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Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 036
summary : Kai is trapped at the Armoury when he gets a surprise visitor.
* gif by me

    “No. Damon, let go of me!” she raised her voice, elbowing the vampire who didn’t even flinch. “I am going to see him and its not up for discussion. He has to know and I have to at least say goodbye to him before you decide to send him away or worse – kill him again.”
Y/N took a step towards the cells when Damon flashed before her. “You are not going.”
   “Yes. I am.“ she said more determined. “You are not going to rob our chance to see each other again.”
   “He is a psychopath !”
   “Just because you all see him like this, doesn’t mean I do or that I ever will! We’ve all done awful things. You can’t judge him for something he did and not hold everyone else by the same standard.” she tried to fight her way through the vampire who tried to push her away. “Damon, move or I swear to God –”

Kai got up, rubbing his sweaty palms on his jeans before roughly running his fingers through his hair. He could hear her footsteps nearing, then it sounded as if she fell and next she broke into a run. There might be at least one upside to being locked up in a cell at the Armoury –he was going to see her again. He missed her and every little thing about her so much. He missed how her nose crinkled when she told a lie, how she ran her fingers through her hair when she was nervous and her smile – her smile with the unbelievable ability to make the darkest moments brighter. Most of all he missed having her in his arms, kissing her, falling asleep and waking up next to her. Not that he’d get to do any of those things seeing how he had just heard her say she was there to say goodbye to him.
After coming back he had tried so many times to find her but each attempt had ended up in failure.Later on had even asked Damon, but the vampire had been so vague in his answer, Kai had almost convinced himself having her in his life had been a dream. That hearing her say ‘I love you’ had been a trick his mind had played on him. That loving her had been just the empathy he had gained from Luke but now he was sure it had all been real. He had never been more sure about anything else – he loved her and he wasn’t going to let go of her. Not that easily.
About a minute passed before Y/N showed up on the other side of the large glass, holding a key card in her hand. Her expression was guarded but her eyes lit up instantly when she saw him. He could hear her heart racing faster than a hummingbirds’ wings and knew it had nothing to do with the fact she had been running. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. His girl had been so impatient she had actually ran towards him.
   "Hi.“ smiled Kai nervously, taking a step towards the glass. A sigh left his lips realising she hadn’t changed a bit. His girl looked exactly the same, perhaps even hotter than the last time he had seen her and his breath got caught in his throat instantly. For someone who usually didn’t stop talking, he felt absolutely tongue tied in that moment. “Woawh, you look absolutely stunning.”
Y/N glanced at her clothes – ripped in the knees black jeans with paint stains from her art classes earlier and a black/white sleeveless t-shirt, her hair was definitely a mess and her eyes were puffy from all the sad/happy tears she had probably shed since finding out he was back. “You must’ve really missed me to think this is stunning.” she laughed under her breath.
   "You always look stunning.“ he smiled, glancing at his shoes for a moment. “D-did you miss me ?”
   "I did.“ she ran her fingers through her hair. “More than you can imagine, but -”
   "Ahh, there is a but.“ his expression darkened. “That’s not good, is it ?”
Y/N shook her head, glancing at her shoes for a moment before looking at him. “I came to say goodbye.”
   "Are you going to say goodbye through the glass ? Cuz that would hurt a lot more than dying and being in Hell ever did.“ he said, unable to hide the notes of hurt in his voice. “Can’t I get at least one last chance to hold you in my arms ?”
Y/N smiled at him, swiped the key card she had been playing with in her hands for the past few minutes and walked inside, the door closing shut behind her. Instantly Kai pulled her in his arms taking in her familiar scent while her arms wrapped around him, holding him tighter by the second. Seeing her say she had come to say goodbye it became clear to him that was not the real reason why she had gone to see him.
   "God, I missed having you in my arms.“ he whispered, finally feeling complete again after all the literal Hell he had been through and everything felt absolutely perfect until the moment she pulled away, or at least tried to.   “No, no. Don’t – not yet.” his grip around her tightened. “Four years. I haven’t held you in my arms for four years. There is no way I am ever letting you go now.”
   "Kai –“ she pushed him away, placed her hands on his shoulders and took a a few steps away from him. “I told you –”
   "D-don’t say it. Y/N, please. I can’t be without you in my life.” he took a step towards her, and another until he was standing so close to her she could feel his breath on her face. “I know I screwed up, repeatedly, and then got myself killed. I know I broke your heart but I can change. I will change –”
   "Kai, don’t –“ she pushed him an arms length away, feeling his heart racing in his chest. His smoky blue eyes looked so blue in that moment it made her knees go weak and she forced her gaze away. “Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.” she said, feeling her eyes sting with tears. “I – I came to say goodbye.”
Kai took a small step towards her, brushing his palm against her cheek and almost instantly she leaned in towards it.  
   "I hurt you. I know.” he said softly. “I linked your best friends growing up together and made it so you won’t ever see Elena again just to get back at Bon Bon for hurting my… feelings. I acted on an impulse not realising I will lose you … and my head, literally, afterwards.” he held onto her wrist and placed her hand on his cheek while slowly backing her against the large cell-glass. “Losing you, not having you in my arms – that was the real Hell and the only way I will ever feel truly alive again is having you by my side. Even as a friend, however painful that is. Just please –”
   "Kai, I told you. I came to say goodbye.” she said quietly, avoiding his gaze. “I can’t be your friend or love you anymore. I don’t. You have to let me go. It’s for the best.”
   "No. No, you are lying.” he shook his head slightly, seeing her crinkle her nose. “You came for me. I heard the way you spoke. You still feel something for me, other ways you wouldn’t be here.”
   "It’s the truth. I know it is.” he rested his forehead on hers, their fingers intertwining together. “It’s in your eyes. I can hear it in your heartbeat, feel it in your body language. You still love me.”
   “I don’t.” she looked at her shoes.
   “Look me in the eyes and tell me this.”
Kai braced his hand on the glass, feeling the magic coming from the surface and sighed. It would be so easy for him to siphon it and get himself free. Her friends obviously hadn’t had a clue how all the magical artefacts had fuelled the walls and every single nook and cranny of the Armoury with magic. He could siphon it all, wrap his arms around her and whoosh them away somewhere they can’t be overheard and can begin their eternity together just like they had always wanted. Perhaps she was acting like this and saying all those things because she knew her friends were listening in, but he didn’t intend on giving up that easily. Not after everything they had been through.
   "Give me one more chance.” he lifted her chin up, forcing her to look at him, lovingly gazing in her eyes. “I will be good, for you. I promise. I promise, I will try. I love you. I never stopped.”
Y/N snorted. Kai looked at her confused watching her morph into Seline right before his eyes. Instantly he took a step back. A tornado of emotions swirled in his mind in the span of seconds – mostly anger and pain.
   “Owhh, did you really think she was here? Look how pathetic you’ve become.Love ?”
   "You.” he whooshed himself towards her and slammed her in the glass, wrapping his hand around her neck. “Where is she? What have you done to her?”
   "She’s fine, sort of. Taking a magical nap upstairs.” smirked the siren. “You made a deal with Cade. No sentimental attachments. Did you really think you can hide her existence from him ?”
Kai tried to strangle the siren, suddenly realising Seline had been in his head the entire time. The siren lifted her hand, waving her fingers at him through the large glass.
   "If you touch her, I swear I will kill you.”
   "You can’t.” stated the siren. “I am immortal.”
   "Damon !!!” shouted Kai, listening in on their conversation upstairs. How hadn’t he noticed the voices from above earlier? Had the siren been really that deep in his mind he hadn’t figured it out sooner? Or maybe he had let the thought his girl was standing before him distract him from everything else. “YOU HAVE TO WAKE HER UP !!!”
   "They can’t wake her. No one can.” said the siren. “Your girl won’t make it until the end of the day with that thing eating at her brain and even if by some spectacular miracle she does, she won’t be the same.”
Kai felt all air being sucked out of his lungs. Out of everyone he had met in his entire life Y/N had been the first to truly believe in him, care for him and love him so much she had tried to stand in Damon’s way the night of the wedding. The bravest human in Mystic Falls willing to sacrifice her own life to save the man she loved. And he was willing to do the same for her. He knew he had to save her or at least try to, otherwise he would never be able to live with himself.
   "They might not be able to but I can.“ said Kai with determination and closed his eyes, placing his hand on the glass, siphoning its magic away. He tried to focus on what was happening upstairs while the siren started singing, trying to get him to stop which only confirmed his suspicions – he could wake her up. Every time the siren’s voice tried to strip him if his free will he got lost in all the happy memories he had – each of them involving Y/N until the siren’s voice started to dissolve. Kai used magic to choke Seline and stop her from singing. The glass shattered and alarms started to sound all through the Armoury along with flashing red lights. Caroline flashed downstairs glancing between Seline laying on the ground and Kai, who only glanced at her and whooshed himself upstairs in a second.
   "Don’t –” he said raising his hands in defence seeing everyone’s shocked expressions. “– don’t kill me. You might not give a damn about me, but we all care about her.” he pointed at Y/N laying unconscious on the sofa.
Bonnie stared daggers at him while Stefan and Damon glanced at each other and the vampire chased after Kai, who whooshed himself to Y/N’s side in a split second. He knelt down next to her and quickly put on a boundary spell around them so no one tries to separate him from her.
   "It’s going to be okay.” said Kai softly, kissing her forehead while gently stroking her hair. “I will get you back. You and I – we have unfinished business. I have a lot to make up for. We have so many things to do together, remember ?”
   "Step away from her, twirp.” said Damon but Stefan held him back.
   "Bonnie has been trying to wake her for almost half an hour.” said his brother. “Let him try.”
   "Have you lost your damn mind ?! What if –”
   "Her mind is drowning.” said Bonnie, “ I can’t break through whatever Seline did to her. She is dying. We can’t let her die !”
Kai clenched his jaw. “We can argue about it later. Seline is downstairs. I suggest you go deal with that while I wake Y/N up before she –” he swallowed hard. No, he wouldn’t even dare think it let alone say it. No, he was going to get her back.
A moment later he closed his eyes and entered her sub-conscience.

