when his bro really can't do it

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so I have a thought about "Jack's" latest instagram post. Whenever an anti picture has been posted before we can usually see all of his face right? (correct me if I'm wrong) Because if we can in every other picture of anti, why can't we see his face in this one? Is it because it's not actually anti himself but actually a possessed chase with plugs possibly? And people are assuming it's anti? Please do say if I'm missing anything, this is just a thought of mine haha

whoa dude you’re not wrong! i mean that bag of pixels likes to drop hints about his presence but when he’s upfront about it, he goes all the way. why would he not show his face if it’s really him? what does he have to hide? bro i think you’re onto something with this one…

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do u think you can do some gifs of the different animations the bros have when you switch to them?prompto twirling his gun and drawing it in a different animation, iggy messing with his gloves and summoning daggers, gladio putting his sword on his shoulder, etc? they say a lot about the characters, i really like them!

Ah….uh I guess I could give it a shot….but it’s going to take awhile getting all the footage. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to catch every single animation, but I’ll try.

In the mean time here is Ignis tugging on his gloves: