when he doesnt care

I like to imagine that whenever the press ask Otabek & Yurio what their relationship is 5y down the road, Otabek just gives them a Thumbs Up

I generally feel loving someone who doesn't love you back is the most painful feeling in the world

it bothers me that people keep talking about how Finn was ready to ditch the resistance in TLJ to go find Rey or something when he explicitly said that he was leaving with Rey’s beacon to get it away from an active battlefield so she wouldn’t come back straight into the line of fire. He’s not trying to track her down and he’s not being overprotective, she literally has no idea they’re under attack and could return at any moment, in which case there’s a 50% chance the Falcon could get shot up the second it gets out of lightspeed.

This isn’t Finn in TFA where all he’s known is war and indoctrination and he’s over it and wants to run away from it all. This is pragmatic Finn who’s best friend is also one of the best long-term assets the Resistance has, in charge of bringing back their greatest hope, and keeping her out of harms way for the moment aligns with both his and the Resistance’s interests. Acting like if that wasn’t the case he still would’ve just left is fucked up. Finn hasn’t grown into himself as a leader yet, yeah, he hasn’t found his place in the Resistance, he’s still working out those famed abilities that were projecting him to the top of the Stormtrooper army, but he does know his place is with the guy who helped him escape and the famed general/princess leading them all. Not sneaking off into the night presumably leaving them to their doom without saying goodbye and no aim besides running.

tylers the kinda guy that doesnt see ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ clothes he just wears what he likes & honestly we need more ppl like that in the world without it being judged

The Snow Castle Scene “Kissing a snow maid”

Her bridges kept falling down. There was a covered bridge between the armory and the main keep, and another that went from the fourth floor of the bell tower to the second floor of the rookery, but no matter how carefully she shaped them, they would not hold together. The third time one collapsed on her, she cursed aloud and sat back in helpless frustration.“Pack the snow around a stick, Sansa.” She did not know how long he had been watching her, or when he had returned from the Vale. 

“A stick?” she asked.
“That will give it strength enough to stand, I’d think,” Petyr said.
“May I come into your castle, my lady?”
Sansa was wary. “Don’t break it. Be …”
“… gentle?” He smiled. “Winterfell has withstood fiercer enemies than me. It is Winterfell, is it not?”
“Yes,” Sansa admitted.

He walked along outside the walls. “I used to dream of it, in those years after Cat went north with Eddard Stark. In my dreams it was ever a dark place, and cold.”
“No. It was always warm, even when it snowed. Water from the hot springs is piped through the walls to warm them, and inside the glass gardens it was always like the hottest day of summer.” She stood, towering over the great white castle. “I can’t think how to do the glass roof over the gardens.”

Littlefinger stroked his chin, where his beard had been before Lysa had asked him to shave it off. “The glass was locked in frames, no? Twigs are your answer. Peel them and cross them and use bark to tie them together into frames. I’ll show you.” He moved through the garden, gathering up twigs and sticks and shaking the snow from them. When he had enough, he stepped over both walls with a single long stride and squatted on his heels in the middle of the yard. Sansa came closer to watch what he was doing. His hands were deft and sure, and before long he had a crisscrossing latticework of twigs, very like the one that roofed the glass gardens of Winterfell. “We will need to imagine the glass, to be sure,” he said when he gave it to her.

“This is just right,” she said.
He touched her face. “And so is that.”
Sansa did not understand. “And so is what?”
“Your smile, my lady. Shall I make another for you?”
“If you would.”
“Nothing could please me more.”

She raised the walls of the glass gardens while Littlefinger roofed them over, and when they were done with that he helped her extend the walls and build the guardshall. When she used sticks for the covered bridges, they stood, just as he had said they would. The First Keep was simple enough, an old round drum tower, but Sansa was stymied again when it came to putting the gargoyles around the top. Again he had the answer. 
“It’s been snowing on your castle, my lady,” he pointed out. “What do the gargoyles look like when they’re covered with snow?”
Sansa closed her eyes to see them in memory. “They’re just white lumps.”
“Well, then. Gargoyles are hard, but white lumps should be easy.” And they were.

The Broken Tower was easier still. They made a tall tower together, kneeling side by side to roll it smooth, and when they’d raised it Sansa stuck her fingers through the top, grabbed a handful of snow, and flung it full in his face. Petyr yelped, as the snow slid down under his collar. 