Kai took a step through the doorway, recognising the place instantly – the barn, after he had shattered the glass windows and had killed himself. Worse, just before Damon killed him. As if from a distance he heard his own voice  ‘That’s it ? He just left you ? The whole point was that this would torture him for a while. I mean, you’d think he’d at least flip a coin. Heads he picks you, tails he picks –” followed by a piercing scream. Her scream. Kai ran towards her, right past Bonnie who was being healed by Damon, and knelt on the ground next to her. Y/N was standing barely a few feet away from his headless body. Her hands hugged her knees, blood covered her dress and her gaze was locked straight ahead, drifting from time to time towards his dead body. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she kept muttering something to herself which sounded a lot like ‘This is not real. It’s not real. You are not dead. You can’t be dead.‘ 
    “Y/N ?“ he gently rubbed her shoulder. "I am here. I am here, I’m not dead. Well, I am but I am not. It’s complicated, I guess." 
Y/N looked up confused, looking straight at him but her gaze was so unfocused it didn’t even appear she could see him. Her hands shot for her head and she screamed in pain, repeating the same words over and over. He took her hand and gently kissed her knuckles while she looked around and right through him. "N-no. S-stop it. I can’t – please make it stop.”
    “Stop ? Stop what ?” he asked, hearing his own voice again. Kai looked up and saw himself, looking around confused just as Damon had left. Then Y/N showed up almost 5 seconds before Damon did. She tried to stand in the vampire’s way but Damon pushed her away and she fell on the ground, her scream piercing the air while the eldest Salvatore raised his hand and swiftly beheaded him again. It took Kai a split second to realise Seline had trapped Y/N on a repeating loop of the most painful memory in her life. 
    “Listen to me. Hey, Y/N –” he cupped her face. “This is not real. I am here with you.  Look at me.”
    “No. No, you are dead.” she sobbed, holding her head in her hands while the memory played on repeat. “Y-you died.”
    “I’m not dead, trouble.” he brushed his palm against her cheek. “I’m back. Seline trapped you in your own mind. Hey, look at me.”
He tried to get her attention but it didn’t seem she could even see him. It was almost as if a part of her mind had shut down and he tried and tried to figure out what to do to get her to snap out of it. He gripped her wrists and did the first thing that popped into his head. He kissed her. 
At first her lips didn’t respond to the kiss and she continued to trash against him. Then she stopped and returned the kiss, their lips moving against each other like they had thousands of times before. Slowly he pulled away, gazing into her eyes. 
    “K-Kai ?” she said, shock and surprise flashing on her face in the span of seconds. “OH my God !”
    “Ahh, there she is.” grinned Kai, instantly pulling her in his arms. “You scared me to death ! Y/N –” he cupped her face. “– tell me what happened so I can wake you up. What did Seline did to you ? Did she say something ?”
    “Seline ?” she asked confused. “W-wake me up ? What are you talking about ? H-how are we here ?”
    “We are in your head. You came to the Armoury to .. say goodbye and Seline, the siren you know the tall dark haired one, did something to you. You um –” he glanced at their fingers intertwined together. “You will die unless I wake you up.”
    “I – I don’t know what she did.” she wiped away tears from her cheeks and took a deep breath. “I was – I was walking down to the cells to see you and get you out. Someone jumped me and smacked my head against the wall. Next thing I know – I was here. Watching you die again… and again. I – Kai. Kai, I have to tell you something.”
    “Whatever it is, it will have to wait.” he swallowed hard, noticing how the lights around them flickered synchronised with her heart beat and were slowly starting to die down. “You can say goodbye after I save you.”
    “Goodbye ?” she questioned. “No. I didn’t come to say goodbye. No, I came for you, to tell you –”
    “You – you came for me ?” he smiled and she nodded. “Whatever it is, you can tell me later because you are
not dying today. I will not let that happen.” he said determined. He looked around and closed his eyes, muttering a spell after spell holding her in his arms tighter than ever as if doing so would protect her from whatever it is coming next. Y/N cupped his face with one hand and pressed her lips against his. Instantly he returned the kiss before pushing her away slightly gazing in her eyes. There was nothing more he hated in this world than seeing her eyes filled with tears. Except maybe realising the spell he had tried hadn’t worked and they were still trapped there. He felt as if his heart was being ripped out of his chest watching the lights around them starting to die down, but refused to even let the thought inside his mind. 
    “There might not be later.” she said quietly. “Listen to me, if I don’t make it… W-when I’m gone –”
    “No.” he shook his head feeling water start to pool in his eyes. “Don’t say that. You will be alright. I will get you out. This is not a goodbye.”
    “No. It’s not.” she smiled. “Kai, you have to tell Caroline I told you about Peter. He looks so much like you, by the way. Actual mischief in human form.”
    “What?” asked Kai confused, remembering how she had told her friends that ‘he has to know’.
Y/N smiled through tears at him. “I found out I was pregnant after the wedding. You have a son.”
    “What ?” he smiled at her, trying to picture their child in his mind. “I have a son ? Oh my God –” he grinned, smashing his lips against hers. He wondered if their child will love him, if maybe he was a siphoner like his dad or not. Either way Kai knew he’d love him and will do whatever it takes to protect him. And try his best to be the best father in the world.
    “MOMMY !” called out a child’s voice.
Kai opened his eyes, looking around confused when a small boy who could’ve been his twin if they were back in the 70’s ran past him. His lips curled into a smile recognising the boy as his son and quickly he got up, realising his girl wasn’t in his arms anymore. She was standing a few metres away from him, catching their son as he ran into her arms. Y/N lifted up the little boy in her arms and motioned for Kai to follow them as they walked through the cemetery, sun rays seeping through the trees. He shortened the distance between them in an instant. Y/N sat on one of the small stone benches, let Peter’s feet on the ground and Kai watched as the little boy sat on the ground before them next to a tomb stone, smiling wider than ever at his parents while playing with a small blue car toy in his hands.
    “That’s him ?” smiled Kai, his gaze drifting between his son and the girl he loved the most. Y/N nodded. “He is perfect.”
    “He will need you.” she said, taking Kai’s hand while they watched their son make the toy car float in the air, following Peter’s eye movements until the car bumped into the grave stone. That’s when he noticed the name engraved on the tomb stone – his name, Malachai ‘Kai’ Parker. Why wasn’t he surprised she had taken the time to bury him ? How many nights and/or days she had spent here alone, crying ? “Whatever happens… if I make it or not. Promise me you will be there for him.”
    “Nothing is going to happen. I will wake you up or put you in a magical coma until I find a spell to wake you and –”
    “Promise me.”
    “I am
not losing you. I can’t lose you. I just got you back.”
    “Kai –”
Kai sighed. “Always. I promise.” he said feeling more determined than ever to wake her up. “I love you, trouble.”
Y/N cupped his face with one hand, gazing into his eyes. “I love you too.”
He rested his forehead on hers and started chanting again, all his heightened emotions fuelling his magic powers and he continued muttering a spell after spell until the ground shook and suddenly he woke up in the real world.

