when he texts you first

((Still can’t believe it’s actually Saeran who cutely announces “CHERIT-CHU!” when you open the MM app instead of Seven))

replaying BBS0.2 and I’m just now realizing that when it zooms in on Ven during the trio scene, his eyes. actually. move. a couple times. it’s super subtle and I probably only noticed this time because I was sitting right in front of my tv BUT???

I thought it was strange enough that his eyes were open in the first place if the illusion was just representing his physical self as Aqua remembered him last (like Terra) bECAUSE HIS EYES HAVE NOT OPENED SINCE HE WENT TO SLEEP




Archie Andrews | Perfect timing

Count of words: 1542

Warnings: there is a paragraph of smut cause in the request you said friends with benefits, so I benefited from the benefits part (I’m trying to make a pun here but I’m horrible. sorry)…. maybe one or two curse words

A/N: just hope you like it ♥♥




tayrae515 asked:
Ok bby reader goes to school with Archie and the gang, Archie and reader don’t like each other but through sexual tension decide to do the whole friends with benefits but not really friends, Archie finds out that reader is a serpent and the only reason she goes to his school is because pop from the dinner is the only person who has ever been there for her archie gets mad at her for lying and she gets offended. Instead of Fred getting shot pop does and Archie helps her and they realize feelings💕

Although you have being going to school with the, so called, Core Four, or the three musketeers ; concluded by Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper (the Core four actually includes Veronica Lodge as well) , since forever, you had just now started hanging out with them. You really didn’t know how it came up, but one day Jughead simply sat across from you at Pop’s and suddenly, boom, you’re friends. Actually, you knew why it happened, but that was only for you and Jughead to know. But even though he and the girls were so nice and friendly, Archie was the exact opposite and truth be told the feelings were mutural.

Here’s the thing, you hated Archie’s guts, but the boy made you feel some time of way, making it seem like he was playing with your head. What you were not aware of was that he felt the same. There were times when he’d look at you and then he would let his eyes linger a little while longer taking in your whole physique, and let them travel even where he shouldn’t. There would actually be a lot of sexual tension between the two but neither of you liked to admit it, thinking it was one-sided. Until tonight.

You and the gang were at Pop’s, eating your favorite burgers accompanied with the infamous curly fries and stupidly sweet milkshakes of Pop’s, when Archie texted you to meet outside the average sized building. He got up first and walked to the side, outside the restaurant where he settled for a while waiting for you to show up; something you did, five minutes later. As soon as you stepped a foot into the cold night a strong arm pulled you to the back of the fast food place, leading you to a door that revealed an abandoned, but surprisingly clean, restroom. The two of you walked in and he locked the door behind you pushing you to it forcefully.


By now he was dangerously close to you, his hands holding your waist, the sexual tension increasing with every second. “I don’t know what it is that you are doing to me, but I want to take you here and now,” he grunted and attacked your lips, slowly making his way to your neck. The kiss was lustfull and passionate, showing you how much affect you had on the boy before you. Soft moans escaped your lips as the red head procceded in removing your shirt and his face moved lower on your body. His hands were traveling across your body as sloppy, wet kisses were placed on a little pathway from your neck to your stomach. “Just fuck me already,” you mumbled under your breath and the boy smirked mischieviously, ridding his body of his clothes and doing the same with yours, the two of you being naked by now. Although you thought he would just oblige to your pleads, he just started teasing you. His hands roamed your body and one of them was placed on you core. Delicately a finger was pushed inside of you, a second one following close behind, giving you more pleasure than awaited. As you got closer and closer to your high, the boy removed his fingers from your now sensitive core, making you wince at the loss of contact. Seeing the reaction he got he swiftly picked you up, your back still by the wooden door of the bathroom as, after making sure it was ok, Archie placed himself inside of you giving you undeniable pleasure. You started getting louder and louder, the pleasure greater than before, as you were still sensitive to the slightest touch. “Sh, now, princess. We don’t want anyone to hear us,” he ordered and started kissing your lips as his thrusts got harder by the minute. As soon as you rode out your highs, the two of you got cleaned up and subtly went outside and back to your much needed dinner.

>>end of smut<<

This begun to be an on and off thing. At random times he would tell you to meet him somewere and then you would ‘bang’. But that was it. He still didn’t like you and you didn’t like him back so you thought that the term ‘friends with benefits’ would suit you two. You know, just without the 'friends’ part. Because of that you didn’t expect the reaction that awaited you once Archie found out about you being a serpent, and it really took you by surprise.
It was a quiet night in the Whyte Wyrm, when a certain red head walked in, looking for trouble. He walked inside looking fierce and all, but he lost it as soon as Mustug started fighting with the boy. “Mustag, enough!” You called but the man gave you a disrespectful look while the boy gave you a nasty one and the two went back on fighting. That until FP came out and stopped the whole thing. “Not you, Red,” he said when Archie grabbed my arm and begun walking outside. “And leave her,” he added when the boy didn’t loosen his grip. “I just wanna talk with her for a second,” he informed and you nodded to FP, reassuring it’s ok. “You are a serpent?” he yelled. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he complained again. “Well, I didn’t think I had to!” You defended and Archie found interest on the floor. “Well you should,” he replied. “Oh come on Andrews. It’s not like we’re dating or something. We just ‘bang’,” you said, “God I hate this word,” you mumbled and went on with what you were saying. “But that’s all.” You swear for a square moment you saw hurt in his eyes, but you could not put your finger on it. “Why are you even going to Riverdale high though?” He questioned and looked at you straight in the eye this time.” I, uh, come with me,” you ordered and the boy did as told. You made your way towards a abandoned little playground right next to the bar. “I was orphanaged when I was around five. Well, kind of. My parents were just horrible people, they always fought, the divorced and then I randomly ended up at the street. Never really understood how. Pop was the one who found me and took care of me. He raised me like his own child and still cares for me even if I took the wrong turn,” you explained to the boy next to you. He looked dumpfounded for a second there and then he opened his mouth. “And why you lied. It wasn’t so hard to say the fricking truth,” he fired and you felt your temper rise. “Excuse you,” I replied sarcastically. “No! You lied. You didn’t tell me you were a serpent or that you were practically family. And you didn’t tell me Jughead’s dad is a serpent,” he angered you more with every word he said. “Leave. Just leave and never come back,” you mumbled and the boy did as told, going back to the bar where his father awaited, dissapointed at the stupidity of his son.

It had been a couple of days ever since the little fight you and Archie had in the playground, when Pop asked you to help around the shop for the day. He was there with his father, having breakfast. He would look at you a lot, basically raping you with his eyes, but you chose to ignore it. At one point that fine, quiet morning he got up and went God knows where when a man dressed in all black bursted through the glass door threatening you all with a gun. For a second he, you made that out from the voice, pointed the weapon at you but Archie managed to pull you away. A shot was heard and bullet went right through Pop’s body. Tears filled your eyes as horrified screams escaped your mouth. Time slowed down as you couldn’t move your body, not now.  Two strong arms were wrapped tightly around you holding you up, as the man in black left, and the few costumers, including the boy’s father, rushed to Pop’s aid, calling an abulance while at it. Archie’s turned you in his arms, your head now in his chest, and your glance adverted from the horrific scene in front of you to the table next to you. His hands were going in cyrcular motions in attempts to calm you down and tame your sobs, something impossible for the time being. One of them found it’s way to your soft hair, as Archie started to tangle his delicate fingers through them. “It’s gonna be ok.” He whispered over and over. Sirens were now heard, along with people talking but now everything was just a blur. “Hey look at me,” the strong boy commanded. “Everything will be alright. Ok? I promise. Pop is gonna be just fine, and I’ll be here,” he said, holding your face in his arms. Then the unexpected happened. His lips engaged with yours in a kiss that indicated love rather than passion. “I think I’m falling for you, even if it’s not the right time to say it,” he smiled down at you after the kiss. “No, no. It’s perfect timing.”

Yoongi Scenario: You Give Me Something.

Request: Hey could I request a scenerio for Min Yoongi about him be insecure because he find out that your ex is an idol that he admires so, he avoid you and star having doubts about you and him like he is not good enough for you and in the end you list all the things you like about him giving him a kiss for each reason. I hope is not to much T_T!

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Yoongi knew he shouldn’t have asked, before this kind of thing hadn’t been important but as time passed and your relationship got more serious his curiosity started to peek him about who you had dated before him.

You had told him at some point that your ex was also an idol but Yoongi hadn’t asked who it was and he really hadn’t wanted to know, it didn’t matter who you had dated before, what mattered was that how much he liked you and how he felt when you were around him, he felt happier, lighter and also a little crazier. 

Yoongi thought he must be definitely crazy since he had asked you to reveal who your ex was and honestly he wasn’t expecting your answer. He had guessed someone more or less your age, a lead singer, he pictured him, your ex, as a singer that didn’t matter anymore, he sure didn’t imagine your ex boyfriend was no other than Choi Seunghyun, better known as Big Bang’s rapper TOP.  

Of course he had acted cool about it, in front of you he pretended that you previously dating an idol he admired didn’t mean anything to him and everything remained the same, because really nothing had changed, you kept treating him the same and things between you were good, but to Yoongi those news had struck him like a bag of bricks in the gut and suddenly he wasn’t as confident as he was before.
Now the constant thought that you had dated someone as important and talented as TOP revolted in his head making him feel like crap.

He arrived at the dorm late at night as he usually did, Namjoon and him had stayed longer to review some things about future projects, he just wanted to clear his head about everything, maybe call you and hear your voice, put the whole ex boyfriend thing behind, but when he stepped foot on the apartment Big Bang’s music was blasting throughout the living room.

He watched two of his youngest friends in front of the big tv screen dancing and jamming to Big Bang’s Fxxk It, and of course because his luck was just this good, TOP’s part was coming next. While Namjoon watched the donsaegns with an amused smile on his face Yoongi stared at the screen. TOP was a great artist and rapper, he had always liked Big Bang, and being himself a rapper he had always watched G-Dragon and TOP closely, as both of them were insanely successful and were outstanding in what they did. 

But now knowing that TOP had been your boyfriend the admiration and respect had turned into something else, something that made him scowl at the screen and made him wonder what could have possibly brought you to move on from someone like TOP to someone like him.

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(s) =smut  (f)=fluff  (a)= angst  (k)= kinky (y)= yaoi 

Monsta X


Jagiya, wake up~

Wonho the savior

Truth or Dare (Wonho X Reader X I.M) (s)

Playing with fire (I.M) (s)

Im trying to protect you (I.M) (s)

I own you (Shownu) (s)

Teasing Minhyuk (s)

Focus on meee (Jooheon) (s)

Work hard, play hard (Shownu) (s)

Its been a rough day (Jooheon) (s)

Long time no see (I.M) (f) (s)

No more nice guy (Minhyuk) (s)

Jealous I.M (f) 

Dominant Shownu after you put on make-up on him as a joke (s) (f)

Wonho’s shy and innocent gf that accidentally turns him on and he snaps (s)

Minhyuk and his gf arguing but she wont look at his eyes (f)

Play fighting with I.M (s)

Jooheon trying to make you feel better when you are sad (f)

Hyungwon faking his feelings? (f)

Kihyun and you as enemies but he likes you (s)

Shownu cuts your hair (f)

Minhyuk doesnt love you anymore? (f)

Minhyuk sits you on his lap and things get heated (s)

Dont play with me (Shownu) (s)

Call me oppa (I.M) (s)

Skip class for Jooheon (f)

Candles (Shownu) (s) (k)

First time with Jooheon (s)

Ramen Criminal (Wonho) (f)

You got it twisted (Hyungwon) (s)

Fooling around (Wonho X Reader X Shownu) (s)

Little push (Shownu) (f)

Chocolate covered strawberries (Wonho) (s)

Damn Right (Minhyuk) (s)

Take it (Shownu) (s)

Anything for Daddy (Jooheon) (s)(k)

Better (Jooheon) (s)

I promise (Shownu) (a)

Dont lie (I.M) (s)

Do you think this is funny? (Jooheon) (s)

Gone (Wonho) (a) (f)

You drive me crazy (Kihyun) (s)

Movie night (I.M X Reader X Minhyuk) (s)

Fake Feelings (Shownu) (a) (s) 

Perceptions (Minhyuk) (s)

Show me how much you want me (Jooheon X I.M) (s) (y)

Fake Feelings Pt.2 (a)

I cant have it both ways (Jooheon X Minhyuk X I.M) 

Make it feel better (Jooheon) (s)

We got married (Jooheon) (f)

Im okay going to hell, as long as im with you (Shownu) (s)

Fruit bowl (Minhyuk) (s)

Treat (Wonho) (s)

Flirting (I.M) (f)

Defy me and see (Jooheon) (s)

Are you mad bro? (Jooheon X Minhyuk)

Call me daddy (Minhyuk) (s)

Dinner? (Wonho) (s)

Baby Boy (Wonho) (f)

We dont have much time (I.M) (s)

Not the time nor place (Jooheon) (s)

Lost control (Jooheon) (s)

Lies (Hyungwon) (s)

Impatient (Jooheon) (s)

Lesson learned (Shownu) (s)

Let me make love to you (Shownu) (s)

Enough (Wonho) (s)

Mommy (Wonho) (s) (k)

Shower Sex (Minhyuk) (s)

Take your punishment (s) (k)


Jooheon when he wants to have sex with you for the first time in your relationship (s)

When you saw Wonho with another girl on his lap (f)

Jooheon is having a bad day at practice and you try to cheer him up (s)

I.M when hes “excited” to see you (s)

Jooheon is having a rough day and you want to cheer him up by showing his a cute lingerie (s)

I.M is “excited” to see you later on (s)

MX send a dirty word on accident because of auto correct (s) 

Kihyuk naughty texts (s)

Shownu naughty texts (s)

Jooheon meets you at MAMA’s and would like to get to know you

MX teases you when they heard you having hardcore sex with Changkyun (s)


MX reaction to you turning them on and trying to leave afterwards (s)

Reacting to where you joined their group as a male member but they later find out you are a girl 

You leaning in to kiss them but you get shy and pull away (f)

MX reaction to you trying to carry something heavy 

MX reacting to you getting mad at a game you lost and throw the controller at their crotch on accident slight (s)

You tuck them in but they fake it and have their laptops beside them

MX reacts to you jumping on them when you feel frisky

Most to Least (MtL):

MtL to dating an Asian girl that doesnt fit the k-beauty standards

MtL to mind their s/o smoking 

MtL to date a girl who is shy at first but gets more outgoing later on



Spicy Chicken (Mingyu) (f)


Reacting to where you joined their group as a male member but they later find out you are a girl (half of seventeen members) 



First times with Yugyeom (f)

Promise (Yugyeom) (f)

Am I a joke to you? (JB) (s)

Teen Top


Keep your eyes on me (CAP) (s)

A Different Side of You

       Request:  can u make a klaus imagine where the reader and him are together and she witnesses him kill a bunch of people for the first time and gets scared so klaus tries to be gentle with her to not scare her more than she already is and after a while she accepts him the way he is?? thank uuu    

Characters: Klaus and Reader

Warnings: Murders, fear, and insecurity    

You had been with Klaus for a few months now and you had yet to see him as he was endlessly described by others. All you saw was the sweet, caring, and endlessly patient boyfriend that he was to you. You were on you way to the clearing that you had been in when you two had first met because he had sent you a text requesting that you meet him there. You hummed as you walked freezing when you heard twigs stop to your right.

“Klaus?” you called as you looked in that direction, but saw nothing. You were going to continue walking, but you heard what sounded like a scream so you walked in that direction. Nothing could have prepared you for what you saw. Your sweet, loving boyfriend was speeding around ripping people’s hearts out and infecting them with his bite. You saw him stop and lift his head up as if listening for something before turning to you. He must have heard your heartbeat you realized.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” he asked dropping the body that he was holding before taking a step closer together. You were finally able to move and you moved backwards, tripping over a log in the process.

“Stay…stay away from me!” You cried unaware that you were bleeding.

“Love, please. I would never hurt you and you’re in need of assistance. Please.”

“I…how am I supposed to trust you now?” you questioned.

“Just…let me help you with your injury and get you home and if you never want to see me again then I’ll leave,” Klaus pushed, his hands in the air.


“I give you my word love, I just want to make sure you are safe.”

“Okay,” you allowed him to pick you up and speed you to your house. He brought you to your bathroom and found your first aid kit.

“I know how you feel about vampire blood love, so I’m going to treat your injury this way,” he explained when I gave him a confused look. After you nodded he proceeded to treat your injury.

“I don’t understand,” you whispered as you watched him gently take care of you.

“What don’t you understand love?” klaus asked, looking up at you.

“I…I saw how you were with those…people…but…you’re being so…gentle.”

“I’m not a complete monster you know. I am capable of caring and being gentle, as surprising as that sounds.”

“I know that, we’ve been together for a while now. I’ve seen that side of you.”

“Yet, you were completely terrified when you saw me in the woods,” Klaus hummed.

“I was not,” you denied.

“You can’t lie to me love, I heard your heartbeat.”

“Maybe I was…but you have to understand that that was the first time I saw the you that everyone else sees and it took me by surprise,” you explained.

“And now?” Klaus asked as he finished treating your injury.

“You’re still my Klaus.”

“Really?” Klaus asked looking up at you in astonishment.

“Really, nobody is perfect, and I’m sure you had your reasons. You’ve never given me a reason not to trust you.”

“I would never hurt you love,” Klaus promised pulling you into his arms.

‘I know Klaus. I’m not going to ask you to leave. I love you.”

“I love you too. Always and Forever.”

A/N: I hope you guys like it! I’m not sure how well I did with it.

See this getting asked a lot so here goes.

YES, Saeran has a route in the Christmas DLC. It’s less straight forward than the others, since mostly you really only get to speak/answer him on day 2. This is how you get it.

FINAL EDIT: Sorry it took a bit for me to fix this - my mobile does weird things when i try to fix it. Saeran’s ending can, technically, stem from any route. Of the 6 times I’ve tried it, I’ve had the most luck going on a normal/neutral route - balancing hearts while still participating in chats (See here to see suggestions on how). Then, on day two, make sure you respond to his texts and answer his call. You should get at least two, preferably three texts:

Do you want to meet me: Yes.

Would you keep a secret from me: No.

Address to the event: Either answer works. Apparently he finds charity events uninteresting.

Answer his call. (I asked who this was, then either answer - wanting your present asap or never works).

If you take the neutral route, you’ll go to the party and all the RFA members will show up, sans Seven, WHO HACKS INTO THE SKY LIKE A GOD AND DRAWS CAT FIREWORKS FOR YOU and you get driven back to the apartment, where Saeran will be waiting for you at the apartment.

You start on 7’s route for Christmas Eve. I’ve heard some people say they were on Zen’s or Yoosung’s, too. Point is you gotta be active and friendly on day one.Day 2 (Christmas) kind of distance yourself from the others. Choose answers that imply you’ll be alone and NOT going to the event. When he first texts, say he wants to see you. Unknown will text you later asking for an address. TEXT HIM THE ADDRESS TO THE APARTMENT to receive his call. Super creepy carol aside, you’ll be asked if you want your gift from him now or not at all. After that just lay back and things should take their course.

Hawaii -4- Jimin

Originally posted by baking-suga-kookies

Hawaii -4- Jimin

Parts; Masterlist, One, Two, Three, Four

Pairing; Jimin x Reader

Genre; Romance, Fluff

Word count; 3.820

A/N; This is the last part, thank you so much for reading this story and I really hope you love it. 💜

You never got that phone call or text when he landed back in Seoul and at first, you got angry about it, followed by hurt and at the end of the day, you banished your feelings for him after waiting for at least a week to hear something from him. The only things you did hear was that he was flying between different countries. You were probably just someone he could use to relieve some stress and that was fine with you at least you could say you had an amazing experience, with a super handsome guy. When you landed in Seoul, you couldn’t wait to get home because there were your cats waiting for you and you could use a good cuddle with them. You said goodbye to Mina when you dropped her off at home and told her you would text her to meet up tomorrow for some coffee. The minute you walked into your apartment, your cats came greeting you and that’s how you spend your first night home, on the couch watching tv with your cats.

The next days were spent preparing for work, as you would start as a nurse at one of the hospitals, you were actually looking forward to it because it would keep you busy and on the days you had time off, you were writing your second novel, you never told anyone about this and as you used a different name it was a bit anonymous but this would follow your first best seller and after meeting Jimin you got inspired, so a second book was finally on its way. Your house was near to the hospital so you could walk to it every day, which was great because it meant you didn’t really need a car, so you sold it, which was fine as you could just take public transport if you had to go somewhere.

The first day at work was hard but the team was really nice, you were placed at the ER, which took up all time, which was good because it took your mind off your daily struggles and before you knew a few weeks had passed and summer was here. You started to hang out with your co-workers and even became friendly with one of the doctors but for some reason you never fell for him even though it was really obvious that he liked you and you had to admit that he really was handsome and sweet but your heart didn’t respond the way it did, so you friend zoned him after telling him that your heart still belonged to someone else and he just nodded and smiled at you. “Can you tell me who the person is you still love?” you shook your head because you didn’t know if you could tell anyone and to be honest you didn’t want to recall those memories. “I can’t but I’m trying to get over him desperately.” you tried to sound convincing, which he found cute.

“It’s okay, let’s just be friends then.”

“I’d love that.” that’s when he got called back and as you were just on a break you started to follow him when you bumped into someone and when you picked up his fragrance you froze because it was Jimin. “Please look where you walk,” he said rudely, which made you angry but you couldn’t let him see that he hurt you because it seemed like he didn’t even recognize you, which was weird because you hadn’t changed that much, except for the fact that you lost your curves because you went on a diet after seeing all those beautiful Korean girls, you wanted to fit in so you lost weight and you dyed your hair a different color, nothing to extreme but it was different and you had cut it a bit shorter. You looked at him and your eyes locked for a second, he broke off the contact though and passed you. “I’m sorry,” you called after him and your imagination run wild because you thought you saw him freeze but you didn’t wait to see if you were correct and you quickly bolted out of the cafe but stopped suddenly because how dare he act like he didn’t know you, it was just offending. You walked back and went straight up to him, of course, you got stopped by his manager but you just pushed him aside. “Jimin!” Jimin turned around looking a bit annoyed and he really was looking at you as if he didn’t know you. “Can I help you?”

“Are you being serious right now?!”

“I’m serious.” you couldn’t stop yourself as you walked up to him until you closed the distance and you were shocked when your hand connected with his perfect face. Everyone seemed to be shocked by this but within seconds his manager had become of the shock and actually grabbed your arm and started to pull you away when Jimin put up his hand to stop him. He was finally looking at you and this time he couldn’t ignore you and his expression changed when he recognized you and his face went red, probably out of shame and to be honest this was enough for you and you turned on your heels and stormed off, leaving him shocked.

“That will teach him,” you mumbled to yourself not knowing someone could hear you when you suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder making you jump. “What will teach him and about whom are we speaking?” Dr. Tae Oh asked as he walked with you to the information desk and you just smiled at him “Nothing, just pretend you didn’t hear me.” you shook off his hand and took a seat behind the desk and gave him the information he needed. “Just go do your rounds.” you waved him off while he was chuckling and you couldn’t stop yourself from shaking your head about his playfulness, why couldn’t you fall for someone like that, why did it have to be that bastard, who pretended not to recognize you, ah how frustrating!! How could he forget about the night you spend together, you hadn’t so how dare he! The day was completely ruined by this encounter and you couldn’t wait until you could go home because you were so done for today.

“Are you coming with us for some drinks?”

“Ani, I’m going home, I need some sleep!”

“I don’t think so, you’re coming with us for drinks, we don’t accept your no this time.”

“Aish, alright, I will come along.” you quickly changed your clothes and joined them to get something to eat at the bar across the street, it was run by a bubbly girl and it was one of the best bars in this neighborhood. The first shot you took were tequila shots, just to start this night, there was no way you were going home sober and somehow this frightened you, especially after leaving Jimin like that. “Yah drink up, every time we see you sulk you have to take a shot.”

“That’s not fair.” you still took the shot though but the rules were that the person who sulked had to take a shot and within the first thirty seconds everyone had at least taken three shots and it was heavy liquor and as you were eating you changed to wine which didn’t help at all because if something made you drunk then it was wine and after two hours you really couldn’t see straight and you were laughing at everything. “Guys, I really have to stop.” you got up way too fast and fell back, which made you laugh again, this was going to be difficult, as you needed to walk home for at least ten minutes.

“Do you want us to take you home?”

“Ani, just stay, I will see you guys in two days!” you waved and left some money on the table, to pay your share and left after a few attempts, it was a warm night so you were walking home whilst enjoying the evening air, you loved summer so this wasn’t that bad the only thing that sucked it that it didn’t sober you up but it got even worse and you must’ve blacked out because when you opened your eyes you were in bed, you were even wearing different clothes but you couldn’t remember a thing. You stretched yourself when your hand suddenly touched a body, your head never turned quicker and to say you were shocked was an understatement because your hand had bumped into Jimin’s bare chest.

“What the?” You whispered as you stared at the most perfect face ever, he seemed so relaxed, that you just couldn’t wake him up, so you got out of bed and quickly walked into the bathroom, the minute you looked into the mirror you almost got a heart attack, you looked down right terrible, damn alcohol! You quickly jumped into the shower hoping he would still be asleep the second you came out of the bathroom but of course he was fully awake and patiently waiting for you. He even smiled at you and you were already melting by the way he was looking right now because he was still looking sleepy with his ruffled hair and puffy lips and the fact he wasn’t judging you, did not help at all.

“Why are you here?” Was the first thing you asked him. You knew you were being rude but you were really confused. “I took you home.”


“Because you begged me.” If your eyes could get bigger they would’ve. When in the world did I ask him to take you home and why did you have to drink so much? “When did I do that?”

“Last night when you bumped into me again.” He was still smiling and you had a feeling you had done something bad. “You don’t remember a thing do you?” You shook your head slowly because what was the use of denying it as he was here and you were looking confused as hell. “I was looking for you to explain when you suddenly walked into me after I turned a corner and when you saw it was me you immediately clung to me, refusing to let go of me.” He shrugged as if this happened all the time. “It still doesn’t explain why you are in my bed though.”

“Ah about that you started to undress me the second we got inside your apartment and it took everything in me not to comply with you but I stopped you when you successfully took off my shirt. I made sure you fell on your bed, knowing you would fall asleep immediately but you really didn’t want to let go of my hand so I didn’t have a choice than to sleep next to you.” He looked really sincere and you didn’t deny anything because your heart still wanted him.

“I’m sorry about that.”

“That’s okay, I actually haven’t slept this well in a while.” You nodded absently because this was the last thing you wanted to hear from him, as he was going to disappear anyway after today. “You should go, thank you for helping me.” You bowed into his direction and walked towards the door to let him out but he stayed on my bed, his one brow pulled up, clearly stating he wasn’t going anywhere.

“I think we need to talk don’t we?”

“I think there is nothing more to say.”

“And I think you should sit down and let me explain, after all, you are still my girlfriend, we never broke up.”

“Girlfriend my ass, are you crazy?”

“Maybe and believe me I know I’m at fault for this but you need to let me explain.” You closed the door and sat down because you knew he wasn’t leaving before he had explained himself and you instantly felt annoyed by this, you really didn’t want to know him that well at this moment.


“Look I should’ve called you the minute we landed but it was a madhouse after we returned and I simply forgot about it and after that, we had a hectic schedule. The second I had time for myself I could only think about sleep and I just forgot to call you and when I finally wanted to call you I felt embarrassed because I broke my promise so I just thought it was better that way.”

“You thought ignoring me would be better than contacting me? You just said that I’m your girlfriend, isn’t that a reason enough to just call me even if you complete spaced out because you were tired? You know how much you hurt me? You only thought about yourself, which is fine but couldn’t you leave me out of it?”

“I’m so sorry for hurting you.”

“ you know what hurt the most? When you looked me straight in the eyes and you didn’t even recognize me.” He was looking at his hands and you could tell he was feeling nervous but that really want your problem rich now. “I know but to my defense, I wasn’t wearing contacts, so I really just saw a blurry person.”

“Whatever Jimin, let’s just stop this right now, this way you don’t have to feel guilty about ignoring me.” You got up but Jimin was faster as he pulled you down, he kneeled in front of you with the most disarming eyes ever, he caressed your cheek whilst looking you in the eyes “I’m sorry I can’t do that.”

“Why do you even care after all those months?”

“I never stopped caring and yes I messed up but please let me make it up to you.” He was pleading and it worked because who could resist him when he was being his cute self, he was pulling out all the stops but what if he treated me like that again? There was no way you would survive that again and should you forgive him that easily?

“Can I have time to think about this?” You asked hesitantly but he shook his head. “You know you still love me, so there is just one answer and that is yes.”

“Yah, don’t you think you are pushing it too far?”

“Ani, I think that if I gave you time to think about it, I will definitely lose you and I’m not willing to take that risk.”

“I won’t forgive you this easily.”

“I know that’s why I’m taking you away for two days, I already cleared it out with your work and I packed your stuff as well.”

“What if I don’t want to come with you?”

“You know you want to.” he was completely right, how in the world did he make you so weak, why couldn’t you say no to him? It was beyond frustrating but his gentle smile made it all disappear, he knew exactly what he was doing and that made it even worse, how could he have forgotten about you for the last couple of months and demanding you to come with him and even tell you that you are still his girlfriend, it was too much but you still went with him. The minute you got into the car you were his. He got in next to you because he had his manager drive you to the destination and you couldn’t help but wonder where he was taking you. The minute you saw Busan on the signs you knew what he was doing, you were going to meet his family, you quickly scanned your clothes, which Jimin noticed. “You look perfect don’t worry.”

“Jimin, are you taking me to meet your parents?”

“Ye, I think they would love to meet the girl I’m going to marry someday.” You almost choked when he said that because you weren’t even sure if you would accept him again as your boyfriend let alone as a husband. “Are you okay?”

“Are you crazy?! I’m not going to marry you!” you know your voice betrayed you and he smiled as he heard the panic laced through it. “You will someday.” he was overconfident, that was the thing you told yourself but deep down you knew he was right. The car stopped in front of a nice looking house and the minute you got out of the car, his parents greeted us, Jimin hugged his parents and his younger brother, you kept your distance for a bit but bowed politely when his family looked at you curiously. “Who is this Jimin?”

“This is Y/N, she is my girlfriend,” he stated proudly and you couldn’t help but sigh and scrunch your nose a bit, which made his brother chuckle. “Are you sure hyung?”


“Because she herself doesn’t seem to agree with this.” Jimin turned around to look at you and you were busted because you were too late to change your expression and that was the ice breaker because it made everyone laugh.

“She is my girlfriend, I just made a huge mistake, so I’m trying to mend it right now and the first thing I wanted to do was introduce her to my family.” and that was the end of it, you got welcomed into their house and his mother even made something to eat for everyone, it was nice to be part of a family and when you heard them talk about Jimin, you let your wall crash because there was no way you could ever think bad about him after hearing his parents. You always respected Jimin because you knew he worked hard for everything and he was really dedicated but this was something you knew as a fan but to hear it from his family well it put him in a different light.

