when he rams into him


Sam Winchester Imagine
Sam Winchester x plus size reader

“Damn Winchesters”

Being a hunter and running into the boys on a hunt…..

You had them right where you wanted them.

If you weren’t so focused on finding out what you needed right now you might’ve given yourself a high five.

You had managed to work your way inside the hive of one of the most notoriously seedy vampire groups in the city.

It had taken you a year to track them down and months to research them enough to find the leader and take them down.

You’d dressed for the occasion and even sprayed yourself with a pheromone mix from a source that will not be disclosed.

You had them lured in and you knew you were on the menu tonight for the leader.

And that was exactly what you needed.

Get close to him and take his god damned head off.

You’d heard through the grapevine that this particular leader had a taste for larger women.

Of course, anyone who told you that had to accompany it with some kind of backhanded comment about it being  because he was several centuries old and large women in his time meant wealth and prosperity.

However, judging by the absolutely hoards of larger women he seemed to accumulate…you kinda doubted that.

If he wasn’t the same bloodsucker personally responsible for the death of a close friend of yours you might have been slightly impressed.

However, you’d played it up.

Researched him to a T.

And now you were perched on the bed of this creature, waiting for his return.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

The door burst open followed by two men with guns.

“Get down!” they shouted at you and you looked at them in disbelief.




You’d worked too hard and too long for this just to have it fucked up by some little fucktard hunters who clearly hadn’t done enough research.

“Shut up!” you hissed at them.  "He’ll be back any second!“

"It’s ok. We’ll protect you.” the shorter one said.

You stared at them for a second before your eyes widened and a snarl curled your lips.

“You’re the god damned Winchesters aren’t you?” you snapped before shaking your head. “Son of a bitch!”

“Is this chick serious?” the shorter one said before looking to the taller one, “Sammy, is this for real?”

“Dean…” he sighed before turning back to you. “Listen, ma'am-”

You rolled your eyes at this ‘Sam’ and stood from the bed and started pulling clothes off.

Both of them looked at you like you’d grown three heads as parts of your plump body was revealed to be heavily decorated with weapons.

You pulled an axe from a harness that was attached to your back and stood poised and ready.

“We’re not gonna figh-” Dean started but the door opened behind them again and you launched the axe between their heads, spliting a vamp’s head clean in half.

Sam’s eyes widened when you threw a large hunting knife next hitting another vamp between the eyes.

They both went to ask you questions when you silenced them both with a raise of your hand.

“We gotta go.” you said.  "I had this shit under control but thanks to your hero complex, about a year and a half of work has just gone down the shitter.  So thanks for that, boy wonders.“

"Hey, we just saved your ass.” Dean snapped.

“I kinda doubt she needs saving.” Sam admitted as he bent over and retrieved you knife and axe before handing them to you.

“Shut up.” you hissed at them both. “I hear- duck!”

At that moment, dry wall split and desperate hands reached out to rip them apart but you popped back up with your knife in hand and began cutting limbs off where they were.

“Run!” you snapped. “We gotta get out of here before…”

“I knew there was something off about you, my pet.”

“Fuck.” you mouthed and closed your eyes briefly.

The three of you turned to see the head of the coven.

He was tall and blond, looking nothing short of some kind of Norse god but he was terrifying.

“That wasn’t very nice, princess.” he said.

“Well, I’m no princess.” you shrugged turning towards him…fully prepared to duke it out with him for as long as it took.

“I could change that.” he smirked.  "Change you and use your powers of seduction to lure in my meals.  Don’t think I haven’t noticed how everyone seems to lose their minds around you.  You have a gift, my dear. Use it.“ he drawled.

"I didn’t have to use anything with you.” you said quirking an eyebrow at him. “All I had to do was plant the seed that I did and you came running.”

He growled at you and lunged but Sam’s arms wrapped around you, yanking you out of the way as Dean shot forward to deal with him.

“Hey!” you snapped at the bohemoth of a man before reaching down and snatching a throwing knife from your boot.

You tossed it to Dean.

“Through the nose! Through the nose!” you shouted at him.

Dean didn’t hesitate when he caught it and rammed it right up the vamp’s nose making him howl in pain.

“Drive it home!” you barked at him. “All the way!”

Dean rared back and punched it the rest of the way.

The vamp promptly burst into black flames and fell to the ground.

You finally managed to get loose from Sam and  pulled a box cutter from where it was hidden in the waist band on your jeans.

You leaned down and cut a small black stone out of the vamp’s chest and tossed it in your hand before slipping it in your pocket.

“It belonged to a friend of mine.” you glared at the both of them.  "And we’re not going to taint my memories of him by talking about it.  This has gotta be burned though.“

You lightly kicked the corpse with your foot.

Dean let out an impressed grin and a chuckle.

He bit his lip for a second, "You’re Y/N aren’t you?”

“Excuse me?” you asked, slightly irritated that they knew you.

You knew them but you were nosy and researched like your life depended on it…because it often did.

It surprised you more when you DIDN’T know another hunter.

“Y/N.” he repeated. “That hunter from (your hometown).  We’ve heard about you. A lot actually.  Never had the pleasure.”

“Well, I’d say I hope it was good but I’m fairly certain that it probably wasn’t.” you said lifting an eyebrow at Sam who was just staring at you.  

“Well, judging from your reaction to us…I’d say the same.” Dean chuckled. “Come on, let us buy you a beer.  Swap some war stories.  I’d love to hear about that wendigo in Lousiana.  We’ve encountered some of those nasty bastards ourselves.”

You jerked a thumb towards Sam, “Not to alarm you or anything but I think your Jolly Green Giant is broken.”

“Sammy, get in the car.” Dean rolled his eyes before turning to you. “Need a ride or?”

“Sure, I’ll ride with you.” you shrugged. “But just so ya know, I will make you suffer if you have any unsavory plans circling in that head of yours.”

Dean chuckled and tossed an arm around your shoulders before leading you towards the car.

It took a second for the both of you to turn and look at the still frozen Sam.

“Are you coming or not, big guy?” you smirked at him…and he nearly died on the spot.

Never in this LIFE had he ever witnessed something so perfect before.

You ducked into the back, expecting the long legged creature to ride shot gun but you were slightly surprised when he climbed back there with you.

“Hey.” Dean warned, amusement twinkling in his green eyes.  "No funny business in baby.“

"Baby?” you asked curiously.

Dean patted the dash lovingly and said, “Yeah…”

You chuckled at his clear unhealthy obsession with his car but sat back anyway as he sped off down the road.

You turned and took in the man next to you.

Sam was an extraordinarily large man.

Tall with long legs, clearly lean but muscular but hell, he was just big.

Big arms, broad shoulders.

His damn hands were huge…and they were shaking slightly.

You don’t know what possessed you to do it but you reached out and placed your hands on his, slowly peeling them apart.

You brought the one closest to you over, resting the back of it on your squishy, soft stomach and you traced the lines and callouses of his hands with your chubby fingers.

It was quite in the car with nothing but Dean’s Led Zeppelin playing from the radio and the sound of the wind whipping from the open window.

What you did not see was Sam.

How he stared at you in absolute adoration and awe.

He had NEVER seen anything like you.

Your perfect little chubby cheeks and round face.

Chubby fingers running all over his skin.

Thick thighs that looked so impossibly soft it was making his hands shake just to think about touching them.  

And your skin just felt like fire and frost together.

He was nearly drunk with it and you hadn’t even gotten to the bar.

A coy look from his brother through the rear view mirror told him that it was written all over his face.

But Sam didn’t care.

You were EVERYTHING to him.

He didn’t have much in this life of his…but he had no plans of letting you go.  

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We're Happy

read on ao3 https://archiveofourown.org/works/12389502

Now that its canon that Malec do lame couple things like take photobooth pictures I just HAD to write a fic about how those photos Magnus was looking at in 2x19 went down. Again I am writing this to cure my pain from all the angst lol. Enjoy!

“I don’t think the food there has ever tasted that good, maybe they got a new chef”

Magnus’ eyes are twinkling in the moonlight and the warm wind is rustling through his hair as the two of them walk down a path in a park after their dinner in Tokyo.

Alec grins and blushes as Magnus’ knuckles brush his own.

“Maybe you were just hungry,”

Magnus winks at Alec, and Alec feels his heart stutter in his chest.

“That could have been it too,” he waves his hand and the bracelets hanging off his left wrist catching Alec’s eye.

They glint in the moonlight and Alec can’t stop staring. He’s always loved Magnus’ jewelry, he loves watching the way they hang off his wrists and neck and make the warlock seem shinier and more beautiful than he already is and he loves how he can feel their coolness against him when he’s close enough. They’d always fascinated him and looking at the simple bracelets around Magnus’ wrist Alec has the sudden, unexplainable urge to see what they’d look like against his own skin.

Magnus follows his stare and chuckles.

“You like it?” He asks, smirk on his face.

Alec blushes and looks up at Magnus through his eyelashes, unable to fully look at him.

“I like all your jewelry.”

Magnus preens and tilts his head,

“Why thank you my Alexander,”

Alec keeps staring at the bracelets as Magnus’ hands move and he tries to work up the courage to ask if he can try it on.

He doesn’t know why he’s so scared, this is Magnus, he wouldn’t say no, and he certainly wouldn’t make fun of him, but for some reason the words won’t come out.

“Are you alright?” Magnus places a hand on Alec’s shoulder, stopping the both of them in the middle of the path.

“I-er-I was wondering-” he gestures lamely at the bracelet and Magnus looks at him confused a moment.

Alec is worried he’ll actually have to say what he wants for a second before recognition dawns in Magnus’ eyes and he smiles up at Alec.

“Do you want to try it on?” He asks quietly, stepping closer into Alec’s space as if he’s telling him a secret.

All Alec can do is nod and watch as Magnus gracefully slides the bracelets off his wrist and places them in Alec’s hand.

His eyes have gone incredibly soft and Alec doesn’t know what to do with that, so he looks away, eyes darting to the bracelets now in his hand.

“Well,” Magnus gestures to the bracelets, “put them on, it’s not like they’re going to bite.”

He’s still looking at Alec with the same soft look as Alec slides the bracelets onto his wrist. He grins when they settle against his skin and moves his hand around to watch the moonlight glint off of them in awe.

He startles when Magnus gasps exaggeratedly and pulls Alec’s hand to his face,

“My my, it seems you look even more stunning than I do in this.”

Alec rolls his eyes but he can feel his cheeks burning.

“I might just have to dress you up more often,”

Magnus looks Alec up and down, before pulling him into a kiss that last much longer than Alec had anticipated.

When they’ve pulled apart Magnus is wearing a sinister look and Alec sees a smirk make its way across his face.

“I wonder,” he says trailing off and pulling off his ear cuff.

Alec’s eyes widen,

“No, get that away from me,” he giggles and ducks as Magnus advances towards him.

Magnus turns and gives Alec a mischievous look,

“No one can escape the High Warlock of Brooklyn,” he says, his voice playful and eyes aloof.

Alec giggles again and turns and runs down the path, Magnus close behind.

They probably look like idiots, two grown men shrieking and running down a path at eleven at night but the wind in his ears and the happiness in his veins as he runs away from something that doesn’t want to kill him is something that Alec didn’t realize he needed till now.

He tumbles to the grass when Magnus rams into him from behind and they land in a tangled giggling mess.

“Chasing a Shadowhunter with a stamina rune is hard work,” Magnus gets out after a few minutes of heavy breathing.

As they get to their feet Magnus looks over Alec’s shoulder and his eyes light up as he spots something behind him.


“Photobooth,” Magnus points and before Alec can say anything he’s being dragged across the street.

When they get to the photobooth, Magnus excitedly ushers Alec inside.

Alec has never actually been in a photobooth before, he’s never done a lot of mundane things before really until he’d met Magnus so he’s just a bit nervous as he sits down next to Magnus.

“Relax Alexander, it’s just you and me and a crappy camera.” Magnus says reassuringly over his shoulder because he’s Magnus and he somehow always knows what Alec needs to hear.

Alec releases the tension in his body and drapes his arms across Magnus’ shoulder, making sure the camera can see the bracelet on his wrist in full display before smiling at the camera and blinking out the momentary blindness from the flash.

Magnus laughs at Alec and he can’t help but look at the warlock with a smile, completely missing the fact that another picture is being taken.

Alec soon relaxes, it is just him and Magnus and a crappy camera. He turns to Magnus a couple photos later and didn’t hesitate before crashing his lips to the warlock’s.

Magnus squeaks in surprise and Alec loses his balance, sending them both toppling over on the photobooth seat.

They’re laughing when they get back up just in time for the last photo and the flash sends Alec into even more hysterical laughter.

When they stumble out of the photobooth they’re handed two strips of photos, one with the proper cute couple photos from the start, Magnus’ bracelet glinting on Alec’s wrist and then a strip featuring Alec’s failed kiss and the aftermath.

Alec looks at the second strip and is surprised by how happy he looks. He’s never seen himself look like that and he almost feels as if he’s looking at someone entirely different from himself.

Magnus chuckles when he sees the photos,

“We’re a disaster,” Alec laughs.

“We’re happy,” Magnus corrects before handing Alec the pictures of them falling over, “why don’t you keep those.”

He places the other strip into his pocket and Alec smiles.

When they portal back to the loft. Magnus slips the photo strip into a painting in his hallway. Saying he wants it to be one of the first things he sees when he comes home.

If Alec smiles his whole way back to the Institute no one has to know.

anonymous asked:

So I hear 🐙 commits sin for newsies?? ;;;)))) You should totally hit me w/ some quality Crutchie content,,,


- Bc of his not so stellar health, Crutchie always has to be on the bottom

- But don’t be fooled, this boy can still dom the shit out of you

- Goes fucking insane when you ride him, like seriously he rams you down onto him and all you’re able to do is just sit there and scream your head off

- high key into face fucking

- Call him stud or sexy and he’s the happiest boy alive.

- He worries he can’t please you the best bc he can’t he on top so if you let him know how good he’s making you feel, he’s so happy

- Once he came back from a crap day and was thinking how this day couldn’t be salvaged

- Boy was he wrong

- You were laying in bed, in just your Chemise, which Crutchie had seen you in like 12 zillion times so no biggie

- But it was a new chemise (thank Kathrine for getting it for you), and was like super lacy and pretty

- and it was pushed up around your chest

- Poor crutchie nearly fell over he was so shocked

- A good shocked tho

- you crooked your finger in the ‘come here’ gesture

- You’d never seen Crutchie move so fast

- Good thing you guys had those condoms Jack got you as a joke (interesting fact: condoms were first invented in 1839 and several companies were mass producing them by the late 1850s)

- turned into one of the best days of Crutchie’s life

- you two will cuddle and tell each other about how much you leave each other afterwards

- Crutchie will subtly smack your ass sometimes cause dam god bless that thing

- Crutchie just loves you more than anything and having sex with you is 1200000000000000/10 for him

- 🐙

Kurt and Ram stop on their road trip and nsfw

Kurt had left for spring break and could take anyone. He chose Ram to travel to random places with him.

Perspective: 3rd person

Kurt and Ram were asleep in the back of the car. Already they’ve been driving for awhile, but when they got tired, they realized that they were not even close to a hotel. Kurt is a very light sleeper so when he hears something tapping on his car. He throws his head up. It was too hard to see in the dark so he wakes up Ram to see if he could somehow see. It takes a few seconds for Ram to get up. “Do you see anything? I swear i heard something!” Kurt said pointing outside. Ram replied, “That’s a tree branch”. Kurt sighed in relief.

Ram pulled Kurt on top of him wrapping his arms around him. “We should’ve brought blankets”. Ram said, kissing the top of Kurt’s head.Ram starts to play with the others hair, curls twisted around his fingers. Kurt looked up. “Bro, what if i told you the real reason we stopped is because we ran out of gas..?” Ram pushed Kurt up, Now Kurt was straddling Ram. “Are you serious??” Kurt nodded as Rams eyes narrowed. “So we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere?”. Kurt nodded again.

Ram wrapped his arms around Kurt and pulled him down, “i would be mad but this could be fun..” Ram said. Following his words he kissed the other. Kurt allowed entrance of Rams tongue and moaned lowly. Ram’s hand met Kurt’s ass gripping it tightly. The kiss began to get a little sloppy. Kurts hand slipped up Rams shirt and felt the creases of the other muscles. While doing this Kurt felt himself getting hot and he noticed a little bump in Ram’s pants.

Kurt broke the kiss and looked at Ram with a lustful face. Ram nodded and slipped off his shirt, Kurt doing the same. Kurt scooted back onto Rams thighs and undid the other pants and slipping his pants and boxers down enough to reveal his throbbing cock. Ram was blushing and covering his face, why was he always so embarrassed? Kurt smirked and leaned down kissing the base of his cock and then began to lick at it and kissing it. Kurt put the tip in his mouth and started to bob his head up and down taking a decent amount in. This made Ram buck his hips and moan pretty loud. Kurt pulls his head up and slips off his own pants and underwear.

Kurt spits on the tip of Ram’s cock and rubs it around, then he straddles the other’s waist and positions himself just right. “Put it in me, please”. Ram reaches down to prop his cock up some more, Kurt slowly lets the cock inside of him. Once it was in deep enough Ram starting at a slow pace not wanting to hurt Kurt. Pants and moans started to fog up the car. Ram put a hand on Kurt’s ass and his other hand began to jerk him off. Kurt whined out and bit his lip. This felt so kinky. Getting fucked in a car parked in the middle of nowhere. That’s pretty hot.

Kurt was almost drooling, loving all of this and loving Ram. Kurt started bouncing on top of Ram, making Ram moan loudly with him. Ram played with the tip of Kurt’s cock teasing at him. Kurt was so cute when he couldn’t get enough. Ram started to pound inside on him, making Kurt drip out some pre-cum. Ram slipped it onto his finger and shoved it in Kurt’s mouth. He suck on his finger, swallowing his own cum. That made Ram lose it, he let out a hard breath and slammed into kurt. A few seconds of holding this thrust and they were both pouring cum. Ram filled Kurt’s ass while Ram got a nice little bit of dressing on his face.

They clean up their messes and sleep, Kurt on top of Ram naked.

Wild road trips am I right?

anonymous asked:

I honestly never saw people say Kageyama hates anyone. It's Oikawa who was the shitty senpai and has the grudge against Kageyama and Ushijima. I wouldn't even call Oikawa a senpai because he didn't teach shit to Kageyama. Everything he learned was from observation.

A lot of of Kageyama’s upperclassmen probably never taught him anything, they’re still his senpai, it’s just a seniority thing in Japan. However, Oikawa is not just a senpai to Kageyama. Furudate frequently made other characters refer Kageyama as oikawa’s kouhai and appear to be in awe of his similarities to oikawa in both techniques and temperament as a setter. Whether you like it or not, as far as Furudate is concerned, Kageyama is Oikawa’s disciple. He’s the single most important influence for Kageyama in terms of shaping his skillset and spurring his growth. 

You know, I suspect furudate probably read fans’ comments that Oikawa didn’t actually teach Kageyama anything, and that’s why he wrote Kageyama going to Oikawa for advice, and this time, Oikawa relented and played helpful senpai for once. Furudate could’ve made it more straightforward and made Kageyama going to Ukai for advice, Ukai was a setter, he’s the one who eventually came up with the stop and drop toss anyway. Furudate picked Oikawa cos he wanted to remind readers Oikawa was and still is the setter Kageyama wants to emulate.

People who hate oikage are convinced kageyama and oikawa hate each other. People who’re anti ushioi believe Oikawa hates Ushijima with a passion. 

In the heat of competition, you do sometimes hate your competitors. Some rivalry in sport are way more bitter than what we see in these shonen sport series. Senna had called Prost a coward and more less said Prost stole his championship. Prost said senna was trying to kill him when he rammed his car into his. A few years later, at Senna’s funeral, Prost was one of the pole bearers. “Rivals’” relationship often drastically changed and improved once the competition ends.

I don’t think Oikawa hates Kageyama or Ushijima. Oikawa is a bit of a sore loser that’s all. People who hate to lose are sometimes like that. Dare I say, if Iwaizumi and Oikawa play against each other at college level, oikawa would be no less eager to crush Iwaizumi’s team than he was against Shiratorizawa.

Tbh, the HQ fandom’ rampant hatred for rival ships are mind boggling. Sport series is about competitive spirit and rivalry you know….The “I have a crush on my setter” thing, which describes most of the prescribed ships in this series is pretty cute, but they don’t have the intensity of rival ships.

“I miss you so much and our memories we made. I still remember leaning on your shoulder while you played the piano and how you would do the same when I played my cello. I still remember how I met you that night and how I’ve fallen for you ever since. The fact we’re thousands of miles apart now breaks my heart so much. I remember the last day we met and I was planning I could meet you again.”

A few years ago, I moved to Maine while he was in California and I terribly missed him. Last year, he visited me over summer break and we had so much fun together, but then he had to leave. He decided to drive with his family to Maine again this year. When he was on the street running towards me, a car accidentally rammed into him and drove away. That day, he died in my arms while the ambulance was on its way.

Hot and Angry

Anon: Can you do a smut where your dating Jungkook, and you get into a really heated argument, but he can’t help but think your incredibly hot when your angry, and it just escalates there?

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Jungkook (BTS)/ Reader

Word Count: 822

Summary: Jungkook maybe done with his idol life but there still are fangirls around and they still make me angry and jealous.

“Just because you use to be this huge idol doesn’t mean you can go around flirting with every girl who recognizes you!” I yelled as we got to my apartment. I threw my purse on the floor and headed for the kitchen.

“I wasn’t flirting with her for the last time!” Jungkook yelled back. “All I said is that she had a pretty necklace.” He followed me. 

“Look,” I said getting water out of the refrigerator. “I get it. you use to be this huge celebrity and all the girls fall over you.”

“Just like you did.” He snickered. 

“And this is the time you want to joke?” I slammed the door of the fridge. 

“Aww come on babe.”

“Don’t Babe me!” I yelled. “I am tired of watching you get all big eyed over all this girls that who you the slightest attention!” I was furious. This wasn’t the first time he had done this in front of me. 

“Babe,” He came up next to me and tried to lace his fingers with mine but I tore my hand away. He tried to cup his hand on my cheek but I slapped it away. His eyes changed. I didn’t want to back down. He wasn’t going to win that easily, or so I thought.

