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Secretly Dating (Jeff Atkins)

Title: Secretly Dating

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: Yes. Hope you like it.

Word Count: 1013 words

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: Y/n is dating Jeff, but no one knows. Not even her brother Clay, or her best friend Tony. What is going to happen? Will they ever find out?

Author’s Note: Thank you for all the love you give me. CONTINUE REQUESTING. Request more Alex please. Love you

“I don’t think Clay gets mad. He’s my friend.” Jeff said kissing all over your neck.

“Yes, and he’s my brother. My twin brother. I never hide him anything and he’ll be mad at me because I lied.” I told him a little angry and pulled him away.

“Hey it’s okay. I just want to you to be fine.” He smiled but I looked at the window.

“It’s getting late. We should go home before my mom starts freaking out.”

He started driving and I turned the radio on. I couldn’t pay attention to anything on the radio, I just wanted to hear noise instead this uncomfortable silence between us. We went to some dates secretly and now he tried to get serious with me. He was friends with Clay which was great but Jeff couldn’t understand how suddenly I drift away from Clay. He stopped talking to me like my brother, now we barely see each other.

“Can I see you tomorrow after practice?” Jeff asked taking my attention to his words again.

“I’ll see Tony at Monet’s. I’m sorry.” I leaned in near his face and I kissed him slowly. Then I opened the car’s door and got out.

“I love you. Don’t forget it.” He shouted and I smiled.

I got in the house and found everyone having dinner. I left my backpack on the entrance and joined them.

“How was the project with Sheri?” Mom asked.

“She brought you? She’s a nice girl.” Dad agreed. “She’s your friend right, Clay?”

“Umm, yes. But she didn’t say anything about you Y/n.” Clay take a bite of his meet and then looked at me.

“It was a project that came on my last class. That’s why she didn’t tell you. But it was good.” I told him and continue to look at my food.

Then I ate my food and they continued talking about their plans for tomorrow. I had to talk with Tony and I had to tell Clay the truth. By now, probably Tony already heard rumors around after Courtney saw me sneaking with Jeff out of the library. Maybe Clay already knew it. Guilt was eating me, I need to tell the truth.

“Can I get to my room? I’m exhausted.” Mom held my hand a second and then she nodded. “Thanks”

I got in my room trying to find a way to tell Clay and Tony about it.

Tony saw me and followed me until my locker where I hugged him.

“Hey, where were you last night?” He expressed a little concerned.

“I had to do some homework with Sheri. But we're​ going later to Monet’s, right?” I asked changing the subject. He nodded.

“Of course. I have to go with Clay. See you later.” He said and he left me there. Then Sheri came to me.

“Gosh. Tell me everything.” She asked and then we walked together to class.

“Nothing happened. Jeff had to study and I helped him. That’s all. Also thanks for agreeing to be my cover-up. You helped a lot.”

“Of course, but tell later everything about Atkins, okay?” She asked and then she went to sit next to some of her friends.

By the second hour, I had forgotten my book and the teacher didn’t allow me get in class. So I went to the gym where I found Bryce talking with Justin.

“Y/n, what are you doing here?” Justin asked and they got closer to me.

“The teacher said I needed to bring my book to be in his class. That’s why I just went to walk around.” I explained and they smiled.

“You can borrow my book for the next hour. You have two today right?” Justin said and he gave me his book.

“I thought you’d be with Clay.” Bryce wondered and I looked at him confused.


“You didn’t hear it? He was about to have a fight with Jeff when Tony interrupted before a teacher did.”

“I should go with Clay. See you later guys. And thank you Justin for the book.” I rushed and ran to the parking lot to look for Tony.

Suddenly I saw him with Clay. He looked mad but I knew that I had to face this.

“Clay.” I rushed and I hugged him. He pulled me away and I knew something must be really wrong.

“When you were going to tell me that you were dating Jeff?” Clay yelled.

“Dude. Calm down.” Tony interrupted him.

“I promise I was going to tell you about it. But I had no idea how to do it. He-”

“He told me. And maybe I overreacted. But I’m angry because you don’t trust me anymore.” He murmured and I turned to see Tony.

“She loves you Clay. I bet she was just waiting a good moment. You haven’t had the best days lately. Also, he asked your permission to date her.” Tony agreed.

“Fine. I’m sorry Y/n.” Clay opened his arms and I hugged him.

“I love her. I promised I wouldn’t hurt her.” Jeff interrupted behind Tony.

“I know man. You helped me a lot, it’s fine.” Clay said and I smiled.

“They even look cute. I bet they’ll take the cutest couple title from Justin and Jessica soon.” Tony teased and I laughed.

“By the way, I have to go to class. See you later Clay.” I shouted and grabbed Jeff by the hand.

“Look.” Tony told Clay looking at us. “She’s happy, and you should be happy for them. He’s a good boy, and he won’t definitely hurt her.”

“I hope so. She’s my sister and his one of my best friends. I think I can handle this know. You knew it before Jeff told me after math?”

“I knew it because Bryce told me. But I just wanted you to be fine to know about it.”

“I guess I rather Jeff around my sister than Bryce or Justin.” Clay nodded to himself and then grabbed his backpack.

“I guess I agree with that too. Now let’s go to class.”

Peter Parker x Fem!reader

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Hi guys! Now that Tumblr has stopped being a butt, here’s a Peter x Fem! Reader smut. This was requested a while ago, so sorry for the wait.
Feedback is key, feel free to message me, requests are now open!
This story is 935 words!
Summary: You’re Tony’s daughter and you’re patching Peter up after the airport fight and things get heated.

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If the MCU writers make Tony fucking Stark apologize to Captain Fuckoff I’m going to be pissed. Tony was, for once, trying to do things without violence or anything else he was trying to do it the right way. Steven Rogers ignored over 100 countries telling him that they didn’t feel safe without some kind of safeguard on the Avengers but somehow Rogers knows better than all of them? I don’t think so. Steve Rogers is one man and he has an insane god complex, he can’t stand it when anyone stands up to him or argues with him which is all Tony does. Tony has had to listen to the praises of Steve Rogers since childhood, there’s a saying that you should never actually meet your childhood heros and this is exactly why. Did Tony make mistakes? Yes. Yes he did but did he run from them? Hell no. Tony does not deserve the shit he gets from this fandom. Tony is a man who suffers from severe panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and god only knows what else yet I’ve never seen anyone actually stop and ask the man if he’s okay or if he needs help yet Bucky, who was brainshwashed, gets coddled and told it’s not his fault. 

The Accords were going to happen with or without Tony’s signature so he just signed so there wouldn’t be any trouble because he knew he could try to get a better deal and get them amended once they were passed. Did Cap even read them? Because as far as I know he did not read that fucking long as book called a document. As far as I know none of Team Cap read the Accords, they just followed Captain America. Yet they had no trust in Tony. It’s funny because Tony got called out for not trusting authority yet in the one movie he does everyone else calls him a coward and traitor for it. Steve Rogers called him out on keeping secrets and then what do we have here? Steve Rogers kept a secret! He kept the fact that Tony’s parents were not only murdered but also murdered by the very man he’s disregarding everything for and then tries to lie to Tony about it? 

Yep! That’s the man I want to follow! 

Tony offered Cap a way to bring in Barnes legally and without consequence when he offered that 24 hour grace period and Cap shoved it back in his face. Cap didn’t even ask the others on his team what they would have wanted and as far as I could tell he didn’t even tell them that Tony tried to compromise with him. He just let them all think that Tony was being unreasonable when in fact he gave him several chances for all of this to go away and to not happen. Let’s also not forget the fact that Cap injured several CIVILIANS in that pursuit with Bucky, that was not an Avenger’s mission that was a Cap mission. And we had no clue that Bucky was innocent at that time. Cap found out evidence later that could have given Bucky his innocence in the eyes of the law but he didn’t tell anyone that. He hid information which he should have shared, more secrets on his side!

And can we talk about Wanda please? Am I the only one in this fandom who thinks that she should be controlled? Yes I know that she didn’t mean for her powers to go out of control but when she was working for Ultron and turning the Avengers inside out she didn’t seem to have any problems with her powers then. But now she doesn’t fully understand them and Tony keeps her locked up, without her permission yes, because he’s trying to protect her! If you saw someone with that kind of power that obviously couldn’t control it on the streets wouldn’t you be scared because I would. What if someone had attacked Wanda and made her defend herself? That wouldn’t have helped anyone not be afraid of her, in fact they probably would have grown to fear her even more. She keeps blaming Stark for her parent’s death but really is it his fault? Yes Tony might have designed that missile but he had no reason to attack her country and he said that once he saw the true harm his weapons were doing that he shut down the weapons manufacturing for good. Now look at the time frame, that was about 7 or 8 years ago. Wanda lost her parents about 20 years ago, TONY DID NOT DO IT. Does ignorance equal innocence? No but he also shouldn’t be help accountable for it. 

And how dare they make Tony smile at that piece of garbage letter. That wasn’t an apology, that was Rogers rubbing it all in Tony’s face. I guarantee you that if someone asked Rogers if he would change anything he did in that movie he would say he wouldn’t change anything because he believed he was right. “The Avengers are your family, maybe even more so than mine.” Are you fucking serious. How many Avengers sided with Tony in this debate? In this series we had Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Black Widown; that’s who started out. Hulk and Thor are MIA in this movie and Cap and Iron Man are obviously on their own sides so that leaves the two spies. One of which sides with Cap the other sided with Tony and then backstabbed him and accused him of letting his ego get the better of him. Yep. One hell of a family. 

Then we add to that fact Vision, Wanda, Falcon, Ant Man, Spider Man, War Machine, Black Panther. Vision is basically Tony’s son so yes he sided with him. War Machine has been his friend for over 20 years so yeah he’s with him. Ant Man has never met him yet hates him because someone said never trust a Stark when he has no idea why he’s even fighting Tony, just blindly follows Cap. Falcon just follows Cap because he’s never interacted with Tony really. Wanda hates Tony so yeah not with him, Black Panther is only after Bucky at this point, yes he’s for the Accords but at this point he just wants Barnes dead so if you can say he’s on Tony’s side then I guess. Spider Man was just there to help clean up, he was not supposed to get into a fight with a Super Soldier. WHO DROPPED A LARGE AND HEAVY OBJECT ON TOP OF A KID WITH NO REMORSE. 

In the end most of the Avengers end up with Rogers in Wakanda while Tony ends up with a crippled War Machine and heart broken Vision while he himself recovers from a fight with TWO SUPER SOLDIERS. Both of who tried to kill him yet Tony could have used his repulsors and DID NOT USE THEM. He was pulling punches in that fight don’t even say he wasn’t because his suit still had power when Cap was on top of him and he had his hands up but didn’t shoot when that sheild was brought down on his Arc Reactor. That isn’t pulling punches, that’s going for the kill. 

Captain America was trying to kill him.  

Infinity Wars had better not have Tony apologizing or using that phone to call Rogers for help. 

Rogers had better go to tony for help because Tony has no reason to protect those people anymore. 

Tony can and will pull through without the Avengers, without his FAMILY, because they all back stabbed him when he needed them.

