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so, yeah. this year was awful and a lot of bad things happened, but i guess the people i follow and the things i like to see everyday helped on suck a little less. i’m not really good on what to say on this things, but thank you so much for being here! i think you’re awesome and i hope you have an amazing 2017. happy holidays!

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Hello friends, I accidentally deleted my original black out post so pls forgive me! 😔😞
So yeah, I heard black out wanted to focus on art and stuff so I decided to post some of my art and a couple selfies to go along with it, HAPPY BLACK OUT! 😘😊

Gryffindor Meets Ravenclaw (C.H.)

A/N: I love reading hogwarts!5sos au’s and I decided to give it a try. I have minimal knowledge when it comes to Harry Potter so please don’t be so harsh if I make a mistake. I tried to get the facts correct. (also I did post it up earlier but accidentally deleted it when I was editing it)

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I watched him zoom around on his beautiful broom, laughing as he very narrowly dodged a bludger then shouting something to the other team’s beater that his team were currently scrimmaging against.
A small smile made its way onto my lips from where I was watching under the shade of a large tree as I read, or attempted to read, my Divination book.
“Whatcha starin’ at?” A voice asked as the person plonked down onto the ground beside me.
I quickly diverted my gaze and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, trying not to be so obvious that I had been staring at Calum for the last ten minutes.
“Oh. Maybe I should be asking you who are you starin’ at.” Michael smirked from beside me.
I groaned as I covered my face with my book, completely missing Calum’s glance over at us. “No one,” I mumbled.
“Ah, there there, my fellow Raven. You aren’t the only one swooned by the magnificent Quidditch captain.”
I lowered my book. “Stoooop.” I swatted him a few times in a feasible attempt at getting him to stop teasing me.
He laughed. “Why are you watching him anyways?”
“I’m not!” I protested with a pout and gestured to my book. “I’m studying.”
He rolled his eyes. “Sure and I’m not in Slytherin.”
I huffed and shut my book. “I only got distracted by him playing. I actually was studying, mind you.”
“Well, Miss Denial, Luke and I were wondering if you wanted to head to the Great Hall for some lunch?”
I stood up, brushing the dirt off of my clothes, and picked up my book. “Yeah, sure. I’m starving anyways.”
Michael stood up as well. “Let’s go. Luke’s already saving seats for us.”
Michael and I headed back towards the castle but not before I stole one more glance at Calum over my shoulder to see him already watching our retreating figures.

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[2017 Re-Boot I guess]

Okay, So I made a post a while back saying I was re-designing SCALE for 2017 [I think when I was deleting some of my ooc posts, I accidentally deleted that post too AHHH-]Turns out I’m doing a little bit more??? Cause new year means new exciting challenges?!

SO… Here’s a little break down of what’s happening… [under read more to keep this >>short<<]

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i was tagged by @maveybarrow,, thanks gabriela xx

Name: nicole but u can call me nikki

Height: 5'5

Hogwarts house: i honestly dont know,,, hufflepuff?
Go to SSBB character: dont play it

Fictional character I’d date: nikolai lantsov

Favorite band or artist: right now ed sheeran tbh
When did I make this blog: april 2016 after i accidentally deleted my last blog LOL

How many blogs do I follow: 338

What do I post about: my favorite books, art & aesthetic pics

Do I get asks on a regular basis: i guess? idk
Aesthetic: paint-stained hands, blue jeans, pastel nail polish, clear sunny skies, fuzzy socks, charm necklaces

i’m tagging @cadysinclair@evanngeline, @sixofstarks, @gisabarrow, @khazbrekker, @kalebkrychek and @victorvaale!!!