when he grabs her neck lord jesus

Loosening UP

So here is the drabble I promised of Maks calming Meryl down after their rumba.  If you have any other prompts, please direct them to my ask box: morsly.tumblr.com/ask  Enjoy! :)

Meryl stormed into her dressing room, but before the door could slam behind her, Maks caught the knob, entering the room and closing the door quietly.  Meryl had her back to him and her hands were in fists at her sides.  

“God, I hate that woman!”  She spun to her heel to face him.  “And don’t tell me I don’t know that woman, so I can’t hate her.  Oh, I know her.  She comes from my neck of the woods, too.  Hell, she thrives in my neck of the wood!”

The previous rage that had been coursing through his veins made way for amusement.   Meryl was not supposed to get pissed off.  Maks got pissed off.  Meryl said “hold my hand,” while Maks stumbled for words.  This was new, and it was oddly amusing.

“Don’t look at me like that with a smirk on your face!”  Meryl was yelling now.  “This woman ruins people.”  She inched closer to him, using her hands to emphasize every word.  “What do you think is the reason Jeremy Abbott got into his head and had that horrible fall in Sochi?!  People like this!”  She let out a breath.  “God, I’m so glad you said what you did.  Except, I probably would have yelled more.”

“Are you okay?”  He finally spoke.  Yes, this Meryl was amusing, but she was also a little bit scary.


“Hold my hand.”  He saw a smile tug at her mouth and she laced her fingers with his.  “You’re letting her get inside your head.”

“I know.”

He pulled her into his arms, stroking the skin on her upper arm.  Meryl sighed and leaned into his embrace.  “Just don’t stop doing that all night and I might be okay.”

“Meryl,” he spoke into her hair.  “I have much better way of keeping you distracted.”

She looked up at him.  “We literally have 15 minutes until we dance, and I still have to change.”

“Oh, come on.”  He hand traveled down to her thigh to trace patterns under her dress.  He laced his other hand in her hair and tilted her head back, trailing soft kisses down her neck.

“Maks,” her fingernails gripped into the skin of his upper arms.

He lifted his head to look down at her.  “We need to get you loosened up before the samba.  He smiled, pressing his middle against hers and starting to sway to an invisible rhythm.

“I think I could use some loosening up.”  She smiled, pecking his lips before he grabbed her ass, lifting her up and wrapping her legs around his torso.

When the got back to the skybox, not a hair out of place, Val spoke to his brother in Russian.  “You know grandma’s in the audience…”