when he smiles... puppies are born

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Oh! Soulmates prompt! Hannigram / tattoo or mark with what the other loves -- mostly bc I find the thought of Hannibal having a puppy soulmate mark hilarious -∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ (Or it could go the other way and Will is always ashamed / angry about the literal bloody horror show on his body until he finds Hannibal and is just like... of course he had to be a serial killer OF COURSE)

this is like… the opposite of the last prompt. light angst ahead!


When Hannibal is seven years old, a small puppy appears on his wrist. He shows it to his mother and she smiles.

“Look at that.” She traces one finger over the delicate lines. “Your soulmate was just born.”

Hannibal cups his wrist to his heart and prays that they are kind.

When Hannibal is eight years old his mother dies. His mother, and his father, and his sister. He decides then that nobody is kind, nobody at all. He takes a sharp rock and scrapes off the skin of his wrist until the puppy is gone. It scabs over, turns into a pale scar that fades over time. The mark does not come back.


When Will Graham is born, the word kind is scrawled in small, hesitant letters across his stomach. His parents take it as a sign of good fortune and show it to their family and friends.

“How lucky, to have a mark so early!”

Everyone coos and dotes over the beautiful baby and his fortunate mark. Will’s parents nod and smile.

When Will Graham is one year old, he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming.

His father rushes in to find his infant son writhing in his crib, clutching at his stomach. He lifts him out and tries to calm him, but Will won’t stop. His mother holds out her arms but Will just kicks and cries for hours, hands scrabbling at his midsection.

When, finally, Will exhausts himself, they pull his hands from where they were curled tight around his stomach.

Will’s father gasps. His mother begins to sob.

Kind has disappeared. In its place, another word, longer and far less charming.



When Hannibal is 46 years old, the puppy comes back. He ignores it.

The next day he meets Will Graham.

That night, another puppy appears. A week later, another. Then another, and another, and another. Within a month Hannibal has a litter of puppies, linked in a row that travels from the inside of his wrist and wraps all the way round to his elbow.

Hannibal examines his mark thoughtfully and smiles.


Will Graham gives up believing in soulmates fairly early on, much to the relief of his father. He’d hoped that his lack of faith might make the mark fade, but it never does. Over time, the characters became more elegant, slowly joining into a practiced cursive. The beauty of the lettering can’t stop the word from being ugly, though, and Will starts covering it with foundation just so he doesn’t have to look at it all the time. He gives up on relationships not longer after that, tired of explaining either the smears of make-up on his skin or the terrible word.

By the time Will Graham is 38 years old, he is very very tired of vengeance.

Then he meets Hannibal Lecter.

That night he goes home, and when he takes off his shirt to go to bed he catches a glimpse of his reflection and freezes in shock.

He turns slowly in the mirror and sees that his mark is gone. No, not gone. Replaced. One word, shorter and simpler and somehow even more terrifying.



“Can I ask you something, Doctor Lecter?”

“Anything, Will.”

“Do you have a soulmark?”

Doctor Lecter’s mouth purses and he tips his chin to the side. Will feels heat suffuse his cheeks.

“If I answer yes, will you ask to see it?”

Will swallows around the sudden thickness in his throat.

“I, uh, no… that would be rude.”

Hannibal crosses his legs at the knee and smooths one hand down his thigh.

“If I answer yes, will you let me show you?”

“If you want.”

“Then the answer is yes,” Hannibal says smoothly, “would you like to see?”

Will nods mutely.

Hannibal undoes the cufflink of one sleeves and gracefully rolls the sleeve up to his elbow, holding his arm up for Will to examine. Will’s heart begins to skitter in his chest.

“That’s… you’re… I…”

Hannibal leans forward in his chair.

“Come closer, Will.”

Will feels uncomfortably like a fly caught in the web of a terribly charming spider. His fingers tremble as he reaches forward to touch one of the small dogs that cover Hannibal’s arm.

Then the word vengeance flashes in his mind in blood-red graffiti and he recoils.

“I have to go,” Will says, and stumbles out the room.


They don’t talk about it again.

The day that Hannibal cuts into Will’s soulmark, he feels the pain twice over. He clutches onto Hannibal’s arm, where he knows the mark is, and tries to breathe through the overwhelming hurt. Hannibal holds him tenderly, and Will decides in that moment that vengeance feels an awful lot like love.

When he wakes up in the hospital, they’ve stitched him up and his mark is gone, nothing but clean unblemished skin left behind.

When the plane takes off for Florence, Hannibal feels a stinging burn at his elbow. It starts to travel downward to his wrist and he clenches his teeth against the sensation. Bedelia looks up at him serenely from the seat beside him and he turns away.

Ten hours later, he unpeels his shirt from his skin, expecting to see emptiness, a blank slate.

Instead, there is one word, writ in large and bloody script and wrapped around the same stretch of skin where the puppies used to be.



Three and a half years later, as Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham fall from a cliff, their soulmarks change for one last time.

Neither of them know it, wrapped too tightly together to notice the sensation. But as they tumble through salt-drenched air, the same word forms across the same patch of skin directly above their hearts.


The ocean swallows their marks with them.


honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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This request is probably very vague but I would really love to see a fluffy scenario with a pregnant s/o and the S & M bros❤️ (M bros would be more preferred if you can only do one!)

⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃ Oh my! I’ll do both!

  • Ayato: “So- if it’s a girl does that mean she will like you more than she likes me?” He looked down at your stomach, poking it lightly.

“No Ayato, It doesn’t mean she will like me more. Gender doesn’t determine if the baby like you or not.” You giggled, you two had found out the gender of your child and now Ayato was all bent out of shape that it was a girl.

“It’s going to be a pain having to protect her from all the boys.” He kept squirming around, he was full of questions know that he knew the gender. You smiled as he frowned, “Do you think she will want to play basketball?” He asked.

I don’t know Ayato, she isn’t even here yet.” You shook your head, “Why don’t you ask her yourself when she’s born.”

“You’re right, but one thing she needs to know is how awesome takoyaki is.” He pouted.

  • Laito: “Please don’t do that again.” He was at the sink, washing one of his shirts after you vomited on him from morning sickness.

“I thought the vomiting would of stopped when I was this far along, I’m so sorry Laito.” You whimpered, still feeling queasy. Laito sighed, turning the faucet off and putting his shirt on the bathroom counter.

“I suppose it’s not your fault,” he sighed, “It’s that little things fault.” He walked over and bent down level with your stomach.

“Well you better get ready, because you know baby’s throw up too.” You laughed a bit, then stopped when you saw how un-amused Laito was.

“A baby sure is a lot of trouble, even when it isn’t even here yet.” He leaned forward and planted a kiss on your stomach, “But it will be interesting to see another little me running around.” He chuckled and stood back up, hugging you. This was the first time Laito was being sentimental, “You will make a great mother.”

  • Kanato: “Ugh.” You groaned, sitting at the dinning room table. You were craving sweet food more than anything at the moment and you couldn’t take it!

“What’s wrong s/o? You sure are being noisy, is the baby coming?” He sat across from you, eating some cake as usual. He didn’t really care that you were pregnant, he didn’t want a child to start with.

“Hm? No, I just really want something sweet but I don’t want to get fat.” You had become a lot more sensitive about your weight ever since you had gotten pregnant.

“Oh please.” He rolled his eyes and stood up, he moved the fork with cake on it and shoved it in your mouth. Oh wow, the cake tasted like a sugar wonderland. Kanato slid the plate over to you and got up, “You’re the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen, so eat the cake and be quiet.” You blushed. That was the first time you had ever heard Kanato call you ‘beautiful’.

