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ive been following you for such a long time, and when i accidentally deleted my blog, you were the first person (outside of friends) i followed, because you are such a neverending fountain of positivity and goofy humor that my dash would be nothing without. i sincerely love how happy everyone seems to be whenever they talk to you, and how great you are at expressing your own happiness, and even when you make serious posts about a negative thing, youre so respectful. i hope i can be like tht <3

nonny this is so lovely thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me!! im so happy that i could have a positive impact upon your life.. ilu nonny. thank you ❤


Yes, I honestly just giffed this bit because I love how Magnus’ gaze flits down at the end here. It looks to me like he is eyeing Alec’s lips.

I desperately want to see Magnus taking some initiative in 2b now that the “I love you,”’s have come out. :)

(Go ahead, Magnus. Just plant one on him. We know you want to. :D)

Had to repost, because I was stupid —I was trying to make soothe my cat (whilst making sure he didn’t vomit on my shoes) as well as doing something on my iPod; as it turns out I can’t multitask those things— and accidentally deleted the post when I meant to hit ‘edit’ instead. (I don’t even remember what I was editing it for.)

Thanks to the wonderful @queendavethegreat for helping me relocate the post. (and for reblogging it in the first place. *hugs)

I tried, made this, and have now a growing appreciation for ribbons smh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


To kick off finale week, I decided to throw together a video counting down Sonny’s best moments over the last three seasons! 

The method for choosing scenes was incredibly reliable and scientific (e.g. holding an informal tumblr poll), and the top 20 reflect the scenes that were most frequently cited as favorites (though my personal favorite scenes differ). But with that said, all of this is entirely subjective. 

To everyone that helped contribute to this video by sharing your favorite Sonny moments, thank you! 

(and an extra special thanks to @avenuepotter for saving my skin when I accidentally deleted my library of clips…)

Someone asked me to explain my design/illustration process for characters, so here it goes!

First, to the person who asked me about my design/illustration process for character design - I’m so sorry I accidentally deleted your ask when I tried to reply so I hope you see this!!

I decided to do a couple Cowboy designs to help illustrate my process.

First I start with research. I try to only use images I feel are ‘authentic’ not costumes, not selling products etc.

Here’s a snapshot of what my research board looks like. 

After I get my research, I start doing some preliminary drawings. The point of these drawings isn’t to make something ‘pretty’ but to really try to answer questions like, Who is this person? What are their defining physical characteristics? What is their pose telling me? Attitude? What do I absolutely need to include in my design to make the audience understand this character?

Here are some of those rough drawings. I don’t usually share them, because a lot of them are very rough and ‘ugly’ but I think it’s also important to remember that not everyone can start out with a nice, pretty, drawing, so I hope this is encouraging to see! I try out poses, faces, costumes etc in these drawings.

Once I have spent some time with those quick sketches, I decide a few things about my final designs:

Older, distinguished guy - because I felt I was connecting more with the ‘weathered and tired’ cowboy more than the handsome, young guy - but this is a personal choice

Tall, lean - I felt like a taller, leaner guy might speak to the hardships of being a cowboy versus the abundance of life that would be necessary to be a little bit stockier :) But again, a personal choice!

Moustache - this was pretty undeniable in my research, and I liked it, so I kept it!

Then I thought about costume choices, I knew I wanted to include belts, vests, bandanas, rifles, handguns, hats, and boots.

After I make those decisions, I put the reference away and start sketching from the ideas gathered in my roughs. I might refer back to the reference some for little details (like on a bandana or a rifle) but I try to give myself a break because I find if I look at reference too much at this point, it makes my drawings too stiff.

Once I find something I like, I just keep refining until I get a final:

Here are the final lines for my characters, now onto the color!

Above is my explanation for how I color. It’s always slightly different, but usually follows this pattern.

Again, I hope the person who originally asked sees this post! Sorry I am a tumblr failure -_- 

And I hope it helps some other people too! I will post large finals in another post, thanks!