when her voice breaks in this i break

“Why are we doing this?” he whispers. His voice is shaking.

His voice never shakes. He never cries.

“You’re leaving,” he tries to reason. “Why are we putting off the inevitable? Why are we giving ourselves even more reasons to break when…” he falters.

The pain in her chest grows a little bit more, just like it has every day since she met him, but her voice is strong. “Because loving you right now, right here, in this moment, is worth it. It’s worth breaking for.”

“Loving you is worth every piece I’ll lose,” she breathes.

—  For you - you will always be worth it, 16/07/2016
Caffeine Challenge #12-- done!

You can read mine below or here (X)! This one is yet another WIP lol. Good job everyone who participated, I can’t wait to read yours!

I’m on a bus before I know it, my sister’s voice still ringing in my ears.

“Mom’s dead. They’re calling in a new Sheriff.”

It’s been years since I’ve been home, but I know what that means. There’ll be blood in our county before the month’s up and, with Sis pregnant with her second, that’s something Abbey’s can’t afford.

So I break the promise I made when I was sixteen and I come home. Mom’s not around to care though, so it’s hardly like there was much of a promise to break anyway.

Judging by Orisa’s face, she doesn’t agree.

“I told you not to come,” she says when I jump off the bus. She’s got a toddler by the hand and her belly is swollen with another child. For all that, she’s still got a whole belt of stakes slung over her shoulder.

“You’re expecting trouble,” I say, chin jerking to the wood. “I had to.” I drop my bag at my feet and squat down with a friendly smile. “Ara? Is that you? But, it can’t be, you’re so big!”

The little girl, hair the color of sunlight, ducks behind her mother’s legs, amber eyes distrustful.

“I saw you when you were a baby,” I say to the little girl. She’s got her mama’s freckles, only a shade darker than her brown skin. She’s beautiful. “I’m not surprised you don’t remember me.”

“The locals certainly remember you,” Orisa tells me. “What are you thinking, Mable, coming back now?”

I exhale through my nose and stand. “I’m thinking that we’re in Sheriff-less territory and you’re the late lady’s daughter, Orisa. That’s what I’m thinking.”

“They like me here,” Orisa says, white teeth flashing. “You coming back is only going to stoke the fires, Mable. You know that.”

I keep my smile pleasant, aware of Ara’s eyes on me. “The fires are already stoked, Orisa. You should know that.”

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Why haven’t we talked about Lucifer’s break down after he found out about Chloe? He was visibly shaking and so upset because he prayed it wasn’t true. He had one shining bit of happiness only to be ripped away by, you guessed it, his Father. A Father who never showed him nearly the same amount of love as Chloe does.

Not to mention the way he storms into her house, completely raw and broken. The break in Lucifer’s voice when he says “Did you know?” is so heartbreaking because after that he does something odd. Instead of calling her Chloe, like he said was going to, he calls her Detective. That is Lucifer’s walls slamming back up, shutting Chloe out. And he’s obviously wrestling with himself just to keep an open mind with her.

But the real breaking point comes, not when she turns around, but when we hear Chloe’s sob. Instantaneously, Lucifer isn’t angry anymore. All of the pent up fury drops out of his shoulders and he takes on a sort of tenderness we only ever see around Chloe. He forgets her “betrayal” entirely because of one sniffle.

Lucifer isn’t done being mad but he won’t stand by and yell at the woman he loves while she’s clearly upset.

That’s love and in a very real form too. Lucifer can deny and shake his head in disbelief about it all he wants. The old Lucifer would have continued to yell because the old Lucifer was selfish. There is no doubt about it. Lucifer from 5 years ago wouldn’t have let his anger grow because someone was crying or bleeding.

This new Lucifer, who has Chloe’s love, is changed for better or worse. And if the way his fury is put on hault is anything to go by, it’s definitely for the better.


Okay I know we all love this scene already, but aaah. I just have to pin point the moments I love.

