when friends are angry at another friend

Ted Bundy made life very difficult for his stepfather. Johnnie Bundy tried his hardest to bond with the young boy, but he was aloof to him and refused to be seen with him. Bundy claimed he was “mortified” by his stepfather’s rusty old car, and that he thought of him as a nobody. As he got older, he suddenly refused to call him dad. He then resorted to calling him “father” and eventually “John”. According to close friends, the two of them were very similar, despite their defiance to one another. Johnnie had an incredibly short temper and would whack Ted for his sarcastic or rude remarks. Ted would do the same to other children, getting angry over the smallest of things. Ted’s hatred toward the man his mother loved is probably out of jealousy: When they moved in together, the young Bundy was made to sleep in his own bedroom, away from his mother. He was also bitter over not knowing his biological father. When friends assured Ted that Johnnie wasn’t so bad and that he should appreciate him more, he snarled: “Well, at least you’re not a bastard.”

"Why do you Care?"

2p America x Reader.


I hummed walking into Allen’s house. We were suppose to hang out today but the cunt stood me up. I was angry and bitter of course, but he didn’t answer my phone calls or texts and I got a little worried. So I’m checking out his place first.

I called out taking off my jacket “Allen?” My call echoed through the house… It didn’t receive a response… I huffed turning bitter again, don’t tell me he stood me up for another stupid whore, and a one night stand….

See, Allen and I were just friends, granted I wanted to be more then friends but When I confessed to Allen he treated it Like I was joking and said he loved me too but I could tell it was in a friend way. Darn near broke my heart to say the least.

I walked through the house finding everything empty. I opened his bedroom door and suddenly let out a horrified scream “Allen?!” Much to my horror, he had hung himself. I quickly ran pulling out my pocket knife and cut the rope as quickly as possible!!! He fell to the floor and I jumped off the bed since I had climbed on to cut him down. I collapsed to my knees “A-Allen!!! Answer me!!!” I shook him slight but received no answer!!! I dialed 911 and out it on speaker and set it on the floor as I put my hands together and began doing CPR. I wasn’t going to let him die. I told the operator what happened and she told me EMS would be here as soon as possible. I had started to cry as I did CPR. I stopped momentarily and moved to his head and held his nose as I gave him breaths. Never did I imagine that the first time our lips touched would I be giving him CPR to try and save his live.

EMS showed up and quickly loaded him up and I followed them into the car as the managed to get his heart pumping again and luckily the rope didn’t snap his neck… I quickly called Oliver, Matthieu, and Francois… Just close family. I’ll tell Lutz and Yang later.

In the hospital I sat in a chair in the waiting room trying not to cry. Now let me tell you, I never cry. Not once have I cried since I was a kid. But I was very close to this time.

‘If I lose Allen…’

The thought went unfinished as tears pricked my eyes and I heard Oliver call my name “(Y/n)! Dearest!!!” I got up and hugged him “Oliver! I’m sorry! I just found him and I did CPR, but-” Oliver patted my back and hugged me tightly “Shhh, at least you found him…” I sniffled slightly and hugged him. I hugged Matthieu and Francois as well and we al sat around until the doctor came… we stood up as he sighed “Well, I’m glad to say that Allen will be fine physically. Thanks to you.” I raised an eyebrow “Me?” He nodded “When you preformed CPR before EMS arrived, it saved his life. Any longer with out The emergency aid, and he would have been too far gone to bring back.” I shook slightly letting out a breath… Oliver asked timidly “Doctor, you said he would be fine Physically?” The doctor nodded “Yes um, we believe it would be best for him to seek help for himself mentally. We did blood tests and found that he had consumed pulled and alcohol together in alarming amounts, this is most likely what led him to have suicidal thoughts… I recommend programs that will help him deal with his mental problems and help him restrict himself of alcohol consumption and the pills he has taken.” We all nodded and followed the doctor to the room he was in.

We all stayed around his sleeping form for hours until one by one everyone left… except for me… my hand found his and I gave it a comforting squeeze “Don’t worry buddy… I’ll be here for you the whole way…” I was tired… I hadn’t slept at all. I wanted to be awake when he woke up. It was now about 4:49 in the morning when I started dozing off… suddenly I heard a groan and my head snapped up to Allen’s face as I saw it twist in pain and confusion and his eyes began to crack open!!! I sat up yawning slightly but excited nonetheless! He looked around “What the…” I scooted forward like an excited puppy “Your awake.” He looked at me “(Y/n)? What are you doing here?? What happened?” I kept my hold on his hand “Well, I got worried after you didn’t show up at the batting cages like we agreed I went to check out your house and found you…” he said looking down almost embarrassed “Oh…” I nodded “I kept you alive until EMS came and brought you to the hospital.” He pulled his hand from mine “Doll face you shouldn’t have saved me.” My eyes widen a bit in disbelief as I stood up and leaned towards him to make sure I heard him right “What?” He huffed looking towards the window “You should have let me die…” I stared at him for a moment before-


He yelped holding his cheek “Ow!!! What the hell?!?” I had just slapped the shit out of him. I gripped the rails on the side of the bed harshly “You fucking selfish bastard!” I never ever cursed at Allen with anger, so he was surprised “I Have fucking stood by your side since middle school! I stood there by your side when you got into constant trouble, when you had some new girl hanging off your arm, and when it would back fire and you’d come running to my house so you could cheer up! I’ve spent half of my lift doing things for your best interest! Never expecting anything back, but then you go off thinking that you can do some crazy stupid ass bullshit like this and be the victim?!” He stared at me in shock as I growled “What the fuck is wrong with you?! Pulling a stunt like that doesn’t ever get rid of those nasty feelings, it just passes them off to the closest person! Me!!!” Allen suddenly snapped “Why do you care so fucking much?!” I snapped back it thinking before I spoke “Because I’ve been in love with you since sophomore year of high school!!!” Suddenly he looked shocked again and it went quiet….

