when he holds her back from crossing the street

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Could you maybe do a KASTLE fic with frank being protective of Karen on a busy train?

This went in probably the complete opposite direction of what you were imagining, anon, and for that I’m so sorry! But I hope you like it regardless?? Thanks for the prompt! ^^

Karen looks peaceful when she’s asleep.

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Imagine after Claire she admitted that she love Jamie/ they are madly in love already, she had an accident and she lost her memory of him and all she remember is going back to Frank.

Vietnam AU

“Claire, you could you be a dear and pass me the sweet potatoes?”

Claire Beauchamp set down her fork and reached for the half-full dish beside her plate. “Here you go, Gail,” she smiled, swallowing her mouthful of roasted goose.

Gail Abernathy nodded as she took the dish. “Thank you, sweetie.” Ten-month-old Lennie, happily making a mess of his first Christmas dinner, squawked in his high chair and reached his grubby hands for more potatoes.

“No, honey,” his tired mother sighed as she helped herself and then passed the dish to her husband. “Lord knows you’ve got half your dinner in your hair already – thankfully I didn’t dress you up in that cute little suit your well-meaning but absolutely clueless father decided to get for you.”

Dr. Joe Abernathy huffed as he cut into his own helping of roasted goose. “I want my boy to look proper for his first Christmas, is all. At the rate we’re going with kids these days, it may be the last time we’ll be able to get him into a suit.”

Claire sat back in her seat and sipped her wine, smiling at the comfortable banter that always existed between Joe and Gail. Having them so close had been an absolute godsend since she’d started at Boston University Medical School two years before – knowing nobody in Boston and absolutely nothing about living in the city.

It had been a completely fresh start – and Claire had absolutely thrown herself into her work and studies. Her professors all knew she had served – and seen more in her nine months as a nurse at Chu Lai than many of her classmates had ever seen in their entire lives – and their esteem of her had only grown over time. Claire Beauchamp was in the top five percent of her class, clearly destined for great things.

Having Joe – who had returned to his private practice – and Gail, and now little Lennie, so close had done so much to ease the hole in her heart that her divorce - *annulment*, she mentally corrected – from Frank had caused. Joe was not only her mentor, and sole source of encouragement while she devoted all her energies to learning anatomy and physiology and patient care – he was the one link she still had to Chu Lai, and what had prompted her to finally apply to med school in the first place.

It was so refreshing that nobody at BU knew about her personal history – nobody knew that she had been married. They knew the basic facts of her past – parents dead in a car crash at age five, raised by an eccentric uncle who had died right before she joined the service, and then just over a year spent as a nurse in Viet Nam. But nobody knew about Frank Randall. And Claire wanted to keep it that way.

She hadn’t heard from him since she’d signed all the paperwork required to formally annul their marriage – the paperwork which said that, technically, their marriage had never officially happened. Frank had kept his word, giving her access to the storage locker in New Jersey where they’d decided to store their few joint possessions, and taking care of all the paperwork with the Church.

The papers had arrived one day after she received her final acceptance letter. Claire Beauchamp had been accepted by every single medical school she’d applied to.

And she’d be damned if she let Frank Randall steal her joy.

So on the same day that her signature had officially dissolved her marriage, she’d sent in her acceptance letter to Boston University.

Joe had been thrilled for her, of course – she suspected he’d secretly hoped she’d pick the school closest to him. He had been such a rock for her, for so long – and moving to Boston was almost like coming home.

New beginnings, indeed.

“Have you given any more thought about what you’d like to specialize in, Claire? I know you’ve still got a year and a half of school left, but it’s never too early to start narrowing your options and making some connections.”

Claire set down her wineglass and turned to Joe. “Well – I don’t want to do peds. Or any of the typical specialties – like dermatology, or OB/GYN, or even internal medicine. I want to do something with the brain.”

Joe sat back a bit in his chair, chewing thoughtfully. “You’re *always* doing something with that brain, Claire,” he teased.

Gail playfully swatted at her husband’s shoulder. “Stop, you,” she laughed. “Claire – you always work so hard. We want to make sure that you have a plan, honey – we want to make sure you’re set up for success.”

Claire smiled, heart suddenly full with so much love and appreciation for these two people – who loved her and supported her more than almost anyone ever had.


“*Anyway,* I was thinking about brain damage and how it affects speech. To work with people who have suffered brain damage, and help them recover their ability to communicate. To speak.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic, Claire!” Gail exclaimed, turning to wipe mashed peas from Lennie’s cheeks. “Is there any reason in particular why you’re interested in that area?”

Yes, there was. Of course there was.

Claire had taken the gift she was given, that night in Chu Lai when everything fell apart. She had never looked back – not when there was so much to look forward to.

But somehow, he was always there. His heart when she saw a couple blissfully walk by on the street, holding hands. His face when her eyes crossed after a long day of assignments and practicals. His voice when her muscles ached after standing for ten hours straight while she volunteered at the clinic. His mouth when she lay sleepless in her cold, empty bed.

She hadn’t had the proper tools and training to treat him then – but she’d be damned if she couldn’t one day provide a superior level of care to people in similar circumstances.

She coughed. “Just based on some of my experiences at Chu Lai – and I know there are so many men coming home from Viet Nam who have suffered such terrible brain injuries. With proper treatment they can fully regain their ability to speak – and I want to be there to help them do that.”

Joe gave her a pointed look – but said nothing.

Claire absently swirled the wine in her glass – Gail took that as an invitation to top it up.

“Mo!” Lennie insisted, not liking being left out of the conversation. “Mo!”

Gail tsked but handed him a piece of bread with the crust torn off. Lennie squealed with delight and began ripping it apart with his tiny fingers.

“You know, Claire – when I did that stint in Da Nang I got to know this guy who had taught at a speech pathology program.” Joe helped himself to more stuffing. “Not just teaching people with brain damage how to communicate – but looking to help repair some of that damage, so that they could communicate better.”

He paused, tilting his head. Appraising.

“Would you be interested, Claire? Spring break will be here before you know it – I’m sure he’d love to meet you. You could learn a lot. It’s some pretty cutting-edge stuff.”

Gail nodded at Claire, encouraging.

“Sure,” Claire replied tentatively, not exactly sure where this was going. “That would be great, Joe. Where is it?”

“App State – Appalachian State University. Down in Boone, North Carolina.”

Joe affected nonchalance.

Claire’s heart stuttered – mind flashing back to when she’d furtively read Captain James Fraser’s medical file a lifetime ago, before Chu Lai was attacked.

Born 1946 – aged 23 at the time. Both parents dead – only living relatives were his uncle and sister. A sister with whom he shared a PO box in Boone, North Carolina.

She couldn’t see him. Couldn’t look back.

She had to see him. Yearned to know how he was doing – what he had been doing. Whether he ever thought about her.

She spoke her answer without even thinking.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes. I’ll go.”

A Risky Venture
Bellamy’s son Gus makes a new friend at the playground, and it doesn’t take long for Bellamy to realize that he has a big, fat crush on Darcy’s mom. A collection of moments following two little families as they become one. Single Parents! AU. (Now a multichapter fic.)

Part Three
Inspired by the anonymous ask: Bellarke taking the kids trick or treating maybe and the kids decide to wear costumes that go with each others. 


Gus had been sick with a cold earlier in the week, and up until yesterday Bellamy was still debating whether or not he should go trick-or-treating. But Gus had begged to be able to wear the costume Bellamy had made for him and go trick-or-treating with Darcy, and he hadn’t had a fever for five days, and he was down to the occasional sniffle.

So Bellamy had given in, and now the four of them are eating dinner the night of Halloween, all in costume, and Gus is getting antsier by the second. He’d been too excited about Darcy and Clarke coming to trick-or-treat and spend the night to nap very well, and he’s overtired and overexcited as he bounces in his seat and whines about leaving.

“Gus,” Bellamy says. “If you don’t sit still and eat your dinner, you won’t get to trick-or-treat at all.”

Gus sets his face in a frown, mutinous, and Bellamy levels a look at his son.

“Come on, Gus,” Clarke says, and squirts ketchup on his plate and Darcy’s in a happy face pattern. “Darcy and I don’t know where to trick-or-treat in your neighborhood. If you don’t go, we might get lost.”

Gus fidgets and huffs, avoiding their eyes like he wants to argue but at the same time is desperate not to be separated from Darcy and Clarke on the funnest of nights, and then Darcy hands Gus a dinosaur chicken nugget to distract him.

Gus blinks at it, then takes it with a grumpy but passable “Thank you.”

Bellamy shifts his gaze to the tiny witch. “Darcy,” he says, warning. Darcy smiles sweetly and offers another nugget to Bellamy.

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Scenes From A Relationship - In The Small Hours

Erm. So, my new followers that I gained after I posted The Heretic…it may (MAY) be news to you that I also write RPF - yeah, I’m one of THOSE. If you aren’t into RPF you can skip this, I promise I take no offense!. A new chapter of Heretic will be coming in hopefully the next week or two. I’m a painfully slow writer.

Anyway. This is another wee ficlet that fits into my “Scenes from a Relationship” series. In this particular ficlet, our leading lady is being plagued by bad dreams and separation anxiety. I apologize for the delay, I’ve been…less than inspired by the fandom as a whole (and life as a whole) lately. But, I made myself sit down tonight and write this to hopefully jumpstart things. Its more fluffy than smutty so some people will be sad about that…but thems the bricks I suppose.

Feedback is loved, appreciated, and encouraged! It can be left here via inbox, on AO3 or on twitter @cricketjames1 - I’m really bad about checking that twitter but now that it’s public knowledge I’ll try to be better about it. 

ANYWAY. Without further adieu….

Scenes From a Relationship - In The Small Hours
Rating: R-ish (more fluffy than smutty).

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i’ve been hanging out here (waiting for something to start)

once upon a time, regina x robin you’ve got mail au snippet because it had to be done. a bit of mindless fun, 1900 words.

Part 2

Part 3

Regina Mills has never been an internet addict. She can’t imagine doing her job without the conveniences granted by electronic devices, she’ll admit, but she is not one of those people who itches to check their notifications every five minutes or spends hours before a screen. 

Or she wasn’t, before.

It’s another October morning — the air outside is crisp but inside it’s warm and cozy, and, still in bed, Regina raises her arms above her head in a deep arching stretch. There’s something about the fall, the unbridled heat of summer finally giving into a more pleasant (and more forgiving) weather, a carpet of leaves covering the sidewalks, the smell of cider and the pumpkin specials filling the small coffee houses. It’s by far Regina’s favourite season and this year it seems particularly agreeable, the spectrum of yellow, brown and red fuller and brighter; everything somehow more.

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summary: (modern au) levi has a crush. he also has supportive friends. sort of.
note: so in case you’re confused, a boardgame cafe is exactly what it sounds like – a cafe where they have boardgames that you can play. 

“Don’t fuck up." 

Levi grits his teeth and ignores Hanji. "Shut. Up.”

Mike pokes his shoulder lightly . “Don’t fuck up, Levi,” he says as well. 

“Don’t fuck up.”

Don’t fuck up.”

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soma week day three - catharsis

shoutout to wingsof-flame for spit balling ideas with me. this is half your fault, bucko. 

did i even fit the prompt omfg


The morning starts with the smell of coffee, pancakes sizzling on the skillet and Soul humming along to whatever radio station the two of them have finally agreed upon.

She likes Saturdays the best. There’s no real pressure on Saturdays – she can sleep in and stay up late reading, if she so wants, because she gets her homework done on Friday night and she has nowhere to be on Sunday. It’s the ideal weekend day. She has no obligations, no homework – just her, Soul, and lazing around (and maybe making out a little).

(Or a lot).

“Morning,” she chirps, scrubbing the sleepies from her eyes. He turns to glance at her and smiles easily, all sharp teeth and warm eyes that make her cheeks pink.

He turns back to flip another pancake dutifully and she shuffles her way over to him. Her hands slide around him and she presses her lips to the back of his bare shoulder gently; she’s not in the business of working him up, she just wants to let him know that she appreciates him crawling out of bed before her and starting breakfast. It’s an occurrence that’s become less rare now that they sleep in the same bed.

“Sleep well?”

He’s still quirking a smile at her. She simmers. “Like a baby.”

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[Zutara Week Day 1]: Happenstance

First submission for Zutara Week 2015. In an attempt to simultaneously participate this year and also try to knock around a few Modern AU ideas I’ve had for the longest time, I’m going to be posting Modern AU one-shots every day this week all centering around Zuko and Katara. If anyone is an avid fan, please consider participating this year if you can! :)

Other Days: [Day 2: Vigil]  [Day 3: Clandestine]  [Day 4: Rue]  [Day 5: Voyage]  [Day 6: Integrity]  [Day 7: Maelstrom]

Links: [AO3]  +  [FFN

Title: Happenstance (n. coincidence) 

Words: 4343

Summary: If Katara knew that she was going to be crushing on someone that she met over Craigslist, she wouldn’t have bothered to believe it. Because, seriously. Who does that?

“So? Did you find it?”

Katara slammed the door to her flat shut with her back, leaning against the door, not caring that the knob was digging into her back, and slowly slid down to the floor to lay in an undignified heap. She hit the ground with a whine and promptly fell over to the side and laid down on the floor in absolute defeat. Toph peaked over the arm of the couch and raised a brow at the display. “…so that’s a no, I guess.”

Katara called out from her position on the floor, her voice coming out muffled what with her face planted against the hardwood. “I retraced my steps, I went to the pawn shop, I asked the landlord, and I even crawled on my hands on knees all over Trader Joe’s. It’s gone.” She turned her face so that she was staring at Toph who was perched on the edge of the couch’s arm with her laptop on her knees. “I lost my mother’s necklace. I’m a horrible, horrible daughter and I have nothing to live for anymore.”

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