when friends become enemies

“A year of this, seriously?" 

(enemy» friend» friender?)

Y'all Richonne continues to save me and murder me all at the same time!

When Rick says “sometimes enemies can become friends” then looked at Michonne, I believe he was referring to how they first met and their relationship then to now and her now being wifey! That’s why he smiled at her and why she blushed so adorably I can’t with these two 😍😍😍!

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An ordinary day at the office becomes a horrific quest for survival when 80 employees in Bogotá, Colombia, learn that they are pawns in a deadly game. Trapped inside their building, a voice over an intercom tells the frightened staffers that two workers must be killed within 30 minutes. When another ultimatum follows, friends become enemies and new alliances take shape, as only the strongest will remain alive at the end

i loved you, then i lost you {9/final}

a/n: (i literally have no experience of writing these kinds of plots so this is extremely sucky gfsdjflds)

um before i forget since this is the final part i want to apologize for always making weird shit for the plot ?? like i really think this whole namjoon against hoseok plot didnt fit in but i like,,,get side tracked a lot?? rip me 

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pair: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary:  you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

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Taehyung shoved you out the way, letting out a yelp of pain as Yoongi’s knife cut into the lower part of his leg. You were quickly returned back to reality, shaking your head. “T-”

“What in the world are you doing?!” He panted, wincing at the injury.

You shoved him off, signaling you were alright. “Stay there.” You said, rushing after Yoongi. He glared at you, swinging the knife at you. You dodged, quickly reloading the gun and shooting. The bullet had just only missed his shoulder, his head ducking down.

“I should’ve fucking known,” You yelled at him, shoving him to the wall with one hand on his neck, the other restraining his hand with the knife. “I should’ve known you’d betray us.” You stepped closer to him. “Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung, Namjoon, they all trusted you for nothing. For nothing!” You screamed, banging him against the wall. Yoongi said nothing, gritting his teeth together.

“Hey! No playing when I’m not here!”

You shot your head around, gasping out loud when Yoongi took the chance and wrapped his arm around your neck, holding you in a choke hold. (is that what you call it? lol)

Taehyung scrambled up, only to be kicked back down by Hoseok, who looked down at him in pity. “Yoongi,” He whined. “You weren’t supposed to injure them yet.”

“Fuck you.” Yoongi argued, rolling his eyes. Taehyung whimpered underneath Hoseok’s foot, breathing shakily.

“Let me-”

Yoongi dropped you to the ground, sitting on your back and grabbing your arm, twisting it and pulling it back. You yelped, your eyes beginning to tear up.

“Yoongi, you never listen.” Hoseok laughed, stepping off of Taehyung and squatting in front of you. “Let’s see what happens when you become friends with an enemy of mine, shall we?” He slid the gun out of his jacket, reloading it slowly. Taehyung struggled to stand up, putting a hand on the open injury.

Hoseok licked his lips as he aimed, his finger pressing against the tri-


A bullet shot through his arm. Hoseok dropped the gun, letting out a loud ‘fuck!’

You turned your head towards an angry Jungkook, panting heavily. He ran towards you, smashing his knee into Yoongi’s chin. Yoongi fell off of your back as Jungkook helped you up, checking if you were alright. “Are you alright? Oh God..”

“I told you…to get away, you dumbass!”

You stared at his arm, stumbling to stand up. Your eyes followed a tall figure helping Taehyung up, limping every time he stepped.

Yoongi stood up, grabbing his knife. Hoseok wrapped his hand around the wound, allowing the blood to drip to the ground. Jungkook raised his gun to shoot, letting out a loud bang - triggering Yoongi’s alarm. 

He tackled Jungkook to the ground as Taehyung and Namjoon fought off Hoseok, curses being thrown everywhere in the room. You were helpless, emotionally drained, confused. Angry. Sad. 

Your feet were glued to the floor in fear. You were screaming inside your mind, ‘Move, god damn it!’ but they would stay there, and would not move at all. Your stomach tightened into a knot when seeing everyone fighting - all who were once laughing together, bickering, eating together. Smiling together.

Being happy together.

“(y/n), snap out of it!” Jungkook yelled, wrestling with Yoongi. Your head turned towards him as his gun was thrown out of his hand, your eyes widening. Yoongi grabbed the gun, pinning Jungkook down to the ground. 

“Yoongi, no,” You whispered. “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.” 

Jungkook looked up at him in fear as the gun was aimed at his head. “Yoongi, please-” 

“Shut up. Shut up, shut up!” Yoongi yelled, his hands tightening around the gun. 

“How could you?!” Jungkook shouted at him, furrowing his eyebrows together. “You took care of me so well. You can’t kill me. You won’t You’re too weak to do it.” 

Yoongi bit down on his lip, the gun still aiming at Jungkook’s head. 

“I don’t care. You all were about kill Hoseok. He’s done so much more than all of you.” Yoongi whispered, cocking the gun. You regained the feeling in your legs as you slammed into Yoongi’s side. The gun shot. 