I stood up straight with a huff “I’m done, I don’t fucking need this. I’ve stayed up ever since I found you just so I could be awake when you finally woke up…” tears began to brim my eyes as I turned and grabbed my coat… I began putting it on and walked to the door. I grabbed the handle “Wait… doll…” I huffed turning my head just enough to see him out of the corner of my eye. He looked broken now… “I-I’m sorry…” and just like that, all my anger faded away again. So easily because I really did love him… he always forgave me easily too. I turned around with a sigh. I walked up to the bed and brushed his hand out his his face since he was sitting up now. I wiped away a stray tear on his cheek “Hey come on now, if you cry your gonna darn near break my heart…” he suddenly hugged me tightly and I froze for a moment but slowly slid my arms around him and hugged him tightly. We stayed like that… He suddenly whispered “I love you too…” I pulled away slightly “What?” He looked down sadly “I love you, I just never thought I had a chance or deserved you. Plus when I decided one…” he sighed having trouble “Ya know trying to kill myself, I saw that you were talking to the guy who was a police officer… I figured if I wasn’t around you could finally get what you wanted.” I sighed “That cop is cute and all but he doesn’t compare to you.” He huffed “Yes he does. He makes good money, he’s a hero, he’s adored by everyone…” Allen waved his hand slightly “He’s like a fucking fallen angel or some shit.” I hummed and looked into Allen’s eyes putting my forehead against his slightly getting close to his lips “Well, everyone always notices the Fallen angel But never the Ascending demon.” He blinked and began to chuckle and suddenly pressed his lips to mine! I kissed back and he chuckled pulling away “Doll face I’m sorry…” I huffed “Well besides the fact. Your getting help for your drinking and pill taking.” He huffed “It was only that time because I was too chicken shit to do it while I was sober. I promise with you by me I’ll be better… I just… really thought no one loved me…”

My facial expression softened “Oh Allen… I’ve already loved you for a long time.” He tugged on me “Sleep here with me. You’re tired doll.” I sighed giving in easily “Yeah okay…”

[Next morning]

Oliver giggled as his eyes laid on the sight before him. You and Allen sleeping in the same hospital bed tightly hugging each other and seemingly at peace. Matthieu and Francois stood by… Francois whispered “We should just let them be…” Matthieu nodded “Allen will be fine now. He’s got exactly what he needs.”

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I feel really good among group of my friends and try to be good friend, but sometimes i am low on esteem, down or just feeling annoying. I worry they will ignore me, get annoyed and get mad at me for not being positive. And sometimes i feel like that group of would do better without me. Any advice since you probably have experience because of the Ainz Ooal Gown guilt?

A guild is much like a rollercoaster ride.  There are good times, there are bad times and times when you get angry at one another over a full party wipe on raid night.  The important thing is that everyone is friends at the end of the day.  I would suggest that you confide in your closest guildmate or guildmaster.  Any guildmaster worth his own salt will help find a solution.  If everyone is unapproachable, then you should really reconsider whether these people are your friends or if you’re part of a rotten guild.  Keep in mind that connections are made through mutual vulnerability.  Locking yourself away from your comrades will lead to estrangement.  Breaking bread and shedding the blood of your enemies together will strengthen any and all bonds. (Don’t address the guild in a public setting on this issue.  It will get messy.)

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1. Are you named after someone? Actually, I am… a friend of my mom, that she says was very beautiful and very intelligent and had a very nice name, sooooo….

2.When was the last time you cried? like Tuesday? mate, my brain take a lot of minor inconveniences out of proportion, and I am an angry crier, which means I cry a lot! 

3. Do you like your handwriting? nope…

4. What is your favorite lunch meat? I’m vegetarian.

5. Do you have kids? nope.

6. If you were another person, would you be friend with you? I’ve been told (by no other than my dad) I am terrible to deal with…in compensation, mommy just say I’m okay but I’m kinda aggressive and methodic, soooo…nope, I wouldn’t

7. Do you use sarcasm? a lot. 

8. do you still have your tonsils? I don’t know.

9. Would you bungee jump? no, nopti, no

10. What’s your favorite kind of cereal? Nescal Cereal.

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?No, but I have to untie them to put on, cuz I double tie them…

12. Do you think you’re a strong person? I still alive, and I’ve been through a lot, so, I guess I am…

13. What’s you favorite ice cream flavor? choco-mint 

14. What is the first thing you notice about people? Eyes…

15. Red or pink? Red

16. What is the least physical thing you like about yourself? I’m extremely methodic, detail oriented and curious when it comes to school work. and I am quick witted!

17. What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? no shoes and flower printed pajama shorts.

18. What was the last thing you ate? cheese esfiha….

19. What are you listening to right now? some random videos

20. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? that one white crayon that no one but me uses…

21. Favorite smell? chocolate

22. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My godmother.

