when he turns rachel to ross

John Fawcett’s interview with Dalton Ross for EW Live (audio)

  • Dalton Ross is going to appear in a scene, in Alison’s world, he plays a “suburban dad”.
  • This season has “a big clone surprise for the finale”.
  • Season 3 has “a lot of answers and a lot of new questions”.
  • The show goes in another direction “hopefully people will go with and be excited about, and we make a bunch of turns they won’t see coming”.
  • The Leda clones are the heart and soul of the story. “…we don’t take that stuff lightly when it comes to Alison, Cosima, Sarah, Helena, and even Rachel to some degree”.

anonymous asked:

An argument where instead of storming off, both of them just realise how silly it is. And just hug it out.

All I can think of is that argument in Friends where Ross and Rachel are yelling at each other and then Ross says “I love you” and she’s all “Well I love you too.” “Well I’m gonna kiss you.” “Well you better” or something like that. Anyway…..yes. Just yes.

Neither of them wanted the fight in the first place, it had started small and escalated until they were screaming at each other. Aaron turned away and gripped the back of the chair when suddenly Robert realised how stupid it all is, he doesn’t want this. He doesn’t want Aaron upset, he doesn’t want them to storm off and break up. He marches over and wraps his arms around Aaron, pushing his face into Aaron’s back and murmuring that he’s sorry. Aaron turns around immediately and they hug tightly until Robert pulls back and cups Aaron face and tells him he loves him.