“That was unchivalrously done, my lady.”
“As was bringing me here, when you swore to take me home.”
She wondered where this courage had come from, to speak to him so frankly. From Winterfell, she thought. I am stronger within the walls of Winterfell.
His face grew serious. 

“Yes, I played you false in that … and in one other thing as well.”
Sansa’s stomach was aflutter. “What other thing?”
“I told you that nothing could please me more than to help you with your castle. I fear that was a lie as well. Something else would please me more.” He stepped closer. 
Sansa tried to step back, but he pulled her into his arms and suddenly he was kissing her. Feebly, she tried to squirm, but only succeeded in pressing herself more tightly against him. His mouth was on hers, swallowing her words. He tasted of mint. For half a heartbeat she yielded to his kiss.

.. before she turned her face away and wrenched free. 

“What are you doing?”
Petyr straightened his cloak. “Kissing a snow maid.”

“You’re supposed to kiss her.” Sansa glanced up at Lysa’s balcony, but it was empty now. “Your lady wife.”
“I do. Lysa has no cause for complaint.” He smiled.

  “I wish you could see yourself, my lady. You are so beautiful. You’re crusted over with snow like some little bear cub, but your face is flushed and you can scarcely breathe. How long have you been out here? You must be very cold. Let me warm you, Sansa. Take off those gloves, give me your hands.”

“I won’t.” He sounded almost like Marillion, the night he’d gotten so drunk at the wedding. Only this time Lothor Brune would not appear to save her; Ser Lothor was Petyr’s man.

 “You shouldn’t kiss me. I might have been your own daughter …”
“Might have been,” he admitted, with a rueful smile. “But you’re not, are you?
You are Eddard Stark’s daughter, and Cat’s. But I think you might be even more beautiful than your mother was, when she was your age.”

“Petyr, please.” Her voice sounded so weak. “Please …”

-A Storm of Swords- Sansa VIII

smol Yoonjin Flower Shop AU sketch | Twitter | Please do not repost/use/crop/etc.

  • <p> <b>2p!England:</b> *repeatedly slamming a phone into the desk in a fit of pastel colored rage*<p/><b>2p!France:</b> Oliver! OLIVER!<p/><b>2p!England:</b> wHAT?!<p/><b>2p!France:</b> It's a inanimate fucking object....<p/><b>2p!England:</b> YOU'RE A INANIMATE FUCKING OBJECT!<p/><b>2p!America:</b> .... *whispers* fucking savage...<p/></p>

Sollux Captor
* 22 years old
* American/Japanese
* Crystal Witch / psionic
Danger level: 4 to 10 (very pacific, dont piss him off or you will totally regret it)

He discovered his powers as psionic at age 7, scared of his powers he started practicing witchcraft during his teenage years. He runs a crystal shop, and is very fond of shintoist culture, basing his whole power on chakras and how crystals help them. His potential as a witch is vast, but he tends not to take advantage of it since he doesn’t like to engage in any conflict - he can be pretty much destructive when he does, though. Totally unaware of the coven’s drama, he totally doesnt care about fights between witches. He shares his apartment above his show with Terezi.

* Making jewels with crystals
* Meditation
* Drinking green tea
* Taking random naps in his shop
* House chores

Eridan Ampora
* 20 years old
* British
* Divination witch / necromancer
Danger level: 10+ (really powerful, stay away, death risk)

He acknowledged his powers at a very young age, and immediately put effort into developing and perfectioning them, focusing on white magic at first (healing etc), then becoming more and more interested in divination, ending up on the black magic’s path: he learned to cast spells and curses along with future telling using tarots and palmistry, developing an obsession for necromancy, which he still tends to avoid (for now) thanks to Feferi. He likes to remind the others how powerful of a witch he is, and being spoiled and exigent he often finds himself facing other witches, which he usually does not hesitate to damage.

