when he realizes what she meant

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Let’s discuss the fact that Bellamy probably spent the entire journey back to Arkadia thinking of ways to kill Echo. Let’s discuss that he probably knew that if he even attempted to kill her he probably wouldn’t make it out alive. Let’s discuss the fact that Bellamy Blake was probably dead inside when he arrived on that beach, but when he saw Clarke standing there, and realized that she’d brought others with her, his eyes filled with tears because he knew what that meant. 

It meant that somehow word had gotten back to Arkadia. It meant that somehow Octavia was alive. And suddenly, Bellamy has hope again and it shows in all his actions going forward in that episode. 


Min Hyuk has just offered to his bodyguard that he will hire bodyguards to protect HIM AND HER! Does he even realize that he pretty much admitted to Bong Soon that the real reason why he keeps employing her is because he wants her to stay by his side and likes to be with her?! Awww, the way he fails to hide his smiles when she promises to protecting him!

AND NOW MIN HYUK BASICALLY FINDS HIMSELF IN CHARGE OF BONG SOON’S SPECIAL WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM! LOL! I bet this wasn’t what he meant when he suggested to GD to enroll her into one. But he doesn’t seem too reluctant TO LET HER JOIN HIS WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM! And why not, his house is the perfect safe house with it’s own dungeon/panic room and security system the SK police could only dream of, plus he even told GD that nothing will happen to BS as long as she stays with him.

The best thing is that this all started when MH asked BS to become his own bodyguard, only for HIM TO BASICALLY BECOME THE HEAD OF HER SECURITY! I love this amazing show so freaking much!

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When do you think Ron and Hermione realized they had feelings for the other person?

Good lord, this message has been in my inbox for so long! And I am extremely sorry for the delay, Anon!

I have so much to say on this that I didn’t even know how to put it all in one post without making it look like a novel in itself. Thank goodness @coyotelaughingsoftly has already done the job for me by creating the masterpiece called To Know You Is To Love You. (I am assuming you have already read TKYITLY, in case you haven’t- READ it NOW!)

If we are talking about an exact moment, I guess for Hermione it would have been sometime during their third year- during the time of the famous Cat-Rat fight. I feel the months when Ron and she spent not talking to each other was the time when she truly realized what he meant to her. 

If my memory doesn’t fail me (i haven’t read PoA in a while), she was utterly miserable and was always described as being very upset. True, the Time-Tuner and so many subjects would be draining her for sure, but if we fast-forward to their fifth year, even with the pressure of O.W.Ls which she surely felt she needed to ace, Umbridge, the DA and her prefect duties, she wasn’t as miserable. And yes, Harry was in bad shape and frequently poured his frustration on Ron and Hermione. Was she so miserable about it? No.

What I mean to say is, being the more emotionally mature one of the two, Hermione would have figured out that her feelings for Ron ran deeper than friendship way before our favorite Weasley realized his. It makes more sense for her to be upset about his angry taunts to Lavender about how Hermione didn’t care much for other’s pets, knowing that she had feelings for this oblivious bloke, doesn’t it? I wish Harry was more observant, but from the little that he saw of her (or realized what was going on in her head), all signs clearly point towards a broken heart because Hermione surely thought she had broken things between them beyond repair? Because perhaps she had no clue how to mend it? Or, quite possibly she was afraid she would only make it worse and would lose Ron forever? Of course, she hugged him when Ron agreed to help her with her research for saving Buckbeak! If that wasn’t a dead giveaway, I don’t even know what was.  

As far as Ron is concerned, alas he was a little slow, to say the least. He cared for her since the time they became friends, that much we know. And our little hero did unbelievably well to win the girl’s heart (come on, who wouldn’t love a knight who sacrificed himself for his friends? Or burp slugs to defend her honor? I would, and Hermione sure did). But did he realize he actually fancied her before the Yule Ball? I doubt. As I have mentioned earlier, my story A Pesky Little Thought is all about that moment of realization. 

However, I don’t think Hermione looking drop dead gorgeous that day had anything to make Ron suddenly start fancying her. This point comes up way too often, and by Ron bashers too. What they fail to comprehend is that Ron was a fourteen-year-old confused teen. Which fourteen-year-old boy is in tune with his emotions, I ask? In fact, I find it utterly cute that Ron never noticed Hermione is a girl. Well, I am sure he knew she was a girl, but he saw her his best friend, just as the same with Harry. How is that wrong? Yes, Ron was a little slow to figure out that he liked her a little differently than he liked Harry, and I am sure, that realization would have both shocked and confused him initially. It takes seeing her with another bloke for him to understand that he doesn’t want anyone else next to her- and takes a little more to understand that he wants that place for himself. That the bloke is Krum only added fuel to fire (made him more insecure) but I am sure he would have been equally jealous had it been Neville or Harry. 

#7 Support

A/N: Here goes the first half of my promised surprise. I’ll probably post the second half tomorrow when I wake up, because I’m just too tired now. Second half is longer ;)

This is another shortie, but hopefully you’ll think it’s a goodie. I, for one, am happy with how it turned out.

Thanks to all my faithful reviewers, you have NO IDEA how happy you can make me. I grin from ear to ear reading your kind words!

Prompt #6: Support - It was when she showed up that night, after they took his gun and badge away, that he realized what having her support meant to him.

Word count: 790

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On the Proposal

I know it wasn’t what we were expecting but as far as I’m concerned, what happened between Killian and Emma last night was just so … them.

Because there’s Emma, little lost girl Emma, finding a ring in Killian’s possessions, a ring she knows is meant for her. And I can imagine that in addition to the excitement and love she feels when she realizes what he plans to do that she believes he’s also cognizant of her reaction the last time someone proposed to her. In essence, Emma’s afraid that Killian’s afraid.

Afraid that the question will send Emma’s walls shooting right back up again, afraid that she’ll say no. Afraid of ruining what they have. This entire relationship has happened at Emma’s pace and he’s afraid that the ring – and everything it represents – is a huge leap that Emma may not be ready to make.

And then he’s calling for her and she runs into his arms. And he starts by telling her he has to tell her something and he’s not sure how she’s going to react. And in her mind, she’s thinking, This is it. He’s going to propose now and he’s so afraid.

So what does she do? She tries to make it easier on him. She tells him she found the ring and if he were to ask, she’d say yes.

And then poor Killian is looking at Emma, his Swan, so open and so willing and so happy, how can he deny her? How can he tell her what he was going to tell her when she’s so open and excited and happy? And so, in order to protect his Swan’s happiness, Killian gets down on one knee.

And he’s so happy because he’s sliding a ring onto Emma Swan’s finger and she’s saying yes and wrapping her arms around him and kissing him and oh gods it’s actually happening that for one brief moment, he forgets. He allows himself a smile.

Then he remembers and angst ahoy.

But seriously, guys. This engagement may not have been the sweeping romantic moment that some people may have wanted but the private moment of the two of them simply trying to protect the other’s feelings was just so Captain Swan and I loved it.

The cool thing about Bones is they have a bi character on there and nobody really makes a big deal about it. Like,

  • Brennan was totally cool with the fact that she was dating a girl
    • She was the one who explained that Angela’s SO wasn’t a man named Rocky but a girl named Roxie to Arastoo
  • Hodgins never said anything bad about it, just wanted to know if what they had shared was real
  • I don’t particularly recall Cam’s reaction but I know it wasn’t negative
  • Booth took a minute to catch on, not realizing that when Angela said that she knew Roxie was gay and had “first hand knowledge” she meant that she’d dated her, but once he figured it out and got over the shock that this straight-passing woman he’d known for years wasn’t actually straight, he was cool with it
    • Bonus points because he’s a devout Catholic and was/is still cool with it
  • Arastoo was super supportive and even made her a breakup playlist when Roxie left her

And I get that they never call her bisexual. Kind of a downfall, maybe they’ll actually use the ‘b-word’ in season 12, but even if they don’t, I honestly think that Angela is the type who actually doesn’t give a damn about labels. If we go by the book, she’s felt both romantic and sexual attraction to people of at least two genders, so she can use the label if she so chooses, but she’s the free-spirited, open-minded type who doesn’t think people should be judged or put into boxes due to anything about themselves. 

