when he doesnt care

I like to imagine that whenever the press ask Otabek & Yurio what their relationship is 5y down the road, Otabek just gives them a Thumbs Up

I generally feel loving someone who doesn't love you back is the most painful feeling in the world

Seriously though magnus probably expected alec to walk away eventually and he barely even questioned it when alec almost walked away, he isnt aware of what hes actually worth, he wouldnt fight back, he wouldnt blame alec from leaving. He thinks hes a lot to get used to and that he ruined their date by revealing his romantic history and he let alec decide what he would do, whether he would stay and cope with him or walk away, not making any effort. He was so genuinely surprised when alec came back and told him he doesnt care about his stupid number and kissed him softly and told him hes willing to make any effort to work this relationship out.

Magnus is worth the universe yet hes so unaware of it that it makes my heart ache.

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My MC is delusional in the sense that he believes his father legit cares for him when everyone else can see he doesnt. He is extremely persistent in believing this, accusing others of lying when they tell him truth Is there a mental illness for this?

CW: Abusive relationships (in depth discussion with some examples), brainwashing, gaslighting

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why does my dad expect me to remember stuff he told me a year ago or something when i have the mental capability of dirt

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hi nissi, i'm hoping you can give me some words of wisdom :( I have a really rough relationship with my dad- he didn't help me at all during college and was abusive my entire life, physically and emotionally. i'm 28 now & i don't have much of relationship but we do talk. anyway so i didn't get a masters (working on that now) but he's essentially called me mediocre since i graduated undergrad bc poverty didnt give me a conventional school journey. i go back and forth from being hurt and ignoring

(cont) it, telling myself that i know my worth but it’s still painful and idk how to make the pain go away. ive tried talking to him btu he doesnt care.. in fact, when my brother told him i was engaged his response was “so she’s ok staying mediocre”. so yea.. any words of wisdom? i dont want to turn it into negative feelings, i want to stay positive and tell myself that his opinions are worthless to my goals in life but it’s still painful cuz he’s my dad ya know… :(

my advice would be to set boundaries and if he doesn’t respect them, do not allow him into your life. just because a person is a family member does not give them the right to abuse you. and do not overlook the fact that him putting you down and calling you mediocre is a form of emotional abuse. you did not deserve the emotional and physical abuse. you have to get to the point where you know that he is a bad father. that’s tough to say because you love him. but he is not a good father.

you should definitely make sure that you’re getting some counseling to help work through the pains of the abuse. you should also let him know that when he says those things, it hurts you, and that unless he can be supportive you cannot have hi in your life. you cannot just have positive thoughts and hope this goes away. this is a toxic situation, and you have to free yourself of it for your own mental health and well being. you want to work through these things because if you’re about to get married, you want to sort these things out. you don’t want the negativity of your father to tarnish and damage this beautiful thing going on in your life

no but like…magnus seeing alec with his eyes closed on the balcony…do you know how sad that is? because alec just wanted to feel safe, but maybe felt like too much of a bother to actually go through the front door of the apartment. alec maybe wanted to give magnus time to mourn camille, and he might have said to himself, let me just stand here, and feel safe, just being close is enough, being in a safe place is enough. but i cant imagine the relief in alecs heart when magnus does go outside, and the relief in magnus heart when alec says he doesnt care about magnus past with camille, what matters is hes okay. theyre both there for each other, and alecs hand is hurting, but maybe he will let magnus fix it now 

i started catching feelings for the girl that im currently having sex with so
its safe to say we don’t talk anymore unless of course were having sex then im watching her from the back seat put on makeup and get her shirt on right im pretty sure this isnt what my dad had in mind the year before when he made me go to college in the south shore doesnt care that i go to college its tuesday and im wasted like friday night when ill be wasted its all a cycle a vicious cycle and i im just petrified so i called the girl that im currently having sex with i said i loved her…but it was over facebook
she came over that night we started having sex and it felt fine up until she fucking left and i realized that i tell a damn good lie I’m petrified when im 30 buy a .22 waste myself in the back of her camry put it to the back of my mouth and scream out your name pull the trigger and realize that the seats arent easy to clean.

funniest thing in boruto the movie was sasuke saying that boruto looks like naruto (which is totally fine) and then naruto saying that his own son looks like sasuke. like, you know, as if sasuke were related to boruto.
“hinata? my wife? no! my son looks like sasuke :)”

thank you @xtal3ishax and @stonystonysto for encouraging me to keep going on with this dumb vocalist!au stony sketch! QwQ <3

tuna: listens to music really loudly, plays the guitar, has a collection of band shirts, skilled in terms of singing ability, baritone to tenor, never practices, fantastic stage presence, spies on stoob when he’s practicing, can read notes but doesnt care about them and usually improvises. 

stoob: likes classical music, hates loud noises, only baritone, cant remember lyrics, plays the piano, carries paperclips everywhere for his sheet music, quietly harmonizes to tuna when he’s singing, reads notes accurately and hits them perfectly, prefers not to be on stage, practices frequently, sings tuna to sleep with the sweetest voice on earth. 

im really bad at this au making thing -w- sort of new to this thing. 

