when he saw angel in her

okay but? tony and the tapes?

so you know how you have to listen to the tapes to know why you’re on them/ who you have to pass them on to?

DOES THAT MEAN THAT MY FAVOURITE BEAN TONY PADILLA THOUGHT HE WAS ON THE TAPES? BECAUSE WE NEVER GOT TOLD IF HANNAH GAVE HIM INSTRUCTIONS OR ANYTHING SEPERATELY? so did he put the first tape in and hear about her suicide -then go to her house and everything that happened canonically occurred - but he had to go back home and listen to the tapes to know everything? wondering why he got them and if he’ s on them?

so, once he had to live through that horrible truth, he knew he had to be the angel that carried out her wishes, doing something that, no matter how much the person deserved it, ruined lives?

i’m just gonna go ahead and tell you that I cried when he explained to his bf Brad what was going on and you just saw how much pain he was in and then they hugged and I was bawling like HE HAD SOMEONE FINALLY THERE FOR HIM? HE HAD TO LISTEN TO THOSE GOD-AWFUL TAPES - THAT HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH - ALL ALONE and to top it all of he saw her fucking body and had to keep so many fucking secrets but now he wasn’t alone. ALSO AT THE END WHEN HE GAVE THE FILES TO HANNAH’S PARENTS THAT MUST’VE BEEN SO HARD BUT DID YOU NOTICE THAT WHEN HE WAS WALKING AWAY BRAD WAS WITH HIM? I WAS LIKE YEASSS

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW HE WAS BLAMED for shit that he had nothing to do with like clay starting a fight with him for no reason?

So what i’m trying to say is TONY DIDN’T DESERVE WHAT HE GOT and yes I know how bad Hannah’s life was- but that was probably one of the cruellest things she could’ve done? putting both tony and clay through all that shit


Tom Holland Imagine: Comic Con

Summary: You and Tom meet at Comic Con while you’re both promoting your new movies

A/N: I saw The Lost City of Z today and almost died because it was so good. It’s literally my favorite book of all time and when I found out Tom was going to play Jack is almost cried.

Warnings: none


Tom and the rest of the Spider-Man: Homecoming cast were in the middle of an interview when she first caught his eye. She was dressed in a blue floral dress when he saw her. Tom tried to keep his focus on answering the questions but his attention kept diverting to her smile. Her smile was the most enchanting smile he had ever seen and she had the most kind eyes of anyone he had ever met.

She was crouched next to a little girl and appeared to be singing. Although Tom couldn’t hear her, he knew she had to have the voice of an angel.

“So, Tom, got your eye on anyone?”

Tom snapped his head back over to the interviewer who was smiling at him.

Tom stayed quiet for a moment as he looked at Zendaya for help who simply giggled at the boy in distress.

“Um, I-uh… I don’t know. There’s one girl who I recently saw and thought was beautiful. But I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself to her yet…”

Tom could feel his cheeks heating up as the rest of the cast ooo'ed at his response.

Tom looked up to Harrison who was smirking at him.

Tom turned his gaze back to look for her, but she was gone. Tom felt like he was going to have a panic attack if he didn’t find her soon.

Luckily for him, the interview ended and he had 1 hour before their panel started. 1 hour to find the mystery girl.

Tom frantically looked around the mountains of people for the dark haired girl in the light blue floral dress. Tom prayed to whatever god was up there that he would find her and find her soon.

Tom was abducted from his prayers by a familiar voice calling his name.

He turned his head to see friendly blue eyes looking back him.

“Hey, kid. It’s been a while.” Sebastian said as he smiled sweetly at Tom.

Although they joked about having a rivalry, they were actually quite fond of each other.

“Oh, hey Seb. Sorry, I just saw this girl earlier and I’m trying to find her.”

“Oh? What’d she look like?”

“Ummm… dark hair, kind eyes, beautiful smile, she was wearing a light blue dress with yellow, black and white flowers on it.”

“I think I know who you’re talking about. Her name’s Y/N. She’s the voice of the new Disney princess. She’s probably in the break room, honestly. Or maybe try and find her booth?”

Tom nodded and took off towards the break room.

“Okay, bye, I guess…” Sebastian mumbled as he watched the lovesick boy run away from him.

Tom could hear people yelling his name for pictures, but he ignored all of them. He felt horrible for neglecting his fans, but he had to find her.

Tom finally reached the break room and saw the same beautiful smile from before as she read from a book of fairytales.

Everything felt like slow motion for Tom as he approached where she was sitting.

Tom had normally been good at talking to girls, but as soon as her e/c eyes met his, he felt hopeless.

His throat ran dry and he could hear his heart pounding in his chest while his stomach did cartwheels inside of him. He felt like he was no longer in reality, but placed in a fictional world of romance like in the movies his mom always watches.

Tom suddenly become aware of how much time had passed of him staring when he noticed her smile beginning to drop.

“Hi? Can I help you with something?”

And that was it. Hearing her voice. Her voice was as smooth as velvet and as beautiful as a sunset over an ocean.

Tom swallowed the lump in his voice and counted to three before blurting out a hello.

The beautiful smile returned to her face as she greeted him once again.

Tom’s cheeks heated up again.

“I’m Tom. I uh, I saw you earlier and I-I just, um-”

“He thinks you’re really pretty!”

Tom whipped around to see Sebastian standing at the door smirking, obviously enjoying the torture that the poor boy was in.

“Oh… is that true?”

Tom turned back to look at Y/N with wide eyes. He slowly nodded and felt his cheeks grow warmer if that was even possible.

Y/N smiled up at him before grabbing a notepad from the tables and a pen.

“Well, if that’s the case, maybe when you learn how to speak properly, you can give me a call.”

Y/N handed Tom the piece of paper that contained her phone number.

Tom smile brightly at Y/N before he heard them calling for the Spider-Man Cast to head to their panel.

“Maybe after this is over, I can take you to dinner? Would that be okay?”

“That sounds perfect.”

Power Rangers headcanons, mothers addition

  • Candace, Billy’s mother, absolutely adores the Rangers and especially Jason because he was the first person who actually showed up after Billy invited someone over- admittedly for selfish reasons but she loves the friendship they now have. Whenever they come over she fusses about giving them drinks they like and snacks they enjoy, and she’s pretty much Molly Weasley, adopts these kids the second she sees them.
  • She was angry about the car but too relieved that her kids weren’t in it when it got hit *ahem ahem awkward coughingyea…*. She insists on carpooling them sometimes, like if she sees Trini walking home in the rain for example. She has pictures of Billy with all his friends all over the house.
  • Candace was also the person Zack called when his mother took a bad turn, panicking and crying and it’s okay, Zack, I’m right there I’m getting in my car right now, sweetie.
  • The woman we see briefly in the film is actually Jason’s stepmother, and Pearl is his half-sister. A few members of the town remember his biological mother, but no one knows why she suddenly left when he was seven.
  • When he’s not pretending she doesn’t exist he’s usually angry, twitchy and avoids anyone touching him. She showed up at Angel Grove to ‘see if he was alright’ after the Rita/Goldar incident, and the first time he saw her Jason dived under the table and Trini on reflex covered him with her coat because she’s freaking seen this reaction before. Jason went to stay at the other Rangers houses for the two weeks his mother kept trying to see him before giving up.
  • Trini’s mother hates the Rangers. She’s ‘grateful they saved us but look at the carnage they left!’. Trini’s little brothers always argue back that it was Rita and Goldar who did most of the damage.
  • Kimberly’s dad thinks her friends are bad influences but her mom loves them. Kimberly’s mom lets Kimberly have their converted basement, decked out like a rec room, for regular hang outs with all her friends. If she knows they’re coming she usually has a massive meal planned out too and really it’s by his wife’s influence alone that Kim’s dad ends up liking them too.
  • Jia, Zack’s mother, knows they’re the Rangers she’s not stupid. She saw her son leap over the lawn and land in the trash (inspired by a deleted scene showing her watching him from the window) and he suddenly has four friends who all perfectly match the statures of the other Rangers. Come on Zack.
  • She calls them her Five Warriors. The first time she did it she had to stop herself from laughing at their alarmed looks. Jia can’t believe they still think she doesn’t know after that hint.