23. Favorite sport to watch?none. they all are boring.

24. Hair color? dark brown/black

25. Eye color? dark brown/black/the fucking universe

26. Do wear contacts? don’t need them.

27. Favorite food to eat? Rice, I guess…

28. Scary movie or comedy? Scarry movie

29. Last movie you watched? 1776, I guess.

30. What color shirt are you wearing right now? Black

31. Summer or winter? Winter, without any hesitation. 

32. Hugs or kisses? I don’t like being touched that much, but I’m not opposed to cuddles….

33. What book are you currently reading?Vilanova Artigas- Brazilian Architects, Harry Potter and The Deadly Hollows, and Machiavelli’s the Prince.

34. Who do you miss right now? my best mate. 

35. What is on your mousepad? my mousepad is a ripped sheet of paper. 

36. What is the last tv program you watched? Shadowhunters, I guess…

37. What is the best sound? Rain

38.Rolling stones or Beatles? Neither

39. What is the furthest you have ever traveled? I’ve never left São Paulo…

40. Do you have a special talent? I draw well, at least I’ve been told I draw well…

41. Where were you born? Santa Isabel or Aruja…I’m not really sure…

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top 5 Dawn friendships and why?


1) Dawn & Spike, surprising zero people. I even give them their own tag (#brotp: i’m badder than you). Mostly I love their relationship because there are so many different facets to it. They have so many conflicting feelings about one another–trust, admiration, anger sometimes, but also consistent respect. The respect is probably my favorite aspect of it–even when Dawn is extraordinarily angry at Spike in early S7, she gives him a clear and unambiguous warning, and Spike takes her death treat seriously. Obviously I also think they have lots of adorable surrogate-sibling moments, and I love that they’re each very aware of what a dork the other is, but the bedrock of their relationship is that capacity not to dismiss one another, and I think that’s a really important thing that gives both of them the ability to grow. It’s honestly my favorite relationship in the entire series, though admittedly more for its potential than for what was actually written between them (THOUGH A LOT OF THAT WAS ALSO REALLY NICE).

2) Dawn & Buffy, also probably surprising zero people. They’re sisters, and they would literally die for one another. I don’t have quite as much to say about the complexities here, but I do think that understanding or at least acknowledging the importance of the relationship is pretty essential for writing either character (assuming this is post-S4 Buffy, of course), even when one of them isn’t present. Each of them just carries a piece of the other around with them wherever they go, and that’s the sort of thing that can’t really be ignored.

3) Dawn & Tara, because I think they were pretty good for one another when they were living in the same house. Tara is a stabilizing influence on Dawn, and in early S5 they shared the experience of being relative outsiders compared to the rest of the group. Dawn also took Tara’s death harder than maybe any other character (with the obvious exception of Willow), and I don’t know that she really gets over it during S7. I think it’s one of those things that sticks with a person, even if it didn’t shatter her quite as much as Buffy’s death.

4) I should point out that if we’re going in terms of the quality of the actual written relationships, the last two spaces should certainly go to Xander and Willow, who were both important to Dawn and who did have significant interaction with her. BUT in fact my crackshipping tendencies 100% extend to platonic relationships between characters who have never met, so I’m gonna talk about something I’m actually enthusiastic about: Dawn & Illyria.

Obviously there is zero canonical interaction between Dawn and Illyria. They have, as far I know, never canonically encountered one another. In headcanon land, though, I hold that Dawn-the-Key and Illyria-the-Warlord-Monster knew one another around the dawn of human history. The Key’s portal-opening ability was an essential part of Illyria’s dimension-conquering strategy, as huge demon armies could be marched through portals, bypassing defenses and long journeys. It’s not the sort of relationship one could describe as a friendship–creatures of Illyria's stature did not have friends, and the Key’s options would have been limited enough that consent to any particular action or ritual wouldn’t have been very meaningful, but certainly there was a rare level of familiarity between them.

When Illyria encounters Dawn again–in AU land, presumably–the two of them dimly remember one another. Their forms are different and their memories have been clouded, but there is still a sense that they did know one another, once, when they were not yet quite themselves. I think Illyria would have more respect for Dawn than many of the other characters, and perhaps would overestimate her current abilities, while Dawn would be unusually unimpressed with Illyria (except when she reminds her that they are very, very old, and that there are pieces of her that no one else may ever know so well as Illyria does). It’s a weird, awkward, ancient thing that not even the two of them really understand, but I really wish I had more writing spoons so I could play with it more.

5) Dawn & Andrew, watcher buddies. I haven’t read the comics, so in my post-NFA headcanon lands, they always seem to end up working for the council and doing a lot of dumb reckless stuff together. They don’t have much of a canonical relationship, but I think they’d play off each other in a lot of really fun ways, especially because both are nerds who are used to receiving minimal amounts of respect. With a little more growing up, I feel like they’d be really good counterbalances for one another.

