when he touches her head ;A;

5. French Kiss.

Iris is pretty sure it’s an accident when it happens.

They’ve only kissed a few times and it’s always been gentle lip locks, but they’ve never gone as far as that.

She surprises him, no big deal, it’s not his fault. His mouth is half open when it happens and it surprises them both. What’s meant to be a quick kiss before he bounces off to work turns smooth and heated when his tongue touches her teeth.

He’s caught even more off guard when she shoves his back against the door, pinning him to it. It’s a good cover up, making her look like she’s done it all on purpose, and the soft squeak that emits from his throat causes her to giggle when she pulls back.

“W-… wow.”

Iris smiles up at him and smooths her hands down his chest, “Not bad?”

“A f-first.”

“But not bad?”

“At all,” he shakes his head, “No, no, not at all.”

Iris licks her lips and leans in to kiss him a little more chaste, “Good.”

Code: Realize Review

Plot:  Code: Realize is about the protagonist Cardia (the name is changeable) who lives in an abandoned home in the forest. Her body carries a deadly poison, and touching her is enough to be killed. When the British military tries to take her in, legendary phantom thief Arsene Lupin steps in and saves her. He promises to steal her heart and help her find her father, as he’s looking for him too. Joining them is Victor Frankenstein, Impey Barbicane, Van Helsing, and Saint Germaine. What happens when Cardia realizes that she’s in over her head?

The art is strikingly fantastic. The characters have interesting designs without being too cluttered. After playing the game, I’d like to say it’s an otome game any fan could enjoy because of it’s great pacing, and easy to get into story. It never felt like it dragged on despite being an absolutely massive game. The writing was great, and I always felt the stakes. The interactions were charming and I always loved watching the banter between the characters. The whole game was an absolute joy.

Characters, and final verdict below the line!

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look me in the face and tell me that baby anakin didn’t

  • spend 30 minutes trying to herd a ladybug onto his finger so he could set it free
  • smile at strangers who looked like they were having a bad day
  • earnestly ask his mother when her birthday was so he could give her something
  • try to rehabilitate flowers that other people stomped all over
  • brag about his mother to anyone in earshot
  • have over-complicated handshakes with kitster
  • pull on people’s pants leg to get their attention
  • watch butterflies intently and find them beautiful
  • blow kisses to his mom

look at me straight in my eyes motherfucker

forbidden actions

So far all we know for sure is that Naegi’s forbidden action is running in the hallways, but based of the way the cast were acting we can already guess what a few of the other’s the forbidden actions are

- Kirigiri can’t talk to Naegi (after waking up she doesn’t talk to Naegi once at all, even when she creates a distraction with the fire extinguisher she only makes a head gesture towards him)

- Munakata can’t open doors (after Naegi closes the door behind him he completely stops chasing them and checks his bangle and he smashes through the wall to get to them)

- Gekkogahara can’t be touched by others (when Asahina tries to touch her she moves her head away from her hand)

less clear theorys:

- Izayoi can’t eat? (he refused to eat what Andoh offered him. This one is a bit unclear because it happens before everyone is told to check their bangles and the only person explicitly shown to check their bangle before that is Kirigiri)

- Koichi is obligated to lie? (when Munakata asks everyone to point to the person they suspect he inexplicably points to Gekkogahara, supposedly because of a hunch)


I am obsessed with their body language. It’s very evident that they want each other. There’s a lot of sexual energy in their movements. Barry’s wide eyes, Iris’s shy eyes, Barry touching his lips, the bashful smiles, and expressions of disbelief, Iris’s dry swallow, Barry bringing his hand behind his head and neck like he does when he’s nervous, the involuntary, hesitant, coordinated stepping towards each other, Barry rubbing his hands together, Iris shrugging and wringing her arms when she asks if he still wants this, Barry’s eyes following her as she walks away, and holding his head like he can’t believe what just hit him when she’s gone, and how he realizes his decision was just made more complicated or maybe more easy. There is tension begging to be released for sure, and it’s so glorious because you know they are so pure that any sexual heat between them is like a recompense for utterly loving each other for no ulterior reason besides genuine, selfless love. (x)

Spontaneity (Peter Parker)

i’m probably going to be out all day, but wanted to post something really mundane and funny and sweet. 

“Isn’t this nice?” You inquire from the front of the canoeing boat as the pair of you rest your paddles next to each other in order to bask underneath the comfortable sunlight that touches your bare skin.

Peter grins when you turn to look at him over your shoulder. “It’s perfect,” He reassures. As you turn your head back around to face the front, his eyes momentarily drink in your form. Even though you’re both wearing life-vests over your swimsuits, he’s already memorized the curve of your back.

He looks away before he can start undressing her. “Hey,” He brings up suddenly, catching your attention as you look over your shoulder again to stare at him. “Where’s your phone?”

You knit your eyebrows and avert your gaze for a second in order to fish out your phone in a waterproof case around your neck. “Why?”

He feels something glint inside of him as an idea of spontaneity appeared in his mind. Without a warning, he grips the edges of the canoe and starts to rock from side to side aggressively, tilting the boat while doing so.

Your eyes widen as you start to realize what Peter is planning. “Peter, wait—!” But before you can finish your sentence, the boat tips over, bringing you both and the paddles down into the icy cold water. The pair of you surface a few moments later, underneath the dome the fallen boat has provided you with. “Peter!” You cry out, shivering from the cold water touching your skin.

Peter is still laughing as he takes in your physical condition, before he sobers up. “I’m sorry,” He says, his eyes alit with devious intentions. “You gotta keep up on your toes when you’re with me.”

You laugh at his choice of words, before your laugh dies down to a smirk. Before he can process your actions, you quickly reach across towards him, grab him by the collar of his life-vest, and crushes his lips against yours.

anonymous asked:

One of my cousins, who happens to be as dark as Akon, was one of those black dudes that refused to date black women, especially dark skinned ones for typical reasons they list (oh she got an attitude, her hair's too nappy), but now that he's had 4 babies by three women (by the time he turned 21) and white girls won't touch him with a ten foot pole anymore black women are suddenly good enough for him again.

Ugh. I wish there was a app or something to warn black women of men like this so we can avoid them. A magical bubble that pops over their heads that says “Doesn’t like black women” or “Didn’t like black women” when we walk past them on the street. I don’t think anti-black women men deserve the love, companionship or even the presence of black women.

anonymous asked:

Everyone has the belief that Sinbad's s/o is innocent, conservative, and pure and always tries their best to not make inappropriate sexual jokes around them for fear of making them uncomfortable. But in reality they are mistaken as his s/o secretly daydreams about getting pounded sinbad and tons of other dirty thoughts

By Admin Kadia

Sinbad: It was too funny that everyone thought you were innocent, you were almost as bad as Sinbad when it came to perverted thoughts. Instead of correcting everyone, you rolled with it leading to the funniest stuff. Sinbad didn’t even have the heart to touch you besides PDA, it was slightly disappointing.

“(Y/n)!” A laughing Pisti shouted, running over.

“Yes, Pisti?” You asked the general, who start laughing even more.

“Can you go ask Sinbad if he turns you on?” It too all your power not to start smiling or join her in laughter.

“Why? Does it mean something bad?” You say titling your head to the side.

“It means to make him really happy.”   

“Oh. Then I can ask him!” With that you skipping towards Sinbad’s office, hearing the small general dying cause she was laughing so hard. Knocking on the door, you heard a small ‘come in’ and entered the room.

“What a nice surprise (Y/n).” The king says, happy to see someone besides his adviser.

“Sin, can I ask you something?” You ask, moving towards his desk.

“Of course my love.”

“Do I turn you on?” The room suddenly froze as your S/O stared, unsure how to reply. “Pisti told me it’s mean that I make you really happy. So do I?” The king made a list in his head as how to punish Pisti, better yet having Ja’far do it

“Yes (Y/n), you do.” Sinbad tells you with a bright smile.

“Goodie!” Giving him a kiss, you head towards the door. As you were opening it, you call out towards the king once more. “Also just so you know, I know what that means. You should really stop hiding your desires from me, Sin. I’m not that innocent and I can think of ways that make me better than most in bed.” With that you left a shocked Sinbad, who wasn’t ever expecting that to happen. 

anonymous asked:

Au where either fenris or hawke die but they spend their afterlife haunting the hell of out the other?

Today on “I can’t believe you’ve done this.” Feels warning ahead. 

Recommended Listening: A Blessing - Max Richter

When she touches him, he screams. He’s kneeling on the ground, his hands over his head, forehead touching the cool stone below. She has her hand on his shoulder and he’s screaming. When she pulls her hand away, the screaming fades into broken sobs. His hands wind into fists, pulling at his hair, rocking back and forth and she does not touch him. She hugs her arms to herself and tells him how sorry she is, over and over again, the words pouring from her mouth. He does not hear her.

“What have you done Anders?” She turns white, the fear and horror plainly read on her face, and she turns towards Hightown. The Chantry. He’s done something to the Chantry. She has to get Elthina. Hawke turns towards the steps heading away from Lowtown and takes them two at a time, running as fast as she can. Faintly she can hear them yelling behind her, Anders screaming at her not to, Fenris telling her to come back. She’s almost there. She’s so close. Then she’s blown back.

He lights no candles. He’s a ghost as much as she, and he haunts her estate. He spends most of his time sleeping, as he cannot bear the pain of waking. He cowers at the sound of knocking, and makes himself small, as though he is not there. He isn’t, not truly. He eats enough to survive. He doesn’t feel hunger anymore. She follows behind him, arms around herself, and begs for him to hear her. To know she’s keeping the promise to stay by his side.

Her back hits the wall, and she crumples to the ground, gasping. She wants to get up, crawl away from the fire, but she’s so cold and she thinks there’s something missing. She presses her hands to her gut and finds it warm and wet with blood. It doesn’t hurt. “Hawke!” She closes her eyes. That’s Fenris, his panicked voice, searching for her. He gives a strangled shout when he finds her, collapsing to his knees, taking her in his arms. She smiles up at him.

“You found me,” she says. His arms are tight around her, his fingers bruising into her flesh as he holds her. He brushes hair away from her face, wipes the blood from her mouth, and presses his lips to her forehead. He rocks her in his arms and she wishes she could feel his warmth. It’s just so cold. Her teeth are chattering as she shakes, and her hand finds his shoulder, his neck, his face.

“Hawke, Hawke, Marian,” he gasps, “please, look at me, stay with me.” She wants to, but she feels so unfocused, her eyelids so heavy. “I cannot – I cannot do this without you, please, Hawke, don’t leave me, please don’t leave me.”

While he sleeps, she runs her fingers through his hair, and wishes she could feel him. Her touch does nothing except make him wince. She stayed, for him, but all that’s done is cause him more pain. He rolls over, away from her, burying his face in the pillow. He barely rises out of bed now. He’s wasting away in her bedroom, dreaming of Hawke. The others have tried breaking in before, but none could rouse him. The only one who could was gone, was sitting on the bed, and could only watch.

“Fenris, Fenris, I have loved you so much,” she tells him, smiling as her eyes close, “the moment we met, I knew it was over for me.” Her head is resting against his chest, and he will not let her go, only holding her tighter. “Maker, but I will miss you.” She sighs, feeling tears not her own on her face. He holds her as he screams, begging her to come back. So she stays, kneeling beside him and her own broken body, and tells him she is his and she will never leave his side. He keeps screaming.

Today he wakes in the afternoon, although he doesn’t know that. The curtains are closed, the sun hidden, and time doesn’t really matter. Fenris sits up, his feet touching the ground, and he sits at the edge of her bed for a long time. Hawke sits beside him. He rises and she rises with him, watching as he changes into clothes that no longer fit him, taking a sword that he now struggles to carry. He leaves her estate for the first time in months. He’s walking to the Wounded Coast, and she’s walking with him, and oh Maker she wishes she could hold his hand. Make it seem like one of those nightly strolls they used to take. He throws his sword off a cliff, into the water below. He sits at the edge, his feet dangling over, and he’s so tired. Hawke sits beside him and watches the sun set while he watches the waves crash against rocks. Fenris walked to the Wounded Coast. He did not walk back.

“I’ve missed you,” she says.

“And I you, Hawke. I am yours,” he says.

nothing like waking up with wet hair (1/1?)

prompt: a hole in Clarke’s tent

Bellarke AU Week: Day One (Canon AU) (the Ark never came down and they are still at the dropship)

Clarke couldn’t get her mother’s words out of her head, ‘your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first’.  

Look at how well that was treating her, first she had given up her spot in the drop ship to one of the younger girls. Apparently the girl had been feeling a touch vulnerable and plus her friend was one of the kids who’d broken her leg in the initial crash to earth.

Then she’d taken on an extra guard shift when another kid got injured, plus a foraging duty when one of the kids contracted some kind of virus which he couldn’t seem to get over. It was all little things, but she did her best to support the camp.

Abby’s words still haunted Clarke at night, echoing over and over in her head, almost as though it was taunting her, demanding that she do even more. Whispering in her ear that she could do more, that she could re-organise the rosters play to everyone strengths, but first she’d have to interview them to find their strength, train some of the younger kids up in medical, as well as have a few trail Raven and Monty, assuming they didn’t piss them off. (ok, assuming they didn’t Raven off, the last thing she needed was Raven to be pissed off with her, especially with their oncoming trading mission.)

She tried to squeeze her eyes tighter shut, push away the thoughts and instead finally get some rest. The soft pattering of rain began to fall on her tent, slowly lulling her to sleep.

In her dreams her mother’s words still echoed, circling around and around.

She woke with a start, “you get that stubborn streak from your mother, one of the many things I love about both of you.”

Wet strands of hair clung to her neck and was plastered to her face, cold strands also hung down her back, making her shiver as a sharp breeze blew through her tent. The material had been some of the most worn and damaged, it didn’t seal and apparently a new hole had torn over her head during the night, leaving the water to soak through her blankets, and her clothes. She shivered again, wrenching herself out of bed, her joints stiff from the cold, the movement causing shooting pains.

“Clarke, are you decent?” Bellamy voice came from outside her tent.

“Give me a minute,” she gathered her thoughts, and her spare clothes. Bellamy would insist on her changing tents and given there were no spare tents, she’d have to share with someone, which didn’t appeal to her at all.

Her hair pulled back into a low bun and wearing slightly damp clothes, she greeted Bellamy Blake. Their time on Earth had changed him, like all their group had, six months could do that to people. Bellamy Blake had softened, but at the same parts of him had strengthened, he was still a force to be reckoned with. He was still the charismatic, brilliant leader that he’d been when they landed, but he was also tempered by their time here. It’d been fascinating for Clarke to watch him grow from hot headed and sometimes impatient, to be the calming influence in many situations.

He was also too discerning, he took one look at her hair, even tied up at it was.

“Jesus Clarke, how is your hair wet?” He pushed passed and no doubt discovered her bed, saturated as it was. “Is there a hole in the tent?” She heard him ask, then saw him lift the tent, “Clarke, why didn’t you say there was a hole in your tent?”

“Bellamy, why did you want me?”

He stuck his head out of her tent, frowning at her.

“I wanted to discuss the rotation’s for next week, but it’s going to keep raining all week,”

Clarke stared back at him.


“There’s a hole in your tent Princess, you can stay with me then,”

draconianhowell  asked:

AU where Jason and Annabeth fall into Tartarus instead of Annabeth and Percy and they get really close thinking they're never getting out and they fall in love and then end up getting out and break Percy and Piper's hearts?

  • Jason just remembers a blur. He remembers Annabeth starting to fall into the hole in the ground and him reacting. 
  • He remembers holding onto Annabeth and her screaming out Percy’s name. 
  • When he came to, they were both lying on the ground, alive. Annabeth was crying as she laid there. Jason rolled to his side to face her.
  • “Annabeth…” He gently touched her arm. “We’re okay.”
  • “Do you know where we are?” She hiccuped. 
  • He shook his head.
  • “In literal hell. We can’t escape.” Tears were starting to pour down her face. “I won’t see Percy ever again and I just got him back.”
  • Jason sat up and rubbed Annabeth’s back. 
  • His heart started to crush as he thought of Piper. He was finally starting to develop a real relationship with her and now…he might never see her again.
  • Annabeth sat up after what felt like an hour. She looked around before her eyes landed on him. “We better move. If we stay, monsters will start to flock towards us.”
  • Jason nodded and got up. 
  • They walked in silence, jumping at every little sound. Annabeth had a strong grip on her dagger that her knuckles were white. 
  • Jason touched her back and she jumped. 
  • “We’ll find a way out. We’ll see Percy and Piper again.” He promised.
  • She nodded, swallowing hard. 
  • They wondered around, trying to find a way out. To pass time, they just talked. Annabeth talked about her childhood, how she met Thalia and Luke, Percy, Camp Half Blood, anything to get her mind off where they were.
  • Jason talked about his childhood and Camp Jupiter, which Annabeth was more interested in than anything. 
  • Days, weeks, maybe months felt like they passed for them. They were starting to give up. Annabeth started to feel trapped and usually clinged onto Jason as she slept. 
  • He couldn’t help but feel something for her. They got to know each other very well. They fought as one and knew a lot of personal details about each other. They had this experience to relate to.
  • One night, right before Annabeth was going to take watch, Jason kissed her. He had no idea what possessed him to do that, but he was surprised that she kissed back. 
  • The rest of the time, they held hands as they wondered around. Both of them getting desperate to get out or die.
  • As they were about to give up hope, they saw it, the Doors of Death. Their exit home, swarmed by monsters. 
  • They fought, fought their way into the elevator. Jason, manipulating the air to keep them closed as they shot up into the air. Annabeth held onto him, hoping that they would make it. Make it back home.
  • When the doors opened, they rushed out, only to be welcomed by their friends. 
  • Percy ran to Annabeth and gave her the biggest hug and kissed her which she just received. 
  • Piper ran to Jason and gave him a hug. Jason looked at his girlfriend and didn’t feel anything as she hugged him. 
  • He looked at Annabeth and she looked the same way he did, like she needed to break Percy’s heart.
  • Jason looked at Piper. “Piper, we need to talk…” 

onessiss  asked:

Hi) I will not be very original😃 Shandy. L. A stolen kiss

@emmamarypoland asked, “Shandy - L 😃😆” so this is for both of you. I think this is my first minific. Anyway, I’m sorry it took so long, not sure it’s a stolen kiss but this is where my mind went. I hope you enjoy! Thank you both for asking!!

Her touch. It’s as unique as the sound of her voice, the small noises she makes when he kisses her, the sensual way she walks, and the sweet way she smells. He knows the feeling of her hands, how her fingers stroke his skin. Even groggy on anesthesia he knows it’s her. Her fingertips run against his palm, up his arm and back down in a soothing cycle.  

He opens his eyes to the harsh fluorescent lights. Her fingers stop and shakenly slip into his hand. He closes his fingers around hers before tilting his head so he can see her.  

She is smiling, the comforting smile that always allows him to know things are going to be alright. He feels that familiar flutter in his chest whenever he’s alone with her.  

And he groans.

She whispers, “Are you in pain?” as she stands.

He shakes his head, his eyes drooping closed. “You waited.“

She smiles, leaning forward slowly, her warm hand lightly caressing the side of his face, and his eyes close sluggishly again. The feeling of her touch and the smell of the hospital vanishing with the scent of her makes him sigh. Her fingers caress his jaw.  

“I’m happy to see you awake.” Her shaky voice caresses his lips. Then it is a faint touch, her lips on his. The smallest of brushes. It was Sharon who leaned in, surprising him, but it was Andy who deepened it earning himself a pleased whimper.  

Caryl headcanon at The Sanctuary

Daryl is in chains in a cell at the Sanctuary.

Dwight has teamed up with Carol,leads her to the Sanctuary as a “captive”,locks her into the same cell as Daryl.

Daryl is furious when he sees her.Hurt,anger,fear taking over,he tries to get more close to her,but the chains that are attached to the wall and floor hold and flung him back to the concrete with a painful force.