Highlights from the Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire panel at Storytelling Con, Barcelona, April 22, 2017

  • Lana came in first…..
  • Did she prank someone on set:  “Well I stole Rebecca’s dog.  She was not happy about that.  But she stole my chocolates so I thought it was fair to steal her puppy.  It was my Wicked Witch moment.  I stole her Toto.”
  • Which Meryl Streep movie would you like to have been in:  Mama Mia, the Deer Hunter, the Devil Wear’s Prada.  
  • FMK:  F Emma, M Zelena, K Rumple.  “I would sleep with myself, I’d marry the Evil Queen, and I’d kill my mother.  Nooooo.  That doesn’t make anyone happy.”
  • Favorite con activities:  “I love the meet and greets because they’re really intimate and you get to learn a little bit more about my people.  Those are my favorite moment.  Also just hearing people’s stories.  These are fun.  I like the panels because I like the energy.  And it’s just fun because I get to see everyone and hear everyone, feel your energy and hear your voices and your shouting, your cheering, it’s electrifying.”
  • What was it like meeting Johnny Depp:  She was seven all over again, and she had a crush on Johnny Depp during 21 Jump Street.  She was starstruck and fangirled and looked stupid in that picture.
  • What has she learned from Regina or the Evil Queen:  “I’ve learned a lot of lessons.  And a lot of similar lessons that a lot of you have learned from these characters because they are very inspiring women.  One a little bit more than the other.  But even the Evil Queen I’ve learned lessons from her in what not to do.  And with Regina just always striving to be the best me I could be for myself and others.  That’s probably the biggest lesson.  Sounds cheesy but it’s not.”
  • What is it like to live with four boys:  Fun, loud, energetic, with a lot going on.
  • Best advise to give to your fans:  “Be kind to one another.  No more segregation, no more separation, no more hate, no more bullshit, I mean there is a lot of that happening in the world.  Why would you want to be part of that?  So especially in social media I see all the negative banters back and forth and it’s just… I just recommend if you get the impulse to want to say something really shitty to someone … go do something else.”
  • Sean Maguire joined at this point….
  • What is your favorite one liner:  “I love fillet the bitch.  I just think it’s so fun to say.”
  • They took a picture with an OQ banner presented to them by fans.
  • What would they as their characters use to describe the other…
    • Lana:  “Chivalrous, Smells like Forest, Handsome, Father, Loving…”
    • Sean:  “Dynamic, Stunning, Courageous, Beautiful, Powerful.”
  • What do you think the EQ and Robin are up to in the wish realm?  “I know what they’re up to but we can’t say. […] I think they’re having a really good time.”
  • Question about how Robin and Regina never said I love you on the show:  They both seem surprised that they did not.  
    • Sean:  “Well if that’s the case it’s an oversight on our part or the writers part or they’re really holding out to do that line.  He’s already dead and you are still holding out?”
    • Lana:  “I feel like they had to have said it…”
    • Sean:  “I think you’re right… […] it’s because Robin and Regina are really shy…  But did you get the sense that we both felt that?  [Audience affirmative]  Well then we did our job.”
    • Lana:  “I’m here to tell you all that Regina and Robin Hood loved each other.”
    • Sean:  “We certainly did.”
  • Lana declines to sing again… which … she does a lot at cons.
  • First impressions:  
    • Sean:  “Lana was the one on my first day, Lana was one of the first actors on the show to say hi to me and welcome me to the show.  So I was really … it’s like the first day at school and when someone who has been there a while welcomes you it makes you feel really relaxed.  So I was very, I loved her straight off the bat, I was like ‘oh she’s nice.  We’ll get along well.’ not knowing we’d end up working together.
    • Lana:  “I saw Sean before he saw me and I felt a warmth and a kindness and a sensitive sweet soul and you can see it.  And I thought that’s my Robin Hood.  So I went and introduced myself.  And I knew we’d get along.  And Sean knows this I’ve told him this a million times he’s been like an angel for me on the show and I love him so much.  And I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful, beautiful, love interest, co-star, friend, we really enjoy working with each other and I was so glad he came back this season.  Honestly when Sean’s not there it’s weird.  He brings so much light and laughter, he is, he makes everyone, the crew smile, everyone laugh, he’s missed.”
  • Does Regina think Emma is too good for Hook:
    • Lana:  “Ahhh I mean I feel like Regina … I feel like I’m going to say yes for them but honestly I think that Hook has come a long way …”
    • [At this point the audience starts making noise…]
    • Lana:  “Shhhhh do you want to answer the question or do you want me to answer the question?  You may not like my answers but that’s okay, it’s still my answer.”
    • [Moderator/Translator:  “Drop the mic.”]  
    • Lana:  “So I think that Hook has come a long way.  I don’t think that Regina necessarily likes him very much.  She tolerates him.  And she supports her friend.  All the Swan Queens are going …”
    • [Moderator/Translator goes ‘Swan Queens chill’]
    • Lana:  “I have to look at the story as it’s written so I’m answering the question as the character and what is written.  And I don’t think she really cares for Hook.  She’s always sarcastic, she’s always belittling him, she puts up with him, and if he makes Emma happy she’s happy.  Now I’ve lost all those fans…”
    • [Moderator/Translator :  “No you haven’t.”]
    • Lana:  “I’m just kidding.  I know I haven’t.”
  • Future projects:  
    • Lana:  “Well we don’t know if there is a season seven.  So we don’t know what is going to happen but we’ll see.  In the meantime there is a lot to catch up on in life.  We’ve been working on Once for six years so … it’s important to take time for yourself and to try and try to reconnect and try to get some things done on a personal level.  Who knows what lies ahead.”
    • Sean:  “The show finishes filming around April … and those going back go back in July and Lana and I and a lot of the cast in that time travel around the world.  We go to Brazil we go to Paris which we love and we’ve had an amazing time meeting all the wonderful fans.  But it sometimes doesn’t leave us a lot of time to do the personal things that we want to do…”
    • Lana:  “No rest for the wicked.  But we’ll see.  I hope you follow us no matter where we go.”
  • Best day of your life:
    • Lana:  Being born.  
    • Sean:  When his son was born.  Lana and Ginny told the assistant director to send him home when he showed up to work the day after his son was born.

craftyhendrix  asked:

RFA+V+Saeran finding out MC is an amazing singer? I love your blog so so much, all of these scenarios make me so happy!!!

* He hears you sing one time by accident
* Cue MC screaming because she was getting out the shower when he saw and heard her
* He heard an angelic choir ???
* Because:
* 1) tiddies
* 2) his gf is better than Beyoncé holy crap ???
* Gets vvvv upset when MC says they can’t sing
* “???”
* Never say you can’t sing or you’ll get vvv angry yooyoo

* He came home one day heard you singing
* “Yo… I didn’t realize I left the radio on this morning”
* He went into the room and saw MC singing
* He dropped his phone in shock bc
* Omg
* What
* A
* Babe
* He eventually joined into the song, which scared MC
* “Babe, you have such a beautiful voice I don’t know why you said it was bad”
* Now MC is helping him with his songs

* Okay so
* One day she forgets her phone, right?
* MC was getting ready to go to work
* Jaehee comes back to get her phone when MC steps out the bathroom
* Why was she so beautiful even when singing?
* wait but didn’t MC say she couldn’t sing?
* ok anyways, Jaehee can sing a bit so she hums a bit
* “MC… you’re a great singer.”
* “Thanks but it’s not my strongest feature”
* “Shhh ur good ok”

* He never really pushed since MC said she never really liked to sing
* He respected MC
* Kosmopolitan said to always respect your partner(s). Never push
* Of course Jumin listened
* Anyways, one day he wanted to surprise MC so he came home early
* He had a big ass smile and a bouquet of roses
* But where’s MC ???
* Where is Elizabeth???
* He finds MC in Elizabeth’s room
* And guess what
* MC
* Is
* Singing
* To
* Elizabeth
* He feels so blessed ??? How did he get such an amazing partner ??
* He hugged her and gave her bouquet
* “You should sing more. Your voice is amazing”

* He’s heard you singing before
* You just don’t know it
* He’s a Sneaky Ninja™
* He recorded it and listens to it when he gets upset
* But one day
* MC drops that “I can’t sing” bomb
* He’s gone
* Boom
* Done
* “But you never heard me sing before ???”
* john cena makes a hole in the wall and peeks through it
* “are you sure about that”
* :000
* Anyways he tries to convince MC
* He failed but he failed with pride

* One time he had a very bad dream and when he woke up, he accidentally woke up MC too
* MC tried to calm him before he would get a panic attack
* She patted his back and softly sing him back to sleep
* She thought he would forget since it was so late in the night and that’s what usually happened
* But instead
* He asked MC to sing for him more
* “What do u mean fam I can’t sing”
* “You sang for me last night”
* in the end they ended singing for him every time he was feeling down

* one day he was supposed to be taking his mid-day nap
* But he wasn’t
* But MC thought he was since he wasn’t making any noise
* MC decided to cook :0
* So they started cooking up a one person feast
* Meaning a sandwich and fries
* While they were cooking they decided to sing
* pink season plays in the bg
* Saeran comes in to turn off the music
* Why is she singing ???
* She’s good but she’s burning the fries ??
* “Yo MC if you’re going to sing then don’t burn the fries”
* “Nah”
* “But… you’re going to get grumpy”


Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Natasha (OFC), Rosie (OFC - mentioned)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Cheating (kinda - not really), low self esteem, language, slight violence.       

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This was supposed to be a gif blurb for a gif @chaos-and-the-calm67 send me. It was born out of two conversations I had today. One with @percywinchester27 and one with @mysupernaturalfics - who is also the sweet angel… really more like demon spawn but… she did beta on short notice. :P

You felt a knot form in your stomach when you saw her. You had feared something had been going on between the new PA Natasha and your husband. You had never brought it up to him, because saying it would make it real. It wasn’t that he had ever really done anything to make you doubt him, but the way she was giggling and touching him every chance she got, it would upset you more than you cared to admit. You justified his actions in your mind. Jensen was gorgeous and out of your league.  You had gained weight and you were feeling less than confident about the way you looked. Especially after having your daughter.You tried telling yourself you couldn’t blame him for going elsewhere to get his needs filled.

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The Playboy Murder

Beautiful Dorothy Hoogstratten (better known by her stage name Dorothy Stratten) was a shy, awkward teenager when she met Paul Snider, a money hungry hustler who immediately saw the potential for fame in the buxom blonde. Dorothy had struggled with self-esteem issues her entire life, and despite her ethereal looks she did not consider herself worthy enough of a mans attention until Paul Snider came along.

The two fell in love and got married in June 1978, and soon after the wedding Snider persuaded Stratten to pose for nude photos, which he secretly sent off to Playboy magazine. Just a few months later the pair moved to Los Angeles, where Dorothy became a finalist in the Playboy Bunny Hunt competition. She met Hugh Hefner and worked as a dancer in his Playboy Club, and Snider encouraged her to audition for movie roles. To help her get roles, Snider bullied Dorothy into dying her hair peroxide blonde, and forced her to undertake a gruelling diet and exercise regimen. Dorothy’s hard work paid off when she featured as Playboy’s “Playmate of the Month” for August 1979, and she was also voted “Playmate of the year 1980”.

In 1980 Dorothy starred in her first (and only) movie, ‘Galaxina’, where she plays a beautiful robot. At the movie’s first screening, Hugh Hefner pulled Dorothy aside and warned her to keep away from Snider. “He’s a hustler and a pimp. He’s just using you” Hefner reportedly said. Dorothy made the fatal mistake of telling her husband about this remark, and Snider grew even more jealous and paranoid over his beautiful young wife.

Snider began beating Dorothy, flying into rages about the affairs he believed Dorothy must be having. He prohibited her from leaving the house without him, took away her car keys, and would stand next to Dorothy when she talked on the phone. Her friends desperately tried to seek help for her, but Stratten would always blame herself for his behaviour and make excuses for the bruises that were showing up on her body with increasing regularity.

In April 1980 Dorothy fell in love with Peter Bogdanovich, the director of the new film she had scored a lead role in. Snider hired a private detective to spy on her, and when he discovered his wife’s affair he reportedly threatened to kill Dorothy and “ruin that pretty face”. Dorothy and Peter moved in together at his mansion in Beverley Hills, and by August Dorothy had filed for divorce.

On August 14, 1980, Snider rang Dorothy and asked to meet her at his house to talk about an amicable divorce. Dorothy enthusiastically agreed and withdrew $1000 to give to Snider.

What happened next is unclear. Dorothy arrived at Snider’s house around noon, and at some point during the night Snider beat Dorothy and tied her into an elaborate BDSM harness. He violently raped and sodomized her, before shooting her in the face at point-blank range with a 12-gauge shotgun. Snider raped her dead body again, aimed the gun at his head, and committed suicide.

The landlord of the house discovered the two nude bodies the next day. Dorothy was only 20 years old, and Hugh Hefner wrote this about her in an article:

“Dorothy took my breath away. She had this beautiful inner quality about her that was so charming, so innocent, and it touched everything in the room”

And in that moment, with his life starting to drain away from his body, he remembered everything. Every single battle, every single tear, every single moment he felt that he was a mistake, every single memory became tangible, as if he could reach out and touch them. Laura cried above him, her crystalline tears falling from her dark eyes that mirrored his own. “Dad…” She wept, trying desperately to keep him alive somehow, but failing. All of his life he had felt heavy, as if he was carrying the world’s weight upon his shoulders, but now, he felt light. Blood kept oozing out of his body, and everything felt hazy now.

He saw her, and grabbed her hand; he used the last ounce of strength to speak, to be able to at least say something meaningful that wasn’t intertwined with thorns and anger. “Don’t be what they made you.” He hoped that she lived a meaningful life, and to not make his same mistakes that he had deeply regretted for most of his life. She kept crying, and she responded with a heavy voice, not wanting to let him go.  "Daddy…“ He had never imagined that he’d feel like a father in the brink of death. Suddenly he felt lighter and lighter, as if he was ascending into some unknown dimension. He didn’t see angels, he didn’t see a heavenly choir… he just saw her face, beaming under the sun’s gentle rays. She was perfect. He regretted that he spent so much time trying to push her away, when he could have just given in and embraced her tightly. Charles kept saying how he still had time, but now it felt that no amount of time he had lived amounted to what he wanted to do with her; to live, to feel what it felt like to be a father. Smiling softly, he looked at her, a single tear forming in his eye, before speaking one last time. "Huh… so this is what it feels like.” This is how it felt like… to be a father, to love someone beyond measure, to have a purpose and to give it all for someone. This is how it felt like… to know that his battle was finally over, and that now, he was going to rest. This is what it felt like… He was about to die, but he had never felt so alive.

—  A small description of what I think went through Logan’s mind in the last scene of the movie.

another weird thing about living in New York is that sometimes you’ll be getting your hair cut, and it will turn out that the guy getting his hair cut next to you is Trevor Noah’s personal makeup artist. that guy will then spend 30 minutes telling you about what an asshole Trevor Noah is to everybody who works for him, and how he’s only nice to other famous people, but one time a little old lady fell down in front of him and Trevor Noah ignored her to keep texting but Kate Winslet saw the whole thing and marched over and helped the old lady and told Trevor Noah he was some kind of an asshole.

and then your hairdresser will be like “oh yeah, that sounds just like her. I did Kate’s hair a couple of times when I was working on the Today show, she was such an angel.”

like what the fuck, I’m just getting my roots done and then there’s an imbroglio of firsthand accounts of celebrity fuckery

Happier With You (Part One)

Summary: Steve has had many regrets in his life, but his biggest regret was when he let you go all those years ago. Now, you’re with someone else, and you’re happy. And that’s all that Steve wants for you. But he knows that he was happier with you by his side. And deep down, you know it too.

Inspired by: Ed Sheeran’s entire Divide album.
Also, inspired by my friend, Tator Tot. Nothing spicer than Sriracha Steve.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1133

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Ghost Girl ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Jack Maynard X Conor Maynard X Joe Sugg

Word count: 1425

Summary: “She’s just a picture of your mind Jack, just a ghost girl.”

Requested: Nada, my own idea

Not my gif

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First sighting…

Jack was stood outside Tesco waiting for Conor when he saw her.

She was stood leaning against the wall on the other side of the road, dressed in ripped jeans, white t-shirt with rips in and a leather jacket covering her to stop the wind. Her hair was in a ponytail, bright red lipstick coated her lips screaming for attention. 

It was like she could his eyes burning into her, her head snapped up and Jack felt all of his breath leave his body. 

She was breath taking.

Jack stood in shock of her beauty, the way her eyes shone bright, the small cute button nose and the smirk, the god damn smirk playing on her lips. Jack soon snapped out of it when she winked towards him, giving a little finger way before a bus stopped in between the two.

Jack tried looking through the windows of the bus, seeing if he could still spot her but he had no luck. While he was looking for her, Conor stepped out of the shop and watched as his brother nearly broke his neck searching for something in a bus.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Conor blurted out as the bus drove away, leaving an empty space.

Most importantly leaving an empty wall.

Jack stood disappointed before shaking his head towards Conor, “There was this girl leaning on the wall, she was breath taking bro.”

Conor laughed, rolling his eyes. “All I see is a wall, come on dickhead I think you need some rest. You’re imaging things.”

Maybe. Maybe not.  Jack thought as he realised he was tired and it could be his mind playing tricks on him. 

No one is that beautiful.

Second sighting…

This time Jack was in the club with Joe when he saw her.

He was sat at the bar laughing with Joe when she walked past him, his head snapped in the direction she was walking. A black tight dress hugged her curvy dancing body, black long stiletto’s moving with the sound of the beat, her long straight hair waving down her back like sound waves.

He was so memorised with her beauty again, the rest of the world stopped moving. No sounds. No movement. Only her.

He was in a state of awe when she turned around making direct eye contact with him, like she knew it was him. Her eyes light up like she seen the best thing all night, a large smirk grew across her face like she was pitching a plan together. 

Jack knew he had to speak to her, just to hear her voice once. However, it was like she read his mind and give him another wink and finger wave before disappearing into the dancing bodies.

“Jack!” Somebody shouted into the blue eyed boy’s ear, snapping him out of his dream land state. 

Turning his head, he faced a worried Joe, titling his head in confusion. The older boy sighed and looked more worried, “Is everything okay? You have been staring at nothing for the pass ten minutes?”

