when her wings come over her

Come With Me

// Draco Malfoy x Gryffindor!reader.

Requested: No.

Summary: Hermione and Y/n are in potions class when the Yule Ball comes up.

Rating: Mid-fluff.

Title: Come with Me. //


“Bloody hell y/n.”

You glance over at Hermione, confused at her sudden outburst.

“What’s the matter?” You ask.

“You messed up the potion. It called for bat wing, not bat spleen. Now we’ve got to start all over.” Her voice is filled with frustration as she begins preparing to make a new potion, and a sigh escapes your lips. You murmur an apology and pretend to begin working on the potion again. Hermione sighs loudly and turns to you. “Something’s obviously on your mind. You’ve been awfully quiet recently…” You glance up at Hermione, who gives her an exasperated look. “Well, tell me! What’s going on, why have you been acting so…so…strange?” You close your eyes and shake your head softly.

“It’s just…the Yule Ball.”

“The ball? Why’s that bothering you?” You open your eyes and meet Hermione’s confused gaze.

“No one’s asked me yet,” you state, turning back around to work on the project.

“Well, I’m sure if you asked Harry he would gladly take y-”

“I don’t want to go with Harry!” You whisper fiercely, whipping around in your seat. “It’s just…the person I want to ask me…he hasn’t. And he won’t.” Hermione sighs.

“I know the feeling, trust me.”

“I shouldn’t even like him. He’s a bloody idiot, it’s just…”

“Something about him,” Hermione finishes your sentence, staring off into space. “I know how you feel y/n, but you can’t just wait around for him to ask you. You’ve got to express yourself.”

“Oh, like you’re one to talk.” You tease, a smile replacing the small frown on your face. Hermione laughs softly and shakes her head, turning back to the potion.

“I know, I know. So…who is it?” You shake your head.

“No, no, no.” You say quickly. Hermione raises an eyebrow at her but doesn’t reply. She lets out a loud sigh instead, which gets the attention of the group in front of them. Draco turns around in his seat, leaning over the back of his chair.

“Is perfect little Granger having trouble with her potion?” He asks, nudging Pansy (who had been his partner because he was late to class). She laughs quietly, leaning forward like him. “Granger having trouble in class? That’s unheard of.” She doesn’t say anything; just keeps her head down, so Draco continues. “How are your parents doing, Granger?”

“They’re fine, Malfoy. I’d like it if you’d turn around and leave me alone.” He raises his eyebrows, and you can feel your cheeks burning– half from the second-hand embarrassment and half due to the fact that he was so close. You duck your head and hunch your shoulders slightly, trying to hide your face as you continue to work. This not only causes Pansy to look over at you, but Hermione and Draco.

“What? Not going to say anything to defend your friend?” Pansy squeaks, smiling smugly. You swallow roughly before looking up slowly, praying that the heat in your face has died down.

“Well,” you begin, casting your gaze towards Hermione. You take in her puzzled expression before you meet Draco’s gaze, and smile sweetly. “I wasn’t going to waste my breath correcting Draco. I mean, if I started I don’t think I’d ever breathe again-” Draco’s smile instantly disappears and he tilts his head.

“What did you call me?” Pansy’s eyes widen slightly as your mouth drops open. When you realize, his gaze is fixed entirely on you. You can feel the heat rising to your face.

“W-what?” You stammer, not daring to meet his gaze. His head tilts.

“Did you call me Draco?” He mutters. Hermione glances over at you, her eyes narrowing instantly.

“That is your name, isn’t it?” Hermione says, saving you from having to respond. Draco looks over at her, the sneer returning to his face.

“No one calls me that,” he says, his gaze sliding over to you again. “Why did you call me that?” Your eyebrows raise slightly, the pink returning to your face again.

“I don’t know what you mean,” you manage to say. Pansy picks up on the uncertainty in your voice, and in only a few seconds she erupts in a fit of giggles. One of Draco’s eyebrows shoots up and he glances over at her, a look of annoyance on his face.

“Did you hear her?” She snorts, her laughter stopping immediately as she meets your gaze. “I don’t know what you mean,” she mocks. “I don’t know how I didn’t see this before, but I have to admit, this is hilarious.” Hermione glances between Pansy, Draco and you, a look of disgust crossing her face.

No.” She murmurs, shooting a glare over at you. “No way.

At this point, Draco seems to be the only one who hasn’t caught on yet. You clench your jaw slightly as you feel the heat rising to your face even more intensely than before. This causes Pansy to laugh even more.

“What’s wrong, y/n? Someone flustered?” She pushes out her bottom lip in a pout. “Can’t talk to him? Can’t even look at him? Poor. Little. Y/n. Was he not supposed to know?” Hermione rolls her eyes.

“Get over it, Pansy. As if she’d care about someone like Malfoy.” Hermione comments, glancing over at you. You can tell by the look in her eyes that you would be talking about this later. Her comment seems to finally put everything else into place in Draco’s mind. His eyes light up slightly as it all falls into place, and his gaze slides over to you.

When you glance up your eyes instantly lock with his.

“What?” You ask, forcing as much annoyance into your voice as possible. His lips tip upwards as his eyes narrow slightly. “W-what?” You ask again. Your cheeks turn even redder as Pansy laughs softly. This finally causes Draco to break eye contact and he turns to Pansy.

“How ‘bout you keep bloody quiet, Pansy?” Her laughter gets stuck in her throat as her eyes widen from shock. She glances up at him.

“Oh, but Draco- isn’t it-”

“I don’t see how it’s funny,” he comments, glancing back at you again. “You fancy me- so what if she does too?”

“But- it’s"

“I don’t see how it’s funny,” he comments, glancing back at you again. “You fancy me- so what if she does too?”

“But- it’s y/n.”

“Mhm…” He mumbles, turning around to you. “It is.” His head tilts and he smiles softly- a genuine smile, before turning back around, forcing Pansy to too.

He glances over his shoulder one more time before turning around and focusing on the potion.

“What was all of that about?” Hermione whispers. “You like Malfoy?”

“Ugh…Hermione, please. I don’t want to talk about this right now.” You whisper, covering your blushing face with your hands. “…but, yes. I do.”

Another small smile slips onto Draco’s face as he hears your comment, and he adds the next ingredients to the potion before pulling out a slip of paper and scribbling something on it quickly.

You’re just recovering from your embarrassment as class ends, and you stand up, gathering your books into your bag quickly. Draco slides out of his chair gracefully and passes your table, making brief eye contact with you before dropping a paper by your feet.