  • Reiji: “I’ve got it.”

“No, It’s alright I’ve got it.”

“I said I got it, now sit.” Reiji snapped. He wanted to take care of you at all times during your pregnancy.

“Fine, gosh.” You sat down in the kitchen, you were going to make ourself something to eat but Reiji kept insisting on making it for you.

“I’ll let that comment slide since I know your back has been hurting today.” He pushed his glasses up and began to prepare your meal.

It feels like it’s going to snap in half.” You mumbled. Reiji frowned and walked over, setting down your food in front of you.

“I don’t know what I did right in life to deserve such a beautiful, kind, and brave woman.” He smiled. Your face turned a dark red, Reiji never makes comments like that to you so you weren’t expecting it.

  • Shu: Shu never really said anything, but he would let you sleep with him and he would give you massages and occasionally get anything you wanted when you whined.

Actions speak louder than words.” He would mumble.

  • Subaru: “Can you stand up?” He was frantic, you had been vomiting all day and he knew you were to the point of dehydration.

“Hm?” You looked up from the toilet bowl, slightly humiliated.

“I’m sorry s/o, this is all my fault. God, I’m so dumb.” he leaned down and picked you up, carrying you to the bed and laying you down gently.

“Are you saying…that you don’t want the baby?” You were out of breath, sweating, tired. He looked down at you and his eyes widened.

“No- I didn’t mean it like that, I just meant it’s all my fault that this happened. I am thrilled you’re pregnant, I just don’t like the side effects.” He smiled weakly. 

“I love you Subaru, and so will our baby. So, don’t feel so sad.” You smiled back up at him.

“Enough, I’ll go get some water. Stay put.” He bent down and kissed the top of your head before leaving the room.

  • Ruki: He made you sit there and listen to him four hours.

“Ruki, the baby can’t hear it. So please let me go to sleep.” You would sleep in the chair he had you sit in if t wasn’t so uncomfortable.

“You don’t know that.” He said, and then continued to read more to you. He was actually reading the dictionary to you.

“Ruki, Please-.” You groaned.

“Hush and let me get to a stopping point Livestock, our baby has to know what things are and what they mean.” He cleared his throat, “Love; an intense feeling of deep affection.” You smiled at him and shook your head, “An example of love is what I feel for your Mother.” Your eyes widened and your heart fluttered. Ruki closed the book and sat it down, “We are done for today.”

“A-Alright.” You stood up, Ruki walked over and kissed you gently.

“It’s important that our baby knows what love is.” He smiled.

  • Kou: He pampered you all the time and put pictures of you all over his social media and showed you all the positive comments people would post about you. He was excited for the arrival of the baby and decided to spoil the both of you until the baby arrived.
  • Yuma: He had your eyes covered, You had lost the baby, yes- lost it. Yuma was devastated but so were you. You were pregnant once again, but Yuma drug you out to the garden claiming he had a surprise for you.

“Yuma- What is it already? My feet hurt.”You complained but he just laughed..

“Stop complain’ Sow! Open your eyes.” He moved his hands and you opened your eyes to see a beautiful rose bush with a plaque on the front with your miscarried child’s name engraved in it.

“Yuma…” You felt your heart twist, tears gathered in your eyes.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it? Look how pretty our little girl is. See? Now when her little brother or sister is born they can come visit her!” He placed his hands on your shoulders and squeezed lightly, “Isn’t that something?” You heard his voice strain and you placed your hand over his and smiled.

“She’s beautiful Yuma, Thank you.”

  • Azusa: “Look at it.”

“I see it.”

“Look how cute it is.” Azusa literally had forced you to let him draw on your stomach and drew a puppy on it, he thought t was the best thing ever.

“I see.” You smiled.

“Your belly button is his nose, see?” Azusa was so excited about having a child, he thought every part of you being pregnant was cute too.

“I see Azusa.” You giggled.

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THIS AND THIS AND GOT AN ADORABLE IDEA. (Plus I suck at anything other than fluff and angst)

—————————– ————————————————————————————–

“AAHHHHH!” Mabel let out a shriek as another contraction forced itself through her body, an intense fireball of pain. “God, I wish these babies would hurry up and be born so I can see them. I bet they’ll be strong.” Mabel wheezed. Her husband gave her a small nod and a smile. “I bet they will be.” With a few supporting words, Henry left the room.

Henry would have stayed to comfort her, but he knew that Mabel could be a little, tiny bit, scary, when she was stressed. Plus, every scream had the lightbulbs sizzle, threatening to burst, thanks to her overprotective but good-intentioned demon brother, and he needed to help Dipper calm down.

Dipper, in his worry, would occasionally gather enough strength to maintain a physical body for a minute or two. Now, Henry could spot his brother-in-law, and have a nice talk about not sending himself into the hospital as well. “Dipper,” Henry chided, “you need to calm down. Seeing Mabel like this is hard enough, and I’ll have a heart attack with you getting your nerves up all the time.”

Dipper sighed, trying to keep his form as long as possible. “I know, I’m just worried. You think it’s easy boiling a lake everytime I get too emotional?” He let his form fade into the Dreamscape, calming his mind.

Yes, he was calm, he was cool, he was sure that he could control all his emotions. Nothing could get to him.  Except for the summoning calling him right that moment. No, no, no, no. no. Why did he have to be summoned now? Why now of all times? His nieces and nephew were about to be born he couldn’t leave.

No, he wouldn’t leave. He could supress it, right? He hadn’t ever really tried to supress a summon, but he could do it. He just needed to focus and block it out of his mind. Ignore the tug. Ignore the tug. Ignore the pleading, desperate tug. Ignore the pull that seemed so desperate, like it needed to be done. He needed to talk to his sister, maybe she could help him forget the pull.

“Mabel, I need your help.” Dipper asked shyly, not wanting to tear her from the minutes of peace she got between contractions. Mabel turned and looked at him, his face showing that this matter was serious. “What is it bro-bro?” She followed up with a smile. “I am being summoned. I can’t leave now and I need something to take my mind off it.” Her brother’s eyes rounded, like a kitten’s. “Hmmm. You can hold off summons? Why don’t you just go, make it quick, and come back? I don’t think you’ll miss muAAAAOOUUCH!” She screamed, cutting off her sentence.

Dipper started towards her, but she held up her hand. “I’m okay, I’m okay. Just do it quick, then you don’t have to worry. I’m sure it’ll be nice to get away from this stress.” Mabel beamed with happiness, and Dipper let out a labored sigh before popping to his summoner.

It was…not what he expected. The walls were red and faded, and the floor was messily swept clean of any leaves or debris. It looked more like a garage than a proper ritual room. In front of him was a older teen, about 18 or 19. She had long curly brown locks and soft brown eyes. Eyes that pleaded for help, and were mixed with fear.

“I need help, my dog, Caramel, she’s having babies and something went wrong and I’m so afraid that she’s gonna die and we need the money from the puppies please won’t you please help me?” A stream of unsteady, scared words fell from her lips.

Dipper normally would have questioned her logic as to why summoning a demon would be a good idea, but seeing as he was in a rush, that he had heard of far stranger reasons for calling a demon, and that the situation seemed incredibily coindecental, he let it slide, and focused on her deal.

“I would just straight up help you, since I’m pressed for time, but I need something from this deal too.” He spoke quickly. “You can have one of the puppies if that’s alright.” She answered. That wasn’t a bad idea, and it gave him a better idea for when he returned. “Deal.” He said, shaking hands with her, blue flames crawling up both their arms.

