when he's truly alone and he's just thinking

i think that when lilys mom got sick she didnt really tell anyone and she kept a great facade that only dropped when she thought no one was looking (spoiler alert: james was always looking) and one evening in sixth year he confronts her about it 
at first she is strong and all but she just kind of breaks down
and its okay because he know what she is going through and come on. its james.
and its james who talks her down and lets her know that she is not alone and that she can always talk to him
it think that thats the moment when she truly came to the terms that he changed and thats when they really became friends

I can’t believe that if Anna did know about josh molesting the five girls that she would still want to enter a courtship with him. She was looking for the father of her children and she thought a child molester was the best she could do? She either didn’t know and is in shock right now or she did know and was a giant idiot. I think the only good part about this is that I truly don’t believe josh is ever alone with his daughter or sons when the camera isn’t on. I think him “babysitting” like taking the kids to the store and stuff is literally just for the cameras and he has no idea what do for his kids cuz Anna is always there. So I’m not worried that he has hurt them. If he has I hope he goes to jail.

Finished reading David Foster Wallace’s biography Every Love Story is a Ghost Story again today for the third time. I think i’ll read it ten or twenty or a hundred more times - I’ve never felt so connected to a stranger before. My father says that worries him, since DFW killed himself so young. But that’s not really the point of my connection. I just feel less alone when I read his work. I’ve always loved everything he’s written, I mean, hell, my first tattoo was a DFW quote. But I think what I love so much about this biography is that you get this outside look into his life, and you see him lowered down from this literary pedestal - you see him as a truly broken, aching man, who wrote and wrote until it didn’t help him anymore. I guess you could just call me another one of his fangirls, but I don’t like to think of myself that way. He inspired me to be a writer - I hope that in my life I will produce a body of work half as good as what he accomplished. 

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Louis gets sad when he’s missing people. His mum, his siblings, his friends. He always says that he just wants to be left alone but what he really wants is to have company, to be cuddled, and all of the boys know it. They don’t let him be alone, not when he’s like that, and that makes it better, if only marginally. 

Harry - I have no idea why, but I always think that Harry’s very in tune with other people’s emotions, so other people being sad would make him sad. The people who are close to him, at least. Other than that - he gets sad when people are fighting - really, truly fighting, not just bickering. People he loves fighting with each other hits him like a punch in the gut, because he wants to fix it and he can’t.

I think the one thing that upsets me most in life is the fact that Christopher smokes. it is truly so bad and harmful to your body let alone the others around you. I can’t even imagine my life without him but when he smokes it’s all I think about. it scares me so much and I would do anything in order for him to quit. he smokes so often and has for so long now it scares me so much everyday. he doesn’t want to quit and whenever it’s brought up in discussion I feel so annoying since he gets mad or whatever. it really would mean the WORLD to me if he even just attempted at quitting for me. I know quitting for someone isn’t really legitimate but I know I would for him if the roles were reversed. my entire relationship would be so different in my eyes if he quit. so much would change for the better and I just wish he could quit for not only me but for himself. I just wish he could see the bigger picture and where I’m coming from and that what he’s doing is effecting us both in the future. it just upsets me because to me it’s almost like, if he loves me why can’t he at least just try?