when he calls you babe

RFA + Saeran + V and Nicknames for MC

This is a post that came about when he got distracted from our RFA comfort fluff post…thought we’d share. 


  • “Babe” mostly
  • He’ll call you by your name in very serious moments
  • Might shorten your name from time to time, if you don’t mind


  • He makes up the cutest nicknames for you
  • Things like “Mochi”, “cutie pie”, or any dessert you two have shared      recently
  • In super sweet moments, he’ll call you “honey”


  • You actually brought up the fact that you two don’t have nicknames
  • As a joke, you said that she should call you Mocha and you’d call her Latte
  • The next day, that’s literally all she called you and the nickname stuck


  • He mostly calls you “Darling”, “Dear”, and “My Love”
  • You can tell the situation and his mood by his terms of endearment
  • The above names being more casual and usually circulate through the day
  • When he calls you “Princess”, you know he’s in a very romantic mood or he’s feeling very vulnerable


  • Names are super important to him, so he’ll mostly call you by name…but his tone is more indicative than the terms of endearments he uses
  • He’ll call you “babe” or “hon” when he’s a goofy mood though
  • Occasionally, he’ll give you nicknames based on inside jokes, but they usually only last like an hour
  • He does call you “Princess” on very rare occasions when he’s being especially romantic or sweet


  • He’s also more into saying your name mostly
  • Occasionally, he’ll call you “Babe” when speaking casually
  • You know he wants something if he ever calls you “cutie”


  • His nicknames for you are super poetic and always changing
  • Some of these include, “My Flower”, “My Angel”, or “My Beloved”
  • He rarely says your name, but when he does, he says it with so much love and reverence
  • If he has a sleepy voice and says your name…RIP MC 

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Dating Ethan Nestor Would Include:

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- Constant touching

- Whether it’s linking pinky fingers when he’s busy at work, holding hands down the street, or full-on cuddling

- Ethan just loves having you near him

- Movie marathons whenever he has a day off

- Taking really cute pictures together

- But taking really ugly pictures of each other when you think they’re not looking

- Pointing out every dog you see in public

- Having a playlist for EVERY occasion

- Driving to a convention? Sing-along playlist

- Can’t sleep? Cute love ballads that Ethan hums along to until you drift off

- Home alone with nothing to do? Throwback playlist

- When it comes to the latter, there is a lot of eccentric dancing involved

- Just lots of dancing in general really

- Making fun of each other all the time

- Ethan being totally, head over heels in love you

- Being in one of his livestreams

- His fans finding out about your relationship when he slips up and calls you “babe” or “sweetie” on camera

- LOADS of fanart springing up of the two of you

- Lots of nose and cheek kisses


- Sitting in the office with Ethan as he worked

- Sometimes he’d be there all day

- So you’d fall asleep on the couch

- But he’d be too engrossed in his monitor to notice

- So when he finished he’d be confused

- But then he’d find you

- And he’d snuggle up next to you and fall asleep too

- You secretly being awake but not wanting to wake him up because the boy works too hard

- Meeting the rest of Teamiplier and them absolutely adoring you

- Chica falling in love with you and Ethan getting pouty when she chooses you over him

- He’d get a little really jealous when you start getting close to Tyler

- Cue him dragging Tyler to one side and having stern words with him

- Tyler just laughing because basically all you talk about is how much you love your silly blue boy

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Boyfriend Series; Vernon/Hansol

- you’re his two-teens
- for your first date, hansol takes you to the arcade
- you both play a bunch of games to get as many tickets as possible so that you can trade them for something cool at the counter
- you both ended up spending the tickets on candies and little gifts for the other members. hansol suggested the latter and it makes you smile seeing how much he loves them all
- before leaving the arcade, hansol wins a stuffed bear from a crane game for you
- you exclaim “thank you, hansol!!” when he hands it to you and you lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek
- but hansol thinks you’re going for his lips, so in a moment of panic, he leans forward and surprises you by kissing you first
- despite the noise, it’s all just perfect, and that is how you both share your first kiss
- you eventually tell him you were going for a kiss on the cheek, and you laugh as you watch his whole face heat up
- you name the stuffed bear hansol because “it looks like him”
- after telling him this, he makes the exact same facial expression as the bear and says “i don’t see it” and you’re just like you fricking meme
- most of your dates are fun and competitive like laser tag, bowling and mini golf
- hansol always says “loser pays for dinner” but let’s be real, he stills pays even if you lost LOL
- “hansol i lost i can pay lol” “oh whoops my card slipped and i accidentally paid for everything”
- you always quote his videos from his pre-debut days and he’s always just so done with you
- “kidney function isn’t a right. it’s a privilege.” “……i am a changed man. can we not bring up the past”
- he gets embarrassed when calling you cute nicknames like babe
- accidentally called you “ice ice baby” once and it became an inside joke between you two so he calls you that when he’s teasing you
- your contact name on his phone is “sweet potato”
- you both have matching BEANIES and you wear it all four seasons
- he loves surprise kisses on the cheek!!! whether it’s giving them or receiving them
- he can’t control his blush when he sees you embarrassed because he finds it too cute how you cover your face with your hands
- you’re always the one who initiates skinship, but when he does…. CHERISH IT
- hand-holding is as far as it goes…… but he does like cuddling, and in those rare moments it happens, he holds you close to his chest while your legs are tangled together
- likes to send you pictures of EVERYTHING from pretty landscapes to ugly blurry pictures of the other members
- the other members like to tease you both when you’re together and hansol just apologizes to you like “sorry about these kids, they’re always like this”
- you both have tons of inside jokes and whenever one of you say one, you both laugh silently while clapping your hands like seals
- tickle fights and he always loses because he’s so ticklish
- you both bake chocolate cakes together and smear icing all over each other’s faces
- loves watching movies with you, whether it’s watching old movies at the dorm or going to the cinema
- you both like to make this huge pillow fort at the dorm and watch movies together inside of it
- the other members always try to butt in, they once all tried to fit inside the fort and it ended up falling apart and hansol gave them all the cold shoulder for two days straight
- he lets you borrow his headphones so that you can listen to his music during long train rides
- he lends you his jacket and/or mittens when it’s cold outside
- he lends you his baseball cap when he sees you keep covering your face with your hand because of the bright sun
- he lends you his clothes because he likes seeing you wear them
- he just lends you a bunch of his things all the time
- likes lying his head on your lap while you play with his hair, finds it comfortable when he wants to take a quick nap
- you’re in love with his sleepy voice, you usually hear these when you see him after a long day or after he wakes up from a nap and you just
- hansol how dare you
- he gets really shy when complimenting you, it’s charming tbh
- he surprisingly gets really jealous and stingy, especially when another member is involved or when he catches someone staring at you
- when it’s one of the members, it’s nothing bigger than a pout or a cold shoulder
- but when it’s a stranger, he doesn’t say a thing but just sticks to your side and gets super protective, like he wants to be with you at all times to keep them away from you
- “don’t go around looking so pretty….” “what” “what”
- your phone backgrounds are always horrid pictures of each other, whether they’re ugly faces or blurry disasters
- but it makes hansol’s day and it makes your day, so neither of you ever want to change it
- hansol’s i love you’s are quick and quiet, and not often said because he fears that if he says it too often, it’ll lose its sincerity
- but you always hear them and when you do, it makes you unbelievably happy because you love him just as much
- “(name)?”
- “yes?”
- “…..iloveyou.”
- “(laughs) i love you too, hansol.”

Wolf AU: BTS reaction to you coming home late

Jin: Jin was sitting on the couch waiting for 4 hours after you didn’t showed at the time you usually do. When he heard the door opened, he turned and saw you and immediately he ran to you.
“Jagi! Why are you coming home so late? Are you hurt?” 

