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What if in your Twins AU, there was a situation where Marinette and Adrien couldn't transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir, and Bridgette and Felix have to take over for them? But Marinette and Adrien sort of follow them around trying to help them figure out how to use their weapons.

i don’t think i posted anything about this yet, but both sets of kids share the identities between them already! whoever is closest to the scene of the akuma attack transforms, so the incident can be addressed as quickly as possible.  the kids will meet up in various combinations, but it’s usually bridgette/felix and marinette/adrien who end up working together. each of them think there’s only one chat noir and one ladybug respectively.

since bridgette and marinette are cousins for now i haven’t figured out how they manage it yet (maybe it’s as easy as just asking tikki if they can share the workload?), but plagg accidentally bonded with adrien and felix after locking onto one energy signature while looking for a miraculous host, which turned out to be twins - i.e. one singular person split into two.

felix hates being chat noir, but knowing a kiss from ladybug can free him and adrien he takes every opportunity he gets to try to “fix” their situation. adrien, who is head over heels in love with ladybug, takes every opportunity he gets to stop felix lifting the curse and screwing up his love life (which makes them both selfish, before the felix hatebloggers crash the party). neither ladybug is interested in either chat noir, and for the foreseeable future it’s staying that way.

i figure the first time felix and bridgette got out went something like this:

Dean was watching T.V. when he heard it. It was a strange, very quiet sound. Low and gutteral—a growl?

Dean scooped up the remote, squinting until he found the mute button and punched it pointedly. And he heard it again, but this time it sounded even more faint, reminding him of the quiet sounds of a motor attached to a fan. Then, footsteps. Wet. Sloppy. Heavy steps trudging across the tiles of the bunker.

Dean stood, wrapping a hand around his gun still resting against the small of his back.

The sounds were closer. Closer. Closer. Then…


“What the hell, Cas?” Dean said, letting go of the cold metal in favor of a glare at the puddles forming at the base of Cas’s shoes. In fact, Cas was completely drenched with the runoff from the blizzard outside, leaving him looking like the soggy end of a mop.

Dean gestured to Cas’s wet form: “Dude, you’re making a mess, what, did you roll around in the snow?—” then, Dean paused, holding up a finger, “wait, shh.”

Cas scowled. “Dean, did you just shush yourself—”

Dean held up a hand with a stern face. “Shh!” he said again. And, there it was again. The quiet growling… no, purring?

Dean looked Cas up and down suspiciously, noticing for the first time that the angel’s hands were hidden behind his back as if he were hiding something there.

Dean raised his chin, suddenly looking down at the angel like a child, who was, incidentally, avoiding eye contact.

“Cas,” Dean said carefully. “Baby, what’s behind your back?”

Then, in the background, a mewl.

Dean’s eyes widened, his tone changing immediately.

“Cas, please tell me that is not a cat behind your back right now, or I swear to God…”

But Dean didn’t finish because, in a second, the angel was stomping, wet and furious towards his boyfriend, blue eyes cold and hard. And, at that moment, Dean could swear Cas’s vessel was taller than him because he didn’t usually see the angel look so intimidating—outside of the bedroom.

“What, Dean?” Cas said. His voice was calm and collected, but there was a chill in it that sent shivers down Dean’s spine. “You swear to God, you’ll what?”

Suddenly, Dean backed up against the couch with a thump. And, Cas looked smug.


“Dean,” Cas said confidently, acting as if his ass hadn’t just meowed. He took another step forward, as if he were about to kiss his boyfriend, but instead, brushed his nose along his jawline until he was whispering in Dean’s ear. “I’m going to pull my hands from behind my back and I want you to think very carefully about your next words. Do you understand?”

Dean closed his eyes briefly at the skin contact, swallowing, then nodded.

Then, as if he hadn’t just threatened Dean with the wrath of God, the angel’s face broke into a soft, curly smile as he pulled a wet, scrawny black cat from behind his back. The angel tickled under the cat’s chin, cooing with crinkly eyes, bumping his nose against the cat’s pink one.

Dean’s eyebrows raised as he eyed the black, patchy fur ball. The thing was starved, dirty and frankly, hideous. And yet, Cas looked as if he were adoring a new born baby and not a mangy cat.

In contrast to his gruff voice from only a moment ago, Cas spoke sweetly to the cat while directing his words to Dean:

“This is monkey,” he said. “I found her behind a dumpster.”

And Dean started to crack a smile as he watched his boyfriend who looked like an adorable wet mess himself, cuddle the scraggly cat until it purred in his arms.

“This is your new home,” Cas purred back.

This snapped Dean back to reality: “Cas,” Dean started to protest, but was cut off quickly when Cas’s head snapped back up to Dean, expression fierce in warning.

Damn Cas, Dean thought, how the hell can you manage to be both adorable and scary as hell?

“I’m talented like that,” Cas said smugly. Then, when Dean’s eyes widened comically, “Dean, you should really watch how you address me in your thoughts, some of them smack very close to prayers and I’m pretty good at tuning in to those.” He finished with a wicked smile that made Dean’s cheeks heat up.

Dean cleared his throat, then stared at the bundle of dirty dripping, fluffy masses in front of him with a sigh.

“Ok,” Dean finally consented. “Welcome to the bunker monkey.”

“Thanks,” Cas said, leaning forward and giving his boyfriend a wet kiss. When he pulled away, the cat started crawling up to Dean’s shoulders, purring heavily as he cuddled against the warm, dry heater he’d found, soaking Dean’s shirt.

Dean sighed again, but this time he was smiling at the way Cas’s face lit up at the situation.

“You’re welcome,” Dean said, pulling Cas in close to him. “I love you, you monkey.”

Cas smiled and kissed Dean again.

When they pulled away: “Just to be clear,” Dean said. “I meant you.”

Cas reached up and pet the cat again with a relaxed smile: “I know,” he said. “I love you, too.”

This is how I know everything’s going to be fine.

- the writers are repetitive

- Magnus is wearing a jacket when they are arguing (but not when they kiss)

- So clearly he starts drinking at some point, and Cat comes over (probably talks some sensible wisdom into him?)

- Alec comes back to apologize like always. 

- Voila they kiss 

(this will prob be under 4 mins of screen time in total cause yall know they aren’t “important” enough ) 

Malec Wedding thingy.

Alec POV 

 Alec couldn’t believe that Magnus had said yes when he proposed. He couldn’t believe that he was lucky enough to have someone like Magnus in his life. That’s why he was running around the apartment, trying to make it look perfect. There was another thing he wanted to ask Magnus, something related to them getting married. Alec was aware of the fact that Magnus lived there too, that cleaning like a maniac was a bit unnecessary, but he felt a weird need to do it. He looked over at the clock, only a couple of minutes before Magnus was supposed to come home. Alec took a deep breath, looked in the mirror and fixed his hair a bit, lastly he lit some candles. 

”I’m home” Magnus shouted as usual. Alec froze, he stood in the middle of the living room with a ton of candles around him and stared at the door.

He saw how Magnus faced dropped as he walked into the living room. ”What’s all this about?” Magnus asked as he walked up to Alec, gently placing his hands on Alecs waist. Alec smiled and looked down on Magnus, and felt the butterflies in his stomach as he realized Magnus had dropped his glamour, looking back up at him with his cat eyes. Alec swallowed hard, Magnus knew that his cat eyes did things to Alec. He tried to focus. 

”So I wanted to ask you something” Alec said, meaning to look into Magnus’s eyes as he did, but those cat eyes were to distracting so he ended up looking at Magnus’s lips and jawline. 

”Is that so?” Magnus said and pulled Alec closer ”I thought you wanted to do something involving a little less talking” he continued with a smirk as he moved his hands under Alec’s shirt. The feeling of Magnus’s fingers on his skin made him shiver, he bit his lip, he really needed to ask this. 

”You’ll have to wait until after we’re married” Alec said playfully back as he pulled back from Magnus, fighting the urge to throw himself at him. ”I was just thinking about the whole marriage thing” he continued as he pulled Magnus down on the couch, sitting next to each other. 

Magnus face changed, he looked worried and his glamour was back up. He pulled back. ”Have you changed your mind?” he asked, looking down on the floor.

”What?!” Alec didn’t understand how Magnus could even think that, he reached out and cupped his face in his hands, he looked into the now brown eyes ”I would never change my mind, ever” Alec saw Magnus smile and that little sparkel in his eyes. 

”I’ve just been thinking about how we can’t have a shadowhunter wedding” Alec continued, letting go of Magnus face but not letting go of their eye contact. Magnus face was confused but curious. ”I thought that .. we could, since you can’t get runes, that we could get the wedding union runes tattooed” Alec played with his hands as he said this, he didn’t know how Magnus would feel about it. He wasn’t really a part of the shadowhunter world in the same way, Alec knew how Magnus feel about their culture. 

”That sounds perfect” Magnus said, with a huge smile on his face he kissed Alec hard. When the kiss broke Alec saw Magnus cat eyes again, he gasped and Magnus laughed. He couldn’t resist it anymore, he threw himself on Magnus, kissing him all over his face.

”What happened with me waiting until we’re married?” Magnus laughed and pulled up Alec shirt, stroking him on the back. 

”I changed my mind” Alec whispered into Magnus’s neck, only to pull up again and looking into Magnus cat eyes, looking at them, drowning in them, they were so beautiful. Alec bit his lip before diving down to Magnus lips.

Marichat May Day 1 - Milk

Marinette thinks she’s really funny when she brings Chat milk in a bowl to drink after they watch a movie together. He doesn’t think she thought he would actually except it though based on her shock.

Rated T || 1,339 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF 

Milking the Joke

He really wasn’t surprised when he looked up to see what Marinette brought him to drink after her asking him is he wanted anything once the movie they were watching on her laptop was over. They were curled up together on her lounge in that completely platonic way friends cuddle. She had untangled their legs, which had been entwined together in a completely platonic way, and sat up. He had seen the mischief in her eyes and the grin that kept pulling on her lips. “Do you want something to drink?” It would have been an innocent question had he not seen that look in her eyes. Of course, he said yes. How could he say no to his princess?

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You Owe Me. (Kris x Reader.)

NOTE: This story contains SMUT. Hope you’ll like it ewe. 

You silently opened the door of your house and closed the door behind you, carefully in order to not make any sound. It was 4 am and there was a 100% chance of Kris sleeping in your bed. However someone was awake and it was your cute cat who came to welcome you. You petted his head and picked him up. “Did you miss mommy when she was away?” You kissed your cat and he purred in return. “But mommy has to take a shower now, lets snuggle tomorrow baby.” You touched your cat’s nose with yours and placed him on the floor.

You took your sweatpants off and threw it somewhere in the living room. You were on your way to the bathroom, but changed your direction when you saw the door of your bedroom slightly open and light coming out from that small gap. ‘Is Kris still awake?’ you asked to yourself. And husky groans verified your question. Your body temperature increased when you saw him touching his member while smelling your pillow. At first you wanted to interrupt and tease him, but why interrupt him when you can enjoy this once in a lifetime show. His muscles were getting tenser every time he moved his hand up and down on his penis. Sweat has never turned you on this much before you met Kris. You gulped when his voice got huskier and louder. He was about to climax. “Y/N, Y/N…” He called out your name and now his release was all over your pillow now.

“Seems like someone owes me a pillow?” You chuckled when you saw Kris’ shocked face and slowly walked towards him and placed your hand on his chest, his heart was beating so fast. You raised your head and gazed at his eyes which were full of desire. “But you can pay it with your body.” When you finished your sentence he gripped the hand on his chest and pulled it which made you fall on him. He locked his fingers to yours and kissed you softly at first. But you weren’t satisfied, you wanted more than this. You unlocked your fingers and placed both of your hands on his head and pulled his hair gently yet full of lust, then pulled him for a lot more passionate kiss. You bite his lower lip, then licked it. He touched your tongue with his tongue. You moaned in his mouth. “Fuck me.” You said while breathing heavily. He kissed you and said. “As you wish my lady.” He moved his hand to your in between your legs and chuckled. “Looks like someone has enjoyed the show.” He removed your panties and spread your legs open.

“Pretty.” He said softly, admiring your vagina. He placed his cock on your vagina and moved it slowly. He was teasing you. You were panting so fast. “D-Do it p-properly..” you said in between your pants. “Do what?” He asked you with a dirty smirk on his face and started to stimulate your clitoris with his penis. “P-Put your penis in m-me.” You moaned when you finished your sentence. “Oh you mean this?” You whined when he entered in you. “Why are you not answering my question?” When he finished his sentence his hips got faster. You cried out loud and dug your nails in to his back and pulled him closer to you, then bite his earlobe a bit harder than usual. “Ouch!” he rubbed his ear and gave you the look, but softened his face when he saw your teary eyes and pulled you up.

Both of you were sitting on the bed, he pulled you into a hug while his dick was still inside you and caressed your hair sweetly. “I’m sorry honey, I lost my control and teased you a little too much.” He kissed your forehead and cupped your cheeks. “Will you forgive me?” He was looking at you with his sharp and pretty brown eyes. You pecked his lips and pushed him down slowly. “Only if you let me ride you.” You said as your hand traveled on his chest down to his happy trail which made him groan. “Do whatever you want baby, I’m all yours.” You started to move your hips, faster every time Kris moaned your name. “I’m cumming.” He said in between his pants. “M-Me too.” You replied.

Your high pitched moan met with Kris’ husky groan.

You were still breathing heavily when you fell on Kris’ chest. He kissed your forehead. “You look so adorable.” You smiled and pressed your lips against his lips. “And you look so handsome.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around you. “Up for another roun-” your cat interrupted his sentence with his meows. Kris looked at you and you looked at Kris, then started to laugh non stop. Kris gave you your underwear and wore his underwear. He picked the cat up and placed him on the bed. “Looks like someone’s going to accompany us tonight.” He said with a smile on his face. “I love you Kris.” You said out of nowhere. He touched your forehead with his forehead. “Me too, I love you. Goodnight baby.” He kissed you then fell asleep while snuggling the cat. You giggled ‘It’s good to be back.’ You thought and wrapped your arms around Kris’ waist. His body odor relaxed every muscles of your body and made you fall asleep.

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do you have any cute domestic andreil headcanons?

Omg yes I have, thanks for the ask anon ❤ 


  • Neil wearing Andrew’s clothes (not just at home)
  • Andrew being jealous of the cats
  • But not showing it
  • Andrew and Neil wearing their matching jackets
  • But
  • Andrew wearing Neil’s, and Neil wearing Andrew’s
  • Andrew giving Neil a mug that says “world’s worst boyfriend” (of course he doesn’t mean it, it’s just his way to show affection and Neil knows)
  • Andrew with stubble
  • Neil kissing Andrew’s stubble
  • Andrew wearing Neil’s clothes and saying “your clothes are shit”
  • And Neil “then why do you wear them? take them off if you don’t like them”
  • And Andrew “It was what I had most at hand” and refusing to take it off (because they smell like Neil so it’s like having him around even when he’s not close and it feels like home) (of course he won’t say this)
  • Andrew kissing the cats when no one sees him
  • but one day Neil catches him
  • and stands there just staring at his cute boyfriend
  • and when Andrew sees him, his cheeks turn slightly red
  • and Neil can’t help but say “cute”
  • And Andrew says “306% Josten”

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Senpai, how about mc having abilities, like, she can heat up stuff or her breath makes objects alive, etc. But she has a hard life (being experiment). The RFA+V+Saeran find out & help mc to overcome the past by convince her that she's special. ❤umods


You don’t even understand how long it took to come up with this and then write it

But I did it

I hope it’s what you were hoping for anon!! ^^


Yoosung (An extra good luck charm)

  • You’re super lucky, but that’s gotta be evened out… so you’re SUPER clumsy
  • Yoosung learns this when you accidentally spill your hot coffee on yourself, and dropped your books, and tripped on your shoelaces all in the same ten minutes
  • “Geez, you’re really clumsy, aren’t you?”
  • “That’s only the half of it” you say, “but if you wanna win some of the lottery I might be able to help”
  • And so you revealed your luck
  • And he’s like really surprised?? 
  • You guys have known each other for months and only now you’ve told him, and that’s okay and all
  • but are you the reason he’s been acing all of his tests at college?? Yes, you are indeed
  • He’s so psyched about it, but you feel insecure over it
  • “You aren’t just gonna use me, are you..?”
  • “Why would you think that?? MC it’s amazing you have these powers, but you’re so much more than that. I’m here with you for everything! I’m not just gonna stay for the good, I promise. You’re so special, but it’s not just your powers making you special”
  • No one has ever really told you that before
  • And it’s so comforting to hear

Jaehee (Heats stuff up)

  • You had conveniently left out the fact you can warm stuff up in the time you’ve been with Jaehee
  • But you’ve also been quite the helping hand for her, making her coffee in the early morning before work, before she was even up. She had no clue you just heated up the water for it by yourself, ‘cause boiling the water took too long and it was a lot easier for you to just warm it up
  • She didn’t know until she caught you
  • You were just standing in the kitchen with her mug in your hands, and all the sudden it went from chill to boiling
  • You didn’t notice her standing there watching you until you set the cup on the table. You proceeded to flush a bright red
  • Honestly she didn’t know what to think?
  • “What’d you just do?”
  • “Um… warmed it up”
  • “Really? How’d you do it?”
  • “Um. With my hands”
  • You explained it to her then, ‘cause there was no use keeping it secret anymore. And because everyone over reacts, you expected her to freak out and over react about it too
  • But she was just like,
  • “Cool” (:
  • “You’ll have to show me more of what you can do sometime”
  • And she carried on
  • And seeing her, you could too
  • Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all

Zen (Changes appearance)

  • You have the ability to change how you look. You can tweak your hair color, your face shape, etc. You can’t tweak your height or build or your scars, which believe me, you have your fair share of after all the experiments
  • Zen just assumed you wore wigs or dyed your hair all the time, cause your hair would constantly change to whatever you wanted it to be at the moment
  • But one time when you were with Zen, you saw a girl who had a really cute mop of curly red hair and you adored it
  • And your hair kind just *POOF*ed into a fluff of curly red locks
  • Zen kinda jumped, but you spooked and ran cause oh gosh he knows now
  • what is he gonna think???
  • He chases you down and stops you, and you explain it to him
  • And instead of saying something he just kisses you, softly for a moment
  • You were so worried he would only care about your looks, ‘cause that’s all you thought you really are
  • “You aren’t just your looks” he says “it takes one to know one”
  • And it kinda hits you, Zen worries the same thing
  • And he knows exactly how it’s like
  • And exactly the right things to help you feel better about it
  • And come to love yourself

Jumin (Morph into animals)

  • Whenever Jumin wasn’t home you’d morph into a cat and play with Elizabeth, cause… why not?
  • It helps you to run off some anxious energy, spending a fair amount of time chasing and playing with her
  • But of course Jumin came home one day when your were in cat mode and at first he thought you were a stray
  • but you were also such a pretty cat??? No cat that pretty would be a stray
  • Oh. And then you morphed back in a hurry
  • To say the least Jumin freaked. He was more or less stunned, and so you explained to him “I kinda can morph into animals”
  • “It’s not fit for my dear to worry over such an amazing skill”
  • You were really nervous so you didn’t notice in your rush to morph back to human you still had cat ears
  • Jumin noticed
  • And when he did, he kissed you
  • “I could get used to those cat ears”
  • To say the least, real cat ears are better than the fake ones for the sexy cat outfit cue Peony’s sexy cat reaction
  • You come to grow into your powers, and you start to love them and become more comfortable with them, thanks to Jumin accepting them and showing his own kind of support

Seven (Controls electricity)

  • You had always been super tentative to touch him cause you have a literal electric touch
  • So you have avoided meeting up with him for the longest time until finally he convinced you to come meet him
  • The first time you two shake hands, you hand-buzz him. But there’s no hand buzzer in your hand when he looks??
  • How’d you do that??
  • You explain to him your powers, and then get really nervous “Everyone only ever wants me because of them…”
  • He just hugs you and holds you really close. You’re kinda staticy
  • “Hey. I love you because of you. I didn’t even know about this electric thing til now. And I’d love you all the same if you didn’t have it.”
  • It’s comforting, it’s really comforting
  • You notice after the hug that his hair ALL OVER is sticking up, and his hair is REALLY CURLY
  • He constantly reminds you though
  • Until you’re more comfortable with yourself
  • You eventually start using it for pranks because Seven helped you get so comfortable
  • You were totally not the one who made Elizabeth the III super staticy
  • Nor were you the one who shut down Seven’s power right before he finished a report
  • oh gosh he was so upset
  • but his reaction was so worth it

Saeran (Mind reading)

  • Saeran never really talked much with you, yet you amazingly got along
  • perhaps that’s because you knew what he was thinking most of the time
  • It’s not that you purposely intruded in on his thoughts
  • You didn’t quite have control over your power though
  • One day you thought Maybe he should know about this
  • So you nervously explained to him that you could read minds and you listened to his all the time on accident
  • He wasn’t happy
  • He was upset
  • And extremely rash
  • “You’ve been WHAT???”
  • What all did you know?? What all did he think about around you??
  • You fled. Later, he came to you, apologizing
  • Why didn’t you tell him before?
  • Because you weren’t ready to
  • And he could kind of accept that, that you needed time to come out with it
  • But does that mean he now has to watch what he thinks about around you?
  • Kind of.
  • Sometimes he thinks things on purpose, expecting you to be listening. Overall, you figure it’s fun to listen to his thoughts
  • Sometimes they’re really sweet
  • hey. i love you
  • Other times
  • i’m going to murder this idiot in front of us if they don’t speed up
  • He may or may not be serious about that

V (Invisibility) 

  • When you first meet him, he kinda stumbles over the sidewalk
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t see. I’m kind of blind…. I can’t see you either”
  • “Don’t worry,” you say, “no one else can either”
  • “???”
  • “Ehehh, I’m kind of invisible”
  • “Oh”
  • he never would’ve noticed
  • you realize that, right?
  • “Okay”
  • He’s a blind little bean
  • It’s not like you’ve gone anywhere
  • Or like you’re intangible
  • You’re still actually there, but just most of the time, you’re invisible. It’s something you have a lot of trouble controlling, it spurs on and off with your moods
  • Most of the time causing you to be invisible
  • But he doesn’t care
  • He loves you
  • And he doesn’t see you become invisible or whatnot
  • And so you’re convinced it doesn’t matter if you’re invisible or not
  • Cause V will always care

It’s like one in the morning now. I’m listening to ballet music and I’m wide awake. But I took a six hour nap earlier so I’m probably gonna be up even longer x)

Have an AU where Tadashi and Hiro are homeless (I’m thinking they ran away from an orphanage when someone showed interest in adopting only one of them but idk be free to pick your own reasons), just barely managing to scrape by, but happy enough because at least they’re still together.

The day Tadashi is old enough to seem convincing, he starts looking everywhere for work. He’s not having much success though, because between his thin appearance and worn clothes, he seems kind of sketchy, and he doesn’t have any references, either. Near the end of the day, maybe even at the end of a few, he’s still got nothing to show for all his effort. He decides to give one last place a shot, because it’s getting late and Hiro’s all alone (probably getting into trouble, as usual). So he tries his luck at the aptly named Lucky Cat Café.

And that’s how he first meets Cass.


  • Cass can totally tell something’s up with him, but he seems earnest enough, and she really needs the help, so she gives him a paid trial run
  • Tadashi ends up being a great employee, so she hires him full time
  • Instead of questioning him too early and scaring him off, Cass always provides him with free meals, and any leftover pastries at the end of the day. When Tadashi refuses, she insists it’s something she offers all her employees. When she notices him saving portions ‘to bring home’ she starts giving him bigger portions without a word.
  • One day Hiro is sick, so instead of leaving him at the public library like he usually does, Tadashi takes him to the café. He’s prepared to literally beg Cass to let Hiro stay if he has to, but she takes it in stride. She lets Hiro stay in the living room on the second floor, gives him soup and some cough syrup, and spoils him rotten with cookies.
  • Later, she offers for Tadashi to bring Hiro in any time. Hiro becomes a regular in the kitchen and second floor. Mochi and Hiro get into way more mischief than a cat and young boy should ever be able to achieve.
  • Cass starts to buy them clothes, and passes it off as ‘things my nephews grew out of’
  • One evening there’s a huge rush just before closing time. They get everyone out the door eventually, but it’s late, and the café is a huge mess. By the time Tadashi and Cass have everything cleaned up, Hiro is already asleep on the couch upstairs. Carefully, Cass offers Tadashi the two of them the beds in the attic upstairs. It’s never used anyway, not since her sister moved out and Cass took over the café from her parents. Besides, it’s only for the night.
  • One night becomes one week. One week becomes two, then three, then a month. They don’t acknowledge it with words, not at first. But Tadashi is sure to make Cass breakfast every morning, and she’s the only other person Hiro ever tolerates being hugged or held by.
  • Pictures start to decorate her fridge. Two black haired boys, a brown-haired woman always smiling, and a very fat cat.
  • They do talk, eventually. Tadashi confesses everything, slowly at first, then all in one jumbled rush in her arms. He’s still too thin for someone his age –not even 16, still just a boy—but he’s a little better than he’d been when he first walked into the Lucky Cat Café.
  • She kisses his cheek and strokes his hair, tells him everything will be alright, that he’s staying right here, that he’s done so much, and he can rest now. She asks him to let her help carry the weight.
  • The thing is, it’s not that Cass can’t have children. She’s just never wanted to. Somehow, she ends up with two sons anyway, and she couldn’t be happier.

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Jaebum? 💕

cute morning texts, kissing your hand when out in public, cuddling with him and the cats, listening to music while chilling on the couch, late night drives to get food, gives in when you pout, matching rings, laughs at your cheesy jokes, his leg on your thigh when he drives, standing on your tip toes to kiss him, having a couple playlist, singing you to sleep, dressing up his cats when he isn’t home, peppering kisses all over you to wake you up 

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Ladynoir (any alter ego combo) Kiss prompt 1

Ahh I never wrote Ladynoir before, so I dunno how it is! Anyways, hope you like it! 

This is Marinette’s thoughts on their kiss in chapter 10.

1. First Kiss 

When he looked at her with those green cat eyes, she knew she had to do something about it.

His look was mad, desperate, insane. Nothing like the flirty, funny boy she got to know when they tried to save the world from the evil akumas.

She had to save him, she at least owed him that much.

But on the other hand, even if she knew love defeated all hatred, she didn’t want to kiss him, exactly.

It’d be her first kiss ever, and she always dreamed the one to grace her lips would be Adrien’s soft mouth. She wanted it to be that way.

But her friend was more important than a silly dream.

Gathering courage, she put her hands on the sides of his face. His skin was soft against her disguise.

Closing her eyes, she forced his mouth to collide with hers.

She could taste the black painting his lips, a metallic feeling against her own. He was still, shocked, as if he was unable to believe what was happening. He’d never let it die down to her.

And as soon as it started, it ended. He broke the kiss, looking everywhere with a confused look.

She stood back on her feet faster than she intended, ready to fight. Even in his confusion, he mimicked her. She knew she could count on him to take down the enemy.

The taste of his lips still lingered on hers.

Hope spun around with the delicate white hat in hand, already wearing his. Lightning just stared, completely unamused.


“We don’t have to buy them,” he said with a ridiculous grin on his face. “Let’s just get someone to take a picture. Please?”

She frowned, flicking one of the big, round ears on Hope’s head. “Your hat…is wearing a hat. You do know how silly that looks, right?”

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“Hey Dan!” Phil called in a chirpy voice, a smile on his face as he clambered up the stairs two steps at a time with slightly less grace than he would have liked.

Dan was sat tapping at the desk where he was editing, his face all scrunched up as he tried to concentrate on getting one particular cut just right. He didn’t hear Phil bouncing up the stairs - the music he had on was blasting incredibly loud into his ears to drown out the irritating sound of his own voice - and almost jumped out of his skin when his boyfriend snapped his fingers in front of his face. He ripped the headphones off his ears and whipped round, a look of thunder on his face, until he saw the gentle smile on Phil’s and he let his own expression soften.

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Could Destroy the Internet p2

You guys have been adding wonderful, horrible things to the post I made about things that could destroy the internet from a cupid based villain. It made me think, form a possibly even worse idea and inspired a snippet of fanfiction.

I have to agree with what I’ve seen posed around that the Akuma will probably take over someone who wants to make others’ love returned- maybe to help a friend.  I don’t know who the villain/victim would be, so I left them genderless. It’s cliché, but I really feel like Cupid’s Arrows will work the way they normally work in cartoons: the person hit falls in love with the first person or thing they see. This could lead to funny things like someone falling in love with an inanimate object or -say- Chloe falling in love with her reflection.

Ladybug and Cat Noir would show up to fight like they do but …

Cat Noir had been hit- of course he’d been hit- and he made sure Ladybug was the first thing he saw. The only change from the arrow was that he had been completely unable to stop flirting and talking to her instead of mostly unable. The Catty distraction allowed Cupid to escape. At that point, it was best for them to part, save their transformations and wait for Cupid to try to force another couple together.