    “What happened ?” asked Damon. “Did it work ?”
Kai looked around, startled, listening to her weak heartbeat. His girl had come to get him, not to say goodbye. She had come to tell him he had a family, that after all this time he had people who love him unconditionally. She still loved him and now –
    “Answer me, twirp !” He lightly shook his head, looking at her for almost a whole minute before her eyes fluttered open and she gasped for air. A collective sigh of relief sounded in the Armoury. Caroline and Bonnie smiled through tears, while Stefan rubbed his fiance’s shoulders and Damon grinned at Y/N.
    “Welcome back.” said Stefan smiling. Y/N smiled back looking around at everyone and then at Kai as if seeing him for the first time.
    “I thought I lost you !” he said softly, smiling through tears while cupping her face before pulling her in his arms. “I never would’ve forgiven myself if something had happened to you. A-are you okay ?”
Y/N lightly pushed him away, glancing between him and her friends with confusion in her eyes. 
    “Y/N ?” said Kai smiling nervously. “I’m back, I’m alive.”
    “S-sorry.” she smiled nervously. “W-who are you?”


Title: I Truly Am Sorry

anonymous requested: can I request something angsty? The reader is Abraham’s daughter and she was in the circle when he was beaten to death. She’s always been broken but after seeing her last family member die before her she breaks completely. She’s with the group in Alexandria and when Negan comes to visit he sees what he’s done to her… and he actually feels some kind of remorse??

Character(s): Negan and Reader (Abraham’s daughter)
Summary: Witnessing your father’s death broke you and the one man that has been haunting your nightmares finally show up for the first pick-up.
Word Count: 1,719
Warning: Angst!!!
Author’s Note: Okay, this idea is absolutely amazing. To the anon who sent this in, thank you so much! I love angst more than I love fluff and smut, to be honest lol. Anyway, get a ready for a whirlwind of tears because it pained me to write a story about Abraham simply because his death hit me just as much as Glenn’s did. I hope you enjoy! :-)

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123 || @multireality || @ashzombie13 || @constellationsolo || @isayweallgetdrunk || @fyeahashley88 || @sweetsweetpeach || @heartfulloffandoms || @myheart4ever47 || @asshatry || @laymetorest77 || @jenniegs || @hawtdiggitynegan

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She’s On Fire

gif is not mine

Title: She’s On Fire

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1,266

Warnings: Angst and Fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I did have a blip of inspiration when I wrote this! If you like it enough, I can make a part 2! Hopefully you all love this and enjoy it! Feeback is welcomed and appreciated! Have a great day, I love you all! <3 <3 *Also headcanons are still being accepted for the 500 follower celebration!*

When you walked into the abandoned house, you expected there to be a demon.  That’s where you followed it to.  However, there was no sign of them anywhere inside the house.  You made sure to text Dean of your whereabouts.  Every time you went on a hunt alone, you made sure to check in with them as often as possible.  It kept them at ease, especially your boyfriend, Lucifer.  

You checked all of the rooms on the first level with haste.  The upstairs was the last place to check for any sign of a demon.  As you headed up the stairs, there was the familiar smell of sulfur.  You took out your demon knife, cautiously walking through the hallway.  In the next second you were hit over the head and fell to the floor.  Your vision was blurry, but you could see where the demon was dragging you before you were rendered unconscious.  When you came to, you were tied to a chair.

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One liner prompt: “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed” (spelling changed to reflect his accent) with Chibs Telford.

“They wouldn’t let me in to see you, apparently I’m not considered family,” you pouted as Chibs finally got to you after greeting Gemma and the boys.

Chibs had just made it home and you were so happy to have him back. You were like a little sister he had to look out for, but what you hadn’t let him know is that you had been in love with him since you laid eyes on him.

10 years ago you moved to Charming to live with your Aunt Gemma after your parents died and Chibby was the first of the guys to greet you. Like most women you immediately fell for the handsome smile and deep Glasgow accent. His embrace was always warm and comforting, even today as he wrapped you up in his arms, swaying back and forth with you and kissing the top of your head, a gesture that made you blush. You didn’t care that he was 15 years your senior, you wanted nothing more than to confess your love to him. Unfortunately you knew it would ruin the tight knit relationship you had when he didn’t reciprocate that love and you weren’t prepared to lose him, so you kept quiet.

Clay yelled to him that it was Chapel time and he pulled away from you and looked you in the eyes, “It’s alrigh’ darlin’, wouldn’ want ye ta see me all broken up'n battered anyhow. Migh’ ruin yer image o'me.” he smiled and winked and kissed your forehead, walking away to the club house with Clay and Jax.
You watched as he walked away and Gemma wrapped her arm around you, squeezing you, the day that van blew him up was the worst day of your life and when she saw you react to him being nearly killed she figured out pretty quickly that for you, it was love.

“You need to tell him, baby,” she whispered to you and you sighed, “Gem, I can’t. He doesn’t feel the same way and I’d rather be his friend with crush on him, than be nothing at all and awkward because I told him.”
“He’d be a fool not to love you back,” she quipped before patting you on the shoulder and retreating back to the office.

You decided you needed a drink so you took off to the bar, asking Half Sack for a beer while you strained your ears to hear what was going on inside.

“Did you hear the news about Chibs’ accident?” Half Sack asked you, passing you the beer. You smiled, this lovely dumb fool was about to give up the information you needed to exact revenge on the bastards who almost took the love of your life away.

“No what happened?” you asked him coolly, trying to pretend it wasn’t a big deal to you.

“They’re looking at that cigar shop owner as the guy who set it up. Zobelle,” he raised his eyebrows and began wiping down the bar top.

You hummed at the information and took a swig of your beer, tilting it back to chug the whole thing before slamming it down on the bar, “Thanks Kip,” you smiled, walking out of the bar to your car.

“Where ya goin?” he shouted to you.

“To kick some cigar selling ass,” you tossed your hand up in goodbye as you disappeared from the door and Half Sack ran around the bar to the chapel, rapidly knocking on the door until someone answered.

You pulled up outside the shop to see a grey haired man inside behind the counter, he was in there alone. Perfect.
Rounding the corner, you parked two blocks down, outside of Floyd’s. You stepped out of your car and began walking down the sidewalk towards Zobelle’s shop when you heard the Harleys roaring towards you, “Damn it Kip,” you huffed and took off running, determined to make it to his shop before they could catch you.
You sprinted across the street just in time for Jax to pull up in front of you, screeching to a halt while his brothers stopped around you, boxing you in.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Jax yelled to you, killing the engine and throwing his helmet off.

“I’m delivering some fucking payback, Jackson! Are you gonna stop me!?” you were seeing red as Jax stepped off his bike and got chest to chest with you, glaring back at you.

“No. You’re not!” he yelled and you shoved him.

“Hey hey hey!” Clay yelled and Juice and Chibs hopped off their bikes to pull you apart, Chibs being the one to grab you and pull you back, forcing you to walk with him over to the sidewalk as you fumed, trying to calm down but knowing you were in no danger of snapping at the Scottish man with his fingers digging into your shoulder right now.

When he steered you out of earshot of the club, he turned you to him, bending down to get eye level with you and staring deep into your eyes, “Ye can’t do shite li’ this, love,” he pleaded with you, barely a whisper.

“The hell I can’t!” you raised you voice, “This asshole tried to kill you! I’m going to deliver this goddamn revenge!” you yelled.

“I’m not gonna let ye get yerself killed!” he shouted back, standing upright and turning away from you as his hands shot up to his hair, combing it back and walking a couple paces away before turning back to you and throwing his hands down from his head exhaustedly.
Your bottom lip began to quiver as you cursed your emotions for failing you. You were supposed to be angry right now, not hurt and crying.
His expression softened as he caught sight of your now tear filled eyes and he stepped back to you, cupping your cheeks and using his thumb to wipe a tear that broke free.

“Ethan Zobelle will get what’s comin’ to ‘im, love, alrigh’? Jus’ let the club handle it. Please.”