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Jimin: You texted him you were going to be at a party and is going to be home around 10. When you didn’t come home at 10, Jimin just thought you were having a little fun and is coming home a bit late. When the clock strike 12, this is the time Jimin got worried. Right when he was to call you, the door opened and you walked in. 
“Oh Babe! I was just about to call you! You must be tired, so take a shower and we can cuddle”

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Jungkook: You arrived home late due to work and found Jungkook sleeping on the couch. You went to the couch and slowly pat him on the head and give him a kiss to wake him up.
“Hi jagiya, you’re home”

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Jhope: You were working late one and your phone died. There was an accident near you, so when Hoseok saw the news, he thought you got into the car accident. He immediately told the boys and ran to your workplace with tears running down his face. When he saw that you were leaving your workplace, he  ran to you and hugged you.
“Y/N!!!!!! I thought I lost you! I got so scared” 

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V: You were getting V’s present for his birthday and the line in the mall was so long, so it took you longer than you expected
“Hi babe! I made dinner! You look tired. Let me take those bags from you.” 

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Suga: You were discussing with a man in the piano store about buying suga a new piano since the one at home is old. It became late and by the time you got home it was already 11. 
“Babe, where were you so late?”

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Rap Monster: You got home late due to traffic when you were at a friend’s house.
“Glad you’re home babe”

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Harry and y/n are dating and they're in the stage where they're new to having sex and it's a game to see who had what kink?

 It’s probably late when the boys finish the show and you’re desperate to see Harry so you don’t wait for him to come backstage but go straight on the stage. It’s safe, because fans are already gone, even the camera guys and the security guards.

“Babe” he calls when he sees you and runs to you. “Did you have fun with Lou and the other girls?”

“Nope” you pout your lips, “Well, yes but i missed you and i didn’t really enjoyed Lux bitting my finger.”

“So you did have fun but you missed me and that’s why you didn’t enjoy the girls?”

“Exactly” you smile and give him a small peck on the lips.

“But you saw me an hour and a half ago” he laughs.

“I know” you look at his lips again and then all over the stage to see if there is anyone else. “But i need you.” you whisper in his ear then bite his earlobe. “I need you so much. My period is gone and i’m so desperate to have you in me. Or for you to touch me, or anything, just please let me have you for a little.”

“Okay, let’s go to the hotel room and i’ll think about it.”

“No” you grab his hand, “I need you now. I can’t wait.”

“But we’re on the stage, Y/N, someone can come any time and catch us. Absolutely no. This is an awful idea and you’re gonna regret it when someone sees your bare ass.”

“I’m not gonna regret it. And no one will come, you and the boys finished the show so no one has work to do in here.”

“And what about the cleaners?” he smiles, thinking that he’s gonna win.

“I don’t care. I need you” you whisper again then rub yourself on his crotch and moan. “Please, Harry, no one will find out.”

He watches you with an intensive look in his eyes and you can almost hear his thoughts. You know he’s struggling and about to give up and give you want you want so you kiss his jaw, then go down on his neck and grab his belt.

“Okay” he finally says, “but it’ll be quick and we have to be really quite.”

You smile thankfully and give him a kiss before you go down on his neck once again and start sucking at his skin.

“Wanted to do this so much” you say and lick the red spot, “You have no idea.”

“Babe, no” he moans, “don’t leave me a red mark, fans will go crazy and all the paparazzi…”


His hands travel to the back of your thighs and he lifts your dress. “Misses yeh so much too, babe. Those seven days without tastin’ yeh were a disaster.

“Want to taste me then?” you smile, thinking about the wettness in your panties.

“We have to be quick and quite. Remember?”

“We will be” you tell him, starting to unbutton his belt.

“Are yeh sure? ‘Cause every time i get down on yeh, you can’t stay quite, babe. You keep moaning loud and screaming my name. Someone will hear you.”

“I’ll be quite. Promise.”

“If you make any noise, i’ll stop” he warns you, “lay down.”

You do as you’re told and open up your legs for him. He gets on his knees and holds your thighs so you can’t move. You start trembling even from the start - when he takes your panties down your legs with his teeth, - and he smiles at how weak you are after a whole weak without his touch. 

“Sorry” you smile too, trying to calm down.

“Such a desperate little girl for me, aren’t yeh?” 

“Yeah” you moan, not really knowing if this is an aswer for his question or a urged for him to continue. “And i actually think i have a fetish for your head between my thighs.”

“Really?” he smirks, “And speaking of this… Do you think you actually have some kind of fetish for something.”

“Like… I think about your hands a lot… And your dirty talk… But i don’t really know about having a fetish…”

“Want to try something then?” he asks, smirking.

You already know you’re gonna regret this but you nod.

“Call your mom.” 

“What?” you can’t believe your ears, “R-right now?”


You take your phone from your purse and search for her number. “What do you have on mind?” you ask, not really thinking whatever he wants it’s safe. 

“Just call her.”

When he hears her voice trough the phone speaker, he licks your and start sucking at your clit, still looking up to you with a dirty glance.

“Hi, sweetie” she says and you can feel how he’s playing with you and pretty much enjoying it.

“H-hi, mom” you say and wait for him to continue but he looks at you, “Just wanted to check how your day was.”

He starts licking again, still holding your trembling legs. 

“Boring if i have to be honest. And yours?”

“Mine was boring too” you close your eyes for a moment and bite your bottom lip, “I waited for Harry to finish the show and now we’re in the hotel room, waiting for our food.”

“Can you give the phone to him, i have something to ask him about the concerts because your cousin Emily wants to go to that one in Las Vegas…”

“No, mom” you open your mouth wide, trying not to scream when Harry bites at your clit. “He’s in the shower and he’s really tired. Maybe tomorrow.”

“Okay, honey. I have to hang up now because your dad is calling me but we’ll hear tomorrow.”

“Yes, mom” you moan, not really quite, “Bye”

“Wait, what happend?”

“Uhm” you stare at Harry with a look which almost can kill, “I j-just hit my toe.”

“Oh” your mom says, but you can’t say that you convinced her. “Okay, goodbye.”

“Are you fucking crazy?” you ask him and put your phone somewhere on the stage.

“No” he laughs, “But if you want me to stop, i have no problem with that.”

“No! No, please, i need to cum.”

“Then tell me what fetishes you have.”

“I don’t know, i already… Fuck, yeah!… told you.”

“So… if you don’t like to be quite and pretend that you don’t get licked while you talk on the phone then what about sensory deprivation?”

“I-i don’t know what you mean, Harry, please continue, please, babe, i need to cum.”

“Just if you let me blindfold you.”

“What?” you furrow your eyerbrows.

“I’ll put my bandana on your eyes so you can’t see what i’m ‘bout to do”

“No” you shake your head, “I like to watch you taking care of me.”

“Hmm” he smiles, “Then what about switching roles?”

“Like… Me fucking your mouth?”

“Yeah” he laughs, “like that.”

You lift yourself up on your elbows and slowly move closer to him. You can see how your juices are falling down from his lips on your clit. 

“Should i-i…?

“Yeah” he says, “do whatever you want to.”

You move a little bit closer to him and he starts sucking at your clit again. Your fingers tangle in his hair, you take off his bandana and covers his eyes with it. “Are you enjoying it?” You slowly grind to his mouth.

“Yes, and i think i found my kink.”

“Blindfolding?” you ask and take ful grip on his hair.

He doesn’t say anything, just gives you a look and keep sucking and licking, slightly moaning because he can’t get enough of the taste of you. You don’t even have the chance to warn him that you’re about to cum when he bites at your clit and leaves you trembling and desperate for more. Before you can even take control of your breathing, he takes of his belt and pulls his jeans and boxers down. 

“I’m not sure you’re going to like this… Just tell me if something is wrong.”

You look at him, his knees are next to the both side of your shoulders and you have a close view of his cock.

“It’s alright, Harry, go on.”

He wraps his fingers around his red tip, precum on it, and takes a hold on your hair. “Is it really fine?” he asks again.

You don’t feel like convincing him for one more thing today so you take it in your mouth and starts sucking as he pulls in and out.

“You look so beautiful like this, Y/N. There’s something so erotic about your cherry lips. It makes me so horny watching them. And when you kiss me it’s always too hard not to get turn on.”

He starts trusting fast, not giving you time to prepare and you start gagging on him. Your hands travel to his balls and start massaging him, making a throaty moan slip of his lips.

“God, babygirl, i’ll never be able to take enough from yeh, won’t i?”

You takes his cock in your hand and start pumping as his head falls back down. “Come for me, daddy, let me swallow it like a good girl.” This drags him to the edge and he moans the loudest you’ve ever heard him, both of you forgot someone can hear you.

After he recovers from his orgasm, he kisses you thankfully and gives your butt a slight slap. “No one heard us, babe, we should celabrate it in the hotel room later.”

“Yeah. We should also take into consideration that i didn’t regret any of this.” you smile at him while he picks up your panties from the floor and puts them in his pocket.

“Can’t wait.”


“Work for it” - Auston Matthews

Or we can call it …

“In the name of Shia Le whatever the fuck Just do it.” - Auston Matthews


Warnings- little bit of smut at the end more PGish but overall cutecutecute i fucking loved this idea


They sat at the bar just after they had won their game. The whole team celebrating that they were a step closer to the cup. Mitch and Auston at the bar drinking a beer waiting for the time to pass by.

“Steph is coming by in a few minutes.” Mitch blurted looking at Auston. Auston laughed and looked at the small boy next to him.

“Okay? Should I be concerned?” Auston chuckled taking another sip of his large beer. “Why are you telling me this?”

“She’s bringing Y/N.” Mitch chugged that last bit of beer at the bottom of his mug. Auston scoffed and looked at Mitch .

“Why the hell didn’t you tell me that earlier?! I would’ve at least attempted to look nice.” Mitch laughed at Austons remark. “What’s so funny?”

“You’re whipped bro. Just ask her out. She’s pretty chill Aus.” Mitch swiveling his chair facing Auston “you like her we all know I’m pretty damn sure she knows and she’s probably waiting for you to actually get off your butt and ask her out. In the name of Shia Le what ever the fuck just do it.”

He sighed to himself as Mitch got up and walked away. His eyes followed Mitch as the made it to the door greeting Steph and ‘there she is’ he thought . You have Mitch a hug greeting him with a smile but your eyes frantically (but not to obvious) searched for Auston until you finally spotted him at the bar. You both stared each other down for a moment till he decided to get up and greet you.

“Hey Steph, hey Y/N.” he gave Steph a small hug and when he got to you he embraced you in his usual hugs and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“You look quite good tonight, I must say didn’t take you for the suit type.” You laughed lightly punching Auston in the arm.

“And I didn’t think this was your type of scene but I guess we’re both full of surprises babe.” Your body chilled when he called you that butterflies fluttering through your stomach.


The night passed and you ended up at the bar sitting on a stool next to Auston making the usual casual conversations. He rested his hand on your thigh as you spoke and you never felt so relaxed before. Like it was meant to be there.

“You know I’m just going to jump right out and say it. I have liked you for a very long time you know that?” He smiled at you rubbing up your thigh. “And I really don’t want this to be bad timing because we have been drinking but I’ve been thinking about it a lot latel-” you didn’t let him finished you just crashed your lips to his.

Both of you moved in sync, lips pressed hands moving all over the place and suddenly his hand reached up your dress but not to where anyone noticed. He moved his fingers to the music until you grabbed his hand telling him to stop.

“Why don’t we go somewhere else?” You kissed him once more leading him out to a cab and the rest of the night was the best night of your life.

Please put your penis away

Request: Number 76 with Tom? If you’re comfortable with it?

76 please?

Summary: Your boyfriend Tom went out drinking with Harrison, and comes home plastered.

A/N: omg this is my first Tom Holland drabble…. cuz ya know they’ve all been Peter Parker.. WHICH IS FINE I LOVE WRITING.

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A knock echoed off the door of yours and Toms house. It was 2 in the morning and you’ve been waiting patiently for Thomas to arrive home safely from the pub. Since you weren’t a big fan of drinking you chose to stay home and let Tom and Harrison have a fun night out. 

  You set your book down on the coffee table in front of you and sped walked your way to the door. Upon opening it, you let out a breathy chuckle as your boyfriend stood before you with his arm propped up on the door frame putting his body weight against it. His eyes were squinted half shut, and a goofy grin played over his lips, “ ‘ello darlin’,” he greeted, his accent much thicker than usual. 

     You shook your head at him and moved out of the door way for him to enter. He stumbled in slowly but surely, “How was your night out?” you asked as he kicked his shoes off. “Oh it was great. BUT I think I did something I shouldn’t have,” he slurred,

“And what might that be?”

“I can’t say. I wont say.” he raised his voice a little, worry rushed over him and he wanted quickly to change the subject, “Did you eat all my croissants darlin’?” Tom asked as he wandered aimlessly around the main floor of your house.

Slight suspicion crept over you at what he admitted moments ago, “Tom, there was never any croissants here to begin with,”

He swung around swiftly to face you, nearly falling on his arse as he did so. He grabbed for the wall and his face dropped at what you had told him, “Whaaaat? I was really looking forward to some croissants,” he mumbled.

 You sighed and extended your arms out to him, “C’mon, lets go to bed babe,” you tell him. The wide grin he entered the house with returned to his features. He attempted to brush away the loose pieces of hair that fell over his eyes, but they only tumbled back down. He stumbled his way to your arms and held you close to his body, “I love it when you call me babe. Keep calling me that,” he beamed.

   The two of you took your time maneuvering up the stairs and to your shared bedroom. “So what did you do tonight Tom?” you asked trying to bring up what he had briefly mentioned earlier. “Drank, sang, danced, drank some more.” He droned on, “Is that all? You didn’t, do anything you shouldn’t have?” You interrogated,

He stopped and looked at you suspiciously, “I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to get me to admit that I told my best friend that I love him,” Tom accused in a slur. Immediately after speaking he threw his hands up to his mouth to cover it, his eyes widening to saucers, “Oh no,” you heard him mumble. 

Your eyebrows furrow at your boyfriends strange behavior, “What’s so bad about that Tom?” you ask moving closer to him, 


“Because what?”

“Because, I’m not supposed to love anyone else other than you. I-just- i love you,”

Your cheeks warmed up to a rose red color at his words. He has told you that before of course, but you could never get used to the zoo that tramples your stomach at those three words. “Do you love Harrison more than me?” you asked him teasingly, “Well no. Harry doesn’t let me make out with him like you do,” he said so innocently. 

You were practically bent over laughing at this comment, “Just get ready for bed, you dork.” you let out between laughs, turning around you walked over to your dresser and rummaged around for yours and Toms pajamas. The soft thuds of clothing articles hitting the floor sounded in the room. Turning back to face Tom, you found him standing completely naked in front of the bed, slightly swaying back and forth disoriented from the alcohol. “Tom, sweetie, please put your penis away,” you tried to say with a straight face, but you couldn’t help it and let slip a giggle. 

Confused, he looked down to see that he, in fact had no pants on, “Did you pull my trousers down?” he asked in his clear accent, “No,” you giggled in response, handing him a pair of grey sweatpants.

Once he was done climbing into his clothes, he looked at you and pouted, “What’s wrong Tommy?” you questioned him, “You never said I love you back,” he spoke quietly while looking down at his feet. You made your way over to him, planted a gentle kiss on his forehead, and whispered, only for him to hear, “I love you,”

His features lit up and he smiled a toothy smile, “Good,” he giggled. 

You both climbed into bed, and settled in with Toms arm draped over your waist. Silence erupted in the room, and just as you were about to let sleep carry you away, the body laying behind you shot up and bolted into the bathroom running into the wall along the way. Tom spilled the contents of his stomach hopefully in the toilet. This was going to be a long night.

Boyfriend Vernon

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  • “kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege”
  • intense teasing that would go both ways
  • rap battles ft. judge seungkwan
  • who always declared u the winner, just to annoy hansol
  • vernon switching to english to sweet talk you if the boys are around
  • “eww, hansol, that’s gross”
  • “oh, joshua, didn’t realize you were here. sorry, dude”
  • sharing beanies/jackets/hoodies
  • all of which smell like him
  • he tries to be artsy & send you pics of the places he’s touring or doing a fan sign at
  • but it’s usually photobombed by the guys
  • so you ring him like “why did you send me a blurry photo of minghao flexing next to a tree?”
  • “it’s called art, babe, look it up”
  • he calls you “babe”
  • and melts when you call him “babe” back
  • he’s too shy to do skinship around the boys so only when you’re in private, in his bedroom, will he brave a quick peck to your lips
  • only to hear seungkwan over dramatically make puke noises by the door
  • and see jun wink obnoxiously behind him
  • jeonghan makes you both keep the door open when u visit & go to his bedroom
  • “for safety reasons” he says
  • whenever you’re in his room tho it’s 99% of the time just for video game sessions
  • that end in one of you being bitter & giving the other silent treatment
  • sending each other memes
  • texting at 2 am became you’re still up, binge watching some show, & he’s just getting back to the dorm after practice;
  • “hey, wanna get ice cream?”
  • “sure?”
  • so in sweats & bare faced, the both of you wander around looking for 24 hour shops. you buy the worst kind of food, which is mainly just junk. but you force him to get something substantial too since he’s been dancing for hours. so he picks up a soggy sandwhich, & if you’re happy w that, he also gets ice cream, crisps & fizzy drinks
  • the healthiest of diets
  • being that couple that show up to christmas parties in matching shitty sweaters & santa hats
  • for ironic purposes, of course
  • not just bc you both feel festive as hell in that outfit
  • getting into group photos & refusing to smile
  • papa coups hates this very much :)
  • “why can’t you both just smile? why do you have to ruin every family photo ever?”
  • doing the “hotline bling” dance whenever you’re in the club, & the song is not even playing. you both wait for something like “anaconda” to come on then hotline bling dance in the middle of the dance floor
  • he’s picked up alcohol occasionally & you both hide out in his room, feeling bad ass & getitng more drunk off of each other than the can you’re sharing
  • better hope the others don’t find out though
  • you gonna be in big trouble if they do
  • makeout sessions that are mostly you two giggling or bumping noses
  • tumblr deep conversations while cuddling at 3 am;
  • “do you think the ugly duckling still felt ugly, even when he became a beautiful swan?”
  • “go to sleep, hansol, it’s too early for this shit”
  • he’s young & spent his youth as a trainee, so I don’t think that the relationship would be all that mature or experienced. it’s your typical puppy love. with awkward moments and shy kisses and the occasional petty fight. but it’s wonderful. for all his dumb moments, vernon cares so much for you & works very hard to show that, in his own, awkward way
Boyfriend Series; S.Coups/Seungcheol

- move aside jeonghan, there’s a new mom in the group
- for your first date, seungcheol takes you to a restaurant on a roof with a view of the city
- spring is finally here, so the view is breath-taking, especially since it’s nighttime and from where you both are, you can see the bright city lights and the blooming cherry blossom trees
- you both spend the entire time talking nonstop, with you jokingly rolling your eyes ninety percent of the time because of his flirting
- after dinner, seungcheol offers to walk you home and you both walk down the city streets side-by-side
- someone suddenly crashes into you from behind, making you fall forward
- but seungcheol catches you before you could hit the ground
- he asks “(name), are you all right??”
- you don’t say anything because the only thing you could think about is the fact that you’re in his arms, and his lips are….. just inches away…..
- neither of you say a word, and you both slowly lean in at the same time
- and in the middle of a park path sprinkled with cherry blossom petals is where you both share your first kiss
- seungcheol is the type to show you off a lot
- he’s always telling the other members about your greatest achievements and how lucky he is to have someone as great as you
- he mentions you so often that it raises such high expectations for them, but when they meet you, they’re like seungcheol you’re right they really ARE cool and funny!!!
- jeonghan gets offended that the other members started calling you mom because HE’S THE MOM HOW DARE YOU
- but it doesn’t turn into a rivalry because when he sees seungcheol flirting with you and doing all kinds of cringey things in general, jeonghan’s just like “you know what on second thought keep him” LOL
- he always has his arm around your waist whenever you’re together or his fingers are intertwined with yours
- you both have matching necklaces and you NEVER want to take it off
- he thinks it’s funny when you’re embarrassed or flustered, so he’s always teasing you to see your reactions
- when you go on karaoke dates, he always sings big bang songs and then gets super emotional
- his kisses are breathy and passionate, and he LOVES it when you play with his hair while kissing him
- his hands are all over you, usually running up and down your sides as he deepens the kiss
- he likes to tease you sometimes though
- like he’d be leaning in to kiss you on the lips, but when you close your eyes, he’d just laugh and kiss you on the forehead instead
- “did you think i was aiming for your lips?” “NO.”
- OR your lips would be centimeters away from his, and he’ll just move away every time you try to kiss his lips
- when you pout at his teasing, THAT’S when he captures your lips
- he calls you babe and beautiful all the time, and you get especially flustered when he calls you the latter
- loses his mind when you get all dressed up for him but tries to play it cool
- “you know, you didn’t have to get all dressed up for me ;)” “alright then i’m going to go change” “pleASE DON’T YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL”
- HATES it when you bite your lip when you’re nervous or thinking, it just makes him want to kiss you so bad
- seungcheol’s a huge fan of skinship; he’s always touching some part of your body, be it your hand or arm or waist or thigh
- he loves giving you back hugs and he kisses your neck while he’s doing so
- you always catch him staring at you lovingly and it honestly makes you feel so warm inside
- he’s always calling or texting you to make sure you’re all right, if you’ve eaten already, if your day is going well; he cares a lot about your well-being
- wouldn’t mind just spending the entire day on the couch cuddling with you
- he’s so used to being the one to take care of someone since he has twelve children to watch over, so when you take care of him, he just melts ok he LOVES the feeling
- really protective of you
- when he sees you talking to another member, or when he sees one of them get a little too close to you, he tries to hide his jealousy by throwing his arms over you both and butting into the conversation
- he does this ALL THE TIME that once, you were talking to hoshi about the surprise birthday party you were all throwing for seungcheol
- but when he butt in, he overheard AND THE SURPRISE GOT RUINED
- you were so mad at him
- “i’m sorry!! i just got jealous that you were talking to hoshi so much ;A;”
- always willing to pick you up if you’re out late
- carries things for you to show off his strength and muscles
- his feelings for you are so strong and everyone can tell; it’s clear as day
- it may have taken a while for seungcheol to say “i love you”, but after saying it the first time, he hasn’t stopped since
- he always wants to remind you that he loves you so much and that nothing will ever change that
- “hey (name), i—”
- “(sighs) i love you too, seungcheol”
- “…i was actually going to suggest we eat at this restaurant we haven’t tried yet. i didn’t know you loved me that much ;)”
- he kisses the top of your head while you’re covering your face in embarrassment and whispers against your skin “but just so you know, i love you too. with all my heart.”

B.A.P Reactions To Their S/O (You) Going Into Labour


After several hours spent at the studio, Yongguk was more than ready to head home to you. He was just on his way out, when he got the call. He reached for his phone fishing it out of his back pocket. A smile naturally graced his face when he saw it was you who was calling. 

“Hey, babe. What’s up?” He answered.

“Yongguk are you on your way home?” You asked, your tone slightly panicked. Yongguk easily picked up on this.

“Yes, why? Y/N is everything alright?” He asked with a sense of urgency needing to know if you were in any danger.

“Yes, yes don’t worry! I just- I- My water broke.”

It took him a couple of seconds to properly process what you were saying, “You’re water bro-oh fuck!”

“I hope you don’t say that when the baby arrives,” you light-heartedly joked, hoping it’d calm both you and him down a little.

“I’ll be there soon Y/N! I promise! Are you in any pain? Shit. Do you want me to call an ambulance? Wait no. Let me take you!”