* Collecting make up
* Collecting purple crystals
* Reading teenage fiction
* Bubble baths
* Sex (when he actually finds a partner)

i know a lot of you just watch this show for jyrus (which is a bit bothersome…someone compared it to bugheads taking over the r*verdale fandom which!! hasnt happened here yet but 👀–anyway being here just for cyrus’ storyline is perfectly fine in and of itself) but uhhh can we just agree rn to not treat cyrus’ new love interest like trash when he gets introduced? and by trash I mean acting like he’s just a stepping stone for cyrus until he “finally gets with jonah”, implying that he’s just a plot device to make jonah jealous and that cyrus will dump him as soon as jonah realizes this, ignoring him in general, etc. I know some of you are frustrated about how “long jyrus is taking” and like…guys if it doesnt happen it just doesnt happen. dont take that out on this character and his relationship with cyrus!!

like im genuinely surprised they’re giving cyrus a love interest at all, knowing how things usually go these days, I expected cyrus to be relegated to Token Gay ™ that never gets to experience (puppy) love while his straight friends have all the romantic plots. but theyre giving him a lil bf!!! they probably go to hebrew school together!!! they finally added a male character of color!! just be happy for the kids and dont act weird about cyrus’ first boyfriend not being jonah is all im saying :)

more trans will because thats what this blog exists for and what i exist for;

- will showed up at camp at like, 8 or 9, real young like annabeth did. he had been homeless for a while, wandering, surviving, and was found by a satyr or even by chiron himself. his demigod status was obvious, so they took him quickly to camp and explained it all, showing the orientation video and helping him get used to camp life

- he was a scrappy fella, was still scared and angry after everything that happened. everyone thought he was the meanest girl in the entire world. when they called him that (girl) it just made him angrier, meaner.

- this is where he and clarisse’s friendship comes in. she’s a little older than him, but she appreciates the spark in his heart. he’s full of rage like she is and even though they don’t talk that much, there’s this rapport of support between them. neither of them can really explain it.

- chiron notices will’s discomfort and rage early on, but he waits to discuss the possibility of him being trans just in case. he doesnt want to scare him, after all, or rush him into hasty decisions. it isnt the best choice, but chiron does it anyways. he helps will best he can with his anger and discomfort, but after two years, its made quite obvious that these feelings arent going to go away. chiron asks will if he ever wonders if he may not be a girl

- will’s whole world is turned upside down. “i dont understand” he says. “i have to be a girl. right?” and chiron shakes his head no and tries to explain it, but stops when he sees the look on will’s face. when such young kids show at camp, he always begins to see them as his own foster children; he’d seen will as a daughter, and possibly as a son all along. he gently tells will to get on his back and together they ride to the fields where its just them in the quiet

- chiron explains it better now, here, starting with seemingly endless tales of incredible heroes. will sighs, confused. “ive already heard all these stories, chiron. what does it have to do with not being a girl?” chiron’s smile crinkles his eyes at the corners. “so impatient. i tell you these specific tales because all these heroes… they were all assigned a different gender at birth.”

- will gets off of chiron’s back and walks a bit aways, looking alarmed. “what does that mean?” he says, but he’s pretty sure he knows. he’s ten, and he never really went to school, was ‘homeschooled’ in his neglectful mother’s travel rv until he wasn’t, but he knows some things. he was a smart boy - chiron had helped him learn to read, though he wasnt very good at it. he’s taught him all kinds of stuff and now he’s teaching him even more and that realization makes will a little less scared of what he’s figuring out. “wh- what does it mean? to be something else than what you’re meant to be?”

- chiron walks a bit closer to will, patient but still oddly stern like he always is. “there’s no such thing, child. if you feel you are a boy, or something else-” “a boy.” he pauses. “a boy?” will takes a steadying breath. “y-yes. definitely a boy.” and chiron smiles at him, this boy who has tears in his awe-filled eyes, and says kindly, “if you feel you are a boy, my son, then that’s what you were always meant to be. there is no shame in that.”

- they hug for a very long time after that. chiron promises to help him tell his siblings, tell the rest of the campers. will picks out a name, gets a haircut he wants, is even allowed all new clothes (mainly courtesy of his friend cecil’s older brother). he’s impossibly happy now, no longer that mean kid that showed up at camp, and everyone is thrown for a loop at the sudden appearance of this boy made of sunshine. percy, when they’re racing chariots in his second year, doesn’t even recognize him, thinks he’s a first-year camper. chiron is near bursting with pride, and so are lee fletcher and michael yew, will’s big brothers.

- will becomes a sort of 'ambassador’ of transgender demigods at camp (upon his own insistance, of course) and puts together another orientation video. this one is for trans demigods, detailing the definitions of a few of the identities under the trans umbrella, depicting the heroic deeds and quests of fellow trans demigods. his siblings help, and so do other trans kids - like drew tanaka, whose hair is just reaching her chin and is always tied out of her face with a ribbon, or will’s old friend clarisse, who again offers her silent support to him. there are more trans kids at camp who arent as open about it, but thats alright. camp half blood is a safe place for people like will, and drew, and clarisse, and will hopes to make it even better.