You nodded solemnly and he gave you a half smile, pulling you closer to him as he leaned down and captured your lips in his, kissing you deeply before pulling away.

Your eyes were wide with shock and you could hear whistles from Bobby, Tig and Opie as the guys looked on from the side.

“I don’ wan’ ye to go gettin’ yerself hurt okay. I love ye, (Y/N).”

“Two Heads Are Better Than One”

You stood, shaking a little, in the doorway next to the tall, swarthy director of SHIELD, Nick Fury. His arm was on your shoulder which you figured was supposed to be reassuring but it only made you feel more in the spotlight which was the last thing you wanted right now. You stomach wasn’t just doing flips, it was performing an entire gymnastics routine with music and everything.
“Avengers, meet (y/n).” You felt 12 eyes all staring at you – though you weren’t sure what they were thinking as you refused to meet their gaze, anxiety freezing you to the spot. Your eyes remained fixated on the floor but you managed to break out a brief, if a little nervous, smile.
“She’s going to be joining us for a while.”
“Fury, what are you doing?” A voice called out. It was male and deep – concern dripping from the words.
“What?” Fury’s hand slid from your shoulder and you let a shallow sigh free.
“Can’t you see the poor thing is terrified?” The same voice spoke again and you felt two hands on your shoulders. Looking up, the face of a blonde man was next to your own. Steve Rogers. You knew of him well; handsome, patriotic and kind.
“I’m fine, really.” You assured him but your voice betrayed you and the words sounded quiet and timid.
“Dude, you’re making it worse.” Another more arrogant voice said that also needed no introduction. Tony Stark leaned on Steve’s shoulder until he was, quite forcefully, shrugged off by the Captain.
“Go away Stark, you’re not helping.” He said with a roll of his eyes. You giggled quietly as the billionaire, playboy philanthropist strutted away.

As Steve hurried you from the room, you caught the gaze of a man who you didn’t immediately recognise. His brown eyes were troubled and dark but also soft and calm, like the sea after a storm. Your eyes lingered for a minute and he seemed to notice, his face looking up slightly. The dark hair that surrounded his head shook gently when he moved and you drank in his intriguing appearance for as long as you could until you could see him no more.

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Nick Clark x Reader- Lullaby For A Soldier

I love this one personally. Always wanted to write something like this.


Hi! I saw you ask for Nick requests, so could I please ask for a Nick story where the reader is his girlfriend and she keeps having nightmares about Nick dying so she stops sleeping and becomes even more attached to him and she makes herself really sick because of the stress and she won’t listen to Madison or Travis about taking care of herself so finally Nick confronts her about it. But it ends on a good note. Please and thank you!

*** If you’re not okay with war or blood, this is a warning for you.


Ever since you were a little girl, you were adamant that one day, you would be holding a gun in a desert, defeating an enemy and fighting for the freedom that your country deserved. When you were 18, you shipped off to Afghanistan for a year until the beginning of the end of the world, when you were shipped back to Los Angeles on a six week leave. You never returned.

The images of the people you killed never left your mind. You would always remember the one man who stepped on a bomb you had rigged above seven hundred yards away, not much older then you with a pale face and stunning blue eyes. Next time you saw him, he was strips of flesh and bone scattered in the sand. Your comrades comforted you when you went back to base, even cracking jokes when you threw up outside your tent.

When you came across Nick Clark, he was sick and locked up inside of a chain link fence with the rich man the others called ‘Blackie’  but you knew his name was Victor. You bargained for Nick when the other male soldiers tried to force him out of the compound, making lustful gazes at you as you took him back inside the gates.

Your big escape of the compound was saving Nick from a walker since you were one of the few soldiers left. Strand took you under his wing, and a month later you were dating Nick and aboard the Abigail, headed for Mexico.

Nightmares were a common occurrence with soldiers who had experienced first hand what the front was like. You had narrowly avoided death so many times that you couldn’t comprehend actual danger anymore. Fear was non-existent to you. “Y/n, it’s late and I’m tired. Come sleep out on the deck with me.”

Nick motioned to you with tired brown eyes, smiling weakly as you took his hand and stumbled out onto the Abigail’s deck, collapsing in your sleeping bag beside him. “I love you, doofus.” You murmured, tracing his jawline with your fingertip before kissing him softly. “Goodnight.”

You were back on the front in Afghanistan, M-16 clutched in your sweaty palms as you fought through a sea of walkers. Nick was fighting beside you, face spattered with blood and arms trembling with exhaustion. “NICK!”

A piercing scream broke the sound barrier of growls as two walkers bit into Nicks arms before he was swarmed, your last image of him as you gave him a mercy killing and put a bullet in his head while the dead tore him apart.
Sinking to your knees in despair, you dropped your rifle and buried your face in your hands. “Nick, Nick no.. Don’t leave me!”

But he was already gone.

You woke up screaming, your voice carrying on the water as you shot up in your sleeping bag, a thin sheen of sweat covering your chilled skin. “Y/n- Hey, I thought you were having an nightmare. It’s alright baby.. Just lay back down.”

  “Nick?” You cried out frantically, gripping the fabric of his white teeshirt as he sat up beside you. “You’re still alive?” He cocked his head, pressing his lips to your temple as you hid in his side, hot tears rolling down your face. “I watched you die.”

  “I’m not dead, and neither are you. We’re living.”

You didn’t sleep for days after that, spending most of your time navigating the Abigail and writing in your journal from high school to distract your thoughts screaming at you inside your head. Strand was grateful for the company of a service woman, but never pestered you about what happened on your year tour. You respected him highly for it.

When Nick found something to do for entertainment, you normally sat in his lap and participated in it with him, Chris and Alicia. A smile was always on your face, but your boyfriend knew by the dark bags under your eyes and the fearful look that was always in your eyes, like you were afraid to admit that one of you would die, and even if it wasn’t now, it would be soon in the future. You didn’t make it anymore without someone you love dying.

You’d lost your best friend in Afghanistan.

You couldn’t take losing Nick.

The one night Nick managed to actually get you to sleep, you had drank several glasses of whiskey to calm yourself down and sang one of your favorite lullabies. “May your dreams bring you peace in the darkness.. May you always rise over the rain.. May the light from above, always lead you to love. May you stay in the arms of the angels.”

Your stomach churned as you shot up from your dozed off nap, hair sticking to your face as you sprinted out of the main room and leaned over the railing to empty your stomach into the ocean. Travis and Madison were both awake at the time and heard your whispers underneath your breath, the same words you repeated to yourself everytime you were in a panicked daze. “Afghanistan-Jemma-Blood-Killed-Innocents.”

  “Y/n, you can’t keep doing this.” Madison murmured, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as Travis went downstairs to get Nick. “I know you have meds in your bag for this stuff, and you need to take them. You’re progressively getting worse and your screaming carries out on the water. You’re dying.”

You couldn’t tell her she was wrong. Every night you stayed on the Abigail, you were constantly wondering why you hadn’t died on tour. Why you hadn’t just put a bullet in your head when the dead started waking up.

Before Madison could continue scolding you, Nick came up from below deck with his arms crossed over his toned chest. “Mom, I’ve got this. Go back to bed.” Madison Clark nodded weakly and waved goodnight before vanishing below deck. “Hey sweetheart. I know you’re scared, and I know you want nothing more then for all of this to end. But you wanna know why you became a soldier, y/n?”

  “A-Amuse me Nicholas.”

  “You’re strong,” He pulled you to his chest and began running his fingers through your hair. “And brave, and courageous, and you want the best for everyone. You’re a hurricane, resilient and ferocious. You’re going to get better, because you’re going to make yourself better. You’re going to find a reason to live again.”

You lifted your head from his chest, the ghost of a smile on your lips as he rocked on his heels and began singing. “Will you sing to me Nick?”

  “Sure, if you promise to go to sleep.” You nodded weakly, curling your fingers into his teeshirt as his soft, melodic voice drifted into your ears. “May you always be brave in the shadows..”

Your reason worth living for was in the ex-drug addict who thought he was worthless. But to you, he was worth it.

Imagine – Dean winning you back after a break up.

Word Count – 1684

Pairing – Dean x Reader, some Dean x Sam

Triggers – Some Dean and Sam angst, but that’s it?


-A few weeks before-

“I can’t do this anymore.” Dean said with a strong tone, not looking you in the eyes. “What are you talking about?’ You said looking up from your book. Dean sat at the end of your bed, still not looking you in the eyes. “I mean us, y/n.” Your heart broke. You and Dean have been together for years and planned for more years to come.  

