when he rams into him

I love Ram’s dad sm. Like at first I thought he was gonna be the stereotypical dad of an athlete who doesn’t really see their kid as a person but just as a means to live their pathetic life through them, but when ram was struggling he didnt push him to be better, or to quit playing around, he knew his kid was going through stuff and just wanted to talk.
Better yet he listened and let him cry it was just so important to me

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I honestly never saw people say Kageyama hates anyone. It's Oikawa who was the shitty senpai and has the grudge against Kageyama and Ushijima. I wouldn't even call Oikawa a senpai because he didn't teach shit to Kageyama. Everything he learned was from observation.

A lot of of Kageyama’s upperclassmen probably never taught him anything, they’re still his senpai, it’s just a seniority thing in Japan. However, Oikawa is not just a senpai to Kageyama. Furudate frequently made other characters refer Kageyama as oikawa’s kouhai and appear to be in awe of his similarities to oikawa in both techniques and temperament as a setter. Whether you like it or not, as far as Furudate is concerned, Kageyama is Oikawa’s disciple. He’s the single most important influence for Kageyama in terms of shaping his skillset and spurring his growth. 

You know, I suspect furudate probably read fans’ comments that Oikawa didn’t actually teach Kageyama anything, and that’s why he wrote Kageyama going to Oikawa for advice, and this time, Oikawa relented and played helpful senpai for once. Furudate could’ve made it more straightforward and made Kageyama going to Ukai for advice, Ukai was a setter, he’s the one who eventually came up with the stop and drop toss anyway. Furudate picked Oikawa cos he wanted to remind readers Oikawa was and still is the setter Kageyama wants to emulate.

People who hate oikage are convinced kageyama and oikawa hate each other. People who’re anti ushioi believe Oikawa hates Ushijima with a passion. 

In the heat of competition, you do sometimes hate your competitors. Some rivalry in sport are way more bitter than what we see in these shonen sport series. Senna had called Prost a coward and more less said Prost stole his championship. Prost said senna was trying to kill him when he rammed his car into his. A few years later, at Senna’s funeral, Prost was one of the pole bearers. “Rivals’” relationship often drastically changed and improved once the competition ends.

I don’t think Oikawa hates Kageyama or Ushijima. Oikawa is a bit of a sore loser that’s all. People who hate to lose are sometimes like that. Dare I say, if Iwaizumi and Oikawa play against each other at college level, oikawa would be no less eager to crush Iwaizumi’s team than he was against Shiratorizawa.

Tbh, the HQ fandom’ rampant hatred for rival ships are mind boggling. Sport series is about competitive spirit and rivalry you know….The “I have a crush on my setter” thing, which describes most of the prescribed ships in this series is pretty cute, but they don’t have the intensity of rival ships.


SERIES: bangtan smuts

MEMBER: Taehyung


“You’re going to be the death of me,” taehyung breathed into your mouth. You were making out fully clothed after school one day. all because god was too late. the morals were gone and out and it seemed to be that things were getting wet, some getting hard.

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Kurt and Ram stop on their road trip and nsfw

Kurt had left for spring break and could take anyone. He chose Ram to travel to random places with him.

Perspective: 3rd person

Kurt and Ram were asleep in the back of the car. Already they’ve been driving for awhile, but when they got tired, they realized that they were not even close to a hotel. Kurt is a very light sleeper so when he hears something tapping on his car. He throws his head up. It was too hard to see in the dark so he wakes up Ram to see if he could somehow see. It takes a few seconds for Ram to get up. “Do you see anything? I swear i heard something!” Kurt said pointing outside. Ram replied, “That’s a tree branch”. Kurt sighed in relief.

Ram pulled Kurt on top of him wrapping his arms around him. “We should’ve brought blankets”. Ram said, kissing the top of Kurt’s head.Ram starts to play with the others hair, curls twisted around his fingers. Kurt looked up. “Bro, what if i told you the real reason we stopped is because we ran out of gas..?” Ram pushed Kurt up, Now Kurt was straddling Ram. “Are you serious??” Kurt nodded as Rams eyes narrowed. “So we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere?”. Kurt nodded again.

Ram wrapped his arms around Kurt and pulled him down, “i would be mad but this could be fun..” Ram said. Following his words he kissed the other. Kurt allowed entrance of Rams tongue and moaned lowly. Ram’s hand met Kurt’s ass gripping it tightly. The kiss began to get a little sloppy. Kurts hand slipped up Rams shirt and felt the creases of the other muscles. While doing this Kurt felt himself getting hot and he noticed a little bump in Ram’s pants.

Kurt broke the kiss and looked at Ram with a lustful face. Ram nodded and slipped off his shirt, Kurt doing the same. Kurt scooted back onto Rams thighs and undid the other pants and slipping his pants and boxers down enough to reveal his throbbing cock. Ram was blushing and covering his face, why was he always so embarrassed? Kurt smirked and leaned down kissing the base of his cock and then began to lick at it and kissing it. Kurt put the tip in his mouth and started to bob his head up and down taking a decent amount in. This made Ram buck his hips and moan pretty loud. Kurt pulls his head up and slips off his own pants and underwear.

Kurt spits on the tip of Ram’s cock and rubs it around, then he straddles the other’s waist and positions himself just right. “Put it in me, please”. Ram reaches down to prop his cock up some more, Kurt slowly lets the cock inside of him. Once it was in deep enough Ram starting at a slow pace not wanting to hurt Kurt. Pants and moans started to fog up the car. Ram put a hand on Kurt’s ass and his other hand began to jerk him off. Kurt whined out and bit his lip. This felt so kinky. Getting fucked in a car parked in the middle of nowhere. That’s pretty hot.

Kurt was almost drooling, loving all of this and loving Ram. Kurt started bouncing on top of Ram, making Ram moan loudly with him. Ram played with the tip of Kurt’s cock teasing at him. Kurt was so cute when he couldn’t get enough. Ram started to pound inside on him, making Kurt drip out some pre-cum. Ram slipped it onto his finger and shoved it in Kurt’s mouth. He suck on his finger, swallowing his own cum. That made Ram lose it, he let out a hard breath and slammed into kurt. A few seconds of holding this thrust and they were both pouring cum. Ram filled Kurt’s ass while Ram got a nice little bit of dressing on his face.

They clean up their messes and sleep, Kurt on top of Ram naked.

Wild road trips am I right?

Hot and Angry

Anon: Can you do a smut where your dating Jungkook, and you get into a really heated argument, but he can’t help but think your incredibly hot when your angry, and it just escalates there?

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Jungkook (BTS)/ Reader

Word Count: 822

Summary: Jungkook maybe done with his idol life but there still are fangirls around and they still make me angry and jealous.

“Just because you use to be this huge idol doesn’t mean you can go around flirting with every girl who recognizes you!” I yelled as we got to my apartment. I threw my purse on the floor and headed for the kitchen.

“I wasn’t flirting with her for the last time!” Jungkook yelled back. “All I said is that she had a pretty necklace.” He followed me. 

“Look,” I said getting water out of the refrigerator. “I get it. you use to be this huge celebrity and all the girls fall over you.”

“Just like you did.” He snickered. 

“And this is the time you want to joke?” I slammed the door of the fridge. 

“Aww come on babe.”

“Don’t Babe me!” I yelled. “I am tired of watching you get all big eyed over all this girls that who you the slightest attention!” I was furious. This wasn’t the first time he had done this in front of me. 

“Babe,” He came up next to me and tried to lace his fingers with mine but I tore my hand away. He tried to cup his hand on my cheek but I slapped it away. His eyes changed. I didn’t want to back down. He wasn’t going to win that easily, or so I thought.

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Revenge (7)

Description: Part 7 of a kind of AU Marvel series (cause I can’t stick with what the movies have set up idk also i don’t know what Infinity War is gonna be like so)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: idk. probably smut? angst? fluff? guess you’ll have to read it to find out

a/n: just wanted to let you all know that i’m a boss ass bitch. i have sources


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Last Time:

I sighed, shaking my head. I knew he was right. We wouldn’t be truly happy not being together. But if Steve found out, all of us would be totally screwed.

“Gabbie… Please, doll.” He pleaded, taking my hands.

I knew I was about to make the biggest mistake ever as I answered him. “Okay.”

I knew what I did was wrong. I never should have gone along with Bucky’s plan. But on the other hand, I had two of the sweetest, hottest guys to roll around with and love on, and it was fantastic. Other than the fact that I had to hide it from Steve. And that was another huge downside. My mind was at war, and the stress was killing me. Sooner or later I would have to come clean to Steve, and I was really hoping it’d be later rather than sooner.

I sat in my room, reading one of my favorite books, when I heard a knock on my door.

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Going to Hogwarts With Newt Scamander Would Include...

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  • Naturally, since the first moment he saw you, he had a tiny bit of a crush on you.
    • But even then, admitting that to another person, much less himself, was dangerous because he wasn’t wildly liked at the school and if anyone caught wind of this new infatuation, he would be constantly ridiculed for something on top of his peculiar love for magical creatures.
  • Takes very seriously to his class work.
    • But, equally to his interest and passion for creatures. Given the absolute choice, he would pick his creatures over his schooling. His dedication to his creatures equals, and occasionally overpowers him. This can lead him to acting irrationally without thinking.
      • Probably gets really excited in his seat when any of his professors even mention a magical creature, and is eager to answer any question they may ask.
        • He can hear people laughing at him for being so willing to answer, but he rolls it off his shoulders. He knows about them, and he’s proud of them. Just because others don’t see them the way he does doesn’t give them the right to judge. But, it’s something that even he can’t stop.
      • Most definitely took the elective “Care For Magical Creatures” when it was available his 3rd Year.
        • Excelled and more in that class, as it nurtured and cared for his love for the creatures, that started at a young age.
  • Your friends telling you to stay away from him, unless you wanted to be caught in the mess known as the “Creature”.
    • One of the many names Newt has gotten over the years, but he’s learned to tune them out. They’re merely calling you that because of their own insecurities, he would remind himself.
  • The two of you meeting officially when you ram into him while on your way to class.
    • Not paying attention, the two of you ended up bumping into each other. His book, full of the information of magical creatures fell to the ground with a soft clutter along with a few skewed papers.
      Mumbling an apology, he avoided eye contact with you and leaned down to pick up his things and whispered, “It’s quite alright.”
      You tuck back some of your hair and finally look at him. You’d never seen anyone willingly this close to him before. He seemed normal enough, you weren’t sure what all the fuss was about.
      “You’re… Newt Scamander, right?”
      He nodded his head, his ashy red hair bouncing as he did. Newt’s fingers were fast to snap his small book shut after shoving a few folded pieces of paper into it. “And you’re (Name).”
      “How did you kn-”
      “I sit behind you in Charms.” The smile he gives you is slight, tilting to the side as he shuffles in front of you. He wasn’t good one on one, and fled from the situation before you could say much else to him.
  • Ever since then, you began taking more and more notice to him, as strange as it seemed.
    • Actually acknowledging him when you pass in the halls. Saying hi sometimes, waving. Sitting next to him wordlessly in class.
    • You would offer to sit with him at meals. He’s hesitant to answer, afraid that perhaps you being nice to him was another trick. But when he nods, and you actually sit down next to him, Newt finds himself completely stiffened by the situation.
      Until you turn and looked at the open notebook in front of him and ask, “What’s that? I see you carry it around.”
  • A friendship begins as he starts explaining to you about the creatures, and all he knows. Newt being so excited and happy that someone was willing to listen to him blunder on and on about the facts of them, and how they are not as dangerous as they had been lead to believe.
    • Slow, but surely, you start to gain interest in it as well.
      • The two of you start bonding over the mutual respect you’d gained for magical creatures.
  • The two of you in the courtyard between classes, close together while he’s reading what he had written in his notebook the previous night before.
    • Him giving you his scarf when you’ve forgotten yours. You joke around, “This is the time I finally take a Hufflepuff scarf for myself.”
    • You asking him questions excitedly, and having him equally excited to answer them.
    • Ultimately, you had begun asking so many questions, and helped him answer so many, that you were helping him with his new developing book. He couldn’t thank you enough, really.
      • The sudden interest you’d taken in Newt has left your ‘Friends’ worried, and has lead to a few people wondering exactly what it was you saw in him.
      • They just didn’t take the time to notice that he was actually a sweet, young man. 
    • Fellow students calling him out on his obvious affection for you. Making kissy faces at him when he’s with you. Thankfully, you hadn’t noticed them yet. And Newt hopes you don’t. He’s not sure he’s ready for that sort of rejection.
  • Coming to the realization that your friendship had grown into something else.
    • Something much more intense, personal and loving.
    • You were developing feelings for him.
  • Your feelings coming out for him when he finally builds enough courage to ask you to accompany him to the Yule Ball.
    • Poor Newt is probably a stumbling mess when asking you, constantly moving his hands, jumping from one foot to another before finally getting to, “I’d really like it if you went to the Yule Ball with me, (Name). More like, love it actually… I can’t imagine myself going with any other.”
      There’s a long silence between the two of you as he stares straight at you, before looking down at his feet. Taking the silence as defeat, he clears his throat, “Of course not, why go with me, right?”
      “Yes.” You finally say after overcoming the pure joy in your mind, “I do. I want to go with you, Newt.” You smiled, “I can’t imagine myself going with any other.”

That’s all for now lol. Likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks. Hope you liked. Stay tuned for more Newt. Boii.

I feel like the White Whale’s mist made this fandom forget the reason why Subaru fell in love with Emilia.

He’s kind at heart, but he isn’t a selfless person who acts faster than thinks when somebody is in danger.

When a passerby was nearly run over by a dragon carriage, he thought it was a great opportunity to check if he could use magic, staying in the safe zone. He was against the idea of helping a lost child as retrieving the stolen insignia was higher in his priorities. He didn’t stand up in the loot house until Rom and Felt were dead. After he figured out his return by death ability and realized that Emilia didn’t save him that time, so he was no longer indebted, he was planning on using his modern knowledge to live in luxury.

However, talking to a shopkeeper who didn’t want to meddle in other people’s problems made him think a lot about Emilia’s actions. As he said, she didn’t know him, but she put aside her own problems, helped him and tried her best not to make him feel like he owed her. She let him come with her, although later she admitted he was holding her back, and “played along with that useless stranger’s self-satisfaction”. In the end, even Subaru - a “worthless” shut-in who tends to take the easiest road - decided to act in order to secure the future of the people he barely knew.

If what he said about not doing anything before coming to this world is true, his resolve to fight back was life-changing. I do believe he was inspired by Emilia, the first person who didn’t neglect his existence and took the time she didn’t have to help him. Rescuing him from the thieves wasn’t all - she also tried to believe in him and let him handle negotiating with the insignia holder. Subaru expected her to protest, because he personally thought low of himself, but she put faith in him. I’m sure entrusting him retrieving something so important meant a lot to him and even now he wants to live up to it. Her smile is his motivation and he wishes to be worthy of it.

Emilia was quite busy in the second arc, but she always found some time to spend with him and offered emotional support. When he left the mansion, she told him he was welcome there anytime - in other words, she gave him a place to come back in this foreign land. When he was devastated, she was ready to listen to anything he had to say. When Ram attacked him, she chose to trust in him. When he was pushing himself too hard, she let him rest in her lap. When he was fighting the witchfiends in the forest, her accurate predictions of his behaviour helped Roswaal find him. Maybe her presence wasn’t particularly impactful to us, viewers, but it surely was to Subaru.

Unfortunately, even having a person like that doesn’t magically cure mental problems. He desperately tried to prove his worth by using the only weapon he had - determination. It made him unable to keep any promises and he ended up disregarding Emilia’s feelings. But, despite of that, she started the discussion with calmly asking him about his reasons. Even when she lashed out, she never said she was hurt. That’s the kind of person she is.

They have a long way to go and learning how to communicate properly would definitely be the first step, but there’s more to these two than “love is irrational”.

“I’m sorry Baby”

pairing: Jimin x reader

insp by

Summary: You both had planned to roomate with a friend, but since that plan flopped, you were the only two as man & women that ended up as roomates. You have lived together for 4 months so far and Jimin has the biggest crush,

Warning: Strong sexual content, oral, smut

A/N: I usually base my smuts, ect on songs, to set a certain mood/feel of a scene of affection. An affection the person feels for the other. To give it a passionate read. So you will always see a ♡. Also this wasn’t hard to write because I always think of jimin in such a way ( ̄ω ̄;)

Jimin smut where you both are roomates and he has this biggest crush on you (which you don’t know about) and he accidentally walks on you naked? - anon


You sat up on the couch, after waking up from a nap, you bunch your self up.

Sighing, you thought about your handsome roomate Park Jimin. You thought he was too high standard for you, and that he probably has had about 100 girlfriends by now. It might be judgemental but he was too perfect, and perfect isn’t for you. You reminded yourself. So you never really flirted with the male, or spoke in a sexual way to him, though you wanted to.

But anyway, you were upset because of him in the first place, so why would you even think of this. Your eyebrows arched, remembering what he did last night.

“Hangmun” You snarled to yourself, cursing in his language, you’ve heard him say it playful to his friend taehyung multiple of times. Asshole is what it meant.

Again..but what did he do? Oh yeah, that’s right, he brought Taehyung over and they were talking loudly about sex loudly in the living room at 2 a.m in the morning. You could hear Jimin’s giggles and Taehyung’s deep laughs, in your sleep. It annoyed you so much that you opened the door, scarying taehyung and jimin.

Taehyung screamed, “Ya! What is your problem scary woman?!” He pouted his lips, standing behind jimin, who giggled at you.

“Could you keep it down! Please,i’m trying to sleep”

“Sorry Y/N, we will be less loud for now on” Jimin apoligizes.

Taehyung just smirked and tried to whisper something in Korean but you heard exactly what he said.

“Is that the girl, that masturbates in her room loudly all day?”

You gasped, slamming your door.

Ah So embarrassing, you thought slapping your forehead. Jimin told your business to this one. Who else might know.

Why would jimin, do something like that. You both got a long so well, but after this you just want to slap him on the head, and roomate someone who is luckly a girl.

You sat there all day embarrassed, it was nearly 12a.m and you were waiting for him to come home, so you could talk about it. And since he was taking so long , you decided to take a shower. Stripping your clothes one by one, you grabbed your towel and went into the shower for about 25 minutes. 

 Jimin was going to come home alone this time, exhausted from dance practiced. He noticed how angry & embarrassed you were last night, and you might want to talk to him. He avoided the situation because he hated getting into arguements with you, because it felt like it would push his chances to be with you further than closer. And he really liked you, your attitude, Your figure, and your smile that made him nervous. That’s why he’s later than usual. He removed his bomber, swinging it over his shoulder. Revealing his buff-life arms , wearing a black short sleeve shirt. Throwing it on the couch when he entered. He pushes his orange,tangy hair back, showing his forehead. 

He bites his lips, looking around, Looking for you. He calls for your name, twice. 

 “Y/N…if you are here..I just want to apoligize for ..what I told tae..” He rubs the back of his neck nervously. Your name rolls off his tongue lazily again, exaggerating the last syllables of your name. He walks slowly to your door, twisting the knob. Without knocking. 

Finding you standing there, your back turned to him, as you dried your hair. You ass revealed to him. Jimin’s mouth forming into a small “o” as his eyes roamed slowly from head to toe and back up again. Then he noticed what he was doing. He forgot to gasp, His chest heaving, he never thought he’d see you like this. But since he was so anxious to apoligize to you face to face, he got to. 

 “Y/N” he says slowly, breathlessly You gasped turning around to find his eyes, no where near yours, but at your breasts. 

 You couldn’t find yourself reacting to this man, the lust, in his eyes, his lips parting as if he was trying to speak. You just stared at this guy, Fuck, why does he wear such tight pants, and shirts like these. Your lips slowly parted, trying to figure out why he was staring at you like you were just the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. 

 He bit his bottom lip, his lip turning from plush pink to red. Passing his tongue over it after, Until he met your eyes for a split second. Quickly grabbing the towel, his eyes remained at the same place. You quickly turned around, facing the wall. 

 “Why are you here?” You say surprisingly calm. 

However your heart rate said otherwise. He didn’t speak…he saw how you looked at him as well, He slowly took steps towards you, his hands coming from his neck. He stopped his reach. And spoke, 

 “Y/N…I’m sorry” He says, you could feel his hot breathe down your neck. His head hanging down, and his hair dropping beside your face. 

“Y/N” He hissed your name. His hands slowly,come around your hand, holding onto your towel. “Almost every night” he pauses, as his hand sets on top of yours now. “you masturbate….and I just can’t help myself Y/N” 

He slowly removes your towel, with your hand still grazing on top of his. “..even if you don’t like me, I can still help your frustrations” He says as the towel drops to the floor now. 

 “And..W-why would you do that” you say now, blushing dark, feeling your self shake, from the intense body heat of jimin’s chest breathing pace against your back. Harshly he turns you around , facing him now, he replies, 

“Y/N, I..I like you..- he stops himself, admiring your body again, he presses his lips onto yours roughly, lifting you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist. He takes your bottom lip into his mouth, sucking at the soft skin. You began to moan into his mouth. He grabbed your leg, roughly wrapping it around him, he anxiously unbuckled his pants, You helped him pull it down, his boxers slid down with it. He pumped himself a few times before entering your wetness. You arched your back off the wall, squirming under him, when he rammed you up the wall. 

“Jimin-ah!” You moaned, his face was burried into your neck, he quickly bites down your neck, sucking deep leaving you a moaning mess in his hold. He moved you up and down that cold wall, Leaving visible marks on your neck , that you’d have to explain to your friends later on. He felt so good inside you, He filled you up with his thick member. He was so anxious to be inside you. His thick thighs clashing against yours, 

“Ohh you feel so good,” He grinds into you harder, and slower. “Y/N, your so so wet” he whimpered. “Squeeze me jaiga” He grunted into your ear, You were already leaking on his cock, you couldn’t handle this sudden action. 

It was too good. You were already close. 

 As he was riding into the wall, you couldn’t help but play with the rim of gis shirt while moaning & gasping into his kiss. He stuck his tongue into your mouth, overlapping yours, 

 “Ohhhhh Jimin, ugh, you’re so thick inside of me” You groaned as he went deeper inside of you His hips thrusting faster into, making a loud wet smacking sound, kissing on your collarbone now. 

 He then takes your right breast into his mouth, and flickers his tongue over the bud, making your walls convulse around him and milk him slowly. 

 “Your pussy is just like how i imagined y/n” he groaned, He grinded hard, humping you pratically into the wall. Anxiously wanting you to orgasm quickly for him. Though you were already there, he stopped his steady pace and pulled out slowly. You whinned at this. 

 “Jimin don’t tease, please” You desperately whimper. He picks you up, laying you on the bed, “You’re so beautiful..Y/N” He looks up at you seductively. He kissed your inner thighs slowly, leaving wet marks. Spreading your legs wider, “Jiminnnie” You moaned, causing him to smile at the cute little nickname you gave him. 

 “Your so cute y/n” he teases, now at your entrance, he darts out his tongue, barely even touching you yet. He smirks at your reaction. Again..his toungue glides slowly up your slit, 

 “Ahhh! mmm” you hiss, at the feeling of his wet long tongue playing with your entrance. He holds your thighs tight around his arms, so you wouldn’t squirm. Now flickering his tongue quickly up and down your inside your hole. You screamed suddenly, pushing away from his mouth. 

“Jimin-ahhh! I’m coming” You push away from his mouth, arching your back off the bed. 

“Baby girl, your so sensitive” He kisses at your bud. “i’m not done with you,” he smirks.“ He enters you again, letting you adjust this time. He starts off slowly, putting his hands beside each side of your head. He grinds into you, He whinned, while inside of you, as you ruffled into his hair. 

Wrapping your legs around his waist again. He began to pick up the pace, thrusting hard into you deeper, You both moaned together, as he sped up even move and then it turned into screams and back scratching. Your hand landed on his round bottom, and squeezed at the flesh. 

"o-Oh fuck me jimin ,just like that” You gasped,raising your legs higher, feeling another orgasm approaching, he lifts himself up, and starts flickering your clit in a fast motion, thrusting hard into you. 

“Oh!! I’m coming again!” You shout, you grind up into him, running your hands dowb his abs. 

 “Y/n..I’m coming too ahhh” he hissed, he thrustsd violently into you 3 more times before coming as you both rode out your high. You both couldn’t breathe correctly, as he fell on top of you. Time passed by, he gulped before speaking. 

 “You know you don’t have to masturbate, everytime you get horny y/n..you could always ask me” 

 “How was I suppose to know that you liked me in that way” you reply, turning over to face him. 

 He smirks at you, with that cute eye smile he had probably since birth.  

“Well you know now” He kisses you, getting back on top of you.

“You are too high standard for me park jimin” you say looking down away from your eyes, he lifts up your chin and kisses your cheek delicately

"Then I guess we’re a match” he smiles.

I had another Negan / JDM dream last night and I think it was 100% influenced by a fic I read a few days ago where JDM fell in love with his co-star.

In my dream, I lived with Team Family, but instead of living in Alexandria, we lived on a lake. There was this big lake home, and Negan was still trying to take supplies from us.

So the plan was, when he showed up on his little speedboat, I would ram him with ours and we’d drown him in the lake. Never mind that my brain was totally fine with killing him, this was the best plan we had.

So he shows up on his boat, and I try to ram him, except his is faster, and he knocks my ass into the water. But then he also gets knocked into the water.

I’m swimming to the dock and I watch as he disappears under the water. I reached the dock and went to pull myself up, when I feel two hands grab me and pull me under the water.

And I open my eyes and Negan is there and he starts kissing me UNDER THE WATER.

So we come up for air, because I remember feeling like I was suffocating and we hear a director yell, “CUT!”

And I realize that I’m not in the walking dead universe. I’m an actress filming a scene, and apparently, JDM wasn’t supposed to be holding me or have kissed me.

So we both get out of the lake and we’re both sopping wet. Someone hands us towels and I make my way over to some trailers, out of sight from the rest of the crew.

And he comes up behind me and presses me against one of the trailers and says, “I finally got you alone.”

And then I woke up.

“No! You cannot choose Robin Hood as a companion!” Charlie challenged. “He was barely there for an episode, and Clara was still a companion.”

“Yes, I can pick him. I can do whatever the hell I want,” Dorothy replied glibly, and Dean couldn’t help his smirk at the exasperated huff Charlie let out. He didn’t have to look up from his physics book to know that the girlfriends were glaring each other down. Well, Charlie was glaring; Dorothy was probably wearing that overly fond look, the one that said ‘You’re acting like an idiot right now but I’ll let it slide since I’m in love with you.’

Dean flipped another page in his textbook, sighing as he glanced at the page number in the upper corner. He was barely halfway through the assignment, and he’d been sitting here for over an hour. Then again, maybe the bustling student union wasn’t the best place to do homework.

He jolted when Charlie suddenly kicked at his foot. He shot her a glare and a terse “what?” She jerked her head toward the front doors.

“Lover boy at three o'clock.”