- How plainly obvious it is that Tina is so taken with him! Like when Newt starts saying “Well it’s been…” and he doesn’t even finish before she eagerly adds “Hasn’t it?” and she’s all big smiles and 100% different from when Newt first met her!
- Newt’s reaction to her quick response! He just looks at her kinda surprised? And he doesn’t even say anything more to it. As if he’s not quite sure how he had such an effect on her?
- The way Tina’s voice breaks. She is SO full blown emotional She just really don’t want him to go and it breaks my heart.
- Newt is still not quite keeping eye contact for long.
- “I can’t think of anybody I’d rather have investigating me” *grimace* Instant classic, awkwardly hitting on Tina without intenting to.
- “Quiet life for me now” okay so this just reminds me of Bilbo Baggins at the end of the first Hobbit movie saying he believes the worst is over now. Because HA HA there’s four more f*cking movies coming Newt and you live and breathe trouble whether you intend to or not!
- “And I’ll look out for it! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and Newt looks her dead in the eye!! She just hit the jackpot right there!
- “Does Leta Lestrange like to read?” and he bloody hell says who! Who? The very woman they talked about days earlier. The same woman that has him hurting. That’s a huge thing for him to have a memory slip there. He’s found his giver! Not to mention Tina’s voice breaks when she brings her up.
- “People change” and Tina’s breathless “Yes.” 
- Newt being distracted by the ship soon to be leaving and Tina just struggling to keep her tears back. It just… ugh my heart.
- And don’t tell me Newt brushing a strand of her hair back isn’t better than a kiss in this moment? YES I ship them and YES I can’t wait for their relationship to start, but I HATE movies that forces love. This is so much more effective and fitting for these two. A slow start, but no less romantic and absolutely sweet. If there’s one thing this movie is it’s sweet and I think everyone needed a movie like this right now. Which included a slow burn relationship..
- Newt is not good at goodbyes. He leaves quite abruptly twice and you know it’s because it’s difficult for him to let her go. He just have to do it quick. It’s why he stops a last time before entering the ship, but can’t afford to look back. 
- He struggles to look at her when he’s in doubt of whether she wants him to come back. If she truly wants him. Only when she does show interest does he meet her eyes again. Like when she says the title of his future book because she gets him and now when she very much wants him back in her life.
- HER SMILE. It’s so beaming and sunshiny and nothing hurts while everything hurts at the same time
- He’s still not quite able to understand how he earned her affections. Like when he first looks at her he really looks at her as if he’s trying to figure it out.
- And he’s off and it’s all bittersweet because it hurts seeing him go, but she’ll see him again and she makes that little happy hop because she’s in love.

Okay that got a lot longer than intended, but you should really study this scene because Eddie and Katherine are just amazing with their acting. Their expressions and small details. Wow. Just focus on Tina in one go, then Newt the next. They are just brilliant. For someone who’s not much of a shipper in general it’s a big effing deal for him how deep I am in this Newtina ship <3


WTT, I hope your holiday preparations are going well!!! 

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Claire felt on top of her game at work.  She was rested and ready to tackle the E.R.  She had made it a personal goal to take time for meals and breaks so she wouldn’t get so run down again, even in the face of the impending night shifts. She texted Jamie when she could and called him on breaks to hear his voice.

Jamie went back to work and was pleasantly surprised to find that Willie had taken care of what he could and had left Jamie with only the most urgent of decisions.  Production of the wines were on time and the limited edition whisky was bottled, crated and ready to be delivered.  He texted Claire when he could, and took her calls regardless of where he was.  When he refused to follow Jenny’s cell phone tyranny, there was a bit of a struggle, but in the end Jamie told her he’d do what he wanted, and for her to keep her neb out of his business.

But over time, when day shifts turned to night shifts, and Jamie and Claire were on opposite schedules, the calls were hastily made and at times, unanswered.  The texts went hours in between.  Their plans to meet were cancelled and Jamie’s obligations to promote the new inventory during the Christmas holidays made it difficult to reschedule.

Claire became more tired, and Dr. Randall reared his ugly head again, challenging and pushing her.

Jamie became more frustrated, and was a nightmare at work.

It wasn’t until the middle of December that they were able to see each other. Excited didn’t begin to describe how he felt.  His body was humming with anticipation.  Claire, here, in his flat.  He could easily close his eyes and conjure her scent, how she felt writhing underneath him, but it wasn’t as good as having the real thing within his grasp.  To make it special Jamie decided to cook.  He planned the meal carefully and only put it in the oven when Claire texted to say she was on her way.  

An hour and two glasses of wine later, there was no sign of her.   She wasn’t answering calls thirty minutes later.  And forty-five minutes after that, he finally heard her sprint up the stairs.  He dumped the ruined meal into the sink and opened the fridge for a beer.  He heard her on the landing.  As he flipped the cap off his beer he heard her key scrape against his lock.  As the handle turned he drank deeply.