You opened your eyes slowly. Jungkook gasped for air as he clutched the wound on his stomach, eyes wide. Yoongi had been knocked out, scratches all over his arms. 

You scrambled towards Jungkook, looking around. “Where did Jimin go?!”

“I..I don’t- fuck,” Jungkook panted, tears rolling down his cheeks. “It hurts, it hurts, (y/n)..”

“Shh, don’t waste your energy. Breathe in and out and try not to focus on the pain, alright?” You applied pressure to the wound with your hands, trembling with fear from the gunshots in the background. 

“(y/n)! What’s wrong with- ugh- Jungkook?” Namjoon yelled. You didn’t respond, lowering your head. 

“It’ll be alright.” You mumbled as Jungkook cried out in pain, blood seeping into the material of his shirt. You flinched as you heard a ‘conk’ of someone’s head banging against the ground, cringing at the sound. “Fuck, where in the world is Jimin..”

You winced at the gunshots, trying your best to hold in your tears. “Can you stand up now, Jungkook?” You looked at him, shaking his shoulder. His eyes were shut. “Jungkook?” You shook his shoulder harder as panic began to rise. “Jungkook, wake up!” You pressed your fingers against his neck. No pulse.

“Come on,” You said shakily, slapping his cheek to try to wake him up. “It’s only a stomach wound. You can survive that. C’mon, Jungkook!” You screamed, hovering over him. Tears splattered onto his oh, so pale cheek, trying to check for a pulse. You began to perform CPR on him, praying he’d survive. Come on, Jungkook. You have to. You have to survive.

“He’s dead. He’s gone.”

You had no time to check who said that as you were kicked off of Jungkook, holding your side. You gasped out loud in pain as Yoongi stabbed his knife into your stomach, letting out another blood-curdling scream. “It’s all over now.” Yoongi murmured, motioning to Taehyung and Namjoon, who were panting and laying on the ground, bleeding, bruised, crying. Yoongi dug the knife further into your stomach. Strangled noises escaped your mouth as the tears ran faster down your cheek, huffing as your breathing began to quicken. 

“JIMIN!” You screamed out loud, squeezing your eyes tightly. 

“Jimin? You talking about him?” Your eyes snapped open as Hoseok held up a limp Jimin. Your mouth widened in shock. Fuck. No. No. No. This couldn’t be happening. Jimin was safe. If Namjoon was able to get here, then-

“One of my friends found him trying to call out for help.” Hoseok smirked, tossing him out of his hands. 

“How..how dare y-” A wave of anger washed over you as you curled your fists into a ball, looking up at the ceiling. “Look at what you did, Yoongi! Jimin and Jungkook are gone. They’re gone!” You sobbed, the hiccups echoing throughout the room. Yoongi’s hands tightened around the knife as he lifted it up, staring at your eyes. 

“Don’t do it,” You whispered. “You can’t afford to lose another one.”

The knife clattered to the ground as tears spilled. You stared at him. Yoongi cried, sniffling quietly. “I-I don’t know what to do anymore…I didn’t want Jimin and Jungkook to die, (y/n).” He looked up at you with teary eyes,  “I’m so so-”

He fell forward onto your chest as his words died off. Hoseok’s gun smoked as he dropped the gun. You laid there, frozen and silent. “Yoongi?” 

You could feel a wet liquid soak into your shirt, shakily bringing your hand up to cover your mouth as you looked down at him. You rolled him off of you, biting down on the inside of your cheek. Blood splattered across his chest, showing that he was shot in the chest. You grabbed the knife next to you as you struggled to get up. 

“(y/n),” Namjoon mumbled. “What..are you doing..”

“I never knew you’d do all of this, Hoseok!” You cried angrily, those hot tears stinging. Hoseok’s gaze was fixated on Yoongi’s body, not saying a word. You limped over to him, the whole room falling silent. You grabbed his collar, glaring at him darkly. “Die in hell.” You pushed him to the ground, raising the knife and stabbing it straight into his neck. Taehyung and Namjoon watched in horror as you continuously stabbed him; even if he was already dead. The sounds were terrifying from the knife ripping open the flesh, the quiet pitter-patters of the blood decorating the ground. 

“Hey, hey, hey!” Namjoon yelled out loud, crawling over to you and pushing you off of him. “What’s gotten into you?!”



“Are you happy now?!” You yelled back at him, throwing the knife out from your hands. “Jungkook, Jimin, Yoongi..they’re all dead now!” 

He fell silent as you gasped for air, sweat beading on your forehead. “They’re all gone.”  You whispered. 

Namjoon’s hand reached out to touch your shoulder, but you flinched and moved away. “What now.” You mumbled. “What am I supposed to do now.” 

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know that this would go to this extrem-”

“You should’ve thought about it more,” you murmured. 

“Yes, but-”

“Namjoon,” Taehyung said firmly, shaking his head. “(y/n), come he-”

“No!” You shot a nasty glare at him. “Don’t think that I’m going to push this all off like it’s nothing. They were people who didn’t deserve to die, who had their whole lives ahead of them!” You slowly and painfully got up onto one knee, struggling to stand up. 

“Don’t stand up, you’re injured!” Namjoon warned, trying to convince you to stay down. You winced as blood spilled out of your wound, clutching it tightly. Taehyung’s eyes widened as he tried to stand up as well. 

“No,” You commanded. “Don’t even try to stand up.” You limped slowly walked towards Jimin’s body, falling onto your knees. You brushed your fingers through his hair, touching his cold cheek. His neck was slit with the blood spilled onto his collar. “Why didn’t you stop Jimin?” You turned to Namjoon. 

“He said he’d be right behind us, but then Hoseok and Yoongi started..” 

“He didn’t tell you about how he was gonna..?”

Namjoon shook his head no. 

You looked back at Jimin and lowered your head down, eyes stinging with the tears that threatened to fall. “I’m so, so sorry, Jimin..” You sobbed, hugging his corpse. You wanted this all to end - all to vanish like a dream, for you to wake up in your bed. You wanted this all to just disappear. The two stayed silent as you cried, cursing out in anger. “Why did it have to be them?!”

“Come on, (y/n).” Taehyung said softly, shuffling up slowly, trying to get you to move to the exit. “We hafta go.” 

“Let go of me,” You muttered darkly. “I’m not gonna leave them.”

“..We have to, (y/n)..” He said quietly underneath his breath. You could see small tears forming in the corners of his eyes, but he quickly blinked them away. 

You looked back at the bodies, staring at them with hope that they’d somehow come back to life and say, “Ha, we got youuuu.” 

“Namjoon, what time is it?”

“You really think I know?” Namjoon rolled his eyes. He walked to the door and peeked outside of it, then walking through and slamming the door closed. Taehyung glanced back at you and dragged you to the door, opening it himself and pushing you through. “It looks like it’s about…8 PM, Taehyung.” 

“No..wait.” Your words slurred as you turned back to look at Jungkook and Yoongi. Small smiles were placed on their faces. Your heart curled up into a ball as you fell weak. Had they finally gone where they wanted to go the whole time?

“We gotta get to the hospital. It’s not that late.” Taehyung said once he walked through the door, nodding to Namjoon. Pain was shooting through your body as the wound was becoming more and more exposed. 

“The hospital is so far, though.” Namjoon sighed. Gesturing for the two of you to join him outside the garage. The cold air whipped your face as your hair was tossed around, the wind howling loudly into your ears. Namjoon looked around, waving at a random stranger. “Um..ex-excuse me, can- no? Alright, then..” 

He wandered around the area, asking others if he could lend their phones. “Oh, thank you!” He finally thanked, smiling brightly. Quickly dialing emergency services. “Yes? Hello? Um..we need an ambulance at…” 

The ambulance arrived quickly. Taehyung cradled you in his arms, checking on the wound. “Um..sir, please just leave it to us, okay?” A woman smiled at Taehyung, nodding for him to get onto the ambulance with you. You winced at the pain as you were strapped to the stretcher, tightening your jaw. 

The ride was just another painful, ten minutes of pain and groaning before all of you arrived. Taehyung shot you a reassuring smile as you entered the room in the hospital, sighing and leaning against Namjoon. “Namjoon?”

“Go ahead.” Namjoon nodded. Taehyung’s bottom lip wobbled as he quietly sobbed into Namjoon’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. I really fucked up.” Namjoon apologized, patting Taheyung’s shoulders. 

“I really, really fucked up.”

You groaned at the sudden flash of light being shone into your eyes, opening them slowly. You strained your eyes, covering them quickly. “Wh- ow!” You yelped as your hands touched your stomach. It was covered with bandages, tiny drops of blood soaking into the white material. 

“Good morning.” You turned to your right, blinking twice to re-focus your vision. An angry Jin was sitting on a chair, folding his arms over each other. “Uh..this isn’t what it looks like, it-”

“I know exactly what happened.” Jin’s eyes were red and puffy. You shut your mouth closed as you pursed your lips together, quick to turn your head to face forward. “..I can’t believe..they..” He mumbled, hiding his face with his hands as he leaned forward. 

“Yoongi and Jungkook..they were smiling, Jin.” You whispered. “They were smiling.” 

“You can’t smile when you die.” Jin sniffled, angrily whipping his glasses off his face. “I can’t believe you guys agreed to this kind of plan. You just made Jimin, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jungkook loose their lives over what, a small feud?”

“I thought- I thought Namjoon’s plan would work,” You said softly. 

“Well, it didn’t.”


The two of you sat in the room in pure silence. You were feeling lighter before, but now you felt as if something, or someone, was weighing down on you. Jin flinched, quickly raising his head as the door slammed open. “Oh, oops..” Namjoon whispered as he dropped the door handle onto the ground with a loud ‘clank.’