Give me Tony who realizes that for once he did the right thing and doesn’t take Rogers’ sanctimonious shit for even one second. 

Tony Stark does not deserve this and Steve Rogers does not even deserve to be in the same hemisphere as Tony Stark as far as I’m concerned. 

Okay but does anyone actually believe Steve would support the fact that tony stopped making weapons for the US military? Does anyone actually believe Steve, THE SOLDIER Steve, the guy who signed up to be used as a test dummy for an unethical science experiment, the guy who basically BECAME a weapon to be used in a war, would support tony leaving US soldiers with sub par weapons from hammer industries? That he would support how Tony refuses to support the US military in the war? Steve who only has military friends and would have killed to make sure his friends had every advantage over the enemy in WW2? Like smh if you’re one of the idiots who thinks tony stark is a war criminal but i can guarantee you Steve would have respected tony a lot more if tony still gave the US weapons after Afghanistan as well as ensure that terrorists didn’t have those weapons.

In fact I’m now almost 100% certain that when Steve said “you only fight for yourself” he was referencing how Tony refuses to give his weapons and the iron man suit to the US government. That he jeopardises soldiers because he “wants the glory all to himself.” Or that hes doing it just to clear his own conscience and doesn’t actually care for the soldiers who use his weapons.

Anyway Steve Rogers is pro-weapons and Tony Stark is anti-weapons and though i believe when Steve learned to respect tony he also learned to respect his decision, he still doesn’t agree with it.

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um protective tony/or seeing people give clay shit about anything headcanons (btw so happy the clony love is growing <3)

1. Once they officially become a public couple, Tony tells Clay to tell him whenever he’s getting shit or if anyone’s bothering him and he’ll make sure it gets handled.

2. Tony has a reputation of being a “bad boy” at school due to his appearance. There’s also stories floating around about how he and his brothers solve their problems.

3. Tony has literally slammed people such as Justin and Bryce up against the school’s lockers and has threatened them to stay the fuck away from Clay.

4. One time they went out together to a bar and some guy was feeling up on Clay. Tony promptly punched him straight in the face and got them kicked out. (“I hope I broke that fucking guy’s nose.”)

5. Clay finds it endearing to see how much Tony cares and protects him but he’s always trying to reassure him that he can take care of himself.

6. Often times, Clay has to hold Tony back from getting into fights and screaming matches. He can notice when Tony starts to get angry by the way his body tenses, eyes narrow, and fists clench. (“Tony just drop it, who cares.” “I fucking care Clay! People aren’t gonna mess with you and get away with it!”)

Bullet Points

Hey, Tumblr! I wanted to tell you about Bullet Points, my new favorite canonical Marvel AU, so that maybe I can convince you to love it too! So I have prepared a summary and picspam! I had not even heard of Bullet Points until I found someone on the internet saying there should be Steve/Tony fanfic set in Bullet Points. And then I read Bullet Points, and oh my God, does there ever need to be Steve/Tony fanfic set in Bullet Points.

(Don’t worry, I have written some, because I try to be the change I want to see. But there needs to be more!)

Bullet Points is a five-issue limited series from 2007 by J. Michael Straczynski and Tommy Lee Edwards. It’s definitely of interest to Steve/Tony fans, or at least to Steve/Tony fans who are willing to do a bit of work with the timeline to get them together. But I am pretty sure Steve/Tony fandom will like the premise.

You see, Bullet Points is a universe where skinny Steve Rogers is Iron Man in World War II. And he survives World War II. I knew you were interested.

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Thor/Tony Stark AU

Tony Stark is a merchant, selling fine goods to customers across the seas. On one voyage, his ship is struck by a vicious storm. Only he survives, washing up the next morning on a deserted island with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Thor is of the merfolk and witnesses the ship sink. He notices Tony, aiding him to shore when he fell unconscious fighting the powerful waves and keeps a close eye on him. 

When Tony wakes and discovers Thor, he is terrified and defensive at first, but Thor begins bringing him fish and tools to make a home, also being sure to keep Tony safe from any dangers at sea, slowly earning Tony’s trust and affections.

They’re mine

(A/N): I loooove possessive Bucky 

Request: Bucky overhears a hotshot billionaire playboy guy claim to like you and do anything to make you his. he then proceeds to confront him

Warnings: some swearing, Bucky is gettin’ ready to punch a throat

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    Hiding a relationship from the Avengers wasn’t the easiest task, especially on a team full of spies and masters of investigation (A.K.A Nat). It was damn near impossible to cover everything up, with both parties telling a differently skewed story. The two participants in the relationship were honestly surprised at how long they had been able to keep this up, this whole trying to hide their love life from their teammates, especially when on more than one occasion they’d almost been caught. 

    Bucky wasn’t exactly the best at hiding his relationship. He was constantly clinging to (Y/N), maybe brushing their fingers together here and there, a stolen kiss when no one was looking, a few whispers here and there. This man was making it nearly impossible to keep the secret, given how much he wanted to cling to (Y/N), to shower them in affection all the time rather than just behind closed doors. But somehow, despite Natasha and Bucky, they’d managed to keep their relationship on the downlow and no one suspected a thing, which could also have some downsides the couple realized one particular day. 

     Steve was forcing Bucky to socialize with the rest of the team even if he wanted to lay in bed all day at (Y/N)’s place and watch some shitty movie and eat his weight in ice cream. So instead of being curled up by (Y/N)’s side in the warmth and comfort of their home he was at Stark tower, being subjected to all sorts of things. 