Claire dropped her bag just inside the door, an apology on her lips.  But it caught in her throat when she saw the meat steaming in the sink, and smelled the tinge of a burnt meal. Then she saw him.  He was vibrating with anger. His usual sky blue eyes were narrowed and dark.  The wide, generous mouth was set in a tight line.   She cleared her throat, and lifted her chin. “I’m sorry, Jamie. An emergency came in as I was leaving and I was told to stay.”

Jamie nodded, and took a pull from the bottle dangling loosely from his fingers. “I see.  And no chance to let me know, then?”

She unwrapped the scarf from around her neck.  “No. There wasn’t.”

Jamie shook his head, and looked up at the ceiling.  “No. O’ course not.”  He set his bottle carefully on the kitchen counter and gripped the edge with his big hands.  “Ye know, Claire, I canna tell if yer just selfish, or if you truly dinna realize what it is to be worrit about someone.”  

She flinched at his use of her name.  He hadn’t called her Claire in weeks.  “Ye take it into yer mind to do as ye damn well please, with no thought for anyone else.”

“It’s my job, Jamie.”

“No, Claire.” he said, softly. “It’s no yer job.  I ken ye grew up alone.  I ken ye rely on yerself and no one else.  But what I dinna ken is maybe ye dinna miss me, as I’ve missed you. That maybe ye dinna feel for me, what I feel for you.”  

Her mouth dropped open.  Not miss him?  Not have feelings for him? “This is not my fault.  Dr. Randall wouldn’t let me leave!” she said.  Now she was angry. He knew what it was like for her. He knew.  

“I’m about to head to the hospital and tear that bastard apart wi’ my bare hands.”  

Claire thought she’d pay good money to see him do just that.  But she had to make him understand.  “I was leaving with Mary Hawkins.  He literally grabbed my arm and told me I wasn’t going anywhere.  I said I was off the clock and tried to pull away.  He got really angry.  Mary offered to stay and he told her to go.  Told her she was incompetent, and hadn’t she put enough lives in danger tonight.  Mary was so upset by what he said, she started crying.  I told her to go.  Mrs. Fitz told him I was over my limit, but he yelled at her, too.  After we dealt with the trauma, Mrs. Fitz and I worked on filing a formal complaint.”

Jamie’s head snapped up at that. “Ye stayed to do paperwork?”

Claire lifted her chin. “There’s a time limit for lodging a complaint.  It had to be done before I left.”

“But nay chance to pull out yer wee cell phone and call me, no?”   Jamie crossed his arms over his chest.  “This job is no’ good for ye, Claire.  Maybe it’s time ye found another.”

Claire felt trapped. Baited.  And in that moment, overwhelmingly sad.  

She had absolutely missed Jamie. And because she missed him, she’d been thinking a lot about her future.  What she wanted in life.  She’d come to a decision and wanted to share it with him, but now she knew she couldn’t.  She should have known it was too good to be true.  That he was too good to be true. In the end, they were all the same, thinking they knew what was best. After all, she was just a woman. She was glad she hadn’t removed her coat.  It would make it easier.  She took a deep breath and swallowed over the lump in her throat.

“I’m sorry, Jamie.  I realize now this isn’t going to work.  I thought it could.  But I cannot put any more stress on myself.  I shouldn’t have thought to make promises I couldn’t keep.” She tried to keep her voice from shaking.  “I’m planning on going to medical school.  I’m planning on becoming a doctor.  A surgeon, in fact.  I’m planning on enrolling at Uni for the spring semester.”

Jamie stared at Claire.  His heart was pounding.  What was she saying?  A Dhia, was she saying they weren’t going to work?  She was looking at him, but she wasn’t seeing him. She was looking right through him.

“If you cannot handle my hours now, you’ll never be able to handle my hours as a medical student.  In fact, Mrs. Fitz and I were talking about how to fit some part-time shifts in there as well.  Anyway.”  She picked up her scarf and bag and reached behind her for the door knob.  “I can’t be with someone who doesn’t support me. Who doesn’t understand that medicine is who I am.”

She pulled open the door and slipped through it.  “Goodbye, Jamie.”  

She hated the way her voice broke on his name.  Slamming the door she ran up the stairs to her flat, diving into her pocket for her keys and unlocked the door with shaking hands.  She heard his door open as she bolted hers. Running into her bathroom she closed the door and turned on the shower. She let the hot spray run over her throbbing head and mingle with her tears.

She never heard him pounding on the door and calling her name for a solid hour.