“But we’ve been together for so long Dean…Why now?…” “Cause I don’t love you anymore.” Those few words, the biggest lie Dean has ever told. His heart clenched and he felt like he was going to throw up. “Funny Dean, I know you and Sam are pranking me, you got me.” You laughed, but he didn’t. After a quiet “oh” and a few minutes of silence you packed your bags and left. “You might not love me, but I’ll always love you.”


You’ve had a hard few weeks since that night. Between going to motel after motel, hunt after hunt, and tears after tears it’s been rough, especially since it’s been awhile since you’ve been alone. Dean’s been having it hard too, Sam and Cas too since they got so attached to you but Dean felt it the worst. He missed holding you in his arms at night, smelling your morning coffee every morning, hearing your cute little snores when you were sick, hearing your laugh echo in the halls and smiling to himself, and most of all he missed you being his, and him being yours. Sam has tried talking to him about it, even Cas has too but Dean didn’t want to talk, he didn’t want to rant, vent, he wanted things to go back to normal but he screwed it up.

It was a late, Tuesday night. Dean was laying on the couch looking at a picture he took of you in the impala, sleeping with your head in his lap. He’s kept that photo in his pocket ever since. He’s kept it in his pocket during hunts and while he’s away and you’re at the bunker. When some hunts would go bad, and he think he was dying he would always look at the picture for as long as he can, cause he always wanted his last view to be you.

Sam looked over at Dean, tears filling his older brothers eyes as he looked at the picture in his hands. Sam pulled out his phone, dialed your number and waited for you to pick up. “Hey Sam” You said through the phone, not getting an answer back. Sam turned the sound down on his phone so Dean couldn’t hear, and placed it on the table that was in front where Dean was.

“You’re pathetically in love, Dean” Sam said loud enough for you to hear on the other line. You sat in and listened, wondering why Sam called. Maybe he butt dialed you? You were about to hang up till you heard Dean’s broken and tired voice.

“I don’t want to talk about it Sam.” “You never want to talk about it! You never want to talk, Dean. Don’t you know it’s good to talk about your feelings?! Maybe I can help!” Sam raised his voice, making you jump. “Nobody can fucking help me. I let her go, Sam! Fine you want to talk, lets talk! I broke up with her, I told her I didn’t love her anymore even though it was a fuckin’ lie and you want to know why I did it? Cause I’m poison, Sam. People get close to me and they die, or worse! I already lost you before, I’ve lost Cas before, Kevin, Mom, Dad, Charlie, Bobby…I can’t add her to that list too. If I did…I wouldn’t be able to live with it, I think I’d kill myself Sam… I think I would honestly kill myself if she got killed, especially cause of me. I just want her to live a long, happy life you know? I want her to have that apple pie, white picket fence life. Have cute little babies, have (your favorite animal) running around the house cause god knows she’s going to have like 20.” Dean chuckled, making Sam chuckle too. “I just want her to be safe, and I can’t do that. I’m a ticking bomb. I wish I could help her, hold her and call her mine again but I’ll put her happiness before mine, like I always have.”

By now Dean was in tears, as were you. You held the phone close up to you while it was on speaker and held it so tight, while crying against it. “God damnit Dean Winchester.” You chuckled to yourself, wiping your tears away. “I’m going to go get some air.” Dean said quietly, walking past Sam without a look. Sam sighed and hung up the phone, then went to go do some more research hopping you were coming, at least soon.


Dean sat outside on the stone steps in the rain covered in tears, thinking of everything. He folded his hands and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “God, or whoever is listening. I know I’m not much on this pray mojo but, I don’t know. I want things to get better. I want Sammy to have a great life, I want y/n to have a great life and I want Cas to have a great life. I want my girl back, but I’m so scared.. I’m terrified. She means the absolute world to me, even though she hates my guts right now please let fait find a way to make us work, I’ll do anything. And please keep her safe.”

Before Dean could say anything else he felt a hand on his shoulder, a feeling he was used to feeling but haven’t felt in forever. He looked up and couldn’t believe his eyes, you. “I heard everything.” You said with a smile, leaving Dean confused. “How?” You pulled out your phone and showed him the recent call from Sam, he shook his head and chuckled to himself. “God that kids smart.” He stood up and cupped your face with his big hands, leaning down and kissing you as hard as he could. He kissed you as if it was the last time, while you did the same back.

“We’re going to get sick out here in the rain, Dean.” You mumbled against his lips. “I don’t care, I needed to kiss you again, and again, and again.” After a few minutes of kissing and smiling you both needed to catch some air. Dean took your hand and sat back down on the stairs, wrapping you in his jacket. You smiled at the smell of his cologne, a smell you’ve been missing for weeks.

“You are so stupid Dean Winchester.” You shook your head. “This hunting life? It sucks, it sucks a lot. Death, fighting with what people have nightmares about every day, no sleep, and the fear of losing someone you love everyday wither it be your lover, or family. It’s especially stupid to leave someone you love.” Dean frowned, kicking some stones with his boots till you put your hand on top of his. “But it’s okay, we all make mistakes and have our moments. But Dean, we can’t run from death. We face death every day and there is no stopping it. I’m going to die one day, and when that day comes promise me you will not blame yourself cause you have given me the best life a girl could ask for. You brought me into your home, and I am so thankful for you and Sammy every day. So if I ever do die, today, tomorrow, two years, four, just promise me you won’t be hard on yourself. You already are enough, don’t make it worse.” Dean wiped away the few tears dripping down your cheeks and hugged you softly.

“You make this hard life worth living.” Dean said with a soft tone, rubbing your back. “I’m so glad you’re back, I love you so much, sweetheart. I really do and I’m so sorry for everything.” You pulled away and looked Dean in the eyes. “Hey it’s okay I’m happy now, I really am.” Dean nodded and gave you a smirk.

“I think it’s time to go inside, Sammy’s gonna think I ran away.” Dean laughed, picking you up bridal style and kissing your cheek. He pushed open the bunker door and walked down the stairs, seeing Sam sleeping on the couch. “I think we should surprise him” You whispered in Dean’s ear, he looked at you with a smile and nod, letting you down.

You walked over to Sam’s sleeping body and poked his face playfully. After a few minutes of poking and Dean’s quiet chuckling Sam’s eyes finally started to open, when he noticed who it was they shot open wide in surprise. “y/n! you’re back!” He yelled happily, brining you into a tight hug. “Ah, you never get tired of those big moose hugs.” You all three laughed and Sam kissed the top of your head in a brotherly way. “See, Sammy’s still got some women ideas in his head” Sam joked, nudging your shoulder and giving Dean a smile while he gave him one back.


After awhile of catching up and watching Game Of Thrones you and Dean fell asleep on the couch in each other’s arms while Sam sat in the other chair by himself, thinking of how happy he was that his planned worked out. “Wow! I can’t believe he –“ Sam got cut off by the look of Dean asleep on the couch with you in his arms, both smiling in your sleep. Sam smiled to himself and turned off the tv, laying a blanket on top of the both of you and taking in the happy view.

“Welcome home, y/n.”

This is a requested imagine. I hope you like it , and thank you for requesting. -it turned out pretty long (?)

Summary : Draco had to kill the reader instead of Dumbledore , and he has to deal with it. Eventually Draco realised it was only a nightmare and the reader comforts him about it.

Warning : slight swearing.

This imagine is written in Draco’s pov.


Today was the day..

I tiptoed my way up the stairs to the astronomy tower , and asked Y/N to meet me there in a note I sent her.

When I arrived , she wasn’t there yet.

Everything was a blur and my heart was pounding so hard that I’m sure anyone inside the room could certainly hear it.

 I closed my eyes and took a deep breath , saying a silent prayer to myself.

‘kill her’ a voice in my head kept repeating itself.

I didn’t even realise she had arrived.. until I heard her sweet voice calling out my name.


I turned around and saw Y/N standing there. A beautiful smile was plastered on her face as she took a step closer to me , but I took a step back.

She looked confused by my actions but didn’t question anything.

Today was the day..

Tears welled up in my eyes , I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration.

Today was the day I had to kill Y/N.

Today was the day I had to kill the love of my life.

 “Draco , what’s wrong?” she asked concerned. A tear escaped my eyes as I started moving around the room. My palms where sweaty and I started breathing heavier , to the point where I was sobbing quietly.

