when he looks up at her

I’m so scared because you never shut up about how much you love me, but my brother’s best friend couldn’t shut up either about how much he loved his girlfriend, and now 2 years later he finds himself looking at other girls in nightclubs. He’s getting tired of her eventually, and the saddest part is that she’s still into him.
For now you never let go of my hand when we’re in nightclubs, and you don’t want to dance with anyone but me, but I’m so scared that one day, 2 years from now, you’ll leave me alone on a seat, and your eyes will imperceptibly scan the crowd in search of other prettier, skinnier, funnier girls.
You will get tired of me eventually, and the saddest part is that, I’ll still be into you.
—  Let’s not end up like this

Request: You and Jughead don’t like each other and trade insults all the time, until one day you’re thrown together and start making out furiously.

Requested by: anonymous

You were sandwiched between Betty and the wall in a booth at Pop’s. You frowned across the table at Jughead, who had a similarly unamused look upon his face. You were trying to be civil with him, but he kept insisting upon glaring at you instead of just leaving you alone.

It was Betty’s birthday and she had invited you, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead to have dinner at Pop’s before her party. Betty was one of your best friends, so of course you said yes, but the meal turned sour when you ended up stuck across from Jughead. Betty and Veronica were chatting away, with Archie chiming in from time to time. You were trying to focus on your food.

Pop walked over to the booth carrying a large strawberry milkshake with extra whipped cream on top. He placed it in front of Betty before stating with a jolly laugh, “On the house, Betty. Happy Birthday!” Everyone at the table, including Pop, burst into the Happy Birthday song. You joined in, glad to be celebrating Betty instead of focusing on Jughead.

“Would any of you kids like a milkshake?” Pop asked after the song was over. Archie and Veronica both ordered before Pop turned to you.

“I’d like a chocolate milkshake.” You said politely.

“I’ll take a chocolate milkshake as well.” Jughead said.

“Coming right up kids.” Pop smiled before walking to the back.

A few minutes later, Pop came back carrying three milkshakes. He was scowling. “I’m sorry kids, we only had enough chocolate ice cream left for one milkshake.” He placed it in the middle of the table between you and Jughead.

“That’s okay, Pop. We’ll figure it out.” You said politely. As soon as he was gone, your eyes shot towards Jughead. He had already grabbed the milkshake.

“That’s my milkshake.” You said, unamused.

“I got to it first.” He shrugged, dipping his straw into the drink.

“And I ordered first, so it’s my milkshake.”

“That’s too bad.” He said mockingly, before taking a sip. You really wished you had laser vision.

“Jughead, don’t be childish. Share it.” Betty told him. That was Betty, always trying to remedy the situation between you and Jughead.

He rolled his eyes, before sliding it across the table. You smirked at him before scooping out some ice cream. “You know what? I don’t want it anymore.” He said dryly.

You looked at him incredulously. Was he really that childish? “Whatever, more for me.”


Thank god you were at a party. They really weren’t Jughead’s scene, so you never had to see him. You were enjoying yourself, talking and laughing with Veronica and Archie.

By 9 pm, a raging game of spin the bottle truth or dare was in full swing. Someone would spin the bottle and whoever it landed on would be asked to pick truth or dare. It was Veronica’s turn to spin.

As the bottle spun around, you couldn’t help but hope it wouldn’t land on you. You didn’t want to do anything wild and become the girl who made out with some loser or something. Unfortunately, the bottle slowed and stopped just as it pointed to you.

You sighed. You had to pick dare. Everyone else had chosen it and you didn’t want to be the only one who chickened out. “What kind of dare you got for me, Ronnie?”

She sat there for a few seconds, thinking. Archie leaned over and whispered something in her ear and her eyes lit up. “That’s good!” She turned to you. “I dare you to experience seven minutes in heaven with…” She looked around the room, before her eyes landed on the last person you ever wanted to be locked in a closet with. “Jughead.”

He was leaning against the wall in the corner of the room, watching the game silently. When you glanced over at him, he was scowling. And so were you. “Really, Ronnie? Of all the people…” you were irritated. Why did they have to do this to you?

“You have to, [Y/N].” She stood up, grabbing your hand and pulling you up with her. She led you to the closet, before opening the door and gesturing for you to enter. You looked over at Betty, hoping she would stop this, but she only mouthed ‘sorry.’ You rolled your eyes, but entered the small room.

“No way.” Jughead didn’t move from his spot in the corner.

“Archie, a little help?” Veronica asked.

Archie jumped up, and walked over to Jughead. He was much stronger than Jughead, so it was easy for him to push Jughead towards the closet. With a final shove, Jughead fell into the closet. Unfortunately, he fell on top of you just after Veronica slammed the door shut.

He knocked you over, and you knocked over a couple of board games that were on the shelves behind you.

“Keep It down you two!” Someone yelled from outside, causing everyone else to laugh.

You rolled your eyes. This was so mature.

Jughead quickly found his footing and took a step towards the corner of the closet, not bothering to help you up.

“Thanks for the help.” You said sarcastically, getting up and picking up the board games that had fallen.

“Thanks for getting us into this situation.” He said, annoyed.

“Oh, I got us into this situation?” You turned towards him, growing irritated.

“Yeah, if you weren’t so rude to me all the time, they wouldn’t have forced us into this closet.”

“Oh, I’m the rude one? Okay.” Your sarcasm grew stronger with every sentence.

“Or if you just hadn’t picked dare like a dumbass.” He continued grilling you.

“And what else was I supposed to pick? Everyone was picking dare.” You took a step closer to him, so you could get in his face. You weren’t going to take his crap.

“You need to stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing.” He took a step closer to you, so you were right in each other’s faces.

“Oh yeah, like I should be taking advice from-“ Before you could finish your sentence, he leaned closer to you, pressing his lips into yours.

You were caught by surprise, and tried to lean out of it, but his lips felt so warm on yours that you couldn’t. His kiss was full of anger and he leaned into it, pushing you against the wall. You didn’t understand it or why it was happening, but it felt too good to break. You wrapped your arms around his neck, digging your hands into the hair underneath his beanie and bringing him closer to you.

When the two of you finally pulled apart, he took a step back. His eyes burned into yours, intense and full of desire. You couldn’t help but breath hard after that intense make out session. You still had three minutes left in heaven and you sure as hell weren’t going to let it slip away.

You roughly grabbed him by the collar and pulled him back to you, locking lips again. You could tell he was surprised you wanted more, as his kiss was sloppy. You didn’t care. His lips just felt so good against yours.

He pulled away again, this time backing away from you until his back was against the opposite wall. “You’ve got about 30 seconds before someone’s going to come crashing through that door.” He said quietly, straightening the beanie on top of his hair.

“So are we going to talk about that?” You asked as you flattened your frizzed hair and straightened your shirt.

Jughead watched you intensely with the same hungry look in his eyes. You could tell he was resisting. He shook his head slowly. “It’s probably better if we don’t.”

Before you could utter another word, the door flew open and in marched Veronica. “Nice to see you could get along for a few minutes.” She laughed, grabbing your arm and pulling you out of the closet. You glanced over at Jughead as you were leaving, but he was staring at the wall where you had just stood.

Everything was confusing you. Why did he do that? Why did you like it so much? Did you no longer hate Jughead? Everything he did was so annoying, and yet you loved the way his lips felt against yours. You were hungry for more and you knew he was, too. The only question left was: How could you see him again?

Under My Protection

 Requested by anon: jared leto joker drabble 34 please and thankyou - haley 

 Pairing: Joker X Reader

 Word count: 877

 Drabble:  He creeped me out. I’m not gonna lie.

 You and Harley have been best friends since you gave her shelter when Batman was after her. That was two years ago. Since then, she has been trying to drag you into her world. You can’t lie, you kinda like it. The loud music, the long nights and the expensive gifts she always brings you.

 Right now you hear her, breaking in your apartment again. At 3 a.m. Groaning and tossing around, you hope she’s just looking for something. But of course not.

 “Wake up! Wake up!” She swings the door open, making you jump on the bed and sit up. “Guess who you’ll meet tonight?”

 “Who?” You ask in a sleepy voice.

 “My ex.” Her bright smile doesn’t fade. Harley broke up definitely with the Joker.

 The Joker. Like, the baddest of the bad. You never saw the man and you honestly don’t want to. It’s good to know that Harley finally got over him, and now they’re just partners in crime.

 “I don’t want to meet him.” You push her away playfully when she jumps in your bed. “You can go and tell him I said ‘hi’.”

 “No. You’re coming. Now go and put on that sexy dress I gave you.”

 Arguing with Harley is useless, so you get up and take a quick shower. She gave you many dresses. All of them short and tight. So you choose the purple one, which isn’t so short but has a deep cleavage. For some reason, Harley loves your breasts and wants you to show them to the world. With a sigh, you leave the bathroom, just to put another smile on your friend’s face.

 “That’s how I like it. Everyone on his club will stare at you.”

 “I know.”

 The car is stolen, that’s obvious. When she stops, you can’t help but beg her to take you back home. But no. Harley drags you through alleys and them downstairs until the most ridiculous dance club you’ve ever seemed. Everything seems expensive, and these people seem to be very very rich.

 “Holy shit. There are, like… People from the government here.”

 “Well, just don’t tell anyone.”

 You’d answer, but Harley screams. She guides you throughout the endless tables and many half naked girls to what seems to be the backstage.

 “He doesn’t live here, so don’t ask him that.” That’s when you notice that she’s knocking on a wooden door. Soon enough someone opens it.

 “So you brought me a gift.” The man stares down at you, hungry eyes and a weird smile. The Joker is even scarier in person.

 “She’s not a gift. She’s (Y/N). Remember?”

 “Such a pretty little thing…” When he allows you both to walk in, you pretend not to be surprised. Three dead bodies beside his huge desk, and lots of different guns on it.

 “Now. Let’s get to business.” Harley says in a singsong voice.

 “No. I want to get to know this friend of yours.” Joker sits on the couch, ignoring the men who come to drag the corpses to God knows where.

 They both keep staring, waiting for you to say something.

 “What? You’re a fucking villain, I don’t know what to say.” Rolling your eyes, you sit on his desk, not bothering to ask for permission. “This is insane. Three dead men? Seriously?”

 “Oh, she’s so sweet, isn’t she?” Harley grabs Joker’s arm and shakes it. But his eyes don’t leave you until it starts to feel uncomfortable.

 “Yes, she is.”

 His low voice sends shivers down your spine. Crossing your legs, you clean your throat, trying to make this weird sensation go away.

 “So. You two have business?”

 “Yes. I actually have business with many people, as you can see.” Joker stands up, walking up to his desk.

 Choosing to be smart, you jump to the ground, but when you step away from the desk, he stops right before you, blocking your way. His eyes are locked on yours, so you can’t help being a bit scared.