Also, the bones wikia acknowledges this. 

Bonus points because neither Roxie nor Angela die, their break up is due to personal incompatibility rather than another person, nobody asks them about threesomes, tells her she’s confused, asks her whether she’ll end up straight or gay, etc., she’s not labelled a slut or greedy, the list goes on.

So while they never say the word bisexual, they also don’t claim she doesn’t like labels (even though if that statement would be valid and true for anyone, it would be Angela Montenegró), and (as far as I recall) there isn’t any biphobia surrounding her, her past relationships, or her current relationship.

Hhopp out.

I told you to leave me alone
and then begged you to come back.
Lately, my moods have been flickering back and fourth more than my broken bathroom light. But you think I’m pretty when we’re three stories up, drunk, and fucking.
I guess this is what my psychiatrist meant when he said I was “pretty fucked up.”
And It’s hard being a neon sign that
always reads “closed”
Because my mother never taught me how to be open, but she did teach me that I was obligated to kiss every man
that buys me dinner.
The face of an angel, and the body of a pornstar, God must’ve sent me here
to do his dirty work.
So you can kiss me all you want,
but don’t cry when you realize I can’t be Eve, when I was raised to be Lilith.


• Tracer will propose on a whim. She’ll be at a park with you or on a Ferris wheel, and she’ll randomly ask you to marry her.

• She wouldn’t exactly realize what it meant until later, and she’d freak out because she hadn’t planned it.

• She would definitely lose the ring before she proposed, and she’d have everyone help her find it.


• It’s all about tradition for this cowboy. He believes in a short and simple proposal, no grand gesture that overshines the moment.

• He’d take you for a walk and drop down on one knee, reciting a speech he had memorized too many times. There are a few hiccups, and he almost drops the ring.

• McCree almost doesn’t believe it when you agree to marry him. He won’t cry, but he’ll hold you for the rest of the night.


• Zarya wouldn’t put too much into a proposal, but she’ll definitely make you feel special.

• It’ll be snowing, and she’ll take you to a nice, private spot away from everyone. All the land will be white when she proposes.

• She won’t get on one knee, but she’ll sneak the ring onto your finger. When you notice, she’ll smile and act innocent until you say something


• He will definitely make a playlist to celebrate the moment. That includes some of the cheesiest music he can make.

• He wants it to be a grand time, and he wants you to remember it until the end of your days. He’ll take you to some big restaurant, making sure no one else is there, and he’ll have a band play the music.

• There will probably be fireworks.

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He never knew about the baby until he heard her cry out for it in a fever-induced sleep. (Jed/Mary)

“Bring him to me,” she begged through parched lips, her head lolling, trying to catch a glimpse of the closed door. “Please, I need to see him–please! He needs me!”

Jed’s heart had sank into the floorboards when he’d realized what her words meant, when he’d understood just how much Mary Phinney had lost in the time before he’d known her. And all he could do was squeeze her hand and sweep the hair back from her sweaty forehead, assuring her that she would be all right, that she was not alone and she would see her boy, that she only needed to hold on for another minute longer.

Send me a sentence of a fic and I’ll write the next five!

“Don’t be what they made you.”


“So… So, this is what it feels like…”

“No…” Tears burn Laura’s eyes as she holds tighter to Logan’s bloodied chest, fingers curling into the torn fabric of his shirt – her gaze switching back and forth between his face and the levelness of his chest. He was like her. He wasn’t supposed to die. He wasn’t supposed to be able to. She knew first hand what their immortality meant. Like so many of the children back at Transigen, she tried to take her life when she realized what they were gearing them up for. The difference between her mutation and so many of her brother’s and sisters though, was that no matter what she did to herself, no matter how deep she cut– how high she jumped from, they were always able to put her back together and try again. “No.” The word falls from her lips again, this time though, there was a clear anger in it’s release, her small hands closing into fists– pulling, pushing and beating at Logan’s quiet chest before they turn to his face and the waywardness of his beard. She slaps, hits and bears down on him and the well finally overflows, tears streaming down her cheeks, “Despertarse! (Wake up!) Despertarse! Despertarse!” The young mutant was screaming now, shrieking so savagely her throat felt raw– because– because, it was all she could do, the only thing her body would allow her to do, and, God, it was too quiet. Not even the wind dared whistle as it brushed through her hair and over her skin, doing a quick job of drying the blood caked to her hands and face.


Somewhere in the back of her mind, she hears his voice– knows it’s Rictor approaching. Still, when he reaches to brace her shoulder, she turns with a vengeance. Screaming, one of her small hands grab the mutant opposite her by the shirt while the other pulls back into a fist, two pointed and gleaming knives unsheathing from their place inside her. Though he’s visibly shaken, startled by the abruptness of her attack, he doesn’t try to wriggle from her grasp. In fact, he barely moves at all. It was hard to tell why, but that– the trust in his stance, it only enraged her that much more. Laura, their protector– their animal, she can see herself driving her claws forward. She can imagine the way it would feel to punch through straight through his skull and yank back with all the brutality Transigen had programmed her with. “Laura, we have to go. They’re going to keep coming.”

Rictor wasn’t wrong. It was one of the last things Logan said to her. – It was the reason he took his stance against the X-24 in the first place. So she could run, so she could stop fighting. Still, she looks into his face with such exasperation and anger that he could only nod in understanding. One of his hands finally lift, only coming up to gesture to the rest of them, “Okay, okay, we’ll.. We’ll find a good spot for him and we’ll…”

Her brothers and sisters; the very reason she wanted to get to South Dakota, the reason Logan was dead were drawing in toward his body. The reality of it, of everything that had just transpired, causes Laura to shove Rictor to the ground and get between them– her lips pulled back into a snarl. She growls, the sound of it so feral and animalistic it would have surprised even her had she been in the right state of mind. Both claws were out now – held at her sides in obvious warning, “No lo toques. (Don’t touch him.)”

Fear and hesitation played on almost all of their faces, their young bodies going stone still, all except one. Delilah takes a brave step in the savage Wolverine’s direction, one of her hands coming forward – while trembling slightly, to take Laura’s. It would be so easy to turn her wrist and plunge exposed blades into her chest. She would never see it coming, wouldn’t even have the time to feel it before she dropped to the ground. As much as she loved Deliliah, Rictor– or all of them, she hated them in this moment. They just stood there. They had the power, all the power in the world, they could manipulate whole elements– could bring mountains to their knees and seas to charge forward and they just watched. Delilah’s grip tightens on the inside of Laura’s palm and, the tenderness in her touch causes the slightest sob to escape her parted lips. It was one thing after the other once that sound escaped. Almost like her whole body just gave into the weight bearing down on it from on high, she collapses– red-slicked claws drawing back into her hands as sinks to the ground, weeping hard and destructively. Fortunately, Delilah didn’t hesitate to fall along with Laura, her arms coming around her smaller body to draw her into a tight hug.

“It’ll be okay now, it’ll be okay. We’re free.”

It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay…

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What do you think Martin meant when he said if a 12 year old had to conquer the world so be it?

It means he has more planned for Arya Stark than any most of us realize. She’s truly the one character this can apply to if we assume (and safely, at that) that each book constitutes one year gone by. Arya’s around eleven years old in her Mercy teaser, and even though time goes by differently in Braavos, by the time she goes back home, she will be considered twelve. He said this in response to being asked about the five-year gap he had originally planned. 

Q: 5-year gap?

A: It worked for characters like Arya and Dany but not so much for the adults or those who had a lot of action coming. […] So he ended up dropping it. He said he would have done it sooner if he hadn’t told so many fans about it. And there is no gap anymore. “If a twelve-year old has to conquer the world, then so be it.” (x)

Of the two characters he referenced, Arya is the only one eligible. Dany’s been past twelve for a long time. And it’s noteworthy that almost every single time the gap is brought up, he mentions Arya. This infers that she was a major factor in his planning of the five-year time jump, if not the factor. He could have wanted this gap so either A) she could be past puberty and at the “woman grown” stage (i.e. for sexual situations), B) she would have five years worth of honing her multitude of Faceless Men skills (languages, mummery, cunning, murdering), or both. I tend to think both given that he has explicitly stated that the gap made sense for her training, and the Mercy chapter is Arya’s opener in The Winds of Winter and he has written her as a straight-up femme fatale.