“We have to go now.” you looked up surprised because you thought he wanted to stay here but he stretched out his hand for you to grab, which you did and after saying goodbye, you got back into the car, which drove you over to a hotel that looked out over the ocean, it was quite nice because of the view and because the sun was finally setting. “What are we doing here Jimin?”

“Can’t you say Oppa?”

“Don’t push it.”

“Alright, we will be staying the night here.”

“Are there separate bedrooms?” he shook his head and as he grabbed your hand, he pulled you closer so that he was near your ear. “We’re sleeping together,” he whispered into your ear, this made you blush like crazy but the minute we got in the hotel, he put on his cap and a mask and pushed you towards the reception. “You have to check us in, we are booked under your name.” You looked at him in full disbelieve, this was ridiculous but you did it anyway and after checking in he took you to the room, which was the penthouse, this surprised you even more and when you got inside, your mouth dropped because he really did his best as there were actual rose petals on the floor and bed. They had even lit candles, which made it even more romantic, the thing was though that even though you were a woman, you found this kind of things a bit cheesy but you weren’t going to tell him that.

“Do you like it?” he asked after he had put down the bags and you just nodded as you scanned the entire place when suddenly your eyes fell on the view, it was amazing. “Daebak.” was all you could say, which made him chuckle. “Am I forgiven?” you shook your head because you really didn’t want to look that easy but then again who were you kidding and he knew it which was worse. He came closer and normally you would walk back but this time you just stood there waiting for him to come closer.

He put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me closer, he locked eyes with mine waiting for your permission and after a few seconds of hesitation, you closed your eyes and that was all it took, he pressed his lips gently against mine but that didn’t last long. His other hand snaked his way around your waist and pulled you against his body. The kiss turned into pure passion and that passion made him walk you backward to the bed, where he laid you down, he hovered above you, not wanting to burden you with his weight but he never once stopped kissing you. When you finally broke the kiss it was to get rid of clothes, which happened fast and before you knew it, you were lying next to each other completely exhausted, the sun had gone down and it was dark outside. You could hear the ocean through the open balcony doors and it was really peaceful, so peaceful it made you fall asleep.

The minute you woke up, the sun was already coming up but you were the only one in bed and you immediately got worried that he had left you again. You put on the shirt you found on the ground and smiled nervously when you discovered it was Jimin’s which meant he was still here right?

You walked towards the balcony and there still was no Jimin but the view was so beautiful that you walked towards the railing so you could get a better view, you were completely emerged into your own little world that you hadn’t noticed that Jimin had joined you, you even jumped a bit when he put his arms around your waist but as soon as you realized it was Jimin, you relaxed against his bare chest, it was a good thing it was summer because otherwise, you would instantly worry about his health. He put his head on your shoulder and together you looked at the rising sun and that’s when you realized that you had forgiven him but again who were you kidding in the first place, how in the world does anyone stay angry at someone like Jimin. You sighed as he caressed your hands as you took in the view and you felt the little kisses he pressed against your shoulder from time to time.

After a while, he turned you to face him and as he studied your face he smiled at you and as you held his glance he took a deep breath and you knew what he was going to ask and you also knew the answer, so you just smiled at him to encourage him.

“Am I forgiven?” your smile grew as he waited in tension and you grabbed both of his cheeks and kissed him, which startled him at first but slowly he relaxed and when he tried to deepen the kiss you pulled back slightly.

“You’re forgiven.”


“Irresistible” PART 3

Word Count: 2,312

Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex, fluff, Dean’s dirty thoughts (lol)

A/N: This chapter is completely in Dean’s perspective


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Dean’s eyes flutter open, the sunlight from the window seeping through what were supposed to be black out curtains. Groaning, he looks at the clock- six in the morning.

This was his normal routine- fall asleep around one, maybe two, in the morning and then wake up at five or six. He didn’t get much sleep most nights. With all of the stress that is constantly surrounding his life, and knowing that things actually do go bump in the night, he opts for getting the bare minimum. Even when he wants to sleep later, his body doesn’t let him.

He grabs his phone from the nightstand, his face brightening up when he sees an unread text from you. You two had your first date a few days ago, and he admittedly had fun. He hasn’t enjoyed himself on a date with a woman in a long time, not truly enjoying himself. He would normally up his charm on the date and pretend to be a gentlemen so he was guaranteed to get laid afterwards. That’s all that dates were for him, anyways- sex. There was never a second date, and he never usually called them afterwards. His life is too hectic to even think about having a relationship.

That was until he met you. That night at the bar, he admits that he was just trying to get in your pants. You were a beautiful girl who was interested in him. If he had it his way that night, he would have just slept with you right then and there, not even bothering to get your number. But when you had gone over there to talk to him, he was genuinely surprised at how much he liked talking to you. You didn’t seem desperate or throwing yourself at him, and he liked that. He had actually found himself a little disappointed when you left when Ana that night.

He was excited for your date, but he was completely planning on sleeping with you afterwards. He is Dean Winchester, after all. He doesn’t take girls on dates and not sleep with them. But then, you ended up surprising him again. He was intrigued by you. He felt like he could sit there and talk to you all night, he liked hearing you talk. You were smart, cute, and funny. You weren’t like the normally one night stands he typically had.

When the night came to an end, he realized how much fun he had with you. The conversation was great and it flowed easily, and not to mention how great of a kisser you were. God, the way you kissed him, he was so tempted to take you right then and there on your front porch. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it. You were too nice of a girl for that. You deserved better, and if he was being honest with himself, he wanted to see you again.

His eyes skimmed over your text, a small smile forming on his face. All it had said was ‘goodnight’, since you had sent it the night before, but it didn’t matter to him.

I’ll see you tonight, I’ll be there at six.’ Dean texted back quickly. The minute he had got home from your date, he had texted you asking if you wanted to go out again. He wanted to see you again. You obviously said yes, and you had invited him to come over and watch a movie. Dean can’t even remember the last time he actually watched a movie, but then again, he can’t remember the last time he had taken a girl out on a second date, either.

“I feel like a goddamn teenager.” Dean mumbles to himself, setting his phone back onto the nightstand. He climbs out of bed, throwing his sweatpants on over his boxers and putting on his t-shirt.

He walks into the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of orange juice. Sam was already awake, sitting in the library and reading yet another lore book.

“Sammy, cut the nerd crap for like one day. The sun is barely out yet and you’ve got your head buried in that thing.” Dean says, taking a seat in the chair beside his brother.

“It doesn’t hurt to be prepared, you know.” Sam rolls his eyes, but closes the book anyways.

“Yeah, whatever. I’m just saying, we finally have a few weeks off. Enjoy it.” Dean takes a drink of his juice.

“Yeah, actually, I was going to ask you yesterday but I forgot. Jody invited us for dinner tonight. I told her I’d go but I don’t know about you.”

“I can’t make it.” Dean says.

“Why not? Got an important date or something?” Sam scoffs. “Even Cas is going.”

“I already have plans.” Dean dismisses his question. He already had to cancel on you once, when a werewolf hunt came up last minute and he had to leave town. He didn’t want do that again.  


“Like, it’s none of your damn business.” Dean rolls his eyes.

“Oh my god,” Sam stares at Dean. “There’s a second date, isn’t there?”

“No.” Dean snaps. “Maybe…. Yes. Why does it matter?”

“It doesn’t, man. I’m just saying… I’ve never seen you once, not even when you were a teenager, take a girl out twice. The sex must have been really good if you’re breaking your own personal rule. You guys did hook up, didn’t you?” Sam questions.

Dean looks at him, not responding.

“Oh, wow.” Sam says with realization. “You must really like her.”

“I’m getting there.” Dean admits. “Y/N’s just… I don’t know what it is about her. Women never affect me like this. Obviously she’s hot as fuck, but it’s more than that.”