Dean’s eyes flickered over toward the doors, his gaze automatically honing in on the dark-haired man who was currently scanning the area like he was looking for someone. His eyes landed on them, and Dean managed a tremulous smile and a little half-wave. Cas blushed and waved back.

Charlie motioned him over and he nodded as he began to pick his way over to their sofas.

“What the hell are you doing?” Dean hissed, and Charlie just smiled sweetly.

“I may or may not have invited him to our study session,” she explained innocently.


“Because I’m sick and tired of watching you two idiots dance around each other. It was one drunken New Year’s Eve kiss, Dean!”

“Yeah, and—”

Charlie cut him off. “A kiss that you both thoroughly enjoyed.”

“You can’t know that,” Dean argued.

“Yes, I can! He was giving you heart eyes for ages before you kissed him, and now it’s been almost a full month and you’re still acting like a complete dumbass. You need to either man up and ask him out or at least start acting like a decent human being. I miss having him along on our adventures, and until you make things right, he won’t come with us.”

Dean would have said more, but then Cas was standing in front of them, smiling hesitantly. “Thanks for inviting me, guys. I’m kinda completely lost on this chapter,” he admitted as he settled down next to Dean and pulled out his book.

“Absolutely!” Charlie assured him, shooting Dean a warning look over his head. Her smile was back in place when Cas straightened back up with his book in hand.

“So how have you been?” She asked, her tone nothing but cheerful.

“Pretty good. Busy,” Cas said as he flipped open to the chapter they were working on in class.

“I bet! I mean, I’ve barely seen you since we’ve been back,” she said.

Cas cast a quick sidelong glance at Dean, his cheeks heating. “I know. I’m sorry about that.”

Dean suddenly got the impression that he was apologizing for more than just his absence, and that hurt more than Dean wanted to admit. He finally managed a peek at the other man, only to find that Cas had already looked away. Dean quickly looked back down at his own book, not wanting to get caught staring himself.

As they began to review over the material, Dean repeatedly found himself getting distracted by the stupidest things, like the way Cas’s fingers curled around his pen, or the way Cas’s teeth pulled at his lower lip when he was lost in thought, or the little furrow that deepened between Cas’s eyebrows. The further they got into the hour, the more Dean found himself wishing that Cas would look at him at least one time. But the other man seemed determined to avoid his gaze.

He’d just about had enough of it. He was about to ask Cas a question, if for no other reason than to catch his eye, when a group of giggling girls wandered up. They were all dressed in identical powder blue polos with some Greek letters stitched into the fabric. Even if they hadn’t had the matching polos, Dean would’ve recognized them as frat girls from their matching lip-gloss smiles.

“Hey, Cas,” the one in the middle murmured. Cas glanced up from his book, a kind smile plastered on his face.

“Hello, Hael.”

She smiled flirtatiously, batting her eyelashes. “Are you going to be there tonight?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Cas promised.

“Good,” she praised, one perfectly manicured nail coming to tap under his chin.

Dean almost looked away, but when Cas pulled away from the touch, he felt a swell of triumph fill his chest, triumph mixed with relief.

“Come find me,” Hael commanded before she spun and strode away, the other girls in tow.

“Who was that?” Charlie asked, her eyes following the group.

Cas sighed wearily and shook his head. “One of Anna’s sorority sisters.”

“She’s pretty,” Dorothy offered inanely.

“You should ask her out!” Charlie suggested. Dean glared at them from behind Cas. What the hell were they doing?

Cas blushed and glanced down at his book. “Sure, maybe,” he muttered. Dean felt panic flood his chest. Cas wouldn’t actually ask her out, right? He didn’t like her like that; he liked Dean, and Dean liked him. Cas couldn’t ask her out, not without Dean telling him at least once.

Cas looked relieved when his phone dinged, giving him an excuse to look away. He pulled it out of his pocket long enough to glance at the screen, a tiny frown tugging the corners of his mouth down. “Guys, I gotta run.”

“Aw, why?” Charlie moaned. “We were having so much fun!”

“Sorry,” he muttered, shrugging. “Anna needs me to go pick up some beer for her party.”

“Party?” Dorothy’s gaze lifted from her book. “Where?”

“Kappa,” Cas replied as he stood and gathered his things. “You should stop by.”

“Maybe. Won’t you be busy with Hael?” Charlie teased. Cas just rolled his eyes as he turned away.

Dean almost let him leave like that, almost let him walk back out. But at the last moment, he called out, “See you tonight, Cas.”

Cas hesitated for the briefest of moments, his back tensing under Dean’s stare before he called back, “See you tonight, Dean.”


Dean wove through the crowd of party-goers, his eyes roving, searching for that head of dark, unruly hair he’d imagined running his fingers through so many times. He caught sight of Charlie and Dorothy dancing out on the floor, smiling and giggling. He couldn’t help his fond smile; their fights never lasted long.

He turned away to resume his search when someone suddenly rammed into him. He glanced down to find Anna stumbling against his chest, giggling drunkenly.

“Dean! You came!” She squealed, throwing her arms around him. She pulled away enough to beam up at him. “Oh my god, Cas is going to be so excited!”

“He is?” He uttered, arching an eyebrow.

She let out another high-pitched giggle. “Oh my god! You’re so funny. Like you didn’t know,” she whacked him on the arm. “He’s in the kitchen.”

“Oh, uh…thanks,” Dean murmured, disentangling himself from her hold. “Is that…”

“Straight through there,” she pointed him through an open doorway.