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I love Ram’s dad sm. Like at first I thought he was gonna be the stereotypical dad of an athlete who doesn’t really see their kid as a person but just as a means to live their pathetic life through them, but when ram was struggling he didnt push him to be better, or to quit playing around, he knew his kid was going through stuff and just wanted to talk.
Better yet he listened and let him cry it was just so important to me


SERIES: bangtan smuts

MEMBER: Taehyung


“You’re going to be the death of me,” taehyung breathed into your mouth. You were making out fully clothed after school one day. all because god was too late. the morals were gone and out and it seemed to be that things were getting wet, some getting hard.

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No Matter What (Part 14)

Prompt: Imagine you’re an Avenger and you meet Bucky for the first time during Civil War

Word Count: 1827

Warning: Language, fighting, violence, angst

Notes: This will follow Cap America: Civil War…. I envisioned a younger reader who’s like 19-24 years old, btw. not betad

Forever Tags: @capsmuscles @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527 @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification @thejulesworld @rda1989 @marvelloushamilton @munlis  @bubblyanarocks3@thefridgeismybestie@random-fluffy-pink-unicorn @hardcollectionworldtrash @igiveupicantthinkofausername @kaliforniacoastalteens@feelmyroarrrr@kaeling @ijustwanttobepartofyourworld

Sebastian Stan Tag: @nedthegay @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange @buenostardissherlock @lenawiinchester@the-red-world-of-jess-chibi@memory-of-a-goldfish @mellsstark

Bucky Barnes: @nedthegay @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange @ultrarebelheart @lenawiinchester @its-not-a-tulpa

No Matter What: @void-imaginations @devil-may-cry-11-blog @james-heaven-barnes @mrs-lancelot@gingergrad@eyelinernim@fairchild21 @shifutheshihtzu


After your talk with T’Challa, you made your way back to Bucky’s bedroom as you promised you would. He was sitting on his bed, reading a book when he looked up, a smile immediately illuminating his face.

“Hey, doll,” he greeted.

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“I’m sorry Baby”

pairing: Jimin x reader

insp by

Summary: You both had planned to roomate with a friend, but since that plan flopped, you were the only two as man & women that ended up as roomates. You have lived together for 4 months so far and Jimin has the biggest crush,

Warning: Strong sexual content, oral, smut

A/N: I usually base my smuts, ect on songs, to set a certain mood/feel of a scene of affection. An affection the person feels for the other. To give it a passionate read. So you will always see a ♡. Also this wasn’t hard to write because I always think of jimin in such a way ( ̄ω ̄;)

Jimin smut where you both are roomates and he has this biggest crush on you (which you don’t know about) and he accidentally walks on you naked? - anon


You sat up on the couch, after waking up from a nap, you bunch your self up.

Sighing, you thought about your handsome roomate Park Jimin. You thought he was too high standard for you, and that he probably has had about 100 girlfriends by now. It might be judgemental but he was too perfect, and perfect isn’t for you. You reminded yourself. So you never really flirted with the male, or spoke in a sexual way to him, though you wanted to.

But anyway, you were upset because of him in the first place, so why would you even think of this. Your eyebrows arched, remembering what he did last night.

“Hangmun” You snarled to yourself, cursing in his language, you’ve heard him say it playful to his friend taehyung multiple of times. Asshole is what it meant.

Again..but what did he do? Oh yeah, that’s right, he brought Taehyung over and they were talking loudly about sex loudly in the living room at 2 a.m in the morning. You could hear Jimin’s giggles and Taehyung’s deep laughs, in your sleep. It annoyed you so much that you opened the door, scarying taehyung and jimin.

Taehyung screamed, “Ya! What is your problem scary woman?!” He pouted his lips, standing behind jimin, who giggled at you.

“Could you keep it down! Please,i’m trying to sleep”

“Sorry Y/N, we will be less loud for now on” Jimin apoligizes.

Taehyung just smirked and tried to whisper something in Korean but you heard exactly what he said.

“Is that the girl, that masturbates in her room loudly all day?”

You gasped, slamming your door.

Ah So embarrassing, you thought slapping your forehead. Jimin told your business to this one. Who else might know.

Why would jimin, do something like that. You both got a long so well, but after this you just want to slap him on the head, and roomate someone who is luckly a girl.

You sat there all day embarrassed, it was nearly 12a.m and you were waiting for him to come home, so you could talk about it. And since he was taking so long , you decided to take a shower. Stripping your clothes one by one, you grabbed your towel and went into the shower for about 25 minutes. 

 Jimin was going to come home alone this time, exhausted from dance practiced. He noticed how angry & embarrassed you were last night, and you might want to talk to him. He avoided the situation because he hated getting into arguements with you, because it felt like it would push his chances to be with you further than closer. And he really liked you, your attitude, Your figure, and your smile that made him nervous. That’s why he’s later than usual. He removed his bomber, swinging it over his shoulder. Revealing his buff-life arms , wearing a black short sleeve shirt. Throwing it on the couch when he entered. He pushes his orange,tangy hair back, showing his forehead. 

He bites his lips, looking around, Looking for you. He calls for your name, twice. 

 “Y/N…if you are here..I just want to apoligize for ..what I told tae..” He rubs the back of his neck nervously. Your name rolls off his tongue lazily again, exaggerating the last syllables of your name. He walks slowly to your door, twisting the knob. Without knocking. 

Finding you standing there, your back turned to him, as you dried your hair. You ass revealed to him. Jimin’s mouth forming into a small “o” as his eyes roamed slowly from head to toe and back up again. Then he noticed what he was doing. He forgot to gasp, His chest heaving, he never thought he’d see you like this. But since he was so anxious to apoligize to you face to face, he got to. 