“Hey man, you don’t need to explain yourself. I get it, trust me.” Sam laughs. “I’m happy for you.”

“Yeah yeah, don’t get all sappy on me.”

“What did you even tell her? About your job?”

“FBI agent.” Dean shrugs. “I almost made a complete jackass of myself the other night, though. She brought up my job and I completely drew a blank. It took me a minute to remember what lie I told her. Thank god she didn’t catch on.”

“Better hope that doesn’t turn around and bite you in the ass.” Sam gives him a serious look.

“What? Do you want me to just be like, ‘Hey, I fight monsters for a living. I’ve died several times. I’m also a felon, who’s been arrested numerous times, once for attempting to murder the president, who was also the Devil himself. My best friend is an angel, and oh, while we’re at it, I’ve met God personally- he’s a dick.’ Yeah, Sammy, I think I’ll stick to my lie.”

“Uh, yeah.” Sam laughs.


Dean walks up to your front door, grinning when he steps on to your front porch. Memories of what was probably the best kiss he’d ever had, which just so happened to be with you in this same exact spot, floods through his mind and he can’t stop smiling.

He knocks on your front door, and when you open it, he can’t believe how beautiful you are. The way your hair perfectly frames your face, how kissable your lips are, how you have curves in all the right places…

“Hey, come in.” You break him from his thoughts, a smile plastered on your face. Dean followed you into your house and was immediately welcomed by Gus, your big golden retriever.

“I didn’t know you have a dog.”  Dean says.

“Yeah, he’s a big sweetheart, don’t worry. I guess I forgot to ask if you liked dogs or not.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I love dogs. We connect on a personal level.” Dean jokes, remembering the time that he was underneath the spell that allowed him to talk to animals. Of course, he couldn’t tell you that.

“Do you guys have K-9 units as FBI agents, or is that just a police thing? Sorry, I don’t know much about your job.” You admit, color reddening your cheeks.

Thank god you don’t.’ Dean thinks to himself.

“Oh, yeah, no we have those, too. I don’t have one, though.” Dean lies. He really doesn’t like upfront liking to you like this, but knows that he doesn’t have another option.

“Okay, so,” You lead him into your living room. There was pillows and blankets on the couch, and a pizza box on the table in front of the couch. “I remember you telling me what kind of pizza you like, so I got that, but I have no idea what kind of movies you like, so…” You bite your lip.

“Babe, I’ll watch whatever. Just not The Notebook or any girly crap like that.”

“Hey, The Notebook is a great movie.” You defend, laughing. “But, I have Netflix, so I’ll just let you choose. You’re the guest after all.”

“Hm, Fifty Shades of Grey seems like a great choice.” Dean raises his eyebrow, laughing. Dean likes that he can be this joking person around you- he has to be so serious in his day to day life, this is a nice change. He feel like he can be himself.

“Uh, maybe not.” You laugh.

“What, you’re not into kinky sex?” Dean teases you. “Or maybe you secretly really are, and that’s why you don’t want to watch it with me, hm?”

You roll your eyes, sitting down on the couch and pulling a blanket over you. Dean does the same, and he sits extremely close to you- your thighs are practically touching.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Looks like you’ll just have to find out.” You flirt, and Dean puts his arm around your shoulders. You hand him the remote for your TV and he starts to look through the Netflix options.

Dean wants nothing more than to ‘find out’ with you. God, he’s almost hard at the thought of burying himself into you while you moan his name. But something inside of him tells him to not go there with you, not yet.

“Maybe I will.” Dean flirts back. “Hey, isn’t this one of the TV shows that you were telling me about the other night?” Dean asks.

“The Walking Dead, oh my god it’s so good. Have you seriously never seen it?” You start to get excited.

“Nope. Don’t have much time for TV.” Dean admits.

“Okay, we’re watching it.”

Dean watches you as you get super excited about introducing him to this show. Honestly, he couldn’t care less about it, but the way you were so happy that he was watching it with you made it worth it.

The more of the show he watched, he has to admit it’s pretty good, and he can see why you like it so much.

“I need a drink.” You say, pausing the show. You were snuggled into Dean’s chest at this point, his arm still wrapped around your shoulder.

“I’m come with you.” Dean offers, and he follows you into your kitchen. He watches your ass as you walk in front of him, admiring how good it looks in the tight material.

“Need something?” You turn around.

“No, I’m good.” Dean clears his throat, and lifts his eyes up.

“You know, if you’re going to stare at my ass, you could at least make it a little less obvious.” You tease Dean.

“Baby, not my fault you have an ass to die for.” Dean walks over to you, and spins you around, kissing you.

Once again, the kiss was indescribable. As sappy and girly as this sounds, Dean could just melt into your arms the minute your lips were upon his.

He grabs your hips, lifting you onto the kitchen counter. You wrap your legs around his waist, and Dean deepens the kiss, sticking his tongue into your mouth. You start to grind yourself against him, wanting more. Dean grabs your hips and holds them still, mustering up as much self-control as he can.

“Y/N…” Dean pulls away, and you frown. “Look, trust me, I want this. A lot.”

“Then why is this the second time you’ve denied my advances.”

“I’m going to be really honest with you, okay?” Dean starts, and you nod. “I am not the relationship type of guy. I’m the type of guy to fuck a girl on the first date and then they’ll never hear from me again. But with you? I don’t want it to be like that, not with you. I want to take it slow… God, this sounds so cliché, who even am I.” Dean groans.

“No, it’s okay, I understand.” You say. “I’m glad you’re being honest with me.”

‘Yeah… Honest.’ Dean thinks to himself.

“Me, too.” Dean forces out a smile. He presses his lips against yours once more, and then lifts you off the kitchen counter. “Let’s go watch that show again.”


Dean lays in his bed, his hair still wet from the shower he just took. He wasn’t planning on taking another shower today, but Sam was still awake and he needed to… relieve himself after all the sexual tension he had experienced earlier. He didn’t want to take the chance of Sam walking in.

He lies his head on the pillow, thoughts of you running through his mind. He doesn’t like lying to you, but he knows its necessary. He just hates building up this relationship on lies.

Shit, Dean didn’t even realize he wanted a relationship until just right then. But the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes that he’d be upset and disappointed if you weren’t in his future. He really likes you.

“I’m so screwed.” Dean groans to himself.

part 4

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Caffeine (pt 5)

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Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae

Type: Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Your legs were tangled together, his arms around your waist and his head buried into your shoulder as he snored lightly. You’d been awake for at least half an hour, but didn’t want to risk waking Jongdae by untangling yourself from him. His hot breath made your skin tingle with each exhale, and your let your fingers weave gently into his messy hair, petting him softly as he slept.

You continued to debate on whether or not to wake him up. You weren’t exactly sure if he was grumpy in the mornings or not; you didn’t know enough about him to really decide.

A loud ring interrupted your thoughts, and you felt Jongdae stir against you, letting out a loud groan of frustration before pulling one arm away from you to reach for his phone, hitting the ‘snooze’ button. He hummed in content as the obnoxious noise stopped, nuzzling back into your neck.

“Morning?” you mused, moving to poke Jongdae’s cheek. He stirred slightly before opening a single eye.

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Pairing : Mino x Reader #1

Genre : Angst + Fluff

It’s not a secret that Mino is the stubborn kind, everybody knows it, from his parents to the neighbor’s dog, and no one knows it better than you do. If he has something in the back of his head, he never gives up, and if he thinks that he is right, even though he is wrong, he won’t make the first move. Unfortunately, you are as stubborn as him, if even more.

It’s been two weeks now since you two fought, that day started like it usually did. You woke up soon in the morning alone in your bed, because Mino has left to work on his solo album. You were baking your breakfast when you received a text from him “Sorry babe I won’t be coming today, I have to stay at the studio”, you sighed, once again, he was staying at the studio, you weren’t mad or sad, just bored, you only have him and the people from YG, but all of them aren’t here, they are either in the studio or overseas promoting their album or giving concerts, so you were alone in that big house. You laid on the sofa all day watching anime until you heard the bell ringing, you immediately jumped out of the sofa and ran to the door, you knew it was Mino he often forgets his keys and has to ring.

