when he calls you babe

Boyfriend Vernon

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  • “kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege”
  • intense teasing that would go both ways
  • rap battles ft. judge seungkwan
  • who always declared u the winner, just to annoy hansol
  • vernon switching to english to sweet talk you if the boys are around
  • “eww, hansol, that’s gross”
  • “oh, joshua, didn’t realize you were here. sorry, dude”
  • sharing beanies/jackets/hoodies
  • all of which smell like him
  • he tries to be artsy & send you pics of the places he’s touring or doing a fan sign at
  • but it’s usually photobombed by the guys
  • so you ring him like “why did you send me a blurry photo of minghao flexing next to a tree?”
  • “it’s called art, babe, look it up”
  • he calls you “babe”
  • and melts when you call him “babe” back
  • he’s too shy to do skinship around the boys so only when you’re in private, in his bedroom, will he brave a quick peck to your lips
  • only to hear seungkwan over dramatically make puke noises by the door
  • and see jun wink obnoxiously behind him
  • jeonghan makes you both keep the door open when u visit & go to his bedroom
  • “for safety reasons” he says
  • whenever you’re in his room tho it’s 99% of the time just for video game sessions
  • that end in one of you being bitter & giving the other silent treatment
  • sending each other memes
  • texting at 2 am became you’re still up, binge watching some show, & he’s just getting back to the dorm after practice;
  • “hey, wanna get ice cream?”
  • “sure?”
  • so in sweats & bare faced, the both of you wander around looking for 24 hour shops. you buy the worst kind of food, which is mainly just junk. but you force him to get something substantial too since he’s been dancing for hours. so he picks up a soggy sandwhich, & if you’re happy w that, he also gets ice cream, crisps & fizzy drinks
  • the healthiest of diets
  • being that couple that show up to christmas parties in matching shitty sweaters & santa hats
  • for ironic purposes, of course
  • not just bc you both feel festive as hell in that outfit
  • getting into group photos & refusing to smile
  • papa coups hates this very much :)
  • “why can’t you both just smile? why do you have to ruin every family photo ever?”
  • doing the “hotline bling” dance whenever you’re in the club, & the song is not even playing. you both wait for something like “anaconda” to come on then hotline bling dance in the middle of the dance floor
  • he’s picked up alcohol occasionally & you both hide out in his room, feeling bad ass & getitng more drunk off of each other than the can you’re sharing
  • better hope the others don’t find out though
  • you gonna be in big trouble if they do
  • makeout sessions that are mostly you two giggling or bumping noses
  • tumblr deep conversations while cuddling at 3 am;
  • “do you think the ugly duckling still felt ugly, even when he became a beautiful swan?”
  • “go to sleep, hansol, it’s too early for this shit”
  • he’s young & spent his youth as a trainee, so I don’t think that the relationship would be all that mature or experienced. it’s your typical puppy love. with awkward moments and shy kisses and the occasional petty fight. but it’s wonderful. for all his dumb moments, vernon cares so much for you & works very hard to show that, in his own, awkward way

“Babe.” He whispers in your ear. You smile at the sound of that. He knew you loved it when he called you babe or baby. You sighed and answered.

“Yeah.” You were both cuddled up on his couch laying down. Your back to him with his arms wrapped around your waist. It’s been a long day and you guys finally get to relax.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” He says. You laugh and turn around to face him. He opens his eyes and smiles at you.

“It’s your turn to decide. I chose last week.” You say running your hand through his hair. He closes his eyes.

You stop and place your hand on his cheek and rub your thumb across it. He takes your hand and puts it back on his hair. He loved it when you ran your fingers through it. You continue running your hands through his soft hair.

“Um.” He says closing his eyes and moving closer to you. “How about we wake up early go to the beach and watch the sunrise?” You smile up at him.

“That’s a perfect idea. But you’re such a sleepy head.” You say laughing. He pokes your stomach.

“I would wake up if you wanted me to.”

“How about that one time…” He looks up at you and cuts you off.

“Fine that was one time. But I promise I’ll wake up tomorrow to see the sunrise with you.”

“Ok we’ll see tomorrow.” He moves closer so his head is on your chest. He hugs your waist pulling you closer to him. You continued running your hands through his hair.

“I’ll even wake up earlier to make us breakfast to eat on the beach. And go out to your favorite cafe and get you your favorite coffee. Do you think they open that early?” You start laughing.

“You are not a morning person at all. So I guess we’ll see.” He looks up at you and pouts.

“So you don’t believe me? Babe?” You roll your eyes at him.

“Stop using babe to win.” He laughs and kiss you on the cheek.

“So I win?” He smirks at you. You look away and laugh.

Dating Bobby would be like

This post is not directed at any gender its for everyone so it has multiple options please enjoy~ <3
(this post is for boys, girls and nonbinary cause this account welcomes everyone from lgbtq+)

Him confessing to you:

“Ah Y/n I have to tell you i like you”

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Your guys first date would look like:

Cuddling would look like:

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holding hands:

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His face when you’re talking about your passions:

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When he catches you staring at him:

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when you catch him staring at you:

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The Nicknames he calls you:

Jagiya, Babe/baby

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Arguments would be like:

Rare, barely even happens

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How big would the arguments get:

since they wouldn’t happen much it would probably be big

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How he would apologize:

he would apologize by trying to talk to you face to face and work things out with words

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How often would he message/call on tour:

not very often but he would try his best to stay in contact with you and make time with you

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How would he propose:

he would be smiley and very surprised when you say yes 

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These are which ever you prefer or if you wanna go based on your gender but you dont have to! ;)



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How would the wedding look:

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badboy!seungcheol x 297 words x prompt-based
“babe, can yo–”
don’t call me babe.” ☀︎

one of the things you hated most during your morning class on wednesdays would be the fact that none other than choi seungcheol a.k.a the devil himself who introduced himself with fourteen letters was your partner. now, it’s not to say you didn’t like the subject, or was he a bad person but… there was just something about him you can’t seem to wrap your head around.

no matter how hard you tried or stared, it doesn’t work. and it’s not about to when he’s always - “babe, can yo-”your hand acts faster than your mouth, almost immediately pushing his hand away (possibly shoving his books along with it, natural reflexes) and the words, ooh, the words seethe past your teeth in a voice that oddly satisfies him with a sly smirk when you - “don’t call me babe,”

he chuckles, gently patting your hand and you’re not sure if he’s doing it to calm you down or piss you off even more, “then what would you prefer, hm? sunshine? love? gorgeous?”

“choi, i would beat your ass-”

“seungcheol and y/n, i didn’t pair you two as partners so you’d talk your heads off during my class. why don’t the both of you help me collect everyone’s assignments at the end of my session? that sounds about fair to me,” he taps on the whiteboard, once, “now pay attention,”

with a sigh, you keep your hands to yourself (so does he) as you gaze back down to your book. it’s soft, but seungcheol catches the soft fuck you let out under your breath and he should’ve saw what’s about to come when he said: “i could call you that too if you wanted,”

seungcheol fell over his chair and you took no responsibility for it.

Imagine: kai flirts.. with who?

Kai feeling playful…

You and kai been somewhat friends for a while you noticed he hung around bonnie and so you made jokes with him a lot, and since you are somewhat a tom boy; you aren’t afraid to say sexual things.

“so like you and bonnie huh?” you raised your brow at him nudging him slightly. he smirked ever so slightly and looked at you in the corner of his eyes.

“what makes you think that, babe?” he asked, sipping his soda.

you were caught off guard when he called you babe, anyone that called you babe got you worked up and that was a fact.

“i-i don’t know you guys just are always around each other-”

“don’t worry, princess.” he smiled and winked, turning to you. “can you go and buy us some thing to drink? i drank the last of my soda and I’m quite thirsty.”

you rolled your eyes at his bossy side. “wow ok daddy.” you joked and walked towards the bar. but before you did so, you see his eyes widen but he looks down quickly, avoiding eye contact.

after you got his soda and your water you scoot right next to him in the booth.

you pass his drink over to him and you look in his eyes for a a quick moment. slightly darker than before. “kai are you-”

“oh look its the love birds.” Damon says, cutting you off with his smug face.

“Damon, what are you-”

“Damon, please we are in the middle of a date.” Kai now cutting you off. you were about to yell at both of them for cutting you off but you realize he said date, and stayed silent.  

Damon looked at you and raised his brow and back at Kai in disgust. “Y/N , really?!?” looking at kai and you again. “really? him?” Damon faked gagged and walked away over to the bar.

“if that was your way of flirting you’re horrible at it.” you point out, scratching the back of your neck. “sorry babe, but if i was flirting…” he eyed your body and winked at you. “you would know… i am sly kai after all” he grinned.

Spoiling you

Pairing: Zico x Reader.
Genre: Fluff
Requested by anonymous:  Fluffy zico taking care of you after finals
Comments: Sorry for taking so long;; hope you’ll like this short scenario!

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You were relaxing at home in your bed, distracting yourself with the tv after experiencing the most stressful weeks of school; finals. They were finally over and today was your first free day and it felt like something was missing. Your phone vibrated on your bed meaning you had a call, you checked the name on the display before answering, you smiled when you saw the caller was your boyfriend Jiho.

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i. when he pulls you into a hug do not feel special
remember that everyone has to breathe

ii. when he kisses your forehead
remember that people need target practice

iii. when he stops you in the halls
remember that you’re just friends
and that all friends talk

iv. when he tells you he loves you
remember that there are different kinds of love
you’re just a sister to him

v. when he tells you you need to talk later
remember that he is probably going to tell you about her
and that is ok

vi. when he pulls your leg onto his while eating dinner out with friends
remember he does this with a lot of people
he likes to have people be close

vii. when he winks at you don’t get butterflies in your stomach
remember that he winks at everyone
it’s just kind of his thing

viii. when he calls you babe or baby or hun or anything else
remember that he calls everyone this and it does not make you special
you are not his baby, it’s just a name

ix. when he tells you he never wants to leave you
remember that you guys are best friends
you aren’t supposed to want to leave your friends

x. when he sends you a shirtless picture
remember that you aren’t his only friend on snapchat

xi. when he tells you he loves you
remember that love doesn’t have to be romantic

xii. when he tells you you look nice in that dress
remember not to wear it the next time you see him
remember that you looked good in it before he acknowledged it

xiii. when he tells you that you should come sleep with him (not in a sexual way)
remember that he’s only 17 and no 17 year old wants to be alone

xiv. when he makes you feel like you’ve walked straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie
remember that he’s an amazing liar
you aren’t special

xv. when he grabs your waist the moment you sit next to him
remember he just likes to feel close to someone
remember he’s just being protective

xvi. when he tells you one of your features you hate is cute
remember that he stares at them and not to get insecure about that

—  “things to remember when you talk to him” // A.C.

Okay, so here’s something a little different! I’m going to give you a little background information about this one, to set the scene: Harry is working on his solo album and Y/N’s brother is some music producer. Harry stays over at their house when he works and she can’t stand him, although secretly she has the hots for him! Warning: a bit of smut and mature content. Please let me know what you think!

It was everything about him. It was the way he sat in the studio—your studio—with his feet perched on the table as he annoyingly juggled some stupid rubber balls. It was the way he’d always smirk and call you babe when you told him to stop. And then there was the fact that he just always seemed to be at your house. You’d be walking down the hall, turn the corner and rub dab smack into Harry’s broad chest.

“My bad, babe,” he’d say in a voice that had a direct effect on your hormones.

“Just watch where you’re walking,” you’d spit back. You were defensive, acting as though you wanted to be as far away from the rock star as possible. But really, you were begging for more. You could feel your nipples harden just from coming into contact with Harry’s torso. You could feel the heat rise to your cheeks when Harry would speak directly to you. And he was hot. Sexy, even. That, nobody could deny. Not even yourself. No matter how much he got under your skin.

You tried your hardest not to stare, but with the magnetic pull he had on you, it was pretty fucking hard not to. Sometimes you’d lie to yourself, pass off your stare as admiring his fashion sense, which you had to admit, was nothing short of impressive. But then, there’d be times when he’d wear nothing but black jeans and a black t-shirt and still you couldn’t tear your eyes away. Maybe those were the best. Or the worst, depending on how you looked at it. The way the soft fabric would cling to his muscles perfectly, the bulge of his biceps causing your mouth to water. You found yourself wanting to push your hands under the cotton and just go to town exploring the soft planes of his stomach. Ever since Harry had reached on his toes for a record from the top shelf, you had been obsessed with the leaves tattooed just above his boxers. You wanted to lick at every leaf, every vein until you moved your mouth further south and took a long drag of the prominent vein in his length.

He wasn’t perfect, though. No one was. He chewed his gum like a cow and even though you wanted to plunge your tongue into his wide open mouth, the sound irritated you to no end. And he was cocky. He hid it, and he hid it well. But to you it was almost too obvious in the way his side smirk made an appearance as his eyes slowly dragged up and down your body. His eyes could get you hot and bothered, and that was what you hated most about him. He knew you didn’t like him; he wasn’t an idiot, but he sure did like to have fun with that cold hard fact.

“Come on, Y/N, why do I have to go with you? You know I hate things like this!” your brother whined, pressing his beer to his lips and taking a long swig.

You rolled your eyes as your fists clenched to the sides. A low chuckle escaped Harry’s lips. You gave him the dirtiest glare you could possible muster, considering that you were well aware of the way his eyes were taking in your body in the tight black dress.

“Steven, you promised!” you said in a venomous tone.

“Easy tiger,” Harry purred. You could feel the heat gush to your core at the sound of his voice.

“Shut up,” you said, turning away from him.

“Y/N, seriously, I love you sis, but somehow the Stanford reunion for your class doesn’t sound like a place I’d want to be on a Saturday night,” your brother continued.

You mashed your lips together and nodded your head. Really, you understood. You didn’t feel much like going either, not with your history there. But maybe that was also why you were so adamant about going.

“I can come with you,” Harry offered, playing with the rings on his fingers. Those rings. The ones you knew would leave a mark if his hand ever came into contact with your ass. You shivered.

“Yeah, right,” you scoffed, rolling your eyes. Secretly you were growing giddy at the idea of going with Harry to the event.

“I mean it, Y/N. If you need a date, I can come with you.” He was leaning against the couch, his legs spread wide open in the way girls aren’t supposed to sit.

“Are you sure, Harry? After all, it is a university. Not exactly a place you’d be used to.” That was a little low, even for you. Harry continued to stare at you steadily but his lips pursed into a small frown.

“Aww, come on Y/N. Let Harry take you. But, it wouldn’t be a date,” your brother warned, polishing off his beer. You noticed that Harry wasn’t drinking, a bottle of water sat on the coaster instead of alcohol.

“Don’t worry about that, your sister’s not really my type,” Harry said quietly. You inhaled a small breath. The words stung more than you’d ever care to admit.

“We should…we should get going now,” you said softly. For once your words weren’t tainted with malice.

Harry held the door open for you as you stepped into the ballroom. You muttered a quiet thank you, the butterflies all but took over your body.

“So, Stanford, impressive,” Harry said politely as you walked further into the crowd. He was silent the entire car ride. Your earlier comments had left you both feeling ashamed and awkward.

You nodded, your head bowed to the ground. It would have been even more impressive if you had actually finished your degree.

As each familiar face came into your sight, you regretted your decision to attend more and more. Every face, male and female, gave you a disgusted look that made you want to bury your face in Harry’s chest and cry until the horrible memories went away. Harry’s face was full of concern, his eyebrows were knitted together as he studied you.

“I’ll get us some drinks,” he announced quietly. You nodded.

You were standing awkwardly, fingers around a lock of hair when you heard them. You recognized their faces instantly, although you wished you didn’t.

“Man, some people just have no shame. What the hell is Y/N doing here? I didn’t realize dropouts were invited,” Nick said, fully aware you were listening.

“Eh, not surprised she showed up. The entire class has already seen her tits. Easiest lay in my four years,” Josh said, stuffing an olive into his mouth.

Hot tears pricked your eyes. You were a fool for ever wanting to show your face around these people. You turned sharply and collided with the heady scent and solidness of Harry’s chest. His hands immediately went to the tops of your arms, rubbing soothingly. You looked into his eyes and saw a threatening glare of fury. He heard.

“Harry…” you began.

“Shh baby, it’s okay, I got this.” He walked purposefully towards the two trust fund brats.

“You know, you two fucking wankers are sure ones to talk. Don’t act like you’re some high and mighty shit, when I know full well that you guys jerk off in the shower with her in your mind.”

The room was an eerie silence and once again all eyes were on you. Tears falling from your eyes, you weaved out of the crowd into the lobby. You heard Harry call after you.

“Y/N, I said wait,” Harry said, slightly annoyed. When he saw the never ending flow of tears on your cheeks, he softened immediately. “Oh fuck. I should go back in there and punch them, yeah?”

“No, no you shouldn’t,” you said. “Let’s just go, please.”

Jaw clenched, Harry nodded.

You were in your room, changing into your pajamas and wanting nothing more than to forget about the night. You wiped at the slightly damp skin of your cheeks, humiliated that you had basically cried the entire ride home. Harry’s hand soothingly ran up and down your thigh as his eyes darted from the road to your face. You went to close your window when you saw him.

Harry was swimming laps in the pool. His hair was thrown into a bun and his skin was a mix of flesh and black ink. You sighed, feeling both drawn and apologetic towards the man. You owed him a thank you. And an apology. You changed into your black two piece, grabbed a towel and threw out your pride.

“Mind if I join you?” you asked Harry, whose back was facing the opposite way.

He jumped slightly, and turned to face you. The water was up to his shoulders. He swam so that he was standing in the shallow end with you. His pecs glistened with the remains of the water.

“This is your house, Y/N, you don’t have to ask.” His accent sent shivers down your spine.

“I know,” you swallowed. “But you’re our guest, and I haven’t exactly been treating you properly.”

The corner of Harry’s lips turned into a small smile. “It’s okay, Y/N.”

“No, it’s not!” you interrupted. “I’ve been a real bitch.”

Harry’s face fell. “Don’t call yourself that. You’re not that bad, Y/N. You’re not bad at all.”

You swallowed, eyes fluttering closed as Harry glided his thumb across the top of your cheekbone.

“I’m sorry. For tonight,” you sputtered.

Harry tensed but his finger continued to lovingly caress you. “Don’t. Don’t apologize for that. None of it was your fault.”

“I know but…”

“No buts.”

You opened your mouth to speak but you gave up. You wanted to tell Harry that those guys, those guys that slept with you and lied to you only to leave you, were the reason why you thought so poorly of him. But maybe he was different. No, you knew he was different.

“Why’re you looking at me like that?” He whispered. Your eyes were locked on his.

You looked past Harry. “When you said I wasn’t your type, did you mean it?”

A look of pain flashed across Harry’s face. “No, baby, you’re exactly my type.”

His lips crashed against yours and his large hands pulled your wet body into his. Your lips were a mess of biting, sucking, teasing and licking, each taste leaving you hungry for more. Harry pushed your body against the side of the pool. Your back arched against the concrete.

Harry’s hand hovered near the top of your bikini bottom. You nodded, giving him permission. His hand slipped inside, rubbing delicate circles and sending the sensitive bud into euphoria. Your legs pushed towards him, practically shoving his hand inside your body. One finger pumped slowly in and out. You grabbed onto his broad shoulders, fingernails leaving a mark.

“Perfect, baby. You feel amazing around me. I’m going to try two, then my cock. If you want,” he added. You nodded greedily, never having wanted a man so much.

His second finger had stretched you some but you were still so tight when Harry entered you completely. You could feel his thick shaft in your stomach. Never had you felt so complete.

“Do you like it like this? Nice and slow?” Harry said in your ear. “I can tell you do. It feels like fucking heaven being inside you, Y/N.” You moaned, only furthering Harry’s healthy ego.

“I’m so close, baby. But I’m not wearing a condom, so we’re going to have to wait for another time, I promise.” He licked the outer shell of your ear.

You reached your climax together, passion mixing with the chlorine in the water. You wrapped your arms around Harry’s neck, inhaling his scent. You felt safe and satisfied and content. There was just something about him. Maybe it was everything about him.

Business (M - Yoongi)

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Word Count: 1760 words

You were lying down on the sofa, lazily watching TV. Your husband still wasn’t home, working at a large law firm. He usually had a lot of meetings, some of which are surprise meeting that left you without a husband until 12am.

You sighed in relief when you heard your door open and he immediately called you.

“Babe?!” He walked in, his suit still looking fresh as if he just put it on. You loved that suit, he’s pretty damn sexy in business attire.

“Yes, Yoongi?”

“You made it.” You stare at him in disbelief, he couldn’t be serious.


“Are you trying to make me deaf? I said you got the job, Y/N.” You sat up, letting him sit next to you.

“Oh my freaking God.”

“You start on Friday, I can’t wait. But let’s set some ground rules.” You almost groan, sometimes he was more like your parents than your husband.

“Yoongi, I’m not a defiant teenager, I’m grown.”

“But that doesn’t change the fact that the guys at my-I mean our-company aren’t thirsty douchebags. Don’t dare try to trust one, no matter how nice he may seem.”

“Yoongi, you sound absolute crazy. Like one of those crazy men that you see when you’re hiking and tries to tell you that there’s some crazy murderer.”

“Well in horror movies, who’s usually right in the end?”

“Yoongi, most of the time it’s either the crazy man who kills them or everyone dies.”

“You don’t watch enough horror movies, then.”

“I think I’ve watched one too many.” You were definitely scared of horror movies, being the easily frightened type and you thought Yoongi loved that about you.

He loved to scare you, that is. You weren’t sure whether he scares you so you could cling onto his body or he enjoyed your scared reaction to his little scared that he sets up.

Either way, you wanted them to end but you knew that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

“The fact of the matter is, you’re my wife and I’m willing to kick any guy’s ass for trying to flirt with you.”

“They’re not going to flirt with me, Yoongi.”

“They’ll think your ring is just an accessory. Guys think with their lower head, not the one up here.”

“And what makes you so different?”

“I’m a genius, babe. I think with both, speaking of which. My lower head had some thoughts, care to hear them?”

“Of course.” He leaned in to kiss you, his tongue licking your lips before exploring your mouth. He was on top of you easily, taking his usual dominant position.

It wasn’t long before you were bouncing on him, screaming his name so long you were sure the neighbours on your street knew his name. He only encouraged you to be louder, thrusting his hips into yours and you press your hand against his chest.

Climaxing came soon after, resulting in you cuddling up to Yoongi. He kissed your head, mumbling about how much he loved you before drifting asleep.

“Wake. Up.”

“5 more minutes.”

“That’s what you said 10 minutes ago.”

“I promise.”

“Babe, it’s your first day and we’re going to be late. Get your cute ass up.”

“Yah! Did you just spank me?”

“You didn’t mind when I did it last night.”


“Come on.” You got up, feeling extremely lazy while doing simple tasks and Yoongi watched in annoyance. He rushed you to the car after eating and you were also annoyed.

“Hey, Princess. Pick up the pace, will ya?”

“You’re so insensitive.”

“I should have left you, then. You wouldn’t want to be with someone so insensitive, right?”

“Were you always this much of a dick or did I not notice?”

“Wow, haven’t heard that one in a long time. So glad you’ve brought that back, baby. If I knew you were going to turn this bitchy, I could have spared myself the oxygen.”

“Honestly, go fuck yourself.”

“Gladly.” You arrived at the building, the tall structure covered in glass never failed to intimidate you. You felt jittery, all these sudden nerves infesting your mind.


“Is that you, Min?”

“Namjoon, of course it’s me. Who else could it be?”

“Confident as always and who’s this pretty lady?”

“None of your business, Kim.”

“Alright but we need to rush. There’s a meeting today again, Min.”

“Shit.” He looked to you, seeing you were still upset with him and shot you a sympathetic look.

“I know, okay but I’ll see you for lunch. Promise.”


“That’s my girl.” He kissed you quickly before parting ways with you, leaving you to navigate around the building. You absentmindedly walked into someone, causing them to drop all their sheets.

“Goddamn it.”


“Oh-hey, are you new around here?”

“Yeah, I just started today.” He looked kind, not giving off the douchebag vibe Yoongi wanted you to expect. Maybe you were right about him being delusional.

“No wonder you looked so lost, haha. Do you need a tour guide, I’ll lend you my services. Free of charge.”

“What’s the catch?”

“One lunch with me, unfortunately.”

“I think I could manage that.” He smiled at you cutely and you ended up smiling back.

“I’m Jimin, by the way.”


“Wow, everything about you is beautiful. Even your name.” Was he flirting with you?


“Now, let’s start this tour.” He explained where everything was, the dynamic of each section and where you were supposed to be. You were in the IT part of the building, making sure the system was up and running on every computer.

“Pretty with a smart brain. Aren’t you little miss perfect?”

“Jimin, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“I guess this concludes our tour, but now it’s onto lunch. Come on.” You followed him to the cafeteria, your eyes wandering to the seemingly endless food choices.

You settled for chicken parmesan, not letting your indecisiveness get the better of you. You two went up to the rooftop, eating happily. His thighs brushed against yours but you thought it was unconsciously, just letting go.

“You know, you’re really pretty.”

“Thank you.”

“I want you to show me how thankful you really are.” His hand was on your thigh now, caressing it and you pushed it off.

“I’m not that thankful.”

“Now, Y/N, don’t be shy. I promise I won’t bite too hard. Wouldn’t want to leave a hickey on this perfect skin of yours.”

“Stop, J-Jimin.” He leaned in, you closing your eyes to hope he would back but you felt a sudden breeze and a loud thud.


“Fucking asshole. Trying to pull moves on my wife, dickwad?”

“You’re married?”

“Her ring is not a goddamn decoration, if that’s what you thought dipshit.”

“Yoongi-” He just grabbed your wrist, pulling you along until you were in the room where all previous cases and records are. He locked the door, pushing you in first and you backed up.

“I was mad, okay and forgot that we were supposed to have lunch.”

“Didn’t I warn you, babe? The nice guys are still douchebags and he put his filthy hand on you. I should have made him bleed.”


“Don’t bother. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll lose your goddamn voice.” He growled and kissed you harshly. The metal bars of the shelves pressed into your back and he pushed you back further. You cry out from that, your back hurting for the bar being wedged in.


“You like it when his thigh touched yours, didn’t you?”


“It turned you on knowing someone else wanted to touch you, you dirty little girl.”


“Don’t even try to lie to me, babe. I know you.” He pushed up your skirt, revealing the garter belt you were wearing. Your lace panties looked amazing against the see through garter and he didn’t hesitate to tear off your panties.


“Look at how fucking wet you are.” He swiped your pussy, showing you his fingers glistening in your juices and you had to bite your lip.

He slid two fingers inside you, telling you just how tight you were. He nibbled on your ear while you moaned his name. It excited him more, knowing that nobody could hear their name being moaned by you like his name was.

There was nobody that made you soak your panties faster than him, and he fucking loved that. He unbuttoned your blouse and lifted your bra over your chest, revealing your breasts.

“Are you really that horny? With your pretty little nipples all hard for me.” His free hand twisted and pinched your nipple, getting a rise out of you.


“You like that?”

“Y-Yes.” He smirked, repeating the process alongside fingering you. He started kissing your neck, not caring about where his hickey was and it was a bruise on your skin. He left some more on your breasts and collarbone before pulling away.


“Fuck.” He pulled his fingers out of you, licking up every drop of you off his fingers and pushing you against the copier in the room.


“Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please give me y-your thick cock, I need i-it.” The tip teased your clit while you begged and he complied with your request.


“N-Nghh.” He entered you from behind, your back arched and his hand on your hips. You moaned louder, he always had the ability to make you scream on top of your lungs. He didn’t go as fast as he usually did, not wanting to alert anyone of what was going on in there.


“How could you be so naughty, babe?”

“F-Fuck.” He slapped your ass on every syllable, adding more pleasure to your body. He held you by your hips, sometimes stopping so you could feel all of him inside you.


“Shit, babe.”

“Please..I want to c-cum.” He didn’t say anything but, his actions spoke for him. You felt him thrust deeper, wanting you to feel the tip of his cock pushing against your g-spot. His fingers also found your clit, playing with it in hopes to sending you over the edge.

You came, your legs shaking while it occurred and he came as well with the clenching of your walls around him. He pulled out, pulling the condom off him and hiding it in the garbage.

“This is only your first day, baby.”

~Admin Blake

Companions react to Sole stumbling over something during/right after a battle and falling over.



(On low affinity more sth like)






Piper (after laughing):

Strong: (too busy with ‘sound of battle’ to notice)

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(and yes that’s a reference to how he always calls you babe when romanced)

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can't sleep

you lay awake late at night, your mind all over the place as you toss and turn, trying to get comfortable but not wanting to disturb calum. you finally find some sort of comfort when you feel calum stirring next to you, “babe,” he calls out, his voice tired as he rubs the sleepiness out of his eyes. he reaches out for you, pulling you close to him as he presses a soft kiss on your cheek. you turn over to face him, his skin glowing from the pale moonlight coming in through the window, “can’t sleep?” he asks, rubbing your arm softly. you just shake your head no as he turns to lie flat on his back and you immediately snuggle into his chest, his steady heart beat loud in your ear and his natural heat warming you up. he softly sings one of your favorite songs while rubbing soothing patterns on your back as the two of you slowly drift off to sleep, holding each other closely.

Imagine being pregnant and going into labor and yelling at Dean when he freaks out

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“Babe!” you call from your place on the couch. After waiting a moment with no response, you get impatient. “DEAN!”

“Coming honey!” Your husband scrambles into the room, and anxious look on his face. Before the pregnancy, you were the sweetest little thing. Now, 9 months later, it was dangerous to be withing 10 feet of you. “Yes?”

“Could you get me a bowl of Phish Food ice cream please?” you ask, smiling sweetly.

“Sorry, Y/N, but you ate the last of it at lunch.” Dean apologizes, scratching the back of his head.

The smile drops from your face. “Well, why don’t you go get some?” you snap. “Because I sure as hell can’t! I can barely get up to use the bathroom, which, by the way, I have to do every five seconds because this baby is literally moving my organs around and pressing on my bladder, and my feet are swollen, so my shoes don’t fit, and-”

“Babe, babe, calm down, I’m going right now.” he says pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll be back in five minutes.”

You smile after him, tears springing to your eyes. “He’s so good to me.” you sob, before abruptly stopping when your feel a kick. “Aww, and the baby’s kicking- oh my.” There’s a warm trickle running down your leg, and you frown. I didn’t have to go to the bathroom…. OMG!! You whip out your phone, and dial Dean’s number.

“Yes, Y/N?” Dean asks.

“Why are you answering your phone when you’re driving?” you demand, momentarily forgetting about the reason you called. “Do you want our child to grow up without a father? Is that what-”

“Y/N, I’m in the store, I wouldn’t answer while I’m driving.” he says calmly. “Is there something else you wanted?”

“No, I just called to tell you to get your ass home, because my water broke and I think that usually means I’m going into labor.”

“I’ll be right there.”


“Oh my God, okay, we prepared for this, we can do this, just breathe Y/N, just take a deep breath, and just breathe.” Dean says in a panicky voice.

“For the love of God, Dean, shut up!” you yell. “I’m fine, you’re the one who’s freaking out, so stop!”

“Sorry, sorry.” Dean quietens down for a moment, until you feel another wave of pain, and groan. “Is the baby coming?!”

“Dean!” you say shrilly. “The baby is literally going to come out of my vagina, I’m going to be a lot louder when it’s coming.”

“Sorry, you’re right.” Another contraction, this one more painful than the rest, causes you to jerk forward and knock Dean in the head. 

“Oh my god- fuck, OW!” you breathe deeply, trying to alleviate the pain, but it doesn’t work.

“Doctor!” Dean exclaims. “We need a doctor immediately! Someone bring a doctor over here, my wife’s having a baby!”

“Dean, everyone here is having a baby!” you screech in between groans of pain. “So do me a favor and shu- OW owowowow, GO GET A DOCTOR!!”

A doctor strolls over, and check the dilation size. “Alright, Mrs. Winchester, you’re at 10, we’re going to take you into the delivery room now. Congratulations.”


Dean wraps his arms around you as you hold the baby in yours. “She’s so beautiful.” you whisper, fixing her little hat.

“She’s perfect.”


When do you know it’s enough?
Enough is enough?
Is it when she strings you along and you finally realize it?
Or is it when you can’t seem to do anything right anymore.

Is it when you are stood up for the tenth time?
Or is it when you set yourself on fire to keep her warm?
Is it when you text him 20 times with no response?
Or is it when you get tired of his excuses with no apologies?

When do you decided that you won’t get any more hits?
Is it after two years of being together?
And you haven’t talked in months?
Or is it when she finally admits she has no one special in her life
When you are still there?
Is it when the last make out seemed reckless?
Or is it when he no longer calls you babe!
Or holds your hand in front of his friends?
Don’t lie that you don’t feel it
Cause the neglect cuts deep
Like a fiery penknife through your throat
And the wonder of ever having something better
Haunts your very existence
Your every breathe
Threatening your last heartbeat
When do you know it’s enough?
That you deserve better.When do you know it’s enough?
Enough is enough?
Is it when she strings you along and you finally realize it?
Or is it when you can’t seem to do anything right anymore.

Is it when you are stood up for the tenth time?
Or is it when you set yourself on fire to keep her warm?
Is it when you text him 20 times with no response?
Or is it when you get tired of his excuses with no apologies?

When do you decided that you won’t get any more hits?
Is it after two years of being together?
And you haven’t talked in months?
Or is it when she finally admits she has no one special in her life
When you are still there?
Is it when the last make out seemed reckless?
Or is it when he no longer calls you babe!
Or holds your hand in front of his friends?
Don’t lie that you don’t feel it
Cause the neglect cuts deep
Like a fiery penknife through your throat
And the wonder of ever having something better
Haunts your very existence
Your every breathe
Threatening your last heartbeat
When do you know it’s enough?
That you deserve better.