 “Y/N” he says slowly, breathlessly You gasped turning around to find his eyes, no where near yours, but at your breasts. 

 You couldn’t find yourself reacting to this man, the lust, in his eyes, his lips parting as if he was trying to speak. You just stared at this guy, Fuck, why does he wear such tight pants, and shirts like these. Your lips slowly parted, trying to figure out why he was staring at you like you were just the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. 

 He bit his bottom lip, his lip turning from plush pink to red. Passing his tongue over it after, Until he met your eyes for a split second. Quickly grabbing the towel, his eyes remained at the same place. You quickly turned around, facing the wall. 

 “Why are you here?” You say surprisingly calm. 

However your heart rate said otherwise. He didn’t speak…he saw how you looked at him as well, He slowly took steps towards you, his hands coming from his neck. He stopped his reach. And spoke, 

 “Y/N…I’m sorry” He says, you could feel his hot breathe down your neck. His head hanging down, and his hair dropping beside your face. 

“Y/N” He hissed your name. His hands slowly,come around your hand, holding onto your towel. “Almost every night” he pauses, as his hand sets on top of yours now. “you masturbate….and I just can’t help myself Y/N” 

He slowly removes your towel, with your hand still grazing on top of his. “..even if you don’t like me, I can still help your frustrations” He says as the towel drops to the floor now. 

 “And..W-why would you do that” you say now, blushing dark, feeling your self shake, from the intense body heat of jimin’s chest breathing pace against your back. Harshly he turns you around , facing him now, he replies, 

“Y/N, I..I like you..- he stops himself, admiring your body again, he presses his lips onto yours roughly, lifting you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist. He takes your bottom lip into his mouth, sucking at the soft skin. You began to moan into his mouth. He grabbed your leg, roughly wrapping it around him, he anxiously unbuckled his pants, You helped him pull it down, his boxers slid down with it. He pumped himself a few times before entering your wetness. You arched your back off the wall, squirming under him, when he rammed you up the wall. 

“Jimin-ah!” You moaned, his face was burried into your neck, he quickly bites down your neck, sucking deep leaving you a moaning mess in his hold. He moved you up and down that cold wall, Leaving visible marks on your neck , that you’d have to explain to your friends later on. He felt so good inside you, He filled you up with his thick member. He was so anxious to be inside you. His thick thighs clashing against yours, 

“Ohh you feel so good,” He grinds into you harder, and slower. “Y/N, your so so wet” he whimpered. “Squeeze me jaiga” He grunted into your ear, You were already leaking on his cock, you couldn’t handle this sudden action. 

It was too good. You were already close. 

 As he was riding into the wall, you couldn’t help but play with the rim of gis shirt while moaning & gasping into his kiss. He stuck his tongue into your mouth, overlapping yours, 

 “Ohhhhh Jimin, ugh, you’re so thick inside of me” You groaned as he went deeper inside of you His hips thrusting faster into, making a loud wet smacking sound, kissing on your collarbone now. 

 He then takes your right breast into his mouth, and flickers his tongue over the bud, making your walls convulse around him and milk him slowly. 

 “Your pussy is just like how i imagined y/n” he groaned, He grinded hard, humping you pratically into the wall. Anxiously wanting you to orgasm quickly for him. Though you were already there, he stopped his steady pace and pulled out slowly. You whinned at this. 

 “Jimin don’t tease, please” You desperately whimper. He picks you up, laying you on the bed, “You’re so beautiful..Y/N” He looks up at you seductively. He kissed your inner thighs slowly, leaving wet marks. Spreading your legs wider, “Jiminnnie” You moaned, causing him to smile at the cute little nickname you gave him. 

 “Your so cute y/n” he teases, now at your entrance, he darts out his tongue, barely even touching you yet. He smirks at your reaction. Again..his toungue glides slowly up your slit, 

 “Ahhh! mmm” you hiss, at the feeling of his wet long tongue playing with your entrance. He holds your thighs tight around his arms, so you wouldn’t squirm. Now flickering his tongue quickly up and down your inside your hole. You screamed suddenly, pushing away from his mouth. 

“Jimin-ahhh! I’m coming” You push away from his mouth, arching your back off the bed. 

“Baby girl, your so sensitive” He kisses at your bud. “i’m not done with you,” he smirks.“ He enters you again, letting you adjust this time. He starts off slowly, putting his hands beside each side of your head. He grinds into you, He whinned, while inside of you, as you ruffled into his hair. 

Wrapping your legs around his waist again. He began to pick up the pace, thrusting hard into you deeper, You both moaned together, as he sped up even move and then it turned into screams and back scratching. Your hand landed on his round bottom, and squeezed at the flesh. 

"o-Oh fuck me jimin ,just like that” You gasped,raising your legs higher, feeling another orgasm approaching, he lifts himself up, and starts flickering your clit in a fast motion, thrusting hard into you. 

“Oh!! I’m coming again!” You shout, you grind up into him, running your hands dowb his abs. 

 “Y/n..I’m coming too ahhh” he hissed, he thrustsd violently into you 3 more times before coming as you both rode out your high. You both couldn’t breathe correctly, as he fell on top of you. Time passed by, he gulped before speaking. 

 “You know you don’t have to masturbate, everytime you get horny y/n..you could always ask me” 

 “How was I suppose to know that you liked me in that way” you reply, turning over to face him. 

 He smirks at you, with that cute eye smile he had probably since birth.  

“Well you know now” He kisses you, getting back on top of you.

“You are too high standard for me park jimin” you say looking down away from your eyes, he lifts up your chin and kisses your cheek delicately

"Then I guess we’re a match” he smiles.