So how can she save the world? Well, to ponder that, you have to look at Arya’s skillset and the common thread weaved throughout her story: assassin-in-training, polyglot, exceptional skinchanger, leader/queen references, and Nymeria, the direwolf whose soul Arya shares that acts as the alpha of a massive wolfpack waiting for their girl in the riverlands. GRRM has poignantly named Nymeria’s pack a Chekov’s gun, and has refused to comment on Arya’s role in future books. Whatever he plans for her, it’s not going to be half-assed or of secondary importance. Arya will be of key significance, and with her wolves, numerous foreshadowing with dragons, and a place in the outline as one of the “key five,” it’s not hard to see why GRRM would be building her up to “conquer the world.”

So I’m at that scene in book 2 when Neil is going off on Andrew at Exites for not caring about himself or wanting to save himself, you know, right before The Moment of Intense UST? Anyway that triggered the memory of Andrew’s ‘this could be a problem’ moment from Nora’s extra content so I went to look for it and this is what it says: “The first time Andrew saw Neil without his medication blurring his judgment, he thought, This could be a problem, but he did not take it seriously then.” And so I had my normal reaction to it (nioce, nioce) until I realized something. I’ve assumed this whole time she meant this at the start of Kings Men but it says 'THE FIRST TIME Andrew saw Neil without his medication…’ The FIRST time. Do you guys know when that was? Chapter 2. Of The Foxhole Court. Book 1. I want you to imagine Andrew Minyard waiting in that airport for Neil and seeing him for only the SECOND TIME and thinking 'this could be a problem’ Just think about the level of frustration he felt being attracted to this mysterious guy while also being incredibly suspicious of him. P L E A S E THINK ABOUT HOW NEIL WAS INTERESTING TO HIM WHEN ON THE MEDICATION AS WELL. So what I’m saying is, Andrew wanted Neil wether on the drugs or not, he found him endlessly frustrating and incredibly stupid and he liked him oh so very much and he really hated that. He never stood a chance.

MBTI types as The Book Thief quotes
  • enfj: So many humans. So many colours.
  • isfj: My heart is so tired.
  • esfj: Sometimes I think my papa is an accordion. When he looks at me and smiles and breathes, I hear the notes.
  • infp: It's hard to not like a man who not only notices the colors, but speaks them.
  • enfp: It's much easier, she realized, to be on the verge of something than to actually be it.
  • isfp: The question is, what color will everything be at that moment when I come for you? What will the sky be saying?
  • infj: The point is, it didn’t really matter what the book was about. It was what it meant that was important.
  • esfp: Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty-four hours a day.
  • estp: A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.
  • istp: "When death captures me," the boy vowed, "he will feel my fist in his face."
  • entp: It kills me sometimes, how people die.
  • intp: But then, is there cowardice in the acknowledgment of fear? Is there cowardice in being glad that you lived?
  • intj: The consequence of this is that I'm always finding humans at their best and worst. I see their ugly and their beauty, and I wonder how the same thing can be both.
  • entj: Two weeks to change the world, fourteen days to destroy it.
  • istj: Humans, if nothing else, have the good sense to die.
  • estj: “Clearly," said Arthur,"you're an idiot- but you're our kind of idiot. Come on.”

(So my friend and I joined the bandwagon of “fallout 4 companions reacting to _”)

The Sole Survivor finds a bunch of consoles and games (despite them having not been invented; it’s an AU). What are each of the companions’ favorite games?

Curie - Surgeon Simulator. She almost cried when the SS played it because they broke open someone’s chest with their bare hands. She doesn’t realize it’s not meant to be played seriously but somehow masters the controls. Everyone freaks when she does the brain surgery in the moving ambulance with minimal issues.