Nothing? Ten minutes?

That’s crazy Jack thought. It had only been a couple of seconds in his mind and he was not staring at nothing. He was staring at her, not nothing.

“Mate, you didn’t see that girl I was staring at?” Jack questioned, his eyes wondering back into the crowd trying to find her.

Joe looked at the boy with unreadable expression on his face, “There was no girl Jack.”

“No. There was, she was wearing a black dress, she was looking at me and waved.” Jack explained still looking for her to prove to Joe.

“Jack.” Joe sighed, making the younger boy look at him. “There was no girl there. I followed your eye sight. You were staring at the wall.” Joe pointed to the very wall he saw Jack looking at.

“Joe. I’m serious there was this girl.” Jack tried to reason but the look on Joe’s face told him he was crazy.

“I think someone spiked your drinking. I’m taking you home.” Joe grabbed Jack’s elbow pulling him out the club and Jack let him because he honestly thought he was crazy.

Third sighting…

This time he was with both Conor and Joe in the park playing football, when he saw her.

She was walking with another girl, she was dressed in shorts and a crop top with a flannel hanged loosely of her body. She was laughing and Jack could just about hear the angelic sound. 

They were walking closer to them and Jack was getting excited, he could prove to his brother and best friend that he wasn’t crazy and she wasn’t some type of ghost girl. 

“Oh my fuck.” She laughed loudly, causing butterflies to fight in Jack’s stomach.

I could hear that every day. Jack thought, a smile growing on his lips just thinking about it.

Jack too busy being a daze, didn’t hear the shouts of his brother and best friend and a ball went smack into his head. “Fuck!” 

Jack had fallen to the floor with the force of the hit and was laid on the grass groaning in pain. His head was facing side way’s trying not to put pressure on his head when he saw her looking at him in concern. 

He watched as a frown grew on her face and god did he never want to see that. He watched as she tried to walk towards him but her friend pulled her back to stop her, instead of walking over. She opened her mouth ready to saw something but Conor and Joe had dived in front of Jack from seeing it.

“Jack. Jack! Look at me! Are you okay? Oh my God I am so sorry.” Conor rambled but stopped when Jack uttered something.

“Behind you.”

Conor and Joe both turned their heads back to see nothing but trees and grass. “Jack there is nothing there.” Joe commented looking back towards the boy on the floor.

“She was there.” Jack whispered sitting up with the help from the boys.

Conor and Joe shared glances, knowing he was talking about a girl that didn’t existed. “Jack she’s not real.”

“She is.”

Joe sighed quickly stepping in before a Maynard fight happened. “Jack, there is no girl. “She’s just a picture of your mind Jack, just a ghost girl.”

Jack went to protest but Conor had snapped at him to shut up and let them take him home where he could get some tablets for his red bumpy face. 

After the park incident, Jack saw her a lot more times in the past three months. The boys still called her ghost girl because they never saw her, even after Jack had described her in full detail. From the outfit she was wearing, the makeup she had on, her hair and he could memorise her face from heart.

To him, she was someone he had fallen for,

To his friend’s, she was ghost girl.

The final sighting…

Jack was with the both his brother and best friend again; they were all laughing walking down the street when someone ran straight into Jack.

Both of them fell onto the floor by the impacted of her running and Jack’s strong frame. Jack was the first one up, sticking his hand out to the person he ran into and still trying to shake off the pain.

He hadn’t seen the person he ran into.

“Oh my fuck. I am so so sorry. I was running and I didn’t see you.” The person rambled, a girl’s voice rambled in fact.

Jack chuckled lifting his head up to look at the girl when he felt his whole world freeze. 

There stood in front of him was ghost girl.

“It’s you.” He uttered totally forgetting about Conor and Joe who had stopped walking and was staring at the two funny.

The girl looked up at him and uttered the same thing, “It’s you.”

“Ghost girl.” 

“Lover boy.”

They stared at each other in shock before large smiles grew on their faces.

She spoke first and Jack thought he was in love. “I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Jack.” He smiled, bring her into a hug. Which she gladly returned. 

However, their hug was interrupted by Conor, “Who’s this Jack?”

Jack smiled pulling away, his arm resting over her shoulder as she leaned into the boy, she had crushed hard on since she saw. She smiled at the two boys in front of her as Jack spoke.

“Conor, Joe. Meet Y/N. Ghost girl.

Exo Reaction to His Wife Giving Birth to a Girl Instead of a Boy and She is Worried Because He Wanted an “Heir”, But He Loves Her to Wife’s Surprise

Xiumin: He saw you happily holding your new baby girl and his heart swelled with joy. He’d be so I’m in love with the sight. When he saw you frowning he’d ask why. He’d laugh it off and tell you how much he loves you and your daughter.

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Luhan: He’d look down at her and notice the little things. Her nose scrunching when cried, her hard trying to grab onto something. He’d offer his finger and would sigh in content when she wrapped her tiny fingers around it. He’d look at you with so much love. “My girls…I like that.”

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Kris: He would be upset upon learning it was a girl but when she opened her eyes to him and he saw his own. He was taken. He’d hold her like she was fragile glass and tell her he would protect her at all costs. It was the most important day of his life.  He never wanted it to end.

Suho: He knew you were worried when you could barely hold a smile at your baby. He’d go and very gently pet her head. He’d tell you how beautiful she was and that as long as he was there nothing would happen to you or your baby girl.

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Lay: He would be so emotional when he sees his new angel. He would want to hold her immediately but didn’t want to take her from your arms. When you tried to apologize for not delivering a boy he’d laugh. “She’s perfect. Innocence that could even rival an angel.”

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Baekhyun: He would look at her like he just won the world. He couldn’t wait to protect and spoil her to death. He’d take her from you when you offered her up and would melt when she opened her eyes and looked at him, making her baby noises.

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Chen: Would become so happy. His whole body would shake with happiness. He knew he wouldn’t get his heir but now he had something better. A baby girl to come home to and a wife to help take care of him. He finally got a look at what he had and was so happy with it.

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Chanyeol: He was so in love with your daughter already he didn’t even notice your worry for it. He shook when he was handed her but calmed down and cooed softly at her. “My beautiful girl. I will always love you.” It would calm you down a bunch hearing his words.

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D.O: He was another one who was bitter at first, but it was gone fast as you bought stuff for her. He would get excited from every shoe or toy. When you finally gave birth to your daughter he would thank you for blessing him with the baby girl.

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Kai: Was so excited to meet your baby for the first time and helped you through birth. When he finally got his chance to hold his bundle he would smile down at her scrunched up face before looking at you. “She’s beautiful…Like her mother.”

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Tao: He didn’t care much when you said something about her as you held your daughter in your arms. He gently touched her and and smiled. “I don’t see what you mean. She is beautiful and we should love her.” You finally smiled at your baby and nodded promising him you did. “Good. She is our daughter after all.”

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Sehun: When he found out about his daughter he would be a bit upset. When you talked to him and explained it wasn’t your choice he would chill a bit, but his breaking point was looking at her in your arms. He knew his world was changed, for better or worse was up to fate.

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Highlights of 4X06

- Nyliah and Clarke because that was cute asf
- Raven trying hard to save the world (like always)
- Sea Mechanic
- Murphy tying to repeat Luna but instead said he was a horny mess
-Luna trying to comfort everyone because she’s an actual angel
- Bellarke and Roan family road trip
- Bellamy still trying to prove himself by saving everyone he can
-Kane being protective dad
- Moonshine
-Bellamy’s face when he saw that it wasn’t Clarke in the tarp
- Roan exposing Bellamy’s feelings…again
- Bellamy and Roan Mr and Mrs Smith type sh*t
- Roans gorilla leap
- Bellamy going from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK when he saw the knife at Clarkes throat
-Bellamy’s gopher dive into the rover
- Bellamys smile to Clarke
- Clarkes smile to Bell
- Murphy helping Raven and her saying thank you
-Raven being brilliant
- Octavia being put in place because of her hypocrisy
- Dad kane again
- Illian is free
- Bellarke beach scene 2.0
- “If I don’t see you again-” HE WAS GONNA SAY I LOVE YOU Y'ALL

Familial Ties

Request: “So, it’s not a request you don’t have to write it. It’s just an idea I had. I’m gonna write it in 2 messages because it wont fit in one. Imagine you have a 5 year old daughter with Kylo but the Resistance doesnt know it and one day they kidnap you with your daughter, thinking you may have information of the First Order. And then, Leia is there and tries to make your daughter feel comfortable, because you know she’s just a baby in the middle of a war, so she approaches her and… she asks her “what’s your name?” and your daughter says “Padme” and Leia thinks it’s strange, and Padme says “It was my daddy’s grandma name” so Leia is like whaaaat? Who’s your dad? So you come close and with a smirk in your face say to Padme “Honey, tell the lady who your daddy is” and Padme says “My daddy is Kylo Ren! Dah!” Imagine Leia’s face, pure SHOCK.”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1611

Warnings: none


The moment her small hand gripped your finger was the moment you broke your promise to Kylo. You had told him that no matter what, you would always love him more than anything else in the Galaxy. But as you stared into your daughter’s eyes for the first time, you knew she had to come first. You looked up at Kylo, an air of understanding sweeping his features, silently taking the same vow to always put your little girl first.