 “Let me…”

 His cold fingers touch your chin, moving down to your neck and then your shoulders.

 “I have dangerous people coming and I don’t want you anywhere near them.” Joker turns to face Harley, who’s still sitting there, a smile on her lips. “Take her home, Harley. She’s under my protection.”

 Before you could say anything, Harley takes you by the hand and drags you out the damn club. You wanted to stay. To see those men, to see more of Joker.

 Harley gladly drives you home through the dark and empty streets of Gotham.

 “Sooooooo. Did you like him?”

 “He creeped me out. I’m not gonna lie.” You take a deep breath. She wouldn’t let it go. “But yes, I guess he’s not that… bad.”

 “I knew it! I rather him to date you than any of those bitches.” She turns left, forcing you to hold onto your seat.

 “Okay then.”

 “I’m not gonna be the only one breaking into your apartment at 3 a.m. now.”

 You can’t help but laugh. This life isn’t for you, well, that’s what you tell yourself every night. But you have to admit: it does make you feel alive. Now you can barely wait for Joker to break into your apartment.

Ok listen

I know..I know that the bedroom scene from ep 5 was near perfect with all that tension and unspoken attraction…I know…..but just listen…. Jughead was nervous walking up the stairs inside the cooper house, the tie in his hand twisted painfully in his grip. What was he thinking? He felt uncomfortable in this getup. Like he looked stupid. Betty was probably going to laugh at him.. He had reached her bedroom door by now . It had been left a jar so he didn’t bother knocking. Pushing it open he tried to compose himself by sticking to his normal sarcasm.

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast?”

she was standing in front of her mirror, adjusting her cardigan.

he braced himself when she turned around, ready to hear her mock him.

but she just grinned. looked him up and down and grinned. she wasnt laughing at him like he thought.

he felt the back of his neck heat up and resisted the urge to adjust his collar. it was suddenly too hot in the room-too hot in the suit.

“Its the best I could do” he tried to defuse the tension he was sure only he felt.

“although I think I might still need your help..” he lifted his clenched fist with the tie still wrapped around it.

She just shook her head fondly and stepped up to him, taking his appearance in entirely, unashamedly. She knew it was making him feel uncomfortable but she couldnt help it. He looked too cute. It wasn’t just that he cleaned up nicely, and he certainly did, no, it was his shyness, the faint blush running up his neck, the slight shuffle of his feet, his fidgeting fingers playing with the tie.

She stilled his hands with hers in front of him. Her fingers felt cool against his as she slid the silky material through his hands. His senses were in overdrive. He felt it all at once. His skin was hot, his palms were sweaty, he felt like he was suffocating but he couldnt step away from her. he thought he might crumble if he did. So instead, he took a deep breath and held it. A mistake because she took that moment to step even closer and wrap the tie around his neck.He breathed in her sweet floral scent and was filled with it. It was too much and not enough at the same time. He let out a shaky breath and watched mesmerized as it softly ruffled the loose hair framing her face. His eyes involuntarily fluttered shut when he felt her against his neck as she adjusted his collar.

“All done” She sounded as breathless as he felt.

Her fingers dancing down his chest as she smoothed out the wrinkles in his tie.

They met each others eyes.

“Thanks Betts” He licked his suddenly dry lips

“Anytime Juggie”


So a few days ago I answered a prompt and wrote this
Some people asked for a continuation, and since I am a woman of the people, I obliged! (Edited by the wonderful @alittlemissfit)

The music playing in the mansion was so loud Scully could hear it outside. Rolling her eyes she inwardly groans, starts fantasizing about a vanilla scented bubble bath and a glass of wine.
Mulder comes up behind her and holds out his elbow with a smile. Blushing she promptly takes his arm.

The one positive of tonight was that he was attending the New Years party with her. When he’d picked her up at her apartment she nearly did a double take. Mulder looked handsome on a bad day, but he could clean up nice if prompted to. He was wearing tight jeans, a white button down shirt, a black suit coat and no over the top tie. He looked like he’d just stepped out of a GQ ad, and as pleased as she was he was her date tonight Scully was struggling to keep less appropriate thoughts out of her mind.

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This ep fucked me up from all ends! SCREW YOU PLEC!!!

Me when Kai was singing karaoke:

When Damon broke my baby’s neck:

When they put him in the cell and he was deliberately calling everyone by different names AHAHAHAHAHAHAH: 

When he was telling his life story, how they isolated him, they wouldn’t even HUG MY BABY! Not cool Papa Parker! Not cool!:

When he broke the cell glass like a fucking boss and the teased Alaric over the phone while trying to find and axe the girls, looking HOT AS EVER:

When he kicked Ric in the balls and then punched him.

When they broke his neck again:

When Bonnie chained him up and he was turned on by the idea of her punishing him:

When Bonnie told him he cannot escape this prison world and that he will remain there for the rest of his life:



When Bonnie left Kai behind:


So I’ll probably be watching the next ep just so I can see Katerina Petrova fuck them the hell up for everything they did to her and my Kai. For making us relive the pain of losing Kai ALL OVER AGAIN. THE QUEEN OF HELL BE LIKE:

What I’m hoping might happen is; firstly Katherine baby, PLEASE BRING KAI BACK. IF I CAN’T HAVE BONKAI I WANT KAITHERINE! 

Other than that I hope KATHERINE CRASHES THEM!!! Although I don’t have high expectations. We all know Plec likes to toy with our feeling so a Kai x Katherine spin-off seems unlikely. She’s just toying with our nostalgia and love for the characters she creates, then tries to redeem and then takes away from us, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Plec be like:

Anyways. I don’t know what to do with my feelings rn. Happiness, sadness, anger, nostalgia, heartbreak! I would hope my wishes of a Kai x Katherine spin-off come true or at least my wishes of my two murderous babies getting away from Mystic falls and being left alone to live but…:

You're too sweet | 1

pairings/characters: jung hoseok x reader x min yoongi

words: 2720

genre: angst,smut

trigger warnings: mentions of alcohol and graphic smut

summary: when one ruthlessly breaks his heart, he’s only left with nightmares of her. No memories just plain fear. When this fear leads him to run away from every person he had ever loved. Can you sort out through this mess and pull him out of his nightmares?

Originally posted by chimchams

There was a loud knock on the door, the little thuds against the hardwood, loud enough to wake him up. His eyes fluttered open, only to notice the lack of light in the once bright room, signaling the fact that its way past sunset. He was still clad in the same clothes, the white shirt clung to his chest, jeans suddenly looking too tattered to be worn on a night out. His jacket was thrown across the room, probably a protest from his body to sleep comfortably.

Everything else was the same, the pictures, the books, the emptiness and the lies. They were left intact, making him wish that there was a tornado that could rip each material to shreds.

After spending an exact 2 minutes staring at the barren ceiling, letting the air of the air conditioner graze his skin; he stands up sharply, still a bit lost from his unprecedented nap. He shook his head a few time, blinking his eyes open to gain consciousness.

His blonde hair was a mess atop his head, fly sways straying away from his head to poof up into a mess. But he still looked good. (Well in the eyes of any female, he would still be attractive)

He was still a bit dazed, the feeling you have where for a few seconds you can’t comprehend a single detail in the universe and suddenly you feel like a new person. That’s exactly what he felt, like a new person that emerged within him.

“Hyung we’re leaving in 5.”

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I absolutely love how Dean acts around Mary. He is closed off and cautious, guarded. Gone is the son who looked at his mother with stars in his eyes, in his place is a seasoned hunter –ever suspicious, ever ready for the other shoe to drop. 

Dean loves with all his heart, but when he is betrayed, when his trust is broken, his walls go up and his hunter instincts kick in. When he first met Mary, he was open and honest with her, he let himself be vulnerable around her. He trusted her. But then she left him, abandoned him and now she has betrayed him. He still loves his mother, but he doesn’t trust her anymore. Now, he’s wary and resigned, and he refuses to be vulnerable around her. Because he doesn’t trust her to not break his heart again. 

ravenclaw x slytherin

Can you do a female Ravenclaw x male Slytherin? Thankssssss

Hi yeah of course xx Ravenclaw x slytherin relationships would include:

  • slytherin would totally adore ravenclaw
  • and he’d be staring at her with this goofy smile on his face as she studies or plays wizard chess or whatever
  • and the minute she looks over at him, he turns away with a serious face, barely making eye contact
  • ravenclaw muggle born teaching slytherin how to Skype for school holidays
  • skyping for hours at a time
  • accidentally falling asleep whilst skyping
  • other Slytherins telling ravenclaw how he wont shut up about her
  • other Ravenclaws and Slytherins kinda annoyed by the relationship
  • not because theyre from different houses or muggle/pure blood
  • just because ravenclaw keeps forgetting about quidditch practice and slytherin can’t remember when he has prefect duties
  • smiling into kisses
  • ok but puns and inside jokes
  • so so so so many inside jokes
  • ravenclaw keeps making really bad puns and slytherin thinks theyre terrible but also can’t stop from smiling
  • tickling ravenclaw when shes trying to be mad at him
  • slytherin leaning against the wall with one shoulder and ravenclaw loving it
  • its one of her tiny little turn ons
  • she thinks he looks really hot when he does it
  • slytherin constantly plays with his hair
  • and he subconsciously does it whenever he sees her at the end of the hall or coming out of a classroom because she makes him nervous
  • wizard chess tournaments
  • ravenclaw who’s really strategic
  • but slytherin has been playing since he was a kid
  • cOMPetIONs aLL daY
  • stealing food from the other’s plate
  • and ravenclaw screaming about it because ITS MINE YOU BITCH GIVE IT BACK
  • and slytherin smugly placing the food in his mouth
  • looks like you’re gonna have to kiss me for it now
  • accidentally leaving their things at each other’s dorms because they study together all the time
  • holding each others possessions hostage to get the other to do something for them
  • ravenclaw would always say something like if you want it you have to dance like a monkey in the common room
  • whereas slytherin would be like you have to kiss me
  • in a group of friends when someone says something about love, ravenclaw stares right at slytherin and with a straight face says just like me and my books
  • slytherin laughs because shes so cute but is kinda self conscious about how much he likes her because he loves this fucking girl who just said that she was in a serious relationship with her books

and just so many ravenclaw x slytherin feels??????

I wanna do another one I love this ship :))) hope you liked it xx

The Fire In Which We Burn Part 15: When Worlds Collide

At long last, an update! Can also be found on ff.net here and AO3 here. Many thanks to @broomclosetkink for her fantabulous betaing skills! Molly wakes up in the bedroom belonging to the man of her dreams. How will she react when Sherlock explains to her how literally true that expression is in this case?

She was sunning herself on a tropical beach, enjoying the breathtaking view of the ocean in front of her. Sherlock was there, wearing a sinfully tight white button-up, black suit, and his Belstaff. “You’ll fry if you stay in the sun much longer,” he warned her, but she just rolled onto her stomach and told him to make himself useful by rubbing some sunblock onto her. She hummed her approval as she felt his long, elegant fingers pressing against her back, but when she looked over her shoulder to thank him, the words froze in her throat.

“Surprise, luv!” Jim Moriarty chirped as he showed her the cooking oil he’d been rubbing on her skin. “Time to fry!”

Molly screamed herself awake, arms flailing and legs kicking as she toppled over the side of the bed. She hit the floor with a loud thump, coming fully awake as she tried to orient herself. What the hell - ? This wasn’t her bedroom, wasn’t any bedroom she recognized at all.

The sound of pounding feet and a door being flung open caught her attention; she tried to rise to her feet but found herself instead fighting the yards of fabric in which she seemed to be trapped. Why on earth was she wearing such a massively oversized night-gown, and why did she feel as if she’d accidentally fallen asleep in a tanning booth? Her entire body had that telltale tingle to it that signified sunburn, something she was always careful to avoid. While she struggled regain her footing, both literally and figuratively, she reached out with one hand and gripped the edge of the bed as she finally made it to her feet. When she looked up, she was stunned to see Sherlock moving toward her with an alarmed expression on his face.

“Sherlock?” she said, shocked to see him - and thrilled. He stopped near the foot of the mahogany sleigh-bed, watching intently as she steadied herself. “You’re alive, you’re all right, oh my God, I’ve been so worried!” she exclaimed, wadding up the material of her oversized nightgown and starting forward.

“Doctor Hooper, I’m afraid you’re laboring under somewhat of a misapprehension,” he said, averting his eyes as she bared her calves.

The voice froze her in her tracks; it was Sherlock’s, but there was something about the way he spoke, the intonation of his words - ‘Doctor Hooper?’ - that was the slightest bit off. And his clothes, what on Earth was he wearing? Some sort of dressing-gown over a rumpled white button up and dark grey trousers held up by braces, clothes she’d never seen on him before.

Except, her mind whispered to her, in a vision.

Moving slowly, as if in a trance, she walked up to him. He made as if to back away, but Molly reached out and grasped the sleeve of his dressing-gown, halting him. Pressing forward until she was only inches away, she looked searchingly into his eyes.

His grey eyes.

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Originally posted by whenisayrunrun

Imagine being kind of like a girlfriend to Sherlock, but you don’t use relationship labels, which really confuses John

“So let me get this straight,” John said, eyebrows furrowed to the point of almost touching. Sherlock didn’t bother looking up from his phone and barely hummed, letting his companion know that he was (kinda) listening.
“You text her every day, meet with her for lunch most days, and you’ve kissed her, multiple times,” Sherlock only hummed  in response, “and you’re not dating her?”
“And you don’t plan to?”
“No. I thought that much was obvious when I told you ‘we are not dating and I don’t plan on dating her.’”
John opened his mouth to ask another question, but closed it when he realized that he shouldn’t even try to make sense out of Sherlock’s ways. Sherlock smirked as his phone, once again, chimed, meaning he had another text message. He stood and crossed the room to grab his coat.
“Where are you going?” John asked.
“I’m meeting (Y/N) for dinner. Be back later tonight,” Sherlock walked out the door, but opened it back up before he could close it completely, “Or tomorrow.”

• the butterfly curse

nonnie requested: Can i request angst barry/reader fic in which she has a crush on him 4ever? when she has power to rewrite the past, she used it to get barry to love her. She changed it so many times cuz something always gone wrong kinda like butterfly effect. Pls?

A/N: Hello! Sorry for your wait. I had to look up and researched about the butterfly effect with all that stuff. Now, I’m not sure if this is correctly done for your taste but I hope you enjoy it. This goes from before his powers to when he does to other alternative versions of I made up of Barry. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by fade-with-me

                    » Relationship(s): Barry Allen & Reader (unrequited love), Barry Allen/Iris West « 

You were once just an average person, no special gifts or talents besides being you and would live a normal life. Least that’s what you thought for a while until you met Barry whom was just a forensic scientist at the CCPD and let’s just say, the kind of clumsy and rambling man began to take over your life. You had a crush on him but you could never put yourself together to say how you felt to him as life would have until you began to have powers from being affected. You soon realized you had the power to rewrite the past and then you could have Barry Allen to yourself right?

So that’s exactly what you did and for the first time it did work, you had Barry to yourself. He didn’t get his superhero powers in this present as he was still normal Barry who babbled on and on. You two were happy together but that would only last for so long until he was involved in a hit and run. He, being the who got hit too hard and lost his life from it. But that’s okay right? You could just keep rewriting until you had your life perfect the way you wanted with your powers. This time, Barry was the Flash but not of the hero kind. He was a villain who had fun and enjoyment of the suffering of others as he’d think you were just a toy.

Not that Barry you wanted so you kept writing and changing everything with so many different versions of Barry. None of which turned out like your daydreams, you couldn’t handle it anymore as you decided to write the past one more time. You wrote it to where you read the newspapers of young Barry whom lost his mother of some blur and his father went to prison of murder for it. You cried softly as fate would have it that no matter how much you try, you will never have Barry. He wasn’t the one for you, no matter how many weddings you two had or the memories of him giving you silly gifts on your desk at the CCPD in other versions.

Or how his lips pressed up against yours, it never lasted for a good while. It was too much until you finally got the present day of before you got the powers. You were just Y/N L/N who was in love Bartholomew Allen but you two were not meant to be. No matter how much you try to write the perfect past, you couldn’t get the guy. Love is something that can make you feel amazing but it also can be most devastating disaster. And well, it wasn’t on your side for Barry as you saw him hold hands with Iris who was Joe’s daughter right?

They looked so…happy. As you wished and wished to be her with him instead of sitting at your desk, staring at how much in love they were. As you didn’t exist in the mind of Bartholomew Henry Allen in this timeline anymore besides a complete stranger.



Never leave me again

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Jordan Parrish x Reader 

Request :  Hi! If you have time, could you do a reader x Jordan Parrish where they always flirts and eventually sleep together, but then the reader discovers she is pregnant? So she tries to escape during the night (because she thinks Parrish will hate/reject her and the baby), and when he notices she’s missing, he panics and goes looking for her? Thank you

Warnings : smut , teasing , Pregnant!Reader 

     Your scent , the way you moved your hips , your hair , your mouth , your beautiful eyes , all about you drove him crazy you always tried to spend more time with him in order to see if he feels something for you but he never said anything , neither did something until one night you both got drunk at your house .


     After a fucked up week at work you decided to invite Parrish at your house , he was your partner at work so you had some reasons to invite him bedside your feelings for him that were growing more and more until you loved him so much that you was sure that if he will ever tell you that he wants to be more than friends with you , you’ll accept without even thinking about it .

     After a few glasses of wine and a heated chat you couldn’t keep hands of each other . You brought Parrish to your room and he pressed you against the wall his lips kissing yours hungrily , you dug your hands in his hair messing up his locks while he was kissing down your jaw and to your neck . Slowly the clothes disappeared from yours and Parrish’s body . his hands traveled all over your body , his lips getting stuck at your neck and nipples while his hand made circles on your tummy as mire moans escaped your lips he made his way down your waist and ripped your underwear before touching you in the most intimate zone on your body .

     “ Parrish , please …” you moaned out and he got the message , he got fully undressed and he was on top on you in a matter of seconds . He buried his manhood into your tight , wet pussy and moved slow at the beginning before increasing speed more and more until you got truly lost in the act of love making . In that night he came several times inside of you but at that moment you didn’t even realized what was happening , you just knew that the man that you loved made love to you . You didn’t cared that you woke up alone because it was the most wonderful night of your life .

           End of Flashback 

     From that night everything changed , you and Parrish became inseparable and you even moved on with him . He was a great lover , he took care of you , loved you , made you happy and he was amazing in bed but besides all of that he was the chosen one , the one made for your heart and everything was fine until something destroyed the clam in your mind .

     It was the fourth time in this day when you needed to go to the bathroom in order not to vomit all over the papers on your desk , your co-workers were worried for you and this all made the things even worse since Parrish was gone with the sheriff and you didn’t wanted to ask Parrish to come back just to give you a drive home .

     “ Come with me !” Deputy Clark said and you followed her out of the station . She stopped to a drugstore before finally arriving to Parrish’s house .

     “ Take this !” She said handing you a little bag that she got from the drugstore . You looked into the bag and your face went pale .

     “ Don’t you think that I’m … ?” You whispered and she sighed .

     “ I’m not sure (Y/N) but it’s better to check , if you’re not than maybe you should go to the hospital to run some tests .

     “ Thank you !” your small voice said and you got out of the car , you hurried into the house and ran straight to the bathroom . After doing what you needed to do with the 4 pregnancy tests you waited for 5 excruciating minutes until they showed the answer and they were all positive . Your hand immediately went to your belly and you felt the room spin . 

     You got yourself pregnant . What if Parrish doesn’t want the child ? What if he doesn’t wants me anymore ? What if he wants me to do an abortion ? I don’t want to give up on my child . I don’t want to do that . I don’t want anything bad to happen to my little baby . But if Parrish doesn’t wants it what am I going to do ? all this thought and even more rushed trough your head , you was worried about you and the baby so you decided to go away rather than to hear Parrish rejecting you and the child .

     At 8 PM Parrish returned home , his hands went around your waist and he pulled you extremely close to him as is he wanted to bury you in his body .

     “ What happened today at work ? The others said that you felt really bad and Clark brought you home .” Parrish asked concerned and you tried to smile even if it didn’t reached your eyes .

     “ Nothing , maybe it was from the last night food , nothing to worry about .” You answered and Parrish kissed your lips before letting you go . You two ate in a comfortable silence which gave you time to think about how you’re going to disappear .

     It was almost 12 AM when you got out of the bed and got dressed into some casual clothes before picking you a bag that you hid downstairs in the closet as you knew that Parrish will never look for it in there .

     You went outside and got into your car , you started the engine and drove silently until you arrived to the next street so you could safely speed up .

     Driving into that dark night wasn’t safe and the tears that steamed down your face were making diving even more dangerous . You drove alone in silence for hours until you hear another car behind you . It drives fast and soon it stops in front of your car making you stop . You knew too good who owned that car and it wasn’t a surprise for you when Parrish got out of the car a concerned look on his face . Your face was still covered in tears whom never stopped crying so when Parrish opened the door he was hit by your wet face and red puffy eyes . You jumped from the car in his arms and started to cry very loud as you couldn’t stop the feeling of pain in your chest .

     “ Shhh baby , you’re alright . You’re safe .” Jordan whispered to you thing that made you cry even harder .