    It had started out with the guys watching a football game but after it had ended Tony had brought out some hard ass liquor and suggest the guys all talk and take a few shots. Well, a few shots turned into a few bottles and now nearly everyone was passed out drunk as they all giggled and talked about a variety of subjects. 

    “Okay okay,” Tony slurs, taking another swig from the bottle he’d been drinking for the last hour or so. “Can we just talk about Nat’s ass for a second like holy fuck,” He chuckled, obviously too drunk to realize the words he was speaking. 

    “I don’t know man,” Sam chuckles as well, nearly drunk out of his mind too. “(Y/N)- (Y/N) has got a pretty nice ass and those thighs are perfect,” Bucky swore his heart stopped beating at their words, his fists clenched at his sides and his jaw following suit. How dare they speak of his (Y/N) like that? Did they always talk about them like this? In such a derogatory way that it had Bucky seething? 

    “Oh damn,” Tony whispers, staring at his alcohol longingly. “I will admit that (Y/N) does have a fine ass body but like-” He sighs, chuckling a bit before gulping down some more of the liquid. “I would treat ‘em right you know?” He finally speaks once again, his tone sounding much more sober than it was a few moments ago. “They deserve so much and I feel like I could give that to them, even if I am kind of a fuck up and stuff, I don’t know, I think this is the alcohol talking,” 

    “You know what,” Sam gasps, drunkenly pointing a finger at Tony. “You should ask them out, take them out some place real fancy, show ‘em how much you want them,” Bucky is damn near ready to explode now, his anger boiling within him. 

   Sure, no one knew about his relationship with (Y/N) but he’d be damned if he allowed them to think like this. 

    “Really? (Y/N)?” Bucky’s tone is harsh and cold, taking everyone off guard. “No offense Tony but I think they’re a little above you,” Tony’s face etches with confusion before it turns to one of the utmost anger. 

    “I may not be the best guy but I sure as hell would treat them right. Besides, it’s not like you could a better job than me,” Bucky’s anger explodes and before he even knows what he’s doing he’s grabbed Tony by his collar, hoisting him up in the air and against some wall. 

    “Let’s get one thing through that skull of yours Stark,” He growls, his grip on his coat collar only tightening. “I would treat (Y/N) better than you ever could so shut your egotistic mouth before I do it for you,” With that he drops Tony, letting him slide to the ground as he rubs at his throat a bit. 

    “Bucky, what the hell-” Sam begins but Bucky doesn’t have time to answer, not when he was this angry. Instead he grabs his coat and heads out the door, not even stopping when Steve calls out for him to come back. 

    The walk home was cold and lonely, leaving Bucky time to think about his actions. Sure, he may have…overreacted a bit but that was (Y/N) they were talking about and there was no way in hell he could have just let them keep talking about them like that. Perhaps he could have been a bit gentler to Tony but his anger had gotten the better of him. Bucky winces as he finally realizes how badly he had fucked up. Maybe everyone was so drunk they’d forget it in the morning? It was unlikely but not of the question. So now, regretting his actions, Bucky walks alone in the cold of New York, not stopping until he reached (Y/N)’s apartment complex. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky speaks into the small intercom the apartment had. “It’s Buck, can you buzz me in?” 

   “What are you doing back so early? I thought Steve had you until 1-” 

   “I’ll tell you when I come up,” He whispers, resting his head against the cool brick of the building. Not even a moment later the door buzzes and Bucky’s let inside, the warmth of the building starting to seep into his bones. He slowly trudges up the stairs, his body starting to feel rather exhausted all of a sudden. 

   12 floors later and he’s reached (Y/N)’s door, lightly tapping on it with his knuckles so he wouldn’t wake any of the other neighbors. The door swings open, revealing a rather confused looking (Y/N). Bucky gives them a form of smile before he walks in, already peeling his layers off of his body. 

   “What happened?” (Y/N) asks as they stand beside him, patiently waiting until he was stripped of all his clothing. 

    “I uh- I kinda got in a fight with Tony,” Bucky whispers, wincing when he saw the expression on (Y/N)’s face. 

    “What was it about?” (Y/N) asks as they take Bucky’s clothes into their arms, intending to wash them later for him. 

    “He uh-” Bucky rubbed at the back of his neck, hesitantly whispering the words out. “He was talking about you, how he’d treat you right and I just, I kinda snapped at him,” 

   “Okay, well…what did you do?” 

   “I threw him against a wall,” Bucky murmurs, hanging his head in shame. “And told him that I would treat you much better than him and that he needed to shut his egotistic mouth,’ 

   “Oh god,” (Y/N) whispers, hanging their head as well. 

   “I know I fucked up (Y/N)!” Bucky pleads, his voice rising just a bit. “I just couldn’t stop myself when they started in on you and then Tony was talking about how he could treat you right and I guess I just got insecure and-” 

    “Whoa, slow down there Bucky,” (Y/N) sets his clothes on some side table before gently wrapping their arms around his shoulders, hugging him gently. “It’s okay I’m not mad at you or anything,” Bucky sighed shakily, nuzzling his scruffy face into the crook of (Y/N)’s neck. 

    “You’re not?” 

    “No, of course not, I could never be mad at you,” (Y/N) turns their head a bit, pressing a kiss to the side of his head. “But this will probably raise suspicions, think you’re ready for all this damage control?” 

    “What if-” Bucky wets his lips, his tongue gliding along his skin effortlessly. “What if we just came out and told the truth? No more lies,” (Y/N) hums for a moment, just standing there with Bucky in their arms. 

