when he comes to london

I was happy for him. As you said, [Cheryl] is one of the most beautiful women in the country. He did well, as far as I’m concerned! She’s a lovely girl, he’s a lovely guy, and now they’ve got a baby. It’s great … I have my presents [for the baby] ready, I was gonna go round and see him, I texted him last week but he was in America. And then, when I leave [London] he comes back, and I just keep missing him. But, when I’m done with my promo, [going to see Liam and the baby] be the first thing I’ll be doing.
—  Niall on Liam and his baby on The Bizarre Podcast (via thedailypayne)
stag do

this is pure fluff :’) my sweet lil bean

Word Count: 1,645

Rating: PG-13

hope you enjoy!!

It was very weird to have Joe away from you. Sure, you two were apart sometimes, usually for work, but he didn’t go on holidays very often, so going back to an empty bed at night was quite odd for you. You had to remind yourself not to go to his office and try to coax him away from his computer and into bed. He had only been gone for a few days, but the flat felt so empty without him that it felt like a lifetime. You had done your best to let him have his fun with his mates from back home; it was Ben’s stag-do and Joe rarely got to see him alone, much less all his old friends at once.

He had been really good about checking in and sending you lots of pictures, showing you that he missed you too. He even managed to sneak in a facetime call between the bars they were going to, and it warmed your heart to see him on your phone screen.

However, his little reminders didn’t keep you busy at home for long. You had spent the whole of the last few days deep cleaning the whole flat, washing all the sheets and remaking the beds, unpacking a few boxes of stuff that just needed to be put away, and even assembling a new table that arrived for the guest room just to keep yourself busy in your down time. Still, you found yourself bored without Joe beside you. So to say you were excited to have him back home was an understatement. You answered on the first ring when he called that evening.


“Ello love, we’ve just landed, I’m getting off the plane in a few minutes and then I’ll catch an uber home!” He updated you, and he sounded a bit tired, but also happy to be back on the ground.

“Okay! I can’t wait to see you!”

“Same here. Do you want me to pick up a Waga’s on my way in? I can’t be bothered to cook.”

“I can order it and then you can just come straight home,” you said a bit too quickly. You heard him chuckle into the speaker.

“Baby, it’s on the way and it’ll take five minutes. I’ll call it ahead so that it’s quick and then I’ll be home as soon as I can.” You could hear the smile in his voice, and it made you blush. You always got overexcited to see him, and he thought it was the cutest things. You were still shy about it, because a few of your exes had found it annoying.

“No, you don’t have to call ahead, don’t rush. Sorry to be pushy, I just miss you,” you mumbled.

“Hey, none of that, nothing to apologize for. I like pushy, and I miss you too. Were about to get off the plane, so I gotta go. I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

“Love you too. Hurry!”

And with that he hung up, and you began to wait again.

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Personally, I find it hard to believe that Yoko was brainwashing John like a lot of people say. John had a very strong personality, he was a rebel his entire life and I strongly believe that everything John did was because he wanted to do it, not because he was forced or manipulated. I think even allowing Yoko to like take over and do his job in the Beatles was entirely his decision. Maybe because he really wanted to piss Paul off.

John had a strong personality?!??? really??? he was the most insecure man in the world, he literally became the personality he lived with. He pretended to be a rebel but he was scared of everything. He had the most horrible and cruel childhood ever and his pain turned into rage that became his cope mechanism. He never grew up, at 40 he was still the scared child who needed an answer for his mother’s loss. The rebellion was a mask he wore on plane air cause he was too scared to let himself be who he really was. Behind the cold, rebel, tough mask there was a desperate man who needed to be loved. Yoko was the strong one, she turned his life around, taking advantage of his fame to achieve her personal success, all the ‘war is over’ ‘hair peace’ ‘bed peace’, that’s not John, that’s Yoko, using John to reinforce the idea of John&Yoko team, to delete as soon as possible the image of John Lennon the Beatles guy, the man who wrote songs with Paul McCartney. If John was strong enough as you say, he would have come back to London in 1975, when he left Yoko, when he said he wanted to leave her and come back to Paul, but he didn’t, cause Yoko didn’t let him. If he was strong enough, he would have let himself see his son Julian, but he didn’t, cause Yoko didn’t let him, he would have called Paul, met him, but he couldn’t. And you know why? Yes, cause she never let him. Now come back and tell me how strong he was cause he wore leather jacket and used to sing rock’n’roll. 