“You dropped your-” Your sentence is cut off by a small smile, and what looks like a wink from Draco. You close your mouth quickly, and, feeling your cheeks heat up once more, you crouch down and pick up the paper, unfolding it.

Come with me to the ball, y/n? –Draco.

Okay since it was bought up let’s do a list of Ron being a Good Friend to Hermione- despite all their Romantic Drama ™ he also always 100% had her back and did some truly amazing and sweet things. This is all just from memory and I haven’t read the books in years (though I read them so many times when I was a kid I basically have them memorized)

-We start with their Friendship Origin moment- Ron was very visibily uncomfortable and guilty when Hermione overheard him complaining about her, especially when he heard she was crying over it. Even if the troll thing hadn’t happened, he probably would have apologized. The troll thing did happen though, and like Harry, he immediately rushed to her rescue despite not getting on with her.

-Of course, there’s the time he just straight up attacked Malfoy for calling Hermione a slur, despite having a broken wand. But since Hermione didn’t really understand what had happened, he also took the time explain the whole thing to her and Harry while vomiting up slugs, and was still super angry about it to the point where he started ranting and ignoring that he was throwing up slugs. He explained it in a way that made it clear Malfoy’s views were disgusting bullshit too.

-He was so upset over her being petrified that he willingly faces down his Confirmed Worst Fear just in hopes on getting some information that could help her and stop the person who’s doing this. And yes, the books make it very obvious he is doing this for Hermione- when Harry says they should follow the spiders to the FORBIDDEN FOREST FULL OF MONSTERS, Ron is visibly terrified, but then looks over at Hermione’s empty seat and agrees. He is near catatonic with fear near spiders and it was definitely one of the the worst experiences of his life,but he did it.

-Third year, he was the one most visibly concerned about her immense workload. Part of his fixation on it was wondering how she was even taking several classes at the same time in the first place, but he was also clearly concerned that she was overexerting herself- he told her multiple times that it was a Bad Idea. He seemed concerned about this even when they weren’t speaking to each other and kept bringing it up to Harry.

-The part the movie infamously changed. You know, when Snape calls Hermione and know-it-all, bullying her in front of the class and driving her near tears, so Ron stands up and screams at him “You asked a question and she knew the answer! Why are you asking if you don’t want to know!?” He got several detentions for this. 

-When he sees Hermione is struggling a lot with helping Hagrid with Buckbeak, he feels guilty and this is what spurs him to make up with her. He then pretty much takes on the entire workload of looking up stuff to help Buckbeak because Harry and Hermione have too much on their plates. This is despite the fact he really hates busywork.

-When he sees that Death Eaters are on the loose at the cup, his mind immediately jumps to concern for Hermione and protecting her from being targeted.

-When Malfoy calls Hermione a slur again and also basically says the Death Eaters are coming for her next, Ron has to be physically restrained from attacking him and dragged away. This is while people are rioting and setting shit on fire around them.

-When Harry and Malfoy get in the fight and a spell hits Hermione, Ron is the first one to run over and try to help her. He is completely focused on helping Hermione more than anyone else- when Snape comes in and starts lecturing Harry, he interrupts him and is like “OKAY BUT CAN YOU STOP AND LOOK WHAT MALFOY DID TO HERMIONE SHE NEEDS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL WING OKAY”. Snape takes that opportunity to insult her appearance, once again driving her to tears, and once again Ron’s response is GO OFF on Snape and call him what is implied to be an impressive variety of curse words (Harry joins in on this and even though they are in a fight with each other at the moment they are both Briefly United in Their Mutual Love For Their Friend Hermione and honestly is is such an underrated friendship moment) (They both get detention)

-Is the one most visibly concerned that Hermione’s crusade against Rita Skeeter will lead to her getting hurt.

-There are a couple times throughout the books when he’ll compliment her without even realizing it because he’s just saying what he Knows to Be Fact and they’re always pretty adorable. One time she’s lecturing him and saying “well I was able to do this so why can’t you etc” and his response is to exasperatedly be like “Of course you can do it, you’re brilliant,” and she gets all happy about it even though he saw it as just stating the obvious. Basically, there are multiple times he lets slip how highly he regards her without realizing it. He’ll sometimes also let slip that he listens to her pretty closely even if he pretends he doesn’t.

-If Hermione’s crying, he’ll generally make the most effort to comfort her (Harry is too awkward to deal with people crying).

-He makes an active effort to compliment her, listen to her more and comfort her more in seventh year. This is partly because he read a book that gave him the amazing, shocking advice of “girls like being listened to and complimented” but it clearly also goes beyond that, as his complements quickly become genuine and are generally more focused on “omg you’re so smart look at you saving us again” than pick-up artist stuff. 

-famously, completely fucking loses it when she is tortured, sobbing and screaming and trying to break the walls down with his bare hands and all.Takes on Bellatrix Lestrange in his rampage to rescue her. Stays by her side afterwards and helps her walk etc.

Basically, yeah, Ron is pretty attentive and supportive of Hermione and the stuff she deals with too, even if he downplays it.

A Hairy Excuse

Nessian, 1.1K, Rated T

A/N: Cassian finds himself in Nesta’s bed, dumbfounded when his High Lady walks in. This turned out to be something that I wasn’t exactly expecting but am not upset with.

Cassian awoke with a wisp of hair in his mouth. Gently, he reached to remove the piece that had undoubtedly also stuck itself to the side of his face. Though as he moved, his hand first collided with a head that was most assuredly not his. He skipped analyzing this fact to pull the hair out, when he realized how long it was and who it smelt like.

He froze.

Cocooned against his chest, breathing softly in the early hours of the morning, was Nesta Archeron. Her head rested against his shoulder, spilling her tangles all over his chest. Wrapping around both of them was Cassian’s wing, which filtered the sunlight, so that the only rays hitting them were tinted. Cassian remembered walking Nesta home last night and her insistence that he come inside with her. There had been…intimacy, but not all the way. His puzzlement that morning had little to do with a blurry alcohol induced evening, and more to do with an astonishment that she let him stay.

With his Commanding duties becoming lighter after the war and her role as Emissary yet to become a full-time occupation, they’d spent time together. Platonic time, though time nonetheless. Personally, Cassian may have wanted more than just friendship, but if that was all Nesta was willing to offer, he would not argue. Coexisting seemed like enough, a sometimes painful reminder of what he couldn’t have. All he really wanted was for her to be happy, and she seemed great with them holding safe, easy interactions without any physical intimacy.

