prepare for some rambling storytime now

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