“Where is he?” Mabel looked at Henry who paced in the room. “If he’s late he’s going to be SO mad.” “Calm down he said he was summoned and would be back ASAP. Besides, the kids aren’t ready yet, so hold your horses.” Mabel smiled, but she was worried too. The babies would be born soon, and Dipper would be crushed if he couldn’t be there.


“I’m back! I didn’t miss anything did I?” Dipper returned corporeal, with a small black puppy in his hands. “No, uh Dipper, why do you have a puppy that looks like it was just born?” Henry questioned.

“She was. ” He smiled, handing the puppy to Henry. “But who’s going to watch her? Are we keeping her, who’s training her?” Henry asked, looking at the tiny Labrador pup. “All of us! It’s a perfect early birthday gift Dip!” Mabel hugged her brother. “Thank you.”

The demon smiled. “ Anytime.”

Missing Hale

Requested?: yup yup!

Author: Hali

Pairing: Liam x Reader 

Warnings: noneee

“What the hell was that?” asked Stiles as something zoomed in front of his Jeep as he and Scott were driving back to Beacon Hills after they’ve dropped Kira to stay with the Skin Walkers (A/N: le cries). Stiles quickly swerved out the way when the thing zoomed in front of the Jeep again, and both boys got out.

“Is it a werewolf?” asked Stiles as he looked at his best friend who’s nose was flaring, like he was trying to smell something, as he looked into the night sky. Stiles knew it was a dumb question, but he’s Stiles so he asked anyway. 

“Yeah, but it’s really hard to catch her scent because its so windy” he said right before the wolf zoomed past almost knocking the pair off their feet. Scott must have gotten tired of it because he got on all fours and roared as loud as he could when he came face to face with the wolf. The wolf whimpered and slowly walked away until she slowly transformed…into a human? She was a few feet away and was curled in a fetal position, slightly shaking because of the cold wind. 

“Malia part 2 much?” said Stiles, with a hint of sarcasm, still struck by what just happened, even though he saw it happen before. Scott looked at him like ‘really bruh??’ but instead he just said “go get some blankets”. Stiles rushed to the back of his Jeep to get some blankets (A/N: don’t get any ideas ya nasty :’D). The two slowly approached the girl trying not to scare her more than she already was. They wrapped the blankets around her shoulders, and lower area, and managed to get her into the Jeep. In no time she was asleep, so the two found this a good time to have a conversation with their other friends.

“What do you want Stiles? It’s 2 in the morning” groaned Lydia as he answered the phone. He made a group call with him and the pack

“Yes I know, but listen…we found a wolf?” 

“You found a wolf?” questioned Malia

“Ooo is it a lady wolf?” asked Liam but they all ignored him.

“Yeah…and Scott roared…possibly a little too loud…and now she’s, uh, human.” explained Stiles as best he could. 

“Look guys, just get back to Beacon Hills and get a good nights rest. We’ll figure this out in the morning.” said Lydia. And that they did.


“Y/N Hale” said Stiles slamming the police files onto the library table where the whole pack was sitting. Everyone was surprised to hear that she was a Hale, and continued to listen to Stiles. 

“It says she disappeared 3 years ago when she was 12,” he continued.

“Well, Derek’s gone, Peter’s in Eichen, who’s she going to live with?” asked Scott. 

“She could live with me” suggested Liam, but once again everyone ignored him. 

“She can stay with me. I’ve always wanted a little sister” said Malia.


“Ok, Y/N. This is Liam, Malia, Lydia and Mason. They’re our friends.” said Scott in almost a baby voice

“You’re talking to a 15 year old not a new born puppy.” said Malia as she took y/n’s arm. She chuckled and met Liam’s blue eyes. He smiled which caused her to blush.

“You’re going to be staying with me. We’re going to teach you how to control these wolfy powers.” said Malia leading y/n to her car. She turned her head and got one last glimpse of Liam who smiled and waved.

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Hc that kyoutani volunteers at his neighborhood animal shelter and one day a new person starts volunteering and mad dog turns into an even more awkward lovestruck puppy

{ We received this while our ask box was opened for requests, so we weren’t sure if you wanted a scenario or if you were just sending in a headcanon, so I wrote it anyways. Hope you like it! - Admin Jay }

Kyoutani Kentarou is the kind of person who is often misunderstood. Due to his brooding and gruff nature, paired with his lack of social skills, he is often thought to be intimidating and unfriendly. As he grew in stature over the years, his features also sharpened, causing him to be labelled a delinquent due to his appearance. However, if one were to really get to know Kyoutani, they would find that he is actually a kind-hearted soul.

It was a Monday when it happened. Kyoutani was on his way to the neighbourhood animal shelter where he worked as a volunteer. He would usually go once every week, but because of exams and the volleyball tournament, he did not have the time for almost two months. Now that school was out for spring break, he had the time to go there every day. It had been a long time since he got the chance to see all the animals he loved so dearly, and despite it not being outwardly obvious, Kyoutani was bubbling with excitement.

As he crossed the familiar threshold of the animal shelter, the scent that filled his nose was one that calmed him greatly. After the greeting the old lady that ran the shelter, Kijima-san, he made a beeline for the dog pens, seeking out one puppy in particular. However, he was met with an empty pen. No friendly puppy waiting for him as per usual, tail thumping behind it. His stomach dropped and he almost wanted to cry. Given he should be happy that the puppy had been adopted, but the attachment he had to that one puppy was very strong. After all, he had been helping to look after the puppy since it was born here at the shelter. Gathering himself, Kyoutani was about to walk away to carry out his other duties when a familiar bark came from behind him, followed by rapid scurrying.

Whipping around, Kyoutani was met with an adorable Rottweiler puppy pawing at the bottom of his jeans. Relief hit him immediately and a rare genuine smile appeared on his face as he bent down to pick the puppy up, hugging the furball to his chest and allowing the puppy to lick at his face. “I missed you too, buddy.” He muttered softly, looking down at the puppy fondly. Distracted by the puppy in his arms, his usually sharp senses failed to pick up on the approaching footsteps.

“Hiro!” A melodic voice called out, prompting him to spin around abruptly, eyes alert. What he did not expect though, was to come almost face-to-face with an angel. You had a startled expression on your face upon seeing him, but it was surprise he saw in your eyes, not fear. And that alone was enough to cause a faint pink to tint his cheeks. You tilted your head slightly in curiosity before flashing him a bright smile. “You must be Kyoutani-san, right? I’m (y/n)!” Kyoutani could only manage a grunt, mentally slapping himself for that. It was rare for someone to speak to him in a friendly manner, especially someone as ethereal as the being before him. Of course he would screw it up, he thought to himself sarcastically. However, he was pleasantly surprised when you merely chuckled at his response. “I just started volunteering here a month ago. Kijima-san told me about you! Said you come often and we’re around the same age. Guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other from now on. Let’s get along well!” You chirped brightly, sweet smile still on your face. Kyoutani swore he could almost see a halo circling your head like a crown, heat rushing to his face immediately at the thought.

