when he nuzzle his head in her shoulder kill me now please

Cherry Red (Jasper Hale)

Pairing: Jasper Hale/Shy!Reader
Words: 1260
Warning(s): None
A/N: Im sorry i didn’t pay attention to your request, I know you asked for an imagine but i didn’t see that part and started writing out a one-shot,,, I also went waaay off of the request i a m soooo sorry
Request:  Could you do an imagine where the reader is the very shy human mate of Jasper Hale? Please and thank you. :)

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Shower Fun

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: It’s Elena’s birthday and Damon is insanely mad with you because you are running late. You try to rush things up, but your boyfriend Klaus shows up. Let’s just say things get steamy. 

*Requested smut, read carefully. :) 

Word Count: 1784

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Emotional Cheating

“Hiya love.”

Harry greeted from the doorway of your shared bedroom, his eyes looking discreetly at the clock that stated it’s 1 AM in the wee hours of morning.

“Told you not to wait up for me.”

He took his polo off that was slightly damp from his swear along with his jeans, leaving him in his boxers, going to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, feeling the extra fatigue come to his system once he felt fresh from having been tired in the studio and having a few drinks in the bar.

He went to your side of the bed and pressed a kiss on your cheek, a downgrade of what used to be a long kiss on your lips or a hug in where he’d nuzzle his face on the crook of your neck, completely inhaling your scent before pressing little kisses.

“How was your day?”

“’S good, finished some backing vocals. Had a few drinks with Nick and Kendall.”

Your stomach slightly felt queasy at the mention of her, but the feeling lifted for a second to realize that Harry’s your boyfriend, not her’s.

You weren’t blind to not see the older pictures of Harry and Kendall every time you scrolled down your feed of any social media account, nor the times Hardy made clear and evident that she was just a friend yet with him being a bit more talkative when she was there.

Yet deep inside you, you had the assurance that Harry loves you, yet not eaxactly as much as expressive as you are.

“You tired, baby?”

You asked, your hand going through his hair which made him release a sound of comfort, his head pressed upon your palm, humming out an answer you expected.


You immediately relaxed once you heard Harry’s voice the moment he accepted your call, the bass of the loud music as his background not going unnoticed.

“Where are you, love?”

“O — oh! I forgot to tell you this morning! It’s Kendall’s birthday today!”

The plan of spending a special night with Harry crumbled underneath your fingertips, making you take a deep breath to control yourself.

It was supposed to be a night to be spent completely between the both of you, especially now that you were promoted a rank higher in your job, something that you’ve hoped for ever since the start.

“What time are you going home, H?”

He hummed, the image of Harry probably looking at his watch striking in your mind, making you wait anxiously.

“Maybe a few minutes after midnight? And Y/N, baby, I told you not to wait up for me. ’S the reason why you’re always tired in the morning.”

“God forbid I get tired, Harry. Wish her a happy birthday for me, will you?”

“Will do, love,” he almost shouted since he couldn’t hear himself through the music, the sound of his name being called by probably one of his friends being heard by the both of you.

“Okay. I love y-…”

You were cut short with the line being completely dropped, upsetting you maybe a bit more than it should, making you turn your attention to the drink in front of you.

“Cheating. They call it emotional cheating.”


Harry’s eyebrows immediately furrowed from what you were saying, stopping himself from putting some clothes in his duffel bag that would last him for a day and in his toiletries, his attention completely turning towards you whose arms are crossed and standing in the doorway.

“Love, what the hell are you saying?”

He asked, nearing towards you and putting his hands on your shoulder, a concerned look on his face.

“Is this about your birthday tomorrow? Baby, I told you I would make up for it. You know I promised James I would come to his baby shower. Which happens to be in a yacht for a day.”



“I would be lying if I tell you that I didn’t notice how invested you are in Kendall. Every time you see her, the picture; the conversations.”

Harry breathed out since he noticed you lately of you changing your habits slightly, of how your eyes looked tired.

Yet beyond that, he didn’t seem to notice on how much you compromised. On how much you adjusted your life around him so you could be simply with him.

“Love, it just happens that James invited Kendall too. It isn’t my decision.”

You stared at your feet, feeling the hollowness in your heart for what felt alike in the past few months, your hands being put on top of his shoulders.

“You love me, right?”

“I do.”

It was obvious.

The moment Harry appeared on the door from the night after James’ baby shower, he already knew that you knew it.

And in fact, you already knew it, if it wasn’t for the people tagging you on posts numerously that your phone blew up with notifications, nor the text James sent saying that he’s sincerely sorry because if he knew, he wouldn’t invite either of them and even scold Harry.

He was looking at you expectingly, the tears already flowing out of his eyes as his heart dropped on the sight of you sitting silently on the couch, cussing himself silently of how much he messed up.

“Please say something.”

His voice cracked, pleading for you to say anything, whether it would favor him or not because at that moment, the silence was killing him slowly. He knew how well you could give a silent treatment and remembered a promise to himself long ago that he wouldn’t cross you again because he hates it.

He hates every single bit of it.

“That’s a nice birthday present.”

His heart tightened of what she just said, regretting the things he’ve done faster than when he did it, fully knowing that you can’t and you’re not looking into his eyes.

“I’m giving you a choice. So you wouldn’t think of me as being selfish.”

You stood up, looking down the floor until your feet was a good ruler away from his shoes, making it as a basis so that you wouldn’t get close to him.

“Five days. First choice is I stay here and not talk nor do anything that has to do with me interacting with you. Second is that I stay in a hotel and we could talk. On the phone, one call. Five minutes a day.”

“Love-…” Harry cut himself short, clenching and unclenching his fist at the weight of the moment he carries.

“It would kill me to not either see you nor talk to you.”

You wanted to fight him with what he said, but you took off the urge, your gaze still fixed on the floor.


Harry gulped, desperately wanting to fix what he caused in the first place.


“Fucking pick.”

He knew it. He knew it better than anyone should to not break your trust. Especially when you cussed at him while fighting. And yet again, he brought it upon himself. The both of you suffering.

Harry hiccuped out his answer amidst his tears, feeling the pain sear right through his seams that he felt shitty to say the least.


Would he use his five minutes now?

It was less than thirty minutes after you left the house on the same day he went home, bringing yourself and nothing else but your car, your keys, your phone and your cash.

You figured that you would buy clothes in the mini boutiques the hotel has once the air gets too suffocating in your room.

You figured that you would rely on the hotel’s complimentary incentives for the toilteries.

You figured that you would have a drink or two from the mini bar they consider that’s in their mini refigerator.

Harry thought of it for a moment if it would be a good time to use his five minutes. Even better is what’s he going to say.

Your commitment is hanging on by five phone calls he’s going to make, your judgement, and maybe includes his prayers for you to be back on his arms.

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Missing (Eggsy Unwin Imagine)

A/N: Hey pals! Sorry, I’ve been away for so long - mock exams are getting crazy! I should be writing more soon, and I hope you enjoy this one! It’s my longest one yet - sorry it’s taken so long!

ALSO - if you're not following @flippingeggsy then what are you doing?

Warnings: kidnapping, swearing, violence, angst (it’s a jolly one…)

The gun in Eggsy’s hands shook imperceptibly next to the man’s head.

Blood trickled from a wound on his temple, trailing down his cheek and running over his lips. Eggsy didn’t seem to notice; he pressed the barrel harder into the man’s face.