That was where his astonishment from this morning originated. Nesta never indicated that she wanted this before, and although they’d shared a few drinks, it was nothing they hadn’t done before or she couldn’t handle. Cassian’s only desire, however selfish it may be, was to stay here. Together they could very well never share this again. So Cassian lay there humbled by her petit frame, draped over half his body. Underneath her mouth, his shirt featured a small damp circle, hinting at a slight drool. Her arm wrapped around his torso, her hand curled gently inside his shirt.

Though, he was not acting all that innocent either. Nesta’s hip was cradled by his arm, keeping her body close to his. He also could feel the mess that was their legs further down the bed. Everything around them smelled faintly of Nesta, nothing heavy despite it being her room. The older Archerons didn’t have enough of their own possessions to lather a room in their scent. Nesta’s brow furled slightly, and her hand gripped him tighter causing Cassian to crane his neck and peck her forehead.

Cassian knew that she would want time alone to think about this new development between them or maybe, hopefully, she’d discuss it with him. As far as he understood, they were under no circumstance to share this event with anyone. That he knew for certain.

The door flew open.

“Hey, Nesta. Thought I’d let you know that breakfast is—“ The High Lady began from the doorway.

Cassian kept completely still, hoping like some idiot that Feyre would forget he was here. The next few moments stretched on for what felt like an hour.

“You’re not Nesta.“

“It’s not what it looks like,” he blurted very quickly.

“I can go,” she started.

Cassian stretched his wing a little farther, hoping beyond all hope that Nesta would not wake up. “I sure you think that Nesta and I slept together, but you have the completely wrong impression.”

“Cassian, it’s really none of my business. I’ll leave, no questions asked.”

“No, no. Nesta complained that her bed was too firm many times to me in the past, and I have always thought mine to be too soft. We devised a plan on which, What day of the week is it?”


“On the evening of the second Wednesday of every month we would swap beds, for whatever reason, this always seemed the night of worst sleep for us both. I have no idea about your sister, but I have never slept so well in my entire life.”

“In five hundred years, you’ve never slept like this.” He could hear the amusement in her voice.

Cassian thought himself a good liar, but this was absolutely atrocious. Not to mention that his wing still wrapped around him and Nesta, so he hadn’t even made eye contact with Feyre this whole interaction. “As a bastard in the camps, milady, it is quite difficult to find any sort of mattress, let alone one as comfortable as this one. My own room sports a bed that for years I have been meaning to replace, without ever finding the time.”

“So you’ve been sleeping on a crappy mattress for hundreds of years?”

“Yes!” He exclaimed, perhaps a bit melodramatically for the situation which really attested to how thick he was laying it.

“You know I can see Nes—“ Feyre tried.

Cassian removed all the stops. “Ah! The High Lady has seen the tousled waves of my armpit hairs creeping out from my shirt. Your mate normally glamours them away from view, especially when I train shirtless. I am ashamed to admit that they grow like fiends and that nothing on this continent or this world has the ability to tame them.”

At that both the woman in the doorway and the form next to him broke into cackles. Feyre’s subsided rather quickly, but Nesta, still mostly hidden from view, roared with a laughter that shook her whole body and brought tears to her eyes.

“Your armpit hair?” Nesta wheezed between inhales.

“I thought—“ they made eye contact before Cassian then flicked his towards Feyre.

Nesta wiped the tears from her eyes and appeared to have mostly relaxed. “Feyre, we’ll be down in a second. Thanks.”

The door closing was the only indication that Feyre was ever there in the first place.

Nesta sat up, dragging herself out from under Cassian’s wing, which he reluctantly removed from her before perching up next to her.

“Cassian—“ she began.

“I’m sorry for staying over, I understand if you hate me for making it look like we slept together. I tried making that cover for us.”

She bit her lip as if to refrain from laughing again. “I don’t hate you, in fact, I found that whole interaction quite hilarious. Yes, I heard the whole thing,” she remarked, no doubt from reading his expression, “but it’s nice to know that you would go to such lengths for me.”

“Of course I would.”

A small smirk grew on her face. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. I really don’t care what they think, not now anyway. Though, I do kinda care about the ungodly armpit hair. I think we may need some lessons in how to shave.”

He barked a laugh at that. “Maybe you can teach me how to control my underarm creature.”


Harpy Girlfriend

I got a lot of requests for a Harpy and for another monster girlfriend. So a beautiful harpy girlfriend it is!

        “Ugh, they’re back,” you mother tugs on your wrist as you stop to stare up. Shadows crossed your path and above you, you see the harpies rest at the tops of the pillars that lined the ruins. The market always took place in the ruins and during the warm months that was where the harpies flocked.

    Your mother pulls you along as you look up at them, your eyes wide as their great wings stretch out and then fold in. The sun makes them shadows, but you can see them watching you as you walk behind your mother.

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i love jack so much like she joined shepard with the intent to get cerberus dirt aka names of people who made her life miserable in her childhood and plans to basically go on killing spree as soon as it’s all over: ‘the galaxy’s going to be a lot emptier when i’m done’

and instead she decides to become a teacher and ends up taking a bunch of teenagers under her wing, trains them to take care of themselves, trains them to protect one another and comes to love them so much she refers to them as her kids

like???? jack you made the galaxy so much fuller and brighter and i’m so proud of you

if you don’t like this woman then i don’t like you

anonymous asked:

Hey here's an idea for a drabble how about the whole gang goes out to Rita's or something and Elain gets super drunk and Az has to take care of her?

[This is probably not what you had in mind. LOL. I apologize for nothing.]

Elain Archeron is a light weight. If you looked up the definition in the dictionary, you’d find her picture. One beer and she is toasty and warm and giggling.

She’s sitting between Feyre and Azriel in a booth at Rita’s, telling them about the birds and the bees. The literal birds and bees in her garden. Then she starts talking about Graysen. She’s long been over him, but since they’re talking about the garden…

“He touched me in the garden once,” she says. Feyre’s eyes go wide (she’s got a healthy buzz) and her jaw drops. Azriel sits straight as a board and stares very hard at his drink.

“Shut. Up.” Feyre says.

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hellosparkyislove  asked:

15 nessian nsfw?

@hellosparkyislove​  Somehow there is now a new adversary to go with the Commander!Cassian Kink…in the form of Emissary!Nesta. She does not beg. She bargains…and one would be wise to listen to what she has to offer.

Touching Headcanon:

- Cassian knows how to stoke the fires of passion with his touch.

- Calloused fingers leave a burning trail of desire in their wake.

- He takes his time with Nesta. Mapping the contours of her curves and edges as if considering the best course of action for battle.

- The Commander recognizes her little signals that reveal what she likes the most. And uses them to his full advantage until Nesta is biting her lip to contain the noises that threaten to become unleashed.

- Cassian’s hands roam up Nesta’s stomach until he palms her breasts.