“What’s her name?” He asked quietly, his massive hands taking her from your arms, and cradling her with a weary, yet intensely heartfelt smile.

You pondered for a minute. You had spoken about names before, but had never settled on anything. But as soon as you saw her for the first time, when you peered into the depths of her new soul, you knew her name.

“Padmé.” You smiled, and this caused Kylo to let out a short chuckle, tears welling in his eyes.

“I promise you,” he whispered, decreeing himself to his tiny daughter. “I will protect you, no matter what, Padmé.” He then turned to you, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, my beautiful.”

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She made the bra look so good that even I wanted to buy it // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n is a Victoria Secret Angel and Shawn gushes about how beautiful she is in an interview and how they deal with papparazzi ect.

Requested: yesss

“Shes amazing at her work, I love watching her,” Shawn says smiling, the camera locked onto his face. He was doing an interview for James Corden on The Late Late show and the topic had just turned to his girlfriend, aka me, as I watched backstage.

“You love watching her because she’s your girlfriend or because of what she wears as a Victoria’s Secret Angel?” James teases and Shawn laughs.

“Maybe both,” Shawn smirks and I scoff, glaring at the TV screen lightheartedly. “Don’t kill me Y/N,” he says to the camera, still unable to wipe the smile off his face.

When you finish you better run. 

I heard that yesterday you saw her on the runway for the first time, thoughts?” James asks, leaning on his palm to look at Shawn.

He ruffles his hair before speaking, “Like I said, shes amazing. She looked beautiful and she just, you know, she made the bra look so good that even I wanted to buy it,” the audience laughs.

My face heats up at his comments. 

“I also know that because of the jobs you both acquire that also brings a lot of attention. How do you both deal with the good ol’ paparazzi?” 

Shawn sighs, “Obviously its not our favorite thing in the world but its their job so we try to be as nice as possible. Sometimes its gets a little too much like last week-” Shawn pauses. “We were out for dinner, Y/n, my family and I. We were getting photographed the whole time, it sucked.”

James frowns. “Does this happen often in your relationship?”

“Most of the time. I hate it. Y/n hates it but she deals with it better than I do. She always knows how to calm me down though when I just want to walk out,” he smiles and I do the same, remembering how at that dinner, Shawn wanted to leave and go home, upset with how they invaded a moment between us and his family. 

“You guys just seem to click, yeah?” James comments and Shawn nods.

“Yeah defiantly. She’s like my other half, cliche I know, but its true,” Shawn shakes his head. “Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I got by having Y/n in my life,” the audience awes. 

“I remember when I had you in to interview you, I think it was early last year, and you were this fresh talent, selling your second album. Now look at you!” James laughs gesturing to Shawn. “Third album out tomorrow, world tour complete, girlfriend, What don’t you have?” Shawn chuckles.

“I’m just grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given, the people in my life, especially the fans, I love them,” he nods.

“Just amazing,” James smiles, he then turns to the camera announcing an add section. 

“You can go see Shawn.” The lady next to me, one of the producers, tells me. Quickly I set my jumper on the chair I was sitting on and rush out to greet Shawn, running straight into his arms. 

“You. Freaking. Buffoon.” I laugh hitting his stomach with each word playfully. He laughs grabbing my hands in his. 

“It just came out I’m sorry,” Shawn says, pouting his bottom lip. 

I roll my eyes. “Sure, sure. You’re forgiven however,” I kiss his lips quickly, the same producer telling me it was time to go backstage again, the adds were ending.

“Good luck,” I say kissing him again, going back stage. 

“They’re right you know,” The lady says to me. 

“Hmm?” I ask, sitting down again.

“You two really do just click together,”

Paper Hearts Pt. 2

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Part 1

Jungkook X Reader

Genre : Angst, Semi-smut

Summary : Jeon Jungkook, your best friend, soon becomes something you never thought possible : Distant…. All because the one he cared about most was oblivious towards his feelings.

A/N : I’m back again! To be honest I really didn’t think I would get this much notes on pt. 1, so I am very happy. And the comments I saw on pt. 1 made me very happy, as well. Especially LovelyRose18… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!! That really made my day. Thank you for your support!!!

What you weren’t ready for was the sudden pang of sadness you felt deep in your stomach when you turned to your right and found a woman basically throwing herself onto a man. But not just any man.

The guy had dark brown hair, and he wore a black suit. His pink lips were parted, revealing what looked like bunny teeth, and his nose was unmistakably rounded at the tip.

You were quite close to the two, which allowed you to hear what the girl said next. “Jungkook, baby, maybe we could go over to that back room over there?” she asked as she lifted a hand to a room at the corner that was currently empty.


As the man turned to follow the girl’s finger, his dark orbs locked with yours, causing you fluttering heart to skip, not one beat, but multiple beats as your breath hitched in your throat.

The Maknae stiffened at the sight of you, and he cleared his throat while attempting to step in front of the desperate woman.

The eerie silence wavered in the air, and you were the one to break it as you inhaled as much oxygen as possible.

“Jungkook… W-what are you doing here?” you asked, attempting to sound as nonchalant as your body would allow you to. Did you succeed?

Hell no.

He didn’t look as enraged as you thought he would, but that didn’t mean that all his anger disintegrated completely.

“Y/N..” he breathed. “I should be asking you that, shouldn’t I?” His voice was cold and harsh, but you weren’t fooled. His posture slumped and his hands shook, indicating that he, too, was nervous about the situation.

You tried to muster up any strength and courage left in your stomach to answer his question, but failed miserably as you let out a defeated whimper.

Just then, Jinsoo snaked his slender arms around your waist, leaning into your ear. “C'mon, Y/N! Let’s get another drink,” he slurred as he pulled you close to his warm body.

Your frightened eyes settled on Jungkook’s now-stiff muscles as he snapped his head towards the drunk man beside you.

“Oh, who’s this?” Jinsoo questioned, completely oblivious to your shaking body.

“A boyfriend?” Jinsoo’s jealous words hit your ear as he turned his fiery gaze to the other male.

“N-No! Uh… He’s a close-” you began, but Jungkook raised a hand to halt your frantic words.

“She’s friends with some of my friends,” he answered dryly, turning his attention back to the drunk woman impatiently waiting behind him.

“Sorry I took so long, Jagi. Let’s go to my place.” “Sure thing. Can’t wait!” The woman replied, a little too giddy, as she looped her arm with Jungkook’s and popped out her chest proudly.

The couple waltzed out of the club, leaving you embarrassed and Jinsoo confused. However, Jinsoo didn’t take long to transform into his usual bubbly state as he stepped in front of you and grinned.

“Hey, I’m gonna go grab a drink and I’ll be right back, okay?” He hollered, running towards the already crowded bar.

Not paying an ounce of attention to Jinsoo, you took a seat, rubbing your temples in attempt to soothe the aching in your head. Not only did it feel as if there was a rock bouncing on top of your brain, but your stomach clenched, the knot becoming tighter by the second, as bile made its way up your esophagus.

Why, just why, did you have to see Jungkook? Of course, luck wasn’t on your side, and you shouldn’t have been so surprised to see him here. He did visit this place whenever he needed a brake from his tiring job.

But what really surprised you was the sight of him rubbing his body against a complete stranger, getting ready to do the obvious at any given time.

You were mad; you couldn’t deny that. Who wouldn’t be pissed after witnessing your best friend do the nasty with some girl in a club - who could have HIV, too - that he most likely only knew for a couple of hours… If even that long?

Your mouth filled with bile as you felt your previous drinks make its way up your throat. Sprinting towards the outdoors as fast as possible, you yank the door open and kneel down on the grass as you empty the contents of your stomach.

Your stomach clenched one last time before finally relaxing. You took a seat on the cold grass, hugging your knees, as you rocked back and forth. You felt much better. Well, all except for the sour taste that remained in your mouth, stinging the back of your sore throat.

Fatigue drowned out your thoughts, your eyelids becoming heavier by the second. Jinsoo was very kind to you this evening, but you just met him, so abandoning him didn’t seem like such a bad idea. After all, falling asleep on the grass didn’t seem like such a smart idea, especially in an area like this, where people walked around with guns and knives strapped to their waist.

Darting up from the ground, you sigh and walk in the direction of your home. Your heels were almost fully covered in the three-inch snow, and you admired the white sparkle it revealed when you moved.

The coolness of the snow traveled from your feet to your spine, causing you to shiver. Just as you were about to turn a corner, you heard what sounded like kissing noises and moans on the other side of the building.