Important Heathers Rant/Info!

Alright, so whilst reading comments under a few of the Heathers songs (from the musical) I’ve come to a realisation people don’t see how demented EVERYONE in this movie/musical is, so i’ve decided to make a list of horrible things each character has done, just because. it needs to be done.



  • she giggles when Ms. Fleming is mentioning Heathers death and she had to quickly cover it up as sobs
  • she literally giggles at Kurt and Ramms funeral and only feels bad when she sees their crying siblings like uh no that’s not okay?!?


  • first of all she helped kill Heather, Kurt, and Ram. Whether she meant to help or not she DID NOT go to the police after WITNESSING the murders take place.
  • she literally shot JD i mean yeah he was trying to blow up a school but i mean?!?!? you should have called the police and said he was trying to blow up the school k thx


the fact that i even have to do one for JD makes me want to die like really?!?


  • first of all he fucking kills kids
  • He poisons Heather and then tells Ronnie she’s gonna go to jail and she has to fake it as a suicide
  • He kills Kurt and Ram and does the same thing
  • After Ronnie breaks up with him he was either gonna get her back or kill her
  • He actually tried to blow up a school after killing three kids i mean
  • oh also when kurt and ram approached him he pulled out a gun on them (filled with blanks but still!!)


  • still killed three kids
  • still pressures Ronnie into writing the suicide notes
  • still tries to blow up a fucking school i mean..?!?

Heather Chandler:


  • actually a bully
  • bullies veronica
  • bullies the other heathers
  • bullies like the whole fucking school
  • verbally attacks betty
  • a bitch


  • after bullying Veronica to no end she has her write a note about her best friend that will crush her
  • bosses around duke
  • still a bully
  • verbally attacks martha
  • still a bitch

Heather Duke:


  • bossed around others
  • bullies McNamara
  • spreads nasty rumours about McNamara
  • laughs at suicide
  • drives McNamara to the point where she almost kills herself
  • also a bitch
  • pushes around veronica
  • rude as fuck to betty


  • actually told McNamara to kill herself and that she was a baby and all she did was whine and cry
  • tried to sign Ronnie up for date rape..?!??
  • encouraged giving Martha the fake letter
  • still laughs at suicide

Heather McNamara:


  • still took part in the bullying
  • still like the the other heathers
  • encouraged the note to be written
  • made nasty jokes
  • basically signed ronnie up for date rape


  • she still took part in bullying and is like heather and heather
  • still wanted the note to be written
  • verbally attacked veronica multiple times (during the songs)
  • rude AF to Martha, especially during ‘Big Fun’
  • still signed ronnie up for date rape

Kurt AND Ram:


  • they’re literally rapists
  • jocks who beat people up
  • “what’d your boyfriend say when you told him you were moving to sherwood ohio”
  • homophobic AF?!?!?
  • actually tried to attack JD (but he had a gun whoops)
  • tried to sleep w/ronnie


  • jackasses who attacked JD just because Ronnie was interested in him
  • tried to rape/sleep with Ronnie
  • still homophobic
  • made up a rumour about Ronnie which wasn’t true


I literally have nothing on her, if you have something hmu

The Police:


  • you’re shitty at doing your job
  • yeah let’s not check and see if this was a staged suicide nah let’s just shrug it off
  • oh look i heard gunshots and saw someone running through the forest away from the crime scene yeah no totally suicide not murder

Ms. Fleming:


  • legit tried to become famous off of a students suicide


  • still tried to be famous
  • was actually upset when she found out Ronnie was alive because she had made such a nice tribute

face the facts: everyone in the god forsaken movie/musical are jackasses who aren’t innocent. i understand if you’re just doing X Readers or imagines and stuff and making them nice and sweet, because you’re making a story, not going after facts and attack people who say otherwise. But to the people who do attack others, please actually realise that everyone in this movie/musical did SOMETHING wrong (eh except Betty/Martha cause i still got nothing on them lol)

anonymous asked:

What if the US UF bros had a werewolf best friend when he was little. But when the war started they got separated from them and never saw them again. Years later on the surface, and one day while they're walking through the streets, they hear someone yell their name. They turn around and are rammed by a creature with fluffy ears and a tail. A werewolf. The bros are confused then they look the wolf in the eyes. They know those eyes anywhere. It's their best friend. How would they react?

This is original…I like it!

(Underswap Papyrus)

What the hell…..Those ears, that tail, and…those eyes he was way too familiar with. Stretch couldn’t believe it. Is it really you? How did you find him? He has a ton of questions on his mind while embracing you. You have that same smell he used to adore as a little kid. He invites you over to his house and reintroduces you to Blue and the others. You both talk about the stuff you did as kids and maaannn you guys got into so much shit together, just like partners in crime. He hopes you haven’t changed as much as he did…

(Underswap Sans)

Blue finishes up his exercise for the day when he suddenly gets rammed practically to hell! He’s about ready to apologize thinking Alphys caught him lacking when he notices your fluffy ears and tail wagging like a propeller. He feels the tears rolling down his face when he reaches your eyes. He give you an enormous bear hug and practically squeeze the life outta you. He can’t remember how you two got separated but he vows to forever stay by your side!

(Underfell Papyrus)

It doesn’t take long for Edge to remember who you are when he looks in you eyes. He automatically gets flashbacks when you were both underground. That was before he became the Cold and Terrible Edge. You were apart of the reason he changed. The last piece of innocence that made him finally snap. He wants to embrace you and tell you how much he’s missed you. But that old Edge is long gone. He stills has a title to uphold. He does pat your head a few times and invites you over for dinner.