   “Yeah,” They finally respond, nodding their head a bit. “I like that,” Bucky smiles against them and he’s sure he just released some whimper of happiness. “But, in the morning you’re going to go to Stark and apologize, okay?” Bucky sighs a bit against them, his arms tightening around their waist just a bit. Well, it wasn’t the worst punishment in the world, he could apologize, explain why he did what he did, surely Tony could forgive him then. 


~Extended ending~

    “Wait, wait, wait,” Tony sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “So you’re telling me that you shoved me against a wall, told me I was egotistic, just because you’re dating (Y/N)?” Bucky gulped, nodding his head slightly. Tony didn’t seem to be all too accepting of his apology, in fact he seemed kind of agitated by this recent turn of events- “Well, I take my words back Barnes,” Tony smiles a bit, his expression losing that edge of annoyance. “Guess you can treat (Y/N) better than I can,” 

          Usually I stay on my lane when I see people writing stupid things not directly addressed to me about my faves (ie: when I’m just chilling in the tags), but recently i have noticed a nonsense trend: people claiming that Steve doesn’t like Tony Stark.
           Sorry to rain on your parade, but that’s pure bullshit, my guys. How did you arrive at that conclusion? Was it the fight in Civil War where Steve defends Bucky Barnes aka his best friend since always and impedes him from being seriously injured by a furious Tony?
          Do you even saw Steve’s face when he grabbed Tony’s arm before all the sh%t goes down? Because at that moment he knew he would have to choose and it was killing him bc Steve cares about them both in that awful situation BUT Bucky is a victim too and doesn’t deserve to be hurt no matter how much Tony is suffering. Steve have protected Bucky doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Tony.

The mcu receipts:

Steve helping Tony when they were attacked (immediately after their argue) 

the caring touch that he does when he thinks that Tony died to save everyone

and the smile of relief when he saw Tony awake and not taking anything seriously as usual

the little smile for the same reason in that casual party in aou

and that time Steve literally says “I will miss you, Tony” while considering Tony’s property in which he is living a home

The moment he discovers about the others “winter soldiers” and his first instinct is to call Tony

the face Steve makes when he sees how disappointed Tony is with him

or his expression when he realizes that was very close to kill Tony during their fight

   Not to mention the letter he sent to Tony with the lines “I know I hurt you Tonyand  If you need me, I’ll be there.

   I just don’t understand how someone can actively choose not to see the facts because those facts don’t collaborate with the way they choose to see a character. I’m not talking about like/dislike a character. Everybody has an individual taste but deconstruct a character just to try to prove a point is absurd. Tony may not be his soulmate au as Bucky or his bff as Sam but they are friends and Steve definitely likes Tony and cares about him.

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"I love the juxtaposition here..." What do you think how Steve in AoU seemed to say that Steve Rogers died in 1945 and there is only Captain America now. That he doesn't deserve home and family (with Natasha!) and there is only war for him. I was sadden by it for Cap has always been my favorite (especially with Evens Portrayal) I believe he deserves some peace (with Natasha!).

(x). Oh man, Anon. I feel like Steve’s PTSD was one of the few things Age of Ultron did right. (Although before I start, I should mention I don’t ship Natasha and Steve as anything but friends). There were so many lines in AOU that gave insight into Steve’s depression, listlessness, and feelings of disconnect. It’s woven into every Steve scene, and it’s amazing.

Right at the start of the movie, Sam encourages Steve to look for a place in Brooklyn, but Steve keeps resisting. He jokes that it’s too expensive, but he doesn’t reply when Sam says “But home is home, y’know?”. In fact, he looks pretty forlorn, staring out at the party below – not joining in, separated from it all. It’s a thousand yard stare, typical of PTSD and the battle-worn soldier.

BecauseIt’s questionable whether Brooklyn is Steve’s home anymore. Can Brooklyn still be home, if all the buildings are gone, the old neighbourhoods have vanished, friends and family are dead? What is home to Steve? 1945? Because if that’s true… he can never go home. The concept of ‘home’ continuously plagues Steve throughout the film, with many direct references.

In the same scene, he tells Bruce in a self-deprecating tone that he’s the “world’s leading authority on waiting too long”. It implies that he hasn’t moved on from Peggy and still feels regret. It’s important to note that this is all said and done at a party that’s happening because the Avengers have ‘put an end’ to HYDRA. Steve should be thrilled, but instead you see how lonely and out of place he feels. He spends more time wandering than interacting with the other Avengers – with one exception. He spends significant time with Thor, who really IS the Outsider. It says a lot.

…And then Wanda’s vision scene. Where the dancing turns to brawling and the wine stains become blood. That moment gave the best insight into Steve’s PTSD. His perception is forever tainted: war is all he sees, and he can’t escape its horrible aftermath. Worse, when Peggy asks him to imagine going home, the dance hall empties. Steve literally can’t imagine it. 

He’s always on the outside, looking in: people celebrate the war being over as he walks through their scene, but his own dance hall is empty. There’s this horrible melancholia to the entire scene that really emphasizes Steve’s isolation.

Then we reach the farm. Again, it’s Thor and Steve – the outsiders – who are most uncomfortable with Clint’s family. Steve basically clings to Thor until Thor leaves, and then Steve can’t cross the threshold to go back inside the house. It’s a home that slipped from his grasp when he crashed the plane; the quiet, 1950s life he should have had, but can no longer touch, and I think that hurts him. The American flag in contrast to Steve’s uniform is a nice touch.

When Tony mentions that Steve walked away from Wanda’s vision seemingly undisturbed, it’s just another tell. The vision didn’t shake Steve because it was nothing new, the same PTSD he lives with daily. And when Tony remarks “Isn’t why we fight so we can end the fight? So we can go home?”, Steve rips a log in half. Because again, what is home to Steve? He has no home. His fight doesn’t end, as his vision showed him. Poor Steve’s lost sight – he doesn’t even know why he fights, anymore. There’s a line later on where he mentions they may be monsters, which is such an unusual line for Steve.

The only thing Steve feels like he has anymore is Captain America: it’s his only place, purpose, and sense of belonging. It sounds like it’s the only reason he leaves the house (”I have no plans tomorrow night”). I mean, the only time Steve has friends is when he’s Cap, when he’s fighting some battle. Except Steve has no control over this Captain America; the idea became something beyond Steve while he was on ice, possibly even spun out of control, so even his superhero persona isn’t his own. Steve Rogers is fading fast, and this idealized Cap is taking over (”Language!”). There’s practically NOTHING that Steve can say is his: no home, no personality, and no persona. That’s jarring, and scary as hell. Because then you have to ask… who is Steve?

Of course, there’s hope. In CATWS, Natasha gets a glimpse of Steve Rogers, and she sees him as something more than Captain America – not the other way around. His friendship with Sam is a good way to bring stability to Steve’s life, although now Sam is an Avenger, so maybe not. But I think Bucky’s presence will help Steve most of all. Whether you ship them or not, you can’t deny that Bucky is Steve’s connection to who he once was.

Steve’s friendship with Bucky was huge part of his personality, back when he was skinny Steve Rogers. Bucky was with him through everything (”best friends since childhood…”) and helped shape who Steve became – they practically defined themselves through each other. So I believe that Bucky’s story is a reason for Steve to keep fighting, and watching Bucky find himself again may be the push Steve needs to find himself, too. I disagree that Steve Rogers is dead and gone – I just think he’s completely lost himself, and I’m hoping in Civil War, his reunion with Bucky will bring him back to who he once was. Just like Steve carried with him who Bucky was, and helped Bucky remember – Bucky will help Steve remember himself, too. Because Bucky is home.

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I want Peter to adopt Tony. Like, he texts or calls Tony more and more about superhero stuff and science and even eventually girls (which tony is NO HELP WITH AT ALL), he crashes Tony's place and eats all of Tony's food bc teenage spiderboy metabolism so Tony has to stock the fridge like he's got a super soldier in the house again, Peter comes over after fights bc he keeps telling Aunt May he's at Tony's doing science when he's out fighting and can't go home. And Tony can't stop it at all.

YES YES YES. ALL of this. Headcanon accepted and absorbed.

“Okay, you gotta tell your kid to stop drinking my shakes,” Rhodey said with an accusing look at Tony and placed a half empty bottle on the glass table.

Tony blinked in confusion before looking up at Rhodey.

“What” he said succinctly and Rhodey rolled his eyes.

“Peter. Parker. Spiderman,” Rhodey emphasized with a hand wave, “Seriously, next time he steals my shakes, I’m gonna replace all his snacks with granola bars.”

With that remark Rhodey walked away in a huff, leaving a dumbstruck Tony staring at him.

“My kid?” he asked to the open space and stared down at his tablet before shaking his head to continue.

“Boss! I swear, keep your kid off the roads during traffic hour!” Happy grunted as he put the car into drive and took off from the office, “It’s hell waiting for girders to be lifted off the street to cross.”

“Not my kid,” Tony muttered without looking up from his phone where he squinted at Peter’s message about better texture of his suit pants, “Huh, the itching. Should have thought of that. I could get Friday to synthesize the polymer of the …”

“Iron girders,” Happy huffed under his breath and tuned out Tony’s rambling about better suits for a certain crime fighting swinging spider.

It escalated from crime fighting and couch crashing to late night visits leading to Rhodey and Tony blearily working over some stupid assignments of high school chemistry as Peter went off to nab some thug off a bank robbery. Rhodey threw a pen at Tony’s head when he once commented that Rhodey wasn’t using the right lingo for the assignment and Peter observed that Tony’s face was balanced now with another black eye-looking bruise, even though it was just ink.

“Oh no no no,” Tony stared in thinly veiled disgust at the package on the bed, “There is no way those sheets are going on any bed of mine.”

“It’s clearly not your bed,” Peter huffed as he stood beside Tony with his hands on his hips, eyeing the Captain America sheets cheekily, “C’mon, it’s cool!”

“It’s horrendous!” Tony said with an accusing gesture at the packet, “Nobody uses these sheets unless they want to be losers!”

“Yeaahh,” Rhodey dragged the word slyly with a raised eyebrow, “You never had Captain America sheets yourself, sure.”

“That’s- what - that’s not the point!” Tony exclaimed but Peter simply patted his shoulder.

“It’s over, Mom, let it go,” he said and Tony made a strangled sound before leaving in a huff.

“Mood swings,” Peter said solemnly and Rhodey snorted before throwing a pillow at his face.

“May, this is completely unacceptable!”

May Parker frowned and glanced at her phone before placing it back near her ear.

“Uh, Tony? What’s wrong?” 

“Did you know that Peter hates Neopolitan?” Tony demanded and may paused in filling her bag with groceries.


“That’s unacceptable!” Tony stated again, sounding supremely offended, “It’s against the law!”

“What law?” May asked, “Where are you guys?”

“He’s fine, he’s trashing the TV with Vision,” Tony said dismissively even as May’s eyebrows rose, “That’s not the point. The point is that no kid of mine should hate Neopolitan. It’s unnatural.”

May opened her mouth and closed it before clearing her throat.



“You do know that he’s not your real kid, right?”

“…I’m gonna go trick him into eating the ice cream. Bye hotshot!”

May stared at her phone for an entire minute before getting back to her groceries with a grumble of ‘supergenius kids and hovering mentors’.

