when he says thanks man


No, thank YOU!


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What were you like in your teenage years Marco?

“If you ask Oyaji, then most likely a brat, yoi..” Marco answered with a chuckle as he thought back to his young-self with a small smile gracing his full lips. Even if he had struggled in his teenage years, far more than most teenagers had to, the phoenix also had fond memories, like when he had learned what exactly love was and how tender and wonderfully warm it was. And that it were something he had deserved, never mind what he had thought before realizing. That Oyaji had bestowed love upon him the moment they had met. It all had been without ease to comprehend, but the moment he did..

“I struggled a lot with my–” A hesitation could be heard, as like always when he had to speak about the time where he had been unable speak properly, his throat closed up, making it difficult for him to voice exactly what he desired to say, even if it was more of a mental thing.

Swallowing a couple of times, Marco pushed to continue with a slightly hoarse voice like someone who needed a nice glass of water. “Speech problem. I had quite the difficult time learning how to speak properly, but luckily I had my family to help me out, yoi.” It had truly been a difficult time, especially because his progress had been slow, even if he now spoke perfectly - better than most people. “You can easily say that I wasn’t like most teenagers, which was both a bad and a good thing.”