when han met chewie

friendly little headcanons

  • remember in tcw when chewie met ahsoka?
  • think about chewie telling han stories about her
  • this brave, wonderful padawan who offered him kindness
  • this lovely torguta who saved him
  • one day
  • leia is there when han asks chewie
  • “tell me about that padawan from the island again”
  • and leia listens
  • and leia connects the dots
  • leia’s beyond excited when she realizes chewie knew ahsoka
  • because someone, besides her, remembers
  • (everyone leia knew who knew ahsoka died on alderaan)
  • and chewie is thrilled to hear more stories about this padawan
  • he gets so excited and he roars
  • the whole resistance base gets scared
  • they think leia’s angered him
  • but he’s just 
  • so excited 
  • they sit for hours on end
  • (with han quiet and listening for once)
  • while leia recalls every time she say ahsoka
  • (leia grew up with ahsoka on holocomms and sercret meetings)
  • (leia grew up calling ahsoka auntie snips)
  • and chewie recalls his one adventure with nearly perfect accuracy
  • and leia revels in hearing a story of young ahsoka

request: Could you do an imagine were the reader is Anakin and Padmé’s eldest child, older than the twins by two years and she gets kidnapped which is one of the main reasons why Anakin goes dark? Years later she’s found with the twins, Han and Chewie (her best friends) and Vader can’t bare to harm her because she’s so much like Padmé and himself and it turns him to the light in the end? Fluffy reunion after? If you can thank you. I love your blog, keep up the amazing work! XX

a/n: It’s too late at night to be making myself cry and yet here I am. I was supposed to finish at least three requests tonight but this one started getting long and now I don’t think I can write anything else without making it sad. Oh well, I suppose there’s always tomorrow. Thank you for the request, I hope reading this doesn’t make anyone cry as much as I did writing it. ^-^; It was very fun to write though! Have a lovely night everyone. :)

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