Carol is perfectly still during his rant,she can see in his eyes that he is totally broken. She is broken,too,seeing he has been tortured and starved,leaving only an empty shell of him.She breaks out in a cold sweat,tearing up with silent,excruciating tears.

When he sits powerless on the floor,chest still heaving,she begins to approach him very slowly,carefully.One step at a time.She crouches down near his dirty legs,gently reaching out to touch his calf as lightly as possible.His head shoots up,his sad eyes staring into hers.Her hand moves further up,smooth,slowly reaching for one of his weak bloody hands.He does not move an inch,just follows her actions with his tortured eyes.She is on her knees now,crawling towards him.Painfully slow. Her hands are trembling,but she keeps holding his hand in both of hers like a lifeline,like a treasure.

She is now right in front of him.She looks him straight in the eye,begging him to let her love him,let her be with him.She brings his hand up to her cheek,kissing his palm with closed eyes,just feeling his goodness with all her heart.

Their eyes meet again.These stormy blue eyes are her whole world.

Silent consent.

Very careful,she climbs fully onto his lap,trying to creep into him as much as even possible,tangling her fingers into his filthy hair and inhaling his scent.Slowly,she caresses every little bit of him she can reach,again and again.She wants him to know that he is everything to her.Wants to show him it will be okay again.Wants their bodies to become one,wants to be as near as possible,wants to never leave him again,never let go.

He is home.Always.Forever.

An unwavering reunion (closed RP)

(Closed for @aforgottenmercenary)

(will be using Pokemans RP blog) 

Torashi was finalizing all of his stuff to take with him to Sinnoh, not all there’s left to do is, sissily, take a stroll down memory lane about his adventures and friends he made along the way. When he told most of his friend and family about doing this, he hate to admit it was about someone whose words touched him deep…but hell if he knows what else to do.  He let his friend win the championship, simply cause that battle with Wally was one intense one. That was his Championship battle. After getting read, he shrugged his bag on and heads to Lilycove city, along the walk, he had memories visual play out of when he helpped Zinnia out and in someways…helped him out.  “Gahhh! Stop thinking about her already!” He shouted to himself out loud. He could feel himself shuddered just to fight back against this depressing emotion. “She left me and thats that…thats that.” He said, continues moving towards Liliycove, now started running to get these thoughts out of his head.

It was time for Zinnia to head to Kalos. She went to the department store to buy some more revives, Pokeballs, and potions. It wasn’t long before she was able to get out with the things she needed. It’s finally time to get out of this region… Zinnia started speeding away, making sure that she wasn’t seen… I’m not running away from my duties… I’m not… I’m not.. I’m –

Zinnia fell flat on her face out of pure clumsiness in front of Torashi. Zinnia started to stand up. Drat… Let’s just hope it’s a person I don’t–

Zinnia got up and noticed that it was Torashi…

“H– hey there…. I – I kinda didn’t see you there…”


Phil’s Girl

I can’t…I don’t know…

Phil is my friend.

My BEST friend.

I keep repeating that to myself. Even though I know that, I still can’t wrap my head around why I chose to have a crush on his girlfriend

Look at her, looking at him…and he’s the one that gets to touch her body, and he gets to hold her in his arms at night.

I wish I could have her, I wish I could have (Y/N), is there another woman like her?

I just keep pretending it’s okay, even when they start talking all cutesy to each other.


“Yes, cupcake?”

“I just wanted to tell you I love you.”

“I love you, too, (Y/N).”

God, that makes me sick…

I should really tell her how I feel before it gets out of hand. But then again, are these feelings worth losing my best friend? 

Don’t get me wrong, Phil is a great guy, But I’ve been funny and cool with the lines, what doesn’t she see in me?

Why can’t I find a woman like (Y/N.)

I wish I had (Y/N)…I wish I had Phil’s girl

Simple Connection

Saw a post from @garrusvakarian2153 and this popped into my head. Simple and sweet. Right before the mission the Earth in Mass Effect 3. Shepard/Garrus 

(Didn’t put detail into Shepard so you could imagine your own there)


The cabin lights were dim as the slender form rest uneasily. Garrus nuzzled his commander’s head gently, he knew she was dreaming. What she was dreaming about worried him, was it the risk of losing the battle ahead? Or maybe what they had already lost. Shepard rolled over in her sleep facing him. “Shepard?” he whispered gently running his talons though her hair. She seam to relax a bit hearing his voice but she was still sound asleep.