     “ I’m so sorry .” you whimpered in his chest and he kissed the top of your head . “ I never meant for it to happen , I’m so sorry Jordan . Please don’t push me away .” the whining sound made Parrish’s heart melt and he was just confused about what you talked .

     “ What are you talking about ?” he asked as he put a hand under your chin so you’ll look him in the eye .

     “ I’m pregnant …” your whisper was almost to low to be heard but Parrish got it .

     “ (Y/N) , I love you . I’m happy that we’re going to have a child and I love you more than you can image . You made me the happiest man on Earth but please never leave me again . I need you here with me . You and my child . Okay ?” he told you and you nodded your head in approval .

     “ I love you .” you whispered and he kissed the top of your head before he got you in his car and drove both of you home . You fell asleep in the car and Parrish couldn’t help bit look at you and think about how much he loved you and your unborn child .

Starting in the Middle

Trying out some Lyatt again because the finale killed me. Based on this headcanon by @victoria-tonks, slightly modified to make it work as a post-finale drabble, I hope you don’t mind!

His skin itched with a restlessness he couldn’t shake, even now that everything was safe. He kept looking up, into doorways, around corners, expecting Lucy to come back, to confirm that she’s safe.

She is, obviously, but that’s not going to stop Wyatt from worrying.

He stalked the corridors until the techs started shooting him odd glances, and that was when Wyatt knew he needed to get some air before they all convened again for their last trip.

Last. It sounded so final, it was final. This was it, once Lucy had her sister back there would be no more stomach rolling trips through time, thrown into different worlds and fighting to protect the past. Ask him a few months ago and he would’ve said that he was glad everything was finally coming to an end, but now…

Now he’d miss it. No point in lying to himself.

Wyatt came out into the large space that housed the charging Lifeboat, easily spotting Rufus near his computer. He collapsed in a chair next to the Pilot, noting the worry that was written all over his face. Jiya, probably, but the last Wyatt had heard, she was making a great recovery.

“How’s Jiya?”

Rufus snapped his head up, like he hadn’t even realized Wyatt was next to him. “She’s fine,” he finally replied, and he meant it, but the worry was still there. Wyatt couldn’t blame him.

“One last trip huh?” Rufus asked, changing the subject.

Wyatt nodded absentmindedly, his mind still running a mile a minute from their last jump. He noticed Rufus watching him oddly and raised an eyebrow in question.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like you could use a drink.”

Wyatt snorted, “We’re going on a mission soon.”

“Pretty sure you were drunk the first time we took this thing out,” Rufus pointed out, and they both cracked up at the same time, the pressures of the last forty-eight hours relaxed for a moment.

“Come on man, you need this,” Rufus stood up and shrugged on his jacket, leaving Wyatt no choice but to go along and follow. They didn’t go far, only wandering to the bar they liked to frequent after missions, when they’d nearly been killed by somebody who’d been dead for fifty years and they all just needed a drink. It felt wrong to do this without Lucy, but Wyatt knew they’d do this again. Rufus would drag Jiya along once she’d been discharged, they’d talk Agent Christopher into loosening up for a night, invite Mason now that they knew he wasn’t a complete ass, and maybe even Amy too because he doubted Lucy would want to leave her sister’s side for a while once she got her back.

(For a moment though, he wondered what it would be like for it to be just the two of them, him and Lucy for one night with no one else to interrupt. It’s kind of startling how much he wants to know what that would be like.)

Five minutes later and there’s a glass of bourbon in front of him, enough that he knows it’ll take the edge off, but not enough to make him useless. He’d promised Lucy that he’d see their last ride through, he doesn’t want to let her down. Rufus watched him across the table, and Wyatt could feel the other man’s questions practically on the tip of his tongue.

“Spit it out.”

Rufus fidgeted for a moment before finally speaking his mind. “I just – I wanted to know how you were holding up.”

Wyatt looked up, frowning. “You were the one that got shot. And nearly lost his girlfriend.”

Rufus winced, but pressed on. “Yeah, and I know I’m fine. But when we came back without Lucy…”

Wyatt closed his eyes, realizing what Rufus was getting at. To say that leaving Lucy behind with Flynn was hard was an understatement. It had literally taken every fibre of willpower he had to turn around and walk away from her in 1954, to watch the Lifeboat’s doors close with her on the other side, to not buckle her in and know with absolute certainty that he was doing everything in his power to keep her safe.

Their first priority had been getting Jiya medical attention, but as soon as they knew she’d be fine, Wyatt had been left to wonder and worry and wonder some more about Lucy, whether she’d be fine and if Flynn was keeping her safe or if the bastard had double-crossed her. He’d sworn on the graves of his grandparents that if Flynn did anything to her, he’d hunt him down with the single-minded obsessiveness that had driven his hunt for Jessica’s killer.

Only this time, he wouldn’t be failing.

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How are you so strong in all of this? I know this is fake AF, and it's so obviously transparent, but this still hits me so hard. I knew she was coming back, but when I saw this recent developments I stillstarted tearing up on a train! I just cant believe he will actually have to spend time with her again, even if it's little time. He looked so miserable with her, and I keep remembering his smile after the news broke that they broke up... and 2 years later that disgusting woman is back... god :((

I stay strong for three reasons:

1) It’s not my life. I have enough distance and perception to know that at the end of the day, these are small details that have no weight in my everyday life. It doesn’t define me. 

2) I can’t do anything about it. I can rant and rave and yell that ‘it’s not fair’, but there is nothing I can do. It is out of my control. I am a spectator most of the time. I’ll contribute where I can, and give of my time and money where I please and where it will support the boys the most, but other than that, it’s out of my hands. I don’t feel helpless, because of reason #1. 

3) I trust them. I’ve seen enough up to this point to make up my mind that Harry and Louis are in a committed relationship and support one another. I will always view what is being presented and weigh it against what I believe. Everything up to this point doesn’t hold as much weight when compared to Harry and Louis being in relationship for going on 7 years. They know what is happening behind the scenes, we don’t. That’s why I choose to trust them. 

Was I always this way? No. However, I found out soon to find healthy perception and distance to be necessary in order to not get swallowed whole by the bullshit. 

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just wondering if you've ever thought about how long the couples have been together for. because i was looking back at the christmas one and guk said it was their first christmas together so i was just wondering!!

omg yes i have some thoughts abt it heheheh :b !!!!! uh in my mind choke slam couple are still kinda newish like maybe 7 months ~ 10 months of dating n u can kinda tell sometimes like when they were talking abt meeting guk’s brother for the first time and whenever guk messes up or is trying to comfort her he kind of always mentions that he’s trying his best bc having someone he cares abt so much is still new for him n he talks abt trying to be mature & tries to show y/n how seriously he takes the relationship !!!! yeah !! omg it still surprises me that u guys wanna know the stuff i think abt!!

i’m not gonna lie, talking to teenagers about shakespeare is hard. most of them have just gotten off a long bus ride and they don’t want to be here in the first place, they talk when i’m talking, roll their eyes at me, raise their eyebrows at each other, sometimes flat out laugh in my face. i clock in at 8:30 in the morning after five or six hours of sleep and i’m so exhausted after putting on an excited face and trying not to let the apathy and mockery get to me.

but today a girl–a black girl–came up to one of my supervisors and quietly said, “can i ask you a question?” and when he said of course, she timidly wanted to know why we had decided “to make juliet african-american.” and honestly my heart wanted to break at how excited she was, how much the story changed for her, how much it meant to her that a girl who looks like her can be one of the most famous characters, well, ever.

and i’m still exhausted, i’m still dreading tuesday morning, it’s going to be a while before my spoons regenerate from that much emotional labor. but a difference was made for one girl and honestly? it’s worth it.

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Imagine if Harry wrote Fireproof,Steal My Girl,If I Could Fly and I Want To Write You A Song for the missus, that'd be so cute.

Don’t. Go. There.

Before he’d take them into the studio for the boys to look at, he’d grab his guitar and sit her down and play them for her to see what she thinks. And when she starts tearing up at the slower and sweeter songs and covering her face with her hands to cover her cheeks, he stops for a brief moment and just watches her as she lets it sink in that he’s wrote some songs about her. Songs that he definitely wants on the new album and songs that have a personal meaning behind them.

“So? What do yeh think?”

 “Harry, they’re amazing. God, they’re so good.”

“You think so?”

“They’ll sound so good when you put a proper instrumental melody behind it but, it’s lyrically fantastic.”

“Think they’ll make it onto the album?”

“For sure. And, if they don’t, you can always keep them for yourself.” xx

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Lol there's a meme saeran? x"D anyway what I mean is, so when saeran was still unknown and working with mint eye and he saw you had a tiger cub, how would he react to it especially when he breaks into your apartment? And then also how does he react to it after everything when he is himself and living with seven and basically sane

How rfa and both searan and saeran when he was unknown react to mc having a tiger cub with her? It’s still small so not dangerous yet (but it’s super drawn to seven’s hair)
This was the first part of the ask.

Thank you for your request and thanking for waiting!
Hope you enjoy!

Zen: Being an animal in the same family as cats, his allergies start acting up. He thinks that you look adorable with the little cub in your arms and even admits that the cub itself is adorable however he can’t even get the chance to get close.

Yoosung: He loves animals and seeing you with the cub makes him want to snuggle the little tiger. You gently hand him the animal and he’s just overcome with emotion, the cub loves him as much as he loves them.

Jaehee: Has bad Elizabeth flashbacks however the small cub makes her feel curious. When she gets the chance to hold it she feels happy that she’s holding something so tiny. Cannot contain her emotions and goes into a little frenzy about how cute the tiger is.

Jumin: Looks at the cub and thinks his own Elizabeth is cuter but also comments that he wouldn’t mind having a tiger as a pet. It meant that the grown up tiger could protect his little angel. Although he is a little weary, what if the tiger eats Elizabeth. Oh Jumin..

707: He adores the little cub as it’s as cute as Elly however the moment you give it to him to hold, the tiger keeps trying to touch his red hair. Somehow by a weird turn of events, the tiger ends up on top of his head and stays there while he works or eats. Seven’s hair is now the cub’s home.

V: He’s entertained by the cub as it climbs over his lap and their fluffy fur brushes up against his hand. He loves being able to feel the tiger’s affection and isn’t scared at all by the little ball of sunshine.

Unknown: Feels nothing for the cub, sees it as just an obstacle in the way of his goal (of kidnapping you). When he breaks in and sees the little tiger in your arms, he would throw it aside and take you with him. Absolutely no emotions towards animals.

Saeran: He would feel threatened by the cub as if it was going to attack him. Your words try to convince him that the cub won’t hurt him however Saeran continues to be weary of the beast. Stays as far away as possible because he thinks that the cub is going to “take away his place.”