I'm fine - Derek Hale     (Requested )

 Authors note: Hey guys! this is my first one shot I hope you enjoy it! Keep on sending requests! and if you don’t ask for a name, I’ll make it Y/N so people can write there on name in there instead *wink wink* I thought I’d make a one shot about this as it was requested and yeah. MY WRITING will get better!  Here you go <3
 Synopsis: Derek gets overprotective during your pregnancy.
 Word count:  562 hella short but I’ll make it longer soon.
 Warnings: A very overprotective Derek

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The Long Lost Heir ( Part 1)

Summary:  The reader get’s thrown into the world of Death Eater’s in the most unexpected way, enjoy :)

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Word count: 3071

Warnings: I truly don’t know, perhaps teeny-tiny bit of angst

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

“No Draco, that can’t be true, he wouldn’t put you in such danger! I’m sure he didn’t know what’s going to happen.” You say to Draco as he looks at you with sadness in his eyes.
“ My father has no control over this situation, he hasn’t had for a while now.” He replies as he looks away. You were sitting in the astronomy tower on a sunny spring afternoon. It had always been the spot that the both of you claimed to be “our place”. No one ever came here, at least no one had ever done it when you had been there.
“ I’d say he’s a coward, you know,” you say after an awkward silence.
“Who? My dad?” Draco asks, he didn’t seem mad, he seemed a bit carried away in his thoughts.
“No, I ment you-know-who. Using you to get to Dumbledore is not very honourable thing to do, or what do you think?” You said as you placed your hand on Draco’s.
“ Sometimes I wish I was born in another family, for exaple think about Pansy’s family. How easy would my life be? But no, I’m a bloody Malfoy and I have to be responsible for all the mistakes my dad has made. That sounded a bit over dramatic but you got the point. ” He exhaled loudly and you suddenly felt so sorry for him. You knew that the Malfoys who had been an honourable family had now become family that the darker parts of the wizarding world joked about. It got even worse a few weeks ago when the rumours of the “werewolf puppy” started.
“I know, I know. Sometimes I wish I was born as famous rock star’s daughter but let me tell you a thing - life is always unfair and no matter how much you want it you can’t change your origins. Can we switch the topic please, it’s getting very very deep already and it’s never good to have extremely deep conversation just before writing an history essay.”
You grinned at Draco. He looked at you and started smiling.
“ Why is that not good?” He asked while smiling one of those extremely misbehavious smiles.
“Because I’ll get too poetical and the essay will be full of metaphors and you know what happened last time I wrote an essay like that.”
“ Yes, Professor Sprout was extremely confused why you had wrote that one of the plants looked like a baby on fire who is dancing waltz and you had no idea how to make her see the baby in that old tree.” Draco said as he stood up.
“ What is it? What’s wrong?” You asked.
“ I’ve got a bad feeling about tonight.”
“ What do you mean? Do you have any plans for the evening?” You knew that Draco was acting different after he had unwillingly joined the Death Eaters but that was something new.
“ No I don’t, it’s just a stupid feeling. Like I’d know that something bad is going to happen but I can’t prevent it. Do you know the feeling Y/N?” He asked as he grabbed you by your waist.
“Yeah I know that feeling,” you placed a kiss on his cheek. “We should be going back inside, it’s cold here.”
You spent the evening on your bed while writing the history essay. Pansy was one of your roommates here in Hogwarts, she was not the brightest nor the nicest girl in the school but you two got on well. “ ….the topic was even published in the muggles’ news papers although they said that it was an extremely strong storm. The end ! What do you think? ” You asked Pasny after you finished reading your essay out loud.
“ It’s brilliant, as always. You know you’re good with writing essays and other stuff like that.” Pansy said. “ So you think it’s OK? Good. Now let me hear yours .” You replied.
“ In 1876 the Minister of Magic stated that he had been involved in the …” You got carried away in your thoughts. You were somehow afraid. It wasn’t only because Draco had said that he had a bad feeling about the evening, it was the fact that you both felt the same way. You hadn’t told him but you also felt like something’s going to happen in any minute now.
“ How was it?” You hear Pansy ask.
“ OK, I guess.” You said after a moment of silence.
“ Great, let’s go to the common room, come on.” Pansy said as she pulled you by hand. You looked around when you arrived in the common room, you couldn’t see Draco.
“ Do you know where Draco is?” You asked from Goyle.
“ He went to sleep, I think.”
“ Oh, OK.” If you thought about it then it seemed absolutely normal it was quite late already.
After a while you also went to sleep. When you woke up on the next morning you had forgot the weird sensation you had had last night. You woke Pansy up and the both of you changed your clothes and went to have brakefast.
“ Y/N ! Can I talk to you for a minute? ” Professor McGonagall said as she rushed to you as you entered the hall. Everyone suddenly shut up and looked at you. Some of them were whispering something.
“ But of course.” You replied to McGonagall. She led you to her office and asked you to sit down. You had always had really good teacher- student relationship with professor McGonagall.
“When did you last see mister Malfoy?” She asked. You felt like you had just banged your head into a wall or something, this can’t be happening.
“ Last night, at about 5 o'clock. ” you said finally. “ What’s this about?” You asked with a shaking voice.
“ Well Y/n, it seems like Mr Malfoy has disappeared from the school territory. ” You were covered with cold sweat almost immediately.
“ This can’t be happening!” You said, this time out loud.

***Time skip***

“I heard, I’m so sorry Y/N,” Pansy said when you went back to your room, she had already had breakfast. You had never thought that Pansy would be so much help but she comforted you and helped you to get things straight inside your head.
“Can I borrow your owl? Mine is away at the moment,” you asked from Pansy.

“ Yeah, of course. We have to go to class now, you are still coming, right?” She replied.

“Yeah, you don’t have to wait for me. I’ll have to find my things before.”