“anders never cared about mages before justice he was selfish and-”

Dating Lee Seokmin Would Include-




- lots of hugs and kisses and he likes it when you take care of him

- he doesnt mind pda around the members but he will get embarrassed when they tease him

- he doesnt have a jealous bone in his body??? like how

- he likes to sing with you (even if you’re a bad singer he’ll say you have a beautiful voice)

- and if you can rap he’ll want to sing with you while you rap

- sometimes when he has a day off you’ll both put on large sweaters and cuddle on the couch and kiss and hug and just be a cute fluffy couple

- sometimes when you’re bored he’ll start telling you embarrassing stories of him and the members and you’ll laugh and he’ll feel so proud of himself even if he makes people laugh daily??? like yes date him

- when he goes on tour he gets sad since he cant see you but then he hears vernon talking to someone and he’s like omg it sounds like them and he’ll be so happy once he realises vernon was skyping you alhfksdjhflsdfhd

- sometimes when you’re both bored and he has a day off you’ll start singing seventeen songs and you’ll stop just because he starts singing and you’re just like ??? wha aNGEL

- when you’re down he’ll give you compliments and shower you in aegyo and you just die a little on the inside because ??? ?CUTE

- when he’s sad (which is rarely) you play his favourite rock bands and attempt to sing along and compliment him and show him aegyo and just love him skjfsjkfhsjkdf

- basically dating seokmin is filled with giggles, love, singing and positivity. he cares about you a lot and likes to keep you happy, vice versa. even tho its filled with inside jokes, he’s serious about the relationship and know you’ll stay together for a long time

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headcanon that bc kyoutani is always off by himself petting strays, he gets to witness everyone just fucking up and making fools of themselves. even ppl like kunimi who no one thinks can fuck up, kyoutani will accidentally see him fall over and land in a mud puddle

and usually kyoutani doesnt care much, except when oikawa fucks up, hes like ”!!! yikes!! :D :D” 
like oikawa is coming out of the convenience store and trips over a crack in the pavement and spills his bags everywhere and cries over his milkbread and in the distance kyoutani is having the Time Of His Life

Sport Anime Ultimate Ships ; Haikyuu



- Mom and Dad

- Captain and vice captain

- They handle the karasuno kids so well

- Support each other

- Ideal parents

ships that possibly threat this ship: the idea of sugawara with kageyama or daichi with terushima

who’s top: daichi,



- they are childhood friends

- their character and personality are totally oposite

- kuro’s affection and soft gentle attitude towards kenma

- how kuro treasures his setter

- how kenma acts like he doesnt care but actually lost when kuro is not around

- because kenma is cute

ship that possiby threat this ship: the idea of kuro with tsukishima

who’s top: kuro



- they are childhood friends

- they are bestfriend ever since

- their personality and character are opposite

- they depend and trust each other

- their bickering

- they are going to be fine as long as they are together

- the fics written about them in haikyuu fandom are so far the best ones

ships that possibly threat this ship: the idea of oikawa with kageyama or oikawa with ushijima

who’s top: iwaizumi



- Idiot senpai and smart kouhai

- How Akaashi makes Bokuto shines on court despite how idiot he is

- How Akaashi cares for Bokuto in his silent stoic-pretty-face kind of way

- How Bokuto so dense and idiot but totally worse when Akaashi is not around

- Akaashi is pretty

ships that possiby threat this ship: the idea of bokuto with kuro or akaashi with kuro 

who’s top: bokuto

my thought about the threatening ships:

to be quite honest… It’s possible, yes.. I can relate that and i dont hate those ships. If later on those threatening ships are even bigger than my ships, i wont even complain, why? Well, Haikyuu fandom is so far from what i have researched is the most calming one despite the fact that all the pairings here are shipable. You can ship whoever with anyone without getting hatred from other fans in this fandom and that’s what i like about it.  

Okay, but this scene absolutely just broke me. You can see how much pain Yoongi/Suga is in (especially when he just screams at the ground). It’s like he doesnt care about himself anymore, and he doesnt expect anyone else to care either. But Kookie comes in and clings onto him, even though Yoongi pushed him away he still didn’t give up. The way he hugs Yoongi, you can see how much he really does care for him. Its like it doesn’t matter how many times Suga pushes him away, and it doesn’t matter how many times he gets hurt. He just wants Yoongi to stop. 

I think Calum would be the bestest best friend a girl could have. He would be so freaking annoying sometimes with all the sass that he has but you guys would have so much fun. He might have this badboy attitude and everyone thinks that he doesnt care about any body but when he saw his best friend hurt he would panic and freak out and lose it. Calum would always be there for you, he would cheer you up whenever you’re sad, bring you food when you’re hungry and stay up late with you when you need company and when your boyfriend hurts you calum will always be up to beat the shit out of your ex.

there’s an article floating around talking about how trump’s speech and celebrations are going to be “kept short” and it’s being presented as ‘oh, he can get right to work if he only goes to 3 balls instead of 11 like obama did!’

he’s planning to take the weekend off.

the number of people attending his inauguration is far less than half that of obama’s.

his original plan was for something far flashier, something to keep the nation “glued to their tvs”- but then he couldn’t get anyone to perform.

his speech is being kept short because no one can catch you in a lie if you don’t actually answer a question. it’s harder to sound unprepared if you do the bare minimum.

obama celebrated because people wanted to celebrate with him. not for the cameras, not for the reputation, but for the people. he’s the first president of color we’ve had, it was and is worth celebrating!

trump is not. and he’s claiming that he “doesn’t need pictures from 11 separate balls” because the media will be content with 1 or 2. the media doesn’t need “drawn out, elegant speeches”, just soundbites and news clips.

but that’s the problem, that’s the difference: trump cares about the media, not the people. he wants to look good, but doesn’t seem to care about doing good.