Jin stood up and ran to Namjoon, grabbing his collar in his fists. “So you’re the responsible one for this, huh?!” He slapped him harshly, leaving a faint, red mark on Namjoon’s cheek, who was frozen in shock. 

“Jin, wait!” You threw the sheets to the side, standing up with trembling legs. 

Jin looked back at you, then let go of his grip on Namjoon. “Wait, you can’t stand up yet!”

You looked at him with confusion. Why not? You looked down at yourself, then at your hands. You stared up at Jin, furrowing your eyebrows together. “I feel fine.” 

“No, you can-”

You fell over onto your side as your body curled up into a ball. “Shit!” Jin yelled out the door, yelling things you couldn’t hear. Your body was moving on its own - you didn’t feel any pain at all, yet it was reacting as if something was trying to stab it. Your fingertips were tingling as the nurses helped you up and back onto the bed, Jin telling Namjoon to, ‘Get out!’ 

Jin rushed over to your side and put his hand on your forehead. “Don’t worry. It’ll go away soon.” You nodded tiredly, trying to resist the urge to close your already heavy eyelids. “Go to sleep. It’s fine.” 

A faint but annoying alarm set off right next to you as you shot up, licking your dry lips. You looked around, then glanced at the alarm clock next to you, sitting on a small table. You slammed the Off button and looked down. You were sitting in your bed. “Jin must’ve let me out.” You smiled, shuffling out of your bed and outside your room. 

“(y/n)!” Taehyung ran up the stairs, tackling you down to the ground. You shrieked from surprise as your head hit the floor. 

“Hey! I’m still injured, what’s the deal!?”

“Injured?” Taehyung looked at you with confusion, his eyes darting around your body. “Where?”

You pointed to your stomach. “I got injured there..don’t you remember?”

“I think you’re just tired. You got a new job, after all~” Taehyung smiled, ruffling your hair up. You blinked. Something was wrong. What new job? You never remembered ever thinking of any other job than the one you had. “Anyways, you woke up late today. So here I am to wake you up!” He kissed you on the cheek, then rose up to his feet, bouncing down the stairs. “I made breakfast!” 

You laid there with your mouth agape, trying to process what was happening. You were bracing yourself for the pain to settle in. Taehyung must be out of his mind. 

You got up cautiously and trudged downstairs, slowly walking towards Taehyung, who handed you a plate with pancakes stacked on top. “Here!” He grinned as you took the plate in hand. He turned around to return to cooking, but a gleam of light caught your attention. You placed the plate on the counter and grabbed his hand, staring at it with wide eyes. 

“Why do you still have this ring she gave you?” You asked frantically, looking up at him. 

“..She?” He asked, raising his eyebrows. 


“..You mean that girl I used to date in college?”

“Yes!” You pointed at the ring placed atop of his finger. “I thought…I thought you were over her!”

“You’re really messed up today, (y/n),” Taehyung took your other hand and put it next to his. “We’ve been married for at least a year now. Did you stay up really late last night?”

You trembled in fear, staring at the ring on your hand. You never remembered doing this. “What about my disease?” 

“Disease? Jin said you were fine.” 

“No, I mean the Hanahaki Disease!”

“..Hey, do you need to lay down?” Taehyung put his hand on your forehead, showing genuine concern. “You’re acting weird.” 

“No- I have the Hanahaki Disease. Namjoon, he-”

“Namjoon?” Taehyung stiffened up, furrowing his eyebrows. “Who’s that?”

“He..he..” You looked around, tears welling up in your eyes. 

Taehyung sighed. “I think I should ask Jin if this is just stress..”

“It’s not,” You whispered. 

Taehyung stared at you with a small smile plastered on his lips. “I’m sure you’ll be fine tomorrow.” He turned back to the stove and turned it off, then returned to smile at you. “Let’s go out for today.”

He ushered you to change into new clothes, saying he’d be ready also in five minutes. You looked at yourself in the mirror. Shorts and a black shirt. Messy bun. Taehyung walked in, showcasing his clothes. “Whadya think?”

He wore ripped jeans with a checkered black and red shirt, his messy hair being pressed down with a snapback. You put your hand to your heart as it’s beating accelerated. Taehyung laughed, walking over to you and grabbing your hand. “Let’s go.” He led you downstairs and out the front door, gripping your hand tightly as you tried to tie your shoelaces with one hand. “It’s hot, isn’t it?” 

“It’s…eh.” You mumbled as he walked you to the car. You started to walk to the driver’s seat, but Taehyung stopped you. 

“It’s my turn today. You can sit in the passenger seat.”

You blinked, then realized this wasn’t your car. “Oh.” Your cheeks flushed as you quickly hopped in the car, securing yourself with the seat belt. “Where are we going?”

“We’ll just drive around until I see something cool,” He smiled at you. You stared at him, then bursted out into laughter. 

“That- you’re dumb,” You laughed, holding your sides. Taehyung laughed with you as he held your hand, bringing it to his lips. 

“I love you, (y/n).”

You awoke to a cold hand pressing against your shoulder, looking around frantically. “You’re awake!” You looked up at Taehyung, who was smiling at you happily. You looked at his leg, which had a small coverage of bandages. 

“Give me your hand.” You ordered. He looked at you with confusion but did as asked. Your stomach fell when his hand was empty from a ring, looking up at him with disappointment. 

“It was a dream.” You muttered. 

“What did you dream about?” He asked. 

“Nothing.” You replied. “Nothing that matters, anyways.”

He played with his fingers. “Namjoon..wanted to um..apologize for everything..since you know..” 

“Don’t remind me about it.” You whispered through clenched teeth. Your eyes were stinging with tears once again. 

“…You were really struggling last night,” Taehyung exhaled. “I could hear you screaming from the other room.” 

“Was I?” You wiped your tears away, sniffling. “I was too busy dreaming, I guess.”

“You said you didn’t dream about anything.”

“I said that it didn’t matter.”

He cleared his throat. “You..Jin said the disease has gotten too far. You let it consume you completely. That’s why your body was reacting that way.” He looked down at his hands, sniffling loudly. “He can’t do surgery to remove it now. It was too late. You can’t live more than a few months, (y/n).” 

You sat there in silence. “I guess I should’ve expected that.” 

“That’s your reaction?!” Taehyung gasped out loud, turning to you. “What’s with this?! You’re acting as if that’s nothing!”

“It was coming for me anyways. I already knew it was too late.” 

“I can’t believe this,” Taehyung let out an exasperated laugh, angrily combing his fingers through his hair. “You’re acting as if this won’t affect anyone.”

“It won’t.”

“I’ve already lost all of my closest friends. It’s taking all of me not to cry, you know?!” He shouted at you, making you flinch. “You’re one of my closest friends, and now you’re being taken away from me too.” 

You looked at him with a stoic expression before he stormed out. Jin walked in not too long after. He looked weary with dark eye bags beneath his eyes. “Hi.”

“Hi.” You replied. 

“Taehyung probably told you…?”


“…I can let you out if you want. You only have a few months so..you should try doing new things, you know?” He smiled. 


“Yeah. Just..don’t tell anyone.”

You combed your fingers through your hair and left the hospital. Namjoon was talking to you, apologizing about eighty times. “It’s fine.” You turned to him and Taehyung. “I want to spend as much time as I have with you two.”

“Where?” Namjoon asked.

“Just somewhere. Around here.”

Taehyung stayed quiet, but nodded along with Namjoon. “Whatever you say, (y/n).”

June 1st, 2017. Thursday, 10:00 AM.

For the first month, the three of you were always quiet. No jokes, barely any smiling. Namjoon still felt guilty and ashamed; Taehyung still couldn’t forget about those words you said. You didn’t want to stir up anything. 

June was a calm month to travel with - the three of you ventured outside and took pictures of areas near your area; you stayed away from down town. 

The last week of June had loosened you guys up a bit, but not enough so that you were all giggling like children and making jokes every time someone fell over. 

July 1st, 2017. Saturday, 9:00 AM.

The deaths of Yoongi, Jimin, and Jungkook really sunk into all of you. You woke up earlier because of crying. Jin gave you pills to control the pain you were experiencing from the disease. 

The three of you didn’t travel much, actually. Most of the times, the three of you were sitting on the couch. Eating. Some laughs here and there.

August 2nd, 2017. Wednesday, Noon.

The death of Jimin spread throughout the news since he was, after all, quite rich; making it worse for all of you. Namjoon isolated himself in his room, worrying both you and Taehyung. He only accepted food, but barely ate it. 

Unless it was chips. 

August 6th, 2017. Wednesday, Noon.

“Namjoon, come out,” You knocked on his door. 


You were surprised he actually answered.

“Jimin’s family is here.” 


The door slowly unlocked as he walked out of his room. You led him downstairs to a tired looking pair. 

“Hi. You must be Namjoon, correct?” The woman asked. 

“Yes.” Namjoon nodded. 

“I’m his mother. We understand that..Jimin has..” The tissue in her right hand crumpled up in her fist. “Died because of an accomplice of Jung Hoseok.” 


“We’re doing an investigation right now, and (y/n) has told us that you’ve been feeling guilty about it.” She gave him a light smile, the corners of her eyes crinkling the same way Jimin did when he laughed. “We wanted to tell you that it’s okay. It’s hard for all of us.” 

Namjoon stared at her with awe, then smiled back, straightening his back. “Thank you.”

Jimin’s parents left after a bit of talking. Jungkook and Yoongi’s parents or family had no care for them. 

“Feeling better?” You asked Namjoon, sitting down on a chair. He shrugged. Taehyung shifted over uncomfortably, brushing the hair out his eyes. “Let’s go to the bakery today.” 

October had come quickly, barging into the calm weather with it’s wind. All of you had loosened up and were getting ready to go out. You laughed as Namjoon and Taehyung raced out the door, screaming, “I WON!” 

“Ready to leave?” You asked the two, then darted off past the houses, past the buildings. You clung onto Taehyung’s back while running, pointing forward. “I think it’s near there!” 

He stopped when he tripped over a rock, earning a hearty laugh from Namjoon. “You- You tripped over a..oh my god, a rock-”

“Shhh!” Taehyung grumbled, brushing the dirt off his knees. You sat up, looking down below. You sat on a tall, grassy hill, the wind pushing your hair forward. 

“Jimin told me to come here once in a while. He said it always made him happy,” You exhaled happily, crossing your legs. Taehyung grinned as Namjoon sat down next to you. 

“Oh. There’s a river down there.” Taehyung pointed down. You glanced down again, fingering a picture from your pocket. You stared up at the picture, then handed it to Taehyung, then stood up, brushing off your pants. “Are you going somewhere?” He looked up at you, holding the picture between his two fingers. You nodded, grinning. 

“I’m gonna meet Yoongi, Jungkook and Jimin again..” 

“Meet…? Wait..you don’t mean-” Taehyung reached his hand out towards you. 

You jumped forward and off the hill, feeling the rush of adrenaline run through your body. You hit the river hard as it knocked the wind out of you. The cold water rushed into your mouth as it widened, making you couch. Your eyes were feeling heavy as tiny, yet pretty flowers were drifting from your mouth. 

Before your eyes closed, you could still stare up at the flowers. They were not longer stained by any blood. They were back to normal. 

They were signals that told you that you were dying. 

You could see a pair of sneakers splash into the river before you shut your eyes closed.

Jin slammed a bottle of wine down onto the table. He cried silently as the glass of wine spilled over. He had lost Yoongi, Jimin, Jungkook - and now you. 

Taehyung sat besides him, sparking up a lighter. Taking the picture you had given him before jumping, he touched the corners of the picture and watched as it burned. He dropped the burning picture onto the table and laid his head on the table to sleep - the only way he could speak to you now.

a/n: wow even im disappointed with this ending,,pls dont hurt me 

this wasnt the ending i was going for, but i guess my mind just forgot about the original ending,,,,look how much of a writer i am 

im super sorry again if this didnt make you as excited im not gonna be surprised if this flops honestly 

sorry im very negative when it comes to judging my writing gfydhifjds

thank you for supporting this series though. i really did enjoy writing this actually, for you guys 

i also gained a lot and im so ??? fgydufhdsk THANK YOU THOUGH ILYY

Raiding TATFS’s Sub List- Fic Recs Beginning with ‘M’

     Mine To Hold                by Auraki   
Rey must keep her secret away from the new Supreme Leader at all costs. But Kylo Ren has always been covetous of his possessions and this time he won’t let her slip through his fingers so easily.

     Mistakes were made                by Lubylu1989   
How could one night of letting loose end up with such a mistake? A combination of obsession and alcohol ends up with Rey in bed with her arch nemesis, resulting in a bond neither of them expected. Through it Kylo pursues Rey, deciding it to be the perfect tool and weapon against the jedi. While rey struggles to comprehend what it means for her future.

     Modern Gods of the City                by TearoomSaloon   
Being a goddess of attraction doesn’t mean she’s good at this “making the right people fall in love” thing. In fact, she’s bad. She’s really, really bad.Rule number one:
Never carry a pre-loaded arrow.

     Monsters Inside                by LikeMmmCookies   
Rey is the last in a dynasty of legendary werewolf hunters. Kylo Ren is a born-werewolf, poised to become a powerful druid. When Rey learns she isn’t who she thinks she is, friends become enemies. Rey and Kylo have no one to turn to, except each other.

     My Soul to Take                by Bookworm987   
Sweat was pouring down her face in tiny rivers. She didn’t have the time to wipe it away. He wasn’t holding back this time, and she was barely breaking even with him.

“I’m here. Where’s my chauffeur hat?”
“Here, use mine,” Butch said, outing a B Sox cap and throwing it over. “It’ll help that hair of yours.”
The angel caught the thing on the fly and stared at the red S. “I’m sorry, I can’t.”
“Do not tell me you’re a Yankees fan,” V drawled. “I’ll have to kill you, and frankly, tonight we need all the wingmen we’ve got.”
Lassiter tossed the cap back. Whistled. Looked casual.
“Are you serious?” Butch said. Like the guy had maybe volunteered for a lobotomy. Or a limb amputation. Or a pedicure.
“No fucking way,” V echoed. “When and where did you become a friend of the enemy—”
The angel held up his palms. “It’s not my fault you guys suck—”
Tohr actually stepped in front of Lassiter, like he was worried that something a lot more than smack talk was going to start flying. And the sad thing was, he was right to be concerned. Apart from their shellans, V and Butch loved the Sox above almost everything else—including sanity.
—  Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11) by J.R. Ward

Some Snape AU’s

AU where Snape is a kind slytherin who doesn’t use the Dark arts to get a girl that doesn’t like him that way.