“They told me I had to do it for my own sake..” I trailed off whispering.

‘kill her’

“Do what Draco.. You’re scaring me!” she raised her voice slightly , and the confusion on her face never seemed to fade away.  My heart broke at the sound of her being scared.

“Save myself from death..” I spoke louder than before , but the words didn’t seem to reach her mind. She was staring right at me , but it felt like she was looking right through me.

“This is a task..” I trailed off as I roughly wiped the tears away from my face.

It turned death silent for a moment , and when her eyes moved away from my gaze , I lost it.

To clear the name of my own goddamn father!” I raised my voice , as I punched the wall with my fist. Blood formed its way on my knuckles , showing me I hurt myself.. But I didn’t feel any pain , apart from the pain in my heart.

I could see her tense up from the corner of my eye , and I saw her hesitating to speak.

“Y-You know we can work this out right… whatever it is..” she spoke up with a slight hint of confusion.

‘kill her’

“You don’t understand!” I shouted at her angrily , but the anger was never meant for her.

It was ment for myself , The Dark Lord.. and my father.

“Once I succeed , my family will be forgiven and honoured by the dark lord himself,” things got blurry again , and I didn’t know if it were the tears that kept blocking my view.

“I-I… What is it that you have to do!” she threw her hands up in frustration.


‘kill her’

“Don’t you understand , Y/N?!” I walked over to her , standing right infront of her.

“I have to freaking kill you!”

Silence.. She didn’t dare saying anything , nor did I , but her eyes never left mine.

It felt like we were standing there for hours , weeks , months , years.. But in reality it only had been around 2 minutes.

“But how?” I questioned “How can I kill the love of my life without killing a huge part of myself?”

‘kill her!’


“NO!” I shouted back at the voice in my head.

She took a few steps back , with her eyes widening. I could she her whole body shaking as she reached for the door.

Suddenly I grabbed my wand and raised at up , pointing it at her. At that moment it felt like someone else was taking over my body , because I wasn’t the one in control.

“I don’t want to do this!” I shouted at her as another tear rolled down my face. She was crying too , and honestly I’ve never seen her as scared as she was now.

“Y/N , I don’t want to do this!” I shouted again , while she kept taking steps backwards.


‘kill her!”


The words left my mouth before I knew it. Her eyes widened for a moment and it felt like the time had stopped for a second. I could see the life draining from her eyes and she collapsed to the ground.

“Y/N?!” I questioned even though I knew she wouldn’t respond.

The tears were now flooding from my eyes as I too , collapsed to the ground.

I threw my wand away angrily , breaking it in the progress.

“Wake up!” I grabbed her hand and held it with my bloody ones.


I closed my eyes for a moment taking a deep breath again , but when I opened them again , Y/N wasn’t there anymore.

I sat at a table , with my father beside me and my mother on the other side. Around the table were other wizards , death eaters.. Followers of the dark lord.

Then I saw his face , the face of Lord Voldemort. His lips were curved up in a smile , and his hands were folded on the table.

“I must say I’m proud of you Draco.. You killed her” he let out a laugh that gave me the chills “I thought you never would!”

I slammed my fist on the table angrily but no one seemed to notice..

“Draco!” suddenly my father started shouting at me.

“Malfoy , wake up!” he shouted again , but with another voice.

And before I could even question anything , everything went to black.

I opened my eyes for real this time , and I met the eyes of Blaise. He looked down at me with a smirk but I swear I could see a hint of concern in his eyes.

“What the actual f-“ I started but he cut me off “I hate to say this Draco , but we had to wake you up because you were kind off.. Crying?” he smirked at me.

“Fuck off” I said angrily as I pushed him away from me to the ground.

I jumped out of bed and put on the nearest shirt in sight. I could feel by the way the shirt clung to my body that I had been sweating.

“What are you doing?” Blaise asked me as he stood up from the ground.

“I have to see if she’s okay..”

I ran all the way to the Slytherin common room , looking for any sign of Y/N.

Y/N was usually up really late to read some books in the common room. Everyday.

She wasn’t there when I looked.. My heart started beating faster and my breath hitched in my throat. The only thing I saw was one of her books , laying on the couch.

“Draco?” I heard a voice question behind me.

I turned around and saw her , Y/N.

I let out a sigh of relief as I ran up to her , engulfing her in a bone crushing hug.

“Are you okay?” she asked concerned as I finally let go of her , she led me to the couch in the common room. Tears started welling up in my eyes again at the thought of the dream I just had.

“I-I had a bad dream” I fought the tears back , “but I’m okay now that I see you” I looked at the beautiful girl infront of me. Y/N , the love of my life.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked but I shook my head no.

“I just want to forget it..” she pulled me in for a kiss and for a hug afterwards.

“It’s all going to be okay..” she whispered with her arms still around me.

‘I hope so’ I thought as I looked at the dark mark on my pulse.

Imagine: Giving in to the Dark Side instead of Anakin

For anon… Sorry this is late, I’ve been very busy but I’m going to get back on track :)

You stifled a gag as Anakin ran over to Padme and enveloped her with a massive bear hug, lifting her off of the ground and spinning. The two laughed and you ripped your gaze away, feeling hot jealousy burn your cheeks. That was supposed to be you with Anakin, not Senator Amidala. It was you that had been best friends with Anakin ever since you became padawans, not her. It was you that helped Anakin construct his first lightsaber and it was you who trained with him tirelessly, not her. Why did Anakin fall for her?

Almost instantly, heavy guilt crashed like a wave over you and you ducked your head in shame. It was wrong to be envious of Padme. Sure, she used to be the Queen and she is incredibly smart but she isn’t Force-Sensitive. She never experienced the joy and satisfaction of successfully Force-pushing or having your padawan braid sheared off with a buzzing lightsaber. 

When Padme and Anakin broke apart, Anakin led her over to you, a large smile on his face. You looked up at him and smiled back, forcing yourself to meet Padme’s eyes and acknowledge her. The senator grinned back at you, her teeth a dazzling white.

“Hey, Y/N.” Anakin said, plopping down next to you on the sofa in which you were sitting on, making you bounce on the cushion. 

“Hey, Ani.” You replied, feeling your heart quicken. Padme sat down beside him and to your displeasure, she managed to make it look graceful, her gorgeous dress billowing out around her feet. Your smile fell slightly and you stiffened. Luckily, Anakin didn’t notice your attitude towards Padme. He was already turning towards her, his back facing you. 

“Anakin Skywalker. How nice of you to stop by. i feel like it’s been ages since we have last spoken.” You drawled, stepping out of the shadows, a smug look on your face. At your side, a glowing red lightsaber was clutched tightly in your hand. Your knuckles were white. 

On the other side of the room, Anakin Skywalker stood proudly, his own lightsaber ignited. It cast a blue light across the dark and shadowed floor of Mustafar. 

“Ages it has been.” He replied simply, lifting his chin defiantly. You chuckled at his confidence. 

“I hear your damsel, what was her name, Padma? No, Padme! Yes, Padme, I heard she, most unfortunately, passed away not too long ago.” You cooed, stepping towards Anakin as menacingly as possible. Although it had been years since you had seen him, your heart still seemed to race whenever you were in his presence. 

His hard eyes suddenly turned sad and he looked to his feet. 

“During childbirth. She died conceiving my children.” He muttered, his grip on his lightsaber tightening. You narrowed your eyes, studying him further. 

“You feel guilt.” You observed out loud, coming ever nearer to him. His face had changed. There were more scars and lines outlined in his skin and dark circles darkened the under parts of his eyes. 

Anakin looked up at you, his mouth parted slightly. 

“Why did you leave?” He asked unexpectedly, stepping towards you. Instinctively, you jerked backwards, raising your buzzing lightsaber. 

“Do not come any nearer.” You warned, baring your teeth. “I left because everyone turned their back on me. Even you, Anakin Skywalker.”

Stunned by your words, Anakin blinked several times, trying to understand. That angered you even further. 

“Y/N, I don’t understand. We were best friends. I lo-” 

You brought your lightsaber down on him and Anakin blocked your attack sloppily with his own blue lightsaber. The two weapons sizzled as they clashed and you pushed the Jedi away with all of your strength. He stumbled, begging you to stop. But you were blinded by your fury. 

You ran at him, screaming. 