Being the nosy person you are, you popped your head out and observed the love scene that took place. You couldn’t tell who the two lovers were, but you could tell that they were enjoying themselves.

The woman’s back was against the brick wall of the building, her hair falling haphazardly over her face as she wrapped her slim legs around her companion’s waist. The man’s hands were on either side of her head as he began to grind into her center.

Shameless moans fell from her swollen lips as she toyed with the male’s dark brown hair. “Jagi, I don’t think we’ll make it to your house,” she whimpered. “I think we might just have to do it in the car.”

You internally cringed at the way her voice sounded like people croak as you began to walk away from the scene.

“W-what?! Jungkook, what’s wrong?” The woman’s words halted your actions as you whirled around to take your previous place behind the wall.

This time, the woman had no one hovering over her, and she looked as if she’d been hit by a bus.

Her ebony mascara fell onto her pale cheeks as tears stained her face, her hands coming up to wipe away the mess, but only to create an even bigger one.

The male you once saw grinding on the woman was now taking slow steps away from her. His face was no longer concealed from your view, and you inhaled a sharp breath of cold air, the oxygen stinging your lungs.

His blue contacts shimmered in the moonlight, making it look as if he was an angel from the heavens. But at that moment, he was anything but a holy angel. To you, he reminded you of a deceiving angel, the ones Satan breeds in Hell.

It was pretty wrong of you to be thinking these things when you were the cause of his ignoring you, but the way he treated you tonight made up for everything.

“Jeon Jungkook… Why? I bet it’s because of that little slut you saw earlier,” the sobbing woman groaned. At this, Jungkook’s eyes widened as his moistened lips quivered.

“Don’t talk about her like that, you bitch! You’re the real slut! I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked up your desperate and needy ass of the road,” he screamed as he marched in your direction.

Shit. Shit. Shit. He’s coming, Y/N. Do something!

Your body was frozen in place and you cursed yourself for your stupidity. The Maknae made his way to the corner of the building, exactly where you were. The light crunching sound of his feet sinking into the snow gradually became louder, and it soon stopped altogether.

You tore your enlarged eyes from the ground, bringing them up to the opposite’s face, as you trapped your bottom lip between your teeth. “Jungkook, I… I’m so sorry, I never meant to eavesdrop on your conversation! I’m so so sorry!” You breathed frantically. “I’m sorry, I was just trying to make my way back home!”

There was a hint of amusement in Jungkook’s eyes, but it was gone in an instant. There was no reply from him, but only a stiff nod, as he passed you and made his way towards his car.

You weren’t going to be left hanging there again like the last time. Turning on your heel, you yell your best friend’s name, sighing in relief when his feet stopped.

“Jungkook, I’m sorry for what I said earlier today. I… I think I may have feelings for you, as well,” he admit. You had been feeling this for a while, but you ignored it, believing that it was a friendship love.

You were very overprotective of him whenever someone made an insult, even if it was a joke, and you always fed and cuddled with him whenever he was having a tough time. But of course, that meant nothing to you because he did the same to you, which caused you to believe that it was what best friends did.

A bitter laugh escaped Jungkook’s mouth as he turned to face you. “Did you just say that so the guilt can come off of your shoulders? Do you even mean it?” He asked, hurt and sorrow in his once strong voice.

You were taken aback by his cold words, but kept your strong demeanor. Now was not the time to look defeated. That would just give him a reason to walk away.

Moistening your lips, you reach a hand towards Jungkook’s warm, muscular arm, a typical method you used in order to calm him down. “N-no, Kookie,” you coo. “I’m sorry, I really am stupid. You have every right to be angry with me-” you started, but was cut off by the bitter laugh he exhaled.

“So if that’s true, then why am I still here… Listening to you babble about something you’ve never experienced?” He ran his free hand through his shiny, coffee colored hair and then shook his head in disapproval. His soft locks flew into the air, but soon landed haphazardly onto his forehead, making him transform from a stiff man to a vulnerable bunny-toothed baby.

Your chest bloomed with an energy you’ve never felt before as it traveled to your fingertips, causing you to flinch away from his touch. “Jungkook, please. Hear me out, I listened to you earlier,” you pleaded, desperation and fatigue in your whining voice.

The boy’s silence hinted you to continue with your (rather poor) explanation.

“I.. I know what I said was so.. So sudden, but I’ve been feeling this for a while. I just thought it was like a friendly love. Not an intimate love, but I was wrong,” you breathed quickly, not wanting to spend the whole night confessing in front of a run down building, and in the freezing cold with no jacket over your shoulders…

“Seeing you with that stranger just aided me in finding out my true feelings, and my feelings are the same as yours, Jungkook. I-I think I’m in love with you, too, Kookie.”

A huge weight instantaneously lifted itself off of your tired shoulders, and you felt less stressed and anxious when you met Jungkook’s innocent orbs. You spotted no cold, hard hate in his eyes, which meant your speech hit a serious soft spot in his chest.

“Y/N…” He groaned.

“I… I don’t know what to do or say right now. But I do know that I would still like to take a break from you, for my benefit. Things just can’t go back to how they once were!”

At his words, not only stress piled itself onto your chest, but also pain, sorrow, and fear accompanied the rest of your depressed emotions. You thought you were safe from the dark side of life, but fate played you…. It played you real good.

Your bottom lip began to quiver of its own accord, tears stinging your reddened eyes, as you blinked furiously in a failed attempt to see through the blurryness. “Sorry for interrupting your lovely evening, Stranger. Tell the others I said hello,” you sob as the drops of saltwater you produced finally spilled onto the apples of your cheeks.

Seeing you cry was a scene Jungkook could never handle. But seeing you cry because of him was even worse. Guilt stung his lungs, his breath hitching in his throat as he furrowed his eyebrows. He was utterly confused… He had no idea what to do when you confessed, so avoiding you was the easiest, most sensible way out. To him, at least.

If you ever called one of his hyungs, especially Jin, he knew he would be lectured until his life ended for his foolish and spontaneous actions. Jin, Hoseok, and Taehyung were the ones who would lecture him even when he was already dead. They’d haunt his grave, then harass his soul when all he would try to do was live in peace.

Those three hyungs had a real soft spot for women’s emotions, especially yours. He could already see Seokjin pointing an accusing finger in his direction as he screamed at the boy.

‘What the fuck, Jungkook?!’ He’d say. ‘I thought you loved her… This isn’t what love fucking looks like! Go calm ignorant your ass down and think about Y/N’s emotions, for once!’ Then, Jin would drive his index finger into the Maknae’s chest as he continued with his endless banter.

‘I can’t believe you. I mean, I know you’re pissed about all of this, but she confessed! What do you want her to do, bow down and kiss the dirt?! I. Am. Disappointed. Hella disappointed,’ he’d deadpan, then he’d walk away with a smug look plastered over his usually calm face.

And if that happened, what would Jungkook do? He’d throw himself down on his bed and beat himself up over what a complete retard he had been to you.

But he wasn’t going to let that happen.

Not today..

Peering up at your shaking figure, Jungkook locked his eyes with yours, opening his mouth to let out something… Anything.

‘Too bad,’ fate laughed. ‘You can’t say shit, because I won’t let you!’

Jungkook stood there like an idiot, opening and closing his mouth like a fish under water. After mustering up enough courage (and sanity), he inhaled a deep breaths that stung his lungs, helping him to concentrate on what he wanted to say to you.

“Y/N, I… I’m sorry. I didn’t-” he started, but you held a hand in his face, halting whatever he was going to stutter out next. “Have a nice day, Jungkook,” you deadpan, turning on your heel as you began your journey towards your apartment. “Don’t forget to say hi to the others!” You call back in a mocking tone, never turning your head to look at the Maknae.

Once you entered the warmth of your welcoming apartment, you threw your bag down on the coffee table and headed for your room. Stripping off your rather tight dress, you throw on your night clothes. Your next tear get was your freezer, which held the food you needed most whenever you were sad.

Grabbing a tube of vanilla ice cream, you pull out a spoon and dive onto the nearby couch, turning on your smart TV and opening Netflix.

This was normal for you, as ice cream and Netflix was your go-to when you had no one to talk to about your problems. Did you do this often? No. You had Jungkook… Had.

But now the bright, bubbly boy was out of your hellish life completely, leaving you with pixels that blurred your vision and sugar that clogged your arteries as your only comfort. Damn, you messed up big.

He was most likely chocking some random girl with his tongue right now, as you sulked and ate unhealthy at will.

By the time you completed two rom-coms - which never even had you laughing in the first place - tissues formed a mini wall around you, moist from snot and tears. An empty box of Kleenex lay on the coffee table, looking as dull and hopeless as you felt.

You shouldn’t be crying this much, but you lived Jungkook so much, it was as if someone had snapped your neck, but you never died, causing you to have to live with the unbearable pain. The pain never came to an end, even when you attempted to fall into a deep sleep, which ended up being a long suffering.