- this place has always been his home. he wants it to be a home for every kind of demigod out there. and if he has to build every brick for them with his own two hands, construct the entire camp from the ground up to make a home for them, then by the gods, he will. clarisse laughs when he says this, but he doesnt care. he knows that this is a fight he can win - the fight for people like him. and clarisse says “i know. you’ve always been scrappy like that.”

Seriously though magnus probably expected alec to walk away eventually and he barely even questioned it when alec almost walked away, he isnt aware of what hes actually worth, he wouldnt fight back, he wouldnt blame alec from leaving. He thinks hes a lot to get used to and that he ruined their date by revealing his romantic history and he let alec decide what he would do, whether he would stay and cope with him or walk away, not making any effort. He was so genuinely surprised when alec came back and told him he doesnt care about his stupid number and kissed him softly and told him hes willing to make any effort to work this relationship out.

Magnus is worth the universe yet hes so unaware of it that it makes my heart ache.

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why wont the "ironic" dan hate will stop:(

this is a thing i have a long opinion about so get ready lol. i assume youre referring to the reply someone tweeted calling dans posts overrated and stale but that was a funny reply to his instagram coffee post. i personally think its just a joke and that he would find it funny as well - we all know that he enjoys joking around with us. but there is a big part of the ironic hate that really bugs me and i wish people would stop doing it.

a lot of people defend phil when he gets any hate (nothing wrong with that! just adding here for comparison) but when it comes to dan those same people will call his videos annoying, boring, not special etc. and, you know, everyone has opinions on things but those people do it because “oh hes dan, he can take the hate”.

do you ever just stop and admire how flustered he gets when someone compliments him? its so adorable, he gets all giggly and blushes and lately you can see that even more. its okay to joke with things like this coffee post (needless to say that it has its own limits as well) but when those jokes start to turn into general rudeness thats when it crosses the line. 

i remember when he talked about making a really important video earlier this year. everyone got really excited but instead of that video he uploaded another episode of the internet support group. now some people just said “oh well he just didnt feel like uploading that video anymore, i respect that” but others freaked out soo much! they started to complain (and that complaining went over the kind critical opinion line) but they did it all because “he can take it”. if i was him, i would have felt very insecure and self conscious. (a little tangent here - i feel like something people often forget is that in the end, we are their audience. we are not their friends or family and we dont have the right to know certain things they decide to keep private. we also dont have the right to directly control what they put on youtube - its their channels anyway)

in conclusion, joking is fine on certain things but when youre straight up insulting him under the excuse of “he doesnt care, he can manage it”, it just isnt okay. yes, he has been on the internet long enough to know he is gonna get hate one way or another, but its so easy to just be kind! especially when we know how much thinking and effort goes into his content.


“I never knew that love had a sound, until I heard you laugh.” Since you got scouted at age 17, you probably haven’t had the time to spend your birthday back in L.A. despite this, I hope wherever you are, you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you. Even if we are unable to meet one day, the fact that you and I exist under the same sky is enough for me. Instead of making a graphic, I decided to gif clips of your laugh/smile, because all I want for your birthday is your happiness. Thank you for working hard for us~ Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, Joshua Hong ♡ #가장_위험한_세븐틴_교회오빠_탄신일

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Honestly the best part of that whole episode was when Skye went back to Ward and apologised and told him her real name.

Like Skye had no reason to this, she really had no need for him anymore and no need to put up with the charade. She could have just went on that metro with Jemma and go continue the OP without him or leave the framework or hell she doesnt owe him anything she could have just shot him right there and then to get rid of him or tell him to buzz off tbh. 

But no she literally went back, apologised in such a sympathetic tone BEC HE WAS PROTECTING HER AND OTHER INHUMANS AND SHE DIDNT WANT HIM TO FEEL GUILTY FOR PUTTING VIJAY AT RISK, and when he asked her name, she literally told him the truth like SHE HAS NO REASON TO TELL HIM THE TRUTH. And then Ward literally smiles when she says her name and is so accepting he literally doesnt care bec he loves her.