“You left me! You left me for her!” You shouted, slashing at him over and over again relentlessly. Anakin stumbled to his knees, holding up his lightsaber and blocking your attacks with all the strength he could muster. 

Finally, you retreated, breathing hard. You kept your lightsaber pointed at him, it’s tip just inches from his throat. 

Anakin sheathed his lightsaber and held up his hands, his eyes red. You didn’t even realize you were crying yourself and you wiped irritably at your eyes, annoyed with yourself. 

“I’m sorry.” Anakin choked. “I’m sorry. Please, listen to me.” 

“Why? I could kill you right now, Skywalker!” You snarled, your voice rising hysterically.

Anakin stared at you, sitting up straight. 

“I made a mistake, turning my back on you. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He said, his eyes tearful. 

You shook your head. 

“You left me.” You whispered, keeping the lightsaber rigid in your hand. “You left me a-and I had no one else. How could you do that?” 

Anakin blinked rapidly. 

“Y/N, when you disappeared, I realized something. I realized I needed you. You were my best friend since the beginning of everything. We trained together, constructed our first lightsabers together, pulled pranks on Yoda together, did practically everything together. I needed a partner in crime, someone who would always have my back. I needed a friend. On the day you disappeared, I realized I loved you.” 

Your grip on the lightsaber slacked and you let out an audible gasp, feeling tears spill down your cheeks. Your mind raced and your heart raced faster.

“Go.” You choked out. 

“What?” Anakin whispered, getting to his feet slowly. 

“Go! Leave and I’ll spare you!” You snarled, backing away from him and your ligthsaber still pointed at him. 



Anakin turned and started walking backwards away from you, hurt contorting his face. 

Before he was out of sight, a burning question escaped past your teeth. 

“You said Padme died conceiving your children. They were twins?” You called, avoiding his stare. 

“They… survived. A boy and a girl.” Anakin replied.

“What are their names?” 

“Luke and Leia.” 

Please Don’t (part two)

It means the world to me that y'all requested a part two to my new upcoming series ‘Please Don’t’! My heart can’t take the amount of sweetness I’m getting from y'all.
Love you guys!

So here you go, loves!


“Y/N.” Dean breathed out.

“Dean?” You whispered. ____________________________________

“Y/N, there’s nothing going on here. You can go back to bed. Okay?” Sammy tried to telling her but all she could hear was Dean saying her name.
It just echoed in her mind and it felt as though the whole world just stopped moving and time stood still.

“Y/N-” Sam interrupted by you. “How long, Dean?” You spoke slowly. Dean still had his gorgeous green on you. Filled with pain and regret. “Y/N-” “HOW LONG, DAMMIT!?” You demanded to know. The room sat in silence.

“3 weeks. It’s been 3 weeks.” He finally said what you didn’t want to hear. He broke you.

And you both knew that those pieces can’t be put back the same way. Now. You were to deep in and to far out. Dean could see you slipping through his fingers. The one he loved with every fiber of his being, was now slipping through his fingers. All because of him.

Sam escorted the girl out while you walked back to the room you both shared. Dean watched you walk away only wishing he could run after you and apologize. But nothing would fix this. He broke you.

“Sam, I-I let me explain-” “WHAT CAN YOU POSSIBLY SAY THAT WOULD MAKE ALL THIS BETTER, DEAN?! WHAT?! That you’re sorry-that you didn’t mean it? It didn’t mean anything? What? Tell me.” Sam’s yelling only made Dean flinch. He didn’t know what to say.

“I-I just don’t love her anymore.” He said quietly. Sam looked shocked but he knew his brother all to well. He didn’t mean those words. Not a single god damn one.

“Wow. Really?” “Sam-” “No. Just forget it, Dean. I don’t care.” Dean looked down. Before Sam left the room he turned back to Dean. “You know, Dean. She loved you. And I mean really loved. And we both know that loving and giving herself to you completely was hard for her. Especially after her ex. You screwed her up. She would have taken a bullet for you any day and this is how you repay her? The worse part of it all? You spent years tearing down those walls she had and in a matter of seconds you broke them down. All for what? For the girl? Come on, Dean. You’re so much better than that.” Dean was just sitting there at the table drinking whiskey. Listening to every word Sam said. Because he was right. About all of it.

“All I know is that she loved you with everything she had and you loved her the same. So my question to you, Dean. Was it really all worth it? Hurting her? Because if that’s what you wanted to accomplish. Then congrats. You succeeded.” With that, Sam walked off and shut his door.

Dean sat there with his drink and thoughts.
You hurt her. That’s what you wanted, right? To push her away because you don’t love her. No! That’s not true. I’m completely in love with her. I’d do anything for her. Really? Yeah. Well, according to your last 3 weeks it doesn’t seem that way. You hurt her, Dean. You did. And for what? To get her to notice that you don’t want her here. No, wait that’s not what I wanted! Guess what? That’s what you did. You pushed her away by cheating on her. You lied to her. You messed her up in ways you can’t fix. So there you go. That’s what you wanted. No! No I didn’t want that! Then what? What exactly did you want Dean? I didn’t want to-To what? I just don’t want to hurt her. But you did! Wait, no! Yes, that’s what you did.

“NO!” Dean yelled at his own thoughts. He heard a gasp and looked up to see you standing at the door way. “Hey, baby-” “Don’t call me that.” You said with a stern face that had puffy red yes and tear stains all over your cheeks and shirt. “Sweetheart, listen I-” “Don’t call me that either, Dean.” You didn’t what to hear those words.
“Why?” He sounded so hurt. And it killed you. But he hurt you and it wasn’t fair. Everything hurt and hearing his voice was the worse part. “Because I know for a fact that you called that bitch those words too!” You yelled.
He looked down looking for the right words and that’s when his eyes trailed your body. From head to toe. Bags. His heart stopped and you could see that he noticed your duffel.

“Where are you going?” Panic set in. “Don’t worry about it.” you said. Dean stood up and stared not knowing whether to beg you or to let you leave. “Bab-Y/N wait.”
“This is what you wanted, right? To push me away.” You sniffed looking down. This was it. He either he told you everything and beg for forgiveness. To tell you that he did this to make you leave so you wouldn’t get hurt cause of him. To tell you that he was sorry for being so worthless and stupid.
This was the moment that would either break it or make it.

You both stood in the quietness that lied within the room. “This is what you wanted right?” almost whispering it. Trying to hide the hurt that lied within you.
“Yeah…” he spoke quietly. “Yeah, that’s what I wanted.” Again. Silence. You could feel his eyes on you but you couldn’t see the regret of his words. You had already put your hand on your face wiping the tears and trying to stop them from falling.
Dean had tears trickle down his eyes and onto his cheeks. You couldn’t look at him. It hurt to much.

Without looking at him, you spoke. “O-okay. Yeah I-I’m going.” Dean wanted you to look at him. It took every muscle in his body to not grab your arm and cup your beautiful face in his hands. It took absolutely everything he had to not pull you’re beautiful body into him and beg for your forgiveness. To beg for you to stay. To beg for you to love him again. But you didn’t look up. And it killed him.

It killed you.

You wanted to run up to him and cup his gorgeous jawbone and pull his face down to kiss his beautiful plump lips. The same lips that helped you through the times you felt your heart pound against your chest. The same lips that would kiss you tears away. The same lips that told you he loved you even if he didn’t speak those words. You wanted him to hold you again and whisper his apologies in your ear. You wanted him to stare into you’re eyes and kiss your lips softly as he whispered his love to yous. You wanted him to tell you he loved you and that you were his everything. You wanted him. All of him.

But it was to late. He didn’t want that with you. Thats what broke you. The fact that you gave him everything you had. You trusted him. You cared and loved him with every fucking fiber in your being but he didn’t want it. He didn’t want you. Because he didn’t love you.

He didn’t love you.

Dean wiped his tears from his cheeks, you still not noticing them, and watched all the secrets, self-hate, incesurities. He saw all the pieces he broke off of you to finally open up to him. He saw your heart cracking into thousands of pieces. He saw those walls he broke down. He saw you back to the old you. The old you that he rescued from your asshole of a boyfriend who had beaten you down. Who broke you and made you crawl into a shell.
Now it was him. He was the one who broke you. Even after he had said he would never hurt you. Even after all the promises he made to you and himself that he would always make you love yourself.

He saved you.
He loved you.
He loves you.

But it was too late.
It was all too late.