When you came into my life, I was such a mess. I confuse moonlight as daytime on the daily, I guess you can say I live my life backwards and my heart has more flatlines than I’ve ever had a sad face, that was me acknowledging my anxiety, you know, I used to be comfortable around people, I thought everybody could be my friend. I did. I soon realized how stupid I was. It’s a messed up day when your best friend sets you up to get jumped. The environment raises you, that’s correct. Nature does things to us and now I don’t trust people, that’s correct. The irony? The person who jumped me became a close friend. How’s that for a trip? Life is full of it. I had to lose someone important to gain another, I had to almost die to learn not to mix alcohol and drugs, my body just can’t handle it. I had to break my hand to stop being so fucking angry. I’m still so fucking angry. I’m upset at everything, but I still try to fake a smile. I was hurt when she said we’re best friends, but we’re fucking. I was hurt when she said it was just infatuation, he doesn’t mean anything, so we broke up and yeah, it was just a kiss, he could never give me a kiss like you could, well, jokes on me, the damage has already been done, right? So we get back together and I still hate your fucking guts, so we fuck and fuck and fuck up everything, so you learn to cry and I learn to yell and we learn to lust instead of being tender to our innocence and I know that it’s in the past, and I know it doesn’t matter and I know you’ve moved on, but unless I get this shit out tonight, there isn’t much to move on from, I need to vent and I need to yell, one last time, I’m going to scream this poetry into something I can’t love and I know you’ll read this and go, damn, he hasn’t changed, he’s upset again, always begging for more when he didn’t know how to stop, his addiction is finally getting to him and fuck, maybe it is, but we learn to be such things and learn to unhurt where we’ve been bruised. My mind works like a shoe with an open mouth, my toes are crushed by metal beams and I’ve been meaning to love me for me again, this is where you come in. You see, I’ve noticed that through all of this, through the love and the poems, through the tears and the struggle to define myself– when we talk, as simple as it may seem, you still love me. You don’t ask for details. You don’t care if I hurt myself. You don’t care if I choose to live or if I choose to die. You just care that I wake up. You just care that I try, and darling, I’ve been trying for you. Now that you’re in my life, I’m still a mess, but I’m a mess I can live with. I’m a mess that can still be cleaned. I’m a mess and I know it, everyone does. I don’t smile properly, my head is all out of whack, my obsession with drugs stems from my lack of emotions, I claim to feel everything, but it’s a complete shut down, there is silence most of the time, too many thoughts can cause this. I’m scrambled. My words jump from place to place, one minute I’m fine the next I’m not okay, I’m a heartbeat hooked onto a stack of tnt, I’ve been meaning to blow and lighting my own fuse sounds like fun, this is a poem about my passion to love so often, they all leave, but it’s mainly because of me, right? This is where you come in. You’ve proven that that idea in itself is flawed. You know about me and my temper. You know about me and why I write so often. You know why I can’t. You know my patterns. You know my addictions. You know my flaws. You know that knowing isn’t half the battle, you know that feeling is. You feel my brain for more than information, you search for hope, you always tell me, if I lived to tell a tale, you’d be so damn proud of me. Well, darling, I want to be proud of myself too. I’m trying my hardest to not let you down. I shower you with poetry because you mean so much to me and yeah, I’m sick and tired of hiding behind these fucking metaphors, but that’s all I write. I can’t be like the greats. I can’t rhyme. I can barely finish a poem without the help of disgust. I still hate myself. I’m sick of who I am, I’m still so angry. You know, sometimes I cry and I don’t even understand it. It just comes out. It’s something in the lyrics. It’s something you wrote. It’s something I felt because I’m lonely and no one gets me, but the demons in my head, they’ve been sabotaging my insides and asking me to give up and I’ve been trying so hard, I try every fucking day. I do. There’s just so much anger and I’m not sure of the source. It’s like the rain, you know it’s coming. The sky is grey. The birds are acting funny. Dogs are barking. I feel sad more often than I do angry… I’m just so sad, what’s wrong with me? I know this has gone off track and yes, I’m bouncing back and forth and yes, this isn’t really a poem about anything, but they’ll still read it. They’ll still love it. They’ll still feel it. It’s relatable, right? It’s just another poem, right? There’s so much hate inside of me that some days I wonder if I created it within myself, maybe I’m the crazy one. Maybe none of this makes sense…

You know my manager told me something the other day…

He said:

don’t write the book, become the book.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…

On the days when I can’t think
On the days when I can’t see
On the days when I can’t smell
On the days when I can’t love
On the days when I can’t hear
On the days when I can’t taste

anything but fear, sorrow and anger

You would tell me:

don’t write the poetry, become the poetry.

I guess I’m trying to be poetic again…
They say that there’s nothing poetic about pain, well, I’ve always sucked with rules. I could never follow them. So fuck it.

I’m turning my pain into poetry.

—  imagery of the heart

hello hello, my name is el !! im just gonna name a couple of things off about heidy so this doesn’t become SUPER long but just know that if you wanna plot then i’ll slide into your IM ;) ( or you can slide into mine lmao its whatever )

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at the beginning of this month a boy that I had never met and I had one mutual friend with messaged me over facebook. I told him very politely that I didn’t know him and I wasn’t comfortable talking
with strangers over facebook. he kept saying things like “well then we could meet first” “im a nice guy” “scouts honor” “you just seem very familiar to me…” “well can we just be friends then?” “i promise im a nice guy im just trying to get to know you” “so we cant be friends…like ever?”
and every time i would reply with something like “i’m not interested. you’re making me uncomfortable.” eventually he stopped messaging me but i recently signed up for okcupid and he sent me a message
saying “hey funny bumping into you here” and he tried to strike up another conversation. this time i told him to really just leave me alone and he responded in the same fashion.

it makes me angry when grown ass men like this victimize themselves and won’t take no for an answer even when someone mentions they are uncomfortable.

Women who've miscarried want to be there to support their pregnant friends, but the emotions are hard to deal with

1. Don’t feel guilty
Coping with miscarriage comes with its own feelings of guilt that you should not harbor. Sometimes women feel jealous or angry at their pregnant friends, then immediately feel guilty about these emotions. You have to remember you have a right to feel anything you want to or need to in order to cope, but feeling guilty is unfair to you. It is normal to go through these emotions and you should not feel guilty about feeling angry or upset at things out of your control.