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Solangelo soulmate AU where soulmates have matching tattoos

(((full truth it only took me so long to do this one bc i couldnt think of a tattoo but now ive got one so lets go)))

  • will’s mom found his soulmate tattoo when he was ten, right before he left for camp for the first time. it’s right over his spine between his shoulder blades, a simple skull inside an orange and yellow sun - a pretty freaky sight for a ten year old
    • will came home after that summer but when he returned the next year, he planned to stay over the school year. he didn’t meet nico that first winter, or for the next two years
  • when nico was attacked by lycaon when they were transporting the parthenos reyna did a pretty hasty job of stitching up the wounds and totally didn’t notice the bright yellow sun between nico’s shoulder blades bc there were much more important things to deal with at the moment ok
  • will was totally flirting with nico every chance he got when nico showed up at camp bc yes he absolutely had a crush on the super powerful super cute boy that basically just appears out of nowhere sometimes and yeah he kinda just tells nico that he owes him three days in the infirmary mostly bc he just wants to spend time with him and get to know him (plus you can’t just walk around to people asking them to lift up the back of their shirt to see if they have the same tattoo as you bc thats just weird)
    • so when will goes to fix all the bad stitching that reyna did he totally saw the tattoo on nico’s back in the same place as his but at the time he’s in Doctor Mode so he doesnt really notice (and nico’s entire back is a pretty big mess at the time so the tattoo doesnt look like much anyway - definitely not a sun and skull)
  • nico and will bond over the next few weeks bc 1. will insists that nico come see him every day so he can change the bandages and 2. when will has a crush he makes sure its known ok he doesnt care how oblivious nico is (hes super oblivious apparently) hes going to make sure nico knows that will likes him
    • one time nico’s sitting in the infirmary with his shirt off so will can change the bandages over his stitches again and will’s like “ok u know what these stitches have been in long enough so i think i can take them out now” and like they’re just talking while will takes all the stitches out (theres a lot so it takes a while)
    • nico asks will a question but will just kinda freezes bc all the stitches in nico’s back are gone and the scars are still there but will can definitely see a yellow-orange sun with a skull in the middle and nico keeps trying to get his attention but will’s,,,,, fricken gone ok 
    • nico finally just completely spins around and will’s like “did u know???? uve got that tattoo on your back did anyone tell u????” and nicos like????? what are u talking about???
    • will just fricken,,,, whips off his own shirt and turns around and shows nico the tattoo on his own back and he’s like “this tattoo that i have u have the same one and i think that means we’re soulmates that’s what i was told when my mom found mine” nico’s just like “i dont know what that means???” so will says “it means will u go on a date with me?”

sorry it took so long for me to do this one but i hope you liked it!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

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How do u see they mornings in the new apartament? (perhabs cute as fuck❤🔫)

oh god… usually they wake up to evens alarm (isak doesnt bother putting on one) and its set like 20 minutes earlier bc of isak, even gets out of bed after kissing the top of isaks head and he lets isak have his 10 minutes..even cant stop smiling the whole morning while he’s making breakfast because he’s doing it in their own flat. (if he has time or couldnt sleep:( he draws a little something for isak to give him next to the breakfast) (also sometimes isak wakes up with even and he helps with the breakfast and by help i mean he mostly looks at even do it and encourages him, calls him shef, “isak,its only bread”) then his phone goes off again after 20 minutes and walks into their bedroom, gets back into bed next to isak and starts playing with his hair and he knows isak is awake when he sees a lil tired smile on his face and then even whispers a good morning to him and it kind of hurts to smile so wide right after waking up but isak cant help it,especially when he finally opens his eyes and even is staring at him all lovingly and soft and then his voice is raspy when he says good morning back to even. and even tells him its time to get out of bed and isak puts on a show, whining about not wanting to go (he did it once when he was really tired and he got way more kisses than he ususally does so he decided to do it when he’s not even that tired) so even starts kissing his cheeks and nose and closed eyes and then sometimes puts a cold hand under isaks shirt which makes him jump and so he finally stands up , sometimes even chases him with his cold hands into the kitchen….then they eat breakfast with the radio on not too loud,and isak tells him about his dreams or if he has tests that day. and even listens and isak swears his eyes are sparkling,,then they brush their teeth together, making faces in the mirror at each other, even stealing toothpaste kisses and its a little gross but isak lets him. when theyre done they kiss for the first time that day and its so fresh and its one of their favourite kisses..after that they get dressed (interrupted by lots of kisses) and isak hates waking up like half an hour earlier then he used to do when he was still living in the flat, but he really doesnt care when he has extra time kissing even so. and idk if theyre the type of couple to hold hands all the way to the school but they definitely walk down the stairs with their fingers intertwined:’)