He leaned into her touching his crest on her head. It was such an intimate gesture; the simple contact and connection they shared. Even though Garrus knew she couldn’t feel what he felt; the knowledge that when they were resting together, sharing this small moment, Garrus was listening. He reached behind her, resting the softer hide around his wrist to her back feeling her breathing, feeling her heart beating. And unbeknownst to Shepard, her heart synced with his. He close his eyes losing himself in the steady rhythm, even though they were different species.

Their hearts beat as one, nothing could change that. Not the Counsel, not the Illusive man or the Reapers. He wiggled his mandibles slowly opening his eyes. Shepard rested easier and he wished he could make more of her worries and trouble fade as easily. “Shepard.” He whispered again, “I love…” he furrowed his brow. It didn’t sound right. She’d told him her feelings at the Citadel; It was perfect, making his heart race and his legs wobbly. Would his words make her feel that too?

Garrus sighed as he slowly left her side. He felt parched and needed some water. He walked to the small bathroom in Shepard’s cabin getting himself a drink. He looked over her with the small glass in hand. He opened his omni-tool sending her a quick message.  

It’s late. Just got up for some water. You’re still asleep. Wanted to say how beautiful I think you are. Love G

Garrus finished his water then set the glass down on the desk before picking up a datapad and walking over to Shepard’s bed. He settled in a chair near by encase she had another bad dream. He’d gotten some reports from the Primarch, he figured he’d take this time to follow up on them. He wanted to make sure nothing would interrupt his mates rest; she would need it to win this stupid war.

Okay, but like…Hotch and Emily touching one another’s scars. 

Hotch, undressing her slowly, seeing the way she almost, almost keeps from flinching when he takes off her shirt, pulling off his own to remind her she’s not the only one with scars, murmuring into her hair that she’s perfect, before he tilts her head back to kiss her and whispers it again.

Emily, contemplative and transfixed, running her thumb over each line that Foyet left, kissing each one, a few scattered teardrops glinting in the light from the window, and pressing her nose to his sternum before turning her head to listen to the sound of his heartbeat.

They have matching fucking scars. What else do you need, writers? 

I swear that if they don’t use Paget’s return to explore Hotchniss, my brain will cave in and I will die.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any head canons about Katara, and Zuko's scar?

I don’t really know… I always imagine Zuko struggling with it some days, rubbing it absentmindedly when he feels like everything’s going to shit and that he’s shit, and I picture Katara stopping him. She’d grab his hand away and replace it with her own, but her touch wouldn’t be condescending or judging like his was. It’d be gentle and accepting. She’s not one to shy away from it. We all know that just based on their time in Ba Sing Se. Dating him (or married or whatever), though, I think she’d work extra hard to make sure he felt attractive, special, and loved, because it is a symbol of a time when everyone save his uncle thought he was worthless. 

So.. hmm… headcanon that Katara doesn’t really see the scar. To her, it’s just a part of him and she loves him.

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what would y/n do if kitten jungkook fell asleep on her??

word count: 295

Your heart was still racing, your breathing still too fast, that you didn’t notice how his hands stopped drawing patterns on your skin, that his head fell, chin touching his chest, strands hanging down, shoulders leaned against yours, and only when your stomach calmed down, stopped turning around and chasing butterflies through your bodies, only  then did you notice that he fell asleep.

His brows were still furrowed, and you wondered what he was thinking about before he fell asleep, why he didn’t talk -he was quiet more than normal, and why the frown didn’t go away, even when he was sleeping. His face was relaxed, though, no tense jaw, no teeth gritting, just a relaxed face, yet there was something bothering him, and you couldn’t help but feel protective over him, so you leaned back, let him fall to your side, feeling the warmth of his breath and you promised yourself to not hurt him, to not be a reason to frown over in his sleep.

I promise.