2. Remember how you felt
When approaching an event or get-together with your pregnant friend, remember the excitement and happiness you felt when you found out you were pregnant. Try to remember how she is feeling and what she is experiencing when things get hard to deal with. If it ever gets too difficult, excuse yourself and regroup in another room or the bathroom. If you want to be there for your friend, no matter what you are going through, this is the best way to go about it.

3. Avoid if necessary
If you do feel emotions such as anger or guilt that you can’t control, it is often best to avoid your pregnant friends for a little while. Hopefully, they will understand why you are not around as much as you were before. You need some time to cope with your emotions before trying to put yourself in damaging or painful situations around pregnant friends. As a friend recently told me, “Never apologize for doing what you needed to do to survive.”

4. Be open and honest
If you are close to your friend and planning on being involved in her pregnancy and, ultimately, in the child’s life, the best route is to be open and honest. If you are experiencing difficult emotions and are feeling the need to stay away to cope, then you need to tell your friend so that she doesn’t feel upset. Explain why you are not going to be around and why. It is always good to express how much you love her and how excited you are for her, but there are some things you have to sort through before you can become more involved.

5. Practice patience
Because women often do not express the fact that they suffered a loss they need to deal with, they try to jump back into life as if nothing happened. If you are trying this, remember you did suffer a loss and that means you need time to grieve. Just because life doesn’t slow down doesn’t mean you have to keep racing as well. Yes, your friend is pregnant, but that doesn’t mean your loss doesn’t exist. Be patient about going through your grieving period. It will take some time before you are able to celebrate life with your pregnant friend.-Nicole Witt

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So like my friend and i are throwing a party (a "small" one) and i asked one of our friends to join. Shes kinda popular but she says she likes us. So she says she can come and then within an hour another popular kid is now throwing a party and my popular friend is no longer coming to ours. A lot of my friends are still coming and ik itll be fun but she always fucking choses ppl over me! It makes me so fucking upset and angry ! I want to fucking yell at her tomorrow but also cry.

oh man that’s :(((. i would talk to her if i were you, tbh. and you don’t have to be nice when you do but,,, hear her out. 

if she makes you feel upset all the time i would cut her off, though. it might sound hard, and cutting a toxic friend off does hurt at first, but you’ll feel better in the long run.

but yeah. just talk to her, okay? 


All right here we go

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  • Joshua seems the most human out of any of the Fae
  • He was sent out as a changeling as a baby and grew up with a human family.
  • He always knew he wasn’t human, but he adapted to their ways remarkably easily
  • He especially liked how they showed more affection than the Fae, hugging friends and holding hands and all that
  • because while the Fae can be physical, they’re typically not that physically affectionate unless they’re, like, super in love/infatuated with their significant other
  • He was brought back to his birth family when he was sixteen, brought up for another ten years and trained how to act as the third prince of the Light Court, and then released into the wild world of Fae
  • He became very close with his older brother Jeonghan as Jeonghan never got angry when Joshua talked about his friends in the human world.
  • Quick to blush as he never got over how differently the Fae treat sexuality; he’s used to a lot more secrecy surrounding the topic
  • His brothers are very open about what (who) they do, and they tease Joshua about his more human-like ideals of only being with one person
  • “Come on, Joshy, Lelora and Lennox are really tame compared to the other girls. They’re perfect starters for a… newbie like you.”
  • But Joshua had been keeping (secretive and kind of awkward) tabs on you
  • Like if you knew how much he watched you before you knew how sweet he actually was, you would be a little freaked out
  • he meant well, though
  • and he never invades your privacy
  • but he did ask Seungcheol to find out your name
  • Seungcheol didn’t actually care and made Jeonghan do it
  • You passed through his part of the forest at least twice a week on your way to bring food and supplies to your grandmother, a witch who lived on the other side of the river
  • One day he and Jeonghan were up a tree that you happened to pass under, and Jeonghan literally pushed him out of the tree
  • he almost landed on you and you screamed
  • he was this blushing, stuttering mess and you were so confused about the whole situation
  • then Jeonghan jumped down beside you and put his arm around your shoulders and said something along the lines of:
  • “Third prince, Light Court, changeling for the first sixteen years of his life - try not to be too hard on him.”
  • You just kind of stared at the poor boy for a moment, but when Joshua tried to make a move towards you, you screeched again and used your magic to have a willow tree tie him up so you could sprint to your grandmother’s
  • You had heard what the Fae were like and wanted no part of that whatsoever
  • But then whenever you walked to your grandmother’s house he would follow you like a lost puppy
  • his face was like a puppy too
  • You kept trying to shoo him away but he just got better at dodging your magic
  • And he would just talk the whole time
  • and finally you decided that he wasn’t so bad
Quidditch Fight