Nightcap II - Tommy Shelby

Nightcap pt. 1 | pt. 2 - Tommy Shelby 

London was just what you expected it to be. Overwhelming and large. You’d sat through three meetings with Tommy and you were exhausted. Tommy was slow to speak but it seemed like no one else he did business with believed in talking slow. They all liked to talk at once and you were left with a page of jumbled shorthand that you had to decipher later. Which was what you were doing right now. Sitting alone in your room transcribing notes for Tommy to read later. You had organized the transcripts by conversation, trying to piece together the afternoon from scraps of shorthand.  

Tommy had invited you out to a club in London, suggesting that you might like some time to relax. You declined, wanting to get these papers done and not wanting to spend anymore time around Tommy. You had been anxious since you’d left Small Heath and it was only the first night in London. You were working on a third cup of tea when there was a knock on the door.  

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Realize -- Chapter Twenty-Nine “The End”

Tom HiddlestonxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain…Well, Kids, this is it, we’ve come to the end of our tale. Thank you all for reading and giving me such great feedback. I love you all… And Now… Chapter Twenty-Nine.


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Only a Moment Away [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Sequel to Gate 24B. Lin and reader go on their first date in London.

Word Count: 1,560

Warnings: a little cursing, allusion to smut but sadly no smut on this blog yet folks.

A/N: THIS WAS QUITE A RIDE. I am so happy about how this turned out, for real. I was going to take things further on the end but I’m just not ready to write /that/ yet. Still, I hope y’all like it <3 PS: MAJOR shoutout to mah girl @ourforgottenboleros for the title idea and for proofreading this mess haha

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Business meeting, hotel, getting dressed, Lin.

That was everything you had planned for your second day in London: after leaving the airport on the day before, took you a really long nap and a few e-mails to adjust yourself as much as possible to the timezone and pull yourself together to work the next day, but Lin was the only thing on your mind.

He texted you minutes after leaving you on a cab to your hotel, discussing dinner plans and places to visit since he was a ‘newbie’ when it comes to London. You, however, had been there many times because of work, making you an expert when it came to restaurants and locations.

Of course, this time your knowledge on the best places to try the British cuisine wouldn’t be used to convince a business partner or seal a deal.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Which is your favorite part in The angry tide betwen Ross and Demelza?

Ohhh, there are far too many favourite parts. Far, far too many.

Their first conversation when he comes back from London, for example (pages 35-40 in the kindle edition).

And this exchange, after she breaks the news that Pascoe’s bank has failed and all she did to try to help:

She said: ‘Did I do right or wrong, Ross? I have to know. I had to – to make the choice.’

As he passed her he put his hand briefly on her shoulder. ‘You’re worth all Westminster,’ he said.

And their conversation on the first morning after she arrives in London with him (pages 380-382 in the kindle edition).

And their conversation about the style (Regency style) of her new dress (pages 386-387).

And this, near the end of the book when they’re reunited after she left him in London:

‘Demelza … I have brought you a small present.’
’Oh? Where? Where is it?’
‘I’ll give it to you tomorrow – or whenever the wedding is.’
’Why do I have to wait?’
‘I had intended it for Christmas. And then I had intended it for tonight. But then I remembered other times I had given you presents, and it seemed to me that this was too easy a way of buying myself back into your favour …’
‘Do you think you need to?’
‘Well … what was done in London was not well done.’
She said: ‘Is it then perhaps your own favour that you should first seek?’
‘Maybe. Maybe it’s the same thing. But in either case it is too easy a way of setting things to rights. A present, a little money spent, and all is forgiven and forgotten. It won’t do.’

(and all the conversation that follows, too, as they try to understand each other anew)

And their final conversation, in pages 608-611. Oh, that final conversation breaks my heart and makes me weepy and makes me want to hug them both.

But………basically everything. There are a few bits I wouldn’t call ‘favourite’, I suppose, but….yeah. The above is a good representative of all my favourite parts between them :D

mollyhooperish  asked:

what about headcanons for sherlolly as grandparents

  1. When they were parents, Molly was usually the one who enforced rules while Sherlock was more the “if they have a good reason for it, I’m more inclined to let them break rules” parent. As grandparents, both of them would let their grandchildren get away with almost anything…and probably help cover it up (so long as it wasn’t too illegal)
  2. Sherlock still runs his science experiments, but these days they aren’t so much for proving who murdered the victim but meant more to amaze his grandkids with the very cool things that science can do. Even the grandkids that pretend not to like the “boring science stuff” do like it when he makes stinkbombs. Their parents and their grandmum, not so much,
  3. No one makes baked goodies like Grandmum Molly. No one. Not Mum, not the other grandparents, no one. Hers are the best, and it’s the one thing everyone in the family agrees with Granduncle Mycroft on. Sometimes Mycroft even lets them have some when he comes around (the grandkids can never figure out how he knows when their grandmum is baking…their parents know but they won’t spill, but he comes all the way from London when she bakes for the family just to eat stuff and NOT SHARE).
  4. Sherlock makes sure all the grandkids leave with packets of sees meant to attract bees for the gardens they have. They all know how important bees are for the ecosystem and they tell everyone, and they all know how to behave around bees. The older ones sometimes help him around the hives if they want to, and usually sometimes there’s a jar or two of honey in it for them, and maybe some honeycomb if they’re lucky.
  5. Every year there is a big dinner with Granddad Watson and his family, and Rosie brings her kids and her stepsiblings come too with their kids, and they all spend the day as one big family, and there’s always a quiet moment when Granddad and Grandmum and Grandad Watson just look at the brood and just look up and say something about Mary, and then they all go look for Rosie and give her a big hug and everyone cries and the littlest ones don’t understand but their mums and dads get a little sad too. But usually after that they go set off fireworks Granda has made and everything is okay again. It’s the same day every year, and eventually they find out it’s the day Rosie’s mum died, and they’re celebrating her life and how she meant a lot to the three of them.

send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it

maddieautobot273  asked:

May I please request some lovely fluffy headcannons of Blackwatch McCree and his s/o after he returns from London after defeating Null Sector? (I recently got his new skin in the event and now I love Jesse even more! x3)

Bless your soul for asking this my dear friend cause I am head over heels in love with mcCree’s Blackwatch skin!! <3 I am so sad cause all the skins I got are for Reinhardt, both of Torb’s, and Orisa’s…like wth Blizz

Ask box: Closed!

  • When McCree comes back from the mission in London he came back with only a few bruises and injuries but nevertheless, his S/O rushes to him to give him the biggest hug and is mumble over and over how happy they are to see him in one piece.
  • “You missed me that much honey?” He grins at them and ruffles their hair in an affectionate manner. 
  • S/O insists that McCree goes to the infirmary but he picks them up bridal style and goes to his quarters to clean up and watch a movie together. Those are his favourite moments
  • Loves to admire his S/O’s beauty when they are not looking. He kinda looks like a creep with that big goofy smile of his but damn ain’t this boy so deep in love with them he can’t help it.
  • Constantly holds their hand reassuringly and kisses the top of the hand while murmuring how much he loves them.
  • Always begs to have a nap with them cuddle in his arms after a tough mission. makes him feel safe and alive.

~Mod Rose

baby we could be enough by loudippedincaramel

Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Explicit

“Sorry. About the whole,” the man waves his hands at the door, probably trying to convey ‘trying to break into your house.’

“Trying to break into my house?” Louis arches an eyebrow at how the man goes red, scuffing one of his boots against the other. Louis is helpful what can he say?

Or: When Louis comes back to London after not having been for five years, a beautiful stranger tries to break into his house. Louis gets to know the beautiful stranger only to find out something rather surprising. Lots of fluff and smut and general happiness ensue during Louis’ stay in London.

Complete, 26,078 words

a huge thanks to @louiswantstomarryharry for the edit up top!

mynerdrage  asked:

Not profound headcanon, sorry xD I always liked the idea that Danny and Jackson were a thing before he became a thing with Lydia. Or they had a casual thing going on at some point. Like hey were two best buds who experimented a little bit (people will do it with Sciles so imma do it with them, fight me) and like when Jackson is a wolf or becomes the Kanima, Danny tells him about his own supernatural otherness and that makes them closer. Wow these aren't actually related

But they could absolutely be related! 

What about when Jackson comes back from London at some point, and he’s missed his best friend, and he wants things to go back to the easy, uncomplicated way things were, except Danny isn’t having that. 

“It’s because I killed people, isn’t it?” Jackson asks, because everything comes down to that, doesn’t it? Including they way he still has nightmares. 

“No,” Danny says. “This has nothing to do with that, but if there’s something I thought you would have learned it’s that you’re allowed to forgive yourself.  We’re not sixteen anymore. I’m not going to be the guy you call up when you want to drink beer and exchange hand jobs. When you’re done trying to prove to yourself that you’re perfect–that you’re smart, good looking, the captain of the team straight–and there’s nothing wrong with that, then we can talk.” 

It takes a while for Jackson to work up the courage to take that next step, but, once he does, he never looks back.