“Are you sure? Just don’t do anything stupid, ok?” Pansy added before she walked out from the door. In the exact moment when the door closed you ran to your table, took a piece of paper and started writing a letter to your mom. Your family was not an usual family- your dad worked for the ministy and your mom worked for the Daily Prophet and they were both Death Eaters. The funny thing is that for Death Eaters the blood status is really important, so why did they have to adopt you? You once asked your dad about it but he ended up telling you about the neighbours cat and not answering your question. Your parents always told everyone that you were their child and only a close circle of friends knew that you were adopted by the age of 1. Somehow there were no rumours about your “parents” being Death Eaters, it was probably because they were both Ravenclaws and they tried to keep a low profile. Lately the things got a bit more difficult for your family. The Dark Lord had start to use your dad more and more to get information from the ministry- soon both of your parents had become part of The Dark Lord’s inner circle. You had managed to keep yourself away from it but you knew that the day when you’ll be threwn into the Dark Lord’s world, was getting closer and closer.
You looked at the blank paper and started thinking what to write. “ Is he away for the thing? I just need to know. I’m OK if you were wondering. Love, Y/N!” You couldn’t ask anything that would give out any clues of what are you writing about, the ministry had started to check some of the owls. You put the letter into an envelope and closed it. You grabbed your books and ran into the corridor, it didn’t matter that your parents were Death Eaters, you still didn’t risk to be late for Snape’s class.
The class was boring because you were supposed to sit alone, you usually sat beside Draco. On the next brake you sent out the letter to your mother. The rest of the day was also boring. You didn’t want to talk a lot because you were worried about Draco and also others didn’t want to talk to you because they knew you’d probably just say something sarcastic and walk away.
You were a bit disappointed when you didn’t receive a letter on the next day but you also knew that your owl wouldn’t have made it there and back again in such a short time. On the third day while you were eating lunch, an owl came. He wasn’t Pansy’s or yours, he was someone new. You read the letter.
“ Yes, I’m sorry but we need you too. Come to the room of requirement at 1AM and make sure no one follows you. Take the stuff you need with you. Oh and the owl you sent was not ready to fly back yet, this one is called Wilbur.” Not OK, not OK, so not okay. The potions class and defence against dark arts were a blizz. You kept thinking over and over how this is going to be the worst night of your life. You didn’t want to join the Death Eaters, you just wanted to live your life normally or as normally you could live it while being raised by two Death Eaters and dating another Death Eater.
***Time skip***
It was half past 12 at night and you started to pack your things. You quietly packed your bag and started to leave this place, suddenly you stepped on something that made an awful lot of sound. Pansy woke up
“ Where are you going?” She asked.
“To the toilet, just go back to sleep.” You never thought that this would work but Pansy did go to sleep.
You got out of your room and walked through the corridors of Hogwarts. You arrived on the corridor where the room of recuirement was supposed to be at 00.55 AM. The door appeared after you walked past it for three times, you were thinking about someone who could come to take you away. When you went in you saw a lot of objects laying around everywhere in the room, bottles, books, brooms, wands, papers, jewllery and lots of other stuff.
“ Finally, I’ve been here for a few minutes already. We better start going.” A strange woman’s voice said. As you walked closer you recognised her - it was Bellatrix Lastrange.
“I did come on time.” Was all you replied.
“ So nosey, you’re not like your parents then? They’re never stand out for themselves or something. ” Bellatrix said.
“Shut up!” You replied as you watched her straight into the eye.
“ Usually I could kill you right here and they wouldn’t even notice that there’s someone missing, so keep your inputs to yourself. But since The Dark Lord personally wished to see you I can’t do it,pitty.” Bellatrix had grabbed your hand. You pulled your hand out from Bellatrix’s grip, the Dark Lord wishes to see you personally? Why would he even know who you are? You were pretty sure thet the Dark Lord isn’t spending his free time with learning the family trees of all the Death Eaters.
Bella opened a cupboard looking wooden box that could fit at least 4 persons, “ It’s our ride to the manor,” she said as she stepped into it, “ Come on,” she added when she saw that you were not following her steps. You felt a weird dazzling sensation for a moment, then Bellatrix opened the door. You were not in Hogwarts anymore, you were in a room that must have looked marvellous about a 100 years ago, now it just looked old.
“ Y/N! Are you ok?” You heard your mom ask.
“ Oh yeah, Bellatrix took a good care of me as you can see,” you replied when you hugged your mom.
“Y/N, it’s not a time for your stupid jokes, this is all very serious. The Dark Lord wants to meet you, he didn’t tell us why exactly but we presume that he’s got an important job for you.”
“ Ughhh, that doesn’t sound too good does it?” You asked your mom when Bellatrix had left the room and there were only you two in the room.
“No, no it doesn’t.”
“When am I supposed to meet him?” You asked with a shaking voice.
“ He’s actually waiting for your arrival, he’s in the great hall.”
“ WHAT? Now? Right now???” You half screamed.
“ Yes, you better start going now and be polite! ”
“ Do I have to go alone?” You thought that you might get an heart attack.
“ I’m sorry but yes. Come on,” your mom said, she started to walk away and you follows her. You went upstairs and through a corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a huge door with a doorknob the size of a melon, you walked to it, your mom said something to you but you were too nervous to understand what she wanted to fell you. Your mom left and there you were, a frightened teenage girl who was about to meet Lord Voldemort. You knocked on the door and it slowly started to open up. “ I was expecting you Y/N!” You heard a man say as you stepped inside.

The first thing that you saw, when you stepped inside was a huge, and if you say huge you mean freaking gigantic snake, that must have been Nagini. You’ve heard stories about Nagini but you never thought that she would be so big and terrifying.

“I hope that you had no inconveniences with arriving in such an late hour?” a deep man voice said from your behind,you turned around and saw Lord Voldemort standing on the other side of the room.

“I’ve never traveled with a cupboard before but I’d say that I had no inconveniences with it, sir.” you replied but just as you had finished your sentence you felt like you should be a bit more careful with what you say.

“Sir? It’s been ages since I was last called sir, they usually finish their sentences with “my lord”, why did you use sir? Your foster parents use “my lord”.“ Voldemort said while he started moving closer to you.

” With all due respect, sir, I think that Death Eaters use “my lord” because you literally are their lord, I’m not a Death Eater so I thought that using sir would be more appropriate.“ You somehow managed not to mumble. Although you started wondering if using the word literally would be such a good thing to do when you are talking with the darkest wizard of all time.

” You’re kind of a brave girl, aren’t you?“ he replied. That’s it now he’s going to kill you, bye bye world- you thought.

"I wouldn’t say that, sir.” you replied quickly.

“ You know there is not many people who would turn their back to Nagini, but you did.” Damn, now he’s scaring you with his scary pet Anaconda. How many people would turn their back to Lord Voldemort you thought, but managed not to say it out loud.

“I’m not sure what to answer, sir.” You couldn’t reply something like “ Well I fear you more than I fear your snake.” now could you? Suddenly you felt something cold but smooth moving on your back, you turned your head a little bit and saw Nagini’s head on your shoulder, yes Nagini’s head on YOUR SHOULDER!!!!

“Nagini seems to like you Y/N, that’s not common.” Voldemort said.

“Y/N, ” Nagini said from your shoulder, you freaked out- this has never happened again, you did not speak parseltongue or at least you hadn’t spoken it or understood it before. Your face must have turned white or blue or whatever it turns when you freak out.

“ Nagini stop it, no need to scare her like tha…”

“Why do I understand parseltongue?” You asked with a terrified voice.

“This has nothing to do with Nagini, a person understands parseltoungue or doesn’t understand it, simple as that.” Voldemort replied.

“ I guess that they haven’t been very talk active then,” you said as you sat down on the floor next to Nagini “ sorry if that offended you somehow, I didn’t mean to.” You added when Nagini moved closer to you.
“That was the last missing piece, I’m sure now.”
“Sure of what, sir?”
“It’s a longer story but I’ll tell you the most important things. As you might have already understood family didn’t mean much to me, my parents… It’s not important, a few years ago I heard a rumour about having a younger brother, I didn’t know much about my family so I decided to find more out. Time went by and I found out that the rumour was true, I had had a brother, dead by now, and he had a daughter. He died not long after her birth and the girl was given to a friend of his to take care of. She raised her up with her husband. I thought that it will be it but a few months ago I got an idea, some of my duties that I let some death eaters take care of were done and followed with a lack of respect. I would like if she would be presented to the world as my heir and she will start helping me with smaller things.” Voldemort said.
“ And why am I here? Do I know her? Is she someone from Slytherin house?” You asked.
“ You know her very well Y/N, you are her." 

End of Part 1

seijousmaddog  asked:

*whispers* iwaoi??

*whispers back* ofc i love iwaoi

who cooks normally?: 
Oikawa once tried to cook for Iwaizumi, but it resulted in the kitchen burning down, and firefighters saving his dumb ass. When Iwaizumi came back home, he was so close to yelling at Oikawa because that dumbass could have killed himself, but when Oikawa explained to him that it was to surprise him with a romantic dinner, Iwaizumi burst out laughing. After laughing for a solid 5 minutes, Iwaizumi replied with: “You’re the biggest idiot on the Earth. Nobody has ever done something like this for me, and yet here you are trying, and failing miserably. Don’t try that bullshit again, or I’ll murder you.” 

how often do they fight?:
It’s usually just Oikawa pissing Iwaizumi for fun, but they don’t actually fight. Besides, even if they do, they make up within a day later, so it’s all good.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:
Oikawa will always complain no matter what. Even if Iwaizumi is away for less than a day, he’ll start whining. Iwaizumi thinks annoying but also kinda cute, and will try to call or text Oikawa as much as possible. But Oikawa says it’s not the same.

nicknames for each other?:
You can’t believe how much Oikawa complained about Iwaizumi never giving him a cute nickname because he’s cute and deserves one. Iwaizumi angrily said, “Why would I use a nickname for you? Isn’t Kusoikawa enough? And besides, I don’t need something like that when I’d rather just call you Tooru. It’s much cuter than any nicknames anyways.” 