- A groan rumbles from his throat as he plays with her. Pinching her nipples until they are rosy as her flushed cheeks.

- He brings her into his mouth and sucks until Nesta is writhing under him.

- Nesta digs her hands into Cassian’s dark hair. The long strands of his hair tickle her other breast as he thoroughly devours her. 

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this Nes,” Cassian says as he moves to her other breast. “Ever since that day we met and had dinner in your home…I just wanted to put you on the table and feast on you instead.”

- Cassian emphasizes his point by nipping at Nesta’s skin. Marking her and taking satisfaction in the long soft moan that Nesta can’t contain.

- But Cassian hasn’t fully sated his hunger of teasing Nesta. He moves lower and lower seeking the wetness that proves just how much Nesta is enjoying this.

- He is not disappointed as his fingers rub against her and takes his finger into his mouth to taste her desire. Cassian moans at how delicious it tastes before he moves his hands to her hips and presses his tongue against the source.

- Cassian makes sure to bring Nesta close to the edge - teetering until Nesta can’t take it and she let’s out a feral demand that makes Cassian cock twitch.

- Nesta never begs. She bargains. 

“If you finish me off right now I promise that my tongue will return the favor.” or “I’ll make you come so hard Cassian that you won’t be able to move tomorrow if you Fuck. Me. Right. Now.”

- He obliges Nesta with a grin by giving her one long lick that ignites her into an orgasm unlike any other.

- Nesta’s hands are still tangled in his hair as she bows off the bed. His tongue dives deeper inside her at the movement and Cassian as to grind against the bed to control himself.

- When Nesta recovers she takes full charge by flipping Cassian over.

- Commander! Cassian is something they both enjoy in the bed when Cassian is in control, but that is nothing compared to the bargaining of Emissary!Nesta.

“Tell me Cassian…how long do you think you will last if my fingers do this,” And Nesta will proceed to stroke his hardened member. “If you can keep from orgasming from my fingers I promise I will give you something more…pleasurable for you to enjoy.”

- Cassian is always up to the challenge. And when he does succeed Nesta will lean and whisper into his ear: “Good bat…now let’s reward you with my mouth.”


- Nesta tortures Cassian with her slow pace. She’ll scrape her nails gently down the thing membrane and soothe it by using her tongue. This brings Cassian over the edge and he barks out Nesta’s name as he succumbs to the pleasure.

- Cassian takes over once he recovers. But this time he makes sure to make Nesta comes multiple times.

- His lips are on her neck murmuring words that make Nesta’s heart melt. “One more for me sweetheart. I want to watch you come undone. I want to feel you come undone around me.”

- And Nesta can’t hold back any longer. She gasps Cassian’s name as they both go over the edge together. Clinging to each other as Cassian sinks into the sheets beside Nesta.

- They take heaving breaths as Cassian brushes Nesta’s hair from her face and pulls her into a lasting kiss.

- Afterwards they run their fingers down each other’s bodies. Taking note of the little bites, bruises and scratches and kissing each one .

- Pillowtalk happens amid their touches. The kind where they share random fears, desires or secrets that no one else knows.

- Nesta plays with Cassian’s hair until they both fall asleep in each other’s arms.

- Cassian brings a wing over Nesta’s body. He can feel heat radiating off her and deep into the sensitive skin of his wing.

- He loves it so much. Especially when Nesta nestles against him with her leg resting between his.

- It doesn’t take long for Nesta to notice that Cassian is hard against her thigh again and so she takes that opportunity to tease him while he sleeps.

- When Cassian wakes it’s to Nesta’s hand wrapped around him and they begin another round of lovemaking with only the stars and moon as their witness.


I was fine with the men
Who would come into her life now and again
I was fine ‘cause I knew
That they didn’t really matter until you

I was fine when you came
And we fought like it was all some silly game
Over her, who she’d choose
After all those years I never thought I’d lose

It’s over, isn’t it? Isn’t it?
Isn’t it over?

The Prince Of Slytherin Part II


A/n–Heres part 2! Also i used a tumblr prompt for the end of this sorry not sorry.

Warning- none

Pairing- Bucky x reader

Title– The Prince Of Slytherin: Part II

Bucky Barnes. Those two words, scribbled in white chalk stood out like a fresh scar to you.You barely noticed Wanda and Natashas duel, which ended in Wanda tripping backwards over a desk. You didn’t see a tall Slytherin girl beat out Steve in under two minutes, then him pouting in the corner, spotting a bloody nose.

“Y/n and Bucky.” Professor Stark called out. “Last duel of the day, better make this worth my time.”

You tried not to let your legs shake as you walked towards the middle of the classroom. Your palms were so sweaty, you had a hard time gripping your wand. Glancing up at Bucky you noticed two things. The considerable height difference between you two and his emotionless face. Only his jaw was moving, as though he was clenching his teeth. You furrowed your brow at this and tried to push it out of your head.

“Wands up.” You were trembling hard now. He seemed calm.


“Expelliarmus!” You shouted. Bucky blocked your spell with a wave of his wand. He didn’t even cast an offensive spell. He was just waiting for you to make another move.

You tried casting Stupefy nonverbally but Bucky blocked that too. Frustrated, you sent stunning spell after stunning spell both verbally and nonverbally. But he kept blocking them.

“Fight back!” You screamed in anger.

Still he only blocked your spells.

“Goddamit fight back!” You sent one at his feet and head at the same time, successfully knocking him off of his feet. He landed in a crouch as you sent the leg locker curse at him. He used his wand to create a tunnel of wind, which he sent whirling around you. It sucked the breath out of you as you fell to your knees choking.

“Enough!” Professor Stark intervenes, casting a protection spell in between you two.

You slump onto the floor, coughing.

“Barnes what the hell was that?” You whispered, your voice strained.

Bucky looked at you with a stony expression. Something flickered in his eyes as he watched you lying on the ground, clutching your throat. It happened so fast you could have imagined it. Then he spun on his heel and walked out the classroom.


After class, you went down to Madam Pomfrey. She gave you a Soothing potion for your throat and sent you on your way. As you were walking back to the Gryffindor Tower, you heard Umbridge’s screeching voice. “-letting students duel in class! How foolish can you be? The Ministry will not tolerate this. You are hereby fired from your position as Professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

Running through the halls, you found what was causing the commotion. It was Umbridge, anger clear on her face with Professor Stark, looking quite bored.

“As you wish, lady.” He said mock bowing at her.

He turned around and vanished within the crowd of students. You ran through the courtyard, pushing people who got in your way. Panting, you rushed to Professor Starks office.