Imagine Trying To Break Away From A Group Hug From The Hosts When You Return From Your Vacation

6. Break Away in My 100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge

“Guys it’s only been 2 weeks..” Your voice was completely muffled. You couldn’t even tell who’s arms were around you.

“Never leave Daddy again, (Y/N)!” Tamaki sobbed dramatically.

“We missed you so much!” Hikaru and Kaoru joined in.

Honey’s shriek was heard and you felt the group hug being shifted. “I WANNA HUG (Y/N)-CHAN TOO! I MISSED HER THE MOSTEST!” Honey whined. “Takashi and I counted every day that you were gone, (Y/N)-chan, isn’t that right, Takashi?”


Haruhi sighed as you struggled against your new bounds. “You guys are going to strangle her…”

“Well they did miss her a lot.” Kyoya shrugged, standing on the sidelines with Haruhi.

“Aw you didn’t miss me, Kyoya?” You called out, squirming to see them through the bodies surrounding you.

“I missed your business and your company, of course.” Kyoya smirked.

“Damn rich kids…” Haruhi mumbled.

“Help?” You let out before the whole group hug seemed to trip over each other’s feet and you landed on top of them all, gaining everyone’s laughter.

Take Care Of Her

Based off of the Anon prompt:  “ Can you write something where Owen realizes that all hell is breaking loose at the park and his gf and their newborn are alone somewhere? Maybe include their reunion? Thanks ^.^”

And in honor of thecvptain who asked for angst: “Owen x reader angst??? Like maybe reader is Owens niece and has been with him on the island since she was 2 cause her parents died??? And she causes an accident with the raptors? Or like reader is his girlfriend and they break up or almost break up?”

A/n: I hope this is what you were looking for as I cried imagining some of the parts in this. *Prepare for some minor angst*

You panic when you wake up to the sound of someone’s voice in the bungalow that you don’t recognize. Unfortunately, it also wakes up your daughter who, being only 6 months old doesn’t sleep very long to begin with. You walk over to Owen’s radio, that he left at home (again) to silence it but you hear panicked and shouting voices coming through. You don’t follow what they’re saying but you hear “Asset out of containment” and “Get out of there!”

You know you’re not the smartest person on this island, but you’ve always taken pride in the fact that you are far from stupid. You don’t know exactly what is going on, but you’ve heard enough to get the idea. A dinosaur has escaped its paddock and, by the sounds of panic, it’s dangerous.

You and Owen had discussed the possibility of this once. You always tried to avoid the conversation, pretending that if you didn’t think about it, it wouldn’t happen. But now, as you hurriedly pack your daughter’s diaper bag and a bag with the essential for you and Owen, you remember his words. “If anything happens, you get off this Island. I don’t care if I’m in danger or if you can’t get in touch with me. You get her and yourself to safety. Do you understand?” At the time, you had cried at the thought, rubbing your still swollen belly and he held just you as you agreed to what he said.

Within 5 minutes, you have thrown your things into the Jeep, strapped Charlie into her car seat, and begin to drive away from your bungalow. As you look in your rearview mirror, the thought crosses your mind that you might never see your home again.


By the time you’ve made it to the front of the park, you’ve been informed that there aren’t enough boats to evacuate everyone immediately. You groan at this and try to hold back your panic, but the moment you look up and see a Dimorphodon perched on the top of one of the buildings, you take off running, pulling Charlie to your chest, trying to keep your head down.

The sky fills with the flying creatures and they begin to swoop down, grabbing people right out of the streets. You see that people running into buildings for cover is not working, as they fly into the glass windows, breaking them, before continuing their attack.  Finally, people show up with guns, and begin shooting them down. You dodge falling creatures and falling people when you look up and see one flying directly at you. You know you won’t be able to outrun it, but you instinctively turn your back to it and drop into a crouching position, just praying that you can protect Charlie when you hear a gunshot so close to you, your ears ring loudly.

You look up to see Owen running towards you as tears roll down your face. He wraps an arm around you and kisses you hard before leaning down to kiss Charlie, who is now wailing as loudly as possible. He turns around to continue shooting down the creatures as you stand behind him and explain that all the boats filled up immediately and you can’t get off the island.

He nods his head once and tells you, “You have to get to the control room. Lowery is in there, he will take care of you.”

He turns to you and sees you shaking your head, “I can’t leave you. I know what you’re going to do, Owen, you’re going to try to stop it.” You throat feels swollen and you can barely speak. “Please, Owen. Please just come with us,” you beg hopelessly, already knowing that you won’t be able to convince him. He reaches up to wipe away the tears rolling down your face as he looks into your eyes.