Dean stumbled away, smiling apologetically at those he bumped up against. When he stepped into the kitchen, he immediately felt the rise in temperature. He glanced around, trying to find Cas, when he spotted him in the corner.

Cas was backed up into the corner, his eyes wide as the dark-haired girl from earlier that afternoon tried to carry on a conversation with him. She kept bending forward into his space, and every time Cas moved a little further back, despite already being practically flush against the wall. His eyes flickered up then, and for the briefest of moments, their gazes locked.

Dean felt his heart stutter to a stop, and he offered a hesitant smile. Cas’s eyes pleaded for escape, and who was Dean to deny? He strode forward, stepping around Hael to slide right up against Cas’s side.

“Hey, Sweetheart,” he murmured, bending to press a quick peck to Cas’s cheek.

“Hey,” Cas whispered back, smiling tremulously up at him. Dean reached over to take his hand, slowly tangling their fingers together.

“Sorry I’m late; traffic was a bitch,” he explained. He looked at Hael then, his smile tight and uninviting. “And who is this?”

“Dean, this is Hael. She’s one of Anna’s frat sisters,” Cas explained, like they hadn’t just talked about it earlier.

Hael still remembered it, though. Her eyes narrowed. “Weren’t you with him at the Student Union earlier?”

“Yes, I was,” Dean confirmed.

Hael’s eyes shifted between them then back down to their joined hands where Dean’s thumb rubbed over the back of Cas’s hand.

“You weren’t acting…couply then,” she accused.

Dean shrugged. “We were saving it all up for later… Which is right about now. If you’ll excuse us,” he pulled Cas away from the wall.

“Thank you,” Cas leaned up to whisper as Dean tugged him back toward the living room.

Dean grinned down at him. “My pleasure.”

As they stepped into the living room, Dean’s eyes scanned for a seat. He only found one available seat, a plush leather armchair. He smirked and tugged Cas toward it, settling into the deep cushion before pulling Cas down to sit across his lap.

“Dean…” Cas protested even as his body settled against Dean’s chest.

Dean shook his head. “We gotta sell it, right?”

Cas smiled softly. “I suppose.” His eyes dipped to Dean’s mouth. “So you said that we were saving it up for later…” He reminded.

Dean chuckled. “That I did, and if I recall right, I also said it was right about now.”

“Well then, we better get going,” Cas murmured as he leaned into Dean, smiling eagerly.

Dean’s hand came up to cup his cheek, his thumb stroking along the smooth skin there. His eyes dropped to Cas’s plush mouth as he ducked in. He paused for the briefest of moments, their mouths just a hair’s breadth away, savoring the anticipation. It had been so long since New Year’s, so very long since he’d had Cas’s mouth on his, and he wanted to savor it.

But then Cas was pushing their mouths together, and he realized that the anticipation wasn’t nearly as sweet as having Cas’s mouth on his again. Cas’s hands slid up into his hair, tugging him even closer as their lips brushed together, opening up to each other for hungry exploration.

Dean and Cas were so lost in their kisses, neither noticed the small group standing in the corner. Anna slipped an arm around Hael’s neck, pulling her in for a sloppy kiss on her cheek. “You were brilliant!”

Hael smirked as both Charlie and Dorothy fist bumped her in turn. She knew that switching her major to performance studies had been the right choice.

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anything with fluffy shower/bath sharing? :) I used the search bar but couldn't really find what I was looking for

here is a post for shower sex which may have some goodies

(more shower sex? but like … with fluff)

Is It Pretending If I Already Want You? by OhCaptainMyCaptain 

Based on prompt: Pretend Boyfriends AU where one of their families is always wondering why they’re never in a relationship, so the other offers to pretend to be their boyfriend for some family event"

 Basic Steps to Getting Yourself In a Pickle With Both Your Family and The Guy You’ve Secretly Crushed On For Five Years (A Guide):

STEP 1: After being perpetually single and constantly making up excuses to your family, give in and lie about having a boyfriend.
STEP 2: Agree to bring said boyfriend to the family cottage for a week so he can be your date to your parents’ wedding anniversary party.
STEP 3: Panic.
STEP 4: Say ‘yes’ when your best friend and closet crush - who you’re convinced isn’t interested in you that way in the least - offers to be your pretend boyfriend.
STEP 5: Try your best not to fall in love with them during the trip.
STEP 6: Fail miserably.

My Arms Were Made To Hold You by portraitofemmy, rainbow_marbles

Tired of being kept awake at night by a screaming baby, Bucky decides to take matters into his own hands. Mostly he wants a good night’s sleep, but what he gets is beautiful baby boy with big blue eyes, a lonely father trying to move on from tragedy, and a chance at a family he never expected to have.

Nurse Rogers by Bellakitse

He’s turning the corner headed back to the ambulance bay where Clint is waiting for him in the truck when he rams into this tiny figure in blue scrubs pants and a white undershirt, the kid is cute, blond and blue-eyed, barely reaching Bucky’s shoulder and so slim that if Bucky didn’t have amazing reflexes and reached for him in time the kid would be on the ground from their encounter.

Where Bucky is a cocky paramedic and Steve is a tiny nurse.

Circling Back by chaya

Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him. (Spoilers for Winter Soldier.)

Make You Clean by TheRaven

After a particularly draining mission, Steve decides that Bucky needs a good, long bath.

Good Boy by triedunture

Bucky is still adjusting to life with the Avengers, and Steve is willing to do whatever it takes to make him feel comfortable. Increasingly, though, what seems to make him comfortable is strangely intimate.

Surprise, Steve! You’re a gentle dom and Bucky wants to be your pretty pet!

i hope thats an ok start?

“We need to discuss some things.”

It doesn’t exactly surprise him that Dean wants to talk about the mark and how that plan failed.

“C-can we do that in another minute or two? You’re kinda busy right about now,” he pants, bringing his right leg closer to his chest.

Dean punches in deep, making Sam’s cock twitch hard enough to think he might come. Drawing in shaky breaths, groaning when his brother doesn’t move inside him. 

On his left side, back tucked against his older brother’s sweaty chest, Dean wants to have a conversation while balls deep in his ass. 

“If I would have told you, you wouldn’t have let me do it,” Sam growls, becoming anxious. 

“I know that, but–”

“We’ve got a bunker full of higher beings with no concept of personal space, can you wait?”

“Yeah, yeah I can,” Dean whispers, giving in. 

Sam is manhandled onto his stomach, shivering when Dean splits him open once more and bends his left leg to rut into Sam the way they like. There’s only so much you can do about the headboard thumping into the wall and the wavering sounds the clamber out of Sam’s mouth. 

Dean says corny lines, dirty and wet inside his ear.

“You’re gonna come on big brother’s dick, huh? Make a mess on our bed, just cause you’ve got some cock in ya’?” 

The words and the relentless pound against his prostate have his body tightening, the fat slide of Dean inside him, forcing sensitive walls wide around his girth. 

“Can’t be too loud or God’ll hear how much you like it, fanboy. Don’t want your Lord and Savior knowing how you love to be fucked,” Dean hisses, hips snapping against the heated flesh of Sam’s ass.

Dean holds his forearm down when he tries to reach under himself, get a hand on his swollen dick. His brother’s other hand grips him by the hair, keeping his face turned and unable to bite into the pillow. 

“About to come, Dean,” he begs, pleads to be let go of, to hide his noises in the sheets. 

The wet tip of his cock drags and catches on the rough blanket, his brother huffing and panting.

“Make some noise and make it good, baby,” Dean smirks, feeling Sam choke up and stutter from the inside out.

Blissfully shameful, his toes and fingers curl while his balls empty over the sheets below. Sam groans and breaths through it as best as he can. 

Dean slows down to a filthy grind, dropping kisses to the knob of Sam’s spine and back of his neck. 

“Still got things to speak about,” voice strained and raspy, wet lips to his neck. 

Sam cries out, shaking and whimpers grinded out through his teeth when Dean rams into him three times, quick and reckless as he comes, sharp incisors making deep imprints in his neck. 

“Tell me something, Sammy,” Dean is panting when he slips out and rolls over.

“Huh?” he answers, soft and content.

Sam is okay laying in a puddle of his own seed, Dean’s spilling out of him in rivers. Another creation by God himself. 

“You think God knows…”

Sam can make out Dean’s throat and chest, the valley of his lips. Creation makes his heart ache, ache something beautiful.

“How much you like it when I cream you?”

“Jerk,” he grumbles, slamming a pillow down on Dean’s cackling face.

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Nurse/Doctor AUs? Plz and thnx u

Hi! I don’t know of any where both Steve and Bucky are in the medical profession, but I found a few where at least one of them are. 

Heroic Jawlines by earthseraph

He has a jawline, albeit smudged with grime, built for a heroic Hollywood movie. His eyes are a compelling grey, drawing Steve as the seconds pass during their stare-off. The man’s obviously built under his completely black outfit, from the way his biceps are outlined in the clinging fabric, and Steve kinds wants to shrink away and hide behind the nurse’s desk.

Sure, he’s attracted to this man, but in his scrubs and the smallest- but not small enough- lab coat he could find, he knows he looks like a hot mess. Well, not hot hot, just like sun beaten garbage on a summer day.

(Or: the doctor and coffee shop au nobody asked for.)

Exam Room B by steveandbucky

“Wait, what do you mean he asked for me?”

“He asked if the cute male nurse with the ponytail was working today. I assume he meant you.”

Nurse Rogers by Bellakitse

He’s turning the corner headed back to the ambulance bay where Clint is waiting for him in the truck when he rams into this tiny figure in blue scrubs pants and a white undershirt, the kid is cute, blond and blue-eyed, barely reaching Bucky’s shoulder and so slim that if Bucky didn’t have amazing reflexes and reached for him in time the kid would be on the ground from their encounter.

Where Bucky is a cocky paramedic and Steve is a tiny nurse.

Fight Me by Blackparade

Adorable disgruntled patient/ Criminally attractive nurse AU

“Fight me.”

Bucky just takes one of the blankets that had slid a little too far down Steve’s stomach and pulls it up to rest below his neck before turning to leave. Steve enjoys the view the whole way to the door.

“I have a few other patients to check on, so maybe later.”

Blame it on the Drugs by SharkbaitHooHaHa

It wasn’t until they were halfway to his apartment that Bucky came back to his senses enough to realize what had happened.

“Oh my god,” he said, clapping a hand over his mouth. “Did I flirt with the nurse?”

Natasha laughed. “Yeah, you might say that.”

AKA, the “Person A wakes up from anesthesia and flirts with Person B” trope.

Also check out our Doctor!Steve tag for more!

Update:@readmymindcharles sent in one that has both Steve and Bucky as nurses for you!

a shoebox of photographs with sepia-toned loving by fireblazie

Steve, and Bucky—

It’s kind of complicated.

(A modern AU in which Steve and Bucky are nurses who share an apartment, and nothing has changed.)

Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 14/?]

Summary: Gavin can’t reach those feathers.

Rating: Teen

[First Chapter] [Previous Chapter] [Next Chapter]


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