“This isn’t fair!” You pushed open the door.

“Oh y/n, life isn’t fair my dear.” He was using his wand to pack away his things.

“Please Professor, isn’t there something we can do?” You felt horrible. This was all your fault. And Bucky’s.

Stark let out a chuckle. “If this is my time to leave then so be it.”

With a wave of his wand his suitcases floated out the door.

“I’m sorry.” You said miserably.

“Oh child, this isn’t your fault. I guarantee we will meet again.” He pulled you into an embrace.

“I’ll miss you.” You say, hugging him back.

“If you ever need me, your owl will know where to find me.” He fastened his cloak. “Until we meet again.” He gave you a small smile and was gone.


Hours later you were still sitting outside Stark’s office. Your tears had long dried, but you were still deep in thought. You had to do something. Now that Umbridge would be taking over the classes, you knew you wouldn’t be learning anything. Your lessons would be ‘ministry approved’. Minister Fudge was a paranoid fool, who was known for working with the Dark Wizard, Helmut Zemo.

“Y/n!” A voice ripped you from your thoughts. It was Wanda. She was running towards you.

“What’s wrong?” You ask, catching her as she nearly ran into you. She was pale and shaking, a nervous sweat shone on her face and her eyes were wide.

“Wanda! What happened?” You sat her down.

“I was gazing in my crystal ball when I saw it.” She whispered, obviously still shaken. Wanda was known for her painfully accurate prophecies and predictions. Her mother was a famous Oracle. Wanda foresaw her mother’s death, a customer was unhappy in the way his life was headed. She told him and he killed her for it.

“What did you see?” You grew cold.

“Helmut Zemo. Coming. Here. Bucky. On the last day of the year. We need- we need to fight.” Wanda murmured before falling quiet again.

“Wanda! What do you mean? Wanda!” You shook her and she opened her eyes again.

“Y/n?” She looked puzzled. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. You came up to me, scared and shaking, saying that Helmut Zemo is going to attack Hogwarts.”

“My head.” She moaned.

“Come on.” You help her stand, slowly walking her to the hospital wing. Your mind was racing. With Stark gone, there was no one left for you to trust. You need a plan. To train your friends in combat for when the time comes. All under Umbridge’s nose. And you had a plan. Now all you needed was some help. And you knew just who to go to.


After making sure Wanda was in good hands, you made your way to the dungeons, your heart beating in your throat. Reaching the Slytherin common room entrance, you ran your hands over the cool stone wall.

“Wizard? Pureblood? Snake? Serpent? Green? Gryffindor sucks?” You tried to guess the password.

You grew increasingly frustrated.

“Silver?” You tried again.

“What are you doing?” A low voice was right in your ear.

You whipped around,startled, and brought your hand up to hit the person behind you.

He grabbed your wrist and pinned it to the wall. Using his body to keep you trapped, one of his legs between yours, his chest pressed you against yours he leaned down and whispered in your ear.

“You wanna try that again, sweetheart?”

You shivered, trying not to think of how he was so close or what you wanted to do with him.

“Bucky.” You said breathlessly. “I need your help.”

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So This is Love

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff, a tiny bit of angst, and then fllluuuffff

Word Count: 3100+

Request: “Can I have a story based on So This Is Love from Cinderella with Bucky? Where neither him nor his girlfriend ever thought they would find love because of awful things they did for hydra but they do finally with each other? Thank you so much doll!” -Anon

A/N: I hope I did right with this request. I really love the song, so I wanted to make sure to do it justice. I’m pretty sure I redid this about three times because I couldn’t decide where to go with it. I also definitely was jamming out to Disney songs while writing this. Enjoy! ❤ ❤ ❤  

The gif is not mine, credit to the owner.

Sunlight peaked through a crack in the heavy curtains, illuminating the otherwise dark room. Clothes were thrown about the room, and the comforter of the bed laid in a pile of the floor. A content sigh echoed in the silence, a soft rustle of sheets the only other sound being made.

Bucky blinked the sleep away from his eyes, humming softly at the light weight draped across his chest. A smile spread across his face as he looked down at the woman that was sleeping soundly. Her hair was fanned out, a few of the strands covering her face. Gently, he lifted his metal arm and brushed the stray strands out of his way. He traced a metal finger down her cheek, his heart swelling in his chest when she mumbled in her sleep and turned into his touch. She didn’t flinch from the cool touch, she never had. Bucky leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to her temple, his grip around her waist tightening. As he laid in bed wrapped up with the woman he had come to love so fiercely, he thought over the past year and a half of their relationship.

So this is love, Mmmmmm

So this is love

So this is what makes life divine

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The Pirate: Esme ‘The Raider’ Blackbeard (Part 2)

Title: The Pirate: Esme ‘The Raider’ Blackbeard (Part 2)

Originally posted by lindsemorgans

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Author: Gráinne x

Summary: Part 2 of Let’s Blow this Popsicle Stand. Reader has gone to Auradon with her younger sister Evie although something doesn’t feel right. Perhaps because she doesn’t have Harry.

A/N: I swear I never meant for this to turn into a mini-series basically. But this has given me so much to work with I just couldn’t fit it into one or two parts. So Yes, there will be more because I’ve so much to give for this. I hope you like this one like you liked the last one. Your love for the first part has been amazing. Enjoy. x

Part One/ 

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Just the way you are

Sooo ! I wrote this for the wonderful @reioka! I really hope you like your wing fic! :)
(mobile readers watch out for the cut)

Tony groans and rolls back to his other side, but that hurts even more. He can’t lie on his back at all, so he turns onto his tummy. Better. But now he is awake anyway. “Good morning, Sir.” says Jarvis and Tony opens his eyes. 

“Define good.” Tony mutters into his pillow. God he doesn’t want to stand up, or get out of bed for that matter, but he has this meeting with Pepper and the executive board about the new arc reactor that he already used for the energy in the tower.

“The sun is shining, Sir.” answers Jarvis and without another warning he opens the blinds. Tony whines. Not that there was anyone who could hear it. Tony turns his head to his right and sighs.

Carefully he pets the cold side of the bed next to him. He wishes there would be someone to wake up to. Someone who would take him just the way he is.

“Sir?” asks Jarvis and Tony just nods. He sits up and hisses in pain, when his wings brush against the headboard of the bed.

His wings.

More like what is left of them.

“Which colour today, Sir?” asks Jarvis and opens Tony’s wardrobe. Tony stands up and goes over the wardrobe. Jarvis isn’t talking about his suits, shoes or even his sunglasses. 

He is asking Tony what wings he wants to wear today.