“I love you, Y/n.” Then he looks down at Charlie and gives her another kiss, “Take care of her,” he says, and you’re not sure which one of you he’s actually talking to.

He turns and runs towards a pteranodon that is attacking two children nearby and you can’t watch. You begin to make your way to the control room, still dodging attacks and sigh in relief when you make it inside, walking the rest of the way.

When you get to the top floor, you immediately find Lowery and he stands up to give you a tight hug. He tells you everything is going to be okay and he takes the now calming Charlie from your arms telling you to go get a drink. He sits at his controls, rocking his goddaughter and continues to monitor the chaos outside.


When InGen’s plan fails and they begin evacuating everyone, you stare at Lowery in awe as he refuses to leave. You go to sand by his side and take his hand as you realize how brave he is, not only for staying behind to help his friends, but for the fact that he has to sit here, watching people die, while being hidden away safely in this room. You know that if he could, he would be out there helping, but he knows he’s needed here.

You begin to cry again as you watch the girls that you helped raise and train dying to protect their father, because really, that’s what he is to them. He’s not just a trainer or an alpha. They’re not attacking the Indominous out of respect for him or duty. They’re doing it out of love and this fact has you falling apart. You call Claire crazy when she tells Lowery to open paddock nine, but secretly agree with her decision. Another brave soul willing to sacrifice herself. You suddenly feel small as you hide in this room, but look down at your daughter and remember that you’re protecting her, and that’s the most important thing you can do.


When it’s all over, your heart breaks as you watch blue run off and Owen finds you in the control room overtaken by sobs, unable to stop crying. He holds Charlie close as he comforts you, and he apologizes for all the things that he didn’t actually have any control over. You ask him if you’re allowed to return to the bungalow to get the things that you left behind and he says that it’s too dangerous.

“I just wish I could see it one last time,” you say between sniffles and he sits up, readjusting the both of you. He reaches into his pocket for his phone and pulls it out, seeming a little shocked that it still works, before searching for an app. You notice that it only has 5% battery, wondering what is so important as to use the rest of his battery on, but then let out a mixture between a laugh and a sob when you realize what he’s doing. He’s going to the baby app that is hooked up to the monitor in Charlie’s room. You take it from his hand as her room pops up on his screen, barely able to make out the shape of her crib and various stuffed animals on her shelf in the dark. You take a deep breath to hand it back to Owen when you see a slight movement in the shadows.

Owen finally breaks into a sob, tears rolling down his cheeks as you watch Blue walk slowly into the baby’s room, sniff around in her bed, and then point her head to the sky, letting out a loud screech. You recognize this as the same sound you heard them make as they watched their sisters die. She turns around once in the room before lying down on the floor, making a low whining sound. You close your eyes when the screen goes black, his phone dying, and press your face into his chest, unable to speak. You reach down to caress your daughter and wrap an arm around a still crying Owen.

You can’t help but think to yourself that as much pain as you are in, and as many friends and family you lost today, you’re sitting here, safe, with your daughter and husband. And for that, you thank your lucky stars.

A/n: I love the Idea of Lowery Cruthers (the control room operator with the “Jurassic Park” shirt on) being best friends with Owen and reader.

Thanks for Reading!!

companions react to finding Sole, who's usually brave, cheerful, and calm, having a break down and crying from how much stress their under?

 Cait: She get’s very awkward, not knowing how to engage sole, she never realized how much pressure they where under until this point, she wants to help them but she’s unsure how. She decided on sitting by soles side, awkwardly slinging a arm round their shoulder, telling them they’re still the strongest person she ever met despite the tears. The two sit in a comfortable silence, Cait hugging them and rubbing their shoulders.

Curie: When she sees Sole breaking down, tears spring at her own eyes with sympathy, she rushes to their side wiping their tears away gently, hushing their sobbing quietly. She pulls sole into a big warm hug, “oh my dear friend, please do not cry, I hate to see you sad”. Her voice cracked a little seeing her friend pained, she demanded they take a break for at least a week for the sake of their health.

Codsworth: He feels terrible he can’t hug them, he just wants to comfort sole seeing them so stressed and under pressure, he hovers by them offering words of encouragement as well as offering to take over on some of the work for sole so they can have a break. 