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“Harry, all I’m saying is that it isn’t my fault!” Ella shouted at her best friend. “Did I even say it was?” Harry shouted back.
Need a bit of context? Of course you do. Harry was a Potter and Ella was a Black. So obviously, they were best friends. As of now, they were arguing about the Quidditch game that neither Harry nor Ella lost, but they were blaming one another.
“I can tell when you’re angry at me Harry, I’ve known you for 5 years. I’m sorry that I got hit with a bludger!” Ella exclaimed as they walked into the Great Hall. “Look, you played alright this game but you were a bit off. You could’ve easily dodged that bludger.” He replied as calmly as he could.
“Harry! I played perfectly fine, maybe you should’ve actually caught the snitch. You know why? Umm, maybe because you’re the seeker.” Harry didn’t let it show that Ella had slightly hurt his feelings, only fought fire with fire. “Well maybe you should have scored. Do you know why? Because you’re a chaser.” He mocked her and just as she was about to reply, Hermione shouted at them.
“Oh will you two knock it off, the entire school is staring at you!” Ella looked around, finally realising that everyone was staring at her. “Well, I hope you’re happy Harry.” She muttered very embarrassed.
Ella stormed out of the hall and Harry hadn’t even bothered to follow her.
“Well, follow her.” Hermione ordered him as she sat back down. “No point, she’ll just shout at me again. Can’t be bothered.” Harry said while he picked at his food.
“Harry, I don’t think you understand how sad it must be for her, you know? And I don’t think it helps that you, her best friend, is having a go at her over the tiniest of things.” Before Harry could cut Ron off, Hermione gave him a look of warning which caused him to keep his mouth shut.
Ron continued, “I know that your life isn’t the best but people know how brave your parents were, for Y/N it’s different. To most people, Sirius Black is a monster that killed her mother and his best friends. She probably feels the most alone out of all of us which means she needs you now more than ever.”
Both Harry and Hermione were looking at him with shock, not believing he had actually said something that smart. “For a change, you’re actually right Ron.” Hermione sort of complemented. “Oh come off it Hermione.” Ron replied with tinted cheeks. “Yeah, you’re right, I’m going to go and find Ella.” Harry said, Ron’s speech making him feel even worse than he had after his little disagreement over something so stupid.
After storming off in not the best of moods, Ella ran to the owlery, needing to vent in the form of a letter to her father.
Finally reaching her desired destination, Ella searched for a quill and a piece of parchment, not realising that tears were streaming down her face. When she had what she wanted, Ella sat down and thought out what she could write without anyone knowing that it was to her father. Umbridge was already suspicious of her.
Dear Snuffles,
   I’m missing you a lot and I can’t wait to come home for Christmas. We lost our Quidditch match against Slytherin today, Harry isn’t too happy. Malfoy will be having a good week then.
Harry and I aren’t getting along too well at the moment but I think it’s because we’re frustrated. It’s been a tough year already.
Just thought I’d let you know how the year is going so far.
Love, Ella.
Just as she had sent the letter off with a random owl, she heard her name from a person she was hoping wouldn’t talk to her for a while. “Ella.”
“Ron put me in my place you know. Said how alone you must feel. I’m sorry for putting you down Ella, you played brilliantly. Everyone is just moaning at me all the time and I’m sick of being constantly angry and-“ Harry didn’t even get a chance to finish his sentence because Ella had plated he lips right on his.
Not knowing what to do, Harry stood there until she pulled away. “Oh Harry I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Ella stood there with her hands covering her eyes. “Ella, it’s fine. I kind of liked it. I kind of like you. Stop crying, everything will turn out fine.” In an attempt to cover up his own admission of his feelings, he carried on talking about nonsense.
“Did you just say you liked me?” This shut Harry up. “I like you too. Will you kiss me this time? I don’t want you standing there like a pillock again.” They both laughed while they took minor steps towards one another.
Harry leaned in and touched their lips together lightly as possible. “Harry, come on.” Well, Harry didn’t need telling twice. He pushed his lips against hers while wrapping his arms around her waist. Ella had both of her hands in his hair, tugging every now and then- causing Harry to groan. His tongue brushed against her lips, asking for entrance which she immediately granted. Their tongues massaged one another’s a few times until they heard a bang.
They pulled away from each other as fast as possible, scared that it was Umbridge ready to give out her daily dose of detentions. However, it was Fred and George standing there with wide smirks taking over their faces.
“Well ,well, well Fred, what do we have here?” “I don’t know George. Is it Potter and Black snogging in the middle of the owlery?”
“Oh shut up.” Harry dragged Ella away from the owlery (and the twins) by her hand. Attempting to hide his blush, Harry worked up the courage to ask Ella a very important question.
“So, Ella Black, will you go on a date with me?” “I would love to. Ella replied with a smile. “Just don’t tell your dad I kissed you, I think I’d rather keep my teeth.”

Pickles - Kai Imagine

→ Prompt: “So I know I’m in just my underwear and it’s 5am and I’ve woken you up and I know we’re neighbours and we’ve never spoken but please open this jar for me?”

→ 1519 words

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Another thing I really liked about Daredevil is how human everyone is. When Foggy is yelling at him Matt doesn’t just sit there brooding, he’s panicking, you can see it in his face that he’s about to cry because his best friend is angry and he doesn’t know how to fix it. When Matt cries, it’s not the typical single tear down the hero’s face business, his lips are trembling, his face is crumbling, he’s not any stronger than anyone else, he’s still human. 

Wilson Fisk isn’t introduced as a villain, he’s introduced as this shy guy nervous about asking out a woman he likes. James Wesley isn’t just another henchman to the villain, he’s a close friend who calls your girlfriend when you’re upset and is worried he may have done the wrong thing afterwards. Their relationship isn’t by any means just business, it’s very personal. They’re very thorough in showing their side of the battle as they are with Matt and Foggy’s. 