“Blue and white.” Tony whispers then and Jarvis pull the wings up. Tony bites his bottom lip and nods. They look beautiful. They were the first wings he made for himself…after…

The wings are a really light baby-blue and the tips are completely white.  If the sun shines on them, they are so bright that Tony can feel jealous stares on him when he wears them. Yeah they are beautiful.

But they aren’t real.

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Game On

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Request: I see that your requests are open! Huzzah! Could you do a deanxreader where the reader loves spicy food and has a really high tolerance. And has the caveat that any man who wants to date her has to attempt a hot wing challenge (like the really spicy wings and you have a time limit to eat them without drink or cooking agent) the problem? Dean has very low spice tolerance, but wants to try anyway. Fluff and/or smut. I trust thy artistic vision because you’re stuff is amazeballs. :3

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Hope you enjoy!…

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You’re In Love.

This is a Wayhaught fic I wrote based off of You Are In Love by Taylor Swift. I hope you like it! Warning: IT’S FLUFFY! 

Waverly’s known it for a while. She’s known it but she hasn’t said it, well she hasn’t said it to Nicole at least.

One look. Dark room. Meant just for you.
The first time the thought popped into her head was at the party the town was throwing. Waverly was coming down the stairs and her eyes immediately found Nicole. She was wearing that purple dress, her hair was down, she had makeup on and the biggest smile Waverly had ever seen. Nicole Haught was breathtaking. The closer her steps got to Nicole the faster her heart started beating. Her breath nearly caught in her throat. And as she made her way to her from across the room, Nicole’s bashful eyes casting down for a moment, the thought fluttered through her head.

“You’re in love”

For a split second she panicked. It was too soon for that. It wasn’t love…it was infatuation. It was lust. It was heart pounding, mind consuming, body shaking…like. Shit. It might be love.


Small talk. She drives. Coffee at midnight.
It was midnight and the headlights were pulling up to the homestead. Waverly grabbed her jacket and raced out the door before the car was even stopped.

“Hey you.” Nicole greeted her in the driver’s side seat of the police car. She had just finished her half of the night shift and immediately went to the homestead after.

“Hey babe.” Waverly smiled as she leaned over and kissed her cheek before buckling her seatbelt. She placed a thermos in the cup holder between them.

“You’re sure you’re not too tired?” Nicole asked.

“Not even a little bit.” Waverly reached over and laced her fingers between Nicole’s before they drove off.

Getting privacy in this town was like trying to get Doc to take off his hat, impossible. Neither woman felt like they could be truly alone together. But at 12 am, while the world slept, they found their peace. They made small talk as Nicole drove up the mountain just past the Purgatory exit. “How was work?” “What did you eat for dinner?” “How is Wynonna doing?” It was their time to catch up on the small stuff.

Nicole parked the car and turned it off, but kept on the headlights. Waverly grabbed the thermos and  stepped out of the car. She inhaled a deep breath as she walked to the cliff and took in the view of their small town. Nicole came up from behind her and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders, and then pressed her own body against Waverly’s back. Waverly tilted her head back and smiled up at her girlfriend. Nicole kissed her forehead. They didn’t speak for a few moments. They just stood there enjoying the warmth of each other and the rare peace and quiet of, the otherwise chaotic, town below them.

Waverly turned and held up the thermos. “Coffee?” She asked.

“I’d love so-” As she moved her hand the light from the car reflected a chain on her neck. “What’s that?” Nicole asked.

“Oh, Wynonna found it today when we were cleaning out Willa’s room. It was my mom’s.” Waverly pulled the the charm out from her shirt, revealing small silver angel wings.

Nicole smiled as she let her fingers dance over the pendent. “It’s beautiful.”

“Yeah.” Waverly responded, some sadness in her voice. Nicole could hear it.

“Come on, I need some coffee.” Nicole said grabbing the thermos from Waverly before walking toward the car. They sat on the hood of the police car. Nicole unscrewed the top and poured some coffee into it like a cup, handing it over to Waverly. She took a sip from the warm thermos herself.

Nicole tilted her head back towards the sky as she cast her eyes on the moon. Her right shoulder brushed Waverly left. “Look up.” She smiled as she kept her eyes on the moon.

Waverly meant to look up, but her eyes caught Nicole in her peripheral vision and she couldn’t help but look at her first. She was stunning, especially under the moonlight. Waverly watched as Nicole laid back and rested her body against the windshield. She still hadn’t looked up at the moon because she swore nothing was as beautiful as Nicole. Nicole brought her eyes back to Waverly and smiled as she extended her right arm out and tapped her side. Waverly got the point and grinned as she curled into her girlfriend’s side. Nicole wrapped her arm around Waverly. And that’s when she felt it. She felt warm, and safe, and protected. She felt loved.

“You’re in love”

The voice came again and this time she didn’t panic, or fight it. Instead she let herself look up at Nicole with a large smile.

“What?” Nicole asked as she played with the ends of Waverly’s hair.

“Nothing. I just…I love this.” Waverly sighed as she looked back at the sky.

“I love this too.” Nicole responded with a kiss to Waverly’s head.


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xmanorianx  asked:

Distracting kiss manorian❤️💙💜

9. Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

Originally posted by electric-hearts-war

This was not going to happen. They were not about to get beaten. And they sure as hell weren’t about to lose to them.
The MC’s voice boomed through the hole-in-the-wall bar they played trivia at every single Friday night. “For the first time in over 8 months, we’re going into a bonus round! Both the ‘Fire-Breathing Witch Queens’ and the ‘Territorial Fae Pricks’ are tied with a near-perfect score of 285.’
Aelin, Manon, Lysandra, Yrene and Elide all glared across the room at their boyfriends. They smiled back innocently.
The boys knew trivia night was ‘their thing’. They hadn’t paid for a single night out in the 8 months they’d been coming here, always winning trivia and having their tab comped.
As they looked down at the multitude of drinks, shots, and plates over their table, they knew there was a very real chance they may have to pay for it all tonight.
“This is a two-part question, whoever gets both parts correct is our winner. The category is science.”
“Yes!” Aelin hollered, reaching across the table to give Yrene a high five, who broke into a shit-eating grin at the mention of her favorite topic.
“Not so fast, ladies,” Lysandra whispered. “Dorian looks pretty confident.”
Manon turned in her seat. Indeed, there was a smug look of satisfaction on her fiancé’ face.
Elide snorted. “He’s the only one. Do you think Lorcan, Rowan or Aedion with have any idea?” She quickly added, “No offense, girls.”
Aelin began to laugh. “None taken! Look at their faces as they look at Dorian. They think they have this in the bag.”
The MC spoke again. “You’ll have 90 seconds to fill in your answers. At the end of the 90 seconds, someone will come around to pick them up.” He paused. “How many elements are in the periodic table and how many occur naturally?”
The room went silent.
Yrene tugged on her curly hair. “Gods. I know there are 118 elements, but I’m not sure about them occurring naturally! I haven’t learned anything about them since, like, high school!”
Manon looked at her watch. It had been 20 seconds. “You really think only Dorian will know the answer to this one?”
The response from Lysandra was almost instantaneous. “Definitely.”
She tossed back the remainder of her Jack and Coke and stood. “Then you guys better make this count.”
She sauntered over to the boys’ table. Beer bottles, mugs, and plates of picked over chicken wings were everywhere.
“Oh no, no, no,” Aedion said, watching her stop next to Dorian’s chair. “There’s no way we’ll agree to a truce or anything like that when we’re so close to beating you guys.”
Rowan and Lorcan looked smug, while Chaol was urging Dorian to keep writing. He was looking up at Manon, a curious glint in his sapphire eyes.
“We’d never ask you guys for a truce. I just thought I’d come spend some quality time with the love of my life.”
She straddled his lap and began kissing him, a deep, passionate kiss, her tongue immediately asking for entrance into his mouth. She heard the pen drop onto the table and then a hand was laced into her white hair. Both of hers dove into the black strands of his own and she heard the guys begin to loudly object as she heard the cheers erupt from her own table.
Rowan hollered. “She can’t do that! Can she?”
Lorcan said, “I don’t know, someone just grab the entry!”
A moment of scuffling and she heard Chaol growl, “He didn’t answer the second part.”
The MC’s voice rose over the sounds of the bar. “You’ve got 15 seconds before someone will be around to collect your answers!”
“Dorian, man, please!” Aedion’s voice was pleading.
Manon felt his hand leave her lower back. She could only imagine the vulgar gesture he threw in his friends’ direction from the groans and curses that were sent back his way.
“Just write something down!” Rowan said in a frantic whisper. “She’s coming to get it now!”
Lorcan growled, “Give me that.”
As soon as she could smell the waitress’ perfume dissipate and knew their answer had been turned in, she pulled back and looked into Dorian’s surprised, lust-filled eyes. “You owe me later,” he whispered, lifting her hand and kissing the diamond on her ring finger. “Witchling.”
A smirk lit her face and she kissed his lips one more time as she got off of him and made her way back over to her own table.
Sitting in her chair, she looked at the girls with their pleased expressions. “I hope you were able to get both answers down.”
They were.
Yrene’s guess of “85” was much closer than Lorcan’s last-minute scribble of “All of them”.
The 'Fire-Breathing Witch Queens’ remained undefeated.

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The Night Court (and friends) at the beach

This ended up longer than planned. Please bare with me, as this was written in the car while my family and I drive from Texas to Florida. Enjoy!

Mor: Suntans all day long; nothing can get this sun kissed goddess out of the sun (except for food maybe); admires all the pretty people on the beach (herself included)

Amren: naps under the umbrella like a cat; magics in a chaise lounge because a towel is not good enough; Cassian throws her in the ocean and nearly loses his arm because of it; she grudgingly gives in to building a sand castle at Varian’s pouting

Varian: He LOVES sand castles and is secretly a champ at it, he and Amren make a seven foot tall sandcastle around Cassian while he is napping and seal him inside; he proudly names it “Amren’s revenge”

Tarquin: Shows off by turning into a giant fish creature and diving beneath the waves as soon as they arrive (we don’t know what his beast mode is so I’m going with some kind of fishy-sea creature)

Feyre: Wants to do it all—volleyball, swimming, surfing, soaring over the seas, you name it; scares the shit out of Rhys by shape-shifting into a great white shark, and Fish-Tarquin takes her to go see the coral reefs and underwater caves

Rhys: He may be the High Lord of night, but he looks damn good in the sunlight; he and Feyre destroy his brothers in beach volleyball, and he is delighted at her competitive side; simply enjoys being with his family, and is overwhelmed by how lucky he is that he was given a second chance; ends the day by taking a sunset stroll hand-in-hand down the beach with his High Lady

Cassian: nearly combusts at the sight of Nesta in a bikini, and can’t keep his eyes off of her (Feyre winks at him and he vows to thank her later for giving her the suit); claims that Rhys and Feyre cheated and only won at volleyball bc they can speak mind to mind (but he’s really just a sore loser), also swears that Azriel missed the ball on purpose; after waking up in his sand castle tomb, he now knows never to accept a dare from Nesta. But he also knows that he will continue to do so anyways.

Nesta: Quiet and distant at first, choosing to sit by the shore and let the water rush over her feet while she took everything in; laughs at Cassian’s tantrum when he loses the volleyball match; when Cassian comes to sit by her she surprises both of them by wrapping her arms around his neck and crawling into his lap; “I want to see it all. From the air. Will you fly me, Cass?”; “Do you trust me?” he whispered in her ear, and she shivered. She merely nodded. Cassian took her hands and lowered her slowly, sliding her off his sweat-slick body until she was hanging vertical. He continued to descend, those massive bat wings straightening into a glide, and finally her feet dipped into the warm waves. Nesta couldn’t help the low laugh that escaped her lips from the thrill of their stunt, and she grinned up at hazel eyes filled with wonder. Too quickly they were once again rising, the salty breeze causing her body to sway. But she was not finished. “Drop me.” He did the opposite. Cassian pulled her up until they were face to face, the muscles beneath his bronze skin tensing. He raised a dark brow at her. Feeling daring, she leaned into him, grazing his stubbled cheek with her lips, and whispered seductively in his ear, “I said drop me Cassian.” And just because she could, she bit his ear lobe in emphasis. She felt the breath whoosh out of him, and he pulled his head back once again, her body heating as she met those hazel eyes full of mischief and desire. Her gaze dropped to those full lips as they parted, and Cassian, voice husky, simply said,“ As you wish, Nes.” And then she was falling. Her vision was a blur of azure blue skies and turquoise waters as she plummeted toward the sea, her screams coming in a steady torrent until she finally plunged feet first into the ocean. Nesta’s heart was thrumming with joy as she continued to sink in a cloud of white bubbles. A blur of silver circled in the shadows beneath her, and she could have sworn that the shark winked at her. Ignoring it, she swam hard for the surface, and the Illyrian she knew would be waiting for her. Her head barely crested the surface and then massive hands were yanking her out, cocooning her into a broad, sculpted chest. “Nesta, Nesta I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have dropped you, you could have been hurt—” Nesta covered his lips with her slender fingers before he could go on. “Again.” Her voice was breathless. Cassian’s eyes grew wide in surprise at her request, scanning her face closely. The joy she knew he found there must have been enough to convince Cassian that she was indeed fine, as he finally beat those wings into a steady climb. He kissed her forehead. “Daredevil.” “Brute.”; It was Nesta who later dared Cassian to drop Amren in the ocean, but she willingly lets him take the fall and get buried beneath Amren and Varian’s sand castle