“Can I ask you something, Dean?” You said half way to the door. Still turned around. He turns his body and faces you. “Yeah.” He whispered. “Was it all a lie? I mean everything b-between us.” He saw you body trembling.
“You were just another one of my hook ups, y/n. Someone who was here when I couldn’t find someone better at a bar.” He sounded stern. God, he hated himself for this.
He couldn’t hear you sobbing. He could hear your heart pounding. “I’m sorry.” You finally spoke.

Never in a million years did you expect him to do this to you. It was exactly what you were afraid of happening getting into a relationship with him. But he made you feel things you’d never felt before. He made you feel alive. He made you feel beautiful. He made you feel wanted. Loved. Cared for. He made you feel incredible.

Now. Now you knew that all these years. All this time he told you were his girl. All this time he told you were everything he loved and more. You knew it was all a lie.

But to Dean it was real. To him you were his everything. But it was too late. You were gone and he couldn’t reach you.

Hearing you apologize had him in tears because you had no fault. You shouldn’t have been apologizing at all. He didn’t deserve you.
This was his punishment. He deserved to be hated by you. You deserved better.

Its been 4 hours since you’d left him alone. His only company was the 7th glass of whiskey he’d had and the stupid voices in his head telling him he fucked up. Even if he already knew.

Ring ring.

He picked up his phone that sat next to the bottle of Jack Daniels.

Your face lit up on his screen. The picture he took when you weren’t looking. It was a side photo. And you were smiling. That god damn smile he loved tasting. And your laugh. Dammit, your laugh was music to his ears. God, he missed you.

He picked up. Hope fled through his body. “Baby, listen-” he was cut off. “Is this Dean Winchester?” Dean sobered up fast. “Yes. Who the hell are you? Where’s y/n?” His heart started to pound against his chest. “Sir, I’m calling in regards of y/n. She’s been in a car accident and the paramedics are taking her to the St. Mary’s hospital.” The man said. “She’s losing blood!” Dean heard in the background.
“We’re losing her!” He heard someone yell as the phone call ended.

Dean’s heart sunk in.

He couldn’t breathe.


Hope y'all enjoyed it! I had fun writing it thanks for all the support everyone!

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Love you guys!

Imagine: Being close to Anakin and watching as he is seduced by the Dark Side

For anon… Enjoy!

“Hi, I’m Anakin.” Said a little voice behind you. You turned around abruptly to see a small boy, slightly older than you, with straw colored hair and friendly, twinkling eyes. He was smiling at you. 

You gave him a nervous smile back, looking at your feet.

“I’m Y/N.” You replied tinily, shyly avoiding Anakin’s dark eyes. The new padawan seemed extremely interested in you and you willed him to go away, yet he pressed on. 

“Who’s your mentor?” He asked. “Mine is Master Qui-Gonn. He’s really smart and clever. One time, I saw him fight a Sith Lord!” 

You looked up at Anakin, awestruck. 

“You did?” You breathed, your eyes wide. Anakin nodded and grinned hugely. 

“Yeah,” The little boy boasted. “The Sith snuck up on us while we were on our way to back my ship and Qui-Gonn leaped into the air and he turned on his lightsaber and started to fight with the Sith! It was really scary but really cool. Qui-Gonn beat him, obviously. Jedi are so cool. I can’t wait to be one.” 

You nodded in agreement.

“Me too.”

Anakin rocked back and forth on his feet.

“We should be friends.” He began. “I don’t know anyone here. Do you?” 

You shook your head.

“Nope. No one besides Mace Windu. Hey, want to go check out what the older padawans are doing? I know where they train.” You said, pointing in the direction of the training area. 

Anakin looked at you eagerly.

“Maybe we can see my friend Obi Wan Kenobi! Come on, let’s go! I’ll race you!” Anakin called before running in the direction you were pointing. You chased after him, short bursts of laughter echoing around the room. 

It was late. You were sitting on a sofa with Anakin, holding him as he cried softly into your shoulder. His entire body was shaking horribly and the only thing you could do was rub his back soothingly, whispering words of comfort. 

Only an hour before, Obi Wan had interrupted a mock lightsaber duel between the two of you. He pulled Anakin aside for several minutes and you could only watch as the padawan’s face fell gradually with horror. 

His mother, Shmi Skywalker, had been killed by Tusken Raiders back on Tatooine. She had been kidnapped and held captive by them, suffering from beatings and little food and water. The worst part was was that she died all alone, in a small, overheated tent, her hands and legs bound. 

Anakin sniffled quietly, tears flowing down his cheeks in salty streams. You wiped them away. 

“It’ll be okay, Ani.” You murmured, brushing his hair out of his face. Anakin looked at you, his eyes red. 

“It won’t be okay. She’s dead, Y/N. She’s dead. I should’ve done so-” His voice broke before he could finish his sentence. You wrapped your arms around him, burying your nose into his neck.

“There was nothing you could’ve done. It’s not your fault, Ani.” You whispered, holding him tight. The padawan didn’t say anything. Instead, he nuzzled into you gratefully, soaking your Jedi robes. 

Anakin paced back and forth across the room, his hands clasped around his back. His hooded robe was pulled over his head, so that half of his face was hidden. He seemed to be deep in thought, fighting a war that only he could see. 

You watched him from the only sofa in the room, pain and confusion making your hands shake. Anakin was never like this. He looked and acted so different these days, sneaking around mysteriously and always on high alert. He was extremely distant too. He never looked you straight in the eye anymore. 

“Ani.” You said to him. 

As if out of a trance, Anakin jerked suddenly, turning towards you rigidly. His face was hard. 

“Don’t call me that.” He growled, his eyes stone cold. A deep shadow hid most of his face from you. 

He almost looked like a Sith.

You gaped at him, hurt causing tears to brim around your eyes. Anakin never spoke to you, or anyone, that way. 

You stood up, lifting your chin and forcing the lump in your throat down. Clenching your fists, you stepped stiffly towards Anakin, who watched your every move. 

“What is wrong with you?” You said shakily, your voice quiet. 

Anakin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, his eyes finally meeting yours. With a pang of dread, you realized the friendly twinkle that once sparkled in them was replaced with an emotionless pit. 

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Anakin whispered, inching towards you. You shook your head at him. 

“Yes there is!” You choked out. “ Ani, you’re giving in to the Dark Side! Palpatine is brainwashing you! He’s lying to you!”

Anakin’s eyes widened. 

“Y/N, he’s giving me all I ever wanted. I-I can be the most powerful Jedi ever. I can rule the galaxy with him!” 

As much as you tried to restrain them, tears started to roll down your cheeks. 

“How could you?” You asked. “After everything we’ve trained for? After everything we’ve been through? You swore you wouldn’t give in to the darkness! How could you give up so easily?” 

Anakin looked taken aback. 

“I’m not giving up.” He replied simply, lowering his hood. For a fleeting moment, he looked like the old Anakin. 

“Then what are you doing? Anakin, Anakin please don’t do this!” You yelled at him, feeling your face burning.

“Why shouldn’t I?” He snarled back, his eyes turning angry. You felt sobs start to erupt in your chest. 

“Because I love you!” 

The words came up before you could choke them back. 

Anakin stared at you, his mouth agape. You stood in front of him, staring at him pleadingly. Your voice had died away almost entirely, replaced with a hollow feeling in your stomach. 

After an eternity, Anakin looked at you, warmth swimming in his eyes. You could have sworn you were dreaming. 

“Y/N,” He started, stepping towards you. You didn’t back away. You couldn’t. 

“Ani, please. Don’t give in.” Your voice was barely a whisper. 

You felt Anakin’s hand on your arm and you mustered a tiny smile, looking up at him. His eyes were brimmed red with tears. 

In a single, cursory movement, Anakin leaned into you and pressed his mouth against yours softly. You barely had time to react before his arms wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you closer against him. Your wide eyes fluttered shut as you melted into him. Your hands travelled up to his messy hair, burying themselves into his light brown locks. Your heart was pounding in your chest, your throat, your head. 

Anakin held you tightly before pulling away, his face hovering extremely close to yours for a short moment. His eyes were still closed when he pulled you into an intimate embrace. 

He hid his face in your neck and you could feel hot tears as he wept softly. 

You hugged him back, tears of your own spilling on to his dark robes.

After a few moments, Anakin muttered something into your shoulder.

“For the record, I like when you call me Ani.”

You laughed shakily.