Tossing and turning on your fluffy mattress, you even flipped your pillow into its cool side, believing that it would aid you in gaining some type of rest. Nope, not today…

You slowly opened your heavy eyelids, squinting them as the bright light from the sun attacked your pupils. Huh.. You had gotten some sleep, maybe two to three hours, but it was still sleep.

No school and no work meant no reason to part from the relaxing heat of your down comforters. Snuggling into your sheets, you close your eyes once more, oblivious to the sound of knuckles tapping against your front door.

The visitor had to call your name in order for you to snap out of your trance. “Y/N!” The voice called. “Open up, I need to talk with you!”

Well, it definitely wasn’t Seoyeon or any of your other female friends.

And it definitely wasn’t Jungkook.

If it wasn’t who you were looking for, no need to sacrifice your comfort for some needy stalker.

Your room door was pushed open with a bang, as two familiar male idols stood in your view. The one on the left had burgundy colored hair, still messy from him rolling in his sheets. Th one on the right, however, had coffee colored hair.

“Jin… Taehyung..?“ You were utterly confused. First, why were they here? And second, how the hell did they even get into your house? The silent question wavered in the air, no one bothering to speak up. Soon, Jin was the one who had to break the awkward silence with a clearing of his throat.

“Hello, Y/N,” he began. “Uh, we kind of… Borrowed Jungkook’s key to see you. I haven’t heard or seen you in a while. Tae and I were really worried.” So they used theft to see me…? Seemed like something they’d do, anyways.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N! You look like you’ve been run over by a bus!” Taehyung gasped, rushing over to your side of the bed. “What happened?!” Brushing the stray hairs out of your face, the older plopped himself next to you, kicking off his shoes while doing so.

Seokjin placed the stolen key chain on your dresser as he, too, strolled over to you. “I’m fine”, you lie, your voice cracking from your sleepiness.

Jin then pushed his head in your face, his nose brushing against yours, as he inhaled sharply. Fluttering his eyelids shut, he shook his head in disagreement, his red hair flying from the movement, as he finally backed away from you.

“Have you been drinking?” He asked in a rather calm and soft tone. Opening his eyes to look at your startled face, he sighed, the answer quite clear although you said nothing. Taehyung pushed his face into yours, his lips almost brushing against your own, as he also smelled your breath.

“Y/N! Don’t do that,” he cried. “I don’t want my friend to die from loss of brain cells.” He paused for a minute, horror plastered onto his handsome features, as he held you hostage with his strong, muscular arms.

“Or worse, I don’t want you to get into a car accident, or for someone to rape you when you least expect it!” Screaming as if he was being stabbed, Taehyung shook his head wildly and clutched onto you tighter, nearly cutting off the circulation in your arms.

“Y/N, you don’t usually do things like this. What’s wrong?” Jin questioned as he, too, sat down on your mattress. “I… I don’t want to talk about it, Seokjin. It’s all my fault anyways, so there’s no need to get others involved in the shit I created for myself,” you groan, shielding yourself from the two men’s view with your sheets.

The immediate understanding of the situation clicked in the older’s mind as he stood up and walked towards the hallway. Turning to face you, Jin held out his hand, smiling warmly. “Y/N, can I talk to you? In private?”

Taehyung, who was a bit slower when it comes to situations like these, eyed Seokjin with a blank expression, but soon nodded for you to follow the boy standing by the doorway. You rolled out of the warm cloth and dragged yourself over to Jin’s side. He held your hand, pulling you towards the nearby living room, and sat the both of you down as he crossed his long, slender legs.

“Y/N…” He began, hesitation lingering in his deep voice. He gulped, the movement of his Adam’s Apple catching your eye. “Jungkook has been pretty out if it these days. Please don’t tell me you’ve been in an argument.” Rubbing desperate circles on your palm, Jin sat back in his seat, slumping his broad shoulders.

Nodding your head, you also sit back in your chair, mustering up the right words to explain what happened. “I… We got into an argument yesterday. Jungkook expressed his feelings for me, but got pissed because I was too stupid to figure it out myself,” you breathe.

“He left after punching the mirror in my bedroom, but I spotted him getting ready to fuck a random girl at the club close by.” Lacing his fingers with yours, Jin furrowed his brows as he cursed under his breath. “I knew something was up. He’s been acting so on edge today. He didn’t even come out of his room. His breakfast is still waiting on the kitchen table, probably no good by now,” he groaned.

His glossy coffee colored eyes met yours, anger and pain swimming in them. “I’m so sorry, honey. I’d slap the life out of Jungkook if I could.” His free hand rubbed your arm as you leaned your head on his strong shoulder. He was so comforting, like everything would go back to normal within seconds. But both of you knew that wasn’t possible.

Jungkook was brutal whenever it came to someone toying with his emotions. Even if it wasn’t intentional.

Within minutes, tears began to prick your eyes, and you clutched onto Jin as you started to cry. “Why me? Why. Fucking. Me?!” You scream, causing Seokjin to flinch at the sudden outburst. “Y/N, we can stay the night if you’d like, so you won’t have to be alone,” he offered.

Just then, Taehyung rushed down the hall, panic in his voice. “What wrong?” He asked, his hands shaking. Jin lifted the hand that rested on your arm as he waved the younger boy off. “Nothing, Y/N’s just going through a tough time right now. Here,” he instructed. “Take the key and go back home. Don’t wait up for me, I probably won’t return until tomorrow.”

Giving his hyung a stiff nod, Taehyung grabbed the dangling key from Jin’s hand and exited the now silent home. “You know, Y/N, people have lots of problems. We all have hard times,” Seokjin cooed. Letting out a bitter laugh, you pat his shoulder. “I know, but I’m sure even you haven’t experienced this kind of shit. It’s pretty fucked up, you know.”

“Wrong,” he dead panned. “There’s this girl I like… We’re really close, but not as close as she is with this other guy. To keep the peace, I never told her my feelings. Nor did I express it to anyone else.”

Warmth bloomed in your chest at the new information, but disbelief soon replaced the relaxing feeling. “She’ll notice you soon enough, Eomma. I think you should tell her how you feel. You’re a handsome, caring guy. And your cooking is to die for!” You encourage him. “If she says no, then she’s blind… So god damn blind.”

Running a hand through his delicate strands, Seokjin pulled you closer to his side, your shoulder brushing against his own. “Y/N, I’d like to take you somewhere later on today. You know, to help get your mind off of your problems,” he grinned. “It’s a very special place to me, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.”

“Hurry up in there! By the time you come out, I’ll be 30!” An impatient Seokjin teased as he banged on your bedroom door. He’d went to the dorms, changed and returned to your house, but you still weren’t even halfway done.

“Hush, I’m coming!” You groan as you apply a layer of foundation to your face. Finishing your look with a light pink lip gloss, you grasp the shiny brass doorknob and open it to find Jin, your ebony heels in his large hands.

“Wow. You look beautiful,” he gasped. Kneeling down, the well dressed male slipped your feet into the shoes. He wore a dark grey suit with a pink shirt, as well as a black tie to compliment his look. “Ready to go?” He breathed, standing up from his previous position. His red hair was brushed over his forehead, and the apples of his cheeks raised as his lips formed into a bright smile.

Just when you were about to nod your head, you heard a banging sound in the living room area, followed by a deep grunt. Your head snapped in the direction of the hallway, you neck aching from the sudden movement.

“Y/N!” The man screamed. “Where the fuck are you going with Seokjin?! You should be studying for your goddamn classes!” Your mind instantaneously traveled to the scene where Jungkook slammed his bare fist into your mirror. There was no question about who was causing all this commotion. You and Jin already knew the answer.

Brushing past a startled Jin, you jog down the hallway and turn a corner to enter the living area. “Jungkook…” You groan. “W-what are you doing here? How did you even get here? Jin has the key!” Eyeing you as if you were an idiot, the Maknae pointed to the spare key on the coffee table.

“Wow, babe. You really forgot about the shit we shared?!” Surprise bubbled inside of your chest at the new “nickname” he’d given you, spreading to every limb in your body. “Baby, I’m sorry for last night, okay? I fucking miss you, and I can’t stand being without you, Y/N,” he whimpered.

“Should’ve thought about that when you shoved your dick up some girl,” you snort, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Fuck, this is all because if that ass, Jin! If it wasn’t for him, you’d believe me!” He screamed, the smell of beer lingering in the air between the two of you.

Marching down the hall and into your bedroom, Jungkook slammed the door behind him. Followed by the rather vulgar action was the sound of shattering glass, and a scream that belong to none other than…

Kim Seokjin.

Sanji’s reaction to Nami and Pudding as brides

Okay, many people are a bit upset or disappointed with Sanji’s behavior in chapter 861, but I’d like to point out some differences regarding the way Sanji reacted today’s chapter and how he reacted after seeing Nami wearing a wedding dress in chapter 463.