Things got serious though, when Peter went up against Vulture and landed in the hospital for the first time since Tony had met him.

“I should have been faster,” Tony muttered into his palms, “I should have caught him.”

“You were busy bringing Vulture down,” Rhodey said for the umpteenth time, sharing a look with Happy over Tony’s shoulder, “You did the best you could.”

“The best isn’t enough!” Tony snarled, still cradling his head in his hands. It was only May’s hurried arrival that got Tony out of his seat and then he spent the entire time hovering around her till she pushed him into a seat and told him to stay put.

“He’s okay,” The doctor told after a few hours and smiled genially at the group gathered outside the room, “Family members can see him now.”

Tony started to go in with may and then stilled, awkwardly stuffing his hands into his pockets and taking a step back.

“Right. Sorry,” he said with a tight, fake smile and was about to move away when May caught his arm and told him firmly.

“I did not let that kid lie to me about ‘sciencing’ with you for days and accept that he would come back after dinner from the Compound for you to back away now,” she said and Tony’s eyes snapped up to meet hers, “You’re coming in with me. Understood?”

Tony looked at the calm looking woman for a minute before giving her a tired but real small smile.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go,” he nodded and May released his hand before pushing the door open.

“Well,” Happy slapped his thighs and got up from his seat, “guess we should go and restock the fridge.”

“Yeah,” Rhodey agreed with a small smirk before scowling at Happy, “But I’m sharpie-ing my stuff. Kid’s still stealing my shakes.”

“Aww, you love him,” Happy teased and yelped when Rhodey pushed him back into his chair.

Eh, just a random drabble from some of your ideas. Great headcanon btw <3

even iron bends

rendingrosencrantz oof a bazillion years later. is this something like what you were craving?? plz tell me if not, i’m interested in getting the details right

Tony aches.

He’s bruised from the Avengers latest escapades, but not bad enough to explain why the hell he aches all over. He hasn’t been sleeping, which probably does explain some things, but that’s not for lack of trying. He keeps spending hours lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling with gritty eyes.

What he really wants is to curl up in Steve’s lap so Steve can bury his fingers in his hair, but fat chance of that happening. Steve’s been in DC for over a week talking to legislators. If Tony’s being honest—which he tries to avoid—the real reason he feels like shit is because Steve’s been in DC.

He misses him, misses the steady stream of touches his presence brings. Steve’s tendency to over-touch, at least by modern standards, is one Tony’s favorite things about him.

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on a serious note i liked cap3 but it felt out of place as the third installment of the captain america movies like it felt more like a continuation of age of ultron than the sequel to the winter soldier, like dont get me wrong it was /way/ more exciting and interesting than aou but the main plot and villain of the story was a direct result of the events that took place in aou not catws

it felt like it was 75% age of ultron part 2 and 25% the sequel to the winter soldier. they started it off great with showing bucky trying to lay low and steve trying to find him and even when tony was pushing the registration act and bucky ended up getting captured it was still good because bucky was still very central but somewhere along the middle and end buckys character just started feeling like a plot device for the bigger problem between steve and tony 

like there are some great bucky scenes but the thing that made catws so great was how emotionally charged steve finding bucky was and the trauma he experienced and i feel like that wasn’t really explored that much in civil war there was no depth like yeah he was brainwashed again and he went into winter soldier mode but after that he was okay for the rest of the movie up until the end fight scene with tony when he said “I remember all of them” like that was one of the only glimpses in the entire movie where we actually got to see whats going on in buckys head right now  

and with the whole civil war thing i was genuinely expecting to be torn between the two sides which is why i never really picked a side beforehand. but tony was just wrong the whole time like okay he felt responsible for sokovia and all the other events so he signed the registration act thats fine he wasnt the only one who signed it, but his entire war with steve and bucky specifically was based on a crime bucky didnt even commit like ???????

it would have been a great movie if it was called aou part 2 it wouldve even redeemed aou a little bit but it wasn’t. they called it captain america: civil war and as the supposed sequel to the winter soldier it was just lacking. and now because of it the cap trilogy cant exist on its own bc without aou civil war just doesnt make sense. it was still a good movie overall it just didnt feel like a cap movie and i dont blame the russos bc with all the extra shit they were handed they were still able to make a decent movie and thats remarkable.  

on a lighter note: the part where bucky bought a plum, best scene in the entire movie.

“The Cold”

REQUEST (by @sebstanshitposts):  could I request an imagine where the reader is dating Peter pre CW but she has powers so when he fights w tony it kinda causes a rift between them?? if they’re closed then that’s totally okay!! thank you!! ❤️❤️

NOTE: I’m always open to requests! Thank you for sending one in :) 

By the way, if anyone has sent me a request recently, I’ve received it! I’m in Florida right now so I’m only able to write in my free time, but I promise I’ll get it out to you! I just want it to be the best quality it can be :)

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

     You sat in your desk in Chemistry, bored out of your mind. The teacher seemed to have an endless amount of PowerPoint slides, and when you checked the clock, you still had fifty minutes of class left. Sighing, you leaned back, absently watching your other classmates. 

    Your desk was positioned at the back of the class which gave you a clear view of everyone, and most especially your best friend and boyfriend, Peter Parker. He sat in the front which made it easy for him to get your attention in times of need. Times like right now. 

    Glancing at his phone, he coughed loudly to make sure that he had your attention. Subtly, Peter leaned his head on his hand that was closest to you and held up two fingers, then one, and then he tapped his finger on his head four times. So it’s a robbery you thought, smiling as you started to pack up your books. Peter had created an app on his phone that was hooked into the radios of the police. It notified him of when key words were mentioned in recent conversations or 911 calls. Since you’d been playing heroes for the past four months, you’d gotten the communication down to a simple finger tapping. 