We’ve heard people crying on multiple occasions- it sounds real. Their voices break, they sniffle, they gasp for breath. Those things that don’t make it into movies or shows because they may be seen as unattractive are all there. It’s pretty great. 


“Seriously Gen. Do I have to go?” You ask your friend as she did your hair.

You had a feeling that you knew exactly who Gen and Jared were setting you up with. But you wouldn’t say a thing. Plus you were already secretly seeing someone.

“But this guy is really nice and charming.” Gen put the hairspray into your hair. “I know you’re really going to like him.”

“I’m not going Jared.” Jensen huffed and puffed. He didn’t want to go on another blind date that his friends were setting up for him. He as well had been seeing someone for a while now, but no one knew about that.

“Come on man.” Jared gave his friend a look. “She’s amazing. Look. Just do it for Gen. You know how she can get when she’s angry.”

“Fine. But this is that last one.” 

“Well hello Jensen.” You smile sitting down at the table at the little cafe that you were told to go to.

“I should have known that they were going to try and set us up on a blind date again.” Jensen shook his head taking a sip of water from his glass.

“Maybe we should just tell them that we’re dating already.” You laugh leaning over to place a kiss on your boyfriend’s lips.

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anonymous asked:

Okay(I asked about asking you anything) so I'm 18 and I have imaginary friends. They've been a source of friendship and love and acceptance for me and I found myself spending more time with them then with god or other Friends. They're 100% another god in my life and they just keep taking me away from god. It's so tempting to talk to them instead of god when really I'm just talking to myself. I'm just so confused and angry that I can't let go

Hi friend,

I have a lot of questions so answering this without knowing more information will be hard, but I’m going to do my best.

To start, honestly, this is just like any other thing that people put before God. Some people put other people first, or food, or drugs/alcohol, etc. etc. It’s definitely understandable that you’re confused and angry that you can’t seem to let go, but you can if you want to. You can do this.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

One of my questions is whether or not you’ve talked to anyone about this. I’ve been researching and while this could just be a manifestation of loneliness or depression, it also could be something else. Have you told your family or friends? If it’s possible for you, I would suggest maybe talking to a therapist and getting their thoughts.

As for what else you can do, I suggest: 1.) Talk to God about this. Ask Him to help you to put Him first, to change your heart, and to help see you through this. Tell Him everything. and 2.) From now on when you are tempted to put your imaginary friends before Him, pray instead, or open your Bible, or reach out to someone who will keep you honest (a friend who knows about it and can steer you towards God instead). Feel free to message me if you feel comfortable.

God loves you so much, but please, love, (and I know you know this) don’t forget the first Commandment:

“You shall have no other gods before me.” - Exodus 20:3

“Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. - Matthew 22:36-38

It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to confused. Please keep me updated on how you’re doing, and know that I’ll be praying for you. 

All my love,


Bigbang reaction  when their girlfriend chats with someone with her phone in another language.


-Who are you talking about?

- A friend of mine , you have nothing to worry about.

-Is that friend better than me?

- Oh , absolutely..

*He was angry and not answer,so you’re going to find him*

- He’s my best friend from childhood , and I was told you about him ..

-I was joking , I know I’m the best . And … I also trust you.

*He kisses you softly*

- Seungri:

* He trusts you , but he probably will ask you to teach your native language ,  he wants to know everything about you and thinks that you like that *

-How do you say “ “saranghae" in your language?

- Taeyang:

-You know? That friend of yours is very lucky to have you … 

- I know. 

 -¿Does he know that I exist ? 

- Well, of course 

-So he’s not trying to flirt with you , right? 

- What do you say? It’s like my brother. 

 -You’re right , sorry … 

- You’re not jealous , right? 

-Of course not! But you can stop talking to him and come with me?


At the moment he is bored and wants to be with you, he will go to where you are ,he’ll catch you ​​up and take you with him. 

- I’m sick of waiting , you can talk to him later? We also have important issues to talk about.

- Daesung:

Daesung appear with lots of dictionaries of your native language , trying to figure out what you’re writing . 

- Here you have written "I’m here with my fantastic and great BOYFRIEND?

* Yes, he’s a little jealous.*

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Fortunately I had enough energy for this

I’m tired today. 

I’m tired of telling yet another friend “I’m sorry you had to experience that” when she is sexually harassed. I’m as tired of saying it as all my friends are tired of hearing it.

I’m tired of setting aside 20 extra minutes in the morning for my hair and make up because if I don’t people will ask if I’m ill and tell me I look tired.

I’m tired of making snap judgements about other women based on their appearance. Thinking that was doesn’t make me prettier or them uglier and we shouldn’t be in competition anyway.

I’m tired of having to explain another ism to you because your privilege allows you to not believe in oppression until we prove it. I’m tired of having to prove oppression exists. It is not my job, or anyone else’s, to teach you.

I’m tired of feeling jealous of other people’s fire selfies. I try to condition myself to be happy for them but systemic internalised misogyny is a hard act to follow.

I’m tired of second guessing what I should wear on a hot day because I know no matter what I wear a man will deem it necessary to lean out his van and yell something at me in the street.

I’m tired of clothes shopping because anything I buy comes with a hidden Judgement Tax.

I’m tired of feeling guilty because I do not want to have children and do not feel maternal because times have changed so drastically since I was a child that I cannot comprehend raising a child in this shitty world but I feel guilty for denying my mother a grandchild.

I’m tired of explaining why I don’t want to get married, or if I do why it will be a tiny wedding attended by no one, and I am tired of having to explain myself to people who believe they have a right to that decision on my behalf. I want a marriage not a wedding, and that is a full sentence.