“Where is she?” He hissed. A crackle sounded through his earpiece and he flinched.

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Dark Lovers [4]

An Au Series

Character Pairing: AU!Demon King Steve Rogers x AU!Demon Bucky Barnes x AU!Angel Female Reader

Word Count: 2,975

Warnings: 18+, mentions of torture and violence, nothing major though. Language and King of Hell Wrath.

A/N: As always, @apolla62200, this wouldn’t be possible without you!

One - Two - Three

“You don’t mean that.”

Bucky stood tall, arms crossed over his chest. His eyes had turned black and his wings were spread behind him.

You wanted to smile through your hurt. Bucky didn’t hide his emotions well.

“I do though,” you whispered. “So much has happened in the weeks I have been gone. I fear that I have only made it worse for myself.”

His jaw clenched so hard that you could hear his teeth grind together. His wings relaxed against his back, but his stance was still defensive. “I sense a lot of sadness in you little one.”

You looked at the floor as tears pricked your eyes, “It doesn’t matter.”

“But it does,” Bucky said vehemently. “You were glowing with happiness when you left this chamber. Your eyes and your smile held so much light. But now, all I see is a heavy darkness.”

You shook your head with sardonic laugh, “You’re not wrong.”

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Dating Murphy would include...

Originally posted by immortalmurphy


-Sitting across from him on the drop ship

-”What landed you in here cutie”

- him winking as the drop ship is falling through space

-stopping him from fighting wells

-not going with the group to get water

-”not thirsty cutie?”

-Murphy intensely staring at you from across the bonfire.

-borrowing his knife to cut some fruit from trees.

-”Taking my belongings already? We haven’t even had a date yet”

-Murphy being blamed for wells death

-”He didn’t do it! He’s been in camp the whole time how would he have time?”

-Trying to stop people while they’re pushing him down.

-Being pushed to the side as he’s being tied.

-”Stop It! He didn’t do it”

-Tears streaming down your face slowly as he’s begging

-Pushing Bellamy in the chest 

-”Please stop it! You know that he didn’t do it!”

-Your heart dropping as they let him sink in the air.

-”I did it!” Little Charlotte speaking

-While everyone looks dumbstruck at her you run to cut Murphy down

-”Murphy breathe you’re okay now”

-Giving him the tightest hug possible even though you never really showed affection towards him

-Watching Charlotte jump off the cliff

-”But Murphy you’ll die out there…”

-”You’d die too Y/n. You have to stay at camp where it’s safe”

-being moody since Bellamy banished Murphy

-not helping much around camp except for going on watch

-bellamy forcing you to do watch by yourself since you were being rude to him

-one night goes as normal; picking at grass on the ground until you hear a strangled groan from the woods

-walking slowly, as you point your gun towards the thing that kept groaning


-Seeing Murphy all bloody and broken looking pulling at your heartstrings.

-helping him get back to camp

-defending him from Bellamy

-”What’s he doing here?!”

-”Bellamy back off”

-”I swear I’ll kill him if he doesn’t leave now”

-”You’ll have to kill me too, now if you could please back off of us that’d be great”

-taking care of Murphy while Clarke tries to talk bellamy out of killing him

-”What happened to you” You whisper to him as you press a cold cloth to his forehead, wiping some hair away from his face

-”he was tormented by the grounders” She pointed to his hands and how his fingernail were almost gone

-after a little while when Murphy starts coughing up blood Clarke looks troubled

-”Y/n your eyes!”

-”What’s wrong?”

-”They’re bleeding!”

-Bellamy being very ticked off after Murphy brought back the Biological disease

-”Y/n, you’re in charge of watching Murphy. If he steps out of line I’ll slit his throat quicker than you can say goodbye”

-sneaking into Murphy’s tent at night

-”You know when Bellamy said you have watch me I don’t think he meant this closely”

-”Shut up. You’re lucky I saw you in the woods today”

-”True. Thanks for that…”

-Lying next to him, grabbing his hand lightly, “Are you okay?”

-Murphy not answering and nuzzling up to your neck.

-you start creating little braids in his hair

-after Murphy’s accepted around camp again you start hanging out more

-behind hugs

-forehead kisses, only in secret though, he still has to keep up him image

-being a tease and whispering/nibbling on your ear

-smirking at you from across the camp fire

-going on watch with him and making out

-lying your head on his chest when you sleep

-sitting on his lap by the fire to bother him

-secret back rubs

-tangling his hands in your hair

-pet names

-”You never told me how you got in trouble on the ark”

-”Maybe It’ll alway be a secret”

-”tell me”


-”fine if you must know I tried to steal some herbs”

-”herbs? were you a stoner back on the ark?” he asked with a smirk 

-”no you doofus, my parents were sick”

-Shoulder punches

-silly hair knots

-pulling you closer when you sleep

-cute tired murphy in the morning

-stealing his jacket all the time

anonymous asked:

Kim falls asleep on Trini. Trini is a useless gay and afraid to move lest she wake up Kim. Ensue the teasing from the boys.

Combining this with:

One of them fell asleep in the pit so they get a rude (or sweet) wake up call (via anonymous)

“There’s no way that you’re comfortable right now.” 

“I’m comfortable.”

“You sure?” 


“Because you don’t really look all that comfortable.”

“I’m comfortable.”

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The Persistence of Memory (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut

A/N: This was surprisingly difficult to write. Sorry for how long this is, I was originally going to just do smut, then it turned into just fluff then it turned back into smut. Also, all the art talk was self indulgent as fuck, sorry, I’m just an art nerd.

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“Broken” (Chapter Two)

Steve brings Bucky home to meet the family. Excited to hear what you guys think of everyone.

I tried to tag everyone, but if you would like to be tagged in additional chapters HIT UP MY ASK BOX and let me know :) Like and Reblog to share the love for this fic! 

I’ll post again when it looks like most of the tag list has responded to the chapter so if you are reading make sure you hit that heart button and then maybe the reblog as well!


Enjoy :)


“Easy.” Steve murmured and wrapped an arm around Bucky, who hadn’t stopped shaking since the plane had landed in New York. “I promise everything’s going to be fine, alright? The team can’t wait to meet you. They were all really excited when I called to say I was bringing you home.”

Bucky swallowed nervously and ducked his head, fear,anxiety,nervous bleeding from him, his wings folded as tight to his body as he could get them. “I dunno, Steve.” He whispered. “It wasn’t that long ago that I was trying to kill them, you know? And now you think they’re gonna just welcome me in?”

Steve extended his wings, settling one over Bucky’s hunched shoulders. “Trust me, Buck. If there’s one thing the team is good at, it’s letting the past be the past. You will be fine. Have I ever led you wrong?”

Bucky shrugged beneath the heavy weight of Steve’s feathers. “Stevie, I feel like all of the bad ideas we ever had came from you.”

Steve laughed that off, and tightened his wings around his best friend. “Everyone’s going to love you.” He promised. “We are all Omegas and Betas besides–.” he cleared his throat and Bucky nodded jerkily.


“And that’s just one, alright? I don’t even know if he’s home, but if he is, I’m right here for you, okay? You don’t have to worry about anything.”

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Peter felt tears in his eyes, reaching out. He howled in pain, begging for someone to answer. Anyone. Please, he begged as the smoke filled his lungs. Please!


Peter jolted, eyes snapping open and glowing bright blue. He stared in surprise at the figure leaning over him, blurry from tears. Pale skin, dark hair, brown eyes.

“Leah,” he breathed, only realizing his mistake when he breathed back in, the scent familiar but not that of his wife’s.

Stiles frowned, looking oddly concerned. “It’s…it’s Stiles, Peter,” he corrected, voice uncharacteristic soft. Hesitant. “You started making noises in your sleep. I figured you’d probably rather me wake you.”

Peter nodded, forcing himself to sit up and clenching his eyes shut at the sudden burn he felt behind them as his mind caught up with everything once more. Leah was gone. Everyone was gone, burnt away to ash.

Stiles slowly moved to sit beside him, though he didn’t say anything. He eventually shifted to lean against Peter, shoulder brushing him solidly. Peter reached up, pinching at the bridge of his nose and trying to hide his trembling lip behind his hand.

“If you need to let it out, I swear I won’t breathe a word of it,” Stiles vowed quietly but no less seriously. Peter quivered, moisture gathering in his eyes without his consent. His lip curled in an attempt to keep the sobs at bay. Stiles reached over, brushing his shoulders and guiding him closer. Peter lost it, hiding his face against Stiles shoulder as he sobbed uncontrollably. Stiles turned to hold him more securely against him, hands bracing his shoulders and brushing up and down his back. Thankfully he didn’t offer meaningless platitudes, which Peter doubted he could’ve stomached. As his sobs wracked through his whole body, Stiles curled his hands in Peter’s shirt and his hair, clutching him to him tightly. He felt almost like a pup, protected and safe, and wasn’t that ridiculous? Stiles would sooner kill him than protect him and he was still arguably the closest one in the ‘Pack’ to him, by virtue of them being left to research together a lot. Peter whined, high and desperate. He longed for his Pack. His sister, his Alpha. Talia might not have been perfect and maybe they’d argued more often than not, but she’d done her best when it came to being saddled with a little brother sixteen years her younger and parents who didn’t want to deal with him. She’d practically raised him herself, even. And even though she’d never favored his methods in protecting the Pack, she’d always trusted that he’d acted in the Pack’s best interest and would have his back. He missed having someone in his corner unconditionally.

He managed to get himself under control but was still hesitant to pull away from Stiles’ hold. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt a kind touch and wasn’t that a sad thing for a wolf to say? He rested his forehead on the boy’s shoulder, wondering just how much damage control he’d have to manage after this utterly embarrassing breakdown.

Stiles softened his hold but didn’t pull away. He ran his fingers through Peter’s hair rhythmically and it soothed his wolf.

“Not that I’m comparing our situation, but sometimes it helps me to talk about the good times with my mom. From before she got sick, you know?” Stiles spoke, voice quiet but even. Calming. “Not with my dad really, cause he can still get really depressed sometimes if I’m not careful with what memory I bring up, but with some of the officers at the station or Melissa.” He brushed through Peter’s hair and the man cautiously nuzzled against the bare skin above the collar of his shirt, scenting the boy in a way he hadn’t done to anyone in years. It was nice. Stiles hummed, tilting his head just a bit and bumping his nose against Peter’s temple. That was even nicer. Acceptance, even if only temporary, was a relief.

“I know Derek can’t really be the best person to reminiscence with,” The boy continued. “So, you know if you ever want to talk, I would listen. And I’ll be honest, I’m still not a hundred percent certain about your plans, but I don’t think you’re our enemy right now.”

“Why, Stiles,” Peter finally spoke, voice just a little scratchy. “I’m hurt.”

Stiles snorted, rolling his eyes even as he gently cuffed the back of Peter’s head. The man smirked, pulling away to show it to Stiles who returned it.

“Dangerous and a potential threat, yes. But you’re not our enemy right now, at least. Are you?”

Peter shook his head minutely, reluctantly releasing his hold on the boy and fighting the urge to hide his face after such a reaction. Stiles smiled. It was Peter’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Thank you,” he murmured after a moment, glancing at Stiles before looking away.

Stiles nodded, running his hand across Peter’s shoulders and squeezing the back of his neck once before releasing him and reclining back into the sofa with a raised brow. Peter probably should’ve reacted against that, maybe it’s what Stiles was expecting, but instead he only felt a security blanket over him. His wolf calmed at the pressure, soothed, and settled down.

“So. Pixies.” Stiles tried to turn their conversation back to the point of research. Peter eyed the space beside Stiles and before the boy could react had crawled onto the space, curling against the boy and resting his head on Stiles’ chest. He was obviously surprised, muscles jerking in a mild flail, but he didn’t push Peter away, just curved his arm around Peter’s shoulders and held him close. His rabbit-fast heart was a nice sound.

“They need to use fire,” Peter spoke, eyes fluttering shut as he took in slow, deep breaths saturated with Stiles’ scent.

Stiles hummed, brushing through Peter’s hair again. He seemed to like that, not that Peter was complaining either. “How long have you known that?” he asked, curious but not judgmental sounding.

“First book I read.” Peter motioned carelessly towards the pile of books on the floor. “I just…don’t like fire,” he admitted.

Stiles nodded, understanding and not calling the man out.

“I’ll text them. You take a nap. I’ll wake you up once Scott says they’re on their way back,” he promised, already digging his phone out of his pocket and texting one-handedly. Peter nuzzled against his chest again before slowly, oh so slowly, letting himself fall to sleep, listening to the quick beat of Stiles’ heart, feeling the steady petting of Stiles’ fingers through his hair, and breathing in Stiles with every lungful.

When Stiles shook him awake a couple hours later, he hadn’t felt a single flame or smelt so much of a whiff of smoke. 

Shield-maiden Within

Summary: Reader is a Saxon woman who doesn’t like the whole ‘a woman can’t do what men do’ thing and so she runs away… with the vikings, and Bjorn trains her.

Characters: Reader, Bjorn Ironside, Ragnar Lothrbrok, Floki

Fandom: Vikings

Word Count: 1936

Disney Movie Writing Challenge, @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

AN: I think this is the longest thing I have ever written but I hope you guys still like it even thought the ending is crap…

Originally posted by jonsofwinterfell

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Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 8

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: Around 6k

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Special thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an awesome beta!

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7


“No more drinking.” Sam said softly and you sighed heavily “You’ve had enough.”

“Come on Sam.” you frowned, looking at him “I need that.”

“No you don’t.” he pursed his lips with the authoritative tone he had used a few but very special moments when you were together “What you need is a good night’s sleep, and probably a shower to help you relax too.”

“Hmh” you hummed, closing your eyes for a moment “I don’t know if you’ve forgotten Sammy but I’m not the shower girl. I’m the one for-”

“Baths, rose petals and a few candles for dim lighting because you deep down are a hopeless romantic with of course a hint of vanilla and orange in the air but it always varies according to your mood, meaning it can also be strawberries.” he cut you off, completing your sentence and smirking softly as he heard you let out a small chuckle “Yeah I know.”

“You know me so well.” you whispered, opening your eyes to look at him as you licked your lips “But you’re forgetting-”

“Always in someone’s arms and head massages? No, of course not. That’s hardly something I could ever forget.” he said with a small shrug, giving you a shy smile and you chuckled.

“Of course you wouldn’t.” you smiled at him, not even realizing how you snuggled with him. It seemed that your body just reached out to the warmth his provided.

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anonymous asked:

I'd LOVE if you could write a drunk Simon confessing his feelings to Jace when he drives him home! Especially if it's super fluffy!

yeeeeeeee i love Drunk Shenanigans!!! 

“So this is what you do when I don’t go out with you?” Jace asks, huffing warm air over his fingers. It’s freezing, and he forgot his gloves, because he rushed over here to pick up one Simon Lewis from trying to get back to the apartment they share while drunk as hell. 

“Don’t get mad at me, I made good choices, did good things!” Simon says, pouting prettily as he tilts his head back and looks up at Jace. He’s slumped against Maia and Clary, who are quietly giggling to themselves. 

“He did - ‘good things’ is the cute blonde back in there!” Maia sniggers, and Jace feels his heart break a little more. He scowls, trying to get over the tiny pang in his chest. He’s long since accepted that Simon doesn’t feel the same way as he does, but it still fucking sucks because the guy he likes is the guy he lives with, and the guy who’s made it his mission to insert himself into every part of Jace’s life. 

“I didn’t do him.” Simon insists. “I was gonna, but he’s verrrrrrrrrrrry.”

“Very what?” Clary asks, leaning forward. Jace sighs and pushes her back as she begins to topple off the bench. 

“Very.” Simon agrees, and Jace raises an eyebrow. He’s about to press for more information, when Magnus appears. 

“Oh, finally.” He groans. “Take Simon home, I’ll deal with the girls.” 

“What did you guys drink?” Jace asks, exasperated as Maia nearly punches him in the face in her haste to cling to Clary. 

“We had a competition, and I severely underestimated their tolerance.” Magnus sighs, massaging his temples. “Come along, darlings.” Maia and Clary stumble off with Magnus, and Jace tugs Simon upright. 

“You good, man?” He asks quietly. Simon hums quietly and leans into Jace’s side. 

“Not gonna be sick or anything.” He confirms, and Jace laughs softly, slinging an arm around Simon’s shoulder and steering him to the car. 

“I’ve drunk enough with you to know what you’re like.” Jace muses. “And I am so glad you’re not the kind to throw up. I would not let you within ten feet of my car if you were.” 

“What kind of drunk am I?” Simon asks brightly, then promptly slips on the sidewalk and crumples, holding on to Jace’s arms for dear life. Jace sighs and hauls him back up, and suddenly Simon is very close, close enough to count each eyelash fluttering over warm brown eyes. 

“Clumsy.” Jace says hoarsely, transfixed by the hazy desire clouding Simon’s eyes, before he remembers that Simon is fucking drunk, and he sighs and steps away. “Come on, Lewis.” 

He manages to get Simon into the car with minimal fuss. Simon does try to convince Jace that North Dakota doesn’t exist, but it’s not even the biggest conspiracy theory Simon’s brought up, so Jace isn’t worried as he starts up the car and peers behind him, backing slowly out of the parking space. 

“Oh my god you’re driving.” Simon says suddenly. Jace snorts as he waits patiently for a gaggle of teens to cross the street. “Since when do you drive?” 

“Since a month ago, you went with me to get my license.” Jace mutters. “You’re such a dumbass when you’re drunk.” 

“Let me out, Jace is gonna kill me with his driving!” Simon moans, sinking low into his seat. 


“I’m gonna dieeeeee.” Simon warbles, and then pauses. “Do you have any water? Or can we stop by the ocean to get a drink?” 

“Yeah, I don’t think the Atantic is what you need right now.” Jace says, reaching behind with one hand and grabbing the water he’d thrown in the back seat when he’d heard Simon was drunk. 

Lifesaver.” Simon says gratefully as he takes the bottle and twists the cap off, guzzling it down. He only gets one tiny dribble of water down his chin, and Jace glances over as the car idles at a red light on an empty street. 

“You’ve got a - “ He gestures, and Simon frowns. 

“A printer?” He asks, excited. Jace shakes his head, bemused. 

“Why the fuck would there be a printer?” He asks, glancing once to check that it’s still a red light before he reaches over and swipes his thumb over the drop of water, Simon’s stubble rough under his skin. “There.” 

The light changes to green and he drops his hand back to the wheel, focusing on driving - Simon’s partially right, Jace isn’t the best driver - and there’s silence in the car until he looks back to Simon, worried about the lack of unstoppable rambling. 

Simon is looking at him with a strange, unreadable look on his face, his eyes dark and stormy. Jace frowns and opens his mouth, about to ask what’s wrong, when Simon blurts out, “Do you know Jace Wayland?” 

“Oh my God.” Jace says, shaking his head. “Not this again.” Simon has a habit of conflating Jace and Captain America while he’s drunk, which is cute, but so not helpful. 

“If you see him,” Simon continues, his voice turning a little sad, “can you tell him to kiss me?” 

“What?” Jace asks, not at all proud of the way his voice goes an octave higher. 

“I mean, you’re Captain America. He has to listen to you, right?” Simon asks as Jace tries desperately to focus on pulling into their building’s garage. 

“Buddy,” Jace gets out in a strangled voice, “I think Jace Wayland doesn’t need me to tell him to kiss you.” 

“Did he say something? Does he not want to?” Simon asks, insistently patting Jace’s arm. 

“No.” Jace says shortly, killing the engine and opening the door. 

“Then you should command him. Jace would listen to you, you have muscles!” 

“Oh my God.” Jace groans as he gets Simon out of the car. He staggers a little as Simon leans in with all his weight. “Why is drunk you so horny?” 

“I’m not horny, I love him!” Simon declares. Jace promptly drops Simon. “Ow.” Simon complains from the floor. 

“Lewis. Always complicating things.” Jace says, his heart beating faster and a smile creeping onto his face despite himself. 

“I’m serious, he’s adorable and he cares so much and he’s so good to the world.” Simon says as Jace hauls him off the ground. “Please get him to kiss me.” Jace’s heart clenches and he smiles giddily at Simon. 

“Wake up sober, and I will.” He promises, and Simon nods sleepily, nuzzling into Jace’s neck. 

(The next morning, Jace waits as long as it takes for Simon to stumble into the kitchen and blearily make himself a cup of coffee before he backs the other man into the counter, gets a hand in his shirt, and kisses him as thoroughly as he can. Simon whimpers, his hands flailing for a bit and hitting Jace’s head before settling around Jace’s back, and then he gets with the program, pressing back and sliding his tongue across Jace’s. 

“Got a message from Captain America.” Jace murmurs when they break apart to breathe, his voice low and amused as he watches the bright red flush overtake Simon’s cheeks. 

“Oh God.” Simon groans. “Of all the idiotic things I’ve done - “

“I love you too.” 

“ - that was probably not the worst.” Simon concludes, his smile turning blindingly bright. Jace laughs warmly at that and reels Simon in for another kiss, unable to help himself. The guy he’s in love with is nerdy as fuck, but it’s the sweetest thing in the world, and Jace will send the creator of Captain America a fruit basket if it makes Simon happy.)

Little Red

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Anger/ Swearing/ Smut/ NSFW

Imagine getting into a heated argument with Bellamy Blake. You raise your arm to slap him, but he catch your wrist. They back you up against the wall and lean down to your ear. In a low, husky voice they whisper “Wanna try that again sweetheart?

A/N: I kind of borrowed this imagine from @multifandom-gabi but i desperately wanted to write it! 


You’d never been so angry in your entire life, in fact you were surprised that there wasn’t steam coming out of your ears. Of all the stupid things to do, and damn had they done a lot this took the biggest prize.

Not caring that there were Delinquents everywhere shouting at you to stop, you marched to Bellamy’s tent pushing your way in and slamming a hand down on a nearby crate to get his attention.

Bellamy looked up from the make shift desk he’d been sat at, eyes narrowing slightly when he saw it was you. The main group of Delinquents that followed him around had finally caught up and Miller grabbed your arm trying to pull you from the tent.

“Get the fuck off me Miller” you whispered, angry enough right now that you were going to forget your mother raised you to be lady, and hit him real hard someplace he wasn’t going to enjoy.

“Let her go Miller, it’s alright”

“Bellamy?” Miller asked his grip on your arm remaining. Bellamy just waved him off and with a last look at you Miller finally let go and left the tent leaving you alone with Bellamy.

You turned back to the main focus of your rage, eyes glinting with sparks as he just came around the desk leaning against it, crossing his arms over his chest. “Whatever is the matter little red?”

“Don’t call me that” you warned stalking towards him “I am not in the mood for your shit Blake”

“Really! And what is it I’ve done to upset you this time?”

“Don’t play innocent” you were tempted to smack him and that stupid smirk off of his face. “You sent people to a peace meeting with guns! That was our one chance to make peace with the grounders and you screwed it up”

“Well I’m sorry we can’t all be cosy cosy with the grounders Y/N” he was getting angry now himself the flare of his nose a sure fire give away. “Some of us remember how many people we’ve lost to grounder spears”

“You think I don’t know that. How do you suppose we stop that though Blake? For god sake surely you have some brains in that pretty boy head”

“Y/N” he growled getting up from the desk to put his body close to your own face hovering just above yours. You were tall for a girl meaning he barely had to lean down. “Be very careful with your words right now”

“You don’t intimidate me Blake” sneering you raked your eyes up and down his body “I’ve dealt with guys like you all my life”

“No you haven’t”

“Really and what makes you so special? You think you’re better than everyone else? Think your some sort of leader?” laughing you shook your head at him. “You’re not, a leader would do anything they could to save their people, what you’ve done is sentence us to a battle with people who’ve been fighting their entire lives. Every single one of those kids out there trusts you to protect them, and now every one of their deaths from now on is on your head”  

Bellamy grabbed your upper arms squeezing tightly as he twisted you around so you were pressed between the desk on his body. “You have a big mouth Red”

“I have a brain” breaking his grip on you, you pushed at his shoulders hard making him take a step back so you had room to move once more. “This was our one chance Bellamy and now it’s screwed up”

“The grounders wouldn’t have given us peace Red” Bellamy pushed his hair out of his face glaring at you “I have enough of a brain in my head to realise that. No matter how many peace talks we organise. We’ve stole their land, tortured one of their people and killed others. There is no peace to be had”

“You didn’t know that”

Bellamy snorted “You know what Red if we’re all so stupid around here why not go join the fucking grounders? You’re more like them anyway”

“Maybe I will” shouting you pushed away from the desk to get back into his space, temper igniting once more. “Their friendlier than everyone here anyway”

Bellamy’s mouth curled into a disgusted grimace “yeah well, not all of us can make friends by fucking them”

Yeah, there went all your mother’s lessons, flying straight out of the window as your anger broke free of all its restraints. Raising your hand you went to slap him, hard. Of course Bellamy Blake couldn’t even let you have that much, he grabbed your wrist before your hand could connect. Pulling you forward he pushed you into the pole of the tent your bodies pressing against each other. Raising both your hands above your head and holding them tightly there with one hand.  

“Want to try that again sweetheart?” he asked into your ear as his spare hand gripped your hip hard.

“Get. Off. Me”

“Why?” he nuzzled his nose into your neck as you pulled at your hands. “Don’t like it rough Red?”

“I don’t like you” you spat out eyes flashing. Bellamy laughed the hand on your hip moved to the band of your pants flicking open the button there fingers slipping underneath to rest flat against your lower stomach.

“You sure about that?” he asked “If I move just the tiniest bit further down here what exactly will I find red?”

You didn’t understand why you weren’t moving, why you weren’t trying to throw him off of you. All you knew was that your anger was rapidly changing to something else completely. “Bodies lie”

He really was laughing this time an evil light coming to his face “want to try and prove that red?”

“I told you to stop calling me that” raising your knee in a quick move you took the wind out of his stomach making him finally let go of your hands. He stumbled backwards as you moved forwards pushing him back to his bed.

You tumbled down there with him on his back and you landing on top of him straddling his hips. “One time deal Blake” you warned as desperately you ripped at each other’s clothing.

“Sure Red” he was agreeing to easily but you couldn’t concentrate because somehow he’d flipped you over on the small bed so he was back in charge, pulling quickly to rid you of your pants and underwear. “Open your legs” he ordered. When you didn’t comply instantly his hands went to the inside of your thighs dragging them wide and instantly dropping down burying his face between your legs.

“Fuck” the groan was dragged from your throat as Bellamy’s tongue licked up the juice there.

He was relentless making you writhe underneath him in desperation, all he did though was use his hands to clamp your hips still so he could punish you some more.

“Blake… please” you were begging and uncaring anymore of your pride. You just needed him to finish you.

“Please what?” he asked against your skin.

“I… don’t… Blake”

“Say it red” he order, torturously licking his tongue through your folds once more.

“Let me cum” you finally got out making him smirk.

“Whatever the lady wants” his mouth fastened back against your clit and within moments you’d broken, crying out hoarsely as you laced your fingers through his hair holding him there.

Bellamy crawled back up your body dropping the odd kiss on your hot, sweaty skin until he reached your mouth. “I like you so much better when you’re being friendly Red”

“I can be friendlier” wrapping your legs around him you rolled once more so you were on top of him. “Want me to show you?”

“Fuck yes”

You reached between your bodies taking his cock in one hand moving slowly up and down it a few times before lining him up with your body and sliding so he was deep inside of you.

Using his chest as a stabiliser you let your hips rock back and forth. Riding him hard and fast.

Bellamy sat up underneath you so his face was suddenly close to your own as he kissed you. “God red”

“shut up” you ordered as your rhythm started to fail, orgasm building back up, his hands went to your hips helping you with the movements as you both panted hard, he buried his face in your neck as shuddering you came around him once more, the spasms of your muscles pulling him along with you.

You stayed there for a moment longer getting your breathing back under control before climbing off him and grabbing your clothes from the floor.


“I don’t want to talk Bellamy” you finished with your clothes pulling your hair out from under your shirt. “I’m still furious with you”

“I can tell”

You could hear the smile in his voice so refused to look at him, knowing it would only incite your rage once more. “I have work to do”

“Hey Red?”

“What?” looking at him finally from the door way of the tent, he hadn’t moved still sat naked on his bed, smile plastered on his face as he wiped his mouth with one hand.

“Knew you were a natural red head” he pointed to his head with the statement, you grabbed the nearest thing you could find to hand, his shoe you thought and flung it at his head as you stormed from the tent, the only thing you could hear his annoying laughter.

You hated Bellamy Blake. There was nothing else there. You. Hated. Bellamy. Blake.



When I Look At You

Word Count: 2024

A/N: This is a song lyric inspired fiction… type thing?? I’m not good with fiction terminology, if that’s even a thing haha oops. It’s based off ‘When I Look At You.’ By Miley Cyrus. Anyways I love this so much actually :D If any of you want to send me requests I would love to take them, and I’d love to know what you think of my writing! Part 4 of Jealousy will be out soon btw! Much love <3

Everybody needs inspiration

Everybody needs a song

A beautiful melody,

For when the nights are long.

'Cause there’s no guarantee

That this life is easy.

    You sat in the diner by yourself, staring down at your laptop. It was midnight, and although you weren’t exactly supposed to be there, you needed to get out of the hell hole that was your house. It had just been constant fighting between your mom and dad. Although they were divorced, they were still forced to live with eachother until your mom got back on her feet. Their constant yelling and screaming at eachother were bad, but not as bad as your depression and anxiety that had been acting up lately. It was bad, and there seemed to be nothing anyone could do about it. So here you sat, trying to write some stupid paper about 'how far would you be willing to go to find the truth’ but nothing was coming to mind except the shit show that was your life. You had no inspiration, no motivation, and honestly you just wanted to cry. Just as you decided it was time to give up, a familiar pair of arms wrapped around your waist. You turned to face Jughead, and he gave you a small smile, and you attempted to return it, but he could tell something was off.

    “What’s wrong?” he lightly questioned, and you leaned into him, enjoying the feeling of peace while it lasted.

     "Nothing anymore.“ you whispered, only wanting him to hear you, not that there was anyone else in the diner. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

    "Bullshit. Please tell me what’s up.” he mumbled against your skin. You grabbed one of his hands that held tight on your waist and he rubbed small circles on it.

    “I’m stressed because of my parents, I feel like absolute depressed and anxious garbage, and I don’t know what to write for my damn essay. But none of that matters now, you’re here.” he squeezed you tighter with one arm, he and used the other one to open your laptop.

    “We can deal with everything else later, because I can’t allow that. But first, Let’s see what we’re working with…” he said, opening word. “How far would you be willing to go to find the truth..” You stared at the screen, just looking at the blank page made you want to scream and throw your laptop in a blender. “Write about Jason Blossom and his death.” Jughead suggested, and you perked up, an idea forming in your head. Jughead was on the search for truth, and he so far had gone to great lengths for it.

    “Or even better, I could write about you trying to find the truth about his murder.” you said, quickly typing. Jughead watched as words flew across the digital page. He took in every detail of you in this moment, your fingers as they typed, how you bit your lip in concentration, even how your hair fell down across your face and you didn’t even bother moving it because you were so in the zone. He wondered if this is what you felt like when you watched him write. You turned your head and kissed him.

    “My inspiration.” You mumbled against his lips.

Yeah when my world is falling apart

When there’s no light to break up the dark

That’s when I look at you.

When the waves are flooding the shore

And I can’t find my way home anymore,

That’s when I look at you.

    “I can’t do this anymore Jughead!” you yelled, collapsing onto the ground. It was becoming harder to breathe, and your vision was blacking out. Everything around you was blurry, the tears in your eyes distorting everything you looked at.

    “ Y/N please listen to me, everything is going to be okay!” he said tenderly, trying to not let his worry show. He grabbed your shoulders and he looked you in the eyes, his heart breaking as he saw the tears flow out of them. “Listen, I want you to breathe.”

    “I can’t!” you cried, shaking your head.

    “Yes you can, please Y/N. Just try.” he was doing his best to stay calm, but seeing you like this tore him apart.

    “What’s the point Jughead! I can’t do this anymore, I have no reason to!” you sobbed.

    “Y/N you have me!” he yelled.

    “You could do so much better, you’ll find so much better and you’ll leave and I’ll be completely alone!” you bitterly yelled. Y/N looked at him, and started to cry even harder.

    “Juggie I’m so sorry, please don’t cry!” she sobbed. Jughead hadn’t even noticed that tears were rolling down his face, and Y/N had never really seen him cry before. Sure she saw a tear or two every once in a while, but never this many. Her chest got tight and her heart shattered. Jughead pulled her into his chest, and they held eachother.

    “I could never do better than you.” he whispered, rubbing circles on her back. She held onto him tighter, wanting nothing more to make him stop crying. She could feel his tears fall onto her shoulder. “It’s you who could do so much better, I’m not good enough for you Y/N, I-”

    “Forsythe don’t even say that! I love you more than anything in this world, you make me feel less broken and alone and I don’t know what I’d do without you.” she whispered.

    “You do the same for me.” he said, kissing her forehead. You make me feel whole.“

    "Juggie, I know now that my home isn’t a place, my home is you.” she smiled up at him. He leaned down and kissed her, cupping her face.

    “You’re my home too, Y/N.” he leaned his forehead against hers, and smiled back down at her.

When I look at you,

I see forgiveness,

I see the truth.

You love me for who I am.

Like the stars hold the moon.

Right there where they belong,

And I know I’m not alone.

    “I’m sorry.” Y/N whispered, standing by Jugheads locker at school. He crossed his arms and stared at her.

    “You’re in my way.” he said coldly, although it killed him to talk to her like that. She stepped away from the locker, and he turned his back to her and opened it up. Rummaging through his backpack for his math notebook he did his best to ignore Y/N behind him, no matter how badly he wanted to kiss her and hold her.

    “Juggie can we please talk about this?” she asked.

    “Don’t call me that.” Y/N felt tears stinging in her eyes.

    “Jughead please!” she begged, and Jugheads heart broke at the sound of her voice. He turned around and saw a tear roll down her face.

    “Okay! We can talk if you stop crying.” he said, closing his locker and pulling her into the nearest janitor closet. The door closed behind him and he looked down at her.

    “Jughead I’m sorry! I know that you feel like I’m lying because I have things to hide from you and that I’m distancing myself because you think I’m going to leave you but that’s not the case! Things at home are getting worse and… I was scared to tell you what was going on.” Jughead looked at her worryingly.

    “What do you mean? What’s going on?” he asked, stepping towards her.

    “They… they kicked me out Jughead.” she started to sob, and she wrapped his arms around her. “I’m homeless and I’m alone and maybe I deserve it. Maybe I don’t deserve a home and a family, I’m just a big problem!”

    “No you aren’t.” he whispered, rubbing her back. “And you aren’t alone, you’ll never be alone. Come stay with me.” He said.

    “What?” she asked, looking up at him.

    “Come live with me.” he said again, smiling down at her.

    “Where do you live?” she asked, a bit of excitement present in her voice.

    “Don’t tell anyone, but I live at the Twilight Drive-In.” he whispered, and she stares up at him in shock. He laughed and pulled her towards him again.

    “You wouldn’t want to live with me.” she said. “I dance around too much and sing off key, I eat way too much and I yell at the screen while I watch movies and tv even though they can’t hear me! I sleep all day or I lay in bed and watch YouTube and I talk in my sleep-”  

    “I already know, and I think it’s adorable.” he said, cutting her off. “You’re perfect to me Y/N, and if your parents don’t want you then I’ll sure as hell take you.”

    “Oh Jughead…” Y/N fought back tears, but for a different reason this time. “Are you sure?”

    “Absolutely.” Jughead said, grabbing her hand.

You appear just like a dream to me,

Just like kaleidoscope colours that cover me

All I need, every breath that I breathe

Don’t you know you’re beautiful?

    “I swear Y/N, if you don’t give me back my beanie-”

    “What are you going to do?” Y/N interrupted him, giving a smirk.

    “I’m going to do….” Jughead trailed off, trying to think of a punishment for the (y/h/c) girl standing on the bed smiling down at him. “This.” he said, running towards the girl. He jumped up on the bed and tackled her, pinning her underneath him.

    “Sucks to be you.” she said, grinning ear to ear. Jughead looked around for the beanie, but couldn’t see it anywhere . He looked down at Y/N and she giggled.

    “Where is it?” he asked.

    “That’s on a need to know basis, and I’m sorry, but you don’t need to know.” she said.

    “Actually, I think I do. That’s my beanie.” he playfully argued.

    “Actually, you don’t.” she laughed, trying to mimic his voice.

    “Y/N, please!” He begged. Y/N attempted to sit up, but couldn’t. She fell back down on the bed, and Jughead gave his best puppy dog eyes and stuck out his bottom lip.

    “Is Jughead Jones giving me puppy eyes right now?” Y/N laughed. Jughead rolled his eyes and sighed. He leaned down and fell onto Y/N, now laying on her. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, and she kissed him on the forehead.

    “I think you’ll be okay without it for one day.” she said. Jughead groaned, and it tickled Y/ns neck.

    “I won’t be though! I feel like I look like an idiot without it. Not that I look any better usually.” he said, raising his head so he was looking at her.

    “Um, no.” she quickly sat up, pushing Jughead up too.

    “No what?” he asked, confused by her sudden change in behavior. He sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled Y/N onto his lap.

    “You never look like an idiot. You’re adorable.” Y/N said in a very serious tone.

    “Not exa-” Jughead was cut off by a kiss. He pulled back, and looked up at the girl on his lap. “What was that?” he asked.

    “What I’m not allowed to kiss my boyfriend?” Y/N teased an he chuckled.

    “No, I mean-” again he was cut off with another kiss.  

    “You’re so handsome Jughead.” she mumbled against his lips. He pulled back again and stared at Y/N, and she admired his sweet smile plastered on his face. His hair was messed up, wild and free from his beanie, and the setting suns light shone through the window, lighting the room up beautifully. Y/N felt like she was in a dream, and if it was one she hoped she’d never wake up. He reached up and cupped her face, and she leaned into it.

    “How did I ever get so lucky to have you?” Jughead asked softly.

    “I could ask you the same thing.” she said, leaning down to kiss him again.

    “I love you, Y/N.”

    “And I love you, Forsythe.” she whispered.

Vanilla #7

Lance hadn’t meant to say yes, it was his heat and he knew it. Had he been in his right of mind they never would have slept together and even now the blue paladin was having regrets. He was on his bed, nuzzled in close to Keith, head on chest, acutely aware of how loud a heartbeat was, though he wasn’t sure who’s it was. There were many thoughts racing through his head, was Keith as freaked out as he was? Did that actually just happen or is this some sick heat-driven delusion? Oh god, what was Shiro going to do when he smelled Keith on him? Shit. He sat up, the only good thing from this experience was that he had relief for awhile, an hour if he was lucky. “Hey.” Keith’s voice was soft, his hand went to rest on Lances shoulder. Lance flinched away, turning his head from Keith, not baring to look at him. “Hey are y-”

“Don’t.” Lance wrapped his arms around his stomach as he felt queasy. “I don’t want to talk about it.” There was the familiar sting of tears forming in his eyes and instantly Keith was sitting upright.

“Lance we kind of have to.” He cringed at the words.

“At least put your briefs back on first.” Lance bent over the side of the bed and handed Keith his grey underwear. The Cuban boy was covered with a blanket but Keith just sat there in full glory, fumbling with his underwear until they rested on his hips.

“I have questions” there was a serious tone to Keith’s voice. Lance threw him a questioning look. “I’ve been trying not to freak out for the past five minutes but it’s not working.” Keith turned his entire body to Lance “please for the love of god tell me you’re on some kind of birth control.” Lance nodded his head solemnly. “Oh thank fucking god.”

“Gee thanks.” Lance mumbled

“N-No it’s not-”

“Stop Keith.” He turned to the red paladin who looked stressed. This made Lance pause but he closed his eyes and continued. “I…” he suddenly wanted to throw up. “I don’t like that it happened, I wasn’t in my right of mind.” He was answered by an I welcomed silence. “I’d rather just…”

“Forget it happened?” Keith’s voice pained Lances ears.

“I don’t know.” His shoulders rised and he started clawing at his sides, his arms crossing tighter. “I don’t know!” He suddenly found himself pulling at his hair in panic.

“Hey! Hey it’s ok!” Keith reached for Lance to wrap him in a soothing hug, he pulled away and stood up, blanket falling.

“No! No it’s not fucking ok!” Lance suddenly became aware of his nudity and covered himself with his hands in panic. “Don’t look at me!” Keith immediately covered his eyes and and Lance pulled up his boxers. “Never look at me ever again!” He was angry, not at Keith, but at the situation. Keith knew this, so he sat in silence and allowed the outburst to continue. “Get out of my room.” Lances voice was stern and demanding and Keith started to collect his clothes. “I said LEAVE!” Lance growled at him and Keith managed to grab his jeans before he was pushed into the hallway.

“Lance!” The door closed and locked with a beep as Keith attempted to bargain for his shirt. He sighed and mumbled a curse under his breath, turning to leave for his room he was met with surprised eyes. “Hunk!” His face flushed with pink and hunk gave him a questioning look, raising his eyebrows. He pointed to Lances room then back to Keith as if to confirm what he had already put together. Keith stood still, his muscles tense. If he said yes hunk would more than likely have his neck snapped. If he said no, Hunk would see through the lie and probably still snap his neck. He could already see the mans face turning from surprise into disappointment.

“Keith.” His voice was quiet. “I am not a fast man.” There was caution in his tone. “But i have no doubt that in this second I could catch even Shiro.” he massaged his temples with one hand and paused to look at the red paladin, sharing a glare. “So I’m going to give you 10 seconds.” He moved to one side of the hallway, to let Keith pass. The slender man didn’t move, slightly confused. “1,” it registered what was happening and instantly he took off, running as fast as his legs could carry him. Hunk had gotten to 6 before his voice faded through the halls behind him.

He ran into Shiro, reeling around a corner, this time they didn’t fall but Shiro held him in his arms for a second. “Keith?!” His expression changed from shock as he sniffed the air. “Wait. You smell like Lance? And what is that… is that?” He suddenly let his muscles tense in anger “Keith!” He was scolding and angry, his alpha shining through, needing to regain dominance. Keith became acutely aware of the fact that hunk had most likely reached 10 by now, and Shiro was probably going to kill him too. He pushed off of Shiro, dropping his pants and bolting past the black paladin who stood for a second in shock but took off after him seconds later.

“Shit!” Keith kept turning corners, hearing footsteps behind him. He was going to run out of breath eventually, he just prayed it was after they did. Hunk might run out of breath first, but Shiro? Shiro was a perfect specimen. There was a painful realization that Keith was running around the castle in only his underwear with 3 out of 4 of the other paladins hating him and 2 of them chasing him. He found himself in the kitchen, pidge sitting at the island. She looked up.

“PIDGE.” He was panicked. “PIDGE YOU GOTTA HELP.” She looked at him confused and startled. “PIDGE I SLEPT WITH LANCE.”

“ARE YOU INSANE?” Instantly she was on her feet and Shiro ran into the room, scanning it.

“You.” His voice was a rough growl as he pointed at Keith. “I am going to kill you.” He started stomping over to the nearly naked red paladin who jumped over the island and into the kitchen part of the room. He stood on the other side and was ready to run if Shiro gave him a break. They were in a game of back and forth, as soon as Keith took a step to go one way around the island Shiro was ready to fight him. Hunk walked into the room, slightly out of breath.

“You are dead!” He called to Keith.

“I’m fully aware of that thank yOU.” He ducked as Shiro launched a plate with a half eaten sandwich on it at his head.

“Hey that was my snack!” Pidge yelled, stepping in front of Shiro.

“Now is not the time pidge!” He didn’t break eye contact with Keith, feeling for something else to throw at him. “What were you thinking?!” He yelled at Keith, his galra arm slamming on the counter in anger, cracking it slightly. Keith gulped, imagining his head under the strong mans arm.

Hunk made his way over to the island, going to one side, Shiro to the other. Keith was a panicked animal trapped in a corner. Shiro and hunk lunged and Keith hopped back over the island like a hurdle. The yellow and black paladins bashed heads and groaned but Shiro was up again, following Keith’s suit, launching himself over the counter. Keith was almost to the door when Shiro had caught him, tackling him like his life depended on it, straddling him and lifting his hand to punch Keith, who cowered, putting his hands up to try and protect his face. Pidge was beside Shiro in a second, trying to hold his hand back, making just enough of a difference to prevent Shiro from hammering down on Keith.

“Shiro you need to stop!”

“Pidge let go!”

“Hunk a little help please?!”

“I say we let him punch Keith’s face in.”


“Pidge I said LET GO.”



“Shiro I swear to gOD”

“Guys what the hell?” Lance stood in the doorway, gaping at the image that layed out before him. Everyone looked up to the blue paladin and froze their argument. There was a shattered plate in the floor, pidges drink had been spilled in the leaping over the island, Hunk stood angry, leaning on the counter, holding his head, Shiro was straddling a nearly nude Keith, ready to punch him, and pidge, trying desperately to do damage control and failing miserably. “What are you doing?” Allura appeared behind lance and gasped at the scene.

“Paladins! What in the world happened?” Her hands found their way to her hips and she looked at them each for an answer. Keith still hadn’t moved his hands or unclenched his eyes. Lance glanced at each of them, Shiro and Hunks faces had softened as they saw Lance and he scowled at them, turning to storm away.

“Wait! Lance!” Shiro stood up and Keith went to move away from him. “You. Stay.” Keith shrivelled under Shiros gaze as he pointed to the smaller boy in a commanding manner. Allura took a step in front of Shiro and placed a hand on his chest.

“I think you need a few minutes to yourself.” She glowered at him.

“No! I need to go-”

“Shiro.” It turned from a suggestion into a command and there was a growl of defiance before he glanced down to the princess, letting his common sense seep back into his head. Had he really done that? Had he honestly been THAT willing to punch Keith?

“You’re right.” He sighed, pulling away. “I need a minute.” He walked over to the table and sat down, head in hands so he could have his thoughts to himself. Hunk walked over to allura.

“Princess please, I need to talk to him as a protective friend, not as a protective alpha.” Allura let this idea roll around in her head, weighing pros and cons.

“Fine.” She sighed “but be careful.” The princes stepped aside and let the yellow paladin pass. “Hunk,” he froze “send my best wishes, I don’t know what happened but Lance seems distressed.” Hunk nodded and continued down the hallway.

Keith stayed on the floor, his knees pulled into his chest, he looked up at the princess for pity, but received none. She frowned at him. He pushed his gaze into his elbows. His shoulder blades stuck out and he felt weak, he felt small, he felt helpless and had never regretted anything more than he had regretted sleeping with Lance Mcclain.

…to be continued…

Mated Pt 15 // The End // Werewolf Shawn

This is it! The end! Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on this series. I hope you will all enjoy reading it many times over. It’s been an amazing ride. Shout out to everyone who helped me along the way and gave me ideas and inspiration. Special shout out to @pancakeclouds because this fic wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for her and I bouncing ideas off each other one night.  

Summary: You and Shawn are mates. He’s an alpha werewolf. You’re a human. Human’s aren’t usually mated to werewolves, but that won’t stop both of you from falling in love anyway.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10| Part 11 |  Part 12 | Part 13 |  Part 14

One Month Later…

You start getting sick almost every morning for a week and Shawn becomes concerned. He takes off work to stay home with you while you do your online classes. Nausea hits you in waves throughout days but you insist it’s just a stomach bug, that you would be better in a few more days.

A few more days pass and you aren’t any better. Shawn takes you to the doctor. The two of you sit in the exam room after the nurse had you pee in a cup and then took blood. You’re feeling lightheaded and dizzy. Shawn holds your hand, but he isn’t able to heal you.

“Mrs. Mendes?” the doctor looks at the sheet and then to you.

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Loki x Reader: The Valkyrie

Some self indulgent nonsense, feel free to not like it, I don’t even know how I feel about it. Basically a drabble that I had been thinking about since before Thor 3 had a release date and there was a Valkyrie in the movie - I always pictured them with wings but yea, I like the idea of the wings being a magical illusion, but I might add more if people think it’s worth it, like I said, kinda self indulgent (no spoilers, this is an old idea that I finally wrote)

“Allfather,” A guard called to Loki. Loki turned still working on getting used to the title in his current disguise. “Have you forgotten?” The guard smiled placatingly, perhaps amused that Odin might be growing old and forgetful.

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Running Down a Dream Part 3

Summary:  After a road race leads to a steamy night with Dean, things have taken an unexpected turn.  What happens now?

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1900+

Warnings: canon typical violence, smut (unprotected sex, wrap it up people)

A/N:  If you missed Part One or Part Two, get caught up.  Thank you so much for all of your feedback on this mini-series!  This is the final part.

Thank you to my Mastabeta @wheresthekillswitch for checking my words.  Love you Lee!



“It’s better if I just show you.  We won’t have to wait too much longer.  Just, don’t freak out ok?”  He lies down on the couch and closes his eyes.

Confused, you stay quiet.  Now you’re convinced something’s not right, Jake’s behavior is verging on unhinged and you’re worried about what he’s going do.

A few minutes later Jake starts to convulse and change; his fingernails grow long and sharp, as do his teeth.  He stands, letting out a howl and you scream.


Dean’s POV

“Tell me you got something, Sam,” I snap as soon as I pick up the phone.  I don’t mean to, but if Y/n’s in trouble I need to find her fast.

“It’s thin,” my brother answers with a huff.  “But it looks like there was a guy who worked at the mill not too long ago before he was fired.”


“He used to date Y/n.”

“So what?  Newly made werewolf goes on revenge rampage?”


“Where does he live?”

“He’s got a place at the edge of town.  But, Dean-.”

“But, nothing, Sam.  I’m going now.   Text me the address and meet me there.”

“Ok.  Dean?”


“Be careful.”

Tossing my phone onto the seat and gripping the steering wheel, I press down on the gas.


“Shut up!” Jake yells.

Pain bursts across your face and you see stars.   Blinking to clear them, your mouth fills with saliva as a metallic tang swirls over your tongue.

“I’m sorry.  Shit!  Just be quiet ok?”

“Jake, please.  Just let me go.”

“No.  You’ll see, it’s gonna be great.  We’ll get back together and we’ll be better than ever.  Now I don’t know how this works exactly, but I know I need to bite you.”  He leans close, his breath hot and smelling of rotted meat.


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