(Underfell Sans)

When he feels someone ram into him like that he’s about ready to turn around and beat the breaks off of them. When he turns around and see’s you he’s speechless. This can’t be who he thinks it is..right? Red chokes back a sob and scratches behind your ear, the way you always liked, and embraces you. He remembers all those years ago when the war first started. There was a hideout you would both come to. Red made you promise if you ever get separated you’d take care of yourself. One day you never came back, until now. He tries to blink hack his tears as he gets a good look at your face ‘ya kept yer promise huh sweetheart.’

Revenge (7)

Description: Part 7 of a (kind of) AU Marvel series

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, the works


Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

Last Time:

I sighed, shaking my head. I knew he was right. We wouldn’t be truly happy not being together. But if Steve found out, all of us would be totally screwed.

“Gabbie… Please, doll.” He pleaded, taking my hands.

I knew I was about to make the biggest mistake ever as I answered him. “Okay.”

I knew what I did was wrong. I never should have gone along with Bucky’s plan. But on the other hand, I had two of the sweetest, hottest guys to roll around with and love on, and it was fantastic. Other than the fact that I had to hide it from Steve. And that was another huge downside. My mind was at war, and the stress was killing me. Sooner or later I would have to come clean to Steve, and I was really hoping it’d be later rather than sooner.

I sat in my room, reading one of my favorite books, when I heard a knock on my door.

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Class Master list

All my class fanfiction neatly organised into categories.

Remember to leave your favourite author a comment.


Standing Guard  Matteusz watches Charlie after the events of Brave-ish heart.

Prom? Charlie asks Matteusz to the prom.

Is this coming off in a cheesy way? Even if Charlie is an alien, it’s not going to stop Matteusz from asking out his crush to the prom.

Almost Knocking  All the times Matteusz almost reaches out to Charlie in their six days apart.

Things have changed for me Matteusz visits an animal shelter where Charlie works.

In other words Matteusz and Charlie say ‘I love you’ before they say ‘I love you’.

What a forgotten key can cause Charlie loses his keys and ends up with the person he’s been avoiding for months.

Pastel prince Punk pastel AU.

Connecting Cosmos Charlie gets to see the stars but he leaves the most important person behind.

It’s my mistake Five years later Matteusz visits his parents one last time.

You make my heart shake, bend and break (in that order) Matteusz hates his soulmate. He can only hope it isn’t Charlie.

New Heights Charlie gets stuck in a tree.

Closet Matteusz and Charlie hide in an unconventional place.

Fake Dating Au where Matteusz and Charlie pretend to date for a gala his parents dragged him to.

Purple Matteusz dyes his hair, Charlie is fascinated.

This will end in flames Matteusz gets poisoned.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower How Charlie got his name


Ram’s (obvious) crush Ram goes to Tanya for advice when he has a crush on April. 

Ram, please April leaves him voicemails. Set between ‘Detained’ and ‘the lost’.

And You’re The Sky University AU where falls in love with a girl who plays the violin, not realising how close she was the whole time. 

What The Heart WantsRam and April are rivals that somehow end up on a date together.

Is it so hard? Ram and April just want a nice date.

You love her! Ram is in love with April. Tanya plays matchmaker.

Marry me? Ram schemes, April isn’t amused.

Smooth Moves Their first dates doesn’t go well.

The Things We Used To Share Break up fic.

Back to back Zombie au.

Friendship fics

More than muggles A Hogwarts centred around the triwizard cup.

Constellations forming out of scar lines Post the lost. The gang visits Rhodia.

Taking a break from saving the world The gang get coffee and discuss Harry Potter.

Superheroes, aliens and geeks Tanya fangirls over the Ghost.

Sleepover  The gang have a sleepover at April’s house and watch a masterpiece. 

The Charlie Smith Conspiracy April is suspicious of the new kid. Her friends are less than amused. 

The Dangers of decorating April and Matteusz prepare for the prom but they’re in for a nasty surprise.

For tonight we might die Matteusz and April get their friends caught up on the Shadow Kin.

A hero with two hearts Charlie has always looked up to the Doctor.

A Full TARDIS Ram and Tanya go on adventures in the TARDIS. 

Damaged  Set between ‘Detained’ and ‘the Lost’. Ram and Matteusz talk about how they miss their SOs and plan to get them back.

The Unlikeliest of Friends Bill and Matteusz meet.

Thats what friends are for When Charlie and Matteusz experience the ugly side of humanity, the rest of the gang stick up for them.

The start of something great The beginning of April and Charlie’s friendship. 

Not okay The gang catch up after ‘Brave-ish heart’.

They don’t know what we do in our spare time Ram and Tanya bake cakes together.

My youth is yours April has a violin performance. 

Pride is a five letter word Tanya comes out to Matteusz.

Help? Ram makes a mess of his date, Tanya helps.

Christmas Cheer The gang decorate for Christmas.

Define spooky Tanya explains halloween to Charlie.


The 5 times Quill cares  (Part of my Hogwarts AU.) Explores the relationship between Quill and Charlie over the course of nine years. 

Take me to your (orange) leader The girls of class take part in the woman's parade.

To be a Quill  Quill tells her daughter of their heritage. 

One Good Day Quill doesn’t tolerate teenagers knocking on her door; unless they bring kittens of course.

Smith and Quill Sarah-Jane Smith investigates Coal Hill and meets the last of the Quill.

Say Yes To The Dress Quill, April and Tanya go bridal shopping.


Dear MattiFics in which Matteusz has a little sister.

With Love Fics with Tanya’s gf Clove.


Time After Time with @feathertailsilverstripe​ Matteusz and Charlie deal with the events after the lost. 

My heart beats for you with @feathertailsilverstripe​ Marlie soulmate AU.

The Last Ones Standing with @gleek-runner Charlie and April meet up after ‘Detained’.