Deacon - Assassin’s Creed. He loves the improbability of it all, especially the leap of faith. Not that he’d ever try that, but if it were possible…if IT WERE POSSIBLE. (He broke an arm and twisted his ankle jumping from a guard post into a haystack, and Sole considered that lucky.)

Valentine - LA Noire. No one knows how he gets through each case with a near impeccable record as far as collateral damage goes. His record is brutally shattered when he lets the SS do one car chase sequence, and they almost didn’t even catch the guy.

Strong - Mortal Kombat. He can’t hold the controller so Sole plays it while he watches and cheers them on. They’re restricted to playing only Mileena.

Hancock - Saint’s Row: the Third. He doesn’t even finish the campaign, just goes around wreaking havoc with a naked and horribly ugly character (he was REALLY high during the character creation) wielding a giant purple dildo.

Danse - Call of Duty: Black Ops, particularly the zombie mode. Sometimes Maccready and Hancock hover over his shoulder, the former pointing at every other zombie and going “Is that Hancock?” Hancock is even less amused when Danse shoots each Hancock-zombie square in the dick.

Cait - League of Legends. Despite it being team-based, she ignores her team and just wrecks her lane opponent all game. Will dodge the match if she doesn’t get to play Vi or if she’s backed into a support role because she’s not about to piss around while her lane partner gets to rack up all those kills.

Preston - The Sims. He loves building homes for his sims, it reminds him so much of what the Minutemen and their General have accomplished with Sanctuary and the other settlements. He quits when someone loads his sims into a pool and removes the ladder.

Maccready - Skyrim. The story doesn’t really interest him as much as the hilarity of shooting a bandit in the head with an arrow, hiding, and hearing him go “must’ve been my imagination.” Every time Sole asks him for help he responds with that fucking sweet roll comment.

X6-88 - He isn’t too interested in video games, because why settle for killing pixels when there are real people out there in the world who need it? Rarely, he and Danse play against each other in CS:GO and then Sole has to stop them before it becomes a huge argument about whether the terrorist/counter-terrorist system in the game is a parallel for the Institute and the BoS.

Piper - Heavy Rain. She gets really invested in the characters and story, cheering and booing and crying when there’s a tough choice to make. Reloads a save whenever she does something wrong as Madison. Calls out the plot twist really early on.

Codsworth - doesn’t really care for video games. He likes watching the SS play nonviolent games as opposed to the carnage fest of the other companions. Occasionally he’ll play some solitaire when there’s nothing to do.

Dogmeat - can’t play video games but hates Nintendogs. He’s the only dog you need, Sole.

Bonus: family game night. The SS and co. gather round to watch them play Until Dawn. Each time the character changes the controller is passed along, so everyone is making arbitrary choices while the spectators argue about morality, etc. Hancock is controlling when Ashley investigates the noise–they don’t let him make the choices anymore.

LOOOOOOOOOOL. So we’re gonna pretend like Rafael has been the best brother in the world all of a sudden? I must have missed a few episodes when that happened? For the past two seasons the only time Rafael has seen Luisa as useful or important in his life is when she was stroking his ego and she was giving him advice. He never visited her when she was in the mental institution. When he realized he was wrong about her and Rose he BARELY apologized for not believing her. And in Season 2 when he realized what Luisa meant when she said Rose was like another addiction to her, he still made no efforts to mend their relationship. Please save the bullshit. Luisa has been a mess, but I don’t like how they made it seem like Rafael was a saint and hasn’t be awful to her as well.

Rey telling Finn about how hard and fast she fell for him the first time they met; how heroic and yet REAL and human he’d seemed-

And when Finn goes to say something self-disparaging about how disappointed she must have been when she realized he wasn’t a hero at all-
she tells him earnestly how much more she liked the real him that she came to know,

and then how much deeper she fell when he showed how honest he was, how sincere and how flawed and hurt by his past-
how much losing him HURT and how much it had meant for him to come back for her-

She tells him what a hero he is in her eyes, and she just had to tell him she loves him and always has 💕💕💕💕