Danse: Seeing sole break down made his heart sink, he stepped out of his power armor crouching to their level, he pulls them into his chest, holding them till they’re ready to speak. “There’s too much pressure on you, I couldn’t respect you more for what you’ve done so far..but..but I’m not watching my friend destroy themselves”. He keeps sole in his arms, whispering how proud of them he is, he tells them to take his room on the Prydwen for a while to unwind and relax. 

Dogmeat: He puts his head on their lap, trying to nuzzle his way into sole’s arms, whining low, worried about his friend, he stays curled up against them till they calm down. 

Deacon: As soon as he sees sole begin to cry he rushes over, he takes off his glasses showing his full face, gently wrapping his arms round sole, tucking their head underneath his chin. He talks to them in short whispers, telling them how proud of them he is, “you cry all you want, there’s nothing wrong with showing emotions,especially when you’ve had so much shit put on your shoulders”. He takes sole down to a quite part of the sea to relax and unwind.

Hancock: He’s heartbroken at the sight, he pulls sole into his arms, stroking their hair lightly, “it’s okay, hey everybody cries hun, were only human and only so much can be expected of us”. He soothes them singing quite songs, making silly comments about how he misses having hair to distract sole and make them laugh. 

Maccready: When sole breaks down crying, he stands awkwardly in the background rubbing the back of his neck, he hates seeing his friend hurt but at the same time he doesn’t know how to help them. He waits till sole calms down, eventually forcing himself to go over and talk to them. He tells sole everything will be fine and that he thinks they’re pretty impressive. He makes a point of trying to be more helpful form there on. 

Nick: “oh kid no”. His voice is full of sympathy, seeing sole sole breaking down under all the pressure of the last week, Nick shrugs of his coat, wrapping it round sole’s shoulders and pulling them down so they can sit together, he tells them stories of how cases in the past have reduced him to the same thing and that it would pass. He gives them a big reassurance smile, ruffling their hair

Preston: He rushes over to sole worried and scared for their friend, if somebody as strong as sole can breaks down it can happen to anyone. He gently escorts them to a safezone, sitting them down by a fire and making them a hot drink, when sole has calmed he asks them to talk to him, highlighting the main pressure points so he can take over some of the work load, he forces sole to hand over minutemen duties for a while so they can relax and recover.

Piper: Pipers heart becomes heavy seeing sole breaking down,it chills her to the core, she, runs over to sole,consuming them in a warm hug, pressing kisses to their hair. She passionately tells them how proud of them she is and how they’re doing a great job helping the commonwealth, she convinces them it’s all worth the struggles but if they need somebody to take some work of the load she’s happy to. She has a pamper day with sole to cheer them up.

Strong: doesn’t understand how a warrior can cry, tells sole to stop showing human things and be strong warrior again 

X6-88: He feels slightly bad for them, but being a courser he remains stoic, He lays a hand on their back, offering reassurance, “sir/mam considering how much has been expected of you I’d say you’re doing extremely well, this display of emotions is natural, do not be embarrassed”. Sole would swear they saw X6 smile at them that day. 

today seems like a really brilliant day to remember that lavender brown was not ‘a daft bimbo’ but a complex, interesting character who is unfairly treated by the fandom and is so much more than ron’s throwaway love interest or the misogynistic mean girl stereotype

Winchester brothers x Reader Masterlist

Winchester brothers;

Something common- Reader stumbles into Bobby’s house hurt and bloody with only two strangers to patch her up.

Voices fade- Reader slowly loses her hearing but doesn’t tell the brothers.

It’s okay- A frightened teen breaks into the bunker at night.

It’s okay~part 2- A frightened teen breaks into the bunker at night.

Biting the apple-Both brothers love the reader but the reader mistakes their distance for hate.

Biting the apple~part 2-Both brothers love the reader but the reader mistakes their distance for hate.

Do I wanna know-Reader goes missing, when she returns something not right.

Hurting-Investigating a murder, the boys accidently stumble on the house on an abused teen.

For family-Reader is scared the brothers will leave her when they find out her secret.

Wild-Brothers find a feral!teen

Wild Part 2-Brothers find a feral!teen

Wild Part 3-Brothers find a feral!teen

Wild~part 4-Brothers find a feral!teen

Never judge a book by it’s cover-Brothers take in reader after family is killed.

Never judge a book by it’s cover Part 2-Brothers take in reader after family is killed.

Never judge a book by it’s cover~part 3-Brothers take in reader after family is killed.

Birthday wishes-Brothers celebrate readers birthday.

Operation-Reader gets hurt on a hunt and the Winchesters have to perform an operation.