Back in the classroom Adrien sat impatiently waiting for an opportunity to see his Lady again. Since she wasn’t there the effect of the arrow was muted. Nino didn’t seem to notice any change. Adrien was able to greet his classmates like normal as they entered the classroom. He gave a silent “Thank you” for still being able to think. From the look of things he should be able to focus in class enough to take coherent notes.

And then Marinette entered the room. In his mind, all hell had broken loose and his brain shut off in favor of his heart just like it always did when he saw Ladybug. He practically purred at her, “Welcome back, Marinette,” while sitting pretty on top of the desk with one leg dangling off the front. He was in his seat next to Nino a moment ago. When did he start posing on the desk? Was he… flirting with her???  The room fell silent but he didn’t notice.

Garbled “um"s, "uh"s, "ah"s and quiet screaming made her "thanks” and “you too” almost unintelligible. Almost. The same pink in Marinette’s clothes began to color behind her freckles and Adrien wanted to see her blush more which was weird because those feelings were only for his Lady.

He couldn’t control his actions at all. He was standing in front of her and had taken one of her hands in his. “Do you need an escort to your desk, Princess? You seem lost.”

His antics practically killed Marinette. She was too overwhelmed to speak. Luckily, Alya was right there and braced her as she began to wobble. “You need to calm down, Romeo. Trust me. You’ve got her attention,” Alya laughed at this turn of events.

“Dude,” Nino had a realization, “Did Cupid shoot you?”

Adrien turned to Nino annoyed, “Well, yes, but it doesn’t matter because the person I was looking at was La-.” The idea that Marinette was Ladybug hit him like a ton of bricks and he was staring at her. Was it true? Could Cupid’s magic see through the mask when he couldn’t? What other possibility was there for him to flirt with Marinette when his love for Ladybug was consuming him?

The whole room gasped. Adrien was shot by Cupid so of course he had been made to fall in love with someone- Marinette.

Chloe was out of her chair, “Thank god. There’s no way Adrien would actually like someone like you.”

Before anyone could rebuttal, Marinette found her voice, “He’s not in his right mind so none of this means anything.” The pain in her voice was obvious. Marinette wanted Adrien to return her feelings so badly, but not like this. This was fake. She looked up at him, “Adrien, I” how could she say this? “… can’t return your feelings. If I did, it would only hurt both of us when this spell is lifted.” Adrien, Alya and Nino could only watch her stunned as she took her hand back from the boy she loved and walked to her seat. 

“It’s good to see you know your place,” Chloe just had to add another two cents.

The three left by the door turned in unison to defend their friend, but were forced to let Chloe have the last word as Cupid flew into the room.

It was clear that Cupid must have watched the whole scene from that little speech about love they were giving. An arrow was launched at Marinette, “Just let yourself be happy.” The arrow hit it’s target. Marinette gave a yell on impact and collapsed onto her desk.

Adrien was by her side in an instant, “Marinette! Are you okay?” He had his hands on her shoulders. Alya and Nino both seemed concerned for her but they were equally worried about Cupid.

Marinette looked up at him, of course she still loved him, and the magic intensified her react. Tears were in her eyes, “Why do you only love me when magic is involved?”

His heart told him to hold her so he did. Adrien whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry it took so long to see the girl behind the mask, Ladybug. You don’t have to worry anymore. This Cat loves all of you.” It hadn’t even occurred to him that she was referring to the arrow. The gasp in his ear couldn’t have been more telling.

Marinette pulled back enough to look at him. Her eyes search Adrien’s face for proof. “H-How did y-you?”

“Cupid’s Arrow,” he answered with a Cat Noir grin. “When I couldn’t stop myself around the cute girl in my class instead of just my Lady I put two and two together.”

Cupid let’s the two flee the room so the “happy couple” can have some space. They talk about their revelation, are completely ecstatic, and transform to have the most in tune with each other yet super awkward battle/flirting session that we’ll ever see. Everything seems to be going happily ever after for the Lucky Duo, until Ladybug uses the cleansing light. They lean into each other and share a passionate kiss as the light washes over them. That power heals/fixes/undos everything changed due to the Akuma. When the light passes over Ladybug and Cat Noir they forget each other’s identities and forget about their love being returned because it was only thanks to being under Akuma’s power that they learned it in the first place. Ladybug is suddenly disgusted at kissing Noir and the Cat is wondering when he got so lucky. The happy ending will be right there and them ripped out from under us.

I hate me too. I needed to share this horrible theory that hit me.