AU where Snape and the Marauders become friends instead of enemies forever.

AU where when Lily says she likes James, Snape accepts it gracefully and encourages her to ask him out or take him to see this really good muggle movie thats supposed to be coming out that christmas.

AU where Snape was always on the side of good, but could be a spy for the order because he is actually a good spy/actor.

AU where Snape is a great teacher, but because the dark lord could return any minute, he just gives off a dark demeaner, but still doesn’t insult his students of treat them unfairly.

AU where Snape is not a Students Bogart, and he isn’t bullying a student because he “loved” the kids’ mother.

AU where Snape actually teaches Harry Occlumency instead of torturing and going through his thoughts expecting Harry to actually know what to do.

AU where During an Occlumency lesson, Snape finds out about the order and gives harry some advice on making potions that could be used as smoke bombs or other useful things in a battle.

AU where Snape is actually trustworthy by everyone and not just “Dumbledore trusts him”

AU where Snape actually earns the title of “Bravest man I ever knew” and not because Harry finds out snape liked his mom.

AU where Snape is not a creepy, bully.

AU where Snape is actually a good Character.

Nerdy Ashton smut

Nerdy ashton smuttt

(It’s more a story than actually smut haha but just read it👍)


“Today you’re going to get paired up for an essay that’s have to be done this friday” our English teacher Miss calder says. “Okay, Luke is paired with Whitney, Jason with Denise. Gibby with Alexandra. Calum with Sydney. Michael with Jade. Brad with Daisy. Eddie with Pam. Josh with John. Rick with Simon. Thomas with Katy and last but not least Ashton with y/n” she says. Everyone starts whispering. “Quiet, the essay has to be about your friendship, write a story about when you met, how you’ve become friends or enemies or whatever” she says. “Friday it has to be done” she says and then the bell rings. Everyone walks out of the classroom to their lockers. “Uhm y/n” ashton says. “Yeah Ashton” you say. “When do you wanna do the uhm… the essay?” he asks. “Uhm maybe today at my house?” you say. “Okay, uhm fine by me, can I ride with you?” he asks. “Sure, grab your things and we can go” you say. Ashton grabs his things from his locker and put it in his bag. “There is our favorite nerd” The populair boys from the school say. “Leave him alone Jack” you say and walk to them. “Oh y/n y/n y/n why don’t you understand that we populair kids have to bully the losers” he says. “I need to do an essay with him so leave him alone” you say. Jack’s fists hit Ashton’s face and he falls down to the ground. “Stupid faggot, stay away from us” Jack yells and he walks away with his so called ‘friends’. “Ash, are you okay?” you ask. “Where are my glasses?” he asks. “Uhm here” you say and hand him his glasses. “Thanks, maybe I shouldn’t go home with you” he says. “Yeah you should Ash, for me you are not a faggot, please Ash, you are not a faggot, you are just a smart boy who’s the victim of some stupid footballer who thinks he’s cool and can bully the unpopulair kids” you say. “Then at least go, everyone is still looking” he says. You help him up and walk out of the school with him.


You walk inside your house with Ashton. “Do you want some ice for your cheek?” you ask him. “Yeah, thank you” he says. “It’s fine” you say and grab some ice for him. You wrap the ice cubes in a towel and hand it to him. He softly places the towel on his cheek. “Should we start with the essay?” he asks. “Yeah, my laptop is upstairs, come on” you say and run up the stairs. “Do you want me to type?” Ashton asks. “Feel free, my laptop is still on” you say. Ashton opens word and starts the tittle. ‘How we met’. You two duscuss some things and after a hour of not all to serious work you have one and a half piece of paper full. “Great, may I type for a seconds” you ask seeing a mistake Ash made. “Yeah ofcourse” he says. You sit on his lap and rewrite the sentence. He shifts a bit. “Ash, are you okay?” you ask. “Uhm yeah” he says. “I need to go y/n” he says and stands up which almost causes me to fall. “Ash, everyone has a boner now and then” you say. “Yeah, but not when they are supossed to be doing an essay” he says. “Well fine, we will finish it tomorrow okay” you say. “Yup, better idea” he says and leaves your house.


You walk to the cafetaria and see Ashton sitting with his friend. You recognize them but don’t know their names. You walk to their table. “Can I sit here?” you ask. The three boys look shocked. “Guys, uhm, this is y/n” Ashton says awkwardly. “But your populair” one with white hair and a black stripe in the middle says. “Well, can I sit or not” I ask. “Yeah ofcourse” Ashton says. “Why do you sit with us nerds?” a blond tall one with cute glasses asks. “Why do you believe you are a nerd. You can also be just smart and nice, you don’t have to be a nerd for that” you say. “She just sits her because she wants too” Ashton says. “I agree” you say. “Ey Ashton can we hang out today?” the one with black hair asks. “Is that okay with you y/n, because we need to finish the essay” Ashton asks. “Yeah, let’s chill today and we will do the essay later, I’m y/n what you already know but I’ve never got one of your names” you says. “I’m Luke, Luke Hemmings, I’m in your math and history class” Luke says. “You got an a yesterday for math didn’t you?” you ask. “Yeah I did, great that you remember” he says. “Now it’s my turn Lucas, I’m Michael but you can call me Mikey” Michael says. “And I’m Calum” Calum says. “Well, nice to meet you all” you say. “Do you like video games?” Michael asks. “Yeah I do, since my brothers are Justin, Dylan and Nick are my brothers I have to like video games, they play it day and night so I played with them a lot” you say. “Bring it on then later” Michael says. “I will if you are not too scared to lose from a girl” you say and then the bell rings. “See you after school” you say and walk to your next class.


Since you are an hour later out of school then the boys Ashton texted you his adress and you were now driving to his house.


“Hi y/n” Luke says and opens the door. “Hi Lukey” you say. “Come inside, we are playing Call of Duty, ugh I hate that game” Luke says. You step inside. “Helloow” the boys say. “Hi” you say. “Wanna play?” Michael asks. You nod and take a controler and restart the game.


The three hyper active boys just left you and Ashton to do the essay but to be honest, you were horny as hell. Just thinking about yesterday and what could have happened. His dick is probably huge and … “Y/n, uhm, you were daydreaming a bit, shall we do the essay?” Ashton asks. “Yeah sure” you say and walk up the stairs. You lay on his bed and Ashton start typing again. “You make a grammar fault there Ash” you say. “Huh, where y/n? I don’t see it” he says. You don’t hessitate and sit on his lap again. You rewrite the sentence. There wasn’t a fault at all. You feel Ashton shiften a bit. “Y/n I uhm…” he says. “I don’t care Ashton, I can even help you with it” you say knowing he’s horny. “But I have no expieriance at all” he says. “I’ll help you” you say and kiss him. “Just kiss back and use your tongue” you mumble. He does what you tell him to do. He softly places his hand on your waist. “You’re doing fine” you mumble. “Great to hear” he mumbles. You grab the hem of his shirt and lift it over his head. “Gosh Ashton” you say seeing his abs. “Don’t you like it? Did I do something wrong?” he asks. “Not at all” you say. You lift up your own shirt and throw it next to Ashton’s. “On the bed” you say. Ashton lays on the bed and you start kissing again. “Feeling comfortable?” you ask and he nods. He puts his glasses off and lets his hands glides to your back. “May I?” he asks with a smirk. “Go ahead, get me naked” you say. He unlocks the clip of your bra and lays it next to you on the bed. You sit right up and unlock his belt and slide his jeans down. “But what if I do something wrong?” he asks and stops me. “Well, you just have to cum when you feel like cumming, there isn’t anything you can do wrong” you say. “Okay” he says and pulls his boxers down. You bend over and softly lick the tip. He lets out a loud moan. You start licking the whole base and feel his tip hitting the back of your troath. You ignore your gagging and keep pleasuring him. He’s a moaning mess. “I’m going to cum, I just feel it” he says. You moan on him which causes him to twich and cum. You swallow all and then let his dick go with a pop. “Do I have to pleassure you now?” he asks. “No, let’s get started with the real job” you say. “Okay, lay down” he says. You lay down. He unbottons your jeans and pulls them down with your underwear. “Now do I just uhm yeah?” he asks. “Jup” you say. “I don’t have a condom” he says. “Geez you fucking kidding me?” you asks. “I’m sorry, uhm I can look in my moms room” he says. “No wait” you say an grab your make up. You grab your extra condom. “And now please just hurry up” you say. He nods and thrust into you. You let out a loud moan. “God Ashton” you moan. “Am I doing it good?” he asks slowly going in and out. “If you would be a bit faster yeah” you say. He nods and speeds up. “Oow god, keep doing that” you moan. He lets out a loud grunt. His thumb goes to your clit and he rubs it. You feel your stomach tighten and you know your close. “I’m cumming” you say. You feel Ashton release inside condom the same moment you release. Ashton pulls out, throws the condom away and lies breathlessly next to you. “That was good” he says a bit unsure.


I swear to God I’ll pull this trigger by britanniafork || GTA AU mix

[image] [listen] - 10 tracks, 39 minutes

Pretty Handsome Awkward - The Used || Hysteria - Muse || Unbreakable - Fireflight || Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back - My Chemical Romance || Misery Company - Kaiser Chiefs || The Bitter End - Placebo || Die Tonight, Live Forever - Innerpartysystem || My Demons - Starset || When Friends Become Enemies - Marina City || The Blackout - Get Scared

Oh so you wanna be a little bitch now? Tell ya what, we’ll steal your place to party and have an amazing night there without inviting you because nobody needs your new attitude. Then we’ll talk about all the best drunken moments right infront of you to let you know your presence was not welcome. You just lost a group of friends bitch, dueces~