when he looks up at her


“When you’re deeply in love you find yourself paralleling them, echoing exactly what your partner needs, casually or in times of distress. Mirroring their rhythms almost instinctively without even thinking about it because you’re completely in sync, deeply in love.” Reminds me of this scene. As the shot rings out Barry looks up and sees it’s Iris. He’s shocked, relieved and even impressed. He mirrors her breathing a sigh of relief. When he looks up again and sees that Iris now has a shell shocked expression on her face, he instantly walks towards her with an “oh Iris” look. All his emotions are tethered to hers. As she begins to smile, he searches her face and smiles a little too, trying to figure out if she’s okay.

Why The Name?

Okay so about 2 weeks ago my lovely friend @justthatstarboy saw this post Sophia  and he asked me to write a prompt for it. How could I refuse? 

Prompt Written by @rebel-lance

As soon as Lance felt the weight of his gun form in his hands he immediately thought of his mother. She was a pistol of a woman and everything Lance wanted to be. 

She was sweet, caring, pretty to look at but if you got on her bad side she would make sure you learn your lesson. Lance looked up to his mother and knew that no matter where he was (Even when he wasn’t on the same planet as her) she was there to protect him. 

Lance immediately named his gun Sophia. 


As time moved on with team Voltron and Lance found himself in more battles he would always hold his gun closer and whisper “I’ll be home soon Sophia.” 

Lance didn’t care that the team heard him. He didn’t care that they would give him questioning looks. He didn’t care what his team or anybody thought, he was surviving for his mother. He was going to come home. 


Roughly a month or so passed before someone questioned Lance on the name. They were all lounging in the common room and Lance was cleaning his weapon making sure everything was perfect and ready to go. 

“So Lance why the name?” Shiro looked at the boy sitting on the floor with a rag in his hands. 

Lance looked at his hero and cocked his head to the side “Name?” 

“Yeah Sophia.” Everyone turned and looked at Lance, even Hunk despite the fact that he knew where the name came from. 

Lance looked around at his team, gave them a small sigh and place the part he was cleaning on the floor and picked up another part to clean. “Sophia is the name of a pretty lady back home.” 

All of them groan jokingly, Shiro even said that he hopes she waits up for Lance and Lance said he hopes so too. 


Lance crouched down behind a desk and listened to the Galra run by the room. He tried to calm his heart down but it was pounding so loud and so fast that Lance was freaking out. 

The mission went bottoms up when somebody accidentally tripped a wire causing the ship to go into complete lockdown. Lance ended up being separated from his group and Pidge was filling him in where the Galra were. 

“Lance I hate to say it but they are closing in on you.” Pidge attempted to hide the panic in their voice but it leaked through enough to send Lance into a panic. 

“Pidge please tell me that I have an escape?” Lance started to shake. 

“Sorry Lance I can’t see one.” Lance could hear his team talking. They wanted to get to him but they couldn’t, it wasn’t possible. 

Lance placed his gun on the ground and put his hands over his ears. Everything was too loud and Lance couldn’t breath. He needed to do something but he didn’t know what to do. He could hear the Galra getting closer and Lance felt tears fall down his face. 

He thought back to everyone he didn’t get to say goodbye too and everything that he missed or will miss. He thought back to his mother and how heartbroken she will be when she gets told of what happened to him. 

“I’m sorry mama I can’t keep my promise.” Lance felt more tears fall from his eyes as more Galrans approached. He had promised her that he would come back home no matter what (This was back when he was in the Garrison). 

Just before Lance was about to completely give up he remember what his mother always said to him. Breaking a promise is like breaking a heart. You must fulfill the promise you made no matter what, or else you will crush someone.

Sophia had never in her entire life broken a promise and neither had Lance. This wasn’t going to be his first promise that he would break. Lance picked up his gun and peered over the desk, he counted the Galrans and looked down at his gun. “Well Sophia want to give it one more go?” Lance started to fire. 


It had been 6 years since Lance disappeared and Sophia was sitting in her kitchen staring at the wall with a cup of tea in her hands. She was still determined that, even after all these years, her son would come home. Even when everyone told her to just accept it she would shake her head no and say “Lance would never break a promise, especially one he made to me.” 

People sympathised with her but she didn’t want sympathy or empathy she wanted her son back. 

She heard a knock on the door and stood to answer it. She looked at the family pictures that hung from the wall. She fixed her hair and opened the door. She came face to face with a slightly taller, more buff and more mature Lance. 

He smiled at her wildly through the tears that stained his face “See mama I would never break a promise.” 

Whoops I kinda went on my own at the end. 

I hope you like it Star!!!! I know how much you love happy endings <333333

Kaneki rampage incoming?

Now I’m even more worried that Kaneki’s Kakuja rampage is imminent.

I mentioned before that Kaneki will be a lot more protective of Touka now that he loves her, and that becomes much more apparent when you look at how happy he is. I really don’t know how Kaneki will react if Touka’s life is threatened or in danger.

Up until now Kaneki has only been protective of those who he always kept at arm’s length, who he never showed being vulnerable too. But now that Touka is out of this loop, his protective instinct will likely become hypersensitive. I’m worried that Furuta will take advantage of this especially considering that his debut (without his mask on) involved briefly meeting Touka and then afterwards referring to her as “pretty” in an omake.

With the returning centipede as well, I highly suspect that we may see another Kakuja rampage from Kaneki once again.

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I need a fanfic where Elias has seen Sana from the window when talking about yousef and goes to her room to check up on her and sees her crying 😭 this clip killed me seeing her cry

Elias caught the black figure move away from the window from the corner of his eye and his heart sank. Somehow he just knew. Knew it was Sana and that she’d heard everything. A rough sigh escaped his lips, catching Mutta’s attention. He was lying in the grass just below him, his dark eyes looking up at Elias where he sat in a deck chair. “What’s up, dude?”

“Nothing,” Elias replied, his hand moving to rub the top of head, his cropped hair against his palm. Elias sat for a few minutes, debating what to do. He could leave it. Maybe Sana hadn’t heard them at all? Or he could go check she was okay and see if she wanted to talk. But maybe she wanted privacy. Maybe she already knew. It was her best friend after all. Plus, he wasn’t exactly her favourite person right now.

Elias’ teeth worried at his bottom lip as he considered what was best. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Mutta asked again, still staring up at him. Had he been watching him this whole time? The dude could be perceptive sometimes.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just going to head inside for a moment. Won’t be long,” Elias said, finally making a decision. He needed to check on his sister. She could tell him to go to hell if she wanted but at least he would know he’d tried.

Elias rolled his eyes as Adam shouted after him to get him a drink.

When Elias reached Sana’s door, he hesitated for a moment before knocking three times. “Sana,” he called but no answer came. “Sana, I need to talk to you. It’s important.” Still no answer came.  

“Sana, please,” Elias pleaded, resting his hand on the door knob. “Let me in, please.”

“I’m busy,” came Sana’s weak voice and again, Elias knew. Knew that she’d heard. Knew that she was upset. His heart sank all over again.

“Sana, I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know,” Elias’ own voice held a pained quality as it spilled against the door, his forehead now pressed to the painted wood. His hands now also rested palms flat against the surface, eyes squeezed shut. “Sana, please let me in.”

Silence hung in the air and he thought she was going to ignore him. After what seemed like forever, he heard shuffling from within her room and he stood back from the door just in time for her to open it. Sana stood in front of him, black make up smudged under her eyes and her cheeks tear streaked.

“Oh Sana,” spilled out from under his breath as Elias reached out and tugged his little sister into his arms, hugging her to him. He felt her deflate against him. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

After a moment, Elias let her go and Sana nodded towards her bed. Elias walked into her room and went to sit down while Sana closed the door behind them. He figured the last thing she wanted was her parents knowing she was upset. Sana took a seat beside him.

“I just… I knew they had kissed but I don’t know, I guess after yesterday I thought maybe there was a chance. Maybe he did like me. Maybe the kiss was a mistake. Maybe I could get over it. You know?” The words came tumbling out of her unchecked, and Elias did nothing but listen while he curled an arm around her shoulder for comfort. “Why not me, Elias? Why not me?” Her voice cracked on the last words. 

Something passed over Elias’ expression at the mention of the kiss. He hadn’t known but he didn’t interject.

Sana’s hand came up to wipe away the tears that were threatening to fall with the back of her sleeve. “And why did it have to be him? She could have had anyone… why him?” She knew Elias didn’t have the answer, they were rhetorical questions.

Her hand pressed to her forehead and her eyes fell shut. She was growing weary. Crying while fasting wasn’t ideal.

It wasn’t just physical tiredness though, she was emotionally drained too. She’d been keeping so much, everything, to herself. Sana needed this, needed someone to unload on. The load felt lighter already. She felt less alone. But she was sure if hadn’t felt at rock bottom that she’d have continued carrying that weight by herself for the foreseeable future. Perhaps it was better this had come sooner rather than later. 

Sana felt Elias’ arm tighten around her shoulders and he squeezed her arm. “I think he,” Elias paused for a moment, as if considering his words. “I think he’s a coward that has taken the easy way out.”

Sana’s brow furrowed and picked up her gaze to look at her brother. “What?”

“Do you think I would have encouraged you if I had known? Do you even think I would have encouraged you if I hadn’t already caught the way he looks at you? His lingering, longing looks? The way he gravitates towards you?” Elias said, the look in his eyes intense with conviction. “Do you think I would risk your heart? My baby sister’s heart?”

“No,” Sana said, the word but a whisper.

“But Sana, you’re the long game and some guys, even good guys, aren’t ready for the long game,” Elias continued, and he watched as Sana’s eyes cast down. “But he’s a coward because he wasn’t straight with you and worse still, he went for your best friend. That’s not okay. I thought he was better than that.” Now it was Elias’ turn to look away, disappointment and guilt written all over his handsome features before his voice picked up again. “I mean, there’s always a chance the guys are wrong. I could talk to him if you wa-”

“It doesn’t matter,” Sana interrupted, her nose sniffling and reddened from crying. “You’re right. I am the long game and if this is what playing is like, then maybe I’m not ready either.”

Elias chuckled at Sana continuing his metaphor and a weak smile tipped the corners of her lips. “It’s Ramadan. I have more important things to be focusing on right now, I can’t be wasting energy on a boy.”

Elias’ smile spread across his face and he reached out to wipe away a stray tear from the corner of Sana’s eye. She may be talking a good game right now but it was obvious she was still upset. A person didn’t just get over something like that in a few minutes but he was happy to see she was determined to try.

“That’s the sister I know and love,” Elias said, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“I love you too, brother,” Sana replied, that smile brightening more.


Being Jerome’s twin sister and adoring each other, he always comforts you when your mother is up to her usual antics and you look out for each other.

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Until one day when you come back to your trailer to be met with Jerome covered in blood and your Mother’s lifeless body lying on the floor.

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Yours and Jerome’s relationship seems to take a complete 180, and when he is broken out of Arkham he starts threatening you and controlling every aspect of your life.

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The pressure, anxiety and depression starts to get to you. Slowly but surely, and much to Jerome’s delight, you start slipping into insanity.

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And, both completely insane, you become partners in crime, the most unpredictable, fearsome duo to ever live.

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Can I request 7 with Steve please!

“I may have mildly panicked…”- Steve Rogers

Fingers buried in your boyfriend’s hair, you smiled against his lips.

“Why can’t I justt stay here?” Steve murmured, hands gripping your hips beneath his shirt you’d stolen.

“Stevie, you know why… if the rest of the team find out then they’ll never shut up about it!” you said, hands resting at the base of his neck.

“So! I can deal with the questions. What I can’t deal with is watching every guy in this building hitting on my girlfriend, when I can do nothing about it.” he said, eyebrows furrowing as he leant his forehead against yours.

Just as you went in for another kiss, your door slammed open, causing you to shove Steve off of your bed and onto the floor.

“Y/N! Will you please tell Tasha that it was not me who broke her widow bites!” a flustered looking Clint whined, flanked by a stern looking Natasha.

Stuttering for a moment, you finally choked out,

“I wouldn’t know…”

“I know it was you, Barton.” Natasha said, glaring at the archer as they both stalked away.

Rolling your eyes slightly, your attention quickly shifted back to the blonde super soldier slumped on your carpet.

“Steve…” you murmured, eyes filled with panic as you watched him push himself off the foor, jaw clenched. “Steve, I’m sorry… I may have mildly panicked…

“Whatever.” he muttered, turning around and leaving the room. Leaving you with your head slumped and hands gripping the sheets.

Prompt List- Request a prompt!

Don’t Let Go

Steggy Positivity Week 2017  |   Day 02 (Sunday): AU or Crossover

Winter Soldier Peggy AU

Steve didn’t need to turn the light on to know someone was in his bedroom. He steeled himself for an attack, slowly reaching to turn on the lamp.


She leant heavily against the wall, shoulders slumped inward. She didn’t look like she was here to hurt him, if she had been she’d had plenty of opportunities already. She looked exhausted.

He moved towards her slowly, hands up for her to see. His movements were stiff and he still walked with a slight limp, his injuries weren’t fully healed yet.

She didn’t recoil as he approached, which was good. She wasn’t afraid of him, they hadn’t put that idea in her head.

When he got closer he saw she was clutching her side. Noticing his gaze, she pulled her hand away, and that’s when he saw the blood.

She’d come here for help.

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Aaron Michael Minyard

Lets talk about Aaron Minyard… now before all of you look away or ignore this because, lbr, almost everyone in this fandom is a piece of shit towards him… anyway…just think back to when Aaron was growing up,, he was beaten probably on a daily basis and turned to drugs for a way out cause he didn’t know what else to do. Aaron’s mother put a roof over his head, he would of had his own room,, he still loved her even tho she beat him,, then his brother who just turned up out of no where (who he didn’t even know existed) , Aaron actually wanted to know his brother, because maybe he would be able to handle his mother if another person was there, yes there was Nicky, but he was in Germany with his own struggle *im not blaming nicky ok*.

People deal with trauma in many different ways, and the book series is heavily focused on Neil’s perspective, thus having a not so friendly outtake on Aaron.(This does not excuse any homophobic language he uses). Aaron was given the opportunity to go to collage? (soz im aussie) and actually study! He wants to go to med school, TO HELP PEOPLE, because he couldn’t really help himself so he wants to help other people. He has other interests then exy okay.

 Aaron has witnessed his brother get r*aped and killed the man who did it, just to (quite quickly) reveal that his brother and Neil are ‘not’ dating, yeah I’d be like what the flying fuck. Now for Aaron this does not in any way excuse his homophobic slurs, but this does not mean we should excuse other foxes horrible actions *and yes don’t try to deny all the shitty things the foxes have done, they are foxes for a damn reason*, all the foxes are assholes and that’s what makes them foxes okay. Support to Aaron cause no one else fucking does and appreciate him cause he has never fucking experienced that. 

I am in no way defending his actions for using homophobic slurs but i still have so much respect for him, he has also grown up with shit that he has to deal with, so while everyone loves Andrew, ill always go back to Aaron cause he has dealt with shit but because he isnt a *main protagonist* his problems weren’t gone into detail. Andrews recovery was spoken 1000x more than Arron’s, but these boys don’t care whether you see them recovering or not. And I’m stating this now that if Aaron was fucking Gay or Bi yall would stan this kid so hard and love him. Yeah it was clear that Aaron wasn’t too cosy with the foxes but he stayed with the foxes to get an education! something that he couldn’t do before, THIS KID IS ALLOWED TO DO SOMETHING FOR HIMSELF HE DESERVES TO BE ABLE TO GET AN EDUCATION he works so hard for a future, because he can have one! nothing excuses him for using those slurs but fuck he has also gone through shit and people need to fucking acknowledge that.

Domestic Prompto!
  • He gets so excited when you come home, even if you only ran to the store up the street
  • You aren’t sure if he knows, but when he looks at you with those big eyes and a pout he gets almost whatever he wants
  • Prompto always comes home with animals that followed him to the door (is he a disney princess?). At any given time, there’s at least one random animal in your apartment
  • “Who’s dog is this…?” “Oh, this is Pryna! She stops by to check on me sometimes.”
  • Pryna has her own seat at your dinner table
  • You’d think that he’s not good at anything domestic, but he’s shockingly competent. He cooks pretty well (nowhere near as well as Ignis, but it’s still good), he’s very clean, and he’s very crafty
  • He rearranges the furniture a lot, and he likes to decorate. Your place is really tasteful
  • Prompto would definitely make an excellent house-husband
  • He doesn’t like the quiet, so hopefully you don’t mind some kind of noise at all times. Whether it’s the radio, the TV, or a loud fan, it’s always going to be on
  • Yoga balls are in every room because the chocobaby doesn’t like to sit still, and a yoga ball is the perfect seat for a fidgety person like him

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My favorite part of the finale wasn't the hug or the face caress or the 'I left her behind' scene or even the head and the heart scene. My favorite scene was that challenging look that Bellamy gave Raven when she questioned that Clarke wouldn't change me through for them. He shut her up with one look. He was like "are you for real questioning your mother right now? How fucking dare you? You're grounded"

“You’re grounded” lmao

He has so much faith in her. *sigh*

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"Barry should have stayed in the hallway and let Iris handle her business." Barry was never gonna let that happen because he knows. Savvy would've given up the info to Iris, but he probably would've been buying roses, chocolates, calculating all types of ways to steal Barry's girl. Barry even gave Savvy a tiny exasperated look in that scene. Can you imagine being so petty (when it comes to Iris) that you even salty with your own self for trying to get with Iris? Hahaha, Barry can.

There were two Barrys and one Iris, one of them was always gonna have to go. LOL

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Four word prompt Is that my shirt? Please?


“I..is that my shirt?” 

Levy blushed, guiltily wringing her fingers as Gajeel looked past her at the pile of laundry on her floor, flabbergasted that the familiar fabric was sitting on the top. She opened her mouth to protest as he gently pushed past her to pick to up, and sputtered when he discovered another one of his missing shirts. He turned to her, disbelief in his eye. 

“I can explain,” she started, gulping when he reached for it, revealing yet another missing shirt. 

“Just how many of my shirts do you have?” he demanded, unsure if he wanted to laugh at the absurdity of finding his clothes here of all places. He looked up to see her twirl a blue lock of hair around her finger, nervous. 

“Uhmmm, a few?” she offered lamely, cringing when another shirt was revealed. 

“Holy shit, Lev. No wonder I can’t find shit lately,” he half growled, hiding a snicker as he spotted another one. The pile in his arms was growing larger than the one on the floor, and it was hard to hide the hilarity that bubbled in his throat. Sure, it was annoying to lose the blasted things, but when it was his girlfriend, it was hard to be mad. Especially when he enjoyed watching her prance around in nothing but his shirts. And he gave her plenty of reasons to stare at him, apparently here was another reason. 

She was looking up at him with anxious eyes, obviously nervous about his reaction. He sighed, cracking a slight grin. 

“Oi, I ain’t mad,” he said, watching her shoulders slump in relief. “But if you’re going to be stealing my laundry, then you oughta be taking the boxers as well.” He couldn’t hide the cackle of laughter as her face exploded in color, her eyes popping open in surprise. 


A little Jeller snippet from the morning after to kick start the week.

It’s just after 10 am and she finds herself wandering towards the kitchen. She doesn’t remember ever sleeping in that late - but then again it was very late by the time they actually fell asleep - and with no obligation to go to work that day, they allow themselves to turn it into a lazy morning. 

He’s in the bathroom when she finally gets out of bed. She finds her tank top by the foot of the bed and her jeans somewhere across the room. His shirt is also close by and she wants nothing more but to put it on. But she is not sure how he would react or if they are even there yet, so she sticks to her own clothes instead.

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Whats your opinion of Jason Aaron's Loki?

I’m very much happy with the direction Loki has gone in, and I know that leaves me at odds with a certain portion of fandom bridging over from AoA but here’s my take on it. 

There’s a lot of people upset about things that quite frankly aren’t happening, and usually it’s coming from the conjecture of people who haven’t actually been following Loki through TMT and Vote Loki, people who looked at one issue and balked. AoA has not been retconned, Loki is not a Different Loki he’s still the God of Stories, and all of the character development in AoA has not been neglected or tarnished. 

Loki’s in the position of playing fake bad guy for Malekith’s team specifically to manipulate the events we’re seeing in TMT. In the end of AoA he swore off getting involved with Asgard’s bullshit but ended up cycling back around when it turned out his mother was in life-threatening danger and he had a chance to not only spare her but direct Asgard’s attention where it needed to be. So he got involved again, and over the coarse of the story we’ve been watching him perform under this terrible pressure of maintaining his sense of self while “working” for Malekith. He had a very telling conversation with Laufey where he adamantly defends who he is (which should have eased audience fears over whether or not his motivations from AoA are still there). 

Right now, Loki is sort of the unsung hero of this story, doing the things that only he would be able to do–pulling off dramatic stunts, manipulating the narrative, playing both sides of the table–and while its very effective it is taking a personal toll on him. He’s depressed, conflicted, guilty. Right before the staged betrayal of his mother we get this line 

Loki is an incredibly complicated character, and I’m glad that Aaron isn’t ignoring that. Loki is in turns a playful goofball and deadly serious. The end of AoA wasn’t going to leave him in a permanently good place emotionally and while I understand wanting that for him, that isn’t how depression works and that also isn’t how good ongoing storytelling within a shared universe works. Loki is much better off than he was in AoA, he knows who he is and he acknowledges those terrible mountains he had to climb to get here and he’s better for it. But that doesn’t mean he’s all wrapped up with a bow on top and good to go forever. He revealed in Vote Loki that he’s having something of an identity crisis, trying to figure out where he fits in the world now. He wants to do the things that only he can do, he also wants to have fun and goof off, but he doesn’t want to hurt people and inspire fear but that’s exactly what everybody expects of him. He’s somewhere on the crossroads of using those expectations to his advantage while struggling with his own sense of damage control. 

Now he’s gone and purposefully put himself directly at odds with Asgard and the shit of it is, it’s all to help them and nobody but him will ever see that. It’s likely he’s going to betray Malekith at a crucial moment, and I’m waiting for that shoe to drop. 

So tl;dr: I think where Aaron has Loki right now is very compelling and I’m invested in all of this. I think it’s a natural and organic continuation of the character from where we left him off. Unless something very severe happens, I don’t think we’re going to see Loki take a backward plunge into real Evil™ again any time soon. Aaron is writing my favorite sort of Loki right now: walking that line and being useful but in all the morally ambiguous ways. 

I want to point out that the biggest crime ongoing re: Loki right now is that Aaron hasn’t shown gender fluidity in TMT yet. Hastings in Vote Loki (which was concurrent with TMT) did, although it wasnt the best it was at least there and he took a shot which is more than I can say for Aaron right now. Loki is an established trans character and in a world where we don’t have very many, this popular and well-loved character being genderfluid and expressing that “on camera” is very important. There’s lots of baggage that comes along with this like the “LGBT-coding” of villainous characters that has been going on for decades and the shapeshifter thing and sketchy writing past around Loki’s gender expression but we aren’t gonna get anywhere with more positive readings (like the third act of AoA–it’s really as easy as just having Loki show up presenting female and just being Loki) if nobody’s willing to touch it again. :/

So all in all re Aaron: 
LOVE the characterization, LOVE the story, LOVE the personality, all A+ Very Loki and I’m 100% on board for this. Just always wishing we could get some gender expression in there.

okay so in honor of that Pawsona 5 post here are some concepts for a theoretical filler episode where the Phantom Thief girls turn into animals

  • futaba repeatedly sneaks up on yusuke, then headbutts him and runs away really quick. when she can’t sneak up on him she just tries to chew on his sleeves instead
  • haru reacts very positively to having her name called, akira just keeps saying her name over and over and she gets Way Too Riled Up and pounces on the next person who makes a sudden movement (yusuke)
  • ann does that thing bunnies do where they flop over if they feel really safe and she does it right next to ryuji. he doesn’t get it at first but when akira explains what it means, ryuji starts looking really emotional for the rest of the night
  • they give makoto some of morgana’s catnip. they tell her about it after she goes back to normal and she’s mortified because winners don’t use nip
  • akechi stops by the cafe. all of the girls run away from him except makoto, who sits on a countertop and just stares at him until he leaves

but we all know the plots where the bad boy wants to corrupt the good girl. but what about the good girl, wanting to make the bad boy fall in love with her. a plot where she wants to see how those dark eyes look when he’s in love!! just!! all the angst when he starts to get nice but he then fucks up again and does stupid shit and hurts her and she’s all disappointed but they get stuck in this circle of shit and angst and fluff. 

Childhood Magic

When I was about seven, this boy who lived in my apartment building asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t want to, but he wore me down. Next time he saw me, he wanted to kiss me. I told him no, and he said if I didn’t he would break up with me. I refused, and he told me that we where done and that he’d been cheating on me anyway. Her name was Wendy.

So, I was upset, reasonably. And so, I drew a picture of him, rubbed it in the dirt, ripped it up into little pieces, spit on it, and flushed it down the toilet. Looking back, that’s basically a curse or hex. I definitely wasn’t thinking about that when I did it, but I now realize it super was. Whoops, sorry Austin.

Yousef- *flirts with Sana treats her like shes the sun and moon has a deep talk with her walks her home gives her flowers SENDS HER MEMES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD*

Me- Cute yess goals otp

Yousef- *makes out with Noora in front of Sana*


Yousef- *looks at Sana trying to make eye contact looks really guilty*

Me- Yes be guilty I want a explanation

Yousef- *flirts with Sana acts all cute and innocent and makes her smile*

Me- Finally he may explain soon and apologise and soon everything will be chill

Yousef- *becomes serious with Noora making Sana cry when she finds out*

Me- Can he not fuck up this way anymore why cant the drama be about him not being muslim it was less heart wrenching back then

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Shallura, ancient

“-The ruins we saw today are just a glimmer of their former glory. I can’t even imagine what the civilization looked like when it was alive and thriving.” Allura propped her chin in her hand, and her elbow on her knee. Her eyes glazed over as she watched the arid planet slowly revolving through the deck’s wide windows. 

Shiro leaned back, stretching his legs over the shallow steps on which they were perched. His gaze left the windows to search Allura’s profile, lit softly by a distant sun. As much as he loved the look in her eyes when she described the distant times and places of her memory, there was a sadness behind their glow that Shiro couldn’t help but be touched by. 

Allura’s eyes flickered to Shiro, her mind rejoining them in the Castle when she felt his gaze on her. “What?” she asked softly.

“Nothing, just-” A deep breath passed through him. Shiro sat up with a smile. “I’m trying to imagine what you described. And you, there.” 

Allura looked at him, a bit pleased with the though of her in his mind. “And?”

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Dramione - Tattoo Soulmates

Godfucking dammit. Since she was born those words where tattooed on the inside of her forearm. It was the worst thing that happened. She had been shunned, bullied and judged by all because of her tattoo.

It was not her fault honestly, it was his fault. The man who decided that the best way to meet their soulmate was to swear.

And so many times she plotted as what would be her first words to that man. Something as horrible, something as shameful, something as bad as this.

She waited 25 years to hear those damn words though.

“Godfucking dammit.” A blonde man was already on his knees trying to recover all his things from the ground. “Shit. I’m sorry.” When he finally got up, she noticed how handsome he was. How tall he was and his sheepish grin as he looked down at her with guilt.

“Fuck.” Were the first word she was able to describe her situation.

And the man laughed. His smile growing as he dropped his things back on the ground and tried to cover his laughs with his hand.

“Fuck indeed.” He finally said, looking down at her still grinning.

“Godfucking dammit. What a great way to start a conversation.” She smiled, going along with his joke.

“Draco Malfoy.” He offered his hand.

“Hermione Granger.” She shook his hand.