Opening the door you were welcome with a stress Mino, not even smiling or saying a word he walked to your room and started to look for something, “Can I help you with something babe?” you asked. “I can’t find my USB key and I need it all of my songs are in it” he said talking fast and scared. You knew it was important for him so you started to look for it too, but after letting the house upside down you had to come to the conclusion that his key wasn’t here, “Look Mino we have been looking for your key for I don’t know how many hours, and we haven’t found it, let’s stop now”. And that’s how your first argument started with this sentence.

-“Did you really say let’s stop !? he asked passing his hand through his hair”

-“Yes I did, come on, we have looked for hours now”

-“Sit then, I don’t need you to help me I can find it in my own”

-“Thanks ?” you asked ironically, you have been helping him all day and not even a thank you

-“You’re welcome” he said taking his key

-“Wait ! Where are you going ?”

-“If my key is not here, then I probably forgot it in my studio, go to bed, don’t wait for me”

-“Is that a joke !? We turned down the house upside down and you are leaving like that ? Are you hoping me to clean this mess by myself !?”

-“I will help tomorrow ! Sorry babe” he said kissing my forehead and leaving

Not wanting to clean your house at 9pm, you slept, and unlike the other days you woke up not finding Mino, but after what he did yesterday you didn’t really want to see him. During the whole day you cleaned the house and texted him asking where he was and if he had found his key but no answer. He came late at night, and lay on your bed, he seemed exhausted and mad, so you did not bother to ask where he was and why he was not answering so you closed your eyes and hugged him. Your second argument happened days after, when Mino found his key now empty in one of your pocket’s coats, and started to yell at you

“Why are you even yelling at me !!!! I don’t know how it happened to be in my coat !” you said yelling maybe even more then him

“WHERE YOU THAT MAD THAT I WASN’T STAYING AT HOME THAT YOU HAD TO HIDE MY USB KEY SO THAT I COULDN’T SHOWED THEM !?!?” he yelled like he never did before he was so mad, because he wasn’t able to find his key in time, he did not show his songs to the staffs and they postponed his comeback, but this was his only chance, it was either now or in a year or worst in 3years, and he was so mad and sad.

“Mino I swear I did nothing…why would have I helped you if I knew where it was” you said in a calm tone

“I don’t know and that’s what I am asking you !!!  Maybe you accidently erased them and hide it in your pocket and forget to throw it !?”

“That’s insane… you are being crazy of course no I wouldn’t have done something like that !”

“Okay you know what nevermind. Your plan worked I will stay at home since my comeback got postponed, Thank you Y/N” he said in a sad, tired tone, which pissed you off. Why wasn’t he listening to you ? The fact that he wasn’t often at home was surely annoying but each time he was returning home to hug you, and to hear your story so you had no reasons to hide and to delect his songs. And the idea of him not trusting you was making you crazy. So you took your coat and head to your friend’s house. He did not try to stop you and since the argument you are sleeping there

It’s been two weeks now and Mino and you are still ignoring each other, and staying on your side, him at his studio and you at the orphanage. During that meantime, he did not leave the studio not once, when you two were still talking, he had a reason to go home, you, but not anymore, so days after days he was in the studio working on his album. After explaining the situation to the staffs they let him a week to do his album and after a week he showed it and they accepted it. His album was still postponed tho but he is from YG, his fans are used to it now, they will curse at YG and then forget while fangirlig over him.

The second he heard them saying “yes” he jumped on his phone and started to text you but delect his text, when he realized that you did not apologize. At first he was furious but an apology and an explanation could have been enough for him to forget, but you did not apology and kept saying that he was wrong when the evidence was here. Well that’s what he thought but the reality was something else. Chanwoo from IKON was playing on Mino’s computer and after losing a game online he accidentally spilled his drink on the usb key which erased everything. Panicking, he put the key in your coat and brought the computer to the repair. Mino was stunned, you weren’t lying, and he accused you. Now he wants to apology but how ? The three last days he has sent you flower and messages but you weren’t answering. Not that you weren’t missing him, you were but you wanted real apology, and your prayer became real because the next day he came to you.

“Luffy can you stop running and come here ! You own apology to Erina !” you told to the small monster whom was running everywhere, he had destroyed Erina’s dolls and now she was crying in your arm but he wasn’t listening and kept running until he bumped in someone’s legs

“Shouldn’t you be listening to your Mistress Luffy ?”

“….. mino ? MINOOOOO !!!!!!” he said jumping in his arm “Where were you ? I missed you here ! It was boring being alone…” he smiles looking to the small boy in his arm, since you are working as a teacher in this small orphanage, the children were wondering who was your boyfriend and the second they saw him they fell in love

“I know” he sais putting him down and kissing his forehead, “Hello….Y/N” he was embarrassed and didn’t know how to speak, it was against his rules to make the first move but it was you and he missed you. You stand and walked to him

“Why are you here ?” you asked, pushing him outside, but he was stronger and turned you  back hugging you “I’m sorry babe…” he said in a whisper “…I was wrong” that’s all you wanted to hear, but still a part of you was mad over his reaction.

“Good thank you, now out !” he smiles “… why are you smiling I told you to-” you did not have the time to finish that one of the children was grasping your jeans with a letter in his hand “Y/N…. it’s for you” he told you giving you the letter and running away, and all the children did the same. All the letter together were forming a letter that Mino wrote “I knew that you would still be a little mad so.. I wrote this letter and asked the children to write it down so that you can’t tear it apart” he smiles and you couldn’t help but to smile too, he was right if he had given you this letter by himself you would have probably put it somewhere and after a few days put your pride aside and read it, but the children wrote it, so to tear it apart was a no no, but that didn’t mean that you had to read it “Thank you children…. I will keep it preciously” but that was without taking Mino into account, and your devil boyfriend really wanted you to forgive him “Y/N can you read us the letter ?” Erina asked wiping her tears, “Ahh… no I can’t” you said red, knowing how embarrassing and sweety it would be “but….* all of them had tears in their eyes and that’s how you got into Mino’s trap ….. children’s tears. You cleared your throat and started to read the letter out loud. As expected from Mino it was cute and cheesy but you couldn’t help but to tears up especially when he hugged you “You do realize that this won’t be enough” you said even thought it was “I know…. which is why I have your favorite ice-cream, and movie on…” you smile “…Oh and did I say your dumbest boyfriend ?” You turned and smiles hugging him, “my lovely dumb boyfriend” you quickly kissed him and all the children went crazy “EWWWWWW” you two couldn’t help but to laugh. He left and wait for you at home, and the day after you woke up in his arm…. everything has returned to the normal and you were more than happy especially with your 24k pink ring on he bought you.

Big Bang reactions to you having Harry Potter marathon

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He just came home and saw you wrapped up in blankets with all 8 CDs of Harry Potter movies on the table. He wasn’t the biggest Harry Potter fan so you left him to do his things, but it was boring watching a movie without him so you fell asleep during the 5th movie. He saw you were asleep and he knew how much you liked watching movies, especially Harry Potter movies with him.When you woke up you begged him to watch it with you and he felt honored that you invited him to watch your favorite film series with you. He was happy you wanted to spend more time with him though.
“I will watch it with you just don’t scream too much while fangirling okay?”

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You were just watching the first Harry Potter film when he texted you if you want to go out on a date today. You told him you were having Harry Potter marathon and continued watching. After just a few minutes you heard the phone again and that happened 3 more times. You had enough of him and called him to get his ass over here and he better come with some popcorn and some snacks.He wanted to make you angry so you’d invite him over. He was satisfied that you were such big Harry Potter fan because he liked Harry Potter a lot too. He liked you were envious because he met Emma Watson before.
“Yeah, I met her and you would never believe how beautiful she looks up close…”

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He was calling you to ask you if you want to go to a party with him, but you refused and he really wanted to know why. When you told him it was because of your Harry Potter marathon he got angry and invited himself over to your place. He made sure he bought your favorite snacks and drinks, so you would never choose Harry Potter before him.He liked the films though, but all of the 8 films were too much for him and he fell asleep after the 4th movie.
“Did I fell asleep? What? At 4th film? You better never ever choose Harry over me okay?”