And let me tell you, child, that only fools wait when their enemies are coming, to see if they may prove to be friends. We will be as safe as I can make us. In sanctuary. And we will take your brother Prince Richard and keep him safe too. And when the lord protector comes to London with his private army, he can persuade me that it is safe to come out.

gif request meme // bethwoodvilles asked: the white queen + favorite character

Famous Last Words

Summary: In a world where the last words your soulmate will say to you are written on your wrist, fearful and introverted Phil works in a bookstore. His greatest fear? The words counting down the seconds until he meet his soulmate, someone called ‘Dan.’ But it isn’t until he befriends a university student that he nicknames ‘Bear’ that Phil realizes that surviving through fear isn’t the same as living. 

A/N: This was a disaster to upload. I think Tumblr has a vendetta against my laptop or something…Happy Easter if you celebrate it, if not happy Sunday!

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Chapter Four     

     Like most people, Phil had a bucket list. He supposed that list might not be the correct term, but he had an idea of various things he’d like to accomplish before he died. As the vast majority of them involved actually going out and meeting people he doubted that he would be able to cross even one of the items off of the list by the time he died.

      One thing that he thought he could maybe do was number five: attend a Muse concert. He figured a concert was a little different as the focus was on the music, not making small talk. When he had seen the advertisements that Muse was coming to London, his mind had immediately jumped to Bear as the person he wanted to go with him.

      While he could’ve easily left the ticket in the next book Bear bought, it felt a little more personal to ask in person. There was also the more selfish reason of wanting to see Bear’s reaction once he found out.

      There were few things Phil found as rewarding as making Bear smile.

      The exact reasons for his fascination with the university student remained as unknown to him now as they had been from the start. It was more that out of all of the traits that were molded and shaped to form Bear it was hard to pinpoint an exact feature.

      One thing he could say for sure about it, though, was that it was terrifying. He had never thought it would be possible to forget the words and what they meant, but when he was around Bear it was easy to forget. A nickname couldn’t last forever.

      Phil had spent the last couple of days thinking in circles of the millions of ways he could announce it. He never had come to a decision which was how he found himself clearing his throat self-consciously as Bear stood in front of him, wondering how some people managed to come up with these kinds of things so easily and wishing he was one of them.

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Can you do a fluffy Mark scenario please? Where you're from England and you two meet in Korea but then you had to go back to England xoxo

It’s like y'all want me to die from stupid happiness with all these Mark fluffs. Hope you enjoy this :)

It was a breezy day in Seoul, South Korea, your boss had invited you on a business trip to see if you are able to handle international affairs for your company. If you are able to handle it, maybe you’ll get the promotion you’ve been working so hard for. It was your last day in this wonderful city before you had to head back home to England. Even though you were only gone for a week, you missed your family and desperately wanted to go home so you can tell your mom everything that has happened to you. Morning was coming to an end but the smell of coffee was increasing as you walk toward a tiny cafe near the art museum you wanted to go to before you left that night.

You ordered your coffee to go, and once you touch the cup the warmth that was radiating from it sent a shiver up and down your spin. You turned around only to bump into someone on accident. Though the coffee fell from your hand, luckily it didn’t fall onto you or the person you bumped into. 

“I’m really sorry for that, I didn’t mean to bump into you.” You looked up to see who you bumped into. It was a guy fairly young, rather attractive but you can tell he was trying so hard not to be awkward about it.

“No it was my fault don’t worry about it. I shouldn’t have been standing so close behind you. Let me get another one.” He flashed a smile to you

“You don’t have to do that.” You were insisting at this point because all eyes were on the two of you and it made you feel rather uncomfortable.

“The quicker you say yes, the quicker the staring will stop.”

He managed to make you laughing causing you to feel comfortable. He ordered your coffee but before he handed it to you he asked “I don’t buy things for strangers, so right now is a perfect time to tell me your name only if you want the coffee.” 

“My name is y/n but before I accept the coffee you bought for me, I have to know your name. I don’t accept anything from strangers.” You raised your eyebrows and gave him a smirk. 

“My name’s Mark.”

“Well Mark thank you for the coffee.” You grabbed your coffee out of his hand and you can still feel the warmth through the cup. As the two of you were walking out you turned to him and said “Well I hope you have a nice day Mark.” You started to make way towards the museum, the sound of rushed footsteps coming up behind you. You slightly turn your head to see Mark next to you.

“I don’t want to be a bother but do you mind if I join you today?” He seemed rather interested to get to know you but you never know.

“I don’t mind but if you’re going to come to the art museum with me you better give your input on some of the artwork.”


You entered the museum and went to go pay for your tickets. Mark and you were rather arguing on who would pay for the tickets but after several minutes of arguing you each paid for your own. You spent a nearly 3 hours at the museum but being with Mark it didn’t feel as long. You each shared your ideas on what the artist was trying to convey in each of their artwork. Soon it came to the point where there was no more artwork to discuss.

It was still rather breezy but the sun radiating onto your face kept you warm. “Well Mark since you bought my coffee and spent three hours with me in a museum, is it okay if I invite you to grab some lunch somewhere close by? My turn to pay” He nodded his head yes.

The two of you spent another 2 hours just getting to know each other. You of course not knowing he was apart of a pop group asked him what it was like, leaving home to live in a different country, what it was like to be in the public eye, stuff in that nature. He answered your questions and showed you videos of the other band members and told you who was who. Then it was his turn to ask an infinite amount of questions about you. He of course wanted to know what your home was like, living on the outskirts of London seemed pretty interesting on its own. After many stories, laughs, and multiple explanations on how you just don’t randomly bump into the Queen of England on the street you realized the time, and needed to go.

“Leaving so soon? Was I boring you?” He seemed to question why you needed to leave so soon 

“No it’s not that I had a wonderful time Mark, but I have to start heading out to the hotel I’m staying at, I promised my boss we would meet at the airport at 6 since our flight leaves near 8 tonight but I need to finish packing my bags.” The both of you got up from the table you were eating at to leave the restaurant. You flagged a taxi down you realized soon you’ll have to say goodbye to Mark.

“Oh.. You’re leaving tonight?” The tone in his voice seemed disconcerted, he was having a great time and didn’t want the time you had together to end.

“Yeah today was my last day and I wanted to come to the museum. You know kill some time before I have to be stuck on a plane with my boss on the way home.” You smiled at him, never have you ever smiled so much to a person but with Mark you never wanted to stop smiling.

“That’s understandable, but if you get that promotion would you be coming back here more often?”

“Maybe who knows, but mainly if I ever do get it.. Look I really need to go and I really did have a great time Mark, so here’s my business card. My personal number and my email is there you know if you want to keep in contact.” As you handed him the card your fingers touched his. The touch gave you a warmth that sent a shiver up and down your spin.

“I’ll definitely keep in contact with you.” 

“Whenever your in London, Mark feel free to contact me. I’ll show you around town.” After you gave him a hug goodbye you slide into the taxi, where Mark closed the door.

“See you again next week.” He said before he waved goodbye. You shook your head and smiled at yourself clearly not knowing what he meant like that but when next week come around, there he was outside your new office in London, with a bouquet of roses waiting to congratulate you on your new promotion.

Unforgettable || Ianna

The pair had spent the days strolling down the vibrant streets of Barcelona, stopping off for lunch in the Gothic Quarter and admiring the architecture of Barcelona Cathedral as they soaked up the suns beaming rays and enjoyed their alone time. It had been a struggle as of late to get any time to themselves- Ian’s daughter often being the centre of all of his attention, especially with her having been so dramatically ill. He was glad when his mom agreed to come to London to watch Mia, giving the couple a week away together before Ian jetted out to LA to sign a contract for a new project. They enjoyed tapas before Ian suggested that they go to the Sagrada Familia for the afternoon to marvel at the amazing building and its history – still being in the process of being built. As they waited in the queue hand-in-hand to get into the cathedral, Ian smiled, looking his girlfriend up and down. “How did I get so lucky?” He queried rhetorically, looking at the huge structure that loomed almost threateningly overhead. It was breath-taking and caused him to pause for a moment of reflection at just how far they had come. He was blessed that Jenna had so openly accepted Mia as her own and that she had so much patience with the pair. Chewing his lip as they got past security, he shook his head. “Have you ever seen anything so amazing?” He asked, pulling out his camera and snapping a few pictures of the building and Jenna. Tapping a friendly looking tour guide, he asked – in broken Spanish – if she would take a few picture of the couple together. Handing her the camera, Ian wrapped his arm around Jenna’s waist, smiling as they had pictures taken. As the tour guide took pictures of them, Ian got down on one knee. Taking Jenna’s hand and offering her a reassuring wink, Ian opened his mouth to speak. Was he really doing this again? “Jenna..”

John and Sherlock: loneliness vs caring environment

The show introduced us with two characters, John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, who both seem to have difficulties making friends. When they find each other, they “click” and save each other’s heart, becoming the most important person in the other’s life.

But there is a huge difference beween Sherlock’s loneliness and John’s.

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