Cue Oikawa becoming a blushing mess.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:
They both agreed that they would split the bill. Unless one of them forgot their wallet or Iwaizumi makes Oikawa pay because of something dumb he did.

who steals the covers at night?:
Oikawa tends to roll around in his sleep, taking whatever blanket or pillow with him. Of course Iwaizumi is pissed when he wakes up without any covers, so he just takes them all back.

what would they get each other for gifts?:
Iwaizumi would get Oikawa a book about volleyball related injuries as a passive-aggressive of way of telling him he’s working too damn hard. Oikawa would get anything Godzilla related as a gag gift, and then reveal that the actual present is himself. But when Oikawa tried doing that, Iwaizumi instantly fell in love with the gift, smiling and thanking him (while using his first name). Oikawa swore he heard new born puppies, and can’t tell him it was a joke present. There’s absolutely no way he can do that anymore.

who remembers things?:
They both do, but Oikawa is the one that mentions it more.

who cusses more?:
“Fucking shit!”
“GASPS!!! IWA-CHAN THAT’S NOT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD SAY!!! It’s very un-gentleman like.”

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:
That honestly depends. If Oikawa hurt himself and told Iwaizumi that he’s in pain, Iwaizumi’s response would be: “Ok and I care why?????”. But if someone hurt Oikawa, Iwaizumi would be very pissed off. Oikawa usually asks Iwaizumi is he needs his boo-boos to be kissed, and that only results in Iwaizumi hitting him. Although, if someone did hurt Iwaizumi, would smile through his teeth, demanding to know how hurt him, and probably punch them.

who kissed who first?:
Iwaizumi kissed Oikawa to shut him up. It worked for about 5 seconds until Oikawa started complaining about their first kiss not being romantic enough, and that he deserves another kiss.

who made the first move?:
Oikawa did. It happened while him and Iwaizumi where watching a movie together. Iwaizumi wanted to make it, but wasn’t sure if Oikawa was into men, so he just waited. Oikawa slowly started moving his hands until it touched Iwaizumi’s hand, and when Iwaizumi turned to look at Oikawa, he saw the blush on Oikawa’s face and intertwined their fingers together.

who started the relationship?:
There was one time, Iwaizumi ignored Oikawa for an entire day because Oikawa kept talking about his crush, which pissed him off to no end. When Oikawa finally got a hold of Iwaizumi, he complained that he didn’t listen to how great Iwa-chan was. Iwaizumi was confused and asked him if he was talking about his crush or himself. Oikawa said that Iwa-chan was his crush, and that now Iwa-chan owes him a date for being rude.

picori-draws  asked:

Hi there! I have a request for you. owo~ I don't remember which blog did it, but there was one where the companions were denied when demanding to be with f!SS as she delivers a baby. I loved it, no less. But how about one where the companions ARE actually with f!SS (romanceable and non-romanceable), and that baby being their's together? If it makes you uncomfortable to write it, it's ok; don't want to make you do things you don't like. But in case you do it, thanks in advance! <33

For the purposes of this I’m gonna include both the male and female companions and just be like… science was used to impregnate sole for the ones where it couldn’t happen normally n___n

Cait: She paces around a lot, and asks the doctors a lot of questions. They almost kick her out because she is such a pain in the ass. She’s not grossed out about the birthing at all, she’s seen more gruesome things in her day, she warns the sole survivor that she is going to shit herself during birth, the sole survivor tries to punch her but Cait stays just out of reach. When sole is in the throes of labor she is by her side, holding her hand. She’s pretty impressed with how hard the sole survivor is squeezing her hand. She swears a bunch along with the sole survivor, cheering her on and motivating her in her own crass way. When the baby is born she is quiet and in awe of it. She’s hesitant to hold it because she doesn’t want to hurt it, but the sole survivor tells her it will be fine. She cries a bit when she first holds their baby, but denies the fact afterwards.

Curie: She’s the perfect person to have there. She quickly takes charge of the room, and makes sure everything goes smoothly. She’s quite worried about the sole survivor giving birth, there are so many hazards in the world. She makes sure that everything is perfect and sanitary for them. She bosses all the doctors around and her know how makes the sole survivor feel really safe and confident. When the sole survivor starts going into labor she gives orders to the doctors and then takes on her most important duty, staying by their side and being there for them in general. She’s even fantastic at being supportive. When the time comes, she makes sure she is there to deliver the baby herself. Her first instinct is to look the baby over to make sure nothing is wrong, but she knows there will be time for that later. She brings the baby over to the sole survivor. She’s in awe, and they both sit together looking at their baby for a while.

Codsworth: He is super duper attentive to the sole survivor’s every need, he makes quite a good caretaker, providing them with a col towel on their head. He is super excited that the sole survivor and their partner are having a child. He’s always been programmed to look after a family, and them having a child makes it feel like they are returning to a sense of normalcy for him.

Danse: He is incredibly nervous. He has been incredibly nervous about the whole thing, and super protective of the sole survivor the entire time she was pregnant. In the delivery room he has all the Brotherhood’s doctors on their toes because he’s their superior. He holds the sole survivors hand and takes all their screaming and yelling at him. He’s a little grossed out by all the blood and such, and tries his best not to show it, but he definitely does a bit. The sole survivor smiles a bit between contractions and calls him a weenie. When the baby is born, he is asked to cut the umbilical cord. He holds the baby in his hands, it seems so small and so fragile. He is in awe and cries a bit and tells the sole survivor that they made something perfect together.

Deacon: He is super nervous about the whole situation, but doesn’t really show it. The sole survivor is sure that he’s going to arrive late or something so she puts Drummer Boy in charge of making sure Deacon is there. Deacon, of course, gives him the slip, and he shows up at the hospital right before the sole survivor, holding a bag filled with everything they would ever need. He’s there the entire time for them, pulling out anything they need before they even have to request it. When the baby is born, he’s the first to hold it, and he is all smiles. He holds it up so the sole survivor can see and says, look, we match. He smiles and sits next to the sole survivor and they sit quietly with the baby, happy to be with each other.

Dogmeat: He’s always been part of the family, so when its time for the sole survivor to have their baby, he’s there to guard the room for them. After the baby is born, he is their fierce guardian and constant companion. Baby and puppy cuddles… too cute.

Hancock: He is incredibly nervous about the whole baby thing, it was something that he never even thought was in the realm of possibility. He’s beside himself as he’s in the room with the sole survivor. He paces back and forth a lot and thinks about doing some jet or something, but strangely he doesn’t want to. He gives the sole survivor massages and holds her hand when she needs it. He hates seeing the sole survivor in so much pain because she’s going through labor, so he tries to joke and cheer her up, telling her funny stories and reminiscing about the good times. When the baby comes, he’s beside himself, he holds it tightly and gently, and blushes when it starts to cry. He laughs a bit, though you can tell he’s feeling really emotional by the way his voice cracks.

MacCready: He is incredibly nervous. He can’t sit still, the sole survivor has to ask him to sit still, and even then he bounces his leg a lot. He kinda gets on her nerves, but he’s there for her, holding her hand and awkwardly trying to keep up conversation with her. His hand is a little sweaty. When she asks, he brings her water or whatever else she needs. These excursions out of the room are a reprieve for him, and he comes back a bit more relaxed. He almost faints when the sole survivor is in the deep throes of labor, but manages to not. He is incredibly embarrassed by this. He cries when he holds the baby for the first time, he cries a lot. He’s incredibly happy to see their child, and also incredibly nervous and freaked out to have to raise another kid, but he knows with the sole survivor by his side he can do it.

