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.: how to catch a nerd 2 :.

this series is going to be my favorite thing to write tbh ♡

Since I’ve got so many readers hyped for this story, here’s an early update ♡

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Peter couldn’t hide the grin from his face the more he talked to this girl. She clearly had an intelligence that matched her beauty, and that just made him all the more interested in her. [Name] embodied everything he ever wanted in a girl, and he looked forward to getting to know her better.

Unlike the girls at Midtown who only wanted him for his looks and for the chance to climb up the social ladder, he knew that [Name] was different. They never wanted to get to know who was beneath this cool guy exterior, and Peter was tired of pretending all the time.

Which was why he was was so drawn to [Name], maybe with her, there was a chance.

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[translations] 2017.03.25 NCT DREAM fansign at Busan fan accounts

1. Jeno: As Jisung is becoming the Maknae (Youngest) on Top, Mark is starting to feel like the youngest member.
Jeno: He seems to only treat Renjun and Haechan like elder brothers
Jisung: Renjun ah~ (Jisung dropped the formalities)  [nct_maru]

2. OP asked Jisung what’s his limit for the criteria as a noona, in terms of age. Jisung (after some hesitation),”40 years old?” hahaha [Haechan_love66]

3. OP: Have you received your birthday present from Jisung?
Renjun: Not yet, I will ask him for it tonight. [jjelly_love]

4. OP: During the SM Rookies period, you did many performances right?
Jeno: Yes
OP: Any performance that left a deep impression in you?
Jeno: Our first performance on SMTOWN Concert as Rookies, when we did (EXO’s) Growl [_hyun214]

5. OP: You have mentioned that you wanted to produce your own songs right?
Haechan: Yes
OP: Have you thought of any signature sound to put in for finishing the song?
Haechan: Signature sound? for example?
OP: Erm… JYP!
Haechan: Ah! For me it shall be “HO! HO!” [cuddlyrabbitdy]

6. OP: Hello Jeno, any songs from the other units of NCT you would like to try?
Jeno: (Almost without hesitation) The 7th Sense
OP: Any reason for choosing The 7th Sense?
Jeno: It’s just so cool. [enett_nct]

7. OP: Why did Jisung come to Busan so many times?
Jisung: Because I have a REALLY really close relative here, so I come often.
OP: You are friends with Chenle now right? So you don’t call him hyung anymore?
Jisung: Yes hahahahah (looks at Chenle) We are (same aged) friends. [enett_nct]

8. OP asked Jeno if there’s anything he wants to try when he turns 20, Jeno said,”Chicken & Beer?” While Jisung said there’s nothing in particular that he wants to try [DalcHan_ | nct_jeuha]

9. OP: Favorite NCT song?
Haechan: For me? The 7th Sense
OP: Really?
Haechan: Ah! Are Dream’s songs included? Then it’s My First & Last! [mxxklee]

10. OP: Who is the easiest to get along with?
Jisung: Someone I’m comfortable with? *Smiled and pointed at Chenle who is sitting beside him*
OP: Chenle?
Jisung: Yes, because we are (same aged) friends [cuddlyrabbitdy]

11. OP asked Jisung if Haechan and Mark taught Chenle and him a lesson after they returned from Mexico and Jisung said,”No no that was just a joke” and cutely tilted his head LOL [jjelly_love]
t/n: watch NCT LIFE Entertainment Retreat episode 5 

blablablafansubplz  asked:

Hi! In your opinion what kind of drunk is Kuroo? (Emotionnal, sleppy, agressive,...) Can I have a scenario where is gf pick him up cause he is drunk af. What will appen? Thanks a like your blog SO MUCH!!

I combined these two asks, hope you don’t mind! -Admin Mar

If there was a single word that could describe Kuroo when he was drunk, it would be: clingy. Definitely clingy.

Right now, he was hugging you, not letting you go because “I missed you so much I t-thought I was going to explode!!” and you were like “no Kuroo that was just your body telling you not to drink more alcohol” and he continued with his whining, telling you “you don’t love me anymoreee, I have t-to get you back”

How you found yourself in this situation? Oh yes, Kenma called you a while ago.