You smiled slightly amused by his sudden outburst. Yongguk wasn’t one to lose his composure easily. 

“Don’t worry babe, I’m not in any pain. Just drive safely, okay?” You reassured him.

“I will! Stay on the call though so I know you’re okay.” He said as he began to run towards his car. He realized only half way home that he couldn’t stop smiling. 

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“Ahhh, this is delicious!” You exclaimed as you dug into the sugary packed waffle in front of you. Himchan couldn’t help but chuckle as he observed you from the other side of the table. 

“Jagiya,” he said, making you look up.


“You got some chocolate syrup on your cheek,” he laughed as he reached for a napkin, gently wiping it off. Your cheeks slightly brightened as you were a bit embarrassed and Himchan was practically dying at how cute you were being. 

Still feeling the stickiness remnants of the syrup on your cheek, you excused yourself to go to the washroom to quickly wash it off.

After a couple of minutes of waiting, Himchan began to wonder what was taking you so long. He was just about to go check up on you when you suddenly appeared, rushing towards the table looking more distraught then ever.

“Himchan, we need to go,” you urged.

“Did something happen?” He asked a bit confused from your sudden request to leave.

You took a deep breath, “my water broke.”

Himchan’s eyes immediately widened and in seconds he was on his feet with you rushing towards the entrance of the cafe. However, before you guys could step outside, the overwhelming feeling of excitement within Himchan snapped. He quickly turned towards the other customers shouting happily, “I’m going to be a dad,” before grabbing your hand and hurried out. 

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The sudden smell of food attacked Daehyun’s senses, wakening him from his nap. He smiled sleepily before he made his way to the kitchen only to find you hovering over the stove. 

“Jagiya,” he said softly, “what did I tell you? You have to rest.”

“I know, I know but sitting and lying around all day is really frustrating,” you tried to defend yourself.

Daehyun was having none of it thought as he gently pulled you away from the kitchen and laid you down on the couch.

“Stay right there and don’t overexert yourself. I’ll finish cooking.” With that said he made his way back to the kitchen to finish up what you had been preparing. Only a couple of minutes had gone by when he suddenly heard you squeal.

Within seconds he dropped the spatula and ran to you. Finding you standing looking startled, “Jaigya! What-” He was about to ask what happened when his eyes were suddenly drawn to the puddle pooling around your feet. He didn’t need you to say anything as he already knew what that meant. He quickly turned off the stove and helped you to the car. 

As he drove, his hands slightly shook from all the emotions suddenly ambushing him. Although you were panicking yourself, you laid your hand on top of the one he had on his knee and smiled, “don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay.”

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“Where are we going?” You asked for probably the tenth time since you got in the car. As you looked out the car’s window, you couldn’t help but be amazed at the beauty of the colour changing leaves streaming by. 

“I told you it was a surprise,” Youngjae laughed. He knew how impatient you could be when it came to surprises but that was apart of the fun. He loved to tease you and rile you up.

You exhaled as you suddenly recognized the familiar scenery. “You’re taking me to my parents?” 

He nodded, “I know how much you miss them.” Your eyes practically shined as you looked at him in adoration. Could you possibly love him more?

“You’re the best,” you said only to regret it due to his cocky response, “Of course I am.”

You were nearing your parents house when you suddenly felt a trickling of something wet traveling down your thighs. Your eyes widened in surprise but it wasn’t until your dress began to dampen that you realized what was going on. 

You gasped, making Youngjae look at you questioningly. 

“My water broke.”

“What?! Just now?” You nodded and his eyes widened considerably. 

“There’s a hospital nearby,” you said, “but before that, since we’re so close let’s pick up my parents.”

“Are you sure you can wait?” He asked, placing your comfort and safety above anything else.

You nodded, “yes. I want them to be there Youngjae.” That was all he needed to hear before he parked the car outside your parents house and rushed towards the door. 

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Like most days these days you laid cozily in Jongup’s arms, perched up against the bed. A smile always graced on your face as there was no place you’d rather be. 

“So, have you finally decided on a name?” He asked you as he gently began to rub your belly. 

“No. Of course not, you know how indecisive I am that’s why I told you to choose,” you sighed. He only laughed, “just go with whatever your heart says.”

“If I do that, then our daughter’s going to end up being named hamburger since that’s what my heart’s telling me right now.”  

Jongup laughed even harder, “I’m pretty sure that’s your stomach not your heart.” You were just about to reply when you suddenly felt the trickling of liquid flowing down your thighs. Your eyes widened in surprise and you were suddenly at lost as to what to do. 

“Jagiya? What’s wrong?” Jongup asked seeing the change in your face. You didn’t say anything but it didn’t take long for Jongup to notice your dress becoming a darker shade of purple. 

Instantly jumping into action, he helped you off the bed and helped you to the car. On the drive he made sure to call your parents while at the same time attempting to calm you down. Slight panic took over when he remembered that you hadn’t picked a name and that the two of you now only had a bit of time to decide.

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The second you told Junhong that your water had broken, time seemed to stop. He knew it’d happen eventually and he thought he’d prepared through the 9 months but as the two of you made your way to the hospital he began to have doubts again.

You on the other hand, were surprisingly calm as you sat beside him taking deep breaths. Noticing his small frown you asked what was wrong. 

He sighed as he looked at you, “I don’t know-I just what if I’m not a good dad?What if I’m not ready?”

You smiled at him and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, “you have about as much experience with this as I do. We’re both new at this Junhong so if we screw up occasionally it’s only natural. What’s important is that we’re doing this together, remember? We’ll be fine.” 

Your words had a certain calming effect to them as they instantly put him at ease. Now wasn’t the time to freak out, he could do that later. Right now he would channel all his focus on you, making sure you were alright and that you had a safe delivery. 

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I hope it turned out okay guys! I hope you like it

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The first boy who loves you wears floods because he can’t afford a new pair of jeans. He can’t look you in the eye. Not until he asks you out your sophomore year. Sweaty palms. A crack in his voice. Don’t say no. I know you want to. I know your friends are snickering about it in some corner. But I also know that you like the way he is kind and gentle and quite. Even if you won’t admit it. Even if you introduce him to your parents as a friend for the first five months of your relationship. He is real, and he is here, and he is asking you to dinner from behind a greasy mop of hair. Yes, you say. You’ll go.
      The first boy who loves you picks you up late in a car with chipped paint, but apologies fall off his tongue like rain from the sky. Genuine apologies. He takes you to a place way off the grid. Some total dive. You order the pasta carbonara, and he smiles with all of his teeth when you tell him it’s the best damn food you’ve ever had. He says sweet things. Funny things. You forget that he’s weirdo boy. Lonely boy. Sad boy. When he says he likes you, has liked you for years now, you tell him you might be starting to feel the same way. Might. But when he kisses you, just barely fucking kisses you, your insides scream at the sudden rightness.
      The first boy who loves you asks you why you never talk about your family, and you tell him all of the gory details. The fighting. The drinking. The divorce. And he holds you until you forget where your limbs end and his begin. Eventually, into the skin of your neck, he will tell you that he loves you. You won’t say it back, but you’ll pull him close. You lose your shirt somehow. And then the rest of your clothes. And then your mind. It’s painful and awkward and wonderful before it becomes something more. Much more. And when you let yourself relax, arching into his touch, it’s very nearly everything.
      But the first boy who loves you will not be the last boy who loves you. And he is not an idiot. The first boy who loves you will not let you push him aside when you need space. He will not let you break without trying to fit you back into place like a puzzle. And when everything falls apart, he is the only thing you know how to destroy. The boy with bright eyes and bad hair and the strongest arms will stay by your side through anything. But when you ask him to leave, rip his hands from your waist and edge him towards the door, he will go. Even though you wish he wouldn’t. Even though you don’t know why you’re doing this. He will go. Because the first boy who loves you is kind and gentle and quite, but he is not an idiot.
     When you look back at him, sweaty palms, a nervous crack in his voice, you will still remember everything. He called you sweetheart. And babe when he was angry. And your full name when he was feeling especially affectionate. And even though it’s over, even though other boys have loved you, the first boy who loved you will be the only boy who holds your heart in his hands, feels it beat and breath without possession or power but a reverence you still struggle to understand, and then places it back into your chest and whispers, “Live.”
—  a messy letter to the boy who will never know how much I loved him.
Stand By Me - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Theo Raeken, Reader.


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“I’m gonna kill him is what I’m gonna do.” Stiles paced back and forth in front of you.

“No, you’re going to calmly talk to him.”

“Theo kissed you! Why would I not kill him?”

“Babe, to be fair he didn’t know that we’re dating.”

Stiles stopped walking and looked at you. He crossed his arms and squinted. “I talk about you every waking moment of the day. He knows. He even asked for your name.”

You mimic his actions, crossing your arms. “Seriously?”

He nods and sighs.

“Kill him! Go now! I support you and any decision you make.”

He laughs and kisses your nose. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Now if you’re going to kill him let me come.”

He grabs your hands, looking at you quizzically.

“Well?” You raise an eyebrow.

“I’m thinking..” He stays silent. “Okay! Let’s go.” He walks with you out to the Jeep, helping you inside. He comes around to the other side, wasting no time starting the car and pulling off onto the road.

When you pull up to Theo’s he sighs. “What if I really kill him?”

“Look babe..I love you, I support you, I think that you can do anything..but this may be the one thing you can’t do. He’s a werewolf…”

He looks over at you, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. “I killed Donovan.”

“Yeah…okay. If you kill him I’ll help you hide the body. Now go.” You pat his thigh before he climbs out of the vehicle.

You watch him as he goes, undoing your seatbelt just in case. He knocks on the door, turning to look at you. You smile and point towards the house as you see Theo approach through a window. Stiles turns around, and you see his demeanor change when Theo opens the door.

Theo barely has the door open before Stiles starts to lay into him. You watch as his fist connects with his left cheekbone. “What the hell is wrong with you?” He shouts as he punches him again. You see Theo’s eyes flash and you jump out of the car, running over to pull Stiles off of him.

“Babe stop.” You say gently as you lift him up.

“It’s not my fault your girlfriend looks like a great lay. She’s hot, so I thought that she was easy.” Theo shrugs as he stands up.

Stiles pulls away from you, pinning Theo up against the wall, he punches him again. “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you sick in the head? Who says that?” He lays into him again and you rush to his side, pulling him off of Theo. “Baby come on. It’s not worth it.”

Stiles sighs and gives in, turning to look at you. You didn’t even notice the punches that Theo got in. Stiles was already starting to bruise.

“Come on. Give me your keys.” You take them from him and lead him out to the Jeep.

“That was hot. I won’t lie about it, but God…Stiles you need to learn when to stop.”

“Babe, he called you easy!”

“I’m easy for you. I’ll give it to you anytime.” You grin and peck his lips.

He smiles and kisses you back. You run a thumb over his yellowing eye.

“Gross you had blood on your lip.” You laugh and he shrugs.

“Let me get you home and clean you up, okay?” He nods and you take off, taking your boyfriend back to his house.

You sit on his bathroom counter and he stands in between your legs.

“That was stupid. I love you, so I wanted I stand up for you.”

You laugh. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You could destroy the world and I’d still be by your side.”

He raises an eyebrow, the butterfly bandage you’d just placed raising with it. “I get what you mean, but honestly that’s just worrying.”

You laugh, kissing his forehead. “I mean, I’d be there to kick your ass.”

He nods, a goofy smirk plastered on his face. “Much better.”

Helping Hand (Part 2)

(Namjoon’s embarrassing encounter with you ends up making for an exciting first date.)

Warning: Masturbation, exhibitionism

It was 3:15pm.  Namjoon had left your apartment about 10 minutes earlier.  

An hour ago, you had never even considered dating Namjoon.  But right now you were prancing about your apartment like a giddy school girl.  You had been on plenty of dates before, but it had been a long time since you were this excited.  When he told you he liked you, it felt like the first time you had received a boy’s confession – back when you were shocked to find out that any boy liked you, let alone one as cool as Namjoon.

You skipped to your bedroom to start thinking about what you would wear tonight.  You had less than four hours to make yourself beautiful, might as well use every minute.  As you scoured your closet to find just the right look, you heard a phone ringing in the living room.  You looked at your bedside table to see your own phone sitting there silently.

You followed the sound to find Namjoon’s phone, half hidden behind a sofa cushion.  You noticed a missed call from someone called Boss-nim.  Figuring it could be an important work call, you headed over to return the phone to as quickly as possible.  As you approached, you saw Jin coming out of the apartment and closing the door quickly behind him.  You called out to get Jin’s attention.

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How would the SF and UF skelebros react to accidentally calling their crush a cute pet name, (Sweetheart, babe, etc.) and their crush practically melts. They're blushing and they can't wipe the smile off their face for the next few minutes. Afterwards, they deny that they were flustered by it, even though they clearly were.

UF!Sans: Sans calls you cute suggestive pet names all the time, there’s no accident in it. He wants to make you flustered. Words like Doll, Dollface, Sweetheart, Sweetcheeks etc are common with him. So when he accidentally calls you Darling for the first time, he gets equally flustered. Seeing your reaction helps him though. And he fights his own blush by teasing you about it. It has now been added to the names he’ll use to fluster you. 

It’s definitely not because he likes using it too. 

UF!Papyrus: See Papyrus doesn’t really call you a lot of cute pet names, so him saying your name instead of HUMAN! would be a compliment. There is one name that he always thinks of when he sees you though, and it’s really sappy and cliché. Angel. When he let it slip out he wants to blush too, because he can’t deny that he really liked calling you that. Although he cannot let you know that. So he either tries to further fluster you, or he just scoffs/chuckles and leaves as soon as he can. 

SF!Sans: He gets a dangerously confident smirk on his face. ‘’Oh, did I fluster you my dear? I can assure you that it wasn’t my intention, love. Oh hold on, are you blushing now? Mmm, I really don’t know why you’re acting this way Darling’’

Basically, he keeps it going. Using his suave voice to come closer and purr affections in your ear until you’re a blushing mess. Deny all you want, no one could miss how much his words affected you. 

SF!Papyrus: See he calls you lots of pet names, but unlike Red they’re cuter and more innocent. Names like honey, hun, sugar, sweetie. So when he accidentally calls you Babe, he starts laughing because goddamnit you’re cute. And he can’t resist teasing you when he sees how flustered you become. He loves seeing the way you melt over his words, it’s adorable. And he wants to see more of it. Even though he can’t believe he actually called you that, he’s glad that he did. At least now he knows you weren’t repealed by it. Quite the opposite. 

Drunk and In Love

Imagine~ You and Kai are together and he shows up at the Salvatore house and everyone finds out. 

Word Count: 886

You and Kai had been together for a few months but seeing as he was the new big bad, you both decided it was best to keep it to yourselves. Right now you were staying at the Salvatore house as neither of the brothers were willing for you to get hurt seeing as you and Bonnie were the only witches willing to help them. 

The whole mystic falls gang was currently sitting in the front room having drinks and generally having a good time. Nothing had happened with Kai recently, thanks to you, and they took that as a reason to celebrate. 

After a while when all of you were quite drunk and you were all lounging around on the couch, you and Elena giggling at each other whilst the others looked over at you confused. 

Your phone began to ring breaking out of your trance of giggling and you pulled your phone out of your pocket, Kai’s name appeared on your phone so you walked into the kitchen hiccuping lightly. 

“Hey, where are you?” Kai said, a small amount of concern in his voice. 

“I’m somewhere. Where are you?” you replied, trying to sound sober but your hiccups and giggles gave it away. 

“Are you drunk?” Kai asks clearly seeing through your attempts to make him think you were sober. 

“No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you said, following your sentence with a hiccup. 

“I’m coming to pick you up. Where are you?” Kai mumbled and you could tell he was reaching for his car keys. 

“Oh woah there tiger. You do not want to come here, a lot of people hate you right now and right now they are all sitting in the room next to me.” you said giggling. 

“I’m going to take it at the Salvatore home. I’ll be there soon babe.” he said and you could tell he had a small smirk on his face, he always did when he called you babe. He knew you hated being called babe, it was so tacky and it just annoyed you. 

So Kai took that as an opportunity to annoy you, so now all he does is call you babe. 

“Ugh, stooopp.” you groaned, a small giggle escaping your mouth as you pictured Elena in your head. 

“Sit tight.” he said and then the line went dead. 

You made your way back into the front room and plopped yourself on the couch, resting your head on Bonnie who was sitting next to you. 

“Who was that?” Damon asked, him being the most sober out of all of you as he had a rather high alcohol tolerance. 

“Somebody. Nothing for you to worry about.” you said, as you and Elena exchanged glances setting you off into your giggling trance. 

Around about 10 minutes later the door swung open and there stood the man who you’d spoken to on the phone to. Everyone’s eyes landed on him and everyone groaned at their one good night ruined. 

“Heyyy.” you said waving your hands in the air. All of your friends knew you were friendly with Kai but not the type of friendly it actually was. 

“We’re going home.” he sighed as he walked over to you. The rest of your friends turned their head to you, looking at you for an explanation. 

“Woah, not with you.” Damon said standing in front of Kai, preventing him from reaching you. 

“Come on,” Kai said, a smirk growing on his face, “babe." 

All of your friends head swiveled to look at you, their face full of confusion. "Kai.” you said, your face going a fluorescent shade of pink making the smirk on his face grow. 

“Babe?” Damon said, it coming out more of a question than a statement. 

“Oh she didn’t tell you? We’re kind of a thing and I think she kind of likes me or something like that.” Kai said sarcastically, you’d wanted to keep it a secret for so long and here he was spilling the beans. 

“U-Um I-I…” you stammered, not sure what to say and your drunken state really wasn’t helping the situation. 

“Don’t bother talking baby girl, me and Y/N have been together for a few months now and before you kill me for being here I just came to pick her up.” Kai said, your face burning up  when he called you baby girl. 

You slowly stood up, knowing there was no bother in arguing with Kai. You smiled to your friends as their eyes were wide open in surprise. 

“I guess I’ll see you guys later.” you sighed turning to Kai who still had a huge smirk on his face. “and wipe that smirk off your face." 

His smile turned into more of a grin as you walked up to him. You walked into his chest and he wrapped his arms around you, making sure everyone in the room understood that you were his. 

"Kai, stop making a scene.” you groaned into his chest a small hiccup escaping your throat. 

“Okay, okay. I’ll return her later.” Kai sighed, as you began to walk towards the door. Leaving all of your friends confused as to what on earth just happened.

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please just proceed on your "things harry does" please please PLEASE

oKay, I’ll try.| part one

- He sits on the bathroom floor while you showers just to talk to you, because you’ve been away the whole day and he miss you.

- Bite your shoulders/neck while you cook the dinner, because he likes the way you whimper at it.

- Sends you a pic of his look before some important event, because his unsure about all the florals and colors.

- Use your socks, even if his feets are much bigger than yours

- Wake you up in the middle of the night while he talks about packers and sunsets on his sleep.

- Do a lipsync battle with you in the car during a long trip. S&M by Rihanna is his favorite.

- Voice all the friends lines because he’s obsessed by the tv show. Chandler is his favorite, and he always says that you’re his Monica.

- Leave drunk text messages for while he’s in LA. They don’t make much sense, but you smile and roll your eyes at them, since the typos and the “i saw a hiuge dog on the street right now baby, i wish i could cuddle with him but glenne don’t let em,don’t kno w why” message is incredible ridiculous and adorable.

- Will make you eat bananas, but he’ll stare at you with a fucking smirk while you eat.

- He likes to lay on top of you while you read, napping on your chest and sneezing a little bit.

- Facetime Anne every night before you both go to bed, telling her how offended he was because you didn’t shared the leftovers with him.

- Will make red velvet cupcakes to you, because “red is your favorite color isn’t it?”

- He’s not very creative when comes to pet names, so he will call you “babe” most of times, only prolonging syllables so you know what he’s feeling by his “baaaaabe”(when he’s being sly) or “babeeeeyeeeeh” (when he’s drunk and want you attention)

- Writes on his journal about you, but never let you see what he writes. “just when i die, then you can have these” he says shooing you away.

- Has a playlist for sex, and other for road trips, other for wash the dishes, making the dinner and relax. Because “music makes everything betta”

- Will slap your ass everytime you laugh at his accent. “Wot? Well babe that’s me, don’t be rude”

- He will always show you his things first, all the songs he wrote he will sing for you first, asking for your opinion, measuring your reaction so he knows how will be the public reaction, because you’re his number 1 fan.

- Ask for you scratch gently his back up and down till he sleep.

- It makes you split your yogurt with him, giving spoonfuls in his mouth while  responds texts messages in the morning.

- Talks with your mom daily,because they’re best friends. “Im'ma stole her from you” he’ll said to tease you, while he holds her.

that’s all i can think about now, please let me know what you think!



Request: Can you make one were the reader and Josh are in Disney Land and they go on rides and stuff like that please


A/N: i don’t know how the hell are called the cars where you sit in the rides, so i call them “ride car”

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“Oh, my God! Joshua it’s Mickey!” you screamed with excitement while you grabbed your boyfriend’s arm.

“(Y/N) please be mature, we’re not even inside the park” Tyler said rolling his eyes. Jenna looked at him with both brows raised. “What?”

“Ignore that his here, babe.” Josh whispered to your ear.

You smiled and gave Josh a little kiss on his tattooed shoulder. It wasn’t the first time that the guys and Jenna went to Disneyworld but that was your first time there and that was the reason for your excitement.

Once that you entered in the park, Josh opened his arms. “I can smell the cotton candy, baby.”

It was true, you could the smell cotton candy and popcorns too. Certainly, that day was going to be great. Jenna got close to you and put an arm around your shoulders. Both of you smiled.

Some workers gave to each of you a little hat with Mickey’s ears. Tyler and Josh put them on  for a picture. The hat was cute but maybe it wasn’t a good idea using it in the rides, but the boys kept them on.

“Who’s ready for the rides?” Tyler asked. “I think that I’m not.”

All of you decided to go to a part of the park called Adventureland. According to Josh, there was an aquatic ride. A lot of Disney characters said hello to you while you were walking near them. Maybe they reconogised the boys, but it meant a lot to you. You couldn’t stop smiling.

“I love it.” you heard that Josh said, but you were too distracted looking around you so didn’t answered to him. “Babe you’re worse that Tyler when we came the first time!”

“Yeah, yeah, Tyler.”

“Are you even listening to me?”

“I think that the answer to that question is no.” Jenna said while her and Tyler laughed. “She’s excited. Leave her.”

Josh shook his head, gave you a kiss on the cheek and wrapped his arm around your waist. The feeling of him being to close made you come back to the reality. You two didn’t get separated until you arrive at the aquatic ride that Josh mentioned. Before taking a sit next to your boyfriend, you saved your phone and Josh’s hat in your backpack. Obviously, you didn’t want it to get wet.

Tyler, who was sitting in front of Josh, turned back and looked at you. “I hope that you don’t shout as much as Josh did the las time, (Y/N).” you laughed. Jenna turned his head too.

“That’s not true. The only who shouted that day was Tyler.”

“I did it on purpose, of course.”

You put your hand on Tyler’s face and pushed him back. The ride was starting to move. From your seat, you could see the people who had just got out the ride and then you knew that wearing a white T-shirt that day had been a very bad idea. Josh put his hand on your thigh to capt your attention. When you turned your head to look at him, he kissed you in the lips. A smile appeared on his lips when he realised that you were surprised.

“What’s this about, Joshua?”

“It’s about I love you.”

“Oh, come on! Not here!” Tyler said. You hit him on the back of his head in response.

“Good punch, baby.” Josh said before giving you another kiss.

“Thank you.”

“Josh you’re out of the -”

Tyler stopped talking when he realised that the ride car were about to plummet. Josh raised his arms just like Tyler and everybody in the car started to scream. Seconds later, you felt the water falling onto your body. Fortunately you were in  the middle of July.

“Please tell me that they haven’t took a picture of us.” you laughed, pulling on your shirt that had stuck in your body because of the water. “I’ve seen a flash up there.”

“Probably. I’ve seen it too.” Jenna answered shaking her hair. “I bet that we look so sexy in that picture.” 

“I think the same. I’m completely sure.”

Josh helped you to get out of the ride car and winked at you when you gave him back his Mickey hat.

“Babe.” he called you. “Right now I’m seeing to much.”

You looked confused and he pointed to your shirt with his finger. However, you smiled. “It’s not the first time that you see this bra, Jishwa.

“Neither the last.”

Suddenly, Josh pulled you up from the ground and carried you on his arms for a while. “Hey Ty, why don’t you take a picture?” your boyfriend said.

“Sure. Where’s your phone?”

“On my back pocket. Take it, you know the password.”

“Como on, bro. Don’t make me do that.”

At last, Tyler took Josh’s phone from his pocked and took the picture of us.

“Done, love birds.”

The red haired boy let you again on the floor and kissed you on the forhead. You loved when he did that.

“Hey Josh, you have something on your lips.” you said smiling.


“A kiss.”

You kissed him and put your arms around his neck. He grabbed you tight and pulled you closer.

“I love you so fucking much, (Y/N).”

“I love you more.”

You two felt to arms around your bodies by surprise. 

“I love you too much more, love birds.”

“Tyler you’ve ruined everything!”

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 10

Characters: Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Werewolf!Stiles, Isaac Lahey, PackMom!Reader.

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

You felt like your eyes would get stuck in the back of your head because of the countless times you’d rolled them. Peter was over, he’d realized you were single and was trying to show off. You had no interest in what he was saying, you were just trying to feed your son and the multiple teenagers in your house.

“I won first place that time. I lifted 275 pounds.”

You roll your eyes once more and give Derek a glance, who has been teasing you about it all day. “Wow.”

“I know, right?” He downed another drink.

Max was even whiny at this point, Derek walked over and took him out of the high chair.

“Are you tired of hearing Uncle Peter’s lies? Huh, baby?” He kisses Max’s forehead and Peter gives Derek a dirty look.

“They are not lies, Derek.”

“I mean, I think they’re lies.” You shrug and look at him, causing Lydia to snort laughing.

Peter rolls his eyes, getting up from the counter.

You glance over at everyone sat down and you give Stiles a once over. He’s quiet, not interacting with anyone. You walk over and squat beside him.

“Hey, you okay?” He looks at you, almost as if he’s trying to get a read on you. He says nothing, just turns his head away. “Stiles?”

He stands up, pushing his chair far back before walking out, his eyes flashing green once again. You exchange a look with Derek before running outside after him. You grab his arm.

“Stiles. Stiles stop.” You command as he continues to walk, he stops and turns to you, his face falling.

“My name isn’t Stiles. I have no name. Leave me be.” He pulls his arm away and hops into the Jeep, tearing down the road.

You jog up the stairs and meet Derek in the living room. “He said he has no name, so…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He turns to look at you.

“You tell me. You know more about this than I do.” You sigh.

“Well..” He sits Max on the playmat and looks at you, crossing his arms. “It would usually mean he’s possessed by a thing, not a person.”

“A thing…” You run a hand through your hair.

He approaches you slowly, “Yes, like a…a spirit? The Nogitsune was a thing, but a personified thing. It had feelings and fed off of things, but a spirit has no emotion. It’s usually brought into a body for a certain goal.”

“Fantastic.” You look up at him and sigh. “This is all just too much sometimes.”

He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you against his chest. “I know, you get used to it over time.” He pushes your hair away from your face. “I know that a lot of this is new to you and confusing, but that’s why there’s two of us right? I don’t think Stiles is dangerous to anyone right now, the most important thing is to figure out the spirit’s mission.”

You nod, his body around yours making you feel a little less stressed out. You let out a deep breath.

“Hey.” He smiles, tilting your chin up. “We got this, okay?”

You nod and return his smile, “Yeah. We do.”

“Am I interrupting?” Isaac smirks and leans against the doorway.

“Yes.” Derek turns and looks at him. “What do you want?”

“I’m going to Scott’s tonight, lacrosse practice is early in the morning.”

“Are you really going to Scott’s?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Yes! Ask him!” Isaac defends.

“Fine.” You wave him off. “Take clothes for school tomorrow.”

Isaac grins and returns back to the table of teenagers.

“He’s not going to Scott’s.” Derek chuckles.

You lean up and kiss his cheek. “I know.” You giggle with him, sitting yourself on the floor.

“We can go to Deaton with the information about Stiles tomorrow. I don’t want Scott to know. He’ll worry too much.”

“Yeah, I agree. I hope this is something we can take care of quietly.” You nod as Derek sits on the couch.

“Me too.” He whispers.

You had just given Max a bath and put him to bed when you went to your room to change into pajamas.

“Y/N.” Derek called out into the hallway.

You stopped in the doorway. “What?”

He walked over to you, pushing you inside your room and closing the door behind you.

“Derek, what the hell are you do-” You were cut off by his lips on yours, he flicked the lock behind him.

You kissed back, the sexual tension increasing by the second. You pulled back, a small gasp for air slipping out of your mouth. “Derek…”

“What?” He looks from your eyes to your lips.

“We can’t…” You shake your head.

“Why not? Isaac’s out of the house, Max is asleep. The baby monitor is on, Y/N.”

You bite your lip, “I guess you’re right.”

He smirks, “Damn straight.”

He picks you up and carries you to the bed, your shirt coming off in the process. “God, I’ve waited so long for this.” He mutters against your lips.

“Me too.” You smile as he lays you back, butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

When you wake the next morning, you’re snuggled up to Derek, his shirt the only thing preventing you from being completely naked. You groan. This was a mistake. You should’ve waited. You start to get up before he pulls you back to him.

“Come on, babe. Stay with me.”

Your heart flip-flopped when he called you babe. “I have to check on Max.” You quickly peck his nose before climbing out of bed, sliding on your underwear before creeping down the hall. You open Max’s door, his peaceful figure still asleep. You shrug and return back to the bedroom.

“I’m all yours now.” You laugh as you get under the covers.

“Just the way I like it.” He smiles. “We have to do adult things today.” He sighs into your neck.

“I know. I need to call Noah and figure out if Stiles even went home.”

“I can take care of it.” He runs his fingertips up and down your arm.

“Would you? I hate calling him to give him bad news.”

“Anything for you.”

anonymous asked:

oh my god sirius taking care of you on your period he would be so sweet and caring i cri 😭

I don’t have periods but I’ll give this a go

  • it would start with him making a joke
  • and you’d get really irritated and tell him to piss off
  • and then you’d realize you were being snappy and feel horrible and apologize and be so upset with yourself
  • that’s about when he would figure out what was going on
  • and he’d be subtle about it, bc he knows it irritates you when he calls you out on it
  • “babe, why don’t we go up to my dorm for a cuddle? I’Miss cuddlin’ ya.”
  • so you’d go up
  • and you would, in fact, cuddle
  • but he would be so patient
  • and loving
  • always making sure you’re confortable
  • stealing some of Remus’ chocolate for you because
  • “It’s for a good cause. Moony will understand. He’d give it to you himself if he were here.”
  • “Should we invite him to join us, then?”
  • “No, you’re my baby girl and this is our cuddle time, what do you think this is?”
  • “Sirius, do you really want to get sassy with me right now?”
  • “Sorry, Angel.”
  • he’d rub your belly/back when your cramps got bad
  • and play with your hair/scratch your head
  • literally he would wait on you hand and foot
  • sirius would spoil the fuck out of you