Nick Valentine: Its an experience he never thought he would have. Somewhere deep down, maybe it was in the real Nick’s thoughts, he had always wanted to be a father, and in this crazy world he was going to be. Human biology, while familiar to him, was still alien in a lot of ways, but he was resolute in his decision to be there for the sole survivor in whatever way he could. It was a lot of getting her things she needed, holding her hand and coaching her on breathing (which seemed fairly ironic). He stays by her side the entire time, comforting her and taking to her throughout the whole thing. When the baby arrives, he’s ecstatic, he holds them very gently, smiling big. He’s amazed. He brings the baby over to the sole survivor, kissing her on the forehead and placing the baby in her arms. they are a family.

Piper: She talks a mile a minute with the sole survivor, which is comforting and a good distraction during the process. She acts fairly nervous the whole time, but its mostly manifested in her chattiness, both to the sole survivor and by asking the doctors a bunch of questions. She kind of gets on their nerves but eventually sticks to talking to the sole survivor. She holds her hands when she pushes, and shuts up when the sole survivor asks her to. She smiles nervously, trying her best to coach her through the birthing process, but she’s not the best at it. When the baby is born, she’s excited, the baby is so perfect and beautiful. She holds it carefully, as if she feels like she is going to break it. She smiles to herself and whispers ‘baby blue’ before she comes around to sit on the bed next to the sole survivor, where they sit in silence with the new baby.

Preston Garvey: He’s attentive and kind, and super duper sweet to the sole survivor throughout the whole process. He doesn’t cause any trouble with the doctors, and is helpful to the doctors as well. He’s nervous, but he’s far too busy with helping and focusing on the sole survivor that he doesn’t have time to fret that much about things. He holds their hand, letting them squeeze as hard as they need to. He only winces a little bit. When the baby is born he patiently waits for the doctors to give him the go ahead to hold the baby. He is all smiles when he lays eyes on his and the sole survivor’s baby. He can’t help but pick out the features the baby had from sole, and each one made him smile more. He tears up a bit as he sits next to the sole survivor with their child.

Strong: As sole was with the doctors about the give birth, he was still hesitant about having a child, but he does what he can to comfort the sole survivor. This is what she wanted, even if he wasn’t so sure knowing that she was so dead set on it made him think that everything would turn out well.  He fully trusted the sole survivor, and would be there for her no matter what the outcome. He may not have had a vast knowledge, but he wasn’t dumb, he knew that any child between a super mutant, if it were even possible, could have issues. He stayed silent on this, the prospect of having a child was exciting and new, but not without its worries. When the baby comes, against all odds its perfect, well as perfect as a half human, half super mutant can be. Strong beams proudly, smiling for the first time since the sole survivor went into labor. The baby feels so small in his arms, and he’s super gentle with it.

X6-88: He’s nervous, but doesn’t show it. Everything he does is calculated, he thinks a lot about what will help the sole survivor most. Beforehand he did a lot of research about birth itself and child rearing. He was confident, and he stood alongside the sole survivor attending to her every need. Normally, he wasn’t much for words, but he talked extensively to the sole survivor, smiling and having a good time talking to them. It makes the sole survivor smile. X6 gives the doctors their space, fully confident in the abilities of the Institute doctors. When the baby is born, he seems stoic, but the sole survivor can tell how happy he is. He holds the baby gently, sitting next to the sole survivor in the bed. They lean against each other gently, no words need to be said between them.

Puppy- Jack Johnson

A/n: 25 Days of Christmas

“Okay I have one last present” Jack announces dashing off into the bedroom. He renters the room holding a giant box in his hands. “Jack this looks like more that $50″ you begin to complain, embarrassed that he may have overspent on you. “Relax it’ll be worth it” he assures setting the box down carefully on the floor. 

Immediately you tear at the paper throwing it everywhere when you hear a bark come out of it. “Jack” you whine, tearing the paper even faster than before determined to quickly open the box. “Hurry up babe” he cheers watching you happily. “You got me a dog” you cry finally getting the last of the paper opening the box. 

Inside you see a white husky puppy just waiting to be picked up. 

“Jack a puppy isn’t a present” you say smiling standing up and walking around with it. “Even if he is adorable” Jack watched you intently as you played with the husky. You bounce around holding the puppy as if it’s a new born baby. 

“What should we name her” you ask looking to Jack for suggestions. “I think she already came with one, check the tag” he suggests. You follow the red collar around her neck and see attached to the heart tag a ring. A diamond ring with a rock that glistened. 

You gasp turning back to Jack only to find him patiently waiting on one knee. Your adrenaline is pumping as you feel you heart begin to race and already your vision is becoming blurry from tears. “The puppy Y/n” he asks reaching up for the husky. “Oh right” you rush quickly handing over the puppy giddy with joy and anticipation. You’re bouncing on the balls of your feet with excitement. He takes a deep breath puppy still in his hands. “Will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me” “umm…well… the thing is” you say softly hesitating “I’m just messing with you. Yes I’ll marry you” you grin taking the puppy from him and extending your hand. 

“It’d be and honor to be Mrs. Johnson. And for what it’s worth I would have said yes without the puppy” you smile kissing you fiance.

Doll + Puppy = 1 Exciting Week 🐶 🎎


Kushiel hummed as he wrote at the dining table.

“Are you actually humming and willingly writing music?”

Ithuriel asked leaning over his chair to see. Kushiel looked up and smiled before leaning up to trail a couple kisses down ithuriel'a neck.

“Jealous that a human achieved in month what you couldn’t in eons?”

Ithuriel growled making Kushiel jump when he felt a spear point dig into his side.

Kushiel rolled his eyes and sighed.

“You know I don’t like it when you try to electrocute me to get your point across.”

Ithuriel smirked.

“Aw, has your human made you docile as well?”

He asked mockingly laughing as Kushiel lunged from the chair and wrapped his whip around Ithuriel’s throat.

“I am not docile, she’s a human Ithuriel, she will never control me.”

Ithuriel only grinned.

“You want a bet?”

Ithuriel grinned wider as he began to feel the leather to get warmer — Kushiel was getting angry.

Kushiel suddenly smirked and pulled his whip away.

“I’m not that stupid, I’m not going to fall for your jealousy.”

Kushiel grinned this time as Ithuriel lunged bringing him to the floor his spear at his neck, the point sparking with electricity.

“I am not jealous of a human. Why would I be when I know you belong to me?”

“And you belong to me, some human who was born yesterday won’t change that.”

Kushiel snapped back.

Ithuriel grinned and lowered the spear before leaning down to kiss him.

~Fade to Black~

Kushiel hummed as he felt Ithuriel’s hand lazily brush through his wings. He moved his head from Ithuriel’s chest to catch his eye.

“Perhaps we should introduce them to each other instead of keeping them separate?”

Ithuriel smiled and nodded.

“I’d like that, Puppy practically lives here anyway, and you seem to like Doll a lot so I don’t see why not.”

Kushiel grinned and moved so he was straddling him and looking down at him.

“Humans may come and go but you are all I’ll ever need.”

Ithuriel grinned and blushed as he sat up as well.

“Humans are fleeting, you are the only constant I need. You are my God, Heaven and paradise Kushiel.”

He whispered his voice taking a tone of reverence.

Kushiel smiled trying to blink the tears away.

“As you are mine Ithuriel, never think otherwise.”

“I won’t.”

They shared a slow kiss before Kushiel looked at the time and sighed.

“Doll’s winter break is about to start, I’m going to get her?”

Ithuriel nodded though neither of them moved.

“We should plan something to do for the week then.”

“I’m sorry, was an orgy not on agenda?”