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Civil War timeline with the help of the new footage

I have to order this for the sake of the argument rather than chronological order and it’s long as fuck so sorry if it’s confusing.

To start: in the BTS footage of Bucky fighting Steve and later shooting Tony you can see Black Panther’s claw rips in his left sleeve:

Also visible here in the Super Bowl TV spot, evidently done through the jacket:

Here’s when it happens, from the second trailer (please also note Seb’s face lol):

Bucky has a backpack in the tunnel scene with Black Panther but not in this one.

TO THE POINT: no rips here when Steve helps Bucky escape from this apartment building (in Germany, based on the flag on the Police uniforms), so it is BEFORE the tunnel and fight/shooting scene:

Also, to show that Bucky’s shirt isn’t just generally full of holes lol: 

ALSO of note here, same wallpaper as the scene from the 2nd trailer where Steve says “This doesn’t have to end in a fight, Tony.” But when he says “Tony” it cuts to a totally different scene and the audio doesn’t sound smooth. I doubt Tony’s there at all. Maybe he’s talking to Bucky? This is Bucky’s apartment in Germany?

MAIN POINT, Steve and Bucky have encountered each other BEFORE the scene where they fight and Bucky shoots Tony, at least in the scene when he helps him escape the apartment in Germany. I would also suggest the tunnel scene is before the fight scene based on Bucky not having his jacket and backpack anymore (more evidence below.) Either way, people have been speculating that Bucky has been reprogrammed as the Winter soldier when he fights Steve and shoots Tony, and it happens between encounters with Steve. So how does someone get to him to reprogram him?

Back to the tunnel scene, War Machine is there, which suggests Tony’s involvement (hold onto that thought):

FURTHERMORE, based on Steve’s jacket+shirt situation:

Left side is the fight with Bucky, right side is when he hands over the shield and Everett Ross and Sharon Carter are there (so the CIA?), which I would suggest is the consequence of the tunnel scene, especially since T’challa is there too:

As to what happens to Bucky, from Empire magazine: “The Winter Soldier is taken away in shackles for ‘psychological evaluation’ while Steve meets with General Ross.” (The scene we have of Steve meeting General Ross has him in different clothing, but I doubt it’s the only one.)

Reports of the D23 footage (and a leaked photo) show Bucky distressed in a glass box/cage.

EDIT: Outfit match-up confirmed!

So, Tony’s involvement in the situation:

Steve’s wearing the aforementioned outfit and Tony is wearing the same ensemble from Bucky trying to shoot him.

Bucky gets reprogrammed somehow during the ‘Psychological evaluation’. But by who? Hydra still inside the government? The government accidentally says some reset code? Sleeper programming? SPUTNIK??? 

EDIT: I was having trouble placing the scene we have of undercover Cap:

With the help of today’s Sharon images, it looks like this won’t all go down in one continuous sequence but over at least a few days. “Are you saying you’ll arrest me?” sounds like things are going south already.

Left: Sharon when Cap hands over the shield; middle: Sharon fights Bucky when he’s attacking Tony and Steve; Right: Sharon slipping Steve some insider info outside of the building all the other scenes have taken place in. Before or after Bucky fights everyone? Is she telling Steve what they’re actually doing to Bucky? That they’e going to take him away in that helicopter?

Looks like Sam is there undercover in the same place Steve meet Sharon. “Consider all our options.”Shit’s not going well!

EDIT: They are still in Germany:

Anyway, Bucky at some point attacks Steve and Tony. The government tries to take Bucky away in the Helicopter, probably to this helicopter-only access prison we saw (that Tony’s shown at, btw):

Steve stops it, losing his jacket and getting his shirt dirty here:

See, it’s dirty. lol

Note the claw marks on Bucky’s sleeve again.

So Steve and Sam rescue Bucky from the helicopter and go on the run. They trap Bucky in the vice themselves to ensure he’s safe for them to be around. That’s why Steve asks if Bucky remembers him when they’ve already interacted, to make sure he’s kicked the recent reprogramming.

So the “Buck, do you remember me?” scene is NOT Steve and Bucky’s first encounter in the movie, Mackie has said the scene is about halfway through the movie. Bucky’s not getting his jacket and backpack back after this and Steve’s not going to wash his shirt, hence the tunnel scene being before the Steve and Bucky fight scene, and every scene featuring Bucky in a jacket and stuff being BEFORE this one, which previously seemed like it might be Bucky’s first appearance in the movie.

From here on is when Bucky changes to his new tac gear and gets a gun etc., and everyone starts actually beating the shit out of each other instead of talking in meeting rooms because Steve has explicitly gone against the government.

I swear this is like 80% solid but it’s hard to keep it clear over such a long argument.


getinthefuckingjaeger  asked:

Was watching The Nanny rerun n then BOOM: Ironwinter The Nanny AU singledad Tony n nanny Buck hired on a whim through ridiculous circumstances. Not a prompt, but imagine the dumb puns n jokes n innuendos.

What do you MEAN not a prompt? I love The Nanny it’s fucking hilarious, and I MUST WRITE SOMETHING FOR THIS SO. (However, I also haven’t really watched it in like, years, except for the odd episode here or there, so this is more just… based on the idea and does it’s own thing!)

Hope you enjoy!


Bucky knocked on the fancy door, ready to babble some ridiculous spiel for the umpteenth time about changing cable providers to Direct TV. He’d already been laughed at, had the door slammed in his face, and yelled at. He hated this new job, but he also needed the money like fuck, so.

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