Mermaid Tales-Reader is a mermaid when touched by water and Sam or Dean accidentally spill water on her.

Biological-the boys “sister” gets captured by a djinn. and in the dream world is her dead biological sister.

Take my hand, Brother- Sam and Dean are searching for a cure for the mark. And dean breaks down, asking why Sam even cares (No reader).

The sweetest killer- reader use to be a mercenary, she is pretty bad ass and they both love the way she fights. She’s also sweet and Awkward.

Remain calm-Sam and Dean calming down the reader after s/he just had a panic attack followed by a nightmare.

My boys-the reader is cranky and on her period and Sam and Dean lovingly take care of her

Shorty-Reader is short but clever and the boys always tease her.

British chippy-Reader is from England so the boys make fun of her accent.

To capture hearts-Both Sam and Dean admit their in love with the reader.

Monster-Reader comes back from Hell a changed person.

Monster Part 2-Reader comes back from Hell a changed person.

Hidden talents-When the brothers and the reader end up in a club and have to act normal they find out the reader has been hiding a secret talent.

Some little things from Beauty and the Beast that I really liked (spoilers)


•Cogsworth’s pleas to turn back into a clock when his wife with the tall hat remembers him

•That look that’s shared between Mrs. Potts and Maurice even after she’s been reunited with her husband and I’m all like YASSSS GET ALL THEM HOES GURL

Break - Nate Maloley (feat. Cody Christian)


Would you ever wrote one with the reader and Nate Maloley used to date and then he breaks up with her because he didn’t want to be tied down on tour and when he realizes he misses her and goes to ask her to get back together she’s in a new relationship maybe with like Cody Christian?

Thank you so so so much for this request, I really love the idea, I might’ve changed it up a bit if thats okay :) Enjoyyy

Sorry it’s short 

Your POV

“Y/N we have to take a break” A familiar voice mumbled from behind me. I looked down at my sock-covered feet as I sat at the office desk of my apartment. I knew this moment would eventually come. 

“I can’t be with you while I’m on tour, I’ll miss you too much a-and I don’t want to be tied down” Your mouth hung agape as he spoke. He can’t be tied down? I fidgeted with my nails as I felt the bed sink next to me. I sniffled focused my eyes on our feet.
“We were meant to be together for ever, you promised me you would always be there” Tears fell silently as I got up and walked out of our shared bedroom.
“It’s not my fucking fault I have to go” He laughed sarcastically.
“Aren’t you proud of me? After all these years we’ve been together, you don’t even care that I’m living my dream, you know what? Don’t worry, this is over” His voice started cracking and he ran to our room to get his bag for tour. 
“Fine Nathan, I’m proud of you okay? And I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done for us, I’m sorry for this relationship” I screamed after him. 

That was the last time I was going to see him for 6 months.

*1 month later*

Today was the day I was going to get over him. Tonight, I was going out with my best friend, Y/B/F/N, hoping to find someone else. 

“Y/N you ready?” Y/B/F/N shouted from the front door.
“Yeah, coming” I mumbled before grabbing my purse and meeting her in her car. 

The lights of the club were really bright and colourful. Strobe lights beating down on the group of kids dancing. I looked around as we walked in and banged into someone, making them spill their drink, probably alcohol, all over their shirt.
“Shit, I’m so sorry” I said frantically, trying to get it off their shirt.
“Hey, it’s okay, don’t worry about it” the guys voice was deep and nice-sounding. I looked up at him, to see him smiling at me. I smiled faintly.
“Y/N” I said simply.
“Cody, nice to meet you” He smirked.

*5 months after that*

Nate’s POV

“Hey Nate, we’re goin to the club, wanna come?” Derek asked. I shook my head and closed the door of the tour bus. I huffed as I looked at Y/N on my camera roll. I miss her so fucking much. I don’t know why I even broke up with her. Agh I’m such a dick. But, tonight was the last show and it’s in LA, I’m gonna go see her and get her back.

Your POV

I was cuddling with my boyfriend, Cody, on the couch of my apartment when there was a knock at the door. Since it was like 10pm I was confused as to why someone was knocking on the door. I furrowed my eyebrows as I opened the front door. That was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. 

Chapter 2?