Ithuriel laughed burying his head in Kushiel’s shoulder.

“Shut up, I mean besides that.”

Kushiel grinned giving Ithuriel one last kiss on the temple before he stood up.

“Well I’ll let you figure that out, and you can get back to me when you have a plan.”

He said with a grin.

Ithuriel pouted from where he was lying on the floor.

“Not fair, you’re helping me.”

Kushiel turned back to him as he finished buttoning his shirt.


He said sighing dramatically before unfurling his wings and going to get his Doll.

anonymous asked:

Tell me everything there is to know about mcr bc my friend recently just got me into them and I want to know everything!

hah well i can tell you lots of things! i’d probably never finish but yeah okay here we go;

Gerard Way: he is a 36 year old sassy emo princess he loves draw and his damn obsession is coffee and sometimes cats?? his voice and personality and face is the best thing in the world and he is married with Lynz Way and has a daughter; Bandit, hum and he had this big thing with Frank aka frerard which i still shipping so hard it hurts and yeah he also writes/draws comic books, he used to have depression/ drug addicted/ alcoholic etc which sucks but he got clean and now he is the hero of 738388383 kids.

Frank Iero: he is a little punk rock muffin who got like 738389393 billion dogs; he is married with Jamia and has 3 little kids :) frank is vegetarian or was i don’t know tbh he is small as fuck and adorable, and he is so gay for Gee yeah; oh he also have the greatest hottest tattoos um.

Bob Bryar: he loves cameras and he is a great dude and nobody knows why he got kicked out off the band??? But miss him though.

Mikey Way: he is Gerard’s baby brother and shit he is so hot why nobody talks about it and he doesn’t smile too often so when he does a puppy is born whatever now he is a new band.

Ray Toro: his afro is the best thing in the world and inthink he is the best guitar in this world damn have you ever heard his solos? he is funny and cute.

MCR: just an idea lmao.

That’s pretty much the basic you need to know about the bad but there’s still lots of things to say about them!

Preference #395: Petting Penguins.


Request: You take Luke to meet/pet penguins

You knew how much Luke loved penguins so you thought the perfect suprise for him would be to go to a zoo and meet and pet some penguins. You called around local zoos and finally one agreed to it. You told Luke you had a surprise for him and he needed to be ready by twelve that day. All morning he acted like an excited little kid waiting to know what his surprise is. You both got in your car and you drove to the zoo. Luke was really confused as to why you were at the zoo, then you told him about the surprise he jumped up and down like an over excited puppy and you just laughed at him. The two of you went to the penguin enclosure, and were lead into it by the worker. Baby penguins hadn’t long been born so you got to meet them. Luke fed one, and stroked others. He was so happy, when you left the zoo his smile didn’t fade for hours. “I love you so much, that was the best surprise ever” he smiled kissing you.

Baby Bump (Nebraska and Jake)

“Can you make a cute one with Jake and Nebraska, pregant with bump fluff? Mabye interacting with it or so?”

A/N: So I kinda did two things here. In the other prompt I did with grownup Jake and Nebraska, they had two kids, so I’m going to do both pregnancies? I hope you enjoy!


“Babe? Where are you?” Jake asked as he entered the house. It had been quiet when he entered which was a bit unusual. Nebraska was on bed rest for the remaining two weeks of her pregnancy, so he usually found her on the couch with the television on. But it was silent, and that worried him a bit. “Nebraska?”

He walked into the living room to find his wife asleep on the couch, curled up with a pillow beneath her head. Jake smiled and walked over, gently kissing her forehead, but tried not to wake her. She hadn’t been sleeping well lately, and Jake could only hope that somehow after his baby girl was born that Nebraska could get more rest.

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woahrachelxo  asked:

could you imagine Harry singing "Hey Angel" to his little baby girl when she wouldn't fall asleep? I just got this inspiration from your "I Wanna Write You a Song." blurbs 💕😬

Darcy woke up and after realizing she was bathed in complete darkness the whining started. Harry was up before you even stirred. He was very much attuned to the sounds of his tiny little love through the baby monitor. Harry didn’t care if he ever slept. His baby was so much more important. Kissing your forehead, he started his short walk down the hall to the nursery to find his little girl standing in the crib, shaking the wooden bar and waiting for someone to come lift her out of the cage she was trapped in.

“Hello, little kitty,” he cooed as he entered the room. She was still sleepy—and she looked so much like you when she first woke up. She looked confused—and maybe even a bit grumpy. “Oh my sweet baby,” he frowned and lifted the tiny being into his arms. “What’s wrong, honey?” He asked and kissed the side of her face a few tens of times letting his lips slide over her soft little baby cheek.

He hated the way he had long crocodile tears running down her little face. She was too little, too pretty, and too loved to ever be sad. Even if she wasn’t truly sad.

The almost one year old snuggled against Harry’s neck and she whimpered a little as Harry gently ran his large hand up and down her back. “It’s sleepy time, baby girl,” he whispered to her softly.

Darcy didn’t really care because she liked to listen to Daddy’s voice it was really nice. Especially at night. Much like you, she found it was raspier—even if she didn’t totally knew what that meant. She just knew she liked hearing Harry’s slow voice soothe her back to sleep. Harry wasn’t wearing anything but boxers because he always slept in just boxers and somehow, despite the slight chill in your house, he was so warm and Darcy found herself curling closer to him and his warm tattooed body.

“Do you wanna song, little one?” He cooed to her as he let his lips touch her ear again. She pushed off of his shoulder to look up at him and he smirked at her. She smiled gently at him her little face blushing as Daddy paid attention to her. Shyly, she buried her face back against his chest causing him to chuckle low in his chest.

“You are your mother’s daughter,” he said softly as the flirty little girl looked back up at Harry. He kissed the tip of her nose and smiled sweetly at her. “Just one song, little one, but come here because I bet Mumma wants a song too,” he said and carried her along to your bedroom. She whimpered slightly reaching for her crib from his arms. He turned around and found the small little stuffed dog that she got the day she was born and had slept with ever since. “Did we forget, Puppy?” He whispered in her ear as he carried her back to your room. She cuddled the dog to her small body and she looked up at Harry.

“Mumma!” She said loudly when she got to your bedroom. You smiled sleepily.

“What are you doing up, kitty?” You whispered sleepily.

“M’gonna sing her a song,” Harry said softly.

You smiled and sat up holding your arms out to take your daughter.

He settled her against you, kissed both of his best girls’ foreheads and then smiled as he sat beside the two of you. Darcy clutched Puppy against her chest and Harry smirked as he started to sing the soft words to each of you.

Hey angel, do you know the reasons why we look up to the sky? Darcy’s eyes seemed to droop closed at the sound of Harry’s voice and you smiled and watched with awe as his sweet, warm voice sang your little girl back to sleep.

Hey angel, tell me do you ever try to come to the other side? You restrained yourself from moaning at his perfect voice while your baby drifted back to sleep. You sighed softly and kissed the top of her head and closed your eyes as you listened to Harry finish out the song.

Hey Angel…

Gently he kissed your forehead and stole the baby back and rested her in her crib. You listened to him whisper loving words to the tiny girl through the monitor before he shuffled back to bed.

He smiled down at you as he curled up beside you and he kissed you softly on the lips. “Hey angel,” he said softly.

And despite having an almost one year old, you would always blush when Harry was extra sweet to you, gave you that charming smirk that was so Harry Styles that it just about made your heart burst. You took a moment to admire his beautiful body and you smiled at him sweetly.

You giggled. “Angel, yeah?” You wondered.

“Always, kitten,” he whispered and nuzzled your neck as he started to fall back asleep. “Always.”