–Incoming call: Kenma-pi

“Kenma? Hello?” you said

“Hey (name), umh I just called to tell you that…” you could hear Kenma sigh through the line “Kuroo drank way more than he was supposed to, and he’s crying saying that he misses you”

“Omg Kenma tell me that isn’t true and you were dared”

“It’s true, come to pick him up please”

“But the last time I saw him was a few hours ago!” you said, a little exasperated

“Mixed with everything he drank, it was enough for him to get into that state”

“Okay, I’ll be going, see you Kenma”

When you arrived to the party, the first thing you saw outside was Kenma. When you get to his side, he just made a motion with his head, for you to follow him. When you entered, you saw people that were pretty sober, like Yaku, Akaashi, and Kai, and you greeted them.

As you arrived where Kuroo was, you saw him hugging Bokuto, and you could hear him say “Don’t worry Kuroo, (Name) is on her way, you won’t miss her anymore”

As you got near them, you said “Hi there” and both of their heads went your way

“(Name)!!!” they shouted as they moved towards you. And then, you found yourself being crushed by the hug of the two.

“(Name) Kuroo misses you a loooooooooooot” Bokuto said, his eyes shining with tears, you could tell that he had drank a little too.

“Yes, yes he is right” Kuroo said as he nuzzled you cheek with his.

“Well well, I’m here, can you let me breath a little more?” And as Bokuto released you, Kuroo led you to another room.

And well, there you were, Kuroo “trying to get your love back” and you, trying to convince him to go home.

“Hey (Name)” Kuroo said, and you looked at him “I wish I were adenine because then I could be paired with U” and you started muffling your laugh.

He looked at you, his eyes full of hope, and he continued “You must be the acid to my litmus paper ‘cause every time I meet you I turn bright red” and well, this time you couldn’t stop your laughter.

“Omg Kuroo just stop, hahahahah we’re going home hahahah I can’t believe this” and you hugged him, to give him reassurance that you weren’t going anywhere without him.

As you went into the car, you hear him say “You must be made of uranium and iodine because all I can see is U and I together.” He continued, and you said “Of course love, U and I together always” he was about to continue when you said “But if you don’t stop with that, I’ll leave you right here” and he pouted, his face saddening a little.

You could swear, if he ever put that face again when asking you for something, you could rob a bank without problem. God, he was so adorable when he wanted to.

When you arrived home, and led him into the room, he hugged you again and put his face against your neck “Do u love me again (Name)?” he asked you.

You looked at him, and led him to the bed. When you two were laying on it, you grabbed his hands and said “Forget hydrogen, you’re my number one element” he grinned and kissed you, and when you noticed him dozing off to sleep, you started stroking his hair, since he enjoyed that a lot.

After a while, you could hear his snores, and his peaceful expression. Before dozing off to sleep you too, you murmured “How could I not love you, you big nerd?”

anonymous asked:

I totally love the idea of domestic Sabriel, where every morning when they kiss each other goodbye, Gabriel just HAPPENS to be standing on the stairs so Sam doesn't have to bend down. He's considerate like that

hahahahah ahhh yes, the staircase kisses  <3

They also do ‘em everytime they are climbing up the stairs to go to their room - for sexy times or otherwise: Gabriel turns and kisses Sam full in the mouth, a several seconds-long smooch that always leaves Sam breathless. Or when they meet in the middle of the stair case, Sam going up to take a shower after his run and Gabriel going down with his arms full of dirty loundry; those kisses are always started by Sam, that, despite of being gross, eww Sam, you’re all sweaty leaves Gabriel flustered and with accelerated heartbeat, and a load of laundry to pick up from the floor where they fell.

Staircase kisses also happen when they are so horny that they cannot wait to get into the room; instead, Sam picks Gabe up, makes his legs go around his waist, and pins him to the wall so Sam can ravish his neck. This kind of kiss happens often enough that they had to take the photographies off the wall after more than half a dozen of those fell off and broke during one of their make-outs.

domestic sabriel, yes  (◡‿◡✿)