Elain: doesn’t really like the water and decides to go looking for sea shells instead; pretends not to notice that Azriel and Lucien have turned sea shell hunting into a competition

Azriel: admits to missing the ball a few times simply because he thinks it’s funny how angry Cassian gets when he loses; sunbathes with Mor and gossips about their friends and the other courts (she finally told him that she doesn’t love him like that and now they’re just best friends); “Elain, look at this one” picks out an iridescent blue and purple shell the size of his palm (he actually found it 200 years ago and has kept it ever since), Elain beams up at him and he smirks at Lucien, who is face palming

Lucien: wishes for the cool, crisp air of the Autumn court or even the mild temperate of Spring, anything but this brutal, humid heat, but he refuses to complain in front of Elain; enjoys fishing on the shore until he reels in Feyre-the-shark (who grins at him with those wicked sharp teeth and plunges back into the surf); damn him if he doesn’t find the perfect shell for his mate, he would make her a crown of shells…

Both Azriel and Lucien: Sighing in disappointment when Feyre tops them and brings Elain a pearl after returning from her adventures with Tarquin, but melting at the sheer wonder on her face

Feyre- “Damn it Mor, for the last time this isn’t a nude beach!”
Mor- *winks “But it could be.”

Still not quite sure where the Nessian came from, but I enjoyed it! :)


A/N: So, there’s a good chance of this at least having a second part, possibly more, but that depends entirely on whether you guys want that. If you do, and/or if you have a preference of which brother gets the girl, let me know!

A frown took residence on your lips as you looked at the caller id on your ringing mobile. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to speak with the hybrid, but after having spent the past eleven days at the Mikaelson’s residence, reading far more texts than you had thought possible, you were in desperate need of a break. The job had come to you by way of one of a witch friend of Klaus’, one you had helped out in the past, and between your knowledge of the occult and the intrigue that came with the chance to work with not one, but four of the original vampires, well, needless to say you were on the first flight to New Orleans.

With a frown, you reached over, answering it and putting it on speakerphone, not willing to completely loss focus on what you were doing.

“Y/N, where are you? What are you doing?” Klaus spoke without hesitation, giving no time for greetings or small talk.

With a light roll of your eyes, now rather used to his abrupt way of speaking, you reach behind you, holding onto your feet as you stretch your torso back. “I’m at my flat, doing yoga” you spoke with a sigh, hoping desperately that wasn’t about to change.

A small pause answered you and you barely held back a quip about how you did in face have a flat, even if it had begun to feel like you know lived with the Mikaelson family. But you were an employee, your thought to yourself rather forcefully, and you had worked hard to appear professional, you weren’t about to let all that hard work go for something as simple as a sharp word.

“Right,” Klaus spoke simply, and you could practically hear the furrow in his brow as he struggled to figure out what to say next. You hadn’t exactly been on social terms with Klaus, or any of the boys for that matter. Of course, Kol would throw a quick flirtatious line your way whenever you wore a particularly nice, tight or lower cut outfit but that was a rare occurrence in and of itself. Then there was Rebekah, who could not have been happier to have another woman in the house, even if you were only there for research purposes. She had joyfully taken you under her wing, always being the first to remind her brothers that you were not a slave and that you deserved a break or needed time to eat and drink and not simply spend twenty hours a day working.

“Do you want me to come over?” you questioned, closing your eyes tightly as the words slipped out. As fascinating as their collection of books and grimoires were, the thought of going back to them without more of a break cut through all the work you had put into clearing your mind.

“No, no,” he shook his head, stopping when he realized you couldn’t see him. “Tomorrow will be fine.

“You sure?” you pressed, releasing your feet as you moved into the next position.

“Tomorrow,” he confirmed, hanging up without another word.

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The Swan Princess

The angel was clear, the little cygnet needed to be protected, he was to be her hero, and at the young age of five, Killian Jones is all too willing to take on that task. Little does he know, the cygnet is more than what she appears. 

Rated T: Language and some violence.

Words: 8425

Warnings: Briefly shows Killian & Milah but nothing detailed.

Based off of this fanart I came across​. Fair warning, this moves along pretty fast and probably makes zero sense. Also, it’s unedited. I was just having a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy! :D

Killian is five years old when he encounters the woman in the woods. Her hair is black, her skin is almost white as snow, and she’s clutching a little cygnet to her chest. He’s scared but her smile is kind and when he asks if she’s an angel, her laugh reminds him of the bells that ring from the castle.

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Act your age//Daryl Dixon

Info: Reader is younger than Daryl and tries to act more mature to get his attention for her only to make a fool of herself

Warnings: swearing, Glenn/Abe not dead for the stake of the story

Originally posted by norman-reedus

 Daryl and y/n were invited to dinner with Aaron and Eric after they arrived in Alexandria. y/n had no clue why they wanted her and Daryl, it was a an odd pairing. She was twenty five while Daryl was mid forties, he was quite reserved and mature while y/n still struggled to fit in.

Carl was too young, Rick was a father of two and well matured. Maggie was expecting and married, there was maturity built in to her. Glenn was in the same boat as her. Sasha had experienced so much loss she was fine, she didn’t want to be bothered much anyways. Noah was still just a little young and bonded better with Glenn, Carl and Sasha. Abraham was aged well, he had his witty young moments but overall a matured man. Rosita was figuring stuff out and y/n didn’t want to get in the way. Tara and Eugene were both smart, Tara had Denise to hang out with and Eugene too smart to associate with y/n. That left Carol and Daryl, among the oldest and it showed. The two of them vibed well, there was almost nowhere for y/n to belong. 

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There are thousands of ways to be blindsided.
Were you in love with her?
When my mother asks me this question we are standing at the kitchen counter of our house. I think I nod. I think I say, Pshyeah. I think I say, I think so. I look away from her, out the window at the large falling snowflakes. She finishes cutting a piece of silver duct tape, turns to me and sticks it over my heart, where my new down coat is ripped, the feathers coming undone, flying away, as though I have a broken wing.
The deer did not die; they continued running. Besides some aches in our bones, and the tear in my coat, were are fine. We all keep going.
—  Chloe Caldwell, Women