In Thriller Bark, Sanji never made any pervert face or had any heart eyes. Sanji was treating Nami as someone pure, like he said “that pure white fits Nami-san, just like rice!” Sanji called Nami a goddess, a heavenly nymph and even considered the possibility of her being an angel - it’s like a divine motif:

You see Sanji acting like a dork (more like an adorable one). He isn’t lusting over her. It’s different from the way he acted when he saw Hancock, Shirahoshi, Pudding’s picture… with all those heart popping out of his skull, which makes him look like a cartoon character. The rest of the confront against Absalom, Sanji would have a serious expression towards Nami as he was there to protect Nami at all costs.

In short, Sanji was acting like he was before a deity. He said she was pure, he couldn’t soil her dress with his blood. That perhaps explains why Sanji couldn’t bring himself to have lustful thoughts over Nami during that event. This is different from the other time he called her a goddess in Zou.

Now, seeing Sanji with Pudding, we can see that he is nothing but a pervert, as evidenced by his face, with large nostrils, he is consumed by impure thoughts:

It’s no surprise, since Sanji wa always like that. But I’d rather have him acting seriously in a moment like this. In his defense, however, this is how Sanji was behaving before Pudding tried to seduce him:

Sanji was acting normal. Just making conversation and wasn’t fawning over her. 

Pudding was the one actually trying to seduce him, which explains Sanji having a hard time controlling himself:

The teary eyes, the blushed face and innocent expression… she is a snake. Sanji knows it, but he is struggling. As a man, I can understand that (Oda understands too), he is sexually attracted to her, the body wants something, the mind knows it’s wrong. Not all men are equal, but Sanji is one of those who have a really difficult time resisting to a beautiful women being really suggestive:

Sanji was trying to keep his composure (although already aroused), even tried to say that she didn’t have to kiss him, but Pudding makes that face (innocent horny), making allusion to the “big event” that awaits newlyweds after the ceremony (”Kiss me on the mouth, silly. We’re going to be husband and wife, aren’t we?”). She was teasing him with sex, atlhough very subtle.

So, Sanji didn’t want this, he wasn’t having any admiration for bride Pudding before she started to throw herself on him with all those faces and cuteness. Now apparently, he is consumed by impure thoughts… women was always his weakness. However, I don’t think that Sanji lost the sight of the plan (like when he was struggling with Kalifa), if anything, that will make him being more convincing and unsuspected.

In other hand, Nami didn’t have to do anything to make Sanji feel like he was seeing something divine. That’s the difference.

We could say that bride Pudding is bringing the worst of Sanji (mundane sins), while bride Nami was bringing his best behavior towards women (divine contemplation).

K A I R O S | 01 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU. 

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 3 352

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated. 

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (6/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Catch up here: IBGT Masterlist

Word count: 4.5k

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of violence and blood. A little angst.

A/N: I’m so sorry everyone this took such a long time to post. Distracted by Bucky’s 100th Birthday and a Pietro one-shot I’ve not given IBGT much attention. I hope you like it!

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You were being manhandled - harshly thrown in the chair, slightly wincing at the pain cursing through your body.

You opened your eyes to see a skinny bald man with huge eyes staring at you. Actually, more like staring INTO you.

‘Mission report, soldier’ he said. You looked at him in confusion – what mission? You though to yourself. You haven’t been on any missions yet, not this early in your training!

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Cheerleader || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: Hi ! Could you possibly write an imagine, where the reader is a part of those ‘popular kids’ clique and river vixens, but she is very kind and helpful, and Jughead had a huge crush on her, but he always thinks he don’t have a chance, but one day, when he comes to a football game just to look at her performance, she notices him, and invite him to a date ? ^^

A/N: Thanks for sending this prompt in! It was a fun one to write!

Gif by @matthewsjosh


You had talked him once. One time! 

Jughead groaned as he sat back in the booth at Pop’s. For the second time ever, he couldn’t write. His mind was filled with thoughts of you and the first time he saw you. It was also the first time he couldn’t focus enough to continue writing his novel.

It happened last month during English class. Jughead had gotten to class early (as he usually did) so he could work on his writing. He gave a quick nod to his teacher before sitting in his seat, pulling his laptop out and starting to write. He had just started focusing on what he was writing when you came in.

“Hi, Mr. Butler,” you said. “I’m here to take that quiz I missed Friday?”

Jughead’s heart stopped when he saw you. You were the most beautiful person he had ever seen in his entire life. 

Why hadn’t he seen you before? 

You must’ve been in the afternoon class.

“Sure, Ms. L/N,”  your teacher said, pulling out the quiz. “You can take a seat in front of Jughead there.” he said, pointing to Jughead.

Jughead stiffened in his chair as you made your way over to him.

“Hi!” you said, smiling brightly as you took a seat in front of him.

Jughead could only manage a quiet,


“Do you have a pencil I could borrow?” you asked.

Jughead willed his frozen body to move as he dug through his backpack, looking for a pencil. He gave you the only one he had, the rattiest pencil anyone had ever seen, but you took it gratefully with a sweet,

“Thank you.”

The rest of the period, Jughead couldn’t focus. He couldn’t will himself to write. By the time the bell rang, Jughead realized he had stared off into space for forty minutes, just thinking about you and the fact that you were sitting in front of him. You turned around again, giving Jughead back his pencil.

“Thanks again,” you said as you got up. “I appreciate it.” 

“No problem.” Jughead croaked back.

“Ms. L/N.” your teacher called.

You turned back to him.

“You excited for the game on Saturday?”

You nodded furiously.

“Of course!” you chirped. “The Vixens and I have been practicing nonstop.” you said before launching into a whole story about what happened the other day during cheerleading practice.

Jughead however had zoned out. His heart had fallen when you said that you were a River Vixen. Of course you were. Why wouldn’t you be? He sighed as he sat back in his chair, knowing he had no chance with you. Girls like you didn’t go out with guys like him. It’s just not how it worked.

Jughead sighed, the memory fading away. That was the only time he had ever spoken to you. He caught glimpses of you in the hallway after that but in general, your contact was pretty limited. Realizing he wasn’t going to get any writing done, he closed his laptop with a heavy sigh and looked at his watch.


His eyes popped open. The game started in three minutes! Jughead quickly put his stuff away before rushing out of the diner. His bag flopped around as he ran all the way to the high school, arriving just after the coin toss. He made his way around the bleachers and leaned back on them, catching his breath.

Since that day in class and despite the fact that Jughead knew you would never go out with him, Jughead had attended all your games at home and away (getting rides from Archie when needed and lamely making up excuses about having to write about football games for the Blue & Gold.) All these games and he couldn’t find the courage to talk to you. Jughead Jones III had fallen in love with you, and he had fallen hard.

He heard the whistle of the referee as the game began, but his eyes were only on you. The first two quarters flew by as he watched you cheer, feeling like he was watching an angel. When the whistle was blown again, signaling the end of the second quarter and the beginning of halftime, you looked over at him.

You caught Jughead’s gaze and he quickly looked away, embarrassed.


He saw you say something quickly to your friends before you began making your way over to him. Jughead froze and his heart nearly stopped as his brain screamed at him,

“No! You idiot! Why did you have to look at her?! Great. Just great.”

Jughead wanted to run away but he was frozen in place. He was trapped. He was swallowed the lump in his throat as you got closer and closer to him. The only thing he could manage to do was clear his throat and cross his arms, looking down.

“Hey!” you said, beaming as you reached the raven-haired teen.

Jughead blushed deeply.

That wasn’t what he was expecting.

“Hello.” he said softly.

Despite his shyness, your beaming smile didn’t falter.

“Jughead, right?” you asked.

Jughead nodded. His felt his heart picking up speed and his breath leave his body as he looked at you. You were stunning.

“Yeah, that’s me.” he said, finding his voice.

You smiled softly at the shy teenager.

“Well, um, I was wondering…” you began.

Jughead looked up at you at your change of tone. 

Why were you so nervous?

“I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go on a date sometime?” you asked hopefully.

Jughead’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull.

Wait, what?!

“I-I understand if you don’t want to—”

“No!” Jughead blurted out.

You rose your eyebrows at his outburst and smirked.

“Uh,” Jughead began, clearing his throat again. “I-I’d love to.”

You began beaming again and Jughead found himself smiling bashfully.

“Great! Pop’s? After the game tonight? We can walk there together?” you offered.

Jughead nodded.

“Yeah, sounds good.” he said.

The whistle blew and you looked back towards your cheer squad. You turned back to Jughead.

“I gotta go warm up for the next quarter, but I’ll see you afterwards, okay?” you asked as you began to make your way back.

Jughead nodded again.

“I’ll be here!” he said.

You giggled before jogging off back to your squad. Jughead looked down and smiled.

He couldn’t believe it. He was really going on a date with you! He looked at the countdown clock. Two quarters and ¾ of a halftime to go. He sighed and leaned back against the bleachers again. 

It was going to be the longest wait of his life.


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed! Send feedback!


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