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Throwback Thursday

The sisters and I gave my parents this canvas photo of Adelaide for Christmas as a placeholder for an extensive family photo book we intend to create.

Going through boxes of old family photos over the holiday, we found this similar picture of me.

I’m pretty sure my father took this photo, not just because that’s likely his silhouette in the glasses but because those aviators were a staple on him pretty heavily through the 80s. Those and a pair of seriously ratty gray corduroys.

DAD: (after I mentioned the pants) Oh yeah, whatever happened to those?

MOM: Uhhhhh …

When Harry Met Sally


More affectionately referred to as “the cockles anthology”

A timeline of Jensen and Misha’s relationship beginning with their introduction in the season four premiere. As close to accurate to real life (speculation) as possible. 

Arthur Recap Season 13 Episode 6 When Carl Met George

AKA The One About Autism But More Specifically Asperger’s Syndrome

There are two things about this title: 1) The Arthur Wiki claims an alternate title for this episode is “George and the Missing Puzzle Piece” and 2) The title is a “When Harry Met Sally” reference. Whether that means Carl and George will one day down the line become friends/lovers and hold many important conversations about love and friendship, I don’t know. But I do know that it is a damn shame that no one, not even once, says the line, “I’ll have what she’s having.”



George is playing with his friend Carl. They draw pictures and George shows off his picture of a lion. Carl’s only comment is that he doesn’t like brown. Everybody’s a critic, eh? George explains that he loves George’s honesty and the fact that he’s a great artist. He shows of Carl’s drawing of a 1904 steam engine, which, not to be rude or anything, just looks like a cartoon train.

Albeit much more detailed and neatly colored than anything I’ve ever done.

Carl starts talking about all the parts of the train and George gets up and tells us as Carl describes the train’s pistons and whatnot, he will tell the story of how the two met.

It was 1977, the summer after college graduation and the two were driving to New York City from Chicago to start their adult lives…

Oh wait, that’s “When Harry Met Sally”. 

Mr. Lundgren is teaching a woodworking class at the community center and asks George, who is his helper, to fetch more glue from another classroom. In his quest, George meets Carl when he notices Carl’s cool puzzle. Carl explains that it’s some fancy French train and George is intrigued. He asks Carl to hang out but Carl doesn’t get the slang. “Hang out of what?” he asks. However, George thinks that is just Carl’s sense of humor and laughs. His laughing knocks over the puzzle pieces but he doesn’t notice. He gets the glue and tells George that he will see him around.

That is just a cute way for friends to meet. Can’t you just picture them as one of the couples from “When Harry Met Sally”?

At home, George realizes he accidentally took a piece of Carl’s puzzle and decides to return it. Wally (EW) insists on coming along. George, didn’t we learn a lesson about using Wally to make friends?

Back at the community center, Carl remembers George and compliments his backpack. However, seeing Wally causes him to have a sensory attack. Carl’s mom arrives on the scene and in between comforting Carl, she explains to George that Carl has Asperger’s and sometimes reacts badly to unfamiliar situations.

Especially try hard dummies like Wally.

George is confused and distressed; he didn’t want to upset Carl but now he has and there goes their late night phone conversations about love and romance.

George drowns his sorrows at the Powers’ ice cream shop (does that shop have a name? I’m just going to call it Cheers for now) and Brain reveals that his uncle has Asperger’s. He uses the analogy his uncle gave him to explain to George what it’s like:

Imagine that you are on a strange planet. It’s like Earth but it’s a little different–people talk louder, say weird things, and some things are funnier to you than them. It’s hard at first because the people don’t understand you and think you’re weird. However, you learn to adjust. Sometimes you find a special interest that helps you cope to life on the planet. Eventually, you and the people find ways to understand each other: they speak quieter and you use their slang. Although you might fit in, you will always feel a little different but that’s okay. (This isn’t the exact explanation in the episode, but just a condensed version.)

George decides that he wants to try to be friends with Carl again and ditches Wally at home. 

Hopefully George will continue to ditch Wally in the future.

George can’t find Carl at the community center and worries Carl is off somewhere crying because the puzzle piece is missing. However, Carl arrives and is fine. He even doesn’t seem to be mad at George about the Wally thing. George gives him the puzzle but it turns out Carl and his mom made their own. George tells Carl that he has a surprise for him. “If it’s a wooden giraffe, I don’t want it!” says Carl and literally everyone on the planet.

However, it’s a book on trains! Carl enjoys the present and George leaves him.

Back in George’s room, George explains he kept the extra puzzle piece as a memento of their friendship. George also adds that he and Carl have taught each other stuff: George taught Carl some polite small talk and Carl taught George how to speak quietly and not to take it personally if Carl ignores him for trains. Also, how to stop relying on a dummy to make friends.

George asks Carl if he wants apple juice. “I’ll have what she’s having,” says Carl. 

Okay, no he doesn’t but he totally should have.

Grade: A+ (I think this was a really great explanation for Asperger’s for elementary school children without being condescending or overly simplistic. I can’t remember if Carl has been present in other episodes but he totally should since it’d be great to have more autistic regular characters on children’s televisions. Many people in the YouTube comments of the video also praised this episode for representing Asperger’s in media, especially praising Carl’s mother for being there for Carl during his sensory attack. Also, the friendship between Carl and George was super cute with George being especially considerate of Carl’s feelings and interest. Again, why isn’t Carl a recurring character?)

Rating: 89% intense. Friendship is intense. (1989 is also the year When Harry Met Sally was released.)

anonymous asked:

You know when you're watching an specific interview and one leads to another and an hour later you realize 'oh god I need to do other things' ahaha I saw the "love you" one you posted and then the "where's the pizza"... It's so cute how they share the story together, like, repeating the words the other just said, remided me the 'when harry met sally' reference Jen said after that. :)

oh gosh, sometimes it’s just like a black hole.  you watch one and and then you’ve watched them all.  they’re just…so cute.  i can’t with them sometimes.

When Blaine Met Kurt 6.07 Part 2

6X07 analysis continued by WHITNEY:

Blaine walks away as the intro to Time After Time plays. 

Rachel sings the following:

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and I think of you, Caught up in circles, confusion is nothing new, flashback, warm nights, almost left behind, suitcases of memories

It’s a befitting song to where Kurt and Blaine are emotionally in regard to their relationship.  The whole song is actually and the fact that it starts playing during their scene means that it is meant to be for them on the micro sense, whereas Rachel is the macro story line.  The boys are beginning to realize that through all the heartache and pain, they will love each other forever.

Again, Blaine joins his friends in helping Rachel move out, without Dave.  He is also not wearing a bow tie.  This can be inferred to as Blaine questioning his relationship with Dave and where he stands with Kurt.  They have not talked about the kiss.  They have not talked period.

The next scene with Blaine has him entering his apartment with Dave.  Dave goes on and on about a football player named Craig as Blaine is lost in his own thoughts.  He wants to leave Dave.  It can be inferred by his outfit.  Blaine is wearing a similar look to the day he proposed to Kurt - even the same bow tie.  Here we have Blaine willing to put it all on the line for Kurt again, but it’s not as flashy.  He’s wearing a coat after all that covers the yellow sweater.  That can symbolize that Blaine, though he realized he will love Kurt forever, is unsure of where Kurt is at.

Blaine tells Dave that he sung a duet with Kurt, but Dave is not mad about that, because it’s just singing.  This shows the audience another way to show how incompatible they are, because singing is important to both Blaine and Kurt and how they fell in love.

When Dave figures out that Blaine kissed Kurt, he’s not even surprised.  He tells Blaine it is okay, because he knew.  That ever since Kurt returned there was a ticking time bomb on their relationship because Blaine would always love Kurt.  Dave is the mouth piece used to vocalize Blaine’s love for Kurt in this scene, because Blaine has yet to say the words out loud.  Thats important. The first time Blaine says “I love you” to Kurt again, should be to Kurt.

Dave does also give a time line for their dating relationship.  It is now the end of October 2014.  He says they dated for 2 months, which would be the beginning of September.  So they met in July, became friends and then started dating not long before Kurt showed up.  I’ve alluded to Blaine moving in with Dave as a drastic reaction to Kurt moving back to Lima and I feel more solid in this claim.  There was always three people in this relationship.

Now the fact that Dave brings up Craig trying to give him his number, shows that Dave was already moving on as well. This relationship was a rebound for both of them, but they did come to part as friends.  It also goes to show how casual the relationship between Dave and Blaine was.  The creators wanted to show how comfortable with himself Dave was.  The last time we saw Dave, he told Kurt that he was not sure anyone would love him (Sebastian even turned him down), but here we have him confident in finding love.

I’ll leave that up to the individual viewer on whether or not that was enough of a redemption for the character. (Feel free to send me asks.)

Now, remember how earlier in the episode, Blaine and Kurt brought up the Gap Attack.

Blaine says the following line in 2.12:

Wow, I really am clueless. Look Kurt, I don’t know what I’m doing. I pretend like I do and I know how to act it out in song, but the truth is, I’ve never really been anyone’s boyfriend.

Now, it sheds light on what Dave says when he tells Blaine not to sing to Kurt, but to tell him.  Blaine has to talk with Kurt. Both boys have to communicate and move forward.

Next, we have Blaine running to find Kurt in the choir room - the room they were a dynamic duo in.  He pauses for a brief moment to collect his thoughts.

However, Blaine meets Walter for the first time.  The audience is clued in on the fact that Kurt has talked about Blaine to Walter and to great detail.  It can be inferred by the dialogue of “the Blaine” and “nice bow tie.”

The writer of the episode also does a nice throwback to 2.16 with Kurt’s “I’m sorry were you looking for me.”  In 2.16, Blaine gives his romantic speech to Kurt where he said “I’ve been looking for you forever.”  This time, however, Blaine keeps quiet on his real reason for being in the choir room. The whole episode had the boys unsure if the other felt the same way, so Blaine let’s him go, even though it breaks his heart.

However, Kurt can tell something is wrong and it will set up the beginning of the next episode. 

This episode has many throwbacks to important episodes in Blaine and Kurt’s relationship. It brings up the first duet they sang together which causes Kurt to vocalize for the first time that they love each other. It brings up the gap attack episode where Kurt vocalizes to Blaine that he thought Blaine wanted to ask him out, which causes Blaine to tell Kurt that he’s important to him and he doesn’t want to screw it up. That episode also has the “When Harry Met Sally” reference of them getting together in the end.  It also brings up 2.16, the episode that they began dating. So the next episode should be the beginning again.

One episode that explored many firsts of their relationship progression.  That’s a significance not given to any other couple.

So, When Blaine met Kurt.


Thanks for reading.  I look forward to everyone’s thoughts. I’ve glossed over stuff, but if you want further interpretation, the ask box is open.