I’m tired of having to elaborate on a “No.”

I’m tired of how mundane your chat up lines are, and even more tired by how predictable your insults are when I’m not immediately whipping off my knickers. 

I’m tired of the assumption that I have to listen to you when you’re saying nothing.

I’m tired of women who say “I’m not, like, a feminist feminist” because the internalised yelling that comes after is taking it out of me.

I’m tired today and I’m sorry, Inspirational Poster Quote, but the bastards are getting me down, and I’m going to need more than your pep to get me through it.

I’m tired of feeling anxious about comparing myself to everyone else’s jobs, bodies, holidays, families, cooking abilities, publishing deals, boyfriends, houses, clothes, cars, nails, hair, make up, YouTube channels, follower count, political knowledge, dinner parties, book collection, sense of humour, social life, breasts, weekends, ability to project happiness when I know you’re as exhausted as I am.

I’m fucking tired of small talk. Let’s just endure the shared lift in silence. It will not kill us.

I’m tired of setting my alarm for 5.30am to go to the gym, lying in bed for 20 minutes and deciding I’ve missed the window for a decent work out, so resetting my alarm for 6.30am, which will give me plenty of time to do some YouTube Yoga in the living room, the alarm going off and me resetting it for 7.00am, still not getting out of bed, scrolling through Twitter for another 50 minutes, then realising I only have 40 minutes to get ready for work, 20 of which will be dedicated to my hair and make up, and spending the whole day feeling tired because I needlessly lay awake in bed for two and a half hours because I’m failing at chasing a body I had ten years ago and will never have again because 30-something-year-old bodies just don’t work that way.

I’m tired of the knowledge that, throughout my whole life, at every stage of development, no matter how much I try to elevate my friends’ self-confidence by telling them in all honesty how much I love them and how incredible I think they are, it will pale in comparison to an attractive man saying and doing less.

I’m tired today. Learning about how truly crappy I and other white women are. Guilt + Every Shitty Thing I’ve Said And Done x Years Of Unchecked White Woman Privilege is knackering, but not as knackering as Women Of Colour having to put up with our shit. I’m tired, but I can’t even begin to fathom how fucking tired you must be.

I’m tired of female Ghostbusters being the hill on which men choose to die.

I’m tired of birth control and legal abortions being the hill on which men choose to die.

I’m tired of the wage gap ‘myth’ being the hill on which men choose to die.

I’m tired of #NotAllMen being the hill on which men choose to die.

I’m tired of “it’s only a joke” because when you have to explain your shitty remark about women was a joke, it was never a joke to begin with, and I am tired of having to explain that.

My eyeballs are tired from rolling into the back of my head.

My lungs are tired from sighing.

My tongue is tired from being held.

My patience is so tired it has worn thin.

the signs (as i know them?)

aries: i have two (three?) Aries friends and they are mean. not really they just have a lot of passion and nowhere to scream

taurus: im a taurus and one of my best friends is a taurus and we’re basically the same person. likes things. food, make up, social media. stubborn as fuck.

gemini: another best friend. small and angry but with a calm and collected outside. bottles up emotions. knows and hears EVERYTHING. keeps secrets really well but often says things they shouldn’t.

cancer: also have a friend. sassy and sweet. very focused on praise and attention for others. truly cares about friends but is an idiot when it comes to feelings. most like needs to take a xanax

leo: they are truly are lions inside and out. strong and set in their beliefs. passionate and mildly mysterious, or at least they want to be. often look like lions.

virgo: loud, witty, and obnoxious nine times out of ten. friendly, but can destroy your ass in a second. virgo vapes, sorry i don’t make the rules

libra: calm and endearing. always talking. is probably a fuckboy. spoils movies. seriously never shuts the fuck up. everyone knows who they are.

scorpio: i hate you :-) probably evil.

sagittarius: wants to travel. know it all. i know like three??? they all smoke cigarettes so there’s that. charismatic and probably really blunt. will drop you at a moments notice. flighty. very passionate, but it’s quite possible that they’re faking everything. know. it. all.

capricorn: brilliant. hardworking but procrastinator af. i have a running off again/on again crush on a capricorn. the other capricorn i know has a million miles of potential but is laaaazzzy. two sides of the same coin.

aquarius: my brother is an aquarius. doesn’t like change. stone cold, but has a great laugh. loves shitty puns.

pisces: i dated a Pisces for a little under two years. sensitive and moody. very artistic, very talented. doesn’t like change. emotions aren’t expressed well.

The second most common misconception about love is the idea that dependency is love. This is a misconception with which psychotherapists must deal on a daily basis. Its effect is seen most dramatically in an individual who makes an attempt or gesture or threat to commit suicide or who becomes incapacitatingly depressed in response to a rejection or separation from spouse or lover. Such a person says, “I do not want to live, I cannot live without my husband [wife, girl friend, boyfriend], I love him [or her] so much.” And when I respond, as I frequently do, “You are mistaken; you do not love your husband [wife, girl friend, boyfriend].” “What do you mean?” is the angry question. “I just told you I can’t live without him [or her].” I try to explain. “What you describe is parasitism, not love. When you require another individual for your survival, you are a parasite on that individual. There is no choice, no freedom involved in your relationship. It is a matter of necessity rather than love. Love is the free exercise of choice. Two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each other but choose to live with each other.”
—  M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled.