when he looks up at her

“That Was All You”: A Black Paladin Lance Meta

Alternatively Titled: Local Girl Digs Heels In So Hard She’s Laying on the Ground. “This Is My Home Now,” She Says.

Listen. Listen. No, I don’t know when to quit. Yes, I have a midterm tomorrow and am procrastinating. Shut up.

Now, since this is going to be long as hell (because I really don’t know when to quit), here’s a quick summary of my argument: 1. we’re building up to a leadership arc with Lance, 2. the pilot of the Black Lion depends not just on Black but on the team, and 3. Keith and Red still have a connection.

Blah blah blah, general disclaimer, I am probably could be wrong, lesgo:

Season 4 episode 6 sees the introduction of a new galra super weapon – a planet rigged to explode and take the whole solar system out with it. Right after destroying the galra stronghold on said planet, the team is suddenly surrounded by giant spire things and have no idea what they are.

And it’s Lance that makes the right call. He’s the one that not only says “hey let’s leave,” but also “and here’s how we’re going to do it.” He looks at this situation, sees a need to distance them from it immediately, and knows exactly who to delegate the task to. 

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Lup calling Takko "old man" when he starts getting into his later years while Lup stays the same.

Oh she would call Taako old man but Taako would totally keep up appearences, he’d be old but look the way he always did. Have aches and pains like the elderly but look like Lup, as if he wasn’t aging. 
When he dies, the spell comes undone and Lup for the first time in a long time sees how old her brother is and its pretty heartbreaking. 

“Halloween Horror”

Request: Imagine Bucky dressing his kid up as a plum for their first Halloween - Anonymous 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 575

A/N: Here’s a little request for you guys!


Originally posted by collisionofdcandmarvel

You were running around Target like crazy. It was almost Halloween and you had yet to buy a costume for your daughter. It would be her first ever Halloween, so it was very important that you find the right one. You didn’t feel like dressing her up as the stereotypical princess or any woodland creature.

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“Okay, Yeah. Totally fine, just burgers right? It’s really not that hard Betty, just burgers.” Betty whispered, fingers clutching the blue and green order pad tightly as she stared openly at the occupied booth just a few feet a way.

“What are we whispering about?” The Beautiful Blonde whipped around at the familiar hushed tone coming from directly behind her, chocolate eyes and raven hair smiling lightly at her asVeronica leaned against the counter a curious expression on her face.

“Oh, no it’s nothing! It’s just.. some of our.. customers, the girls won’t go and serve them for… reasons unknown… and I was just going over to uh… do… that.” Betty finished lamely, nose scrunching adorably as her nerves got the better of her.

Veronica followed her best friends gaze, wincing when she caught sight of the Serpents huddled in the corner booth right behind her parents.
“I would take it B but I don’t think my dad would take too kindly to me associating with…. snakes.” She shrugged apologetically dropping a hand to the jittery journalists shoulder “you’ve got this, just think of it as a bunch of Jugheads!” With a flip of her shiny hair, Veronica was off and at Archie’s side.

“Okay” she breathed “a bunch of Jugheads. That’s right, Jughead says they’re just normal guys that want burgers and food service and darn it that’s exactly what I’m going to give them!” Tightening her perfectly curly ponytail Betty made her way quickly to the booth filled with leather clad men.

“Hi!” She exclaimed, smile jaw breakingly bright “I’m Betty and I’m going to take your order today! Our menus kind of limited because of the event! we just have burgers hotdogs onion rings and fries! Oh and milkshakes! Of course milkshakes, you’ll love them, not that I know what you like, I’m not setting prejudge mental standards on you at all! It’s just that I love the milkshakes, I get strawberry, Jughead likes vanilla. I don’t know why I’m talking about Jughead, I really don’t even know why I’m rambling, I’m sorry I get nervous in front of new people I’ll just take your order now.” Betty panted, hands coming up to clutch her abs as she took in a deep breathe.

It was silent for a moment before the man with the striking green eyes and long hair spoke
“We know who you are, Betty Cooper, jugheads old lady. You wrote an article about us, we got it framed at the Whyte Worm. Real nice stuff you said in there girl.” He was smirking, a look so similar to her own this morning in the locker room with Cheryl it was almost funny.

“Oh yes” she blushed “i.. umm I believe in equal treatment.”

The younger serpent smiled
“I can see why Jughead chose you, you’re like sin in shorts.” His eyes ran slowly across her body taking in the tiny red shorts and knee high socks.

The green eyed man smacked his friend
“Watch your mouth. That’s jones girl.” Turning towards Betty again he smiled “four burgers, four fries.”

She scurried away after that, placing the order with Jughead, carefully avoiding his questions as she went to tend to her other tables. By the time the tiny silver bell rang signifying her order was up Betty’s nerves were slightly less frayed and her anxiousness was at bay.

“Here you go boys.” Handing out the trays she turned to leave, however a hand reached for hers gently tugging her into the open seat

“Now there’s only three of us why do you think we ordered four meals, sit. Relax. You look exhausted, running around, saving the town, eat something before you pass out doll.”

Betty blushed, mouth opening to protest but she was quickly shushed when the man across from her began speaking

“So, you’re saving FP?”

Betty sighed reaching for the burger, she wasssss hungry.

“I’m trying. I’m not saying what he did was right but he doesn’t deserve all of this, he should be home , with his son. The legal state in riverdale is incredibly flawed and someone has to bring justice to light.” She huffed finally glancing up, fry halfway in her mouth while everyone at the table stared at her, goofy smiles on the dangerous men’s faces.

“Oh Betty Cooper, we are gonna like you.”

Thirty minutes later Jughead found Betty, tears running down her face as her laughter filled the crowded diner, his fellow gang members staring at her in complete adoration.

“Oh” He whispered “this… this might work.”

The One That Got Away ( Peter Parker X Reader )

First, before you guys read this piece. Please do not kill me. I was so in the mood to write when I listened to Katy Perry. Forgeve meh my fellow Hollanders. I’ll make it up to you guys. For now this all I can offer.

Peter. My best friend and my first love.

We knew each other since grade school. We always had each others back. He was a such a sweet boy. He didn’t made it hard for me to fall inlove.

“ Your staring at her again. ” Ned said as I looked at Peter’s direction. He was staring at her again. Ever since he saw her, she was the only thing that came out of his mouth.

“ How can I not? She’s so perfect. She’s beautiful and smart. ” Peter mumble as his eyes twinkled. The twinge of pain hit my chest like a bullet. I hate it when this happens. I hate how he could be so blind. But I can’t seem to hate him.

“ Why can’t you just ignore him Y/n? ” Michelle said as we sat inside the library. She’s been my bestfriend eversince I entered Midtown School of Science and Technology. I started telling her my feelings for Peter for awhile now. She is constantly telling me to just ditch Peter so my feelings can disappear. It wasn’t gonna be that easy.

I had been with Peter for a long time, I knew everything about Peter. I know what he eats, what he likes and what he tends to do as a habit.

I even know that his Spiderman.

“ Mich, I can’t just do that. ” I said as I skim through my chemistry book and began highlighting some notes. I heard her sigh in frustration in front of me. “ Why are you so nice?!” she grumbled as I just laughed and held her hand as the anger in her face disappeared and tightened her hold on my hand.

“ Ok I’ll let this slide one more time. But please, can you be selfish for once. Think about yourself. I just don’t want to see you hurt. If you really like him just blurt it out already. ” she said as she gave me a concerned look. She is right. Maybe I can change Peter’s feeling. What he is feeling for Liz is just a crush. I can still change it.

“ Ok, I’ll tell him. ” you said as you pulled away from Michelle’s grasp and took your phone out.

To: PeterParkingLot 😂😁

Hey, are you free? Let’s go eat out tonight. I got something to tell you. I’ll wait for you at the park. See you at 5.

You pressed send as you looked at Michelle with determination.

Class ended and you immidiately dressed up as pretty as possible. Just a typical sleeveless shirt and buttoned down jeans. You look at your self in the mirror as you took a breath.

“ You look beautiful sweet heart. ” you heard someone said. You turned to see your grandmother. She was the only parent that you have in Queens. Your parents work abroad to provide money for you.

You smiled at her as she walked towards you and handed you a familiar cream colored envelope. Then it came to you. It was the love letter you made for Peter last school year that you failed to give. Your grandmother looked at you and held your hands and said.

“ You can do it. This is it. ”

You nodded and smiled at her. She was right. He needs to know. It was now or never.

You made your way to the park. You got there earlier than expected which was strange. When you and Peter would eat out, even if you were the one that asked out he would always be the first to arrive at the meeting spot.

“ maybe he just want to finish the death star lego construction with Ned it was almost done anyway. ” you said positively. You looked at your watch.

4:55 pm.

Five minutes more. He was just late.

An hour had past. It seemed like an eternity. The sky has started to darken. You looked at your watch.

6:56 pm.

His not coming.

“ He’ll come. His just patrolling Queens right now. ” you said. With that you continued to wait.

At 7:30 you decided to make your way to his apartment. Maybe he was just busy doing homework and missed your text.

You looked up at the dark sky. And then you saw a figure swing buy. Two figures.

You followed it. As you got near it revealed more clearly who the two was.

It was Spider man and in his arms was … . . Liz.

You saw then drop by an Alley. You made it to the Alley and peaked.

Peter hung upside down as Liz stood infront of him. They were talking and laughing. Needles pierced its way to your heart. Thousand of needles stab its way to your chest. What happened next killed you.

Liz began to lower his mask on the half of Peter’s pace. Then she placed a warm kiss on his lips.

Like a sword, it stabbed you from behind and had you in a insane pain. Your eyes watered as your hands covered your mouth. A kiss was enough.

A kiss was enough to tell the Person the word “ I Love You. ”

A kiss was enough, to say that he loved her.

A kiss was enough, to tell you that you were to late.

You ran away as far as you could. Away from the scene. Away from the pain. Away from him. Away from Peter.

The starry night sky disappeared as it darkened and thundered.

“ Pitter, Patter. ”

The rain sounded as it fell.

You stood in the middle of a dark side walk. Under the rain. Numb and broken.

Your phone vibrated from your pocket you pulled it out as water hit its screen and on it showed a picture of Peter. You swiped the red icon indicating that you declined the call. Your phone’s lockscreen revealed your phone history.

150 messages and 50 calls from Ned, Michelle, and Peter.

You stared at the screen as you pressed the off button, shutting the phone down. You looked at your watch.

12:01 am.

It was past midnight. Yet you didn’t care.

The road was barely empty. You did something crazy without even nothing.

You walked towards the middle of the road.

You looked at the sky.

You smiled.

The sky cried with you.

You cried with your head up to the sky making your tears fall like waterfalls. You gripped the letter at your right hand.

You were too numb.

Too broken.

Too sad.

Too pained

To notice what was happening around you.

To notice the pair of headlights on your way.

The lights glowed brighter as it drew near. The rain’ made it impossible for the driver to see you. Then… . .

Peter held his phone as he stood in front of a corpse covered in a white blanket. His gaze landed on Michelle and your grandmother crying.

Michelle cried as she placed an arm on your grandmothers back and one on the clothed corpse. Your grandmother shouting pleads and begs for the clothed to wake up. Peter’s eyes landed on Ned on the other side. Crying. And before him was your father and mother hugging the corpse.

Your mother slowly removed the cloth from the corpse face.

It revealed a cold, lifeless Y/n.

Peter’s eyes watered as he gripped his phone and on the screen was your text message.

From: Y/nDaBestie😂😆

Hey, are you free? Let’s go eat out tonight. I got something to tell you. I’ll wait for you at the park. See you at 5.

Sent by Y/nDaBestie Yesterday.

He was so busy with Liz that he forgot you. He cried as he dropped on the floor as he stared at your dead body.

The days of past as your funeral began. Peter stood infront your coffin for the whole day. His Aunt May would beg him to rest and will comeback tomorrow. He did get rest but at the following day he will do the same routine. Stand infront.

He ignored Liz. He didn’t feel anything when she said her condolences. The last day of the funeral came and your burial came. Your grandmother watched Peter stand infront of your tombstone. Unmoving.

She stared at the familiar envelope in hand. She sighed and walked beside Peter who noticed her but didn’t turn.

“ Here lies Y/n L/n

a Loving daughter and a supportive friend. ( (birth year) - 2017 ) ”

Peter stared at the words on the rock.

“ Here dear. ” he saw your grandma hand him a crippled unopened envelope. She gave him a sad smiled. “ She wanted you to have it. ” she said as she patted his back and walked away.

Peter watched her leave and spun his attention back at the letter. It was adressed to him from You.

He tore it open and pulled out a crumpled letter. He then began to read its content.

Hey Peter!

I don’t know to say this in personal and I would probably faint if I did so I put it in a letter. So it goes like this, You and I have been friends for a very long time. We’ve had each other’s back for a quite a long time now.

You are the best thing that happened to me Peter. You didn’t make it hard for me to fall in love with you. Heres the dealio.

I Love You Peter.

I Love you so much. Not because your smart, not because spider man.

But because its you. I love everything about you. Every part and every flaw that you have. I’ve always loved you. I’ve always had.



With that, he pressed the letter on his chest hugging it close as he knelt before your stone and his tears dripping down his eyes.

Just noticed this but when Ava mentions being haunted while Maggie’s having a fit Odin perks up. Hard to say why, he already knows that both Maggie and Ava are hosts, but Ava piqued his interest. It may just be her and Maggie’s argument, but this would be a very late reaction, and he’s not looking at Maggie, he’s looking at Ava.


Look, there’s Bill. Dead, dismembered, fed through a grinder and squeezed into a Cyberman. Doomed to spend an eternal afterlife as a bio-mechanical psycho-zombie. It was hilarious.

Ten years you spent up there, chatting. You missed her by two hours.

Ripped out her heart, threw it into a bin, and burned it all away… He’s internalising. I love it when he’s Mister Volcano.

you can’t love someone back to life [reader x stanley uris]

Originally posted by wyattswolfs

summary: after the death of stanley, you find yourself being confronted with the fact that he isn’t coming back, and that you can’t love him back to life.

pairings: stanley uris x reader

requested: nope

word count: 580

a/n; its an au where they don’t find stan in time and pennywise kills him oops

also its rly short and i’ll probably end up re-writing it but it’s late and i wanted to get a post up so its lit

he was supposed to make it.

he wasn’t supposed to be the one who died.

when [y/n] has seen the woman leaned over stanley, her face engulfing his, she felt sheer panic rush through her veins. IT looked up at her and the rest of the losers, a wicked grin spreading across her lips.

“you’re too late.” IT sneered before slowly backing up into the tunnels. the losers all rushed over, trying to shake him back to life.

especially [y/n].

she begged and cried for him to wake up, promising things like going to watch the birds with him or help him destroy that stupid painting. but he didn’t wake up. 

stanley uris never woke up.

bill denbrough and [y/n] were best friends, especially after suffering the death of stanley. and when [y/n] hadn’t left her room in months, bill decided to go pay her a visit. 

when she heard the knock on her door, [y/n] groaned and stood up, walking to the door. she saw bill, and rolled her [e/c] eyes, leaning against the door. 

“what do you want, bill?” she asked, heaving a sigh as she spoke. bill was playing with his hands as he stood in the doorway, the crisp autumn air flowing into the house as [y/n] stood with the door open.

“c-c-can i cuh-come in?” bill asked, his eyes meeting hers. [y/n] glanced over her shoulder at the bird watching book she had left sitting on her couch, and knew how bill would react if he knew she was still reading that stuff.

“i don’t think so, i’m kind of busy…” she lied, rubbing the back of her neck and looking down at her feet. bill rolled his eyes, pushing past her to enter the room. 

“hey, you can’t just-”

“bir-bird watching, re-re-really, [y/n]?” bill asked, picking up the book as she closed the door. she sucked in a breath, walking over to snatch it away from him.

“it’s the only thing i can think of… to keep me sane.” [y/n] mumbled, tucking a strand of [h/c] hair behind her ear. bill squeezed his eyes shut, sitting down on your couch and heaving a sigh. she sat down next to him, looking down at her hands in shame as she knew the lecture was coming.

“it-it’s been muh-months, [y/n]… and i kn-know it’s ha-hard, buh-buh-but you ca-can’t luh-love someone ba-ba-back to luh-life.” bill told her, which only made her angry.

“this-this isn’t me trying to bring him back. this is me trying to keep him a part of me!” she exclaimed, standing up as angry tears began to form and stick to her bottom eyelashes. “this is about me trying to keep the only thing that kept me sane in my life!”

“i-i know, [y/n], buh-buh-but sitting coo-cooped up in yuh-your house all duh-day isn’t guh-going to h-help…” bill said, straining his voice as he talked. [y/n] knew he was right. she hadn’t been out with the rest of the losers since the day they made the promise to come back if IT ever came back, and she was starting to miss them… but she also missed stan.

“h-he just died… i never had a chance to say g-goodbye…” she sat back down on the couch next to bill, and began to sob. bill pulled her into a hug, his eyes welling with tears as well.

“i kn-know… we a-a-all do…”


Requested by Anon: Can I request one where something goes wrong on a mission and Whiskey is told the reader is dead? But you’re not, it was just a miscommunication or an accident and you show up alive and he thinks he’s seen a ghost. preferable with an established relationship thanks!
Pairing: Agent Whiskey x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Death, blood.
Word Count: 861

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shoebilleddinosaur  asked:

Did Rikash ever get to visit Maura between Emperor Mage and the real start of the Immortals War? Also P.S. the Graveyard Hag is my favorite thing in the entire world and I want to be her when (if?) I grow up!

I don’t know if she’s looking for assistants, but you could always ask!

I don’t think Rikash did get to see her before the Battle of Port Legann. He might have managed one or two visits, but only that, not much more. 

Severus and Minerva are so easy to headcanon as a brotp and it’s so pure

  • They are bitches. Don’t deny it. They are adorable bitches who get together every weekend and passive aggressively insult people over wine
  • Mini prank wars. Severus will spell her chalkboard to write incorrectly and without a doubt she at least once made his chambers flip so everything was on the ceiling
  • Snowball fights. When Minerva is walking with a group of students in the snow, Severus spells a snowball to hit her hat and he’s trying so hard not to laugh as she looks around with a glare to see who did it.
  • They braid eachothers hair and watch muggle Britain’s Got Talent. Definitely laughing at the stupid people on the show
  • Minerva sends him a howler every year on his birthday that scream sings happy birthday reeeeeeaaaallllly loud to wake him up
  • He won’t admit it but every time he’s in Paris he buys her favorite candies and leaves them anonymously on her desk. But she knows they’re from him
  • They know exactly how eachother takes their tea and always has a fresh cup waiting for the other
  • Minerva goes down to his dungeon chambers when he isn’t home and spells his walls to be bright colors. Leaving him a note that says ‘you need a little color in your life’
  • You can’t tell me that they don’t go to Madame Maulkin’s together to pick out robes for eachother. Yes she always picks something other than black for Severus and he buys it and keeps them 'just in case’
  • Severus inherited an old El Camino from a muggle relative and every summer they take and drive around in the middle of no where
  • They recommend books for eachother and have their own mini book club
  • When Minerva confiscates a camera from a student who uses it too much, she takes a candid picture of him and leaves it in her desk for when she has a bad day
  • Severus helps her when she’s overwhelmed with paperwork at the beginning of the new school year
  • They’ve did the cinnamon challenge together when kids started sneaking to the kitchens and trying it. Of course Severus barely even reacted because he likes cinnamon but he did choke laughing when he saw Minerva cast an Aguamenti directly into her mouth
  • They drink the confiscated liquor from students together
  • Whenever he knows Minerva was drinking he has hangover draughts waiting for her when she wakes up
  • He’s always making sure her wards are extra secure because even though he would never admit it, he cares greatly about her safety
  • Severus doesn’t like quidditch but every quidditch cup game he buys Minerva and himself great seats because he knows she misses the sport greatly
  • Shes always badgering him about his love life, setting him up on blind dates and listening to him vent when it goes horribly wrong
  • They make terrible innuendos under their breath together when someone says something that could be misinterpreted as a dirty joke
  • Whoever loses the house cup that year has to buy the other person dinner
  • When Severus got a gift one year of a really ugly fake tinsel tree, they sneak it and leave it in the other’s chambers as a game because the thing is just so ugly they both hate it but it’s so funny
  • When Minerva is stressed, Severus takes half of the essays she has to grade and grades them for her
  • Minerva accidently said 'deadass’ in a heat of anger (she heard if from a student) and Severus just gives her that signature look of 'whut’ and then dies laughing
  • Minerva manages to get her hands on Pre released potion texts from famous potion masters and gives them to Severus. It always makes him smile.
  • Minerva always has her guest bedroom made because she knows sometimes Severus can get lonely in the dungeons. He knows her password and he spends a few nights there a year but he always leaves before she notices

hearmyvoiceoftreason  asked:

Eyyy Shidge -> "Are you flirting with me?" (Forgot the number lmao)

@hearmyvoiceoftreason I WAS GIDDY WRITING THIS #mustbelove

“Are you flirting with me?”

“Th-That depends?” Shiro stuttered. “Is it working?”

Katie stifled a laugh behind her hand and crossed one leg over the other, leaning back in her seat. “Uhm…In a strange way, yes. It’s totally working on me. Your pick-up line was cliché as hell, though.”

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Dude… You Set Me Up (Dean Ambrose)

Originally posted by taaeehyungs

Anon requested Cocky Dean. Hopefully this fic delievers 😉


Dean’s used to getting whatever girl he wants with no problem but what happens when he sets his sights on one girl but she’s not falling for his charm? HUMOR




“Dude. I bet you can’t take that girl over there home.” Seth smirked looking over at a random girl in the bar.

Dean smirked back.

Was he serious? Dean asked himself looking at Seth.

He looked over at the girl who was sitting alone by her self.

Of course I can get that home.

I mean, I am Dean Ambrose of course.

“Seth don’t play yourself.” Dean said his smirk becoming more defined on his lips. “I can get her and two others if I want.”

His friend just laughed momentarily, while shaking his head. “That one is good for now.”

“Watch closely and maybe you’ll learn something, Rollins.” Dean said getting up and making his way to the girl.


Y/N sat at the bar deep in thought when she felt someone brush up against her.

She glanced over to the left of her to be greeted by a man with hair slicked back and a clean shave.

She smiled politely before turning her gaze elsewhere.

“I’ll have another beer.” The man said. “And the lady will have another of whatver she’s drinking.”

“Oh no.” Y/N said with a slight giggle. “I was just about to leave anyway.”

Even better Dean thought.

“Mind if I join you?” He said smiling to show off his dimples.

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, tying her best not to scoff.

Ew, he’s one of those, she said to herself.

“You wanna come back at my place?”

Dean nodded trying to fight the urge to smirk again. “If that’s what you want babe. I’m down for a good time.” He replied.


Seth sat in his seat watching the scene in front of him unfold.

“Are you joking..?” He heard the girl yell.

Seth almost chocked on his beer, from a uncontrollable laugh.

“…You think, you can just come up to me, then five minutes later, I’m supposed to invite you to my place so we can fu–”

He watched as Dean quickly covered the girl’s mouth before she could finish saying the word.


“Shh.” Dean said covering the girl’s mouth, but then quickly snatched his hand away when she bit his finger. “Ouch.”

Y/N slapped him. “I don’t know if that shit works on other girls but it’s not going to work on me.” She said making her way from the bar.

Dean groaned, of course it works with other girls.

Could I be losing my charm? He wondered before something made his eyes get huge.

The girl that just slapped him was at the table talking to his friend Seth.

Dean laughed to himself.

He won’t get anywhere he thought, taking a sip of the beer he’d previously order from the bartender.

But as soon as he took a sip he spit it out.

The girl leaned over giving Seth a quick kiss on the cheek.

“You did good Y/N.” Dean overheard Seth saying.

Dean stood there with his mouth opened as he put the pieces together.

Dude… You set me up. You know her.”

Seth laughed shrugging. “Dean, meet my friend Y/N. Y/N.” Seth started laughing again. “I’m sure you know Dean.”

“That was wrong, Seth.” Dean said frowning as he took his seat at the table him and Seth shared. “But at least I know my game didn’t really fail me.”


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Hands to Yourself

Jon x Sansa fic for @ricewithfries. Thank you for your donation to fight Nazis!

Request: spies (playing off this drabble)

“How about you keep your hands to yourself?” Jon says, giving Baelish a shake. He’s light, easy to manhandle. That’s why the guys call him Littlefinger.

Staring back at him with her arched brow and pursed red mouth, it doesn’t look like Sister Stone will thank Jon for the intrusion—what he thought was a rescue, when he rounded the corner and found Baelish pressing her into the White Stag’s clammy stone wall. His blood is up, but even he can see she’s unimpressed. Annoyed even. Somehow he’s ended up the jerk.