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You were very disappointed when he told you he never watched any Harry Potter movie. It made you very sad that people really haven’t seen all of the Harry Potter films. He agreed to watch the films with you, but he had no idea there were 8 really long movies that he would have to watch all day. He was really surprised how long the movies were, but he liked watching them with you because you explained everything to you. It was really fun thing to do and after all of the films he said he wants to watch them again and that’s how he slowly began to be Harry Potter fan.
“When will we watch them again? Tomorrow?”

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When you told him you will watch all the Harry Potter movies tonight he joined you right away. He was very big Harry Potter fan and he loved it when you both explained same things to each other and exchanged opinions about how great the movies are.He knew exactly how much food is necessary for all the movies, so he brought your favorite snacks and ice cream.He loved watching Harry Potter movies with you and he promised he will throw you a Harry Potter themed party once.
“I stan Hinny so hard I can’t even.”

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Erase (Request)

Something inspired by We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth?


It had been exactly 157 days since you had spoken to Harry.

For some reason, you hadn’t deleted his texts; you still had a record of all your conversations from the moment you met until the moment you stopped talking. You should have gotten rid of them, all they did was bring up painful memories of how and why the two of you ended things.

If you looked back through the records, you could see different milestones in your relationship. At first, the texts were more formal. A lot of them were asking how the other was and what their schedule looked like. You had the text from the first time he asked you on a date and the corresponding text he had sent you after he dropped you off that night, asking if he could see you again tomorrow.

The texts between you when had first started dating were straight out of a romance movie. They were sappy and sweet, always telling the other how much you missed them and all the little things you liked about each other. They were constant – almost scarily so – and you wondered if you had thought about anything else at that point.

When things had gotten more serious, the texts were a bit scarce. It wasn’t because you weren’t talking, but because you now spent most of your time together at each other’s house; sending texts to each other would have been redundant. The only time they picked up was when Harry was away for a few weeks.

Near the end of things, the texts were still scarce but now a lot more rigid and blunt. Things weren’t good between the two of you and your conversations reflected that.

The last text exchange between you was simply,

I’ll be home in an hour. We’ll talk then.

That was it. That was the last text Harry had sent you. He had come home about two hours after that to find you stewing and waiting for him in the living room.

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Sfw and nsfw headcanons for himuro, kasamatsu, and kiyoshi and their female s/o's?


  • He is literally a pillow and heater rolled into one. It’s near impossible to have a bad night’s sleep in his arms. What’s more difficult is getting up in the morning, he’s always going to pull you back into his embrace for five more minutes
  • He loves surprising you with random things! If he sees something that you’d like or that reminds him of you, expect him to either buy it if he can, or send you a picture of it! Even if you told him that he didn’t have to, he’s near addicted to seeing the surprised and flustered look on your face that’s all because of him.
  • He’s observant enough to tell when something’s wrong, but he won’t push you any further if you don’t want to tell him about it. He’s still going to try and make your day better in the ways he knows best.
  • On the other hand, sometimes he has a tendency to keep things to himself to avoid being a burden. He overanalyses sometimes which can disrupt the flow of things. It does take a little bit of encouragement to get him to allow himself to be a little selfish at times.


  • He is an ass man until the day he dies.
  • He’s almost embarrassed by how much he likes it when you leave scratches on his back, especially when he knows it’s because he makes you feel so good that you can barely handle it.
  • He’s quite vocal and much to your own embarrassment, voices every detail he finds sexy about you.


  • He woos you with food. He goes all out and creates a full course meal for you to enjoy when you come back home, and by the time it comes to dessert you’re putty in his hands. Also, you’re the dessert.
  • He’s always telling you that he loves you. When he first sees you in the morning, over text or even when you’re in his arms after a long day. His voice is always so sincere and soft that it never gets old.
  • He lives for anything domestic. Getting groceries together, cooking together, bathing together etc. It always makes his heart soar because it always makes him look forward to the future.
  • Himuro loves taking you out on fancier dates. He gets to treat you and also see you all dressed up!


  • He loves seeing you in lingerie. Lace teddies are his absolute weakness
  • Himuro prefers sensuality, he takes his time and body worship is common as long as you let him. He tends to be on the giving side, but he absolutely loves to be on the receiving end of your praise and attention.
  • As he prefers taking his time, quickies are sparse unless you really rile him up somehow. Walking might be a challenge.


  • Kasamatsu is your rock. He wants to be someone you can depend on to help you, so he will often be trying to ease your stress whenever he can.
  • He feels most comfortable taking care of you. You mean so much to him, that it’s almost relieving for him to know for a fact that you’re safe and well.
  • While he can be a little motherly, his teasing is ruthless when he finally gains the confidence to taunt you back.
  • Kasamatsu was a little awkward at first. He wasn’t sure how to express himself around you (especially since he was still trying to hold your hand without passing out) that at first it almost felt that he was closed off. 
  • He tries to be open about how he feels when you ask him. There aren’t many people he’d rather trust to reassure him and restore his confidence in himself.


  • If you wear thigh highs and one of his shirts, just short enough for him to see an inch or two of your bare legs, you’ll be walking funny for a few days.
  • Without fail, he is a king at aftercare, cuddling you to sleep and tending to your every need in the morning.
  • He finds it a little embarrassing when you can see his face during sex, yet he absolutely loves watching you.

Texts with taehyung💕 time stamps are important for this one lol. tried to make it seem like he texted you first when he got out of the airport with the boys, and texted you again when he got to your apartment building.

requested by @thejadevaults ♡ it’s a little different from the initial request but I hope you like it!

of course tae wanted to come up first to see you personally. one he got out of the elevator he ran to you, and you guys collided kind of painfully, but that didn’t matter. he was so happy to be in your arms and you were just as happy to be in his. “Happy birthday,” He breathed, and he pulled away from your hug to kiss you. “Happy anniversary,” he said against your lips. you couldn’t be happier. soon, the other boys came up with alcohol and cake, and the party began!!!

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Jimin Scenario: Little Blue Notebook.

Request:  I was wondering if you could write something along the lines of Jimin finding a notebook you used in your teens to write little songs when you were bored, needed to put your feelings on paper or feeling creative, and he ends up showing the rest of they boys it, all of them seeing the songs you had written and then their reaction to seeing this?

Genre: Fluff / Friendship

Placing your hands on your hips you took a look around and smiled pleasantly. Even though everything still looked a bit messy you knew you had actually done some improvements, your room wasn’t a battle ground anymore.

You had chosen to fix the mess that was your room this weekend and by now you could say you were succeeding, you rearranged your clothes, moved your bed to the opposite wall and cleaned up your desk. You had to admit that part of this success wasn’t yours alone, because your boyfriend Jimin had willingly volunteered himself to help you, he was kind like that.

-Where should I put this?- it was a medium sized box, you had put there some papers and old notebooks you didn’t want to throw away yet.

-Just place it on the top shelf of the closet please- you signaled the empty space and Jimin nodded.

You placed the folded clothes you had between your arms on the top of your bed. -Babe, are you hungry?-

Jimin turned his head and smiled. -I’m starving-

You laughed. -Then why didn’t you say so? Jiminie babo- you stuck your tongue out and he pouted.

-Don’t call me babo, I’m too cool for that- he said lifting the box like it was a weight.

You giggled walking towards him to peck his lips. -I’ll go to the kitchen to make something for both of us-

He pecked you again and nodded. -Alright, I’ll be there in a second, let me put this here-

You walked out of the room leaving Jimin there so he could finish placing the rest of the boxes.

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