I have maybe never been so honored in my life as I was tonight, when Sheila and Sylar decided it might be fun to get on voice chat and read some tidbits of my fic on, Breaking Point - specifically Hux’s speech WHICH WAS MURDER TO WRITE FFFCUCKK - and Rey and Hux discussing classical music and Alderaan, right before he teaches her to dance. SO THIS HAPPENED. AND I AM STILL SO FUCKED UP ABOUT IT. So for your listening pleasure (because trust me, listening to Sylar do his Hux voice is a pleasure) here is two scenes from Breaking Point, as read by Aicosu.

I love you two so much that I pretty much want to adopt you, you absolute darlings. <3


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When you are busy in the bayou, carrying what is left from Jackson’s house since he and Hayley live in the compound now, you hear the voices behind you.

You stand still, being ready to get in a fight as always and look into the woods.

“Come out come out wherever you are!” you shout. And then you see Aya’s face with a sneaky smile. She tries to break your neck but you are faster and break her arm. Unfortunately, she’s not alone and the other friends of hers jumps on you. The next thing you know, your neck is broken.

When you wake up, you see the vampires around you and feel the wolf bite on your shoulder.

“You are clever, Aya, I’ll give you that.” you mumble. She doesn’t look at you and you can’t move your arms. “But there’s something you’ve been missing, loveliest.”

“And what is that, baby Mikaelson?”

“I’m worse than you can only imagine.”

“I’d like to stay and negotiate but your brothers and sister on their way. I think we may not see you ever again.”

“You know, Aya, I really like my family.” you say and feel the strength coming back to your body. “And the other thing I like the most… is healing spell.”

You get rid of the ropes tying you up and get up very fast.

“Now, let’s see… I may be the youngest Mikaelson but I’m worse than Klaus. Or Elijah, you may recall his power back in your very human life. Life can be a little tricky, don’t you think?”

You catch her neck and pin her to the wall.

“This for underestimating me.” And you rip her heart out.

When you get back to home you see Elijah and Klaus making plans.

“Hey guys,” you say. “It was such a busy day but I have great news for you. I was kidnapped by the Strix.”

“You what-” They both come closer to you and check you up.

“And I ripped your ex’s heart out, Elijah, sorry not sorry.”

“Aya?” Elijah frowns. “What did she do to you and was there anyone in there besides her?”

“No, she was alone. But you know what they say… Talk shit, get killed.”

Sun coordinated the rocket locker airstrike and here’s why

So with the help of @miss-nerdgasmz, I have come to realize that Sun is a lot more mature and dependable than we first thought. On top of that, he’s very outright and open with what he’s doing, despite how illegal or reckless it may seem. He doesn’t apologize for stowing away on that ship, he outright calls himself a great stowaway. He tells Blake he stole her food, information that could have been withheld very easily, urging Blake to ask him if he always breaks the law without a second thought. 

It’s for this reason that I feel Sun has become a bit of a voice of reason among the other fighters. When they’re told by Ironwood no one will blame them for turning away from the fight, he’s the first to break the silence with “I mean, c’mon.” Ushering away all fear and doubt in the group. Both in that airship and back on the roof at the end of volume 1, when Blake and Ruby rush back into danger, he calls after them with “Hey, what are you doing?!”

Sun may break the law with reckless abaddon, but he’s not crazy. He’s actually very mature and grounded. He finds it a little weird that RWBY causes so much property damage, and finds them to be very eccentric and fun. 

So tell me, out of the fighters who stayed in the arena, who do you suppose would be most likely to coordinate all the students there to call in their rocket lockers on that Nevermore, and use them to create a makeshift airstrike? Well, since the team leaders seem to be the ones calling the shots here, let’s look at them for this analysis. Ruby and Jaune are both too preoccupied, so that leaves Sun, Coco, and Arslan. As badass as Arslan and Coco are, they don’t seem to coordinate with their teams in the many that Ruby, Jaune, and Sun do, preferring to let them do as they wish. 

So that leaves Sun. Sun is the voice of reason who tells the other students to call down their Lockers on the Nevermore. Sun is the voice of reason that gets this band of students motivated to defend the school. Sun Wukong is important.

I only just realized this, but in 5x14 when Meredith is trying to teach Lydia how to use her powers, she tells her to make herself a “bullet” to break the glass. She also tells her that she needs to find her own way of using her powers. 

You know what enables Lydia to use her powers her own way? Malia does. Malia being in danger prompts Lydia to turn her voice into a bullet, break the glass, and break free. And it’s not a coincidence that it’s Malia! It doesn’t just show that Lydia uses her powers to help her friends. It shows how profound the bond between Malia and Lydia is. Lydia’s love for Malia was enough for her to break free and find her own “way”.