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Though I enjoy Barry not knowing which taaco twin is which I raise you this:

Barry from day ONE being able to tell Lup and Taako apart, which isn’t as rare as ppl believe, a lot of people have this bit of talent, what IS surprising is that Barry can even tell when they’re /trying/ to trick people

Taako not feeling up for doing a segment of training that Lup’s good at anyways? They switch. no problem. Except Barry takes one look at Lup in Taako’s favorite pair of shoes, wearing the ID badge with the perfect amount of ruffled pretentiousness on her hip and he Knows

Eventually it becomes a game of the Twins knowing that Barry knows when they’ve switched and seeing how far Bluejeans will play along,

In later cycles Taako getting touchy with Barry in the hall, normal couple holding hands, displaying love in from of the Leader of a particular insistute that values romantic affection, does not like insincereness and whom they’re trying to get the light from, Barry calling Taako /dear/ and /sweetie/ which he absolutely cannot do with the real Lup, but for the sake of not possibly pissing off these people- well, he might as well have fun with the ruse too.

Lup lounging on the couch, when Barry comes up to her and gives her a kiss, Lup then grossly overreacting and claiming that Barry should /know/ which twin is which, causing a seen under the ruse of Taako just for the fun of it, just to see the giggles of the other members of IPRE

Gosh Barry just knowing these two can’t fool him, and even if this causes some trouble, at the end of the day he absolutely loves their dramatic fits of goof induced annoyance at him ruining their pranks

anonymous asked:

deckerstar -/- 3

A lot of requests for this one!

3) Who Likes to Dress Up and How?

To a certain extent, it’s actually Chloe who is into costumes and if she cares to admit it- a little bit of role play. So Lucifer finds himself in a lot of very interesting roles in order to surprise his lady love.

It all came about one day when Lucifer decided to parade around in one of the rookie officer’s hats. Chloe caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye and she was staring at him for long enough to attract the attention of a very amused Ella.

Ella- who is always one for mischief- might have happened to accidentally (see on purpose) mention Chloe’s reaction to Lucifer on the DL.

This found him purchasing a very authentic looking cop uniform the very same day. Chloe opened the door of her apartment and there he was, all dressed up with no-where to go- looking at her hungrily from under the rim of the hat. He was dangling handcuffs from one finger and she had to swallow hard lest she drooled because Christ alive he was sexy.

This led to Chloe admitting a thing for firemen’s uniforms as well. And tuxedos. And maybe just a little, tiny, minuscule thing (itsy bitsy really)- for a college Professors outfit. 

It’s not like she doesn’t return the favour though. 

The first Halloween that they were together for, she may or may not have purchased a sexy Devil outfit. Horns very much included- much to Lucifer’s amusement and utter delight.

As with most costumes for women, the damn thing was basically red lingerie with glitter and props but fucking hell, if it didn’t send every single blood cell in his body rushing south fast enough to leave him light headed for the rest of the night.

It’s very safely kept in his closet for her to wear next Halloween as well.

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Ten/Rose/Casanova having a threeway?

Now we’re talking ;) This may be more than 500 words.

Served with a hint of slash

➜ Kink flashfiction

Rose had asked to see the Carnival of Venice. Of course, the Doctor would not miss an opportunity to impress him favourite girl. So he took her to the Carnival in 1745. He even changed into an era-appropriate costume, both of them in luxurious and colourful outfits. But the Doctor had another surprise in store for her.

The Casanova?”

“Oh, yes.”

The famous lover stood at the other end of the room. Rose moved her eyes slowly up his body, lingering on his bum. At this point, she had already had a few cups of wine. She felt light and warm, even more so with the Doctor’s arms around her.

When Casanova turned around, she gasped.

“He looks so much like you.”

“Well…” he tugged on his ear with a cocky smile.

Rose bit her lower lip as her eyes shifted between the Doctor and Casanova. The Doctor tightened his arms around her and lowered his lips to her ear.

“Do you want to play with him, Petal?”

He brushed the tip of his nose along her jawline, and Rose shivered.

“Oh, Doctor, can I, please?”

“Only if you promise to be very naughty.”

He slipped a hand down the front her corset, trapped a nipple between two fingers.

“Will you play with us too?”

“Oh, yes!”

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Headcanon that Izuru waits by Chiaki’s side until she wakes up. He’s usually the first to get up in the morning (since Chiaki has a habit of being up late playing video games). He’ll take care of making breakfast and other things, but he won’t eat until she’s up. Additionally, since Chiaki likes to walk together, he’ll wait until she’s ready to leave. 

Bonus: Chiaki takes of Izuru’s hair in the morning and at night. His hair can become a tangled mess if left untamed for too long. Izuru tells Chiaki that she doesn’t have to, but Chiaki doesn’t mind it. She enjoys it (and Izuru enjoys it to, but he keeps that to himself). 

Also bonus: They do take baths together. Not very often, but occasionally if Chiaki brings it up. Although Izuru has seen Chiaki nude (he helps dress her when she sick), and while they do both wear towels, he always looks in another direction. There may be a few glances exchanged here and there, but for the most part, they keep to their own side.

And yes, Chiaki does wash Izuru’s back and vice versa. She even helps dry his hair. 

Intern/Pt2 . Jay Park

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A/N: that gif is amazing but has nothing to do with this chapter, it’s just there for aesthetic. so here’s a gif that has things to do with this chapter. also, this one is very short which i’m sorry for. 

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          Summary: Being Jay Park’s assistant can turn into so much more. 


                                              10 year age gap,
                                    mentions to sexual actions,
.                                          small sexual actions               

PART 1      PART 2 (you’re here rn)                  .

“Okay, Y/N. You got this,” Y/N stood in her bedroom mirror eyeing her outfit and giving herself a small pep talk as she did so. “Just walk into that office and do your job. Don’t melt when he looks you in the eye, don’t scream externally when he gives you orders, and don’t think about anything other than work. Okay? Not ha-oh fuck me.” Groaning, she flew back onto her bed and looked up at the ceiling. 

It’s been around a week since Jay and Y/N first met and 2 days ago he asked for her to be his assistant. Yeah, crazy. Her friends pretty much predicted what was going to happen. 

Well, they predicted one thing only. The other things haven’t happened. Not that Y/N wanted them to or anything. 

“How the fuck am I supposed to work for Jay Park without wanting to drop to my knees in front of him?” Sighing once again, Y/N went to stuff her phone into her back pocket but stopping as she saw a message from her boss. 

Heyyyyyyyy, ik this is like insanely random but i wanna get to know you more annnddddd i was wondering if we could go grab brunch at around 1? how does that sound?????’ 

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Okay but if sonnys dad never found out about the candy bar what stories do Elisa and Ollie have that one parent doesn't know about. I would think Elisa's would be about staining one of sonnys ties that Rafael hated so he just let Sonny think he lost it but Ollie and Sonny would stay up and watch Superhero cartoons when Rafael would work late

Omg, okay, so I ADORE the tie staining story anon, but I totally think that it would be way more hilarious if Elisa ended up staining one of Rafael’s really expensive ties while Sonny is borrowing said tie.

Like, Elisa’s painting at the kitchen table, bouncing happily in her chair, and she wants Sonny to come over from where he’s making dinner at the stove to come look at her beautiful picture because, “Look, daddy, it’s papi, he’s savin’ the world!”

(Which just has Sonny swooning, btw.)

And while Sonny’s leaning over to get a better look at Elisa’s painting, the better to tell her how beautiful it is and how much papi is going to love it, sweet baby is just bouncing too much from her excitement that she accidentally knocks over her dirty water cup, splashing it all over Sonny’s borrowed tie.

Sweet Elisa, she immediately has tears in her eyes, upset because, “I ruined papi’s favorite tie!!”, so Sonny picks her up and hushes her and tells her there’s no way in the world that Rafael would ever be mad at her about that; Sonny, on the other hand, will be in a world of hurt because he was the one actually borrowing the tie, and he can just hear Rafael’s voice saying, “You couldn’t have been more careful with it, love?!”, so it ends up being all Sonny’s idea to hide it.

And honestly, I totally see Rafael as being the one to stay up late and watch superhero cartoons with Ollie when Sonny is at work late.

I’ve said this in a couple of asks before, but Rafael is absolutely the parent who cannot deny he and Sonny’s children of anything.

He grew up with nothing, so all he wants is to give Elisa and Oliver everything that he never had, so it’s hard for him to say no sometimes.

And that includes when he and Sonny’s baby boy begs for, “Just one more hour, papi! I wanna watch my cartoons with you!”

So he always gives in to the “one more hour” request, all snuggled up